From feeling to thought

putting feeling into words

When we think from our feeling, we can use our experiences from our past lives to protect and guide us.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘A child learns a language by linking words that it hears to an observation, an experience or a feeling.’

What was first?

What did we do first: feel or think?
Are they totally different activities, or do they have a close relationship?
Did prehistoric man have feelings and thoughts?
The article ‘feelings’ explains where our feeling comes from.
Feeling is the result of all our experiences in this life and in all our past lives.
By means of our past lives, we are born with a great deal of feeling, because our soul takes her reincarnating life of feeling with her.
As a result, we can already feel as an infant, we even already feel in the womb what our mother experiences.
As we grow up, feeling awakens in us which belongs to that phase of life.
But when do we start to think?
What is thinking actually?
The word ‘thinking’ usually refers to the inner forming of words and images.
In every life, we get new words to process, it is often even in an entirely new language.
We have to learn that language which is not automatically available to us upon our birth.
As an infant, we cannot yet make our feeling clear to our parents with words.
Taking in and using words takes place again in every life after the feeling.
We can already see from the child that thinking and feeling did not occur at the same time.
First there was feeling, and then the thinking in words came.

Learning words

A child learns a language by means of linking words that it hears to an observation, an experience or a feeling.
The words are taken in by the feeling of the child and later expressed when the sounds can be formed.
In this way, the child learns to interpret its feelings with the words which are offered in this life.
The child briefly repeats the development that mankind has gone through.
When there were still no words, people could already perceive which feelings the fellow human being experienced by means of the facial expression and the sounds that were uttered.
It was only much later that the human being thought up words such as jealousy and hatred, and he could use those words to express feelings.
In this way, he got to know himself and the other person better and better, because he gained more insight into the life of feeling of the soul.

Thinking from feeling

As an adult, we can also think from feeling.
In this way our life of feeling works as a source of our thinking.
If we think from feeling, we draw from our feeling that was built up by our past lives.
Our thinking is actually feeling, we feel the words that we learned in this life in order to choose words which best interpret our feelings.
With these words we then express our feeling.
When we think from our feeling, we can remain in harmony with our life of feeling, in connection with ourself, with our soul.
We can then devote our own experiences from our past lives to protecting ourselves against something in this life.
We can then let our life be guided by our soul, from our life of feeling.


The books ‘Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side’ describes an example of how the soul protects herself on the basis of the life of feeling in a new incarnation.
If in a past life someone has surrendered himself in such a way to passionate love so that it resulted in physical and mental breakdown, in the following incarnation that suffering experienced will awaken again in the life of feeling when love is on the horizon.
The human being then feels that he must be careful with that physical love.
He no longer knows exactly why, because those concrete experiences have sunk into the subconscious.
However, he senses danger, he feels that he can lose himself in this, and will now be cautious in order to experience love.
As a result of his own life of feeling, the human being is therefore prepared and he monitors every footstep that is taken in the new life on earth.
When he forms thoughts about the love on the basis of his feeling, he can think like an experience expert.
Then those thoughts are not on quicksand but on the firm foundation of the own experiences from past lives.

Thinking as materialization of feeling

The thoughts about caution in love do not come from nowhere, those thoughts originate from the feeling.
In order to go from feeling to thought, that thought must undergo seven grades of ‘materialization’.
Feeling is in itself rarefied, feeling cannot be measured with material instruments.
Thoughts on the other hand are well-defined, certain words are used in order to form a thought, and these words are material, we can write down and pronounce these words.
Thoughts are materialized feeling.
That feeling can be materialized in the matter by means of words.
It is not so easy for people who ‘find it difficult to express themselves’ to steer their feeling through the seven grades of materialization to fully formed thoughts.
As well as thinking, feeling can also be materialized in another way, for instance by playing the piano or painting.
The sounds produced by a piano are material, we can listen to them.
The colours of a painting consist of paint.
However, the feeling determines whether the piece of music can be listened to, and whether the painting appeals to you or not.


Since feelings were materialized into words, the possibility also occurred to give words to another human being and to use words from another in order to think.
Nowadays, many people think in thoughts which are not formed from their own life of feeling.
The possibilities and dangers of reflecting on what others have thought is dealt with in the articles ‘Thoughts from another person’ and ‘What we know for sure’.

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