Explanation at soul level

The explanation level of the masters

Only the soul level contains the explanation of the reality which the masters know as truth and have passed on via Jozef Rulof.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘The masters wrote 27 books in order to build the path from the earthly thinking to the soul level.’

Two explanation levels

The earthly thinking and the soul level are two different explanation levels which have been included in the books by Jozef Rulof.
The earthly level shows the explanations in the words that the human being used in 1933-1952, the time period during which the books were written by Jozef Rulof.
The soul level uses other words and terms in order to describe the reality of the soul.
For the sake of the reader, the books by Jozef Rulof contain the earthly word use in the first instance.
The first book ‘A View into the Hereafter’ for instance was written according to the social thinking from 1933-1936, the years when this trilogy saw the light.
Although the book explains the hereafter, the description itself is still predominantly earthly.
The words that are used in the book are part of what the human being on earth knows and sees.
For instance, flowers, birds, music and temples in the hereafter are described, words which fit with the human perception.
The inhabitants of the hereafter who have reached a high degree of knowledge and love, are called ‘masters’, just as that term in science and art indicates a high degree of knowledge or skill.
The masters of Jozef Rulof have reached their degree at the ‘University of Christ’, once more a reference to the earthly universities.
Via the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters pass on their ‘spiritual-scientific’ knowledge which, just like the earthly science, was built up by means of careful research.
By first focusing on the social word use, the books are also in harmony with the development of Jozef Rulof himself.
As he gains more insight into the soul, the explanation level of the books can be deepened.
The masters begin with the word use of Jozef and the reader from 1933, and then lay stone for stone in order to build up their spiritual university into a series of books.

From mercy and gift to reincarnation

The explanation level is closely related to the words which are chosen in order to describe something.
For instance, in the first books, it is told that Jozef Rulof can perceive in the hereafter, thanks to the ‘mercy’ of his ‘gift’ of clairvoyance.
This word choice fits with a view from 1933 that considered clairvoyance as a mercy from God.
However, when the masters pass on to the soul level and explain the working of the soul, the terms ‘mercy’ and ‘gift’ dissolve.
The masters devoted themselves for hundreds of years to studying what people feel, and as a result they determined that the human inner life is built up by means of the processing of experiences from many subsequent lives on earth, by means of many reincarnations.
He himself has mastered all the inner powers with which the human being is born, by working hard for this in his own past lives.
The articles ‘aptitude and talent and gift’ and ‘child prodigy’ describe how the ‘gifts’ have been built up step by step, without the need for mercy.

From death to evolution

The 40 articles about our reincarnations describe how our soul builds up its inner feeling and personality by means of its experiences from thousands of lives.
At the explanation level, the word ‘death’ disappears.
At the end of an earthly life, the soul lets go of the body, and it passes on to the next life on earth or to the hereafter.
The soul does not pass on and does not die, it evolves to a next grade of life.
The word ‘death’ does not show the reality of the soul, but nor that of the body, because the material matter was never ‘living’ on its own.
The life that the body brings to working is the soul.
In that sense, soul and life are synonyms of each other.

Material grades of life

The masters not only followed their own past lives, but also the reincarnations of the very first souls which lived on earth.
They saw that those first souls had not just formed their life of feeling and personality by means of the many experiences in the material body, but that they had built up that material body previously themselves.
The masters were able to look back as far as the very first life of the first souls on earth, and then they saw that these souls formed and inspired the first single cells on earth.
In order to be able to describe at soul level how those souls built up the human body from the first cell to the current human form, the masters developed a new word composition as a term: material grades of life.
The article ‘material grades of life’ describes this evolution.

The cosmology

When the masters followed their own past lives further back in time, they determined that they had not only experienced physical lives on earth, but already even on other planets.
Finally, they came to their very first life on the first planet in the universe.
They felt that this was the beginning of their individual cosmic evolution.
However, they also felt that they could go back even further, to a state when they were still a part of a greater whole, which they called the [All-Soul and All-Source]].
With its ‘basic powers’, the All-Soul created all the life in the cosmos.
The masters saw that they possessed the same powers, because they had originated as an individual soul from the All-Soul.
They called these basic powers ‘growing and condensing’, ‘giving birth and creation’ or ‘motherhood and fatherhood’.
With the aid of the first souls, the masters could follow the whole cosmic evolution of the soul, from the All-Soul to the end stage that they called ‘the All’.
That whole evolution was subdivided into seven ‘cosmic grades of life’, whereby the earth is the end planet of the third cosmic grade of life.
The masters called the soul level ‘the cosmology’.
They saw that the basic powers as a result of which the human soul evolves are also active in the entire cosmos.
The article ‘cosmology’ goes into this in more depth.

New terms in order to describe the soul level

In order to describe what the masters had discovered about our cosmic soul, they had to use the human language.
However, many words no longer indicated reality for them, such as the word ‘dead’.
They found other words not very meaningful, such as ‘moon’ and ‘sun’, because they do not interpret the essence of the cosmic life form.
The articles ‘moon’, ‘earth’ and ‘sun’ explain what words the masters use at soul level in order to describe what these spatial life forms mean for the cosmic evolution of our soul.
The masters could make good use of some words again at soul level, such as ‘light’.
As a result, they could describe how the first souls became ‘creators of light’, by radiating their All-Light, just like the sun does that materially.
When existing words were not adequate, the masters used new compositions, such as material grades of life, cosmic grades of life, All-Soul and All-Harmony.
They first had to build up the meaning of these new terms, with the aid of existing words.
They could only use the new terms fully once the reader had been given the time to get to know the full meaning of them.
And that was only possible once the whole understanding of the reality had expanded.
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof (André) explains that his masters Alcar and Zelanus had to build up a completely new explanation level for the soul level of the cosmology:
Master Alcar also says: ‘Later, for Cosmology, I must explain everything again and then you will know that too, André.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
After all, the earthly thinking was built up from the material matter without knowing how the life inspires and has formed that matter.
Now that the masters had perceived how all the matter was built up and was constantly inspired by the All-Soul, they had to write a new cosmology, in order to describe for instance the creation of the body of the soul.
For building up the explanation at soul level, the masters devoted themselves to showing all the steps that lie between the social word use and the soul level.
This is why they wrote 27 books with a total of more than 11,000 pages.
However, even then the masters say that they would actually have to be able to write thousands of parts of their cosmology, in order to interpret the reality of our soul.
However, that was not possible within the lifetime of Jozef Rulof.
The masters did announce that they would write those thousands of books later, when they can pass on their spiritual-scientific knowledge by means of a technical instrument.

The Origin of the Universe

With the title of the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’, people can assume that the masters had already started here with the cosmic thinking of the soul level.
Yet this is not the case.
This book was written as the fifth book and at that time the earthly explanation level was still dominant.
Just like ‘A View into the Hereafter’, the ‘Origin of the Universe’ was still focused on the then word use and way of thinking of the reader.
This becomes clear for instance by what Christ would have said, when he was hanging on the cross at Golgotha.
‘The Origin of the Universe’ includes the words which Christ is said to have uttered according to the Biblical tradition: ‘My God, my God, why have You Forsaken Me?’
In later books, when the masters can pass on to the soul level, they explain that these words only fit within the social thinking.
Anyone who sees Christ as an ordinary human being can imagine that Christ must have felt abandoned on the cross, because what human being would not have felt that at that time?
At soul level, in later books the masters explain that Christ cannot have uttered these words, because this does not interpret his cosmic consciousness.
If there is one being in the universe who cannot feel abandoned by God, then that is Christ, who had already surpassed the human feeling of feeling abandoned for billions of years.
It was only when the masters had laid the foundations required for the soul level, that they could make it clear to the reader why they had previously used words and terms, the meaning of which was limited to the human thinking.
Then the masters explain that they did not write the majority of the books at soul level, for the sake of the reader from that time:
You received the books as you think.
We experienced Golgotha, followed Christ there according to the human thinking and feeling, not spiritually.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
This means that there are words and explanations in the books by Jozef Rulof which show the earthly thinking, and do not interpret the cosmic thinking of the masters.
However, in the passages in question this cannot be seen immediately.
It can only be determined afterwards, when the reader has absorbed the soul level and applied it to those passages, or when the masters later explain those passages from the soul level.
A clear example of this is the use of the word ‘race’.

Beyond the races

In ‘The Origin of the Universe’, much is written about the so-called human races.
In the year that this book was published, 1939, this term was integrated into the social thinking.
Many scientists from that time also divided mankind into various races, whereby many a white scientist considered the whites as the highest species.
In this book, the masters focused on the human word use from that time, they began with the human image of the reader from 1939.
This is why the word race is often mentioned.
The term race interprets the earthly thinking and not the truth of the masters.
In that book, the masters also already introduce the term which belongs to their own terminology: material grade of life.
As a result, in this book two explanation levels are used interchangeably, the earthly thinking in races and the soul level of material grades of life.
In later books, the masters explain that no races exist.
At that time, the masters had already been able to explain the soul level of the material grades of life sufficiently, so that the reader could know what they mean by the material grades of life which every soul experiences in order to bring himself further in feeling.
When, later in his lectures about the cosmology, master Zelanus comes to the explanation level of the All-Source, he can explain to Jozef Rulof (Jeus) that the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ contains descriptions which are not yet to be found at soul level:
Because you hear it, the All-Source stands before us.
And Master Alcar now goes straight to that core.
That of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, Jeus, I now feel, they were only stories, that was still nothing.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Yet the series of books ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ still speaks of races.
This illustrates how even in their later books the masters partly continue to make use of the earthly terms for the sake of the reader of that time.
After all, building up the soul level requires the necessary time.
The masters affiliated themselves in word use with the reader who was in search of an answer to life questions around 1939.
As a result of the development of the human thinking, that connection no longer exists with regard to a number of points.
If the masters were to pass on their books in the present time, then they would no longer need to use any races for the sake of the reader.
On the contrary, the use of this word in the present time will usually lead to an elimination of the reader, because science is also now conscious that no races exist and that the use of this word in this age is undesirable, since history has taught that this can lead to discrimination and racism (see

Far-reaching consequences

Since the masters used one word as race, it could appear in the first instance that the masters themselves believe in that word, that this word would mean reality for the masters.
However, the masters could only describe their own reality after they had built up the soul level.
In the 27 books by Jozef Rulof, there are hundreds of sentences with the word race which concern people.
When we analyse these sentences at soul level, there are only a few sentences which express the truth of the masters, such as the sentences that have been included in the article ‘there are no races’.
An example of this is: ‘There are no race species on Earth to be experienced, only these seven grades of life for the human being. Black, brown and white have no meaning, it are these seven grades of life!’
This means that hundreds of sentences with race do not show what the masters themselves think, because they already knew that races still did not exist before this word was invented by the human being.
When people read these hundreds of sentences, they will usually think that race is definitely meant.
However, it was the intention of the masters to show the reader from that time that such passages deal with the human body.
When people would want to show the content of these sentences at soul level, they cannot just replace the word ‘race’ by ‘material grade of life’, because these two terms come from a totally different explanation level, in which the reality is structured completely differently.
In fact, these two terms have nothing to do with each other, because races do not exist, and material grades of life are a basic part of the evolution of the soul on all planets on which the soul reincarnates.

From human being to All-Soul

Before the masters could make the new term ‘material grade of life’ completely clear, they first had to reform the image of the human being.
The article ‘human being or soul’ explains that the word human being no longer occurs at all at soul level.
For the masters there are no people living on earth, but souls which reincarnate in their cosmic evolution millions of times in order to expand their inner life.
A great deal of what the human being has thought up about the human being is no longer valid at soul level.
When the masters explain our body at soul level, then they use terms such as ‘the grade of condensation of the All-Soul’.
They call the ‘earth’ ‘the maternal body of the third cosmic grade of life.’
Our ‘personality’ then becomes the grade of consciousness which the soul has from itself, so to what extent our soul is conscious of its harmonic growing and condensing.
At soul level it is crystal clear that Jozef Rulof and the masters were already against racism and discrimination before those words were invented, as the article ‘against racism and discrimination’ explains.
Because there are no more people to be discriminated against, all aspects of the human being for which this could take place have no reality at soul level.

From words to reality and truth

At soul level, the masters can explain every aspect of life in one page.
However, then that page will be full of new terms, such as material and cosmic grades of life.
Then that page tells exactly what the place of the described is in the cosmic evolution of the soul.
However, then it will no longer be possible for that page to be understood for the social thinking.
All the terms which do not exist at soul level, such as for instance the mercies, gifts, races and deaths, have no meaning or reality for the masters, for Jozef Rulof or for our soul.
However, they are used in the books by Jozef Rulof, but only for the construction of the explanations at soul level.
The soul level is the actual knowledge that the masters wanted to pass on to the world.
Only that is ‘universal truth’ for the masters and Jozef Rulof himself.
The masters wrote 27 books in order to build the path from the earthly thinking to the soul level.
They leave it with peace of mind up to the reader about who wants to actually take that path, because they know that every soul finds the path to the own light.

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