our eternal life

As soul we experience many lives as a result of which our eternal life of feeling expands.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
The eye as the mirror of the soul, a painted porcelain plate received by Jozef Rulof

All our feelings

Our soul stores all our feelings.
Everything that we experience and feel is absorbed by our soul.
Our whole life and all our memories are part of our soul, as a result of which our life of feeling becomes more spacious and more conscious.
From our soul comes the impetus as a result of which we make the main decisions in our life.
Our soul leads us, gives us strength to persevere.
She is the driving force to make the most of our life.
Our soul recognizes the people who are part of our life, as a result of which we feel attracted to those people.

The inspiration of our body

We are more soul than body.
Our soul is eternal, our body temporary.
Our physical body only serves our soul for this one earthly life.
As soul, we connect ourselves with the fertilized egg cell in the mother who can receive us.
We ourselves are the life that inspires and steers this cell to growth.
For our whole life, our soul feeds our body with life force, until her life task has been completed.
When the life plan has been fulfilled, the life energy reduces and people feel themselves getting tired.
Then ‘life-threatening’ illnesses can get the chance to undermine and stop the body.
What people call ‘dying’ on earth is the soul leaving the body.
The time that we need for this is determined by the extent to which we identified ourselves with this body and this one life on earth.
If we have withdrawn all our feeling as soul, we continue our eternal life, enriched by the experiences in this body.

Our reincarnated life of feeling

Our deepest feelings which give our life direction were built up somewhere.
That ‘somewhere’ lies before this life.
We ourselves are the source of our feelings, that is the sum of all our experiences in our past lives.
As a result, we have become what we are now, we feel what we can now feel.
This makes us different from other people, who have built up a different life of feeling by means of their experiences in their past lives.
Our soul contains our reincarnated life of feeling.
When descending into the fertilized egg cell, our human consciousness is asleep, in order not to disturb the fragile embryo.
As the body grows, our feelings awaken which belong to that life phase of that body.
When we become adult, the world gets to see for what purpose we have reincarnated, which feelings dominate and will determine this life.

Our eternal evolution

What we begin in one life, we can continue in a next life.
However, if we do something which obstructs another soul in her evolution, our soul will steer us in a next life in order to rectify this, so that the other person can continue.
In the books by Jozef Rulof, this is referred to as ‘making amends’, ‘cause and effect’ and ‘karma’.
In this way, we get to know ourselves better and better, and we become conscious of the characteristics of our soul which reveal themselves, such as the inner force to remain in harmony with other souls.
Thanks to the experiences in the one life, we can go a step further again in the next life.
We therefore no longer need to repeat what we have already learned and we can take on new challenges in order to grow further towards universal love.
When we as soul have completed our life cycle on earth, we continue our eternal life in the hereafter.

I am soul

In every life on earth we inspire a new physical body in order to be able to execute our life plan for that life.
Are we white or coloured?
No, only our body has that particular skin colour during this one life.
Yet the human being on earth speaks of white people and coloured people, as if this typifies the fellow human being as a being.
They are characterizations which only touch the material body, but say nothing about the essential life in that body, about the soul which, thanks to this body, can gain new experiences for her eternal evolution.
A birthplace also belongs to that body.
As a result, have we become a Chinese, or a Russian, an American, a European, an African, an Asian?
Does this describe the deepest of our being?
Why were we called a Dutch person, or Eskimo, or Indian?
In our next life, people will call us Australian, or Peruvian or Congolese.
As if we are essentially something different each time.
The human being on earth still does not see that this is only a temporary appearance of our soul.
For instance in some lives we are called buddhist or muslim and in a next life jewish or christian.
In a past life it was hindu or protestant.
But which religion manifests our soul?
What remains in our life of feeling after we have experienced all these religions?
According to Jozef Rulof we do not have a soul, but we ‘are’ soul.
All the other names with which the human being categorizes his fellow being are only temporary aspects of that one little life on earth.
Our soul uses those temporary aspects to expand our reincarnated life of feeling.
I am soul.
Lectures Part 3, 1952

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