Our reincarnations

have shaped us into who we are

Thanks to the experiences from many lives, our life of feeling and personality have shaped themselves into who we are now.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
A porcelain plate on which master Zelanus painted his canvas of life via Jozef Rulof.
Zelanus placed himself in the middle as a painter with a palette and around him he depicted a number of his previous lives on earth.


On this website, by means of 40 articles, an introduction is given into the knowledge about reincarnation in the books by Jozef Rulof.
In this overview the titles of these articles are shown in blue which you can click on to read.

Feeling and soul

When we talk about previous lives, the question soon arises who or what reincarnates.
That is not our body, because that remains limited to one life.
In the books by Jozef Rulof our infinite life is referred to as the soul, which expands and refines our feelings by means of many reincarnations.
In the article ‘soul’ we follow our reincarnated life of feeling in our eternal evolution.
But why do most people remember nothing about conscious of their previous lives?
The article ‘world of the unconscious’ describes why our previous lives have sunk away to our subconscious.
The article ‘’ is about the ‘déjà vu experience’ of some people.
The article ‘Aptitude and talent and gift’ explains where the innate talent was built up.
This is even more pronounced for the ‘child prodigy’.
People with ‘phobias or fears’ could be troubled a great deal by their previous lives.

Thinking and truth

When we think thinking from our feeling, we remove our feelings from our solar plexus beside the stomach.
By means of our nervous system we bring our feelings to thoughts, which are regulated by our brains at the correct strength, so that we can talk and act in a nuanced way.
When we do not have our experiences processed, pressure is put on our nervous system which can lead to exhaustion and insomnia.
Thinking calmly is something that we can learn.
Then we separate the thoughts from another person from that what we know for sure by means of our own experiences.
In this way, we can reach a much greater self-knowledge than what the contemporary psychology and science can offer us, because they still mainly focus on the material reality.
However, in order to reach the ultimate universal truth, a spiritual-scientific reality experience by means of a connection of feeling with all the life is necessary.

Our personalities

Our external resemblance to our parents can originate from the connection with one of our parents from a previous life.
However, we build up our character completely by ourselves in our previous lives, we ourselves are responsible for the grade of feeling of our personality.
If we devote our will in order to keep all our sub-personalities in order, we can devote all our powers of feeling in order to grow spiritually.

Our infinite evolution

We can reincarnate on earth in order to make amends for wrong deeds from previous lives.
We will probably ask, just as Alonzo why we have ended up in precisely these circumstances, because we as human beings still do not feel how our soul steers us as a result of this to a higher grade of feeling.
In the books by Jozef Rulof, many souls are also followed who are reincarnated for a task, such as Socrates, Venry and Anthony van Dyck.
If we know a stranger from somewhere, it could be that we recognize in feeling a loved one from past lives.
However, ultimately we will only be able to look back into our hereafter in all our previous lives.
If we are still sorry about what we did to another person, we can help this soul from the hereafter or reincarnate again to put this right on earth.
In the temple of the soul people can show us where that soul is located at that moment.
In this temple in the hereafter we can also come into connection with every loved one whom we have ever known.
And all those loved ones are then expanded to a universal love,
so that we can continue our infinite evolution in inner connectedness with our eternal loved ones from previous lives, our twin soul.


All these articles form part of the ‘Explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof’.