Motherhood and fatherhood

our basic powers

Motherhood and fatherhood interpret the basic powers of life, as a result of which every soul reaches reincarnation and cosmic evolution.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Basic powers

The University of Christ has studied life in the cosmos for millions of years.
The highest masters of this university penetrated the foundations of life.
They discovered that there are two basic powers which allow all the life forms to grow and evolve.
The article ‘our basic powers’ indicates what those powers are called in the books by Jozef Rulof.
The first basic power is called ‘growing’, ‘giving birth’ or ‘motherhood’, and the second basic power is identified with the terms ‘condensing’, ‘creation’ or ‘fatherhood’.
By means of their collaboration, these two powers ensure the development of all life.
By means of both motherhood and fatherhood, a new life can originate, grow and be born.
By means of both growing and condensing, in the macrocosmos planets and suns originated and the growing universe reached its current form of condensed galaxies.

The macrocosmos

The masters were also able to gauge the state of the universe in the period before the basic powers reached working.
The article ‘All-Soul and All-Source’ explains that in the very beginning both powers were not yet separated.
The article ‘cosmic splitting’ describes the moment when the division was realised.
After this division, they each formed a spatial body which fully expressed one of the two basic powers.
The giving birth principle was given form to by the first planet in the universe, and the creating principle by the first sun.
With the aid of the sun, within its body the first planet gave birth to the first micro cosmic life forms, which we can call ‘cells’.

The microcosmos

At that moment, the human soul began its first life as cell.
The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ describes how the two basic powers ensured that those first cells reached a reproduction process.
The cells connected themselves with each other in pairs, and together they produced two ‘child cells’ by means of growing and condensing.
A while later, the souls of the parent cells let go of their little cell body, and they passed onto the world of the unconscious.
At the time that their children reached reproduction, the first cells connected themselves with this process of giving birth and they could reincarnate in a new cell body.
The first cells could then experience their second life because they themselves had previously produced two children.

Our evolution

The masters were able to continue to follow the development of the first souls in the various cosmic grades of life.
The articles ‘evolution in the water’, ‘evolution on the land’, ‘our consciousness on Mars’ and ‘Earth’ describe how the human soul built up its body and life of feeling to the present stage on Mother Earth.
In all the steps of this evolution, the soul was able to grow further thanks to motherhood and fatherhood.
As a result, a new body continually became available in order to reincarnate and to continue the growth of body and inner life.
The masters saw that the body was built up around the organs which ensure motherhood and fatherhood.
In order to serve these central organs, the other body parts were expanded.
In this way, a human body was realised that was perfectly capable of also proceeding with reproduction on the land.
The female and male body was equipped for the specific tasks which form part of motherhood and fatherhood.
In this way, the soul built on two different bodies which gave form to its two basic powers.
In the animal kingdom too, a clear division came into females and males, and ensured their collaboration for the young.
And Mother Nature was even more creative in her plant kingdom in order to produce a broader spectrum of life forms with the birth giving and creating powers which gave all their reproduction a slightly different nuance.

Soul and personality

By experiencing the female and male body, the human soul developed various feelings which began to form its personality.
The maternal body gave it feelings of care for its children.
In this way, it was given the first feelings of motherhood.
In order to ensure food for themselves and the children, people discovered the power of the built-up prehistorically strong body.
Since there was not always enough food available for everyone, people also started to use that power against other prehistoric people.
In this way, the first fighting and the first manslaughter occurred.
The articles ‘harmony’ and ‘karma’ explain the consequences of this.
Up to that moment, every soul had remained in harmony with itself and all other life.
However, as a result of the first manslaughter, the prehistoric being brought himself into disharmony with another soul.
As a result, that soul ended up too soon in the world of the unconscious.
It missed the remaining lifetime of that destroyed body in order to grow inwardly.
A new body was needed in order to catch up on that lifetime.
However, that extra body was not provided within the normal reincarnation cycle.
Up until then, two twin souls as mother and father had always had two children together in order to ensure their own reincarnation.
However, now there was one soul too many in the world of the unconscious, as a result of the manslaughter, a soul was beaten from its normal reincarnation cycle.
For that waiting soul an extra body was needed, in addition to the two children for the own reincarnation.
And then the masters saw that for the first time a family with three children originated.
That third child was the waiting soul.
As soon as it had caught up with the lost lifetime, it let go of that extra body, and returned to the world of the unconscious in order to resume its normal reincarnation cycle.
All of this took place outside the consciousness of the personality of the parents, because this was controlled by the reincarnating soul.
As a result of the driving force of that soul, an extra body came and the karma was dissolved.
The other soul of which the personality caused the manslaughter, came into harmony again with life by as mother giving birth to an extra body for a waiting soul.


The manslaughter was an unconscious act, the personality was not conscious of the consequences of this.
Those consequences originated because the act was diametrically opposed to the basic powers of the soul.
The basic powers of motherhood and fatherhood give a body another soul, while the manslaughter on the other hand destroys the body of another soul.
However, the personality still could not realize the disharmony of this act.
It was not yet that conscious, it only lived in the first grade of consciousness and feeling.
In this first grade of feeling, it was especially occupied with finding food in order to survive.
The article ‘grades of love’ explains the various levels of feeling and consciousness.
The more conscious the personality became of its physical power, the more its violence towards other people increased.
When it became conscious of the physical experiences during love-making, the violence became even greater.
This was because the personality started to pursue these experiences, outside of motherhood and fatherhood, and if necessary at the cost of others.
In this way, the first rapes based on lust originated.
As a result of these feelings and acts, the personality removed itself from the harmonic motherhood and fatherhood which was driven by its soul.
The article ‘free will’ explains that the personality developed an own will, which was not synchronous with the will of the soul which was attuned to harmonic evolution and reincarnation.
The more the personality deviated from the path of the soul, the more time the soul needed in order to correct the karma formed.
In current times, most souls on earth are occupied with dissolving karma, and there are billions of souls waiting in the world of the unconscious in order to be able to continue their evolution.

Having children

As a result, there are mothers who can have more than two children.
In addition to the children who have to do with the dissolving of the own karma, people can cooperate in reducing the large number of souls who are waiting for a reincarnation in order to be able to evolve further.
The article ‘karma’ explains that society in the future will help the parents much more with this.
The article ‘illuminating future’ describes what consequences this has for the world population.
There are also women who cannot have any children, even if they really want that.
This can have many causes.
There can be a material disharmony in the female or male body.
It can also be caused by a disharmony in the life of feeling of the woman, which originated in past lives, because for receiving the new life a particular harmony is needed.
In addition, there are also women who experience their last life on earth and are finished with their reincarnation cycle.
They no longer need to have any children in order to be able to be born again in a next life.
When the masters proceed with an explanation at soul level, then they no longer speak about ‘having’ children.
Giving birth to a child is the possibility for the mother to later reincarnate again and to evolve as a result.
And for the soul, the childhood is only the building up of the new life in order to evolve further.
Every soul that we meet is primeval, there are no ‘new’ children.

The driving force of the soul

We cannot ‘attract’ a child either, because the reincarnating soul is the actual driving force itself in order to be born.
That soul could be driving for a long time.
Sometimes, a woman is already in contact as a girl with that soul which takes her to motherhood and to the future father.
The feeling for realizing sexual intercourse originates in this case from the driving soul.
The soul brings itself to reincarnation, and man and woman are serving in this.
As a result, mother and father also serve their own evolution, because they ensure that they too as soul can drive two people to enabling their new reincarnation.
Because the soul is in control of its own reincarnation, as a result of its acting in this a disturbance can also occur.
If for instance a soul as personality became a nun due to the ecclesiastical thinking and continued with this for lifetimes, there would be less and less mothers on earth who could still give birth, because they themselves did not bring any children into the world during that time.
It can then only come back to a mother who wants to serve outside her own karma.
However, in addition, this ecclesiastical personality has removed itself from the being born, by withdrawing itself from motherhood in deed and feeling.
The more she has suggested her basic powers as dead as a result of her praying and religious thinking, the less connection she still has to the natural process of giving birth and creating, and so also with her own reincarnation which must be realized by means of this giving birth and creating.


When a soul is driving in order to reincarnate, the will of that soul in a woman and a man becomes the love in order to experience the physical oneness.
They get the feeling to connect themselves physically and their basic powers are employed in service of life.
What they experience of this as a personality is determined by their grade of feeling.
If that is materially attuned, then the physical feelings dominate.
If the attention is given to the physical experiencing, the more rarefied grades of the driving force of life are still not perceivable.
When people pass onto the more rarefied grades of feeling, the physical oneness is only experienced if the reincarnating soul drives for this purpose.
Then outside of that the personality is no longer attuned to this event, because the physical love has passed on into universal love.


From the time of fertilisation, the soul is connected to the fertilised egg cell.
In order to not disturb that fragile cell, the soul brought itself into harmony with that cell.
It then returned to the All-Source state, as it was at the time that it experienced its first life as cell on the first planet in the universe.
All its experiences from past lives have sunk back to its subconscious in the world of the unconscious.
Between its past life and the new incarnation, it has not had any conscious experiences, because it only goes to the conscious hereafter as a soul when it is free from its earthly reincarnation cycle.
However, as long as there are souls in the earthly life cycle with which it is connected by karma, it remains attuned to reincarnating in order to first dissolve that karma.


After the fertilisation, the soul drives the fertilised egg cell to growing and division.
As a result of a multitude of divisions, the embryo is built up.
In nine months time, what took billions of years in the creation before the universe was finished, happens.
During that short time, the mother is one with all the phases that the All-Source went through in order to give form to its life in the universe.
In the growth of the embryo, all the steps are reflected which the soul took in the forming of its body on the various planets of the first three cosmic grades of life.
For instance, the fish stage can be seen again, with the start of gills in order to breathe in the water, and a tailbone that was once necessary for moving in the water.
The growth in the womb of the mother has seven eras, which reflect the seven transitions in every evolution process.
Between the third and the fourth era, the consciousness for the child awakens, then movement can enter this small body.
As the little body begins to grow, the soul wakes its inner life again.


When the child is just born, it still lives in feeling in its past reincarnation that has become awake by means of the growth of the body.
If the child could already talk, it would be able to tell about its past lives.
However, for the soul the new earthly personality still has to be built up, and the daylight in these new eyes must first still be processed for this purpose.
The light only enters the eyes after seven days and the soul can start to look into the new life.
Then the past life sinks back again to the subconscious.
The experiences of the past lives will be expressed in aptitude and talents, and will start to become part of a new personality which fits with this earthly life.

Grades of love

The human being experiences motherhood and fatherhood according to the grade of feeling reached.
The first grades of feeling were experienced in a natural consciousness, giving birth and creating took place in harmony with life.
However, when the personality became conscious of its possibilities, it started to interfere in motherhood and fatherhood.
In the phase of self-love, a number of people started to see having children as a burden.
The human being started to tamper with motherhood and fatherhood, the new life was refused by means of abortion.
And people also started to prevent having children.
For billions of eras, the soul had reached evolution by means of motherhood and fatherhood, and now its personality thought it knew better and started to act itself without realising the consequences for its cosmic evolution.
In the higher grades of feeling, the soul as personality comes into harmony again with its motherhood and fatherhood, and both parents will always apply themselves to increasing their love for their children.
Then all the children are accepted in gratitude and love by mother and father, and they feel supported by the love of their parents.
Then the father also expands his friendship towards the children, who see a good companion and example in him.
The father now feels his role for serving mother and children, and both parents serve for the reincarnation, for the new life.
In this way, the parents evolve towards universal motherhood and fatherhood.
Mother and father not only look at what they can do for their own children, but they serve all the life that comes on their path.
Then maternal love and paternal love can change into universal love.
People feel themselves to be both mother and father in this, and they have mastered the feelings of both.

Straight to the All

The first primeval people who lived on earth are now in the highest cosmic grade of life: the All.
The articles ‘origin of the astral world’, ‘creator of light’, ‘fourth cosmic grade of life’ and ‘the All’ describe their path from the earth to the All.
In prehistoric times, they did not know any ‘civilization’, they still did not have art, culture, prosperity, technology, religion, God or Christ.
They were only engaged in surviving, and they carried out the only deed which serves a soul directly: becoming mother and father.
Much later, the human being on earth built a personality around it which experiences the universe for his feeling and thinking.
In that universe, he started to find a thousand and one earthly things important, because he was still not conscious that all this would remain behind on earth and had no added value for his cosmic evolution.
When those earthly longings overran motherhood and fatherhood, they even resulted in a delay on the way to the All.
The first souls had it easier in this respect.
We got to know one of these souls, He reincarnated much later as the Messiah.
During his life as Jesus Christ, He could not convey anything of his cosmic consciousness.
He summarised his message as universal love, because a few people were already able to feel and understand some of it.
He knew that focusing on universal love for the human personality could give a grasp for returning to its lost harmony with all life.
If He had been able to speak fully in the knowledge that He would be understood, then He would have said: ‘You are father and mother.’
But then people would have laughed in his face.
Because people still did not know that harmonically experiencing motherhood and fatherhood leads every soul straight to the All, as Christ experienced that himself.

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