Our basic powers

the essence of our soul

Our soul drives us to evolution by means of two basic powers which we have in common with all the life in the cosmos.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.


In the books by Jozef Rulof the two basic powers are given different names, in order to explain various aspects of these powers.
The writers of these books, the masters, call the first basic power giving birth, growing or motherhood.
They call the second basic power creation, condensing or fatherhood.
They call the interaction of the two basic powers ‘giving birth and creation’, ‘growing and condensing’ or also ‘motherhood and fatherhood’.
By means of the working of these two powers, the life reaches form and evolution.

Basic powers of the All-Soul

The article ‘All-Soul and All-Source’ explains that we as soul are an independent part of the All-Soul.
The masters were able to follow how that All-Soul formed the cosmos with its basic powers.
As a result, they got to know the fundamental characteristics of all the life, because the All-Soul brings all the life forms to evolution with ‘giving birth and creation’.
The masters see these basic powers reflected in all the grades of evolution, beginning with the first haze phenomena which occurred in the cosmos.
Later, those powers formed the macrocosmic life forms which we call planets and suns, and the microcosmic life forms which we called human being, animal and nature.

The first giving birth of the All-Soul

When the All-Soul sent its feeling into the universe in order to reach evolution, that first produced vibrations.
From these vibrations, weak vapour phenomena occurred, like the mist in the morning on earth before the sun rises.
These weak hazes evaporated afterwards so darkness returned.
Yet those hazes were not completely gone, they remained present in the universe as energetic plasma.
By means of a second and a third series of hazes, the universe was filled with even more plasma.
The masters compare these rarefied hazes with weak thoughts.
When we as a human being send our feeling from our solar plexus into the space of our body, we first get fleeting thoughts.
When our feeling continues to flow, we reach separate words which form well-formed thoughts and meaningful sentences.


The first basic power of the soul is the capacity to give birth to new life from the feeling.
On earth this is represented by motherhood.
When a woman starts to yearn for a child, then she attunes herself to the same power as when the All-Soul got the feeling in order to give birth.
Also on a human level, by giving birth to a child the mother ensures that new life is given form to.
The All-Soul gave birth to all the life and brought it to independence.
Every individual soul will experience this giving birth many times in order to take the life to evolution.
As a result, we become conscious of this fundamental power within ourselves.


Another name for the first basic power of the soul is growing or expanding.
The hazes grew and took up more space.
The next series of hazes kept on taking up more space, and could later continue to exist in that space as independent forms.
Finally, they materialized into the growing universe.
This growing is a characteristic of the life itself.
Every life form has this basic power within itself.
A flower seed in the ground grows to a stalk, leaf and little flower.
A human body is the growing of a fertilized egg cell.
From a minor cell we grow in nine months into a baby, and eighteen years later the body is already adult.
This growing power has even formed a universe which nowadays takes up more and more space.
By means of this first basic power of the All-Soul, hazes originated from the nothingness, and then planets and stars and the entire cosmos.

The growing universe within the human being

Motherhood gives the soul the possibility to feel that growing power within itself.
When the child grows within the womb of the mother, the mother experiences the expanding directly.
Also when we grow up as a child, we experience the growing of our body and our personality.
When we are adult, the growing can continue inwardly.
The masters ask us the question: do you grow every day?
Do you give your love and friendship growing?
By means of our feeling and thinking, our activities, we can expand our personality to a stronger character.
This growing does not remain limited to one life.
Our life of feeling grows life after life, as a soul we can allow our life to grow eternally by means of reincarnation.
Our personality will awaken as a result of this, and that will become our obtained consciousness.
Thanks to the growing power of our soul, we experience a cosmic evolution materially and inwardly.

Condensing as second basic power

If the All-Soul had only given birth to hazes which then grew and evaporated, then no material universe would have been formed.
The first series of hazes were very rarefied, people could easily see through them as it were.
Every series of hazes got a clearer form and the later hazes formed a thick, deep and taut spiritual body.
These later hazes were more condensed.
The power by means of which the hazes condensed is a different power than by means of which the hazes grew.
We can call the second basic power of the life condensing.
The current earth has condensed many grades more than the rarefied hazes.
On earth we even know stones and diamonds, the life has become that hard, the life was able to condense and harden itself so strongly.
Also in our human body we see this condensing again, because from the soft egg cell we have formed solid teeth and bones after a few years.
The growing ensures as first basic power for absorbing and experiencing space.
Because our human body has grown from a fertilized egg cell into our present upright form, we have absorbed space and we can also experience that space.
We feel what happens with our body, and we can explore the earthly life space and take possession of it.
The second basic power, the condensing, ensures the withdrawing and contracting of what had previously grown.
After the hazes had grown, the condensing processes ensured that the hazes became thicker and denser.
In addition, they limited the growing process.
Because that second power is also active within our human body, we do not become three metres tall, at a particular moment the growing is slowed down and stopped.
The succession of growing and condensing keeps enabling a next step in our evolution.
By means of both basic powers of our soul, we can begin and consolidate a development.
Growing and condensing are subsequent phases which lead to the following grades in our evolution process.

Grades of evolution

The forming of the hazes had seven eras, seven grades of evolution.
In every grade the hazes first grew, then they condensed.
By growing and condensing seven times, the hazes achieved a thick and taut spiritual body.
The masters see these seven grades of evolution reflected in the development processes of all the life.
The life was not suddenly completed, the All-Soul built on the condensed creation for millions of eras.
In very following grade of evolution, the soul makes use of what it learned by means of the experience of growing and condensing from the previous grade.

Our spiritual form

Even if the hazes had ultimately formed a taut body, yet they still always consisted then of a spiritual substance, a type of plasma.
They had still not reached the condensed level of the material.
They were still not materialized hazes as for instance the spiral hazes which later condensed in the universe.
The spiritual hazes still did not consist of water vapour, they still did not contain any hydrogen atoms.
However, with these hazes, the All-Soul had already formed a spiritual body for itself.
As individual souls, we will later do the same thing for our life in the hereafter.
In the spiritual worlds of the hereafter our spiritual form is visible for every inhabitant of the same sphere.
Our spiritual body is a condensing of our soul.
As a soul, we have the same characteristics as the All-Soul, we can condense our feeling to a spiritual form.

Light and colour

The later hazes radiated spiritual light.
The light increased as the hazes reached a higher grade of evolution.
The masters see this phenomenon reflected in their own spiritual radiance.
The spiritual body of the soul starts to radiate clear light when the personality has reached a particular grade of feeling, a particular level of consciousness and love.
The first hazes were a dark blue colour.
When the hazes had achieved a powerful light, they radiated a golden glow.
When the golden light became rarefied, the transitions from blue to gold got the chance to condense as independent colours, such as pale blue and soft green.
By means of the condensing process, more colour tints then emerged.
The masters see this formation of colour reflected in the human aura.
They can see from the colours of the spiritual radiation which characteristics the human being has mastered, and what lives the soul has experienced.


All the life receives a form by means of the two basic powers.
At soul level, we are an eternal source of ‘growing and condensing’.
However, in order to reach reproduction and evolution, another third process is necessary, which we can call ‘splitting’ or ‘reincarnation’.
This is explained in the article ‘cosmic splitting’.

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