Spiritual Gifts

Jozef Rulof

Zelanus studied life on earth and in the hereafter for nine centuries, and ‘Spiritual Gifts’ contains his deep analysis of parapsychological phenomena and powers.
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Jozef Rulof received the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ mediumistically from master Zelanus.
It contains a detailed analysis of all the grades of mediumship.
All the gifts that Jozef Rulof possessed are explained in detail in the same number of chapters: the writing mediumship, speaking under inspiration, the psychic trance, mediumistic painting and drawing, spiritual clairvoyance and the healing medium.
In addition, the following supernatural phenomena for instance are dealt with: the communication with the Ouija board and the planchette, spirit photography, direct voice, materialisations and dematerialisations, levitation, apports, rapping and ghost phenomena.
In addition, the grades of human sleep are clearly analysed.
Our sleep appears to be the gateway to all the grades of mediumship.
The role of the physical body in realising para-psychological phenomena is also dealt with.
In ‘Spiritual Gifts’, master Zelanus gives the ultimate key to be able to distinguish, as a reader, between a genuine and high-quality mediumship, and the scams of the many charlatans.
However, the deception in this field is so dreadfully great that the level-headed human being rightly wants nothing more to do with all that spiritual carry-on.
‘Spiritual Gifts’ distinguishes the light from the darkness in this regard.