The levitation

The levitation is related to the direct voice and all the other physical phenomena.
If we wish to remove gravity from a flower, then the material law dissolves and it is only then that levitation follows.
Every material object can be levitated, released from its own law. Even if the object is very heavy, that heaviness has no meaning for us.
Removing gravity is only possible because we can release the own life from the material and elevate it into our life.
Even if the flower before your eyes is of material and you have it in your hands, then we can still already have broken this law and we can let it float.
If that has happened, then we concentrate on the event and we take the flower into our hands like the megaphone and simply take it away from your vicinity.
If the life cannot be released from the material, the gravity will not dissolve either and then we must respect those laws.
This breaking is the elevating to the half-material and half-spiritual existence, therefore between life and death.
The flower lives on this side, but has not yet discarded or lost its material existence.
We come to it through the aura of the medium, the flower to us, no more than that happens.
You will think, a flower is possible, it does not have the weight of a large piece of furniture, but that does not have any meaning for us anyway.
We only need some help for heavier pieces.
The heavier, for us coarse-material, thinking and feeling consciousness must now help us, although this is not nearly always necessary, because the master can tune himself into these grades of life.
In order to levitate large pieces, we need people from the Land of Twilight and these men do that gladly for their master, because they now experience something, even if they have no understanding of it, although they have left the earthly life precisely as we have.
Those people live under the first sphere and still have the earthly connection.
A master, on the other hand, has already discarded those coarse-material thoughts long ago and is a spirit of love and life.
These powers are half-material and half-spiritual.
They still feel earthly and are extremely suitable for helping with levitation.
Their physical strength is tuned to the event.
A master does not need them if he connects other and namely cosmic laws with the levitation, but then we come to the elementary laws and they are highly dangerous for your life.
It is then possible that the life of a chair hits you on the head and you must then enter our life.
Which the master on this side prevents of course.
Soon we will come to throwing stones and you will also get to know these laws.
We therefore do not let it come so far.
We choose obedient people for this, who are neither bad nor good.
Since they possess this attunement, we can make use of their powers.
However, if these people were to realize for one moment that they have your life in their hands, they would be able to forget themselves and destroy your house in a short time.
They are like your elephant in childish hands for this work, they are not conscious of their powers.
Yet, it has also happened that these people started to understand their powers and then they beat everything to a pulp, only to have some fun as a result of the people present.
They would throw the medium with chair and all through your windows, because they are capable of that at the moment that the levitation starts.
They levitate the medium and carry him through the space, and only their concentration is necessary.
Our concentration, therefore that of the master, is too rare for this levitation, their concentration is still materially loaded.
The medium can consciously be levitated and in trance. Both phenomena can be experienced and achieved by us.
You do not see us and yet the medium is floating in the room.
If we now want the medium with chair and all to disappear, then the dematerialization follows.
These phenomena pass into each other.
If the levitation must stop, then the master breaks the contact and the medium or the object falls down.
Now everything in your own environment can be brought under control in order to be levitated.
This is possible as a result of this levitation.
You will find this condensation a revelation, and yet, watch out for your chicken?
If the animal must lay an egg, the shell is soft, but if nature has just had contact with the egg, the shell condenses and the egg falls down condensed.
This is a condensation in the opposite direction.
We come to you and elevate the life to us.
It is not a clear explanation, but you will certainly sense me.
Yet, the laying of the chicken is also the materialization of the actual life. We dematerialize the life and now you understand both the effect of the levitation and the removal of the life from your chair or cupboard.
Different animal species levitate themselves. Why would we people not be able to do it then?
The animal is far ahead of you as a human being for this state, because you do not yet know these laws.
Science will receive these laws, and they will be brought to earth in the age of Christ.
Anyone who has been in the East knows these laws.
In the East, priests levitate themselves.
The lama priests float forwards and can move miles further in a short time.
Moreover, there are some amongst them who dematerialize and levitate.
People were able to establish this not once, but ten times.
Academics received these pieces of proof, although the priests were very sparing with details, because they knew that people would not understand them anyway.
However, your photographic shot cannot lie, people recorded the event.
If that is possible for the East, how far can we who live in these laws go?
It is possible for us to bury you alive.
You now experience what our magician experiences when he goes to sleep, you live in the laws of life and death.
We can also bring you to another country in only a short time, in five minutes, for example, and give you the life back there, where you will not be seen anyway because you remain between life and death.
Even if you see all those people and even if you hear them talking, they cannot see you.
It is not possible now for you to die. We calmly lay your material body down to sleep, or we will enter yet other laws.
And those laws react too strongly upon your material systems, so that you would become sick and we want to prevent that happening.
The levitation connects you with the dematerialization and materialization and all of this is possible for us.
We tear all the buttons from your garment, even if there are a hundred of them. We throw them around you, and yet, just give us one single minute and they are back in the place where they were.
This is levitation and a dematerialization for one state.
We have given this proof several times.
Now that all of that is known on earth to the charlatans – since spiritualism became known – they imitate the true phenomena.
Your Western charlatans can do everything.
A cheat holds seances and levitates himself, but creeps outside through a back door, and has also been dematerialized, jumps into his car and drives away as fast as he can.
A moment later, he telephones that the Other Side has taken him so far from home.
What a wonder.
That happened repeatedly, until people had had enough of him and unmasked him.
Someone hid in the car and drove off with him.
The consequence was that he had to account for himself.
Then he wanted to prove that they were making up excuses and not he, people took the man to the well-known house where he had telephoned from, and there he failed.
However, six months later he levitated himself again. He thought that people had already forgotten about him.
Since he held his dark seances again, he now experienced something else and brought apports.