Spiritual photography

The Other Side through spiritual photography gave beautiful pieces of proof of life after death to mankind.
However, your charlatans also dragged this gift through mud and sludge. Nothing escaped their jackal instinct, until the Christian child was able to unmask them.
This divine gift was also given to just a few mediums.
It goes without saying that we also kept this gift in our hands, because the master on this side has to bring about the phenomena.
For this phenomenon, the medium has to discard his powers, the life aura, which experiences a condensation, as a result of which it is possible to record a spirit apparition on your sensitive plate.
Now the human organism mainly serves the material life fluid.
Although the soul life also has to discard its own aura, the aura of the body is still dominant for the phenomenon, because condensations now take place.
The physical vitality now serves as an ectoplasm, which makes it possible to condense the astral apparition and to record it on the sensitive plate.
The healing medium is suitable for this gift, because the life magnetism can be condensed and it possesses this working.
For spiritual photography knowledge of the human organism is necessary and of the soul life and the whole thing is not so simple.
If the medium has to photograph, no other gifts can be developed, even if this medium has been developed for many other gifts.
A registration costs an extreme effort of strength, which would be capable of exhausting the organism completely, which the Other Side must watch for.
The deception committed by this gift is dreadful, it is always the spiritualist charlatans who violate the divine gifts.
These spiritual thieves are not deterred by anything. There is therefore no longer a gift, which has not been sullied by them.
There is nothing more sacred on earth for these people.
How they handle this will soon be clear to you.
As result of spiritual photography, we can manifest ourselves to you.
This great wonder was given to mankind in order to support all the people remaining behind in their suffering and sorrow, in the loss of the loved ones.
For this reason alone the master on this side developed this beautiful gift.
However, this gift also has attunement to your inner life.
The medium must live in the fourth grade, or it will not be possible to make a photo shot. Only such a medium can discard powers for this phenomenon, the lower grades have nothing to give, however gladly they would want it.
Nevertheless, the third grade can be developed, because the healing gift is in their hands.
When you have a photo shot made, then you sit down next to the medium and you both hold the plate in your hands.
Your aura now passes over onto the plate, your aura and the aura of the medium mix of their own accord and this is necessary for the first contact.
You received a message beforehand from the medium, because not everyone is capable of receiving a photo shot, astral laws are attached to this.
You and the medium are therefore bound to laws, which are seen by the master on this side. The master decides whether it is possible, because these laws call you to a halt.
Soon it will be clear to you which laws deny you this wonder.
When this radiation has ended, it only lasts a few minutes, the plate goes into the camera and it is a question of waiting for you. The medium now continues to act.
How you must sit down is usually also another law, which has to do with your own life and is seen by the Other Side.
It is now possible that you alone must sit down behind the camera, but it can also be that the medium sits down next to you and this is because the life aura can be connected quicker.
One person radiates more powers than the other does, and the master has to take this into account.
He passes on this wisdom to the medium.
If the medium sits down behind the camera, then the master regulates the radiating aura in such a way that makes the harmonic connection possible between the medium and the person present.
Now the medium takes a photo shot of you, and then the camera is tuned into the weak radiation, the red light.
That takes approximately a quarter of an hour, sometimes a bit longer, again depending on your own sensitivity, and then the medium receives the sign to stop.
If the medium is in trance, which happens a lot, then, when he awakens, the plate is influenced and the sitting is at an end, the plate can now be developed.
It is also possible that the medium receives the end clairvoyantly and clairaudiently, because the medium possesses these gifts.
The trance draws the clairvoyance and clairaudience to itself.
The medium must be able to see and hear the master, or nothing will become of this photo shot and there will be a gulf between both worlds.
Randomly taking photographs is pointless, spiritual order is needed for this purpose.
Moreover, the astral master ensures this.
A doctor in physics therefore takes care of the spiritual work behind the shroud, and the medium cannot do anything on his own initiative.
Not everyone is suitable in order to be able to receive an extra. (A photograph on which an apparition can be seen.)
The medium is capable of making a shot, but it is a question of recording your loved ones on a plate.
In addition, the astral beings must have contact with you; your aura and theirs must reach unity, or there will be disturbances.
It is therefore not possible that they can condense themselves.
A great deal of people therefore wonder how the medium comes to know whether it is possible or not, because one is received and the other is not suitable and has to accept that there is no spiritual harmony.
Now the master is already warned and therefore knows that it is not possible to make an extra.
That takes place on this side, because the loved ones have received your longings and put themselves into connection with the master of the medium.
Your loved ones know beforehand that it is not possible and you also receive a message from the medium that the photo shot cannot be made.
This seems unlikely to many people, but it still has to do with the laws of your own life.
If there is very good contact then the Other Side can make a photo shot in a second, whereby a great deal of laws reach one state that are suddenly put into operation, which the master has in his hands.
If the recording is perfect, you also see on the plate your deceased friend, father or mother, sister and brother, who have now entered into the half-material and spiritual.
Their spiritual attunement is half-materially condensed, for which your aura and that of the medium serve.
They come to you from their invisible life and become visible as a result of the sensitive plate, there is no difference in anything with the likeness on earth, which you know and will never forget.
For this photographing, you enter the astral laws, both for the material and for the soul.
These laws speak to your life and that of the medium, and you are connected with them.
The photographing is cosmically deep as a result of this, because this very ordinary action connects you with space.
In the beginning stage, the master develops the trance, because during the trance the aura must be removed. I told you about this.
The medium that is conscious has nothing to give.
For the cross and board you experience the same laws, even if this condensation is a very different matter. The manifestation is now a portrait.
During séances with the cross and board the wooden cross is both the phenomenon and the means to come through, now it is your sensitive plate.
However, the tuning in of the medium has the same meaning.
As a result of the trance, I explained to you, we can take away the aura; the conscious person holds onto his own aura, he has nothing to give us.
Therefore, a photographic medium is in trance, but later, when the master is ready, he will experience the conscious trance.
You see, the tuning in of the medium is a great requirement for all the gifts, and that is also a spiritual law for the physical gifts.
The photographing is achieved by the physical and psychic trance, because the psychic trance must supply the physical phenomena.
The psychic trance is for the soul life, the physical in order to be able to remove the life aura, which is supplied by the medium and by which the spiritual apparition condenses itself.
The master removes your aura and that of the medium and connects them with the sensitive plate.
The plate absorbs these auras in itself and when that is done, work can begin behind the shroud.
You on earth are then connected, but on this side, the process is only beginning.
You have now been photographed, and the apparition is recorded in our life, which the master ensures.
Now the master draws a power from space, as a result of which these powers also come into contact with space, because the human aura alone is not sufficient.
Then the elementary laws speak and those powers also lie in your aura, because the human being came into existence as a result of it.
Because of the condensation of the auras, we come to the earth in a half-material state; and as a result of your aura this condensation is therefore possible.
The spiritual apparition now reveals itself, because the medium gives off more and more aura and as a result of this receives contact with the material laws and your life.
That apparition must now tune itself into itself during the earthly life, a time or year in which this life lived, and now that moment is recorded.
The astral apparition now thinks about that state, has already reached the half-material stage through the aura, but this concentration now becomes the reaching of unity of both worlds.
Your loved one therefore goes back into the past, into something that was experienced and as a result of which you knew her or him.
We will assume that your mother will manifest herself.
She tunes into your life and into herself.
She must manifest herself in a way such as you have known her, or it would have no meaning for you.
The aura of the medium, in which she has shrouded herself, and your aura now ensure that she has come closer to the camera.
The master can now start his task.
He connects all these auras with the sensitive plate, draws towards him the aura, which will be created by the red light and also connects that with you and the medium, and in this way forms one whole.
Now all of you have reached unity and the master tunes in his infallible concentration to the material event.
The master brings the auras into the camera, the plate absorbs or sucks up these materials and a condensation comes into existence.
This is actually the whole process, there is no more connected to it, but when you start to follow this development, you enter one astral and material law after the other, which you on earth understand nothing about because you do not know yourself.
To follow this wonderful process from this side would make tears roll down your cheeks, this event is so beautiful for you and for us, because it brings both worlds to spiritual unity.
You would then see that your mother is deeply moved, now that she is close to you, feels your life, your love blessedly shines on her and she can experience her child again.
Because it becomes that, she experiences you at this moment, she reaches unity with you physically and spiritually.
If you were able to see her spiritual garment, the radiation of her loving life and personality, if you were able to hear her praying and begging, that it may please God to give her this mercy and if you would see how pure and yet how materially natural she is, you will feel for the first time what it means to be able to receive an extra as a result of an earthly power by a human being who serves as a medium.
At this moment, you would be able to speak to your mother.
On this side, these are therefore wonderful moments.
On earth, it can also be the case, at least when the spiritual contact is complete, because then you feel each other’s proximity.
A master on this side has bridged the gulf between you and her.
Your mother follows everything, she must now think of nothing else but you and her own contact, and her lifetime is recorded.
There may be no disturbances in this, or her apparition would show obscurities on the plate, which come about because of the poor thinking.
However, the master supports her on this, because as a result of her wrong thinking the auras rip apart and she withdraws her own powers.
This must be prevented from happening at all times, at the cost of everything, even if she is moved; if the photo shot takes place she can only think of the shot.
Your beautiful bond and your love form your connection.
If that love was not present during the earthly life, then you do not need to hold a sitting, and then there will be no contact.
Because of this it is the case that one person receives a photo shot and the other person does not, your own life also calls you to a spiritual halt.
And a master cannot change anything about this, even if he is capable of making a photo shot.
However, that is now pointless!
The plate already absorbs all these auras.
The mother is present in the aura, and her face is recorded, since she thinks about the material condensation.
She is one with you, the medium and the plate as long as it takes for the photo shot, and the masters comes to the aid of all of you.
He reinforces the auras, connects all of you with space, so that the material sensitivity of the plate can absorb the elementary powers, from which the plate is made.
It is really the source, which allows the human and the astral aura to be absorbed, or it would not even be possible.
These elementary powers dominate all of you; it is because of them that the master can finish his work.
The powers which are present are now a thousand-fold.
The master descends into the life of the plate and connects this with space.
In that short moment, he must follow the elementary laws, which are attached to the plate and which the thing possesses as life.
The plate therefore draws us to the earth; the human aura also helps to build up this condensation, but it must be absorbed by the life of the plate.
This is therefore no longer taking prints and shooting, but experiencing!
The plate can absorb this experiencing in itself, because the master has connected the plate with space, which is achieved because of the human aura of the medium.
Like you, the tissues of the plate possess an inner soul; that life absorbs the joint aura and the image records itself.
This photographing is therefore extremely deep and has, as I remarked, cosmic meaning.
The nervous system of the plate absorbs the aura into itself, and because everything possesses life – or it would dissolve – and has an own closing off or it would also dissolve, the master must break the own closing off of this plate, if he wants to make a spiritual photo shot.
He therefore penetrates the actual life of the plate, because it is only there where the plate is sensitive to this shooting.
Since the life of the plate has been shaken awake, that life absorbs the astral and material, half material life substance in itself, and then the photograph comes into being.
Yet photographing is easy, you just press the button and it is done ...
However, for a spiritual photo shot it is a bit different, as a result of this shot you are cosmically connected!
An amazing world therefore takes place in the camera.
The plate is connected both with our life and with space; we come closer to the earth and you let go of the material earth for a moment, which is necessary for the photographing.
Now you can think for yourself and of course tune in your thoughts to the event, no more help is necessary from you on earth.
You see your mother on the plate as she was on earth.
She has tuned into that past and she is now that past again.
Nothing has changed in her personality, because that is not possible. She also accepts that life as it was, she cannot think of ten things at the same time in this, because her personality is actually everything.
All that time the aura flows to the camera, but it first goes through the master. It is he that has the process in his hands.
If he thinks that the plate has absorbed enough – and he can see that – then the medium receives a sign or he returns from the trance and your sitting is over.
Now the development follows, and look: next to you, in a snow-white cloud, you can see your mother. She smiles at you, she is as if she had not died.
Her eyes shine, her face speaks and she is the same as what you know.
Mother looked like that and it is also her, she cannot look different; all those little wrinkles, those familiar lines are present on her face.
This is a sign for you of her eternal life.
Yet, this great wonder was sullied inhumanly and muddied by your charlatans, so that thousands of people were broken as a result of it, broken inwardly by them, which was never the intention of God!
Many people weep from happiness when they hold an extra in their hands and that is understandable.
Now they know that there is no death.
This evidence of life after death is therefore wonderful and you need no longer doubt.
It is possible to shoot more extras at the same time.
The medium goes deep into trance and the people present – not more than four to five people – give off the aura, which is necessary.
It is up to you how you must now tune yourself in, and it is only then that the master can act.
However, I already told you, one person gives and the other has nothing to give.
In other words, there is a question of disharmony here.
If everything is in harmony, then the master can shoot hundreds of extras during one sitting.
They then manifest themselves all at the same time, which has happened more than once.
The Other Side already gave these pieces of proof to the earth a long time ago.
And all those deceased people could be recognized.
Another possibility is by direct contact.
Now the medium holds the plate in his hands with you.
Nothing else happens.
Shots can be made just by this holding.
This is therefore direct contact with the master and the plate.
If the plate did not absorb the life aura, it would not be possible either to experience direct contact, because the plate absorbs, absorbs what you have to give.
The camera is not necessary now, but in this case, the medium must be developed, or he will not emit any aura.
Now it happens as a result of the concentration of the master, who absorbs all the auras in himself, connects them with space and directly records them on the sensitive plate.
Now his knowledge of physics comes to his aid and he can achieve this wonder.
He condenses the aura and elevates all of you into his own life, then connects you with the plate and prints the image on it.
The plate now also infallibly absorbs the images in itself.
All that time the master is in deep meditation.
It is he that irradiates the aura as a result of his love and actually blesses it in order to be able to give you this spiritual happiness.
The infallible concentration of the master is the whole event. In only a short time, you and he have experienced this process.
There is an even higher development to be reached, but then everything takes place outside of your own life, only the aura serves.
The medium only puts the plate in his pocket and the rest happens of its own accord. The master can achieve that because he is one with you and the medium, even if you had no part in it.
This happens outside of your own thoughts and feelings.
The face is also visible now and can be recognized.
These shots are sometimes even sharper than those of the camera and that is because the master now has everything in his own hands.
He is now not dependent on the material thing that must make the shot.
There are always places in the sensitive plate that are not sensitive to these shots and therefore have a disruptive effect, which has now been prevented.
If you did not possess an aura, then we could not make any spiritual photo shots.
However, then nothing would exist and there would be no life, everything would evaporate and dissolve.
Nature has condensed life and because of this condensation photographs are taken.
All this life has its own attunement and enclosure, or it would explode.
The master must break this enclosure, or he cannot make a photo shot.
This is therefore his knowledge, he must know all these laws and have mastered them, so that – and that is the point now – not everyone on this side is capable of showing themselves to you by this means.
Even if you have reached the spheres of light, even then the possession of the physics is needed in order to absorb the life aura of the plate in you.
This is the natural unity with the other life, as a result of which the spiritual wonder takes place.
The master breaks that own protection and it is only then that the shot can begin.
Now he is faced with other problems, the laws of which he must know.
If he breaks the enclosure of the plate, then it is possible that the plate breaks into pieces in your hands at the same time.
He can now go to a certain limit. It is not possible to go further and deeper, or he will take the own life away from the plate and then you will be left holding the pieces in your hands.
If he touches the first grades of existence for the plate, then this material substance will dissolve completely and namely at the same time.
He must therefore take care that the plate keeps its own grade of existence.
If we were to start to analyse all of this purely, the plate would take you to space.
A photographic plate and everything, every object is therefore cosmically deep.
That is very natural, because this life came into existence from the primal source, nevertheless that primal source is still attached to this object, even if this plate has been torn by numerous other materials out of the own grade of life, which is the chemical process.
The primal stage is attached to this object and it is this primal stage with which the master receives connection and that keeps the plate alive.
He must descend as far as that if he wishes to prepare the plate for this sitting, and it is only then that it absorbs the auras into it and it can do its work, before, that is not even possible.
The master therefore takes the plate back to the actual astral stage, back to our life and the laws in which we live, and it is only then that the spiritual unity can be experienced.
It is the sensitive plate that dominates all of us. It receives and we give it our own life, which is connected with its life by the master.
Shots can even be made in other countries.
If the medium is developed, the master can make his print there.
I say print, but I mean, he can absorb the image there into himself, then he must return to your own country, and it is only then that the first process is completed.
Distance does not exist for us.
This proof was given years ago.
It is the master who carries out the work, and the plate also absorbs his power of thought into itself and records it.
Your charlatans also achieved this wonder and they cheat consciously in this.
Now that a child can actually take photographs – this shot has nothing to do with art – the charlatans ran wild and took photographs, made spiritual shots.
A mother, who lost the apple of her eye and knows that she will get her child back to a certain degree as a result of this, wants to possess an extra.
She prays day and night for it.
She feels herself one with her darling, because the child lies or floats above her head like an angel.
Because of this she feels protected and carried, suddenly a life is changed by it.
She surrenders completely to this wonder, cannot believe in deception. She is one with the event and with her child.
Because of this mercy her grief dissolves, she feels.
However, the charlatan does not think of her grief, of fathers or mothers, he wants to live!
Deception or no deception, do you want a spiritual photograph, the portrait of your child?
It only costs ten guilders, madam!
Other people do it for a bit less. However, the plates are expensive, and the work, you see?
He also – it is usually men who swindle in this area – must live and it asks a great deal from his powers.
It is also the fault of your spiritualists that such horrors can take place.
They just let people go their own way, while they knew that deception was being committed.
However, they did not mix in dirty matters, which was up to the cheats themselves to decide.
Our world is not helped with their answers. This is serving evil, and yet, all these people wanted to do something for our life.
Why not first rid the world of that deception?
Is this not supporting destruction?
The charlatans could continue their terrible work, and yes, even the papers included their extras and advertised for these mediums.
How can such people receive a task for our life when they can cheat everyone?
When all those hundreds heard that they were cheated, they called upon the skill and knowledge of the spiritualists, and decided that it was scandalous that they were so nonchalant.
Have they anything to do with the deception?
It seems likely. Or I have cheated, I ask you, madam!
Yet, the victims are right.
I already proved it to you. Anyone who thinks that he possesses understanding of such wonders and laws must also ensure that things go properly and fight the bunglers and cheats, or they must not accept this office. Then they do themselves more harm than the conscious deception.
Do you feel that the deception is dealt with by your own nonchalant behaviour?
Action must be taken, this is why you are a spiritualist, you must be able to represent our life with your own life, or other people must take your place. You are then not suitable for this work.
Hands off, there is no inspiration in you.
Weakness of spirit takes you and us into the darkness.
Thousands of people were cheated and the prominent spiritualists did not know anything about it.
It is heartrending for a mother, a father, and a child, to have to accept that deception is committed by the medium and that they must consider the happiness they received as worthless.
Hearts were broken, and the charlatans did not recoil from anything. They were now also merciless, about the child of the mother, about your husband and your father.
This criminal deception borders on the incredible, these people cannot be compared with any of your criminals, we see their scandalous deceptions so deeply, it is so awe-inspiring, because these are sacred bonds that were given to you and us by God.
It is really worthwhile fighting for this and that fight must come from your spiritualist.
A well-known photographic medium was really busy, so, that he could not accept another photo shot for a year, so many people remaining behind wanted an extra from him.
That was in no way surprising, the papers included his extras and everyone knew the medium from his own circle.
It was tremendous!
And the extras were wonderful. Such a medium only lived once in a hundred years, he was also a star of the highest kind.
Anyone who knew about the laws asked for a sitting.
One by one, it was their turn to hear that they would have to have patience. He was just a human being after all with one pair of hands, and a day was a day.
Finally, a mother is sent a message to her home.
She has also waited months for the photo shot, now the great moment has arrived.
She is now already in ecstasy, she can actually no longer even think straight. She sees her child before her day and night.
It is wonderful, she wants to devote her life to being able to experience that.
She cannot forget her child, life has no more meaning, even if that is wrong of her, but it is just the way she is.
She knows people must surrender everything, but her only child?
It is easy for you to talk, you still have four of them, and I am now as poor as a church mouse.
This mother thinks, no, she knows, she is now walking on sacred ground.
She lives in a cosmic sphere, the sphere of the blessed instrument and foremost in that of his master.
She feels that she knows it: this is a true address. The papers speak about the medium; this instrument is in spiritual hands.
Amazingly happy she enters the medium’s house.
The man looks at her and thinks how many people were enthusiastic, but this person!
Can he imagine her grief?
But of course he can madam.
Soon he will begin, he just has to collect the plate.
She looks around; she thinks everything here is sacred.
It is worthwhile living in this, continually being one with her little blonde, her darling, talking to her and being able to feel her as before, is a happiness that only the mother knows.
She also feels it.
Everything radiates towards her.
One thing is even more loving than the other is.
The man comes back.
“Do you have any children, sir?”
“Yes, madam, two girls.”
“How blessed you are, mine is ...!”
“Now, now, madam, she is here, just calm down.”
“What did you say?
Can you see my child?
Where is she, where is my little Blondie?”
Wrong, madam, you should not have said this, you will get your little Blondie.
He already knows enough. You will soon tell him the only thing he still wishes to know.
Just listen!
“How long have you been alone, madam?”
There you have it.
She must answer and she does, as a result of her grief it comes pouring out.
After all, this question means nothing, or does it?
“Five years, sir, just imagine that.
I do everything, we hold séances and sometimes she comes to me.
Oh, she was such a darling, that sweet little girl of mine; she loved me so much, you see.
You have children yourself, you must know.
How old are yours?”
“I have one of five and one of seven years old, madam.”
“Oh, it is wonderful.”
The woman does not need to say anything more, she will now get her little blond girl.
“Oh”, she says, “I have suffered so much.
You can understand best, because you are standing so close to that life.”
The medium must agree with that. He nods and behaves nervously.
“You are already under the influence, I see?”
“Yes, madam, I already have contact.
I must tune myself into the event.”
“It costs a great deal from your strength, I can feel that, but you are doing such good work with it.
What gifts you have, it is wonderful to be able to make so many people happy.
That must give you satisfaction.”
“It does, madam, of course, it is very nice, and it is a blessing.”
They sit intimately with each other, the plate is resting in their hands.
Hand in hand, and the woman meanwhile fully absorbs his wonderful aura.
He has beautiful hands, she thinks, it must come from these hands. She would like to see all those powers.
She presses herself close, very close to him, she feels herself reaching unity like two flowers of one colour.
It is wonderful what she now feels. The happiness that is now in her is indescribable.
When God has heard her prayer, her child will be with her, which cannot be any other way.
She does not want to lose a single second of this happiness.
She would prefer to remain connected day and night; the happiness that enters her is so overwhelming.
She cannot bear it and says:
“Is your wife not extremely happy with you as a husband?”
“She is, madam.”
“But what a great life you have.”
“Yes, madam.”
“And how does your wife feel about all these gifts?”
“She is very happy, madam.”
“I can imagine.
Good heavens, what a mercy.
Always something new, all those happy people, all the happiness which is still pouring into you from them?”
“You must not talk so much, madam.”
“Oh, sorry.
I ...”
Yet she also says:
“You understand me, don’t you?”
The medium nods, he understands everything.
Then the great moment comes, the medium is busy with the camera, the plate goes into it, and her shot will be made.
“Can you already see my darling?”
“Yes, madam, a moment ago as well, but the leader says that I must only tune myself into him.
Here she is, close to you.”
The mother weeps and she runs her hands around the emptiness in which her child lives.
“Where is she, sir?”
“Here, lady, she is laying her little head on your knees.”
A moving moment, the medium does not even look, he knows that.
“Oh, my little darling, are you back with your mother?
How are you?
Will you come to me on the plate?
What is she saying, sir?”
“She says that the master will take care of that.”
She cannot hold back her tears.
“Where is she now, sir?”
“With the master and her sister on this side. She was brought here of course.
We must begin, you see.”
The mother lets her tears flow; this man understands everything.
He tells her that the little one is happy, and she is dancing for joy.
The master is ready and the photo shot can begin.
She must continue to sit still behind the camera. Her shot is always good, now the red light goes on.
The medium sits down behind the camera and it is now a question of waiting.
There is incense burning, the mood is wonderfully peaceful, everything is really beautiful.
She feels like she is in heaven.
Our Lord stands in a corner, flowers around him, brought by people who have already experienced the happiness.
I follow all of this, the others along with me, who get to know all this deception, now from life after death.
The medium closes his eyes, first dozes a bit, then takes a deep breath, stretches his legs and is in trance.
The mother prays!
“My God, give me this mercy.
Give me this mercy, oh, my Father.
Give me this mercy, oh, God, give me my child back.
Now You can hear my prayer.
I am so alone, Father.
I do not complain, my God, I want to bear it, but give me this mercy.
Break me down, oh God, take away all the powers which are in me, I want to die for my child.
Take away everything from me so that I can see my child.
Oh, my God, give me this mercy.”
However, she feels that the medium’s powers are taken away, she hears moaning, she is disturbed by it and starts again.
Once, ten times, twenty times I hear: “Oh, God, take everything away from me, let me experience this mercy.”
Her prayer would have a disruptive influence if the true extra was being given, but now her prayer has no influence.
She is no longer herself.
She has a good cry, but gets a fright.
What is that?
The medium wakes.
He blows his nose.
She gets another fright and yet, it is something, which is necessary, but she is now disturbed by it.
How is that actually possible?
The photo shot is clear, it has taken a quarter of an hour.
He will just develop the plate. Soon he can tell her whether her child was recorded.
May she go with him?
No, that is not possible.
In another room, the man lays the plate down next to him. He does not need to look; there is nothing on it anyway.
He lights his cigarette and has a lovely smoke.
“Who is it?” his other half asks.
He purses his lips and says: “Just look for yourself.”
However, she does not do that, she does not wish to be seen.
He has nothing to do in his laboratory and his cigarette is finished.
“The shot is successful, madam.”
“What did you say?
My God, how grateful I am.
When may I collect the shot?
Will it not take too long?”
“A week, madam.”
“Oh, sir, can it not be a bit quicker, after all, I have had to wait so long, I cannot bear it, you see.
I will not sleep for another hour.
It is terrible.”
“Come in three days’ time, madam, I will do my best.
I must first develop other shots, and then I will start on it.
Therefore, in three days’ time.
If I have a moment, perhaps, I will see.”
The good and true medium can show everything, will immediately be able to make a print, because the Other Side knows the deep suffering, the long waiting of these souls.
However, the cheat has something else to do.
He opens an album and looks for a suitable little blond.
He finds what he needs, now another shot and the extra will be ready.
He places some cotton wool above the head and in that cotton wool the little blond, he now just has to light it up and the double shot will be made.
Now he will develop the plate, and look, the extra is wonderful.
If she wants, she can come tomorrow already. He is finished.
He prints off another few and destroys the plate.
Everything is going really well. Both shots are almost the same; the light is divided.
Who will know that?
The cotton wool resembles the aura of the human being; when the protoplasm is photographed, you can see a white cloud above your head and the spirit apparition manifested in it.
The cotton wool does a good job. Anyone who does not know the mystery does not think of it, and anyone who does know does not think of deception.
Everything is so real.
The following day the mother comes along; perhaps, you never know.
She has brought flowers for Christ.
However, she must wait until the next day.
These are days of suffering for her, since the photo shot she has no longer been able to sleep.
However, then the moment has arrived.
She rings at the door early.
The medium collects the extra.
She races over to him.
The shot is a great success.
She has her child in her hands.
She must get used to it, but then she weeps and presses her darling to her heart.
She is a bit different, but that is possible: death lies between this image and her apparition.
What a world.
“Yes”, she says, she looks and also squints, “it is her.”
She kisses the child’s head.
“And what a light, just look, that aura above my head.
Do I emit so much?”
The medium nods. It is the case; she is very sensitive.
“My happiness knows no limits, sir.
This is my darling.”
She pays her ten guilders and leaves.
If it had had to cost a hundred guilders; gladly, really it would not have been a problem.
Yet she also comes back and asks:
“Can I have a few photo shots from you, I mean, a few prints, I also want to give my mother one.”
“Oh, of course, madam, it will cost you five guilders.”
“It does not matter.”
The medium already has them lying ready.
He lets her see the shots. She thinks they are wonderful, and everything is great.
“You can send my child to the papers, do you hear?”
“Fine, madam. I do not think that the papers will include them for the moment, because I have already given shots to them.”
The mother understands and leaves again.
There can be no doubt about her happiness.
This process continues for a few years, new people keep on coming.
One fine day a man comes.He has also heard that photo shots are made.
The medium wants to sense him, must know what the man does, but his visitor already helps him.
They hold onto the plate together and have a conversation.
“They are beautiful gifts.”
“Yes, they are, sir.”
“Certainly very busy.”
“That as well.”
“How many shots can you make in a week?”
“That depends.”
“On what?”
Get lost as far as I care, the medium grumbles inwardly, what business is it of yours. However, he replies: “It depends on my leader.”
“Oh, I see.”
They sit for a moment, then the man says to reassure him: “My cobblers’ business is a very different matter, and it is crazy, I used to always wait to take photographs.
This profession attracts me.”
The medium is calm, the fear falls away from him.
Cobblers have no knowledge.
He prefers to photograph women.
It is easier to get women to be quiet.
Men want to know everything and are more suspicious.
He knows his people.
They sit down. The man follows it just like that and pretends to surrender completely to him.
He also says:
“Just say where you want me.”
He is given his place behind the camera. The light goes on, the lens is open, directly closed and ready. The red light follows.
Wrong, medium, you are wrong for this visitor.
Too weak lighting, light too weak, nothing could ever be on it.
Now the medium sits down.
He sits for a while, wants to go into trance, but the man interrupts him.
“Is it possible, that I can see my father?
I recognize him by his moustache and his narrow face, it must be him.”
The medium looks and sees clairvoyantly.
“Is he a bit cross-eyed, sir?
Forgive me, but I thought I saw it.”
“Really, but that cannot be seen in his photograph. Just look for yourself.”
The man hands him a photograph.
“No, really, you cannot see any of it.
Yes, I can see this person.
He is approximately sixty years old.
Did he die of cancer?”
“The man suffered terribly.
Four years long, and in agony.
I hope that he is now happy.”
“I can see his light, he is happy.”
“But am I not disturbing you?”
“We must not talk now.”
The medium sinks away; he closes his eyes to a small slit, opens them now and again, but sits stock-still.
The quarter of an hour lasts an eternity for him.
Finally, it is over.
The medium has to go.
The man says:
“I will just go, I will hear from you when I can come back.”
“Wait a minute, sir, do you not wish to know whether the shot was successful?”
“Oh, I do not doubt it, you are well-known.
It will be fine.”
The medium scrutinizes him, and is not so sure, but now that he sees the man, peace enters him.
He is sitting there with his hands before his eyes, quietly in his chair, probably reflecting upon everything.
It is now just a case of waiting, you must be careful with men.
He comes to tell him that the photo shot is a success.
“Did I not think so, you also made such a wonderful photo shot for my sister.
When may I come back?”
“In a week’s time.”
“Can it not be a bit earlier, in about three days’ time, for example?”
“I will see.”
“Is it my father who came to me?”
“Precisely, a wonderful resemblance.”
The man leaves.
Three days later, he comes back and receives the extra, he looks and says: “Wonderful, in one word, beautiful.
It is he, a work of art.
Here is your money.
Ten guilders, isn’t it?”
The medium takes the money, the man looks.
He now asks:
“Is it possible for you to make another shot for my sister, you know, the mother of the little blond girl.
She is so miserable and I would really like to see her happy.
I really feel sorry for her, she is so sad after the loss and on top of that, a man that left her.
“No, that is not possible, I have so many people.”
“Come on, sir, do it, I will pay you double.
For I have had such a good week, grant her this happiness.”
“I must first ask my leader.”
“Do it immediately, your master is here, isn’t he?”
“I shall ask.”
The man asks space whether it is okay, the medium listens.
He does it.
“Is it okay?”
“My leader approves. She may come tomorrow at three o’clock, but not any earlier, I must make seven shots.”
“Thank you very much, you are doing good work.”
The man goes straight to the editor of a newspaper and presents him the extra.
“What do you think of the photo shot?”
“Wonderful, but who is it?”
“Just take a good look, you will know that man.”
The other man looks and laughs, laughs harder and cannot calm down.
This is good.
“How did you manage this?” he asks.
“Simple enough to declare a living being dead.”
“We have got him.
Great, this deception is over.”
“Tomorrow my wife is going. She will get her chance, and she will probably be cured then.
Now I will convince her.
This is a double shot and poor as well.
When will you include this photograph?”
“Next week.”
“Fine, then we will perhaps have something else as well.
She will have to keep her enthusiasm in a bit; otherwise, it will not work.
In any case I will give her a few shots to take along, then he can choose what suits him best, or what is a good likeness.”
The mother of the little blond girl now gets to see her grandmother; the old woman floats above her head as her guardian angel.
There is a resemblance, but grandmother is still alive.
She now knows that she is being cheated and cannot forget this terrible thing.
A great commotion amongst the spiritualists, the great wonder has been unmasked.
All those cheated people curse. It is dreadful.
There are no mediums, everything, is deception.
Hundreds of extras were printed, not one print was real.
Every country knows this types of mediums. Where spiritualists live deception is present.
The spiritualist world forgets him, but other people come back, until they are also unmasked.
This charlatan made double shots, other people do it a bit more complicated, but when you know them, feel the laws, and then you can immediately accuse them of deception.
Take your own shots. The master on this side finds it very good, we have nothing to hide from you.
Every inquiry must be approved of by the mediums. The more people we may convince, the better it is for us.
Do not believe anything when you are not allowed to inquire, for it is irrevocably deception.
Take along the plates and develop them yourself, or go with the medium to the dark room, the master thinks this is wonderful, at least if it is for an honest research, otherwise you will not get the chance for it.
If the Other Side sees that you are serious, it allows you everything.
Once you have been given the proof, then stand next to our medium, he needs your help.
Five to seven photo shots can be made per week at the most, which is exhausting enough for the medium.
Ten per day, as charlatans do, is nonsense.
Photographic mediums are exceptions. One among thousands of mediums at the most is a photographic medium.
We do not make any war in this area, I already told you a few times. You must accept it.
However, the true medium is a blessed human child.
And your extra is a divine gift, truly a spiritual wonder.
Other countries have known their mediums. Thousands of shots were taken, just as much proof given and parents comforted, the gulf between life and death bridged.
It is wonderful, and it gives you the strength to bear life, your loved ones who passed over are close to you.
As long as you know that the good powers possess all these gifts. They are clairvoyant and clairaudient and the trance brings about the wonder.
We now come to your own life.
Keep your hands clean, let nothing sully the contact, and do not give these charlatans any opportunity to cheat. It is your and our happiness.
Help us and support our good powers, also help us to purify this sacred area from all evil.
May the light of Golgotha shine on you and your people.