The psychic trance

From spiritual inspiration, we now come to the psychic trance.
Descending with the spiritual in a gift is now experiencing the occult laws and coming into connection with the astral world.
The deeper the medium can experience the gifts, the more beautiful and richer the spiritual wisdom, because now complete unity can be experienced.
However, now the inner life must be present, or you will not be suitable for this gift.
Occult certainty comes to the fore; as a result of the psychic trance, you can know what is from you and what is from the Other Side. This gift irrevocably disengages every own thought!
All spiritual gifts can undermine your own grade of life under inspiration, and give you a great deal of suffering and sorrow.
As a result of the trance, the occult danger is much greater, because now a spirit takes complete possession of your material and inner life and descends to your deepest tissues and soul conscious because both organisms have to be completely disengaged, we want to work under our own power.
That is being possessed by the conscious or unconscious knowledge, by the sick or healthy grade of life for our life, which can bring awakening for your life, but can also mean your destruction, because you will now float between life and death.
You will receive spiritual wisdom or enter the madhouse.
That line of division is now drawn.
The gifts know no mercy, neither for you nor for us, they now ask to be experienced.
Not one person on earth can escape it.
You have received this blessing, your life has reached this height, or you must accept that you still have to awaken to this, with all the dreadful consequences of it.
We received our spiritual contact on earth since we learned to know these laws and can therefore prevent all the dangers for our mediums.
We experienced the natural conquering of all this misery and we can now oversee the life of a medium, which is necessary if we wish to achieve something.
The medium in our hands is a child of God and that child, I already told you, can enter the heavens, because we serve together!
However, the occult laws take you over the threshold of the spiritual inspiration into our life.
If the spiritual gifts reach full development, then your own conscious sinks away from the organism, but will be conscious for our life or go to sleep during the event, depending on what we want ourselves.
This great event is therefore nothing more than changing your own state.
You allow other people to act with your organism, you surrender yourself to higher powers, because you know that the astral laws have come to your life, but you leave your organism yourself and you go towards your future life, the laws of which you experience consciously or unconsciously.
The conscious going to sleep is for both organisms, both the earthly body and the life of the soul have to experience tuning in, achieved because of our concentration, and you are in our hands.
That these gifts are in our hands is for you as a human being not so certain, because the charlatans have mastered the Great Wings.
However, we want to give you that certainty and make all those people harmless, if possible even consciously destroy them, because numerous men and women have made a dirty product of it, which no longer deserves the sacred aura.
Since the psychic trance represents all the gifts, these people play with life and death, but meanwhile they create infinite evil and they are, as poisonous reptiles would not want to be, yes, for many people like devils!
These so-called mediums give the trusting people a poor reflection of the truth, sell us for the sake of their own existence, they deform the gifts and sully our life.
They have built up a charlatan contact from the highest good given to us all by God, an inhuman game that is played by them, but of which we are unwillingly a part.
Not one of them thinks for a single moment of Christ, of Golgotha, and of all the Christians who devoted themselves to the spiritual knowledge and the awakening for mankind.
These charlatans show no mercy.
They cheat consciously and unconsciously, willingly and unwillingly, but their lives are dangerous!
These unconscious people now think that spirits help them, that the Other Side assists them for the purpose of their dark existence.
They want to be involved with the Other Side, and yet, they completely disengage our life and the laws of God, and go their own way.
These people make the occult laws into ordinary fun and the psychic trance serves for this purpose.
Their existence is harrowingly ignorant, disgustingly untrue, is lifeless.
The dead self speaks to all of them.
We can imagine that this is sufficient for the trusting masses, but that is not true, because they accept everything, they think that these men and women are carrying out good work.
However, the moment has come, that we will open the eyes of the trusting people, show them what they really possess and who lied and cheated them.
The Egyptians would say: “See this Sun and enter, you ignorant person”. Which means for them: so far and no further!
These wretches speak in trance, given to us by the most sacred.
They have taken it upon themselves to help spiritual wretches, to give those poor souls their own body for a short time.
They are then spoken to by the legislative power, an earthly leader, and then sent into the heavenly space with the promise of getting better.
Oh, Christ!
These are the first two grades for the gifts that reach for the exalted power, the first grades of feeling in the own existence, which cannot experience any gifts because these people cannot be reached.
I already made their unconscious lives clear to you; all these men and women cannot be released from themselves.
Yet, they possess gifts?
For art and for the spiritual gifts their own inner life calls them to a halt.
Science or sport, it does not matter now, the feeling must be present, or you will not achieve anything, and everyone would buy conscious feeling in order to outshine other people because of this.
I already talked about this, I told you about the occult laws and gave you the proof that you will become stranded with your own life if the higher self has to talk.
I had to explain the psychic trance for this purpose, and had to show you through ancient Egypt how sacred the psychic trance is, and, which miracles happened as a result of it.
Now you will experience what your charlatans make of it!
How they experience this gift is only well expressed when they open their mouths and the deformed word is spoken according to the laws.
You will be very annoyed at their offence, all hell will be let loose, the misery of which is incalculable but it will now be explained by us.
You will no longer feel in the dark, neither will they, now they will be able to understand!
You already know how deep the psychic trance is, how sacred this divine gift can be if it is experienced by the Other Side as the Great Wings.
These people sully it nevertheless.
These ladies and gentlemen have squandered the highest possession of ancient Egypt in a Western way and no one can call them to a halt.
These first grades of feeling are therefore the chaff under the spiritual corn, which is represented by our mediums.
And despite this, they use the gifts for their purposes.
However, they do not exceed their grade of life, their own sensitivity is restraining and destructive.
One becomes an artist, another, however, can never reach his height, and in this way there are mediums and charlatans.
The charlatans raped our world!
Art of the earth cannot be imitated when the feeling for it is not present, only the artist can do that!
However, the spiritual gifts are both imitated and exhibited.
They even carry the sign, the charlatans, and then you read: “Here is the well-known seer, who gives advice on everything!
Come, I have the gifts!”
Yet, another personality gives séances and opens himself to the weeds on this side.
All these people assume the gifts, because they do not need to learn anything for them.
Moreover, the trusting people want to be cheated.
These people can build randomly on the spiritual path and shrug their shoulders when the deception is determined, because not one person is capable of calling them to a spiritual halt.
The trusting masses are guilty of everything, but that is of little use to us, now that we know that mankind has to awaken to these laws.
The initiated is very annoyed, as I already said, and sees through their masks, he knows that it is conscious deception.
On the other hand, other people think that what they received is wonderful.
Years passed and the charlatans indulge and the Other Side was fleeced thousands of times by them.
And yet, none of them saw the naked truth themselves or felt it, their lives have gone to sleep, the living dead, but they still reassure you that they have received wisdom.
The medium in the third grade of the life of feeling cannot even experience the physical trance, what do the first grades hope to achieve?
Thousands of these types live in your midst, feel mediumistic, go into trance, lie and cheat you, because you have come to them unprepared.
You cannot see through them now, and they know that and understand as a result of this, that you just have to accept what they want to bring you.
Now you are faced with your needle and haystack, you have to possess sensitivity if you wish to determine where deception lives and where the good lives.
It is possible that we will show you where that thing lies as a result of our cosmic clairvoyance, and you just have to feel if you are capable of it, because many of you are spiritually paralysed and cannot lift a hand.
Shame on you; do not think that we enjoy ourselves because of the foolishness of the earthly character.
We are deadly serious, and do everything to awaken your feelings for our life, for this purpose, we give our best self.
I will have to confront you with the seriousness of life, and show you how shockingly the number of mediums has increased, obstructing you from the path to the highest.
We clear these obstacles for you, because we analyse the deception in trance for you, carried out by young and old, rich and poor, conscious and unconscious, willingly or unwillingly, according to the own nature and own thought.
Men and women, it is revealed by us, will get to know their task on earth, fathers and mothers of children have to start a completely different work, because God wants it!
How séances are carried out by them, the deception because of their own will, borders on the incredible!
In all countries, messes are made, thousands of people violate the astral laws and the spiritual gifts, it is also tragic and pitifully bad in your country, and all because the masses are searching, want to get to know God and want to assure themselves of their own heaven.
Because deception presents itself so simply and can be manipulated, a number of these people have mastered the Great Wings, see, and hear, which means nothing because the West can disguise itself completely.
The Western child is merciless and we want to prevent that.
Now that those people know that life continues after death they want to possess the direct contact, but they do not know whether they carry this sensitivity within them.
That does not concern them either; after all, the gifts are for everyone.
These people want to be mediums.
They feel something, but your dog and cat also feel that.
They experience their own instinct and now think that it is talent!
Other people feel that they are called to mediumship since Christ has opened them to the astral life and this is why they want to enter, following other people who went before them.
They reached this step because of their faith and consciousness. The church cannot give them any spiritual food, and prefers to talk about a God of damnation and so on, this is why they isolate themselves and start to search.
The sensitive people amongst them with something of the nonchalance in them regarding God and honesty, clung to the spiritual gifts and became mediums.
For this purpose, they just had to close their eyes.
However, the more conscious among them soon felt that there was no feeling present in them, in order to experience these higher matters. The lower grades, however, tried and possessed it.
There was no faith in them, not a trace of what protects the other child of God from deception.
They became the most dangerous on the occult path, and from that hour, they belonged to the deceivers who killed other people with their poisonous life juice.
Their instinct had no meaning for our world; they strived for the psychopathic event, but did not feel it, did not understand any of it, but sold it as the truth of life.
For this purpose, they just had to close their eyes and the words flowed over their lips and they spoke in trance, other people borrowed their body for a moment and then wretches from our side could be helped.
The trusting people experienced these séances, and unprepared as they had entered, they were deceived and put outside the coveted heavens.
All these people sought in vain for God and for the treasures of heaven, because here there were no trance mediums speaking; rubbish was sold to them by people who had assumed the gifts.
All these people thought that they had come into contact with the Other Side, but soon it appeared that the word received no meaning, represented an empty interpretation of the actual, the real, which lived behind the shroud and which they sought.
Was this now the Other Side?
Did speaking take place in such a way by a master of the Other Side?
Is that now a medium?
They went home disappointed.
Their inner life started to think, to estimate the value of what had been said, and soon the own resistance reached awakening.
They understood it, this was a charlatan, this person had assumed the gifts, or no life after death existed.
After all, was that spiritual wisdom?
However, a great deal of these souls did not know any better and found the offering divine.
Still not conscious of their delicate position they went towards their disappointment without suspicion that would soon come, because this deception would be unmasked some day.
These mediums can assume everything they wish to, but they never exceed their own inner life, which will call them to a halt one day.
Their own world keeps them trapped, and the laws of our life and those for the spiritual gifts will bring them to bow their heads, to kneel down sacredly at the feet of the master.
Not every dog can serve as a sniffer dog, and this likewise applies to these second grade people who want to be mediums.
The grades of life of you as a human being will tell you whether you have reached mediumistic sensitivity.
Since they cannot be experienced, these people play with the laws of life and death.
The majority of mankind is now open to the spiritual life, because Christ came to the earth for this purpose and all those people want to know more about His life.
The intention is to act the apostle, because that is their divine joy, that goes far away and is worthwhile, they are not satisfied with any less.
They are concerned with being something in this perilous society, to do something for other people, but the word is needed for this purpose.
And since they do not possess that themselves, they hitch our world to their spiritual cart and call their deceased ministers to show up, because they are in a hurry.
Where does such a team go?
Now that they have become something, people bow to these lives.
The masses see them as the firstlings that went into the lion’s den and sacrificed themselves for Christ.
However, the blood that flows through the veins of these charlatans is disgustingly bad and is poisoned, because they know themselves that the dangerous game is played consciously and spiritual vandalism is experienced.
Do you not know them?
Can you form an image of this sacrilege now that you are somewhat prepared for the great event?
I do not think so, because for this it is necessary that you know the laws, especially the gifts, and namely those of clairvoyance in the third and fourth grade, or they will cheat you.
Their careless talk borders on the incredible, and they are true theatre hits.
The psychic trance gave them this possibility to cheat the trusting people and to make something of themselves, as a result of which they became unrecognisable for the unconscious self.
The trance is a mask, yet you have to be able to see through it.
Those people want to possess the spiritual gifts, and do not know that we have kept it in our hands in order to prevent all this deception.
They proclaim astral wisdom to you; they are clairvoyant and clairaudient and connect you with your loved ones, so they say, since they open themselves to spiritual contact.
Then they did something, and now they were generally no longer recognisable, the medium went to sleep.
His eyes closed, material snoring was heard, and now just deny that they are mediums!
The spiritualists are themselves to blame for this.
They opened their doors to these charlatans, they allowed these male and female cheats to perform in public, because the members of their society had to experience something otherwise they would walk away, and they could close their doors.
However, then it was also over with their dictatorship, wanting to be something because of other people, which is not within their reach under their own power.
These representatives of the spiritual life did not see any of the deceptions either, and even called the skills shown quite good.
They would make it possible for these charlatans to come back.
When it begins, the trance mediums stumble into the hall, almost asleep already and under the coveted influence and now “we” will come as astral beings to the people present.
However, the spiritual word was a long time in coming.
The spectators have already learned to know the groaning and winking of these mediums and it no longer means anything to them.
They wait for the spiritual word, which, however, is not spoken.
The medium stands behind the pulpit gasping for breath, it is still a question of waiting, the audience wonders whether it will now come, but no, it is already sixth hand!
It is the same thing again and again.
It is awkward; there is no wisdom in that sermon.
Did they leave their churches for this?
Is eternal life represented by these mediums?
No, that is not possible, because who will violate these sacred matters?
And yet, dear reader, the gasping for breath and that soul moaning is spiritual imitation!
The gasping for breath means that the soul of the medium, making way for our life as the astral personality, starts to leave the material body.
Now the spiritual leader takes over the organism.
The charlatans think: departing from the body costs strength. The people present must see that it is not so simple, and even if the medium and we experience numerous laws, this boasting and affected carry-on is shoddy and inhuman.
However, for them the trance has started.
These people imitate what a medium can sometimes experience at the beginning of his development, if it works against him.
This is therefore being undeveloped, the experienced medium has no knowledge of it, because for us that groaning is wasting strength.
The nervous system now reacts to twenty-five percent, the heartbeat decreases, plus a loss of strength, and the release from the organism causes these phenomena with undeveloped mediums.
These people now think that it gives a correct picture of the own powers and now want to impress the audience.
A play could be written about how inadequate their “trances” are as seen from our world and you will scream with laughter, their expressions are so awkward.
However, we are concerned with the deadly seriousness of this event and with the squandering of the Great Wings.
Unexpectedly, removed of every offensive feeling, we take over the human body.
We know many possibilities of reaching unity, these people know only one, and they experience their snoring and groaning method and cannot be released from it.
The public or home circle must then say: “The spirits are on their way.”
We tell you and will show you that we want to prevent this rudeness irrevocably, because it is wasting strength for nothing, we take over the organic systems at full power, are now one with the medium, and the material conscious comes into our possession.
Now the developed medium releases himself completely, or he is no good for this gift, because no reactions may be present. If that will cannot be conquered, then we are powerless.
By means of the inner life of the medium, we reach spiritual unity, in the same way as for writing and speaking we tune into the laws for the occult problems, which we have to conquer.
Our tuning into the vocal organs follows and we are ready to speak.
Our mediums do not groan, and can at the very most call out “farewell, earth” in thought, but no more than that, because they are separate from the material mechanism.
Because we sometimes have to let the organs get used to our concentration, we sigh now and then, but that has little significance and is usually not noticed.
In ancient Egypt, the seers could follow the disembodiment.
Woe to those who thought they could play comedy. This priest had to be able to defend himself after the trance, or he would have become prey for the wild animal.
Moaning had no meaning for them, people wanted to experience and receive pure spiritual, the high priests did not tolerate talking nonsense.
The phenomena were the weakening of the gifts for them, the sullying of the occult laws and belonged to immature mediumship.
It was for many people the spiritual fun of a priest, who, however, was under the wrong influences.
Now this life was decided upon and chastisement applied.
Egypt watched over the spiritual gifts, the gifts from the gods, deadly seriousness lived in the priests.
When they were connected with the universe and the God of the temple spoke, they had their own knowledge and thoughts completely in hand and they were ready to receive.
People did not need to fool them with anything; everyone was a master in his own area.
The Westerner cannot apply any control, but we have come to give him these arms against deception.
Now you can make your charlatans harmless, spiritual knowledge is now given to you.
You have to know that a charlatan is clipped and cannot go higher than the own inner life possessed in power.
If you see him flapping about, you will understand that he has to crash.
He will then perhaps continue his practice underground, and he will not bother you anymore.
He can no longer sully your life, nor break your love that passed over, and being merciless is out of the question.
You no longer give him the opportunity to break this sacred possession into pieces!
Did you really think that the Other Side allowed the good mediums to experience hocus-pocus and make our sacred unity into a low life play?
That we will let him go to seed spiritually and materially as it were, and even before we begin, have his ribs broken?
This meaningless game, the affected cheap carry-on, has no meaning for us and belongs to spiritual destruction.
You get to know precisely the negative as a result of this, the ignorant, the searching for worldliness.
These men and women forget that the astral laws do not permit such fuss.
They experience their toys, but rape our life because of it.
No spirit of the light can speak to you through these people.
Out of all these people, not one medium is in our hands, they act for themselves, want to be something for the earth, but have to accept their being broken-winged.
This unconscious mentality is already clipped as a result of itself, we do not even need to do that, but you have to know the occult laws, or you will not see through the masks they put on.
Now they belong to the un-animal-like life, because an animal would not violate these treasures, and it is no wonder that a trusting person cannot accept it either, that deception is carried out here.
Yet, they cheat and lie to you, they are merciless to your own child, and we will show you that, because their practices are known to us.
We got the opportunity to follow them for years and can now let the full light shine on their deception.
Whether they also develop themselves in the laws of reincarnation does not help them, eventually they will fall anyway!
They squander spiritual light and conscious heavens, but that costs you money, nothing is free.
The masters, their spiritual leaders, are saying that, they are also the living dead.
We know it, these people cannot be reached and talk themselves!
However they go to pieces up against the astral laws, our wisdom cannot be given to them just like that, can it?
This is also a weapon in your hand; you can fathom their lives.
If they go into trance, then the Other Side speaks to the earth from behind that mask, but the word is fearfully gnawed away by the low self, has been deformed childishly and has no inspiration.
Life has been taken from it, and this spiritual father or mother who has something to tell you is the living dead.
They dabble in the occult laws and the spiritual gifts, but do not know that this jungle can devour them, they walk those paths and look at the greenery, but do not learn anything from it, and it is the spiritual food for those who are present.
They are paid for it or do it to serve; but whatever the case, they destroy more than they build up.
And the audience waits. Many people think:
“Are they mediums?”
Other people want to say to themselves:
“Those people have no gifts, they lie and cheat.”
However, that is not possible, or their life would mean a curse.
It is the case; they are a curse for you and for many people.
They talk about weeding the land, removing the weeds in the own garden of life, grouping and arranging everything again, ensuring order and discipline, and not looking at the garden of the neighbour and other people, going further and wanting to go higher and higher, but with all that talk they do not come any higher than the sermon from your minister.
They have let their beards grow and think it is strange that people no longer have respect for them.
Did the Apostles not have any beards?
They also had one, these men, but they were still not worshipped.
They were listened to scornfully!
Their sermons remained under the earthly conscious.
And this is the way it is, no clergymen of the earth spoke through them, your own ministers can do it better.
Their disillusioned followers think that these souls have to be very ordinary mortals who have completely forgotten their knowledge.
However, it is very different: these people have not only assumed the gifts, but also the life of these ministers, who are now sullied.
They are parrots, people who have no respect for anything, otherwise, they would not violate the gifts and the life of another who has passed over and cannot defend himself.
This is the worst thing there is.
We will show you, so that you are prepared.
Good God, many people call out, how is that possible?
Is there really a life after death?
Why do the spirits not speak of the astral life?
There is never one word about the astral existence, in which they live, and which we long to know more about.
Now they sit next to their spiritualist sisters and brothers and they claim that this medium must be very good.
Is the Other Side speaking or ...?
The spiritualists know nothing about the real or wrong, even if they pretend that they know.
They do not see that they are being cheated.
They let these cheats loose on the trusting people and do not wonder what these people think about it, they do not reach these constructive thoughts, they know it!
They are cheated themselves, but do not see it because they are extolled.
They represent our world and they serve, they think. However, in reality they destroy more than that they work constructively.
Those souls are also the living dead!
The Other Side now comes to open their eyes as well.
Or did they think that their game with life and death was not seen?
The Other Side has not forgotten them, now we throw light on them and they will perhaps get to know themselves.
And we warn your charlatans like human hyenas to stop their conscious deception, and we advise the unconscious wondering themselves what they are really doing, because life after death places them before the divine laws!
They have to stop sullying the personality of their minister, these lives want to be left alone, and if they do not do this, then they will experience that there is also damnation, even if fading of their own grade of life happens as a result of themselves.
Those men and women who want to behave saintly, should just try that through their miserable selves and not through our lives, they have to reduce themselves, or the astral cramp will penetrate their lives and completely swallow up their conscious, but then they will be the seeing blind and no longer on earth.
That can happen suddenly, because God knows about their mockery!
There are only a few good mediums on earth, dear reader, but these conscious people have something to say to you, because we can bring all the psychic gifts into action by means of this inner life.
A maximum of five of these instruments live on your great earth.
The remainder of all the thousands of others experience conscious and unconscious deception.
However, in the cities there are at least hundreds of mediums living, that release themselves on the trusting people and disrupt the balance of these souls and do an incredible amount of harm.
They throw themselves upon the spiritual gifts like hungry jackals and upon what we have passed on to our instruments.
They have taken their part of it and sold it in order to assure a good living.
These people now represent the Great Wings, but not much remains in these awkward hands of the divine gift, which was once known and experienced in a cosmic way by the very greatest of ancient Egypt.
Through them, the sacred miracle was raped in an animal-like way.
The real medium is faced with madness, because the occult laws take you away from the earth and release you from the own self.
However, these people do not feel any of it and do not want anything to do with it either, they act the clergymen, they feel closer to Christ than anyone does.
God knows no damnation; they damn themselves for a long time, as long as that is clear to them.
The medium in ancient Egypt became a prey for the wild animal if he sullied himself or the gifts.
Your charlatans do nothing else year in, year out.
It has become their existence.
However, the poisonous reptile had to decide about these lives in ancient Egypt.
If Amon-Ré did not give them any mercy, they would have been irrevocably lost.
However, if they were within their rights, then the Gods helped them.
Many people were helped, the animals were their friends and as docile as your lap dog.
They entered into a friendship with the poisonous serpent and showed that they were innocent of the spiritual deception that was committed.
Egypt guarded these sacred matters, until their conscious, courage and power were also broken by evil.
The Western charlatans do it differently, they follow an own path.
The men let their beards grow and the women pray a bit more, and protect themselves with the blessed cross.
The beards look apostle-like, the cross takes them back to humility which, insensitive as they are, is not their part, but as a result of which they command respect.
The women work with images of Christ and the happy radiating light of life, which cannot seduce any of the audience, but which frightens.
People see through the deception, but do not manage to act.
In your own time, mediums cannot be placed on funeral pyres, but these people do not deserve any better!
I followed two of these charlatans on earth, while I prepared myself for my task.
They were not aware that the Other Side, for that matter, were following them, not one of them thinks of that, these people feel so sure of themselves.
They do not let anything bother them and calmly go their way.
The first one was an unconscious cheat; he did not know any better and thought that he possessed feeling in order to be able to serve as a medium, but the other one cheated consciously.
When this one got the idea to act as a medium he first let his beard grow, because that looked so apostle-like.
The first one spoke to his multitude and was not in trance, but closed his eyes and went to sleep for the audience.
Now an astral minister who had been able to change his earthly life for eternal, spoke through him.
It went well for some time, until the people present had enough of it and confronted him with an empty hall.
For those people an earthly minister could do it better.
This man had nothing new to tell, the sermon remained under the normal level.
That weeding the weeds in one’s own garden were as old as mankind, they believed that now.
Had they left their churches for this?
The spiritual minister let them sing and that now seemed ridiculous to them.
They wondered whether this man did nothing else in his new life.
And they fell asleep from the sermon.
The other man who wanted to act as a medium was also present.
He was a type who knows everything and achieves nothing.
We followed him, and along with me, were a few ministers whose lives they sullied.
It actually started as follows.
The first one had held a sermon on a Sunday as a result of the psychic trance; and then wanted to go home.
The other one asked him in a nonchalant way:
“What did you earn this morning?”
This man, a large man, but one of the living dead, good-natured and very childish, felt confounded and said:
“Now, let me see, this morning I had twenty guilders.
Twenty guilders”, he repeats again and disappeared at the same time.
How strange, the big child thinks, what does that man want from me?
He trudges home, thinking about the unexpected question, but does not work out the problem.
He tunes into his leader, but he does not say anything either and then he just decides that it was curiosity on the part of the other man, no more than that.
However, the conscious cheat meanwhile comes up with great plans.
He says to himself: “Do you have to study for that?
What do those ministers actually want? This is not even difficult.
Oh, how beautifully those spiritualists sang!
That is wonderful and I do not need to say much.
Some praying, a great deal of singing and the hours will fly past.
Then there is the counting money.
What that dope can do, I can certainly do.”
We follow him and see that he sits bent over the bible for a whole week; he wants to prepare himself for a morning service.
He has to absorb pithy words and nice sayings, because that is popular.
He may not forget them, otherwise, they would start to think that he is not a minister and that must not happen.
He must go fully prepared.
However, those spiritualists do not demand that much, they do not know any better.
Two weeks later, the ministers of the first medium speak through his organism.
He knows how to deal with it, can act and the other medium just has to accept it.
The first looks dumbfounded, he is crestfallen and even sad, but does not know anything better than to leave it. The Other Side has punished him, the tyrant added to him.
“You can no longer be used, you have no inspiration.
The leaders say that they will speak through me from now on.
You therefore know, I have to pass on this message to you.”
“But ... that is not possible, is it?”
“What is not possible?”
“They cannot put me out on the street just like that, can they?”
“Put you out on the street?
Who is putting you out on the street now, you are already standing with both feet on the street, aren’t you?” the other man giggles.
“This is nonsense, I will ...!”
“Nothing, you will do nothing, the leaders say that no inspiration comes from you, you do not possess the talking.”
“Do ... I ... not possess the talking?”
This is really sad, but he cannot resist such a superior power and surrenders.
Then just scéances at home.
It is a pity, because it was going so terribly well.
The beard of the cheat has grown nicely and he feels ready to go into trance.
The hall is full of people who are longing to know what the new medium will have to say and will give them in astral wisdom.
There was a notice at the entrance about who would speak, people already know the astral personality as well, the ministers mentioned who had passed away had already spoken to them several times, but this is a new medium, a star.
People say that he was already in the hands of that other world as a child.
The expectations are great.
The organ is already playing, the people present tune into the Other Side. We see men and women from this world, more women than men, with grey hair and stooped under the blows of life that they were given to deal with, longing, however, for the spiritual word which will soon be spoken.
Is it the master who will speak?
No, that is not possible, a minister will speak, there will be talking in trance, but they will see.
Then the door opens, the leaders of the meeting enter, at the front the spiritual instrument.
He immediately goes to the pulpit.
People see him sigh, groaning follows, then his eyes close, and the psychic trance has entered his life, the soul is banished from his body and the Other Side comes forward.
Those who think they are a bit clairvoyant now open their eyes and see.
There are spirits standing behind him!
The astral light is beautiful and crystal clear; it is transparent gold.
The organ plays softly.
Everything is wonderful.
There will be singing.
After the singing, the medium opens his mouth.
The minister, who is next to me, follows the sullying of his personality.
The charlatan rapes his life.
Is this a medium, people wonder during the sermon?
The other medium is also present and listens with his full attention.
The man behind the pulpit hits with his fists, people hear the furniture creaking.
Then, just as unexpectedly as his fiercely reacting soul did, he comes to his senses and there must be prayers said.
It is different than before, people feel, but prayers are said.
Then the minister tells something about the word that has been written for everyone, not for the animals, but for the people.
How did Paul act?
Were the Apostles not disciples of Christ?
And must we not follow them, must we not live up to what they received from God?
It is going well, people think, there is really a punch to the sermon, they are rapped on their fingers with force, the life they must follow is shown to them.
A minister lives in him, he claims, but he had to be able to study for it himself. We have to admit that he is making something of it!
The end comes, essentially nothing new, people think, but that could still come.
It does not exceed that of his friend and fellow medium, but the minister now says it more strictly, he can make use of his voice, this one is more powerful.
The voice of the other man could often not even be heard.
The spiritualists just whisper a bit and sing their songs, pray indulgently, and still continue to wait respectfully, but look forward to the higher conscious.
If only that would come to them!
However, after some time they have still not received the word.
Weeks of waiting pass, and little by little the singing and praying start to become boring.
They can do that at home as well and without force, outside everyone’s circle of thought.
The first real astral word still has to be spoken.
They start to feel and understand that this medium is talking nonsense; the sermons remain as dry as a bone.
What has to be taken into account, is the spirituality of the earthly, now astral, minister as part of the earthly spirituality.
Hitting fists on the table does not mean anything to them, they can do that themselves as well.
And getting continually frightened is too tiring.
After a few months, they still have not received the spiritual word.
This one morning the hall is almost empty except for a few people that still come to listen, they think that the miracle can perhaps still happen.
The beard has no more power of attraction, he has to add money.
He cannot pay the costs of the hall, consequently, unable to start the session.
However, he has a great idea.
He resolutely tells his fellow medium, who has faithfully continued to come, what he really wants.
The unconscious cheat listens to him and nods, he likes the idea.
“You see”, he says, “you may now start to speak again.
However, I have to sell you the ministers.
They are not expensive; they cost fifteen guilders.
If you like the idea, then you can start to speak again, they will do something different with me.”
They agree that he will pay the amount in two payments, he has not earned anything for months.
The big child speaks again in trance.
The people present know nothing about the contract entered into and expect a spiritual miracle again; in addition, they have to search for their God somewhere and they want to know more about the Other Side.
The cheat is also present and listens, still feels mediumistic, but he is being developed for other gifts, that is what he already told the people already know from him.
The medium speaks, the inner life tunes into the occult laws, tries to give everything and make the people present enjoy themselves, but he cannot experience the psychic trance, he remains with both feet firmly on the ground.
The word is difficult to listen to again.
The people do not understand the case; they annoy each other by asking questions and still do not get to the truth.
“Is this the Other Side?
Is there a life after death?
Are the people there dopey?
Will we lose all our own knowledge of here after this life?
Is this minister sinking?
He is absolutely childishly naïve, has no more understanding of the bible and says strange, incoherent things, nonsense actually!”
“Why do you no longer speak?” the gentlemen of the committee ask the cheat.
“This is nothing, you speak better.
We will just write you down for Sunday.”
Isn’t that something?
Does he really speak well?
Then he will speak.
He reaches the decision again and looks for his unfortunate colleague.
“I am talking again, they have asked me.”
“That’s something, the committee of course.
Who else?”
“And I?”
“You do not need to give me that money, I am talking again anyway.”
He talks in trance, does not hit his fists as hard as before, but still does not tell any news either.
The audience come to have a look again, but then the hall remains empty, he has to try to put money aside again and actually stop.
He wants to try it first in other cities, but people do not need him there either.
He can be a medium, however, great truths do not come to earth through this instrument, no, the earthly ministers do it better.
Yet, he has to live and he therefore seeks it higher up.
We now see him swindling at dark séances, he has now become a physical medium.
The people present are now also cheated.
It goes well for months, he earns a much better wage, the evenings bring him money, but for this the spiritualists also see spiritual miracles.
Materialisations and dematerialisations, direct voice and levitations are now achieved, but he swindles the people and sullies our world!
He is a spiritual thief!
His colleague comes to a standstill, no one wants to listen to him anymore, and he is no longer a medium.
The Other Side no longer needs him, he thinks it is a pity, the people want more and more and he is doing his best.
The man himself cannot judge whether he is a medium, but nevertheless he always gets the urge to speak, and, when he gives himself, nothing becomes of it.
He is sensitive, but sensitivity is still not mediumship, you will soon experience this.
The other conscious cheat is finally unmasked, people suddenly put on the light and see that he is busy shifting tables and chairs, which should have been levitated by the Other Side.
He is silent for some time, does not dare to hold any more séances, but there are always people who believe that he possesses gifts and want séances, until finally the gates of the prison open for him and people call him to a halt again.
Now he does not dare any more and says farewell to the Other Side.
Your charlatans go so far.
They are your spiritual thieves, your cheats in the area of the occult.
Can God approve of this, the trusting people ask.
How can we protect ourselves against such evil?
How can we see through those cheats?
Did these ladies and gentlemen really think that we did not know on this side that they squander our life?
Do they not know themselves that they are mocking the life of Christ?
Do they not believe that God will give us the power to make them harmless?
Do they think that we will continue to watch powerless for eternity, and they can go their own way with their conscious deception?
God gave us this mercy, our instruments live on earth and through them, we will pass on our wisdom and warn you against the dark practices of the cheats.
We are now busy explaining the spiritual laws to you and then you will be prepared.
You will now get to know them, both the good and the evil.
One person swindles consciously, other people unconsciously, but all of them swindle!
And the fact that they can swindle is only because of the gullibility of the spiritualists, of the spiritual searchers of truth, the Christian conscious.
These charlatans speak in trance and heal, they see and hear for you, pass on spiritual messages to you that are received from our world and predict your future, but they take you from the frying pan into the fire.
These people are animal-like conscious, and the astral darkness awaits them!
When they enter our life, they therefore experience their own troubles and misery; their own death awaits them.
However, now as a demonic madman, who sucks them empty as a result of their dirty game of the earth, kicks them and picks them up again in order to kick them even deeper into misery, and that is what they ask for on earth.
We have had to wait centuries for the redeeming moment, now our instruments live on earth and we can warn you against this spiritual misery.
The shroud of our life is lit up.
These people violate the astral laws. Your death and that of your loved ones does not matter to them.
The unconscious people do not know any better, but they also have to learn that they have to stay away from the astral laws, which cannot be reached by them.
However, they know that they are conscious while they speak, closing their eyes is not enough for our world, we see through their life.
That is conscious deception!
They have to accept their own grade of life, your earthly painter also has to accept that, but these people now come to cheating, no one calls them to a halt.
It happens too easily.
The spiritualists want to be cheated, those people, so the cheats say, do not demand anything anyway.
They sing and they say their prayers nicely, and gave them the possibility to master.
Another medium, a woman, went even further.
She not only violated the Great Wings and numerous other gifts, but even Christ.
She also cheated consciously.
Her followers thought that she possessed gifts.
Moreover, this unconscious person was not concerned about anything, she felt ready for her task.
Decorated as she was with her large cross, she, who spoke to the crowd and went before the wretches, and who had to be helped in trance, gave up her organism to the Other Side on such an evening and served the astral world.
However, the life water of the earth once flowed up to her waist, and chilled the sacred word, so that this sacrilege changed her into a wild cat and a curse scorched her lips.
Now this monstrous human child succumbed and surrendered.
We had to make this monstrous swindle harmless, and as a result of this, she disappeared from the spiritualist stage.
Wretches came to her evenings that had to be helped by her.
The event was ridiculous.
If it had not deformed our world and the occult laws so pitifully, we would really have had fun, the acts, which were played, were so dramatic.
We also followed her and along with me many ministers whose lives were sullied, and who wanted to convince themselves of how people on earth mocked the Other Side.
Her mocking exceeded all the limits of the Christian concept for church and Christ, which can only be achieved by the people who have sunk the deepest of all, this female medium cheated so dreadfully.
She had a little feeling to be able to take over thoughts telepathically, but that is too little for the spiritual gifts, of which she thought God, the Other Side, had given to her.
She just assumed the psychic trance and now she was a medium.
She did not need to make a study of it; it worked for her without a hitch.
She just had to close her eyes for it, behave a bit strangely and serve up the whole in a tasty way.
Her audience could be satisfied.
Now spirits spoke through her.
However, she mainly devoted herself to rescue séances, because these wretches had to be helped, no one was bothered about these beings.
Those wretches were brought to her by a master on this side, and spoken to by an earthly leader, after which, they had to believe that they would start a better life.
The Other Side therefore worked hand in hand with the earthly being and everything went really well.
Leader and medium worked together for this purpose and had already been able to help many wretches.
One became the shadow of the other. Wherever he was one could also find the medium, they did the same work.
And they understood each other extremely well.
They knew all about it, gave themselves completely and even enjoyed it, both awakened in the spirit and built up a heaven for themselves as result of it, they believed and other people along with them.
We followed these cheats for a good while, until we could intervene, and also render them harmless.
The people present thought everything was wonderful and blessed.
This amazing being was incredible and also inexhaustible.
They were grateful that they were able to experience these evenings.
They received their little pieces of proof and they would have been satisfied, if thoughts had not entered them after a time, which paved the way to disappointment and actually spoiled the séances again.
There was something the matter with the séances.
That part with the wretches was wonderful, but always the same, they wanted something different.
Those drunks who had to be reformed, it was very good, wonderful, but also Salvation Army like.
There were those amongst them who thought that was great and could never get enough of it, but there were many people who longed for other phenomena and started to become ravenously hungry.
They continued to look forward to the spiritual miracle, but that still did not come.
Did the lady sense their longings?
Could she grant these wishes?
She understood so much, perhaps, you never know, after all.
The medium kept what she received in her thoughts, and she would think about it, she really wanted to satisfy her audience.
Her spiritual leader had never let her down before.
They would experience it soon enough.
Therefore, it came about that the spiritual leader who spoke to her after she had left her body, said that it would be really good this evening.
He had his say, introduced himself in a very ordinary way, as it can happen on earth with such evenings, and informed them that it would be marvellous.
“You”, said the astral master, “may be grateful to the medium.”
All of them were delighted, and the game could begin.
The medium had meanwhile become herself.
Her organism seemed to be used to this.
Sometimes she was flung from in and out of her body ten times in a row, which must be very tiring according to the people present.
Nevertheless, she managed it.
The word had been spoken.
The Other Side had told that amazing things would happen and she had to keep her word.
There is a little bit of fear in her, because she knows what the master on that side means.
However, if it has to be done, she surrenders, she cannot do anymore about it herself.
It took a little while, the people present longed very much for the miracle and that stimulated the medium.
The spiritual leader came again.
We on our side feel that the medium is afraid, she is afraid that the house will collapse; there is something in her that works sluggishly.
We see and determine that the last bit of shame and humanity fights a battle of life and death in her, but it has to lose, because the lower characteristics have already had the upper hand for a long time and will win the battle.
Here, we experience the last sensible feeling fights against a superior power of inhumanity.
The same old story, good against evil, but evil will win.
This personality is already ninety-five percent conquered, and that last five percent will give in easily.
The lower in her fights for the ten guilders which people give her for these séances and the best self fights to stop and to think of her own life. However, she has to eat, the body also has something to say and stands next to that dominant mass.
What should she do?
Then the dreadful thing happens.
Christ came to this small crowd, this group of people, including intellectuals, and spoke, had something to say.
We thought:
Woe, oh, people of the earth, you who violate the most sacred in the universe, woe betide you!
However, she brought the very highest, it was not possible for her to go any higher.
Christ had taken possession of her organism and spoke to all of them.
This moment was sacred, sacred!
They fell to their knees and bowed their heads.
However, this would become her downfall!
Christ did not have a lot to say yet, but that would come.
He only said a few words.
She tried it carefully, and the house was still standing above her, nothing, nothing happened, now that Christ was speaking.
He has to tune into their earthly lives first and that was understood.
A few people looked upwards nervously, wanting to see something of Christ, this moment would probably not come again, and they stared at the medium into whom Christ had descended.
Their hearts thump in those people’s throats, it is incredible, but they think that they see something of the divinity in and around the medium.
The cross behind Christ, on which He once died, is the material image, which he points out to them.
He says:
“Do you wish to see me?
Look at this cross then, my children, and you will have my life.”
Christ is already intimate with them; he reassures them, nothing but peace will descend into them, he lets them know, when the earthly life is completed in sacrifice, as his child, the medium, does.
He hits himself on the chest and says:
“I am the way, the truth and the life.”
In complete peace, Christ leaves the body and then the medium can recover for a moment.
The other people envied those who looked up.
“Yes”, the earthly leader says, “now you can make use of the opportunity, but we do not always know whether it is allowed.”
He points to the impertinent people and says: “You are lucky, but we also”, he now says to the other people, “will be able to experience it.
I know for sure that we will experience this sacredness again.”
They have to tell what they saw.
The medium sits and listens, she is wide-awake and enjoys it.
Those who looked describe the amazing event for her.
One person says:
“What a pity, child, that you cannot see that, but you cannot experience everything, you have enough already anyway.
You are building up your own heaven.
Christ said it so sweetly, so gently.
God, how is it possible!”
They do not have long to talk, they just have to enjoy it when they have descended back into their own lives, it was said emphatically that Christ will return and the evening has ended so quickly.
Where did the time go?
Wretches come through again.
A woman who is searching for her husband by whom she was beaten, but whom she still loves.
A young man who was drowned and cannot be released from the earth.
The leader comes through and has something to say.
The medium is out cold again, but inside her, it is a bit haunted.
She has still not completely overcome her fear.
“Let us pray, children.
Is there no love in us?
Is there not love in us because Christ has come?
Did Christ not point out the cross to you that represents His suffering?
Has the great longing not awakened in all of you to want to serve?
Understand well, you earthlings, anyone who may experience this imposes strictness upon himself.
We have to thank God for this mercy.
We have to bow our heads deeply and follow Him.
Let us pray.”
The heads are bent, and the small crowd is rapturous.
Then the earthly leader speaks, he also has something to say.
The spiritual leader has withdrawn himself and the medium is awake again.
The sacredness is so great and what was given was so superterrestial that he and the medium can permit themselves something.
The man makes use of the opportunity and says:
“What we were able to experience this evening, friends, truly borders on the incredible.
If I had not experienced it myself, I could not believe it.
However, I see that the medium is tired; she is exhausted from the emotion.
If I may speak for her master on that side, I think that we have to stop for this evening.
This is enough.”
He looks along all those faces and feels co-operation.
The medium sighs, she acts dead tired and she looks at the clock.
It is actually not time to stop, but Christ was there.
The people present wish her it, and they nod at her generously from their seats.
“And there is also the fact”, the leader says, “that we certainly want to talk.”
The leader is right.
They discuss things.
Christ is accepted and is worshipped and the medium gets her ten guilders.
They drink their tea and see that they take to their heels.
The other people cannot separate from each other because of all that sacredness and continue to talk.
“Few people will experience such a thing”, one person says.
“What a strength she has, she is a wonderful medium!”
“How incredible that aura was”, one of those who looked up says.
The other people want to know more about it, but she cannot explain it.
“You have to be able to see that for yourself”, this woman says, “it cannot be expressed in words.”
“But what did you see then?” the other people want to know.
“Light, only light, but so different.”
They now know.
The evening passes, we also leave, but will come back.
We have to visit more mediums; meanwhile, we go to the East and experience other laws there.
From the shocking deception, we fall into the true darkness of the magicians and fakirs, and we can draw conclusions, an enormous world lies open to us.
We get to know the true laws, conscious and unconscious deception, and the Eastern and Western medium. We go from city to city, from region to region, we experience temple dances and the dark underground slaving, we stand in these lives and can follow the human being in everything.
For us as astral conscious beings nothing more on earth is inaccessible, the ministers, for whom I am an interpreter, were able to master this.
Moreover, the sacred knowledge has entered me from the universe, wherever I am, I see myself everywhere, all this life belongs to me.
In this week, we experienced thousands of centuries.
When it was my time, I left them and went back to the Christ medium.
However, on the way I still wondered whether her audience had lost their senses.
I knew this mentality; for me and millions on this side their state is no longer strange, we have also lived in ecstasy amongst the miracles on this side and forgot our own life because of it.
However, do you know that these souls are consciously mad?
Is this belief still human?
For the astral world, it is devoting all of yourself and accepting everything, but in this way, we are not represented by it in a responsible way.
God asks complete submission of we people and we ask it of all our instruments, but this submission is unhealthy.
Every medium must keep their own responsibility.
The masters who work for the earth demand the full hundred percent self-conscious of their instruments, because they have to represent the life of the spirit, of our world.
That means that if they just surrender willingly to everything our work will be irrevocably hazy.
We demand natural submission; the unhealthy has no meaning for our life and is inhuman.
These mediums destroy more than they build up!
We do not want them to accept us as lightning conductors, we never forget that they still live on earth and have to experience the supernatural through us, but that they also have to experience their own life.
Many people have fallen, because they no longer felt any critical feeling in themselves, as a result of which their submission became a catastrophe!
These trusting audiences, whom I spoke about, have completely discarded their own self.
They accept blindly what is given to them, and that must be fateful for all of them.
And then to think that there are people amongst them who belong to the intellectual, have to carry out a social task.
How can it be that these people go so far from their true life, and that they give themselves completely to such a carry-on?
Is there nothing in them, which can still think and feel like a conscious human being and can show them the improbability of everything?
Is there life so confused as that of the peoples who now slaughter each other?
That is also insane, but not so strange as what these people do who accept unquestioningly that Christ has spoken to them.
We consider it the decline of their personality, which has nothing to do with submission. It is for our world the lack of sensitivity, which has to be spiritual and then means a grade for our world.
And all these people lack that, they still have it to master.
It is sinking back into the prehistoric age. But these people belong to the twentieth century and have learned social thinking.
They have had and received instruction and have become fathers and mothers.
Did motherhood not mean anything to the mother, or taught them anything?
Can the man as creator surrender himself so completely to other people?
It will be easier for you to sense their inner life when I utter, when talking about them, the word herd animals.
(Even if I do not want to compare them to the animal in any way, because we have respect for the human being as the life of God.)
Yet, this comparison is in no way an exaggeration!
Is it because of their belief for and in Christ, or is it because of the sensation that their inner life is split?
We know very well that all these people cling to eternal life, all of them dare to make the jump over their own “coffin” because of this knowledge, but I very much doubt whether they dare to enter the lion’s den consciously for Christ.
In addition, they do not radiate this conscious inspiration, so that we have to accept that they still have to grow towards all these possibilities and have not yet reached spiritual awakening.
Your society has no lack of all these people, but it would be better still if they would change, since because of them charlatanism emerged, as a result of which the West now indulges.
At the next séance, Christ manifested himself again, and they exhaust all their own powers, because the sacredness made them succumb.
Christ asked them to help him and insisted that the wretches were not forgotten.
They had to know that they would stand next to him one day in heaven, after which words they wept like children; they did not receive such happiness every day and were not ashamed of their tears.
However, the medium became afraid again, she still thought that the house would collapse when the name of Christ passed her lips.
Yet, when she was a bit used to it, it happened of its own accord and the small piece of good in her was definitely overcome.
However, on this side she would be faced with everything again, because she lived eternally.
However, she herself was not so sure of it, because that proof still had to be given to her.
The Other Side did not talk about it.
She knew that the comedy came forward from her life, built itself up with the help of the other people, and really had nothing to do with the crepe veil.
It was all earthly for her.
The eyes of the medium closed again, the well-built body shook ridiculously and she was in trance.
When those who were present listened intently to what was being said, it appeared that the master from the side beyond came through and not a wretch, which the phenomena already pointed to.
He was probably mistaken.
They must have passed each other in the body, otherwise it is not possible, because the wretch already let his arrival be noticed.
The medium had changed her mind quickly, the master should have said something and she had almost forgotten that.
He always came after Christ.
“Do you understand, friends, what it means, that Christ has come back to you?
However, Christ wants us to continue our beautiful work.
The wretches may not be forgotten.
I will only come for a short time and will now withdraw, you must do your best now.”
Sure enough, the spiritual leader is not yet gone when the lady gets the airs and graces of a man and appears to be in a drunken stupor.
They have experienced that several times, the phenomena of it are familiar to them, and they are prepared for it.
The medium wriggles out of her chair and stands in front of them.
She is no longer firm on her feet, a drunken man therefore comes to them again, and who must be helped.
They all look at the mediumistic instrument and there you have it, the first comment is:
“I want a drink.”
Now what is to happen next?
The earthly knowledge appears in the person of the man who leads these séances.
He asks the unfortunate spirit questions.
He prays with the wretches, gives them advice and behaves like a confessor.
This is his task and he knows a lot about the laws, in addition he is an occult academic and everything is actually organized by him, he is the man here.
He knows the Other Side, no one knows how, but that is also a gift.
“What?” the earthly leader says, “Do you want a drink?
Do you want a drink?” he asks again and waits to see how the medium will react as a drunken man.
He thinks that he feels the man is a drunken sailor.
However, he will make this wretch small.
“I have to have a drink”, the wretch asks again and hums a sailor’s song.
The leader reacts again and says:
“Calm down, little man, you are not in a pub here.”
The medium must now give an answer, and it is a case of waiting for it.
However, the drunken sailor wriggles between the people present and looks at each one of them in turn in a drunken manner.
He shrugs his shoulders and says:
“It is a dull show here, I have to tell you.”
The medium is now standing in their midst as a drunken man can, pulls ugly faces and leers, also hiccups and is really drunk.
“I want a drink, do you understand that, man?
I want a drink and quickly, or I will destroy the lot.”
Now it is becoming serious.
It is apparent that the sailor is deadly serious.
The leader wanders around him, but this game does not go down well with the sailor and he now says:
“What do you want, lad, I’d rather you gave me a drink.”
He looks around him, absorbs his surroundings and asks half curiously: “Where am I here?
Where am I?”
The medium looks around the circle, winks at all of them, but the people present feel shivery and sit dead still.
However, they follow the drama with interest that is before them.
“Just sit down quietly”, the leader says, “then I will tell you everything.”
The fat (female) sailor, it is a sorry sight, stumbles to her place and sits down.
Legs spread-eagled, just like a sailor.
She now sits still and is indifferent, the people present feel relieved.
However, they also know that if they save him, another stone will be laid on the roof of their spiritual house.
As a result of this, they are building their own paradise.
Now the leader speaks to her.
“You have to listen to me, friend.
Where do you come from?
Who brought you here?
Do you not know that?
Did you not pay attention to that?
Did you not see who brought you here?
You must have seen that?”
It is a strange questioning and the sailor is right to say: “Man, do not talk such nonsense!”
However, then they hear an inner muttering and manage to make out: “
... A lad with light brought me here.” Then more intelligible: “What do you want with it?”
The leader is hurt by that “lad” and such a thing about their spiritual leader, he cannot approve of this.
He calls out triumphantly:
“Precisely, very good, my dear man, that’s it.
But that is not a lad!
That is a master!
Have a bit of respect for the Other Side.
That is a spirit of the light.
And he brought you to the earth, to us, because we must help you.
And we want to help you, you see.
You must listen to me properly now, friend.”
“I will listen when I want to, do you understand?” the medium says.
“I want to have music and a drink.
And hurry up now, no more nonsense.”
The leader no longer knows what to do; this is a difficult one.
He frets a bit and the sailor shouts at him:
“Come on now, don’t stand there fretting, pour me a drink.”
Then he says to the master of the house: “Come on, chap, give me a drink.”
The master of the house remains where he is, but the sailor comes into the circle and says that it is a hypocritical carry-on.
He sways his arms towards the leader, feels himself becoming wild and a fight breaks out.
A few of the people present, along with the men and the leader are already rolling over the floor, but the sailor is very strong.
The other people rush backwards to protect themselves.
Men and women roll over each other, now the woman is lying underneath and yet she wriggles free, flinging the men off her in such a way as if she is the devil himself.
However, the leader jumps her from behind and now gets the sailor on the ground.
The sailor had not counted on this, four against one is a bit much and he just gives in.
Yet, he still wants a drink, but the leader pushes him back to his place.
Now he has something to say.
“Just look, dear man, what you have done?
The clothes of the medium are torn and that is your fault.
That is what happens with your drunkenness.
It is shameful.
Look, friend, this can no longer go on!
This has to change.
You were brought to us in order to be helped and we therefore want to achieve that.
Do you know that you died on earth?”
That hits home, the sailor gets a fright, and it can be seen and felt.
“Died?” the people present read from his face, but no more can be read from the face of the drunken man, yet the leader feels that he will get his chance and continues.
“For sure, dear man, you have died.
You are dead.
You died here on earth and entered another life.
Now a spirit of light has come to you, who helped you and brought you here.
You must now start another life.
You must learn to pray, good man, and bow your head to God.
Another life awaits you.
Do you not feel that you live in another body?
Do you not understand that this body is lent to you?”
Those words also hit home, the people present feel, and the leader is good, he knows.
The woman in trance laughs merrily at the sermon and her laughter is infectious for the leader, he also has to show his laughter, just for a moment, because everything is too serious anyway.
The sailor has something to say, and they can sense it.
Rough and sharp, actually spitting, the man says:
“Go to hell with your nonsense, I am alive, am I not?”
Now it is the leader’s turn to speak, he exerts himself; he now knows that it is going to be difficult.
He looks at the human monster sarcastically and shakes his head, but says:
“Do you not feel that you live in another body?
Do you not feel”, he repeats, “that this body is not yours?”
The sailor now falls under the spell of this sensitive word and shrugs his shoulders; he feels his fingers rapped.
He still hesitates, but then he wants to know more.
He feels the body, caresses himself, sharply examines the body shapes and has a think.
The people present follow this examination and have their own opinion about it; they now know that it will yield profits.
They feel, first, he has to deal with this knowledge.
They follow the scene tensely and are curious how it will end.
Will this dark soul now accept?
Will the life of this drunken man reach the understanding that there is more between heaven and earth than a drink?
They study him, penetrate to behind this mask and understand.
It is exciting.
They hear him say: “How strange, but how strange!”
That feeling and searching for the truth now follows again.
The leader feels satisfied.
She pinches herself, the female miracle, and now says:
“I am a woman!
I am a woman?”
The leader now sees his efforts rewarded, and understanding enters this living dead human child.
Now he can smile.
He will get this wretched life down.
He braces himself and says:
“That is how it is, dear man, this is a female body.
This body was lent to you for a short while.
Be a bit careful, now that you know that this body is from our medium.
By means of this, we can talk to each other.
Now no more pranks, do you understand?
A medium is a precious instrument.
You must be grateful that you may experience this.
And now to business.
“You have to know that you died on earth.
Nothing can be done about this.
And we must convince you of your eternal life.
We will do that gladly and you will see, we will try everything to shake you awake.
Do you know that you died on earth?
Do you not know that?
I mean how you died?
You must know that?’
The sailor knows nothing about it, and he cannot accept all of this just like that.
After all, he is alive.
Yet, the leader continues and tries to convince the sailor.
A moment later the sailor gives in a bit, but still finds that it is a dull show and asks for a drink again.
He still feels the body and wants to listen now.
“You must start another life.
You died on earth”, the leader repeats.
“You must accept this, man, you cannot escape it anyway.
Where did you drown?
You were killed in an accident, were you not?”
The people present know that the clairvoyance of the leader now comes to the fore.
This is a wonderful weapon of his and he can make use of it in order to tell the truth to the wretches, if they continue to refuse.
Now there is contact, because he can talk.
He asks:
“Are you still drunk?”
Very stupidly put, and the sailor reacts:
“I am blind drunk, man, can you not see that?
And I have to have a drink.”
The leader now ignores him and says again: “Have you never heard of spiritualism?
Of séances, to which spirits come who are then helped by earthly people?”
“Yes, I think so, but that it is such a mess, I did not know.
What creeps are gathered here.
Just look at those long faces.”
It hits home.
The people present think this is the height of rudeness, how atrocious!
How deep a human being can sink.
You should have sympathy for this lump of life.
It is pitiful.
How happy they could be, now that they already knew that there was an eternal life.
And this sailor already lived in that other world and actually knew nothing, was very miserable.
How wretched these people were.
However the leader continues.
“We want to help you, dear man.
We want to open your eyes.
Just believe it, friend, you died and you must start a new life.
You must say farewell to this life, for this is consciously destroying yourself.
Ask Christ for help.
Ask our leader, he will help you.
Call on Christ, friend, and the help will be given to you.”
This hit home, the sailor asks, trembling:
“Where is Christ then?”
“Ask our leader, dear man, the master in your own life, he will give you advice.
Do it, man”, now the voice of the leader is moved, he gives all of himself, “grasp this chance with both hands, just do it, we would like it so much.
We want you to go higher, do it!”
The people present stake their heads on it, now he has been conquered, but they are wrongly mistaken.
The sailor does not surrender, but the leader has now come under inspiration and elevates him into his impassioned speech and they are faced with waiting again.
Now the drunk says:
“Ask Christ for forgiveness?
You say, the politeness comes, that I must ask Christ for forgiveness?”
The answer is on the leader’s lips, but the sailor is just ahead of him and bursts out laughing.
The words that are now said are cutting for everyone, but they know that.
“It is just like the Salvation Army here.
I do not do that, I do not go down on my knees for those people.”
Yet a change has come.
“Then just do it in thought, you do not need to do it out loud, man, that is also good.
Do it, just do it!”
The deadly seriousness of the leader touches the drunken inner life of the sailor.
His head bends, it must also be taking too long for the medium.
The people present see that the drunken sailor cannot be converted quickly.
His head now hangs on his shoulders and the sailor is in thought.
The people present pray for him, and remorse has entered this human heart, they can feel it.
The whole program is skilful.
Nothing goes out from the prayer, it is the mumbling of sensation-struck people, unconscious and yet conscious of their behaviour they give themselves for the wretch.
However, they think: what wonderful gifts that medium has.
All the things that lady can do.
It is a miracle, and they experience great things.
However, suddenly the medium jumps up as if an insect has bitten her, she wants to have a drink.
The leader knows it, it is just the way wretches are, he has to pull them from that dreadful life by their hair and have patience, a great deal of patience, or they achieve nothing.
He nods sagely at the other people, they understand the difficulty of the situation, and a roof on the spiritual house is not earned so quickly!
They have to devote everything to this, they know now anyway that it is very difficult.
Now they can start from the very beginning again.
He sighs deeply, the other people also sigh.
This is the climax.
Would you not ... such a man?
The medium is meanwhile thinking: a bit more struggling, for they must not think that it happens quickly, drunken people will be bothersome.
Again, they experience a short fight, but she soon lets herself be overcome and wants to listen.
The leader feels it, now the evil in this life has been made harmless.
They pray for him.
Then the sailor falls to his knees, bends his head and begs for help.
It happens before their eyes.
He no longer resists, and the moment has come.
They think that Christ has touched him.
Meanwhile, the medium becomes free from the sailor, and what will happen now?
The medium rises up, raises her head, now stands in their midst like a ruler, but people feel that it is sacred.
Christ places his hands on the invisible head of the sailor, who has now arrived in the astral world again, and caresses the sinner.
The hand of Christ runs over the invisible head, they all tremble from emotion.
Christ has elevated this life into his own heaven.
Otherwise, how could it be?
“Oh, saviour”, they call in ecstasy to Christ.
“Oh, saviour.”
And their saviour blesses them.
“You see”, Christ says, “what prayer is capable of.
I thank you for the great work done to my child.”
Christ gives them a feather in their caps and now thinks that they should pray.
After all, you could not know whether the sailor would change his mind.
They pray with Christ and then Christ says:
“May I thank my children?”
However, they do not want any thanks, they think Christ is very sweet.
They experience what no one on earth can experience, however incredible it is, it happens, they see the miracle before them.
They experience the true goodness of Christ. Christ is moved himself, but he has to leave and goes, withdraws into the astral world.
The people present bow, they are now respectful and do not look at the medium.
However, the sailor comes back to thank them, because he was helped in such a way.
“Here!” he says, and points with his finger to the place where Christ stood, “Christ stood here!”
That is right, because Christ stood there and the medium cannot know it, she is in trance.
It is a good piece of proof.
The medium has to weep because of it; the other people had already dried their tears and begun again.
This is the most beautiful moment, everyone is moved, and not one person remained cool under it.
The frozen heart will now succumb.
The sailor thanks everyone.
He also asks whether he may come back again and he promises them he will do his best.
How good they were for him, he cannot even deal with it.
He withdraws with difficulty, and he has to leave the body.
The leader comes and thinks that they may stop.
It is a beautiful evening, says this spiritually conscious being and disappears again behind the screens of life and death.
What they experienced, says the earthly leader, is a great miracle.
And that is the way it is; they have to admit, it is incredible.
The medium comes out of her sleep; she wipes off the sweat and is now adulated.
“What gifts you have.
You are a special power.
Oh, what a mercy it is and what does a person actually do to deserve it.
It is incredible, madam!”
She gets her ten guilders and leaves again with her, the leader.
“Good heavens”, one person says, “how can it be.”
The master of the house also thinks that it is almost unacceptable.
If only these people had thought it through, we would have been able to make them afraid from our side, but they could not yet be reached.
I placed doubt in the master of the house and left with the others who followed all of this and made a study for themselves between life and death of all these terrible methods.
These are now saving séances.
I am telling you the sacred truth, you therefore must not think that I am dishing you up an empty story; the laws of our life do not permit that, for that matter, or I will be committing great mistakes.
However, these séances have a very different meaning.
It is a very different problem whether saving is possible; I will soon explain that to you.
All of this is the conscious destruction of God’s sacred Child and your charlatans go so far.
They spare nothing!
How trusting these audiences are, truly borders on the incredible, and these people live in your midst.
As I have already told you, they are capable of everything and are merciless.
However, what do the astral laws have to tell us?
In the very first place: this is not a medium, but a dreadful cheat.
She is a born actress.
She cheats consciously, even if the feeling is in her that the possibility of influence from the Other Side exists and she thinks that she possesses gifts.
However, she went so far that we could make her horrible life harmless.
What is an astral law?
Can a drunken sailor suddenly be converted?
And can this life be touched by Christ?
You can already give an answer to this yourself, but the astral laws tell you the following: Millions of souls of this attunement live in the dark hells on this side, people who enter this world drunk, in other words, entered death as a result of their drunkenness.
However, when you have a drink on earth, it does not mean that you are an inhabitant of hell on this side, so a demon.
A drink does not yet destine you to a hell, for this purpose, you have to have done tons more evil and have sunk so deep in the mud and sludge that your life on earth is also a hell.
All your medicines are made from it.
Drunkenness for our world is therefore something else, than these spiritualists think it is, so they deceive themselves.
If there are no other characteristics in you than that you have a drink, then the drink takes you to a very different sphere.
These souls enter into a Land of Twilight; they have to awaken there for our life.
The hell in which people live who can also kill is the Land of Hate, but not every drinker is a murderer.
Now the following.
If you were to die in such a situation, only the drunk body remains on earth, because the soul is not drunk.
The soul comes here and sleeps itself awake.
Since it arrived here sleeping it still thinks it lives on earth.
Death is not experienced in the earthly intoxication.
The soul itself is wide-awake and sober, completely free from earthly intoxication.
How does the astral being now wish to return to that drunkenness?
Do you feel the improbability?
If the sailor, to stay with his case, is not open to the higher life, we cannot help him and nothing can be done about him either, we leave these souls to their fate and, because it does not accomplish anything anyway, we do not consider bringing him back to earth so that spiritualists can shake him awake.
If we had to do it, it would become clear from this, that we would be at a loss for words with millions of conscious spiritual beings and not be able to reach out a hand ourselves, and can you believe that?
Even if that being at a loss for words is another problem, you must accept that we do not even need to help these drunk and yet sober souls on this side, because their spiritual state saves itself.
They sleep themselves healthy and it is only then that we start their development.
What was drunk remained behind on earth, and the soul is now faced with its own spiritual attunement.
We let these souls do what they want themselves, but they soon get round to asking questions, after which they can be convinced of their own state.
If they wish to stubbornly persevere in their unconscious inner life and not start a higher life, not one soul on either our side or on your side is capable of helping them.
Their nonsense no longer has any meaning on this side.
However, we do not need to first take those who can be helped to earth and make them drunk on the way, so that the spiritualists get an idea of how obstinate these people are. That is also too banal, too awkward and not possible!
Those souls are not brought to the earth either, they only live in the brain of these conscious and unconscious cheats.
All this stupid talk is dull!
There is actually no point in going deeper into it.
Yet this saving of souls is so frightening and such an enormous amount of people are involved in it and want to earn their own heaven as a result of it, that it is necessary to enlarge upon this.
A sailor asking for a drink does not fit with the astral laws.
When this man feels like his earthly drink, he returns with thousands of these souls to the earth and now has his drink through the material being.
That is possible, because he comes through the life aura of the human being and eats and drinks as much as he wants himself.
If he is wild about something tasty then he searches for the same kind of person for himself on earth, man or woman enter his life, and he forces the earthly inner life to eat and drink precisely what he wants and to which he is attached as a result of his longing.
They therefore do something else than the spiritualists imagine, and now reach material unity because of the astral laws.
In this way, children are even born by them, that also lie in the hands of the astral being.
Our life is true, we live in the laws and can master them, but those laws have to be experienced by the earthly being.
That means that the sailor must change his personality, which can take years.
And we will not wait for that, or our life would stand still.
The spiritualists do not know these laws and play with life and death at their evenings, rape the spiritual gifts and mock the life of Christ.
No drunken people come to the earth!
A long time ago, the saving of wretches at séances was experienced.
Those souls were brought to earth by a spirit of light in order to be helped, but that helping took place in a different way.
The spiritualists mastered this event and now save what can be saved, but their saving no longer has any meaning.
The souls whom I refer to had exceeded all existing laws between life and death during their material life and had gone to sleep on this side.
They found themselves in a situation like your jellyfish on the beach, and this had to be changed.
Now they were brought to the earth, descended into the organism of the medium, this body now elevated the unconscious life of the soul and awakening followed.
Then it could happen that the person who acted as a medium had to experience madness as a result of it, because it could happen that a soul who regained consciousness felt the material body again and did not want to leave that organism.
The laws from our life and those of the material organism were experienced here, for which the presence of a master was necessary.
The soul therefore mastered consciousness by descending and could now begin its own awakening.
However, this inspiration gave the life of the soul the strength to keep itself going from then on.
When the Other Side saw that the spiritualists were sullying these laws and were making a game of the event, they really thought that they could help the unfortunate child of God, the Other Side withdrew and followed another method.
A father and mother in our life experienced what the medium underwent on earth.
This mother shut herself up in the life of her child, and now continued to help her own love in this way.
Because of this her child awakened and remained conscious, either she or the father reinforced the concentration of the child, so that the spiritual going to sleep could not occur again.
All your mad people experience something similar.
Many of them are helped in this way by a spirit of love, as a guardian angel, or these souls would also sink away deeply into their own life, as a result of which, the demon who is connected with this life lives it up.
What therefore used to mean true help for this side on earth has now become nonsense in the hands of those who heard how things once were.
Now there is no more saving through any spirit, that saving takes place by the mother or father of the child on this side.
Not one soul is brought to the earth anymore – listen well – not one human being can be helped in this way, because millions of people live on this side that are prepared to devote themselves completely to these souls.
We no longer need the earthly medium for this purpose!
Since the soul can disembody, the psychic trance could be experienced, it was possible again for our world to descend into the organism and to experience the laws of it. However, at those evenings, astral wisdom was received and namely so powerfully, that at those evenings all the psychic laws for madness were declared.
The people at the séance then experienced spiritual miracles.
Now it is nonsense, rubbish, which they make of it themselves, and these people ridicule our life.
A spiritual master who was in charge of a true séance was a cosmically conscious being, and he had got to know the laws and been able to master them.
The emptiness of what your spiritualists experience is so terrible, without them having a good understanding of it themselves.
It is for this reason that God gave us this weapon and we will make them harmless with it, because the age of Christ demands awakening of you and of us.
And you live in this revelation.
We want to destroy what was built up in years by these ignorant people and is still being built up, we will destroy their ‘saving’.
The good people will not be attacked by us, but the deception and so called experiencing of these astral laws has to stop.
We call to them:
“The Other Side has not brought a single wretch to the earth in order to be saved for a long time, because on the Other Side millions of souls are prepared to be able to serve.
We do that now ourselves!
We no longer need a medium for this purpose, and actually never needed them either!
Not one saving séance on earth, where wretches are brought, is true or has meaning for our world.
We take this means out of your hands in order to build an own heaven, a roof above your head on this side.
We must remove this game with life and death, because our world sees that Christ, as the central figure in God’s universe, is being lied to, cheated and sullied and you destroy yourself as a result of it.”
Not one medium is in our hands in order to help wretches, we do not need mediums for this purpose, I repeat, we do that ourselves!
Yet people just save on earth, thousands of mediums think that they are doing good work by this, but all those mediums are conscious and unconscious cheats, do not possess any gifts, because anyone who thinks he can save is busy himself; he would be better to try and save himself from the empty existence which he leads.
All these people should go into acting, and they indulge there, and preferably leave our sacred matters alone.
I repeat, we call to them from this side: “Save yourself!!!”
These people at a séance accept in a way that the herd animal is able to accept and still have to awaken to normal life on earth.
They sully all the Christians who went on the funeral pyre for Christ, the life of the mediums who have a task to accomplish for our life, and this is why these awkward people, who do so much evil and create it again, have to be denied the means, so that they can no longer continue with this dreadful mockery.
Because of these spiritualists we no longer even dare to utter the word spiritualism, these people have so muddied the sacred contact between your world and ours, contaminated it, in a way as just a few sacred matters are brutalized by the material human child!
This cancer has decayed so dreadfully, the wound has rotted so much that it stinks, that no surgeon, however skilful, is capable of bring salvation here, he is powerless against such dimensions.
In these hands, spiritual gifts are even more dangerous than the knife of an inexperienced surgeon who consciously murders the living part!
This unpractised hand cuts into the living child of God, after all, and will have to accept that the laws are broken in this respect, and your spiritualists do the same, they create more poverty, more misery than spiritual gain and that in the name of Christ!
The sacrificing of these people is not worth a cent to our world.
Their sacrifice is the destruction of the very sacred.
This sort of prayer is murky, bad, and laden with a demonic consciousness.
The trusting people still have to awaken to this.However, intellectuals also belong to these souls.
We do not come to you or to those who long for such séances, we want to be able to work consciously and do not cast our lives like pearls to the swine. We know that the pearls have already been sunk into the mud for many thousands of centuries.
Look for yourself, and we will give you advice, but essential advice, not nonsense. We introduce you to the astral laws and they call you to a spiritual halt!
Can people, who still have learned to know Christ, be so pathetically sick that they accept this nonsense?
I already told you, they are conscious mad people.
However, these mad people play with the sacred fire, we have to take that fire from them, and we do everything for that.
God gave us this mercy!
By means of our mediums we determine their awkwardness, mankind will be grateful to us one day and they themselves also, if the conscious knowledge has entered them.
We light the fire in order to set a light to their little evenings and to completely destroy them, and will no longer leave any means in their hands.
We will exercise complete honesty, but we will bring the astral laws to earth for them.
Now they may know!
According to the laws of life and death, that saving is the lowest carry-on that you as human beings and as children of God can experience on earth. As a result of it, you make it apparent that you still belong to the heard animal!
At the following séances of the circle described above, we experienced something else. The lady was inexhaustible.
The medium comes every week for an evening; she goes round her clientele and does extremely well.
Her spiritual leader follows her faithfully like a dog to all these séances and has become her life protector.
The people present hope again for a pleasant evening and the earthly leader says that they can count on it, for her leader has never yet let her down.
The last few days it was at any rate incredible.
However, he says, it is nowhere like it is here.
This is love, for which he himself has no words.
However, it is time to be silent, because the medium is already going to sleep, she has accepted her task again.
“Yes”, says another lady, “it is the case, she does tremendously well with her gifts.
I will not forget it, and it is worthwhile for me to do my bit.
You can be assured, I will not forget her, for that matter, we have already spoken about it.”
The sighing of the medium and the soft groaning penetrates their conversation.
It is as if she is under anaesthetic and her unconscious soul still feels something of the serious operation.
To talk now is sacrilege.
The game of life and death can begin!
The medium mumbles something but it cannot be understood, it remains locked up in the oral cavity, then the people present hear a kind of peeping, so that they do not rightly know what it actually is, but there appears to be someone on the way.
I myself look around me to see whether spirits have come who wish to take possession of her organism, because the presentation by the lady in trance is so suggestive.
She peeps again.
My brother, who is standing next to me, once a minister on earth, who wants to get to know the laws and whose guide I am, smiles, but looks at me and takes over my thoughts and feelings.
Sadness and contempt can also be read from his beautiful face, because he catches the earthly being out with her lies and deception.
The feeling, which is now in him, makes furrows on his face.
We stand in their midst, but are seen by no one as we look about at all these people.
Nothing is incomprehensible for us.
My brother in spirit will master this wisdom, now that he has accomplished his beautiful task on earth.
He now lives in reality.
The lady behaves like a child.
We see that and all who are on earth.
We can therefore assume that no drunkard will sully their peaceful hours today, now it is a child who must be helped.
Which wisdom do they now wish to give?
She behaves extremely childishly, the lady of forty years old, and actually sulks a bit, it is clearly peeping which her mouth calls out, as a result of which the people present have to believe that she is like a child.
That is now the ridiculous part, why we put aside our deadly seriousness for a moment.
We feel completely one with the material being, so that we are capable of giving a clear picture of everything that happens.
I will only record what I was able to see with my own eyes and can experience according to the astral laws, because the people present have lost their normal senses.
Her mouth tightens and I sense that she wants to say a few words.
The little earthly leader already thinks that he feels who it is that has come to them from our world.
He therefore asks:
“What is it, little one?”
The other people are astonished.
Is it a child?
Not one of them saw it, but he saw it.
Is this clairvoyance or did they arrange it with each other?
However, you see, not everyone is suitable for this leadership.
This is born talent.
The medium also knows her task, and they understand each other completely.
She now says:
“I want my mother.”
It is horrible how they rape the childish voice.
I do not think this show is great.
However, that is difficult to change now.
The leader must give an answer now and he is ready for it.
He gets into position, looks at all these happy faces one by one and then asks:
“Is your mother not with you then, little one?”
“No”, the medium sulks, “I don’t know where mother is.”
“We will just put it right for you, darling.”
The child disappears from the stage, the spiritual leader comes to have a look for a moment and says:
“You must help this little darling, friends.
Her mother is still on earth, but she is a bad person.
Yet, the little darling is looking for her mother and does not enter our life in peace because of it.
She is seven years old and drowned.
So help her, she has lost everything.”
Nonsense, the lady behind should have said, wrong!!!
There is no child of seven years who speaks to the people present through her.
She is playing her game again, they now know what to expect.
A pile of trouble is suddenly thrown at the people present just like that, without thinking about it and they are in the midst of it.
The people become anxious.
What a lot of misery lives between life and death, a few mothers get tears in their eyes.
Mankind knows little about this.
“Poor little thing”, one mother utters, as a result of which she draws the other people into her deep sympathy, which lament in turn.
“That mother”, one person says.
“One has her, the others do not.”
However, she does not mean that and she explains. “I mean, one person crushes this happiness, other people want to possess it and do not get it, however much they long.
It is harsh.
Anyone who really longs is left with empty hands.
Sluts”, she says, “have everything.”
People look in her direction.
Whether she is right or not, the séance stands still, everyone is listening, even the lady in trance and the little leader are so absorbed in her talking that they forget the Other Side and the child completely.
However, the leader recovers himself and he says:
“Quiet please, soon you can talk.
Work has to be done.”
He is ready again and says:
“Just listen carefully, dear.”
The leader wants to continue, but the child interrupts him and asks:
“Where is mother now?”
The leader finds it unmannerly.
He therefore says:
“You must listen, little girl.
You will be taught that there.
It is not polite to interrupt someone.”
He continues.
The child pulls a face with her forty-year-old mouth.
“There, where you are, that is the hereafter.
Do you know that?”
It takes a moment, and then the answer comes.
The medium must first think, consider where this conversation will take her, but she will manage it.
“Yes, I know that, sir, the sisters tell me about it.
But where is mother now?”
The child feels keenly, it is the obtrusiveness of the older personality, but the leader does not go into it and answers:
“Mother will come soon, little one, you must be patient until then, but then mother will come to you.
Will you have patience until then?”
“But will it take very long, sir?
What do you think?”
She is quick, this child, too old actually, the leader does not know what he must answer.
Then it suddenly comes.
“No, darling, it will not be much longer and you must do your best.
Wait patiently and be nice.
Will you do that, dear?”
The child is not satisfied and presents him with even greater problems, cat and mouse are busy here, and they play their game together.
The question is short and conscious:
“From whom did you hear that, do you know?”
“What?” the leader says.
“You, you ... Are you ...”, he has almost said, “a street girl ...?”
However, he quickly changes his mind and looks around the circle.
They all know that she is a bright child.
The answer is:
“How I know that, little one, is from the master.
The master on your side, in the world where you are, told me it.
Will you now do your best?”
“Yes, sir”, the medium peeps.
“Well done, my little darling.
We will now pray together.
Then, the sister who brought you here will take you back.
But do not forget, you must never forget that you must use the polite form when speaking to older people.
Will you remember?”
“Yes, sir.”
Everyone prays for the little girl, their heads bend, but they remain sitting.
All these people are humble; it is and will remain deadly serious for them.
I tell my brother, who stands beside me: “They are on sacred ground, just try taking that away from them.”
They are deeply moved about the little one, which has become a child of theirs.
However, the little girl peeps again and wants to ask something.
They hear:
“May I come back again, sir, it is so nice here.”
“But of course, little darling, just come.
The sister will tell you.”
“How nice it is here, sir, you are so sweet to me.”
The people present feel a lot for the child, and they now understand that it has passed over.
“What a journey, what a journey that thing has to make”, one of them utters.
The other people understand what she means by this.
One person answers her and says:
“She experiences more than we do in that universe.
However, it is a long way, and she comes all the way from ... Well, where does that child actually come from?
Do you know?”
The leader says: “That is somewhat logical, from her sphere of course, it is very simple.”
The conversation is suddenly ended.
Another person says:
“And still such a child, adults lose themselves in the universe.”
“But there is a sister with her”, yet another mother says.
And the leader answers.
“Do you still remember?
You have to think, or the wisdom of it will be lost, and passes you by completely.”
The man is right, the talking suddenly stands still and the medium is awake.
People will now tell her what happened, before someone else comes.
What do the astral laws tell us?
What is the real, the only truth?
This that follows now is!
A child that leaves the earthly life at a young age is taken care of by a spiritual mother, and lovingly looked after, as an earthly mother could not do.
However good and great the mother love is, however deep the ties between mother and child are, the happiness of the spheres and the love of the spheres exceed the earthly feeling of love in everything, also that of mother and child.
Of course, the earthly mother does not want to lose her child, which is very simple, since the possession of children is the most sacred thing for the mother and is given to us all by God.
However, a child of that age which no longer needs to return to the earth is an angel.
This child as an angel represents one, and many other astral laws, since it is a child.
Its death has astral meaning.
The soul has to experience this early death, this transition to the astral life has it in its own hands.
This has to do with the cause and effect of that soul.
It has now experienced something on earth and returns to the Spheres of Light.
This is the continuation of the soul, the return to God.
If the experience has been accomplished, then death irrevocably enters for this life!
However, if this soul has to return to earth again in order to make up for or to experience something, then the world of the unconscious attracts this life of the soul.
This world is for the soul to rest and prepare itself for the new birth.
The soul now descends to the spark stage, which is to the moment of the awakening, when creation started.
As a Divine spark the soul can descend into the mother organism, after which the growing process can begin.
As an adult conscious the soul cannot descend into the mother body because the soul crushes the foetus to death, since there is now too much inspiration.
The soul as a spark now awakens in the mother, after which the growing process begins.
On the other hand, if this life of the soul continues, if it is free from this law of birth, then the conscious hereafter attracts this life and the soul continues to keep its independence.
Now the Spheres of Light take care of this life and therefore this child and millions of others live consciously further.
It is known on this side when these little souls die and then the mother on this side goes to the earth in order to collect her ward.
During death, which a great deal of your little ones can already perceive themselves beforehand and tell it to their parents, they see an angel by the bed, and the child knows that this angel has come to collect it.
The children, boy or girl, see that light, reach for it with both hands and surrender to that light, to their spiritual mother.
On earth the parents are sad, however, they know that God has taken their darling into His arms, but neither the parents nor their doctor know anything about the true event and the astral laws.
The spiritual mother takes the spiritual life from the earth into her shining arms, presses it to her heart and takes it to the Spheres of Light.
She goes straight to the attunement of the child, a heaven, to which the child belongs and to which it has attunement.
And a child of seven years, even if that child was catty on earth or had other faults, has nothing to do with the material sins; this child enters a child sphere in life after death.
Moreover, you have no understanding of this on earth.
If mothers know this, they are, or they can be happy; their dear child is taken care of on this side.
After their death, they see their dear child again, but then probably as an adult, because the child also lives on according to the adult conscious.
However, in our life the child is not spared.
The education is of the same nature that the adult human child enjoys and has to follow.
In our life, we know no mitigating circumstances.
That is earthly and unnatural.
In our life, the child has to know everything about his own life and consciousness and accept the laws of God.
On this side, the child lives in the truth of God, which cannot be experienced on earth by the child.
The child experiences the material destruction and the spiritual construction, which every soul, as child or adult, has to accept.
That is the astral wisdom, which the child has to master.
God knows no mitigating circumstance in this, nor for the child!
I do not believe that you will accept me when I tell you that no children live on our side.
I repeat, no children live on this side!
Does that not seem strange to you?
Does that not sound to you like something that you cannot accept anyway and is nonsense?
Yet, I speak the sacred truth and I will therefore explain it to you.
You must know namely that you as a human being already have millions of lives behind you.
That means, as a child on earth dies, the organism dies, the soul continues to live and is primeval!
The body is young; the soul has, on earth alone, completed thousands of lives and no longer knows being young.
This is the astral and cosmic meaning for the life of the soul that dies as a child on earth.
The soul now draws from the conscious when it awakens as a child of the spheres on this side.
That means that the soul now enters its last existence and becomes completely conscious in it.
Because the last, early terminated, life did not give the soul sufficient power and conscious to keep itself going.
This conscious is therefore too little for an existing world.
The soul therefore enters; I will make it clear to you in different ways that last but one life.
This is the last consciousness of the soul, before it is returned to the earth.
The soul now awakens and asks for the mother.
The sister starts to make it clear to the child that it has died on earth.
The child is faced with these laws like the adult being, this is astral reality, and has to accept it.
There are no mitigating circumstances.
The spiritual mother does not beat about the bush, so she tells the child frankly that it has left the earth.
For the child of seven years that is a great miracle and it wants to know more about it.
If the bond with the earthly mother is deep, then the child asks for the mother.
The younger child will not have to ask the questions, the little one does not know anything more about it.
The child has gone to sleep and awakened on this side, as if it has slept in your world and hunger shook the child awake.
If the earthly love bond dominates, then the mother goes back to the earth with the child when the child is ready for it, and it may see its parents and probably its sisters and brothers.
The mother tells the child about their life and everything that is now necessary for the conscious of the child, so that it learns to understand.
If this bond between mother and child is really of a spiritual nature, the spiritual mother will not break this love under any circumstances; on the contrary, she will even reinforce this bond, because she would otherwise be in conflict with the laws of God, because bonds of love cannot be broken.
A spirit of light does not break any bonds of love.
We build up!
That a child, living in this infinite universe, starts to search for the mother is resounding nonsense, ludicrous, unconscious and ignorant.
This view of spiritualists is so stupid, so narrow-minded, that we have no words to show what nonsense and mad gossip these unconscious beings speak, with which they ridicule our world and the life of the child!
By chance, if the earthly mother was bad, even then not one child is capable of experiencing what is now experienced at spiritualist séances.
When the longing is present in the child, the astral mother takes the child to the earth and the child gets to know its own life.
Now the child receives worldly wisdom in the sphere of the earth.
The child sees through the parents, sees the sisters and brothers and awakens because of it.
The child sees that father, mother, brothers and the sisters still have to awaken, they do not know what it already knows and it now understands that they have to finish their life on earth.
The child that leaves the earth early finds itself in a cosmic blessing.
You do not need to think: that poor child!
This life is above you and has something to give you.
This child is further than you are, it has said goodbye to the earth, and has finished with cause and effect or with what the last life was experienced for and was received from God.
To die young is therefore a mercy!
If you can at least accept it, the astral laws can explain it to you efficiently.
These souls as material children have been spared a great deal of suffering and sorrow.
Do not think that life on earth means anything in comparison with our life in the Spheres of Light.
A child does not come across any suffering in the spheres, it cannot descend into the darker spheres, and it is an angel in spirit.
The child that has not yet completed its cycle on earth and is bad, cannot enter the heaven of spheres of the child, this soul will return to the earth in order to awaken, experience, and to master the wisdom of that life.
However, we also know yet other laws for this, every year possesses them, that means the age of the child determines where the child will enter after death.
Is it not deeply sad now that such charlatans deform the laws of life and death?
Create enjoyment through the life of us?
The child that dies lives on this side in a happiness, which you cannot imagine.
That same child even feels the misery of the people remaining behind.
You do not need to mourn for your dead child, the child mourns for you.
However, the child will not keep any suffering and sorrow, since the astral mother will explain the laws to this soul.
And when the knowledge has entered the child, it sees and senses your life and the understanding and happiness come.
You pray for your child, but that is not necessary either.
It is better to pray for yourself!!!
I will put it differently: the child no longer needs your prayers, because you are the unhappy one, not the child!!!
The child lives amidst wisdom and awe-inspiring happiness, you live in poverty, probably in material and spiritual poverty.
The child has no knowledge of this, and nothing disturbs this angel consciousness.
This is the gift from God, but the child has had to master the laws for it.
The child, who is neglected on earth, immediately releases itself from that misery upon arrival.
Now the child continues in its own conscious, with the spiritual mother next to it, and grows up to adult consciousness.
Do not forget this now: we as people have experienced many millions of parents in this universe.
You do not know on earth where they live, who they are and this is just as well, or it would become a terrible chaos.
Despite that, mankind will still have to accept these laws one day, because Christ has brought it to you through His Holy Gospel.
Now it is possible, I will come back to this, that the child sees the mother before it from the previous existence and then these souls are united again.
Do you hear?
This will mean suffering for many mothers, because they are still not conscious of the Divine laws.
After all, it is her child.
However, I tell you, we have known thousands of fathers and mothers.
The mother will now think that she has to give up her dear child.
And this is an unconscious earthly thought.
For God you do not lose any love.
However, God wants you to experience the universal love and to master that love.
We are that far on this side.
You therefore have to learn to love all the life of God, because all these people on earth are God’s children.
Therefore, a mother who only loves her own child has no love for God, knows no love, this love is selfish.
If the mother wants to see her own child again, if she wants to receive love from her own child, which is now happy in the arms of a spiritual mother, she will have to surrender completely, it is only then that she can love her own child, or this mother will close herself off to universal love!
Therefore, even if this spiritual mother in the spheres is closer to your child, even if these souls have reached spiritual unity, they are not busy here ruling you out as a mother.
The universal possession lies in your own hands!
Every mother must therefore become capable of spiritual motherhood.
They are the laws of God, which also apply to you on earth.
The life of the soul of the child cannot escape these laws!
The child immediately enters the spheres after death.
If you can tune into this purity and sacredness, you will feel how awful this spiritualist carry-on is.
These people contaminate all this happiness and sacredness.
If you have read my book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, I do not need to tell you any more.
If that is not the case, the following applies.
In that book, I told that it was given to me to be able to be born again.
However, I would return to the spheres.
And that happened.
But before it was that far, my master awakened me in the mother.
He called my name, I heard him and understood everything.
Just imagine this.
I was between six and seven months old then.
That awakening can only take place through a master, and for us who experienced this, it is an amazing event.
When I was to be born, I closed my life off myself, and crawled through the umbilical cord.
This cord cut off my breath and broke the contact with the mother.
This power, this force and law also lived in me.
I had that law in my own hands and this made it possible for me to return immediately to the spheres.
My mother therefore gave birth to a dead child.
However, if she had to keep her child, if I therefore had to live my life on earth, there would have been no question of being stillborn.
The law must make this experience possible for us.
In this way, I learned to know the growing process, and I mastered the laws conscious in the mother.
I experienced Divine creation in her.
I certainly do not need to tell you that this is a revelation.
I returned to the spheres and on the way, I already saw myself growing and returning to the last stage.
I accepted my adult conscious again.
These are the astral but divine laws, which we have to master as human beings.
I also longed to get to know them, and this applies to every human being who has reached the Spheres of Light.
Everything is therefore very different than you spiritualists imagine, as well as holding salvation séances, with which they think they carry out good work.
It is much greater, more powerful, more divine than what they proclaim with their nonsense.
I repeat, in the sphere of the earth the child gets to know the laws with the astral mother.
And we do not need to look for those parents, we will find your needle in a haystack, yes, even if you were to drop that thing in the middle of the ocean, we will bring it up for you, for us there are no longer any impossibilities, the object attracts us to it.
When birds can possess this instinct, would we as human beings not be able to master any of it?
The animal now experiences an astral law and you as a human being have to master the feeling for it.
In this stage, the animal is further than the human being.
You will also get to know these laws after your life on this side.
The “yes, darling” and “yes, dear” and “just ask the sister, she will tell you”, are so ineptly crazy that it can only take place inside the brain of these people.
It is a demonic carry-on!
They should get stuck in their prayers, and then they could no longer do any evil for themselves.
The séances meanwhile continued.
After this little girl, a monster was brought forward.
That devil had to be helped like all the other people.
Did these people understand what would happen if this was really the case?
Did they not sense the terrible danger?
The whole house would be destroyed and the medium would be immediately crazy if the monster was really there.
The medium kicked to the left and to the right and this was really the only thing that the audience was to experience.
The medium wished to say by this: look how wild this monster is!
Again, her clothes were torn from her body and the monster even gave the ever so hospitable medium a bloody nose.
We were disgusted!
However, on earth people thought it was wonderful.
That terrible monster had to be helped.
When the lady got a bloody nose she apparently thought it was enough. At least, suddenly, the spiritual leader intervened.
He said:
“We had to put this animal in iron chains.
We will take him back to the darkness.
Yet, this animal being will one day understand all the things that you did for him.
If the medium is on this side she will be able to free him from the chains, but that will take a hundred and fifty years.
This is the thanks for lending her body.”
Do you understand this nonsense?
Do you feel how untrue everything is?
We first go and drag these demons from hell for you, then let them descend into your body to beat everything to a pulp and finally fight with them to break their spirit?
Do you feel the pitiful and poor part of all of this, reader?
The earthly academic now said, apparently furious and disappointed:
“Just open your spiritual house to such an astral dog.”
He could not master this pig in an astral state.
He was always lord and master in this area.
“But you see”, he said to the people present, “we still have to learn a great deal in this area.
I usually get them down, but this brat!”
What do the astral laws tell us?
People put this wild astral pig in iron chains.
Iron chains, as if astral chains have no meaning.
However, do the spiritualists not know what astral chains really are?
He was taken away like a prisoner, and his helpers assisted the master in this.
However, the astral personality itself is a chain, my valued spiritualists, it is a hell and it is a world in our life.
A chain is a human being and is a spiritual attunement.
And that attunement itself, our friends, closes itself off to the higher world.
In our life, we do not need to chain up any demons, that is not possible and we would be in contradiction of the laws of God, because God does not punish one child.
Those people close themselves off to all the other, higher life, and only see their own kind!
It is the grade of life, which they represent in our life.
And these demons, monsters of people, cannot be tamed in ten centuries and we do not consider it either.
God does not punish them; they punish themselves!
If you wish to know, we cannot even reach those people.
Not one soul is capable of putting one of these devils in chains, because millions would murder us, and a battle would emerge between good and evil, which we always avoid because all hell would be loose.
And we are supposed to bring that kind to earth in order to be helped?
Is this astral master crazy?
Who do you think is crazy?
If a master is mad, he also belongs to that kind and he lives in spiritual poverty.
Dear spiritualists, leave all these laws alone, you are contaminating yourself!
However, all of this was still not enough, Christ also came this evening.
“Yes”, says the Saviour, “you see how dangerous bad people can be.”
Meanwhile Christ lays his hands on the bloody nose and cures it.
The people present experience sacred matters, but there is still a bit of fear in them.
Where will this event take them?
“It is worthwhile”, Christ says, “being able to see this.
You now know that I can lock up the devils, my life dominates.
Bliss be with you.”
Christ had gone.
They could count themselves lucky that they had not lost their lives.
They are now sitting there as if they cannot even count to ten, because there is something.
What is it?
The leader shakes them awake and explains how all that is possible.
However, the ridiculous thing that the medium herself holds her bloody nose, magnetizes herself through Christ, will not leave their thoughts, they suddenly found it very strange.
Because Christ does not talk in the polite form and then he remembers again that he is a deity.
They do not like that language.
Christ says so little and what he says has such little content!
No, it cannot be; it is not possible, there must be disturbances.
This astral dog had shaken them awake.
She must not lend her body for this, the leader says.
However, if people on the Other Side think that it has to happen, what do we people expect?
The people present nod, listen, but the leader feels that there is something.
The woman in trance must now break the chains in a hundred and fifty years’ time.
An honour for her and a reward for the work she is doing.
Does it not mean anything to you?
To us it means that these people are completely psychopathic and no longer belong in your society.
We will soon descend into these hells with these spiritualists and there they will see their own kind.
The medium feels something, she sinks away again and a minister comes.
The man must approve that he is told the truth.
He should not have talked about damnation in his life, now he lives in the consequences of it.
However, this inhabitant is tolerant.
He says to the crowd that he will do his best and that they must not forget how the work done by them will be blessed one day.
He is the first one of all the damned, a moment later he is wisdom itself.
The people present swallow it and look, but they are not enthusiastic.
The leader has a talk with the spirit; they talk about faith and about the apostles.
“Yes”, says the minister, “I was not an apostle, I have not known the life.
But can I help it?
Are we not wrongly informed?
Just carry on, my friends.
What you are doing is wonderful.
Do you know that?
I have been a witness of how you gave light to a dark existence.
I saw Christ.
Oh, Saviour, bless my life.”
The minister is already lying on the ground, he is praying, as he was not able to do during his earthly life.
However, the people present are tight-lipped, this beautiful praying does not mean anything to them either!
What is the matter with them?
When the minister was helped by them and they by him, they received their blessing and the curtain fell.
The game with life and death was at an end again.
The people present could pay their fee.
There were discussions and after everything was arranged for the next séance, both personalities calmly left.
However, the master of the house was no longer himself.
Everything is frightening, he thought.
And the others thought exactly the same.
Those thoughts were reinforced by us, the doubt fuelled, so that they could no longer free themselves from it.
I now remained one with the master of the house, because I wanted him to obey us, it was only then that we could intervene.
After two days, I got him that far.
At the following séance, the instrument of my master is present.
The master of the house has called upon his help.
And my master tells his instrument that he must surrender himself completely.
He does not need to do anything else.
He must tell them what he or his master thinks of their evenings.
The leader looks at the newcomer and the medium greets him.
If only she had not done it, now she was immediately wrong in the eyes of the people present and the first deception was established.
Her leader said:
“It is lovely to see that more and more people are starting to become interested in our life.
The more children of God become convinced, the more beautiful our work is.
Give me your hand.”
In trance, the lady squeezes the hand of our instrument and now he can sit down.
The other people think it is suspicious.
This, our instrument knows more about the laws than everyone does together and this is therefore not right.
He is no newcomer to this area.
Can the medium not see this?
The first little lie is established; the soul starts to think again and looks from her darkness right into the light.
The lady goes into trance; wretches come through her and are helped.
Different personalities come this evening, and the eyes of all of them have to be opened.
When the evening is almost over, Christ speaks and says that he will remain longer, and our instrument sinks into the conscious trance.
I act for him, but he is still in his earthly body.
I pull the host’s jacket, and we go to the kitchen.
I see the cloth I need and soak it.
The man sees it and asks:
“What are you doing now?”
I do not answer him, we return to the living room.
Christ talks to the children.
I go and stand behind Christ and wring out the wet cloth on the medium’s neck.
She gets a fright, as if the devil is after her, looks around and forgets that she is in trance and Christ lives in her and speaks and screams:
“Damned rotter!”
She knows she is unmasked and wants to leave, but the doors are locked.
Now talks must take place.
People demand both of them to stop, or they will make it a police matter on the grounds of deception.
They have been discovered, but the leader still has something to say.
He dashes over to the lady and says:
“Did I not know it, ugly brute?
You have cheated me for so long.”
He wants to attack her but that is prevented, they must do this outside this house.
The awful pair leaves.
Now we put our instrument in the psychic trance.
The people present have sat down. I speak to them, and tell them about all these laws, until they know how dreadful these séances have been.
Now they are in connection with the Other Side and cannot contain their tears, now they weep from pure human emotion.
They ask whether we will continue to come to them, but that is not possible, we have other things to achieve.
The master of the house says: “Never, ever again will I have that type of people in my house.
Good heavens, what a lesson, what a lesson!”
Seek and keep the good, but open your eyes, do not let yourself be deceived.
If necessary involve our mediums. We want to warn you if we think that it is worthwhile.
It is only then that you are safe.
The people who pretend to be mediums are charlatans.
They mock the most sacred thing of your life.
They do not concern themselves with your suffering and sorrow, with your deceased ones; they will only break your life.
It is almost incredible that Christians can accept such nonsense and yet these souls live in your midst.
All of them go to pieces, but meanwhile they create a great deal of suffering and misery.
All these people search for the higher life, but just surrender unconditionally.
And that must not happen, if you do not know whether the spiritual sacredness has come to you.
This surrender is wonderful, but it must not take you to madness.
One person pretends to be a medium, and another listens to it and is just as unhappy.
This wanting to be a medium is the personality going downhill, it is clear decline.
I have followed the goings-on of hundreds of these people and not met one psychic trance medium amongst them.
The psychic trance is a sacred miracle and is not just waiting to be picked up from the street.
I could fill volumes about it, but that is not the intention either, this is already enough.
All these men and women assume the spiritual gifts, call themselves clairvoyant and clairaudient, but you will also get to know that.
Their nonsense was finally felt and it was over again.
However, there are still many of these deeply sunk people, who do not pay any attention to the opinion of other people and continue.
One medium in thousands whom I followed possessed gifts, because we do not make any war in this area, we build up!
In ancient Egypt, this was the most sacred and the very highest, which could be reached and experienced, but, in the West, thousands of these people are walking round saying that they possess the Great Wings.
Every town has them.
And the people are used to their mad talk.
They fly towards the sacred light like moths, but burn their little wings.
The occult gifts have now become the possession of the masses, but that is not possible!
Not one spirit is capable of elevating these people into his life.
You must accept this from us.
Do seek for the good mediums sometime!
You do not need to search, these mediums in our hands come forward themselves and have something to tell you.
You will definitely hear from them and if you do not hear from them, then watch out.
Know now that you are entering dangerous territory.
The sensitive people, the conscious and unconscious cheats want to do something for a wretch, but do not possess any gifts.
Can all these people achieve nothing?
Is there not one good medium to be found amongst them?
Is everything deception?
We know very well that numerous people are unconscious of their goings-on during a séance, but that does not take away the fact that they cannot be reached and therefore they cannot possess any gifts.
What they can achieve is the following, but I already explained it to you and will go into it again.
If they want to experience spiritual séances, if someone considers himself capable of mediumship and despite this there is no question of psychic trance, we can, at least their family members who have passed over, work through spiritual inspiration, as that happens for the cross and board.
The difficulties, which have to be overcome, are exactly the same.
Nevertheless, it is worth trying, closing your eyes and sighing and groaning is not necessary, you are already occupied with deception and you also close yourself off to the pure laws.
Sit down and feel!
If thoughts now enter you, pass them on, but take into account that they can be wrong, since they pass through your own inner life and we cannot eliminate you.
You have to continue to take this into account, you can never go higher than your own grade of feeling, you still have to master that other grade of feeling and that is not possible in one life!
The true trance is a sacred wonder.
You can immediately establish by the word whether the Other Side has come to you.
We do not bring you any proof, and we are concerned with elevating your life into the spirit.
Moreover, earthly sensation breaks this unity.
The medium in psychic trance is a revelation for the people present.
Now we can pass on what we want and we explain God’s universe to you in this state, because we have learned to know all these laws.
When the masters speak on earth, the medium disembodies from the organism and that takes place in silence, outside your knowledge.
This moment is sacred, now you have reached spiritual and cosmic unity with our world.
You will surrender to this, because you feel and can determine that this human being can possess our wisdom.
The wisdom therefore proves to you the reality and it must determine whether the Other Side is speaking.
Anyone who cannot experience that, as a medium, is himself talking!
These men and women cannot be freed from their own self.
If you still wish to try to achieve something then it is better for you to use the cross and board, because the true psychic trance-medium does not lend himself to this.
Those mediums have a great task to fulfil for the earth and that power of feeling is not shattered by us.
I repeat, one in thousands of mediums whom I followed possesses the Great Wings and that is because this is the highest that you as a medium can achieve and receive.
However, despite this, “trancing” is now carried out!
For the Eastern medium the effect is different, because he wants to experience himself and can therefore not receive anything from our side.
Now he gets to know the material and spiritual trance.
If the yogi can experience the psychic trance alone, then he already knows that there is really not much for him to experience, because he cannot conquer his body.
However, your charlatans assume all these laws, they step over them and simply take possession of them.
You in the West do not know how difficult it is to be released from your organism.
However, I will explain all these difficulties to you later and we will follow the first magician, who lost himself, but still continued and achieved the possession so coveted by other lives.
And your Western mediums want to possess that?
Because they are a bit sensitive and they want to just assume this overpowerful concentration.
We do not come to tell you stories, what we now pass on comes undefiled and pure to you. We have conquered the inner life of our medium in all the grades and laws.
You do not need to doubt this.
We will show you that we know more about God than even the East was able to master in all those centuries and this must then be the proof to you that the Other Side is now speaking!
The psychic trance conquers motherhood.
You will not understand this so quickly and this therefore requires an explanation.
However, it means this.
In the mother, you reached unity.
In the mother the material tissues grew together with the soul, they have to be released if the trance is to be experienced.
In addition, that unity grew up together and became a human being.
Soul and material are now like the eyes in your head, your mouth through which you can speak or your legs by which you can walk.
What is the human being without all these organs?
Yet, the psychic trance requires you to let go of all these organs, to see and feel outside the existing, it is only then that you can surrender and that your inner life is capable of absorbing such a development.
Tear these systems apart.
Release what nature has brought together and which has already reached the adult stage.
God knows that you as a human being have to learn His laws, but what do you know in the West about all these unfathomable laws?
The East can tell you how difficult it is, because there is not one street occultist that tries to violate the highest, because everyone knows that the curse will be pronounced and is approaching as soon as the hands reach for what lies high above the own conscious.
However, the West is merciless!
The Western researcher does not go into the séance holding of the West once he has got to know the East, because, as he says, if it cannot be found there, what does the Western medium hope to achieve?
And that is the way it is, the West still has to awaken to the occult laws.
However, our instruments receive cosmic wisdom, but the charlatans experience poverty and misery, they strive for evil.
Anyone who cannot accept this must go his own way and go to pieces.
We tell you, your spiritual life will be muddied by it.
The psychic trance demands years of development.
The best medium cannot avoid it.
In ancient Egypt, people took forty years to do it, sometimes a bit shorter, depending on how much feeling the medium possessed and how high his conscious was.
And these gifted souls were born for their task.
The Western inner life forgets its own task, identifies with the higher self from our side and brings disharmony amongst many people.
The trusting people are cheated and tramped on, which must all be made good one day.
These obstinate people will get to know the sufferings of Satan on our side, they ask for it every second of the day.
Their monstrous life is unforgettable; on this side, they will be able to admire their own life film, because all their carry-on is recorded!
Not one human being comes outside the conscious under his own power, the own life keeps you prisoner, which you can only experience through this side.
That is your certainty of knowing that you are being swindled, now the Other Side speaks or everything is nonsense.
We convince you of our simplicity, but the word itself takes you through the hells and the heavens to the cosmic grades of the universe.
It is the gift of the knowledgeable human being in own grade and conscious to you as a human being of the earth.
However, both the word and the gifts are in our hands.
It is God’s will that we elevate you into our lives and now consciously destroy the occult evil.
As children of God, we watch over the Great Wings, to which thousands of people devoted their lives.
Search, keep on searching, but hold onto the good!
Thousands of people sought and at the end of the way they were faced with themselves, with the sober self which was cheated.
Therefore, if you wish to listen, you will now be able to know.