The seven spiritual grades for the inner life

When, as a human being you have experienced the highest material grade, you cannot go any further.
You lived in the organism perfect to the earth; there are no more organisms for you.
Yet, you have to go further and are now faced with the astral world and the seven spiritual grades for the inner life.
Your earthly end has come, death is calling you, your soul leaves the body and the material life, and enters the astral world.
You are now faced with one of the hells or illuminating spheres, the heavens.
Is there light or darkness in you?
Now your spiritual attunement speaks and your personality comes forward.
Now it appears whether you have attunement to one of the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material or spiritual grades of life.
This, your spiritual grade, establishes how you lived on earth and how temporary your astral world will be!
As there is love in you, a heaven will open to you.
The third sphere is the highest heaven that you can enter as a human being.
To enter a higher heaven from the earth is not possible, the spiritual life there calls the soul to a halt.
It is noticeable here that the number of people who can enter the third sphere after the earthly death, is very small.
These people have released themselves completely from the material earth and lived purely, and spiritually.
They loved everything that lives, devoted themselves completely to this high consciousness and were like angels, still, remaining on earth.
The number that enters the first sphere is greater.
However, the masses enter the darkness and have to lead a hellish existence, until they have transformed evil into good.
After the third sphere the soul is faced with the Summerland, the fourth sphere.
It has to undergo a spiritual purification in order to enter there.
The fourth sphere is the first real spiritual sphere of existence, because what we call the first sphere still touches your material consciousness.
Above this there are also three heavens, they are the fifth, sixth and seventh spheres.
You can only reach them from our life.
Hundreds of years have to pass according to earthly calculations, before you can pass from the fourth to the fifth sphere.
It takes even longer before you feel the sixth sphere within you and can enter there.
And you will certainly need a thousand years in order to reach the seventh sphere from there.
Only then as a human being will you have reached the highest of all for this universe.
Then the mental areas await you.
These belong to the fourth cosmic and material grade, which we as a human being are attracted to again by the life of God.
Those who live in the seven heavens with seven grades of feeling, are the oneswho left the earthly life behind for good.
They experienced all the material laws and grades and were therefore released from the earth.
Meanwhile, they came to love God’s life and served it.
As a result of this they reached a higher grade of consciousness.
They followed God’s laws and mastered them, as is His will.
They followed Christ’s commandment and loved; His words were mindful that the Divine All could only be reached by love!
What the Westerner now reaches by following Christ, the Oriental tries to obtain through the mystical.
The Westerner comes further.
However, many Orientals achieve a heaven as their dwelling by their surrender to the mystical.
The eastern occultist searches for himself.
This distinguishes him from the conscious child of God, which loves and therefore serves and effaces himself for the benefit of another.
On the Other Side, the Oriental is faced with Christ.
Here he has to accept Him, or he can never enter a heaven.
As a result of this, you see that for both the East and the West just one path leads to God, even if it appears that thousands of paths can be travelled.
There is only one path and Christ has paved this path for us.
By love, and serving the life of God, the Spheres of Light can be entered.
By following Christ, the human being goes back to God!
As I already said, your earthly consciousness is for this world a spiritual grade of feeling, a heaven or hell, to which you have attunement.
As a human being, you represent an astral world, of which the third heavenly sphere is the highest you can reach.
The human being, who has attunement to one of these heavens, is open to our world.
It is this human being who can possess spiritual gifts.
After all, his grade of feeling searches for God and wants to serve; it is through these pure feelings that this human being comes into connection with our world during the earthly life, as a result of which the spiritual gifts in him come forward.
His consciousness is open, is sensitive, it knows life and death; in this way it is possible that the astral personality can influence this life.
This human being could serve as a medium.
Yet, this does not always happen.
A spiritual gift is also a law and we have to act according to it as an astral personality.
This law can dominate us, and your consciousness.
I will put it differently.
The human being on earth can only serve the astral masters, if he is finished with himself.
Anyone who still has to complete a task for himself is closed to our world.
This human being may have to return to the earth in order to make karmic laws dissolve, or his consciousness can force him to do this if he still has to be released from everything that concerns the earth.
There are thousands of possibilities; as a result, the life of the soul can be forced to return to the earth.
These are therefore the laws for ones life and they require to be obeyed.
They take precedence over all astral laws that could give these sensitive people a task.
Even if they possess the feeling for the gifts, they still have to accept that we cannot elevate them into our astral world.
For everything, ones laws have to be dissolved, or these people will stand still spiritually!
Therefore, only the human being, who has attunement to one of the three heavens and is free from his own spiritual laws, can serve as a medium.
Life that is attuned to the hell, has no meaning for these gifts.
It still has to awaken.
A dark spirit, a demon, searches in his earthly life for the animal-like and prefers to surrender to lust.
For the spiritual gifts, intuition and pure feelings are needed.
The inner life of a dark human being is too coarse, while the Spheres of Light are too rare, so that there can be no question of connection and spiritual unity between both these worlds.
What I wanted to explain to you will now be clear, and namely this, that your own grade of feeling can have attunement to the spiritual gifts.
It is not possible to enter the higher consciousness just like that, just as it is not possible for us to take possession of a higher sphere, if we have not mastered that attunement.
Anyone who therefore lives under the first sphere and does not possess any feeling or love, cannot serve, only searches for himself; such a person can receive nothing through our world.
These people follow the darkness and act as unconscious people.
Did you think that one spirit of light would descend into these dark souls in order to bring spiritual wisdom to earth through them?
It would be the destruction of all that he had built up for himself in his heaven!
Millions of souls live on earth in this dark state and because of this, they cannot be reached by us and the gifts as a medium do not reach development.
They close themselves off to the higher life, to the occult laws and the spiritual gifts.
They themselves awaken the astral spiritual laws that call us to a halt.
You must remember this well, because later we will come across these grades of life.
By being able to fathom them, we can then determine whether gifts are present.
I therefore now tell you that all these millions cannot possess any spiritual gifts because they search for lies and deception, characteristics that have attunement to the darkness.
Despite this, the number of Westerners who pass themselves off as mediums is depressingly large.
They just claim the gifts, violate them and threaten their fellow human beings.
The Oriental tries to master the spiritual gifts in a temple.
Yet, he will also have to accept that the Other Side cannot possibly elevate him into the astral world, into the astral wisdom, if he lacks the correct spiritual attunement.
Only if he wishes to become skilled for the higher spheres, can the masters on this side come to him.
Then he serves the white magic, which makes spiritual communication possible.
There are only a few such people.
Rather than serve as an instrument, they search for themselves, these occultists.
They want to achieve something themselves in this area, but that demands one hundred percent from their personality.
In the East, such a thing is possible; it received its name because of this.
The Westerner has to follow a completely different path.
In order to reach his goal, the Oriental goes so far that he releases himself completely from his own personality, being the self.
Who can experience this in the West?
Yet, this is necessary, if you want to experience the occult laws.
Only a few people achieve it, the rest are in connection with themselves and experience their own thoughts and longings.
It is too difficult to empty and disengage themselves as a human being.
Very few people understand this art.
If you can do it, you are a genius in the spirit, a supernatural child prodigy in the area of the occult study.
(But, even if you manage it you are still not a spiritually conscious person, do not think that!)
It is therefore so extremely difficult for the Westerner, because the Western inner life has split itself, as I said before, the Oriental has kept that natural attunement.
It is the reason why the Oriental feels attracted to the occult laws.
The Western inner life does not become released from his own grade of life; and this is what the Oriental child wishes to learn, because it knows that only then do the occult and spiritual gifts come to the forefront.
Where does the devotion of the Oriental take him?
Of course, the temple priests have reached a great height in the occult laws and yet perhaps just three of all these millions of souls are completely released from the earthly life and the self.
The rest succumb!
What do these people do?
They descend to black magic, attract demons and experience their works of art through them.
They go under as a result of their study and only because they totally lack the inner life for this.
They try to find it in the physical gifts, but they also go to pieces in this.
These people therefore know that they do not touch the physical laws at all, from which we can learn that the East can achieve nothing at all, if it lacks the feeling for these gifts and for spiritual wisdom, which is and will remain supernatural!
However much they wish to master the spiritual gifts and this wisdom, these occultists have to accept that the laws for our life do not yield to their longings, but should be experienced by them in the correct way.
However, they lack the feeling for this and they prefer to serve themselves.
Is it any wonder that they are reduced to black magic?
However, this has no meaning for our life, so that those occultists cannot possibly call themselves spiritual mediums.
It must now be clear to you, there is not one person living on earth who can say about himself: “I possess spiritual gifts!”
Not one person can say: “I am in connection with the Other Side under my own powers.”
Such a thing is not possible, because we keep control of the gifts!
Anyone who says he possesses spiritual gifts is an unconscious person, who does not know the reality in which he lives.
Likewise, the person who believes that he can obtain the gifts by study is one of the living dead.
Your inner life determines your life attunement, you have to accept this whether you like it or not.
The astral laws for the gifts will tell you so.
You either possess the correct feeling or you do not, which means that you are either completely separated from the earthly life as a result of your grades of feeling, or that you stand with both feet firmly on the ground and cannot be reached.
For the spiritual gifts direct contact is necessary between your world and our world, and namely, through your inner life, through your grade of consciousness, or we will be powerless and cannot carry out a thing.
We achieve this contact, not you, because you cannot do that.
Those who think they can, are now feeling like the blind in the immeasurable universe in which the astral laws live and are not released from the earth.
Those laws are too rare for their inner life.
We live in the universe where they will enter, and yet they cannot see or feel us.
Oh, they pretend it is the case and tell you that they can see us clearly before them and can hear us talking, but that is sheer fantasy.
Their own longing only speaks here.
You will get to know all of this later.
Connection with our world is only possible if you possess the true feelings.
Then we come to you, elevate you into our life, then you enter the astral world.
Only then do you receive your spiritual gifts and serve as a medium for this side.
If we want to pass on everything about our life to you on earth, you have to be prepared to devote your whole personality to it.
If you cannot do this, it will be impossible to reach you and you will be closed to our world.
It is only with one hundred percent devotion on your side that we can influence you in different ways in order to obtain the contact required, then spiritual miracles can happen.
You surrender completely to us and release yourself completely from your personality and the material life.
Then you are the sensitive, spiritual instrument that we can manipulate in order to give humanity wisdom and depth.
Do not think that it is easy to experience the astral life as an earthly human being.
You will be faced with laws here, the effects of which you do not know.
You first have to learn to walk and think on this side, but both these actions will now be spiritual and astral, and cannot be compared with your earthly progress, or your earthly thinking.
If the feeling for it is not within you, you will not be able to take one step.
You are then an unconscious person in God’s laws, unconscious of your own life and sphere, even if you have attunement to one of the three spiritual spheres.
Since you are not conscious of the astral laws, which still live within you, because you as a soul are universal, therefore divine, it means that you cannot possess any spiritual gifts on earth.
You can feel and live spiritually and yet this does not mean that you also possess spiritual gifts along with it.
We are in control of this, not one medium possesses them; I keep on repeating it and because many of you will not wish to accept this, I will prove it to you with numerous examples.
It is only then that you will be able to understand properly how far your charlatans have gone.
How do these charlatans act?
They sully the spiritual gifts and the astral world.
They ignore the fact that these gifts belong to our world, and therefore lie above the earthly consciousness and grasp as if with the tentacles of a polyp at these wonderful divine gifts.
The fact that they grasp at nothing, since these sacred treasures cannot be obtained by their poisonous nature, does not stop them behaving as if the pure, spiritual gifts are their possession.
However, the truth is that their material consciousness goes to pieces with these gifts.
They have to accept that they do not know the effects of the phenomena, which they try to call up by their so-called gifts.
After all, what can they know about a world that lies above their consciousness, about the true gifts and the grades in those gifts?
Their characteristics attuned to the darkness keep their inner dwelling locked behind bars like those that your prisons do not have.
Our feelings and thoughts are very different to those of the material being, but what concept can these dark people have of them?
Just fathom them out, your tarot card readers and psychometrists, judge their inner life and then say whether you consider them capable of reaching spiritual unity with our world.
I will give you a detailed picture of the thousands of laws, which rule the spiritual gifts, and then you will be able to judge these charlatans yourself.
The first requirement, which is made of a medium, is that he has to become completely released from his earthly life.
However, if you now know that every nerve in your body keeps you trapped on earth, what will the true medium have to conquer, since the human body is built up of millions of nerves?
How would the charlatans release themselves from their body?
It tells you something about the extreme difficulties that the instrument who wants to serve our life is faced with.
However, there is more.
In the gifts, there are also grades and these require that you are correctly tuned in.
They therefore react again to your inner life.
We have to take this into account, we also have to fathom you sharply in this respect, or these grades will call us to a spiritual halt.
They can build up our life, but they can also destroy it, if they are not in harmony with our life, which can also lead to losing their acquired consciousness.
The medium on earth experiences these grades during spiritual contact, but the development of the instrument is always in the hands of a master of our side, who elevates the earthly inner life into his life.
At this moment, the master is one from feeling to feeling, so that spiritual wisdom can be given and received.
It is only in the highest, seventh grade that the actual gift comes to the forefront.
In order to explain to you how difficult everything is, I will show you how the Other Side accomplishes this development.
Anyone who wants to master the spiritual gifts on earth immediately enters the occult laws and has to devote his own personality to this.
Nothing can be given to you; God’s laws have to be learned.
The medium that experiences these laws actually experiences a spiritual evolution.
The gifts, like the occult laws, demand everything from us, they have no pardon and require a great deal of time for their development.
The medium goes higher step by step; each step is a great miracle, because he meanwhile experiences astral laws.
For the instrument, this experience is a revelation, the most sacred thing that God can give you as a human being during your earthly life.
For the Oriental who does not live according to the spiritual laws and yet wants to achieve something, there only remains, as I said, black magic, which our world wants nothing to do with.
The Oriental learns to tune into the occult life, his concentration becomes more powerful as a result of this study, but this is still nothing more than the experiencing of physical laws.
The priests teach him how he has to open himself too.
He also learns to split himself and build up a second self, but despite this, teacher and pupil do not go above their own consciousness, the consciousness keeps the soul trapped like the astral personality.
These people do not need to count on spiritual help, because the Other Side knows that they are searching for themselves.
There is no question of direct spiritual contact.
However, the Oriental is extremely capable of getting to know occultism as a result of his natural instinct, his inner life drives him in that direction, which explains the great number of occultists in the East.
However, I tell you: the Oriental is searching for himself, he opens himself to a study, while the Western medium just wants to serve.
The result is that the Oriental masters the occult laws, but the Western medium receives spiritual wisdom.
The great difference between both instruments.
It also emerges that the Oriental medium can never receive what the Western instrument receives from the Other Side.
After all, we of the Other Side are completely separated from the material world, but the East lives in it and has to take this into account.
The Other Side penetrates all the astral laws, while the East first has to release itself from the material life and conquer it completely, because it is only then that the occult laws can be experienced.
In our life, no law hampers the spiritual existence, as long as we come into harmony with the grade of life in this world.
As a result of this, it is a fact that the Western medium, which is in the hands of the Other Side, comes higher than the Oriental instrument in the hands of his priest teacher.
The Oriental gets to know laws, the Western instrument spiritual wisdom.
The latter awakens as a result of this and many people along with him, on the other hand, the Oriental medium stands still in his life.
Only the yogi and the initiate tune into spiritual wisdom alone, these people want nothing to do with the actual laws, they are searching for God!
Their study is tuned into the astral world, into the creation, which they want to get to know.
Only a few of them obtain a grade of consciousness in this, many people also succumb to these laws.
The rest contaminate themselves as a result of the occult phenomena and close themselves off to going further and higher.
A spiritually initiate is also a rarity for the East.
And then to think that thousands of initiated live there!
What are all those others like, who still wish to show that they have learned to know God and His creation?
Anyone who knows the East and has completed his wanderings knows that the East has succumbed to this magic study!
The true saints in the East have learned to know God, the rest have perished.
What awaits them is spiritual madness, completely dissolving in God’s universe, in the laws of the universe.
However, the saints penetrate God’s universe deeper and deeper.
As a result of meditation, concentration and their love for the Creator, whom they know as Father and Mother, they surrender in complete submission to the path which meanders through the universe, but full of mantraps and traps tries to obstruct their progress.
How do these material people wish to reach the end, even if their good will is uncontaminated?
This study demands their whole personality.
Years pass, one in thousands reach the end and are now faced with God.
But which God does this person get to know?
Has the miracle of the divine problem really been revealed to them?
Have they really managed to see God?
The East wishes to get to know God, and master His laws.
The disciples of the Oriental masters are numerous, but only one or two people will reach the highest.
On this side, we have understood their study.
In order to determine what these people follow and master while kneeling down for their meditation sacred to them, we have followed their lives.
I did it in my own way, locked myself up in their consciousness, and experienced the meditating with them, tuning into God’s universe, being half and completely released from the material life, until I understood that they would not come any higher.
That was the limit for them for their own experience and I knew how they had seen and felt their God.
Were they in connection with God or, did they live during their trance meditation in one of the millions of grades of life in the universe?
Only one or two people reached the fourth sphere, but they could not penetrate there either, because the physical still obstructed the path into our life, and called him to a spiritual halt.
Many people succumb because they can no longer orientate themselves on their return to earth, they no longer know about day or night and have been blinded during their spiritual journey.
They flew like human moths at the great light and completely destroyed their inner life.
The East therefore forbids the sober person the trance meditation, because the true good initiates know that God does not let Himself be mocked, and the laws in the universe continue to dominate the small creatures of the earth.
Sitting down hoping for the best since inner nonsense has paralysed the material life, wanted to still their spiritual hunger and thirst, their whole mentality drives them in this direction, which has already become fateful for many people.
As children they started their study, really became separated from their organisms with its many systems, conquered this materially and spiritually, but did not know the universe, did not know the worlds in which good and evil live.
These people did not even know themselves.
Were they therefore ready to say farewell to Mother Earth and their own bodies?
The majority succumbed!
The properly initiated warn their pupils, because the normal life is discarded and the other self, which is built up, has no existence in our world.
The Oriental therefore learns to split himself.
This splitting of personality is no different to the division of the spiritual powers for both systems.
The organism and the soul, the astral personality, each demands a part.
During this spiritual disembodiment, a splitting of the personality, the soul has to provide the organism with strength, or the body would go to sleep for the earth and death would occur.
Anyone who can conquer it, sees in it all his stages and remains master in his own area, he gets to know both life and death.
But death does not let itself be conquered quickly; many victims have had to pay the price with their bodies.
Every nerve has to be conquered, yes, every thought!
How is our life filled, how is our thinking and feeling, when we are attuned to God’s laws?
The immeasurable then comes into our life and the initiated have to be able to represent that universe, know and experience the laws of it during their disembodiment of will.
The soul is now faced with millions of dangers and is completely alone in this.
No one can help her, not one soul on this side has forced her to this, because on this side the terrible danger is known.
We come across all these laws on our path; you will get to know them, because the Other Side will lighten your path upwards.
The path we will soon walk has been travelled thousands of times by us in this world. We are ready, completely aware of the dangers; we have conquered all of them!
Hereby, we learned that God is love and has given His universe to people like us.
We also learned that it is God’s wish that we master His laws, but while serving, giving our own life to others.
In the place of it, God gives us worldly wisdom, which is cosmically deep.
The astral laws of the Other Side are therefore one law for both the East and the West, the boundless land which people on earth speak of, and of which so little is still known.
However, to get to know that land with all those boundless possibilities, it is necessary to move forward slowly, certainly not hastily, or we will no longer return.
My aim is to initiate you calmly and, nevertheless, to make the astral light shine powerfully on all these grades and laws, if you are ready to be able to follow me soon, or all these so beautiful explanations on my part will be no good to you, since your inner life refuses!
The Oriental knows this land; he has given many of his incarnations for this knowledge.
The Western inner life does not know it, and it is full to the brim with social nonsense.
An Oriental guide is dearly paid for, you in the West got this guide for nothing and namely through Christ.
You just have to surrender your life and then enter the adorned universe, which has no value for many people, because they see their sins and faults forgiven.
These souls are naturally conscious, they learned to know God’s sacred Child through their own study, life experience, they now know that Christ did not die on Golgotha for nothing.
You will wonder what this has to do with the occult laws?
Did I not tell you that the East is searching, it wants to get to know God through the laws, and you in the West have received Christ’s Evangelism?
Your guide was received through His blood, His death.
The Oriental devotes his own life to it and achieves nothing.
Truly, it is worthwhile getting to know all of this. It is only then that you will awaken from your sleep, which is material deep and destructive for our life.
Your life is standing still in comparison to that of the people from the Far East, they search, beg and worship God in order to be able to awaken; and it is the purpose of their whole life.
The Other Side wants to multiply your life.
You then come into connection with the astral laws and especially, mainly really, with God and Christ.
This multiplication presents you with the true Golgotha, you start to feel and understand the Divine Trinity, but it is the occult laws which analyse your life minutely, as no human being could, even if that human being knows something about the astral world.
Even if you have read numerous books, you grasp this, which is now given to you, embrace your life and takes you temporarily from the daily drudge to the Infinite.
Then to think that you can hereby sit quietly in your own circle, you do not need to close your eyes and that no meditation is required in order to obtain this consciousness.
The Other Side wants you to awaken as a human being and get to know the laws of God so that you possess being eternal, even if you feel little of it during your earthly life.
Have the courage and the trust, release your inner life completely during our unity and surrender to the Other Side, it is only then that the astral laws speak for your own consciousness.
You will then feel what a medium is, which is now mocked!
It is only then that it will be possible for you to understand that the Oriental instrument cannot equal the Western, which is very natural, because, as I already remarked, the East is searching for itself and the West can only receive.
If the Western medium wants to serve, the Other Side takes this life upwards and it is in our hands.
Again, only a few live in the East who let themselves be led because these souls want to be enriched.
Since these lives still posses their own obtained natural instinct, they feel this togetherness under their own power and follow a study as a result of this.
Therefore, the Oriental inner life is completely one with nature and it laws and cannot act any differently, this life lives in it.
The Western inner life is outside nature, has completely separated, because your society cause this split.
The Western inner life is attached to earthly possessions; the Eastern leaves everything ice-cold and surrenders to the spiritual possession.
The Oriental child has learned to have to lose everything, to devote itself to this wisdom, of which the Western still does not have any concept.
Yet, that is necessary, if you wish to serve as a medium. The Other Side and the astral laws demand it of you as the personality.
Immediately we are now faced with the upward journey in the spirit.
The East is searching for itself and is really standing still in its life.
As astrally conscious people we do not come to visit them in their work, we cannot help them anyway, because our own lives would stand still.
Just believe me, our life wants to go higher, achieve more and more, as a human being we want to go back to God.
How do we wish to assure ourselves through them of the higher grades of life in the Divine universe?
Is this serving?
We will achieve nothing by this sitting down.
It is so simple; all those people are looking for themselves, as a result of which I wish to show that we cannot reach them inwardly.
Because of this sitting down they close themselves off to the conscious spiritual influence, which only an astral master can give.
An initiate experiences God’s wisdom by serving this life, although we know that he does not exceed his own consciousness.
By showing you this, we are faced with everything or nothing.
Everything is in our hands, nothing in the hands of those who want to be a part of the astral happiness under their own power.
They receive a glimpse of God’s immeasurable light and they return to their bodies as happy children, happiness radiates from their faces and the blessed longing to serve, to make others happy, to give them what they have found out, their God!
Dear reader, we are not satisfied with this!
We do not feel anything for speaking through ignorant people, as has happened for centuries.
Now our instruments live on earth, through them you will receive the very last, the true divine concept, knowledge!
The Oriental child makes itself happy if others want to listen to the worldly wisdom it has obtained. We have distanced ourselves from everything that can move the human heart.
We have consciously entered the laws of God. We do not risk anything, not even your inclination to doubt; the laws of God now have to speak to your life.
These Oriental children return and do not know the astral laws; they do not have the time for this, life passes too quickly.
Few people in the East can analyse the astral laws for you, even if they have experienced a number of them.
This possibility and wisdom are part of our lives, that of the spirit.
We do not hesitate to explain these to you, because God wants you to become conscious on earth.
Nevertheless, it also shows that the East cannot equal the Western medium in our hands, because we as cosmically conscious beings mastered these laws and now let the earthly instrument experience them.
Now we avoid all astral dangers, knowing that a higher power helps us.
The astral experience lives in our lives, and has become conscious and belongs to us.
Our study is high above that of the East; no Oriental can master it, because we have left the material life.
We have become law!
The astral personality wants to serve!
The Oriental medium experiences black magic, and undergoes the physical laws.
That is descending into muddy worlds, walking inaccessible paths which a fakir and magician travel if they are searching for the dark, wanting to live it up at the expense of other lives, because they also know this type in the East.
These people want to be something, want to mean something on earth and now devote their own lives.
They are capable of everything; walk over dead bodies if necessary, if they come across opposition from the material being.
This is an occult medium in the lowest grade; it is branded by his deeds, experiencing magic laws.
His longing to be something means nothing to us, it no longer has any meaning for us as conscious beings, we already discarded and conquered those coarse-material and sometimes pre-animal-like longings centuries ago.
The Oriental in this grade of the occult laws wants spiritual sensation, which closes him off to our wisdom.
There is more through which I can show you, that the Oriental medium cannot approach the Western in our hands.
The very highest an initiate can master, which is to him the conscious divine thoughts and feelings, the astral knowledge.
In order to be able to experience that sacredness he sits down and offers up his own life.
Yet, still living on earth, he now floats in feeling and as an astral personality in the universe, he is now between life and death.
Worshipping the highest, he now actually goes upwards while kneeling, purely inspired and asking to be able to see divine mercy!
No one can help him on this side, not one soul, because he is tuned into himself.
However, the Western medium is connected to our sacredness!
A conscious and cosmically deep master guides the earthly instrument, takes this life from sphere to sphere, from grade to grade, from world to world and explains to him on this side the laws of God.
These two souls go hand in hand in order to convince you on earth of your eternal life.
Now God’s blessing rests on these lives!
Christ brought this mercy to earth and died for it!
God wants nothing more than this unity, borne by the conscious knowledge of a higher spirit, His serving love.
He wants His children to awaken.
Everything that the earthly medium meets is wonderful, those things are sanctifying, blessed, the reality of which he can perceive.
This master can be a sovereign of love, one of the highest angels in our life, who has received a task from the higher powers in the universe and now serves in the name of God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit!
This mercy is only experienced by a few on your earth, because the worldly wisdom from our existence is connected to time and order, which has to touch your life, as well as that of Mother Earth.
She is a spiritual evolution in herself.
Now we speak on this side of a mission!
The medium that receives this task during the earthly existence is a privileged soul, and divinely blessed.
This medium gets to know God’s universe, only through the cosmically conscious, to whom he surrenders unconditionally.
The Eastern medium cannot experience this.
Since this life wants to search for himself, and is tuned in for himself, we cannot reach this inner life.
Closed off to this reality, this child follows its own difficult path, on which it has to receive one torment after another.
We prevent that, despite the fact that our mediums also have their battles to fight.
Going hand in hand is given to the privileged, after many laws determined that the inner life is intact for this work.
Incredible wisdom is now given to this life and with this wisdom the life of the soul returns to the material existence, after which the master records it.
This is receiving consciously!
It is also: being elevated above everything.
People do not know this certainty in the East; people in the East would devote many lives to this consecration if the possibility were offered.
Although a number of good initiates have lived in the East, there has not been one who was able to announce consciously the treasures received from the Three-unities, since he continually sought for his own self.
They yearned for this material assistance, even if these saints thought that they were united with God and had reached divine unity.
God spoke to their lives, they said, the invisible and visible God.
However, we know that they have taken from the Spheres of Light, from that what exists.
And God is Spirit!
However, the spirit of God has had to accept a world of existence, which is the heaven built up by the first people, the kingdom of spirit.
However, the inhabitants of this heaven once lived on earth as human beings.
Is he God?
Really, God lives in you, He placed His spark in you, and you are divine.
The East says that it has spoken to God and that can happen just as well from the existing.
The Oriental occultists tuned into that and experienced this divinity.
We know very certainly that they felt around like saints, only experienced the laws of God from their own world, or the true Divine would have put an end to their earthly life.
Not one soul on our side would be able to deal with the divine, consciously attuned, inspiration, which is going through us and pushing us upwards.
We would succumb!
Our life has no resistance to this, those powers are not within us, and we still have to master them, even if we have reached the heavens just as those sovereigns of love.
Our conscious life would be denied us and we would dissolve completely!
Is an earthly soul then capable of dealing with that?
Can the life of the soul see God from the earth and pass into God, the All-embracing?
Can God, the Omniscient, let the trivial soul system of the earth work at full power?
We know that the sparks from it would fly around your ears if God spoke to your life for one millionth of a second, and let you feel that He is Divine!
“I went to infinity”, an Eastern saint once told me, “and then I spoke to God.
I cannot prove it as an earthly feeling being.
I can give the secret to you, if you can accept my life.”
At that moment, having entered the highest ecstasy, the highest sleep in trance, in which disembodiment is experienced as a conscious and thinking emotional being – a state in which this soul could not go any higher – I followed this saint and sympathized with him.
Believe me, dear reader, I then spoke in the name of God to this life. I said that I lived in the All and represented God.
But, I said, I am a human being!
When he heard these words, this life closed itself off, the soul returned to the body, since it has now succumbed astrally.
In his sacred ecstasy disturbances occurred, the master lost himself, it could have meant his death.
Yet, we then entered the fourth sphere on this side.
Now what, if this life would experience the highest heavens?
How must his consciousness deal with the laws of life on our side and God’s universe?
To reach so high under one’s own power is an impossibility.
The East still does not know our life.
The Other Side tells you this.
Does the East, where occultism came into existence, not know the laws of life and death?
No, we tell you, it is not possible.
These laws, which speak of God’s omnipresence, surpass the powers of the organism, and cannot be experienced by one human being, because the grade of life stands for succumbing.
With a great deal of force the doors of his little soul dwelling are beaten in by the rolling roar which the astral laws represent for someone who is involved in them.
People do not know this way of thinking in the East, because it belongs to our astral consciousness.
The West will now receive this sanctity.
Again through Christ, only through God’s Holy Child.
Since the Oriental being is busy searching for astral wisdom under his own power, this life closes itself off completely for wanting to serve, so that this consciousness can no longer be reached.
Since the East does not possess your own consciousness, which you received through Christ, even if you are split as a Westerner, your medium is still above the Oriental, since we can elevate this life into our consciousness.
This life has learned to know Christ, his life of the soul has awakened through Christ.
For the Western medium, the highest heavens are open, for the Oriental inner life under its own power only the world to which this life has attunement.
Do not go higher or further, say the astral laws or you will murder yourself.
You will later get to know how that murdering of one’s own life takes place, when we follow the existence of the first magician or fakir.
It is a fact that the Oriental medium cannot approach the Western one, if this instrument is in our hands.
According to the consciousness of the master, this medium receives worldly wisdom.
This worldly wisdom should be brought to humanity, and in our life, it is in the hands of the order of masters.
These cosmically conscious beings ensure this contact; they give everything of themselves to the earthly instrument, which likewise serves.
Now God can speak to your life because these masters have learned to know God, and they are continually in contact with the conscious Divine All.
However, the East closes itself off completely to this.
The initiated life for the East can only receive these laws if it is open to serving love.
It is only now that it is possible for an astral personality to help that life.
Many saints lived in the East, true masters for the many people who followed them, and yet, only one in thousands have learned to know the very highest.
Certain centuries attract these saints because their lives are part of the human evolution.
There can be a question of consciously receiving, but then this life is born for it on earth.
The spiritual order for which this inner life serves sent it back to the earth, as many prophets for the West received the own life.
The rest of these thousands of mediums are searching from the material consciousness for the heavenly treasures and now neglect the temporary self.
The astral laws build a spiritual but real wall for them; none of them is capable of knocking down this enclosure.
If they wish to acquire spiritual wisdom, then these people first have to conquer these obstacles.
After what you now know, is it so unlikely that despite their school of learning, many people go to pieces?
The conscious master on this side does not think of letting himself and his instrument struggle against the barrier, this conscious being knows the stone building and destroys it completely as a result of his serious will and vigorous personality, and walks through it.
It will be clear to you that for this purpose he belongs to the Spheres of Light, because a dark soul does not know himself.
This master takes his instrument to the highest heavens; on the other hand, the Oriental medium takes himself into black magic, to the deepest hells of the darkness.
The Oriental medium can descend into the deepest darkness, go quite so deep as he wants to and experience his magic. The highest grades of life take him to the chill of death, and his material grave, it comes into existence as a result of his own power and willingness.
He buries himself in a natural and independent way, and now experiences his death.
You can also descend into the earthly life and experience the laws of God; for the ascension in the spirit, you are faced with bowing your head, with the omnipresence of God.
If you wish to absorb some of this into your life, reach an astral spiritual height, and then you must enter one life after another, because you do not achieve anything in one earthly life.
Reaching higher than your consciousness possesses in feeling, will soon take you to the collapse, the succumbing of your inner life.
You now have to accept that this higher world of existence completely closes you off.
Those are the life laws for you as an earthly being that have to be experienced and cannot be avoided.
Wilfully or unwilfully, these laws obstruct your life path for going higher; they act with power and call you to the divine halt.
Does God not demand of all His children to experience His existing laws and to master them?
Well, they point you to the future existence.
And people want to receive that future without a struggle.
Many mediums in the West reach too high, search for the true gifts and want to serve, they want to be somebody like many Orientals.
Whether the enviable feeling lives within them, is still the stumbling block for them, like the pulling of two mules which stand in front of their food and exert the same powers from either side in order to reach that enviable.
It is for our world going forwards and backwards at the same time, wasting natural powers, after which collapse usually follows.
It can be followed how some people still assume wisdom, but their consciousness is not open to it.
They live too high in their own world.
Anyone who wants to remove himself too high from the earthly life outside God’s guidance feels in the darkness.
You must not be surprised now at what he says.
Chaos descended into this life, because, as I already told you, the laws of God do not stand for any nonsense.
In order to gain that wisdom you have to experience many lives; in the following existence, you will probably feel how deep our life and your own life is, and you will be ready to serve as a medium.
My concern is to show you how you arrived at your inner life, that makes you suitable in order to serve as a medium for our world.
If you want to know the answer, I advise you to follow your own life.
The sensitivity of a medium is a precious possession, which can only be received after experiencing many lives.
The soul experiences the occult laws in all these lives and in one life the feeling obtained will reveal itself to our life.
We as astral beings draw from that inner life.
We give you our feeling back and now the gifts, which we still keep under our control, manifest themselves.
The East can show you how extremely difficult everything is.
The consciousness of the earth is obtained laboriously.
In order to make something of that life, to rhyme into a wonderful poem, so that you feel that your life has obtained depth, can only happen as a result of suffering and sorrow.
The soul now lives in a heightened consciousness, knowing that another personality elevates it, and then general surrender follows.
We are then temporarily dominant.
You can be honest about it: what other people achieve appears incredible to you.
You have to learn that first.
This is the obtained consciousness, which belongs to the other life.
Put clearly: the feeling of other people cannot be bought!
Everyone knows that on earth, and yet people reach for the spiritual treasures that belong to our world, which were suffered and fought for, and as a result the life received consciousness!
For science, I already said, the soul received these properties, for our life, they are the astral laws, the consciousness of this soul.
It was able to master this emotional power as a result of many lives on earth.
Or do you imagine that I explained the astral grades of feeling to you for the fun of it?
You would not have understood yourself.
These grades of feeling have spiritual and astral meaning.
That spiritual means and shows that you still live on earth.
For our world these grades are astral, we have left the material life.
These grades go strongly directed upwards, consciously feeling perceiving the life and become the possession of the human being.
As a result of experience, the life on this side reached that stage and that also applies to you on earth, with that difference that they are both spiritual and material for you.
The personality took shape because of it, but the experiences built up this personality.
The fall of yourself and the collapse of the personality in daily life show you the path to this development.
Do numerous lives not perish, because they have to accept going to pieces?
Is life on earth so meaningless, so worthlessly simple that everyone can master spiritual gifts, can assume the gifts of other people?
I am not talking now about the astral gifts, because they do not lie within your reach, although numerous people have assumed them, as a result of which they sully and squander our life.
This is the main reason why the masters send us to the earth, in order to convince you of the spiritual gifts, so that you will be ready in order to be able to receive these people.
Now I still do not speak of the laws of our life as a result of which the spiritual gifts obtained one’s own existence, but which is nevertheless reached for, as for the trivial jewel or your child’s ball.
What kind of people are they who feel neither fear nor trembling but consciously lower themselves to spiritual thieves?
We will meet them on our path; we have the full opportunity to check their dark existence.
Those people think that they possess the feeling for the spiritual gifts; however, they only experience their own fantasy, willingly and unwillingly and have no concept of the evil that they actually do.
As a human being, you have experienced numerous lives for these gifts, because God did not give you the feeling for it.
In our infinity, there is no injustice.
Every soul can master the feeling for it, but one’s own life has to be devoted to everything; the spiritual gift is too precious.
You went through the darkness for this, from temple to temple, as a result your inner life has created the fundamental basis for the spiritual gifts, that is now the inner life in which you live.
For you this is now the subconscious, about which so much has been written and spoken and people still know very little about, but from which we sometimes draw in order to be able to elevate you into our life.
You will get to know how this subconscious received form and admire the great miracle of it.
You will especially experience how we have to close off this subconscious, if we want to come to you undisturbed in order to pass our thoughts to you.
Your day-conscious self is influenced by it and sometimes completely disengaged, which are laws and mean grades for the occult phenomena. Your day-consciousness, I just said, is influenced by it, but your personality is the progressive part that has to represent this power of feeling.
The question, how much feeling people can master in one earthly life, cannot be established or calculated by your academics.
Your scientifically practised psychologist cannot fathom this depth, all the less so because he still does not accept a conscious continuence after death.
We on this side tell you that you perhaps destroy more in one life than you build up.
And that happens willingly and unwillingly, consciously and unconsciously, of which the conscious action breaks the personality.
Descending into a dark sphere then awaits you and no one other than yourself is to blame for it.
In your subconscious lie qualities that immediately find attunement to the spiritual gifts since they belong to love.
The more love you possess, the sooner you will be open to our life, because someone who does not possess love, cannot be reached.
The dark attunement of our life means nothing to you and that is exactly the same for you on earth.
There is no pardon in this either!
The second question is: how is your life tuned towards the Other Side?
Is the feeling within you to want to serve?
The love problem also dominates the personality in this, wanting to serve from the conscious feeling for sensation completely closes you off to this world.
What is your faith like?
Is there doubt in your inner life?
These are qualities that are in direct connection with our life and accelerate or destroy the elevation into our world, so that we have to accept we are powerless.
Does your inner life have attunement to the first sphere?
That concerns qualities, which your psychologist cannot fathom with regard to our world, but which mean grades of life to us.
The seven grades of feeling on this side are decisive in all respects for the spiritual gifts, of which you as a medium have to master the higher illuminating grades, or you cannot be elevated into our world.
The astral laws consider your life.
You will also be faced with your own personality in our life, after death nothing has changed in your life.
You can determine what your spiritual attunement on earth is like from your own life.
You received attunement to one of these grades and namely the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material or spiritual grade, your hell or heaven on this side.
From all your deeds, your thoughts and feelings you can see your life before you, you know, for example, very certainly whether you truly possess love.
On this side, you can consider your own life, but during your earthly life you see yourself placed in it, your life shows it to you.
Would you not find this worthwhile, now that you know that your life is temporary?
The medium is faced with these grades and his own life, now this life has to want to serve.
Every human being possesses the characteristics which are in connection with the hells and the heavens, and of which the lower characteristics have to be conquered, if you wish to be able to serve as a medium.
These characteristics represent you on this side, and keep the personality imprisoned or, take you spiritually upwards.
Now each characteristic is a world, a sphere in our life, a hell or heaven in life after death.
Within me is the longing to show you that many lives are needed before you have reached a spiritual grade.
You have to experience hundreds of lives before mediumship is a part of you, if you wish to be ready for the mediumistic gifts.
For us it is then possible to elevate you into our life through the different possibilities of communication.
Many people long for the spiritual gifts, are still not that far, and just assume the gifts.
If these people cannot be stopped, then they sully our life and the Other Side lives in their fantasy, what you are told occurred in their own brain.
The grades of life call a halt to them and our world cannot be reached for them.
If your characteristics do not possess the spiritual sensitivity, the Other Side can achieve nothing, your personality refuses to experience, so that there is no question of spiritual unity.
According to the laws of our life your earthly life can be considered, in addition, it can be established what your spiritual attunement is like.
If you can give love and are capable of seriously working on yourself, then you will enter a higher grade of your own accord when your end has come and the soul experiences returning to God in your own stage.
If you do not wish to lose any time, sincerely represent your spiritual welfare, then you may not stand still for a second on this path, which has been travelled, in order to become released from all the material laws that have connected your life to the earth.
It is certainly worthwhile to devote the best of your life to this.
After death you possess your own Kingdom of God and the illuminating spheres, heavens are open to you.
We devoted all of ourselves in our life to this purpose, but we got to know the astral laws in addition, of which the pure spiritual love has blessed our life.
You can consider your character as a tree, which is full of leaves and spreads its beautiful colours.
Your material garment, given to you by God, can radiate and possess great adornment, as the whole of nature exhibits when spring makes life awaken.
Every leaf is a characteristic and there are thousands of leaves on your life tree, which is the personality.
All these characteristics will represent your life on this side one day, and as a result of that tree you will get to know yourself, which is still a great problem for you on earth.
You have to work on all these characteristics, adorn them and provide them with love, so that they cannot take the personality downwards unexpectedly.
Believe me, many people were suddenly felled outside their own knowledge, struck down and entered another lower life as an astral personality.
They also lay down in this world, broken, unconscious for a long time.
Discouraged, disconsolate, broken inside, they had to take control of their wreck washed ashore here; they had to set up again, because life goes on.
Completely thrown off balance, they therefore entered the astral world.
On earth they had no fear for death, on the other hand, in them lived the longing to keep that life, to remain on earth for eternity.
But what can be done if death is the ruler on earth and God wants the astral laws to be experienced by all His children?
The moaning of all these people comes to us, their whole attitude is begging, needy and this is the moment for the higher life to help these people.
These souls are faced with their own life attunement and have to conquer that!
If you have conquered all these characteristics on earth, that is the inner life that has attunement to the spiritual gifts and you can serve as a medium.
Faith and love, the great longing to be able to be in connection with our world, makes many people think that the spiritual gifts can be given to them.
If the eternal life now speaks from the subconscious to the day-conscious self, this happens without this life of the soul realising for one moment that it is speaking to itself.
The answer comes; the question asked comes forward from the subconscious and now tells about life after death.
This questioning, and answering of these longings for oneself is frightening.
Immature for these deep laws, the life of the soul experiences itself and is now faced with madness.
The futile feeling which brought this soul to the threshold of spiritual gifts is not enough to actually be able to participate in our work, however gladly this side wants it.
Because of this I received the possibility to show you that a medium who searches is standing still in development.
The East and the West have to accept these laws.
Both mediums are longing and search for a spiritual contact and now serve themselves!
This becomes credible if we see that the medium has to be empty, if we want to be able to take possession of this life, in order to prevent the consciously attuned personality from dominating us. Because now the great difference comes to light; the Oriental medium studies and the Westerner can only receive, if it at least does not assume the gift.
As a result of this expression of will they close themselves off to the higher conscious life!
The Oriental wants to experience phenomena, conquer the laws of the organism, after which the spiritual grades follow.
The spiritual yogi follows the astral path and next to him lives the initiate; both beings close themselves off to black magic.
The Western medium now feels in the dark, adheres to the spiritual gifts and now experiences being himself, because spirits of light cannot reach him.
Spiritually serving only comes forward if these people still experience phenomena outwith their own longings, which dominate the inner life astrally.
The phenomena determine from which grade of life they come and which personality they represent.
It can soon be established how these spiritual longings influence your life and now you get to know high and low, the darkness or the light.
Now the Other Side speaks, which can take your life upwards or lower it.
Only the initiate in the East is open to our life, but since this person does not want to accept all influence from outside, masters from our life cannot achieve any contact.
The astral laws call everyone to a halt; otherwise many people would buy the necessary feeling for themselves and would suddenly be gifted.
People would then enter the heightened consciousness under their own power, and in this way, there would be a great chaos on earth and in the universe.
The human being has to master the laws of God, experience all these material and spiritual grades of feeling in order to return to God.
The Oriental now does not exceed his own consciousness; only the Western medium can be given that, because they are open to our world.
The spiritual food, which is now received, is supernatural.
As a result of this serving, the highest masters can give their wisdom to the earth.
That wisdom comes from a source in which the conscious people live, who are angels, since they take their lives upwards.
These mediums can experience all the spiritual gifts; the physical and psychic laws now belong to the very greatest of the earth.
As a result of the Other Side, the instrument experiences great miracles.
The East is also searching for these miracles.
You can meet thousands of these people there; you already come across them in the street.
They are mostly the descended, the failures, who talk nonsense.
The good magician or fakir does not show himself in the street, they are rare.
Those whom you meet in the street have learned to concentrate, now play with life and death and find their food and drink as a result of it.
The great magician is also a miracle to them.
But one in thousands of people, occultists, will achieve something.
The rest has succumbed in their study!
Those who pretend to be masters in the magic laws are usually part of the living dead, because for our world there is nothing to be mastered, we have the spiritual gifts under our own control.
The initiate hides himself from curiosity, he watches over his sanctity, or his life will be sullied.
The Western medium in our hands was born for his task and he now serves the astral world.
Now the surrender of the inner life is longed for, after which the master completely elevates this life.
This instrument experiences the psychic gifts.
Because of these miracles humanity reaches evolution, the Other Side does not serve the destruction, the masters no longer descend into the mud and material misery.
The medium has to follow these laws or is eliminated; it is therefore clear that we are no longer open to lies and deception.
The sanctity of our life is brought by this contact to humanity; the Other Side is open to this happiness and follows the path of Christ.
Fakirs and magicians can possess clairvoyance, if possible cure and predict the future, for the Other Side it is the burrowing in the dark and experiencing black magic.
The spiritually conscious yogi searches for the higher life, he wants to enrich himself by getting to know himself and the material systems, after which he hopes to experience the release from his body.
The ultimate for him is like the initiate seeing into the universe, mastering the astral wisdom, his God!
The sober West has no lack of charlatans either who want to possess the spiritual gifts.
If there is no question of spiritual contact, these people just assume the gifts and play the medium.
They read cards, do psychometrics for you, but represent lies and deception.
Mostly these men and women still think that they are serving our world, pass on spiritual messages to those who are searching and now muddy our world, sully the spiritual gifts and have no respect for our sanctity.
However, now it has gone so far that the Other Side will speak, and you will get to know them.
The Western medium can only feel under his own power, as each dog and cat also possesses this ability, and in this way, he tries to see into your life.
It is the fathoming of your grade of life, your inner life, and he now absorbs into himself what comes to him through telepathic transfer.
His psychic abilities have no meaning for our world.
On our path, I will get the full opportunity to show you it.
After all of this, it must be clear to you that all these grades of feeling are already represented on earth.
We must follow and analyse all laws and grades, if you wish to receive a clear picture of the present western occultism.
Now that humanity is faced with spiritual awakening, the Other Side comes to the earth and spreads the powerful light from life after death on all these divine laws that have to be experienced by you as a human being.
In addition, we will follow the East and ancient Egypt together, make comparisons with your own grade of life, determine lawfully what is possible, and then check what is a part of deception.
Even if I perhaps repeated some sayings, forgive me, it is necessary, or later, you will not understand these deep laws.
I have had to explain the grades differently for you, because we descend into the deepest grades for the gifts and the occult laws that Mother Earth gave you as a human being, but of which little is known about.
In your life peace and quiet will come, full understanding, as a result of entering into all these laws, after which spiritual awakening will alleviate your life on earth.