Who has not heard of haunting?
Everyone, but who can explain the laws of haunting?
The parapsychologists search for them, want to analyse the ghost, but up until now their senses have let them down.
They never reach a result scientifically, because the analysis lives on this side.
Every ghost is a spirit.
That is also the only thing that people on earth actually know about this, even if many people have tried to represent the ghost.
There were parapsychologists who locked themselves up with the ghost, but when the ghost started haunting they had enough of it and ran out of the haunted house, they trembled and shook so much from the whole haunting experience.
When the ghost manifested itself, they thought it was better to just disappear as quickly as possible and these academics were absolutely right in this, because ghosts can be dangerous.
The ghost gave them the creeps, scared them off, also threw stones and rattled chains.
All the things a ghost can do!
Rattle chains, walk up and down stairs, and behave in a really haunting manner during the night when the clock has struck twelve.
Because at night people are no longer sure of themselves, and then the ghosts begin precisely, it is then the time to think of their task.
The roughest type of ghosts, the grade for the phenomenon is clearer, and is usually represented by the suicide.
A suicide experiences the haunting and it is the experiencing of its own misery, in which he plunged himself, because no one told him to end his life.
People have also forced people to kill themselves, but those souls do not haunt.
Do you not find that strange?
Yet, I speak the truth, because this is the way it is.
The human being who puts an end to his life voluntarily becomes a ghost, because he has trampled the laws of God and those laws call him to a spiritual halt.
The suicide is tied to his place. That place keeps him prisoner, until the laws are experienced.
It is only then that the soul can go where it wants to itself.
In order to give you a clear picture of what haunting really is, I will now give you my own story of haunting.
If you have read my previous book “The Cycle of the Soul”, I do not need to tell you anymore.
You will then know my ghosts, even if I have not told everything in that work.
In one of my thousands of lives, I ended my life, by hanging.
I hung next to my spiritual body on the bars of the cell in which I was incarcerated.
When it became too much for me and I encountered another world that attracted me when I heard voices of people who promised me all kinds of things, I ended my life, but was miserably deceived.
Hanging on the bars, I experienced another world, because I was not dead.
I had broken the fluid cord, which connects both organisms, but I was alive and then I started to haunt.
I did not belong in that life and yet I was there and because of this I rebelled.
I strangled myself, but the real strangling only started in the other life.
Then I strangled myself again because my noose tortured me and I could not become released from it.
After my death, I burrowed into myself and the guards heard that burrowing.
I pulled at my body, because I was conscious of everything, so that the corpse on the bars swayed back and forth.
My guards also saw that and they ran out of my cell.
I had started haunting then.
However, I wanted to be released from that corpse, I did not want more than that.
I could not yet understand whether I did that too seriously. Despite that, the corpse shook back and forth and I became a ghost story myself.
I can now talk about it a bit more easily, however then I experienced all that frightening misery, which completely broke me.
I was attached to the organism and could not free myself.
What would happen?
When I still lived on earth, I did not believe in ghosts.
Who can accept all those dreadful stories?
If people had told me beforehand that I would be a ghost myself a year afterwards, I would have laughed out loud.
Me a ghost?
Do not make me laugh!
However, my own life decided otherwise and I haunted, and in what a way!
I was aware of everything.
I saw that the guards walked away quickly, because I could see through the walls of my dungeon, everything was transparent.
How petty, I thought, I am not doing them any harm, am I?
How childish an unconscious being is.
If these people had known what my situation was, I believe for sure that they themselves would have dared to speak to my corpse, because it gave a sign of life.
I behaved very frighteningly and even asked them for forgiveness.
I could not help it; after all, I now lived in this misery.
Less than an hour before, I was still a human being and now a ghost.
Do you understand it?
I experienced this law!
However, anyone who heard me then, thought: that is a devil.
Yet, I was a poor sculptor, an ordinary artist. I wanted to create, but I created great misery.
Now I can even thank God for all the suffering experienced, or I would not be able to tell you anything about the haunting, but you see what purpose my suffering experienced served.
I can therefore tell you that a suicide experiences the most awful of all the grades for haunting. This grade buries itself.
This grade experiences the decay of the own garment, of the dead body.
And that haunting is no longer haunting, but the most inhuman misery in which a human being can place himself.
You can now call out and moan as loudly as you like, no one can help you, neither on this side nor on the earth.
You are hanging and will remain hanging, or you live in your own grave and remain in it. The corpse must first be decomposed and you are attached to that rotting corpse. You experience the devouring of your own skeleton.
Madness is child’s play in comparison to this haunting.
Call out as loudly as you can, they cannot hear you anyway, but when you have connection with the earth, people hear your moaning in the whole surroundings.
That is the howling of your jackal, but now emitted by a human being; whereby in this case the jackal just emits a weak cry.
The guards came the following morning in order to collect and bury me.
I had to go into the grave with my own corpse!
That is impossible!
Did people not know that I was alive?
Did I have to follow that decay?
In a short time, the vermin crawled through my soul, and I experienced the gnawing away of my heart. I remained one with the material organism.
Can you imagine such a thing?
Millions of little animals lived in my life.
I therefore succumbed hundreds of times, in order to regain consciousness anyway and they had still not finished my poor body.
Would this horror never end?
Then the haunting started.
I pulled at the astral cord that held me connected to the body and wanted to leave.
While pulling, I screamed, so dreadfully, that I myself became afraid of it.
I now saw other prisoners, who dragged stone blocks behind them and they also haunted.
That dragging was still heard and likewise my cursing and screaming, so that only a few guards could deal with it, the rest succumbed and had to be continually replaced.
The small island housed many ghosts.
Here I learned to know the grades of the ghost, because each ghost haunted through his own grade of life and consciousness for this world.
All of us knew exactly what we were doing.
When my bones were eaten bare, I became free of that system and stopped haunting.
The others stumbled onwards, until they were also released from their own law of life, which had plunged them into this misery.
When these souls walked past the guards, they heard the earthly human child, which was no longer even afraid, say: “Silence, a mass of misery is passing.
Can you hear it?
Can you hear the stone blocks?
Those are prisoners who committed suicide. I could tell you the names.
I know them, all of them who lived here.
Poor chaps.”
This man deserves a heaven for everything that he gave to these poor ghosts at that moment.
His thoughts, each of his words, were received by us.
That “poor chaps” mean food and drink to us, placed us on a cushion of down, took me back to my parental home, our castle, and I experienced the pampering of my carer again.
We stumbled onwards, I wanted to be with them, but I was dead tired. The cord to which I was attached became continually tighter, until I had to give it up in order to continue and I spluttered back into my grave.
“Can you still do it?” the others asked.
“No”, was my answer, “I ...!”
Then I lay again between my own skeleton.
Every day we went for our walks, only in the evening we were heard.
During the day, people do not hear any ghosts; the light does not allow any condensation.
Had you thought that?
Did I not tell you that the light does not allow any condensation?
As a result of the daylight, the human auras do not reach condensation.
Moreover, we did not live in the astral world, but in the half-waking consciousness, between life and death, in the world in which we showed our phenomena.
And because all of us could not enter that other world, we haunted.
However, as evening fell, we came closer to the earth and once it was midnight this condensation comes about.
One of the guards says:
“Can you not see them?
Listen, they are approaching.
They are close-by.
There they are.”
He heard it very clearly.
We were quiet ghosts; others do it differently and are forceful. Every ghost is different, and every type of ghost has its own character.
How could it be otherwise, because they are human beings.
The prisoners who were in my cell, wanted out again, because it was still haunted.
This is a shadow of me.
Since I was still not released from my organism, I still haunted in my cell.
Yet, I no longer lived there, that ghost already belonged to the past.
It is the splitting of the personality for haunting, because I was the real ghost that lived in the grave and was attached to its own corpse.
Then it scared the living daylights out of those poor people.
However, that phenomenon could not stop before I had come to peace, but I only learned to know and understand that much later. Then I could master these laws, because of course I wanted to know everything about them.
However, can you accept that what shakes us awake as a human being, continues until we have reached that peace ourselves?
Which means: woe betides he who does something evil, other people take over that same evil.
That human being is never released from those other souls, because those other people keep him alive, even if he has started to look for the good.
Those souls continually kick him back into misery.
A writer of bad books gave his works to mankind. He did not realize what he was doing.
The books were devoured.
The man had already forgotten his works long ago, wanted to forget, but he could not.
The people now stopped him in his development.
The pain and the misery that he felt in our life because of the passions described in his books, make an astral ghost of him.
He could curse the people who still read his books.
It could not help him, and he remained in his own created misery.
It was only when his books were read to pieces that he could start on the higher life, but now there must not be a writer who liked his writing, or he would be attached to his own ideas again, which tortured him in an astral way.
You see, that is creating, experiencing suffering and sorrow through the own will, but through other people.
He shook the human soul awake and that life took him into his hell.
He could not free himself from this, and the last thought kicked him back in there.
Yet, he had already wanted to start a higher life for some time.
We as human beings must know what we are doing.
If we look for the lowest and other people take it over from us, then we are shackled to our own life attunement because of those other people.
Those are astral laws that God did not create, but we ourselves!
In our life, they call us to a spiritual halt.
Later I therefore also came back to my cell in order to kill that shadow, because it was poisonous to other people.
I contaminated those poor people as a result of it, and their misery was even heightened by it, because just they were left.
A few swings of the arms and then the evil dissolved.
I tuned into the hanging and broke my shadow.
That power could no longer haunt then.
Be aware when you hear a ghost, and be convinced that human misery is speaking to you.
The laws of our life must be experienced and the haunting begins.
These laws keep the ghost prisoner, and yet that soul wants to be released from that misery, away from this dreadful existence.
At the spot where the soul ended its life, they continue to haunt, until the laws are experienced.
That walking back and forth, up stairs and down stairs, is searching for an exit, which is not there.
The soul finds itself in a maze and does not come out of it.This life keeps on going to pieces against the astral laws.
And you can hear that going to pieces on earth, the cursing and sighing and all that suffering, which must move your heart.
If you hear the ghost walking at midnight, if you hear doors slamming, if you hear throwing and the rattling of chains, then the ghost is experiencing the half-material and spiritual grade of life between life and death.
The life of the ghost is now condensed and this is the law of this life.
The soul wanted this itself.
If you feel a cold wind blowing around you, then it is your own breath of life, where, however, the ghost has also entered.
Those are the astral laws for haunting, but every ghost has its own character.
The ghost also hits and kicks, this causes wind, all the summoned feeling of the true character, which wants to be released from this misery.
It can now also be possible that this soul is already released, as I explained about myself a moment ago. Now the shadow haunts.
The ghost is not yet released, not conscious enough to make the shadow dissolve, because conscious is needed for this.
The ghost still gives food to this event and this will remain so until the soul has obtained the higher consciousness.
However, that can take hundreds of years and this is the explanation why a haunted house is contaminated for so long.
Once the astral laws have been experienced, the haunting stops.
Usually the family members of this soul come to its aid.
A mother cannot leave her child alone.
She wants to help that child and that is possible if the child can be helped.
Her love takes her to her own life, which once grew under her maternal heart.
If this soul, as a ghost on earth, was bound hand and foot, then it cannot free itself from the crushing bands and drags them along with it.
That is only possible because it still thinks in an earthly way.
If there was spiritual consciousness in this life, then this soul would throw off its bands and it would continue when the laws are experienced.
Haunting therefore has attunement to the inner life of the soul.
The ghost shows you the true character, and you can establish the consciousness of this life from the haunting itself.
If this soul reaches consciousness, then the haunting changes.
During the day, I already told you, you do not hear ghosts and yet the ghost is present.
However, during the day, this life does not reach the half-material and no condensation is possible.
The daylight disturbs the ghost, and during the day we cannot show direct voice either, the life aura dissolves.
However, that is the earthly contact for the ghost and because of this the chains materialize, it is only now that the rattling can be heard.
Now you hear that walking up and down stairs, it is therefore very simple.
However, if there were no ghosts, no life after death would exist either.
All these people were once children, sweet and happy, the ghost was also born in the mother.
They are your sisters and brothers.
The ghost is like materialization.
If no one haunted, we could not build up any materialization either.
However, if the ghost can condense itself, it is very surely possible for an angel of light.
There are people who hear the rattling, also others who do not.
What is that?
These people possess the mediumistic sensitivity; the other grade lies precisely under it and does not hear anything.
The other grade is too material.
Those who hear it as a human being, feel between life and death.
The directly materialized grade of life sees and hears everyone.
The born sensitivity forces you to.
However, the people who hear nothing, must not try locking themselves up with the ghost.
Now they enter that attunement and the ghost gets contact with them.
Every ghost wants to see and feel people and flings itself at that life warmth, so that you are never sure of your life.
If there is much power in the environment of the ghost, people who possess the mediumistic sensitivity, then the ghost can start to be violent; this is the spiritual and material contact for the ghost.
Now the own materialization follows for the ghost, by means of these powers this soul condenses itself with everything that belongs to this life.
How clear it is, now that you know how the physical phenomena come about.
For a ghost is a physical manifestation, brought about under the own misery.
Usually the soul finds its powers in the environment in order to be able to haunt, but it finds its cause by searching for eternal life.
Every ghost has its own way of haunting.
Some ghosts keep coming at a fixed hour.
That is the hour of destruction.
This hour keeps the soul conscious.
When that hour approaches, the life can no longer concentrate on silence and peace and the soul starts to walk about.
It is because of this that you can establish a fixed hour when the haunting will begin, but this hour is significant to the perished life.
The soul now experiences the destruction again and that keeps coming back, months, no, hundreds of years, while it walks up and down stairs and drags along chains and lumps of stone.
Can you sense what kind of misery is now experienced?
Everything is frightening, but the ghost cannot do you any harm if you possess another grade of life and have attunement to the first sphere in our life.
However, a material characteristic already attunes you to this life and you are no longer sure of your life.
The magical power of the ghost takes you between life and death and this is the end on earth.
This life sucks you completely empty, you are murdered spiritually, because this soul wants to break the loneliness.
Do you know, dear reader, that writing this book is also haunting?
I am now conscious, yet this book was really recorded by a conscious being from this side, or did you think, I have already asked you, that our instrument could do it?
Now I am another ghost.
Yet this is haunting, dear church!
I now haunt towards mankind.
I haunt for the human being on earth in order to convince all those children of God of eternal life.
The ghost is there, but I do not scream now, I now rattle on the typewriter and record all of this outside of the medium.
This haunting is loving, because it tells you about peace and happiness, about the spheres of light and about the glory of Christ.
This is not chain rattling, not sighing and moaning, but the longing feeling to make all of you happy.
Yet, I am also haunting now!
A girl who saw her mother as a spirit apparition, as an angel, was declared a saint by the church.
However, I ask you, who is now the saint, the mother or the girl?
Now that you know that you will never see us if we do not show ourselves?
Nevertheless, another girl sees her mother, who lived badly and calls for help, and the church now says: “You have seen a ghost, a damned being, you are contaminated!”
Yet, dear church, I was damned by my Church Father.
However, when the man entered our life, he fell to his knees in order to ask me for forgiveness.
“Is it true”, the good man said, “can God not damn?
Then I must go back to the earth and I must tell those unconscious beings that they no longer see the own light.”
The church damns everyone, as long as they have committed a sin, but for God evil does not exist!
Despite that, we have to make good for our mistakes.
I damned myself, and yet?
I now live in the fourth sphere, in a heaven of incredible beauty.
I had to make a great deal good, but as a result of this, I learned to know the laws of God.
It took me eight centuries. Other people can achieve it in a hundred years and yet others in a short time, but then those souls serve day and night.
What concerns me is that God does not damn, or I would still be in my own grave in order to continue haunting.
Now I am alive and the universe belongs to me!
I have now come to you through the highest masters on this side in order to explain all these laws to you on earth.
People could not give that to a damned being, even less so to an unconscious ghost.
You see, we have made it, and the churches can take note of this.
The church would prefer to damn me to all eternity, but that is not possible!
God is a Father of love!
The ghost therefore gives you your eternal life in your hands.
The ghost is the living proof of life after death.
However, a ghost is a human being and what you hear is misery.
Yet, your parapsychologists continue to search for the great mystery, life after death.
They have thousands of pieces of proof, but they have lost the astral light from their eyes.
They continue to search!
Their thoughts and feelings are unconscious, and it is the ghost of their unconscious personality, that is searching for the reality, which they want to analyse scientifically.
However, in this way they will never enter the Divine Kingdom, because they muddy themselves since they cannot distance themselves from the academic.
We locked ourselves up with the ghosts, and let ourselves be buried with the ghost in order to get to know the laws.
Can these people do this?
Anyone who has a will frees himself from the empty self and goes through the darkness to the light!
Ghosts are people. They haunt consciously and unconsciously, but you can know the soul life from the ghost.
Then only love, because you do not know what it is like in this darkness to be able to receive human warmth.
Good heavens, how a ghost can long for it.
If God wanted to open your eyes, I would see in my heaven the flowers of your awakening and I would bow my head to all this goodness.