The healing medium

Our Father in heaven gave His children powers and gifts in order to be able to serve the other life, to comfort and to support, to convince of eternal life and, to heal the sick body.
The human being has not understood all these divine gifts and has made an own world of them, so that the gift of healing mediumship is also sullied.
I do not really need to tell you how terrible this gift has been treated. Numerous court cases, caused by unqualified people, will give you the answer.
It is as natural as anything is, everyone can give anyone else advice from their own experience. Everyone knows his way of preventing an illness and thinks that is fine.
But who is right?
If a doctor cannot do it, science is powerless, then what?
Mother Nature blessed all her life with this gift. Every animal can give you advice, if the animals could talk, in order to overcome various illnesses.
Yet, the search for a cure has not been solved, even if science has come that far, because the human always tries to keep or reach the healthy phase; the life of God does not wish to be ill because that means material and sometimes spiritual destruction.
The suffering being is also helped by our world and this happens by the laying on of hands, as Christ did, or through Egyptian wisdom, herbs and power together. These methods of which only the herbal remedies have remained and are applied by many unqualified people.
Science is also occupied with it and finds that advances are being made.
But what is good and what is like the plague for your organism?
Few people know it, and mankind has to awaken to this.
People on earth know little about the healing mediumship.
Yet, thousands of people feel called to help sick people.Great deals of mediums possess this gift or have assumed it, and heal.
Everyone does it differently, but laws bind the true healing medium.
The psychic trance, clairaudience and clairvoyance belong with the healing gift, and only then, when the medium possesses the psychic trance, can all the other gifts be experienced and a patient is in safe hands.
I can immediately tell you that just a few people already possess these healing gifts, because these mediums are great miracles themselves, because they can surpass even science.
Their intervention only takes place for illnesses where the doctors are powerless.
What a doctor can cure usually does not come into the hands of a medium and this is not necessary either.
Few mediums know what happens when they place their hands on sick spots.
Moreover, they should know that anyway, because otherwise healing becomes a chance game, as a result of which accidents can happen and which involves the life of a human being.
Sometimes the healers are faced with great problems and they do not know what to do, but the true healing medium has also reached the highest in this and will never be powerless to the actual problem, because now the astral master will also give him the answer.
This master will never keep the medium ignorant of the course of action.The medium must know everything about the illness or eventually problems will come and he or she will feel about in emptiness, the collapse of which we have learned to know.
Healing mediumship is an extraordinary gift, but difficult, because the medium must sacrifice himself completely.
If that is not possible, then you can be assured that not one spirit of light will allow himself to be connected by the nonchalance of the medium, because this path takes us to material misery and we want to prevent this, of course.
We do not care for piling up misery upon misery, so that you can already accept that the Other Side is only then capable of great things when the medium lives in the fourth grade and all the necessary gifts can be experienced by the medium.
It is also the psychic trance, which takes us into the laws for healing.
The trance, I explained to you, possesses all the spiritual gifts.
And for healing the gift of clairvoyance is essential.
Anyone who does not possess this gift is never firm enough on his feet and will sooner or later have to accept that the diagnosis is wrong.
The own thoughts also cloud the proper receiving by sensing and this is extremely difficult to overcome, as, in the case of all the other gifts described and analysed.
The master on this side also has everything in his hands now. The medium possesses only the feeling for it, because the gift remains in our possession.
Once the spiritual contact has been achieved, the medium experiences the healing gift, and master and medium have reached unity.
It is only now that the master can heal through the earthly inner life, because it is he who follows the patient, and not the instrument.
However, the medium receives information and will then have to act upon the instructions of the master.
This connection is infallible, if the medium continually watches over the spiritual contact, or disturbances will come again and the good receiving will be lost, the contact fragmented.
The medium must watch out for this, or the patient will experience nothing else but misery and will now be in the wrong hands.
A great deal of people surrender themselves to mediums in good faith, and to the charlatans amongst them, because they did not find any help elsewhere, with the sad consequence that numerous sick people have had to pay their toll and some people have even lost their own lives as a result of it.
The healing gift faces the medium with the astral laws and those of the material body, and knowledge is needed for this.
The human being heals in different ways outside of science, and this is called quackery.
However, is a healer for our world a quack?
Does the medium have the right to be recognized?
It is worthwhile following all of this, showing your charlatan what danger the sick person is in when uninspired, and inexpert living dead hands want to heal.
This acting the part of doctor is life threatening, but these people do not pay any attention to this either and go their own way. No one calls them to a halt.
They know very well that they must account for themselves in court, but these laws are insufficient. They still slip through the nets of the law and heal.
Anyone who possesses faith and is just, anyone who has love in him and is open to suffering mankind is already advanced in giving a sick person some support and comfort and bringing about healing, where herbs and medicines must fail.
For God love is still dominant and thousands of people have completely recovered as a result of this ‘sacred fire’.
Not only physically, but also mentally.
The mediumistic healer tunes into higher powers, forces and now thinks he is receiving. Other people heal because they feel the urge to heal within themselves and out of sympathy, and try to do everything to alleviate the human suffering.
The Christian Science supporters heal by prayer, and tune in directly to the divine power, to which they completely surrender. The East heals as a result of a study of the material and inner systems, the magical influence of the concentration.
What is good and what is wrong and life threatening?
The initiate cannot work it out. Astral knowledge is needed for this purpose, in order to be able to establish when healing can take place.
Healing by answering prayers is as old as the world. The human being has always tried to overcome the material misery under its own power.
One person does it in order to find his own existence, other people out of love, because they want to do something for the life of God.
And just try destroying that! Knock this faith out of these people’s hands, destroy this beautiful and powerful thing in the human being and you yourself will be standing on desert sands yourself.
And yet?
Yet, numerous people ended up in misery through them and were deformed as a result of their completely ignorant treatment.
Now they have come into conflict with themselves, with the astral laws and with God and have to show their colours.
Few people can do that and yet continue, cure again and do not pay any attention to the misery caused. They want to heal.
What can you do when you feel that the wish to serve has awakened in those souls?
You will certainly feel it; in order to be able to pass judgement people must be able to oversee all these possibilities, know the grades of the inner life and be able to make a clear spiritual analysis, or we will burn our fingers.
We stop that which reached inspiration because of higher powers and neither a human being nor the Other Side has a right to this.
However, healers must know that they are giving away their own life aura by the laying on of hands and it has not nearly been proven that their own aura is healing.
Yet, the human aura is suitable for this.
Precisely the life aura of the human being can heal, because this surplus power has an inspiring effect on tissues which uninspired, even lifeless, have their own task to fulfil in the organism and now receive new food.
However, it is also possible to completely destroy these tissues and then the healing from human being to human being is destructive!
The charlatan lays his cards in the morning or afternoon. He looks in his coffee dregs, but also takes the time to heal, because, as the terrible monster says, people want to be cheated. I have earned my thirty guilders this morning; now see if you can earn them!
We know these hyenas. We have followed many of this hideous breed and have learned to know their healing.
It will soon become clear to you how they think they can heal.
Does something exalted radiate from these people?
Have these charlatans something to give you?
If you wish to know how matters really stand, you can also accept that every animal can heal, provided the animal meets its own kind, or it will not be possible.
The charlatan pays little attention to the astral laws. These men and women are merciless; they want to live.
They are too lazy to do something else, and they prefer to violate the laws of God.
Their life is easy; they act the lady and the gentleman and get respect. The doors of a sick room sometimes open for them.
This ‘sometimes’ lies in the mentality of those who call for them, the conscious and initiate in this area avoids them like the plague!
And the Other Side can show you a great deal of proof that this is necessary.
What these charlatans do is suck the other life empty. They have nothing to give.
They live in lies and deception, but how does God wish to give His messengers eternal light through the darkness?
That is impossible, the darkness is destructive!
Those people are therefore not open to the healing power, even if they think that their aura is like that of another human being.
The astral laws also speak for this and namely in a dominant way!
The healing power is enough to cheat for numerous people who trifle with their patients.
Healing deception shines out of their eyes, but people must be conscious themselves in order to determine that, or it will not be possible.
Some types of animals heal themselves and other species really well.
Why would the human being not possess it, now that we know that God gave us these powers?
The jungle instinct heals itself, until the illness can no longer be conquered and we become involved with our own ailments and plaguing illnesses. Then this life is also powerless.
However, there is no people on earth that does not know about self-healing. Mother Nature placed these wonderful qualities in the life.
For the West it is also a very different matter because the West has learned to know Christ and possesses the highest conscious.
Because of this healing has reached the stage of conscious serving and in this way something can be given to a patient.
This gift also possesses seven grades.
The mediums live in the third and the fourth grade, only the fourth grade is in the hands of the healing medium!
The third grade of the inner life can also only feel and cannot be clairvoyant or draw or write, but only heal.
However, a few third-grade mediums also possess gifts. One is clairvoyant and heals, other people draw or paint, as I already remarked when I followed your earthly artists and was able to explain those laws to you.
A patient is safe in those hands if the third-grade medium can keep his strength and intuition, or, dangerous problems will occur.
The medium in the fourth grade does not know this misery, this instrument possesses all the spiritual gifts, and the astral master can reach this life in twenty ways.
There is never a question of uncertainty.
The medium sees, hears, feels and experiences the illness.
Moreover, something that is experienced cannot lie.
The first two grades lack the sensitivity, the seeing, clairaudience, and the overpowering possibility, the psychic trance, is not within their reach.
What these people possess is again material sensitivity.
In addition, material sensitivity cannot feel spiritually, the feeling remains earthly, so that the spiritual depth of such a patient is not absorbed in him.
Because of the feeling, the absorbing of the disease is also achieved.
Yet, those people think that a spiritual doctor helps them, gives them the answers and the diagnosis, which they trust and build on.
This certainty does not last long. Soon they must accept that their doctor is talking nonsense and they are themselves busy.
They now know that the Other Side have again left them alone.
These spiritual academics live in their fantasy and follow them on the dark path. Now that they can no longer employ the material knife, they give them advice about all kinds of illnesses.
In your spiritual maze, these healers who place the mantraps and clamps as a result of which you can get into deep trouble.
A master of this side for healing elevates his instrument into all laws that have to be experienced.
The instrument then serves his master and mankind. Because of their spiritual contact wonders can happen.
When the gifts and the inner life reach unity, when the sacred, inspiring fire is present in these lives – and that is the case, because the master is a spirit of the light – then a patient is taken into the safe hands of Christ, because a master of this side serves Him!
You can be assured that your worries and misery are understood and you will not be ashamed in your trust towards them.
This master penetrates as far as the last stage of your material life, deep into the sick tissues, which your doctor cannot experience, since he is outside these laws.
For the Other Side, for this master there are no more material invisibilities. The organism has become transparent and enlightened by his own light. He sees through every illness.
This can be achieved as a result of the psychic trance and by nothing and nothing else.
Because of this, the master gets in touch with the earth.
It is only now that spiritual perception can take place. The medium gives his master the possibility to do this and then work can start.
The master descends into the medium and through him, also into the patient, this is what your charlatans think they can imitate.
Actually, no one can be healed; nature heals itself.
Your doctor knows that, he gives you the means for it, and he can do no more than that for you.
His medicines must speed up the process or destroy it, or, prevent material destruction.
He helps the sick organs, and your doctor can do no more than that for you.
It is the limit for him and also his powerlessness if he comes to be faced with human ailments.
The astral powers are tuned into this. We also do not exceed them, but the healing aura of this side and that of the medium do more.
Because of this life aura the tissues repair themselves, are given new vitality and this serves to strengthen materially and spiritually, elevating and strong-minded loving.
That is a great deal, but it is just the way it is, the pure life aura of the human being is consciously inspiring.
As result of this, the Apostles achieved their healings and their Master through the divine inspiration, which a master for healing possesses a bit of, makes it possible for him to cure the most incredible things.
That can be achieved as a result of the healing and the wish to serve of two souls, and God’s blessing is upon this!
The psychic trance is therefore also a sacred wonder. Because of this gift everything is possible!
The master from this side has tuned into the astral laws.
Through the medium he now reaches unity with the patient and the pains can now be alleviated and the wounds can be healed, inner ailments can be brought to a standstill and be supported constructively, the master has that in his own hands and the medium can never receive this.
This receiving means mastering the gift, because the gift belongs to our life, of course.
If there is no master present for the healing, then the healing has nothing to do with the healing mediumship and an own material method applies.
We do not even need to make comparisons with the psychic trance. Everything, which lives and acts under this, remains uncertain, even if the medium lives in the third grade.
The infallibility is in the hands of the astral master and this is given to him by the psychic trance.
The master feeds the sick organs through his aura and that of the medium, and anything that lives cannot be sick, because he wants to achieve that.
And that is usually achieved, or the master will not consider it and sends the patient to the doctor.
The sick tissues repair themselves through the aura. The organs suck themselves full of their own accord and then slowly recover.
This animal-like magnetism or human fluid is inspiring and strengthening and can never work in a destructive way, if it is applied by the good healing medium.
Now the master elevates the patient into his own life. The aura heals the sick organs and a change comes about.
I already told you a moment ago: The master on this side sees and passes on his own perception to the medium, then the radiation treatment follows and the medium can experience the gift.
In these hands, the patients are safe and there is no question of a threat to life.
The master knows the human organism, as not one single academic on earth knows it.
You can follow all of that in the book “The Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth”. I was able to treat your future doctor in it and you will get a clear picture as to how far the astral doctor is ahead of the earthly.
If the master sees that the patient can be helped – not all illnesses can be cured – the medium can start treatment, or the master will send the patient to a doctor.
It is not possible for a master to help now!
During the unity with the patient, the medium absorbs the illness into his own body and by means of the healing gift – the psychic trance – it is infallibly determined what the matter is.
Four gifts now serve the medium in order to make a pure diagnosis, which was first seen by his master and is only then received by the medium.
If the medium has to descend into the psychic trance, then the instrument experiences the illness and, when he is conscious again, he can tell the patient what his master wants him to say, because the master did not come to the earth to destroy.
The medium now sees in the body.During the trance, he is completely one with his master.
The master shows him the illness.
This seeing and taking over the illness and the accompanying clairvoyance is the highest thing to which a medium can reach through the Other Side.
Despite this very infallible method, the master can go even higher; this will soon be clear when I explain this state to you.
It is wonderful for the medium and reassuring for a patient who knows that the charity of the apostles has not died.
The patient gets to hear infallibly where the pains destroy the tender tissue, in other words, where the symptoms of the illness are felt and how they appear.
The master knows them; he is one with soul and material and knows about this universally deep life. He determines the original stage, even if he would have to go back into many lives for this purpose, because, those stages are also open to him.
For the healing mediumship, the master follows an own development.
Because the medium may not think in this case under any circumstances, all those possibilities first have to be conquered.
If the medium is gifted by the pure love of wishing to serve, then an earthly instrument in our hands experiences amazing wisdom, which you cannot experience at a single university, even if you are faced with the opened body and you see that greatness before you.
That seeing is experiencing materially, the medium is now cosmically connected, feels and sees the infinity of God.
The master goes as far as the primal stage with the instrument, in which the Divine spark descended alive when the embryo would awaken.
Because the diseases live there and the generation process is open there for the medium.
That is your hereditary burden, for which the academics stand still and rack their brains about and cling to, because there is no other reality to be seen, but it is analysed infallibly by the master.
The master then takes the medium into the living and discarded organism, the astral and eternal now, in which the laws of God reveal themselves for these systems.
The discarded garment is the previous existence that the master sees before him astrally, and as a result of which the soul is charged, resulting in numerous illnesses occurring.
Now the academic is faced with his own halt, and it is only then that the Other Side continues and the construction can be started. The unpractised hand never uses the astral knife.
The Other Side wants the medium to learn, and, because of this, the spiritual instrument is completely capable of healing.
The instrument can obtain a grade in this for our world, which far exceeds yours, however ridiculous it may sound.
We say: God lives between heaven and earth and we are His children, who serve!
When the patient is seated, the medium holds one hand, which is placed in his in order to reach unity, and now descends into trance.
Sitting down next to the patient the instrument becomes completely separate from himself and now follows his master.
The astral personality takes the medium into the body and the medium experiences the conscious sleep.
This is an amazing state, because the medium is still awake and has to see consciously and unconsciously.
Anyone who now sees him, feels that this life is asleep and yet has to see, it is this that the psychic trance gives to the instrument, and is therefore a great wonder.
The organism has entered into the half-trance. His spirit is consciously alive and must carry out work for his master in order to serve the patient.
Now the medium sees the illness before him!
After the master has brought him or her into the body, after the tissues are lit by the power of the master, the real perception of the illness is then possible.
That cannot be achieved under the own power, unless people were to follow an eastern study.
The master sees disturbances and can show them to the medium. Because of the concentration, tuned into the life of the patient, the sick organs are lit up and transparent to the medium.
Now the explanation for the illness follows and what they can do about it.
During the psychic trance the medium meanwhile also absorbs the illness into his own body and feels contaminated by it, which is, however, nothing more than an astral contamination, which soon dissolves when the contact with the patient is broken.
That is a threefold check in one state for the illness and it is infallible.
The material organs are clearly influenced by this absorbing. The medium already feels that influence during the trance, and his body reacts so sharply, attracted by the own sensitivity, to the patient.
What the soul of the medium feels and what he sees clairvoyantly, also absorbs the organism in him and all of that is one occurrence.
If the patient can now be helped, be treated, then the following happens.
Stomach disorders are now determined which can be cured – a fifth grade of cancer, for example, cannot be alleviated or cured – and the patient lies down.
The medium is conscious again and puts his hands down, but now the healing comes.
The great healing medium now experiences many wonders at the same time. The healing also takes him into the laws of God and he gets to know them in this way.
The half-awake trance is now applied, the tuning in at one hundred percent – which your earthly artists really want to experience, but which is only experienced by one or two people, because they miss the feeling for it – as a result of which the medium can follow his experience.
He now tunes into the patient, follows the blood circulation and the reaction of the nervous system clairvoyantly and, as a result of this help and the powers of his master he now feeds the stomach, all those sick and sensitive, exhausted tissues, through the life aura which flows inspiringly through his own body, since he is now cosmically connected.
This human fluid, elevated by the inspiring thoughts of his master, push those sick tissues upwards and have an effect on the exhausted parts, so that the natural life must return.
The patient first takes over this power spiritually, and then this powers starts to affect the body, which all the systems that live under the normal balance fully absorb.
It is the water for your plant, the food for yourself. These systems miss those vital powers and are lacking in them, so that these parts cannot carry out the physical work at a full hundred percent.
As a result of this, the most serious illnesses can be overcome, because the animal magnetism is effective and strengthening, inspiringly nutritious. It gives the body energy and especially new life.
The soul takes care of the process itself, but that can also happen through the master and knowledge is needed for this.
The master now makes himself one with the sick parts and tissues and prevents the fragmentation of the life aura, giving nothing to the body parts which are still strong, but first takes care of those exhausted tissues. Then, the whole organism is given a spiritual radiation.
He now sees clearly in front of him, which organs are in need of help.
The strong tissues have no longing to be fed, and therefore refuse to absorb this aura.
Something that is strong, in harmony with nature, is not capable of passing into the material tumour and definitely refuses.
However, those organs ensure the actual natural, physical balance and do everything in their way to feed those sick organs, because this obstruction means destruction and they do not want that.
This machine helps itself and is attached to the great whole.
The tissues must now gradually be able to recover, which is seen by the master, and the patient sometimes already feels the intended energy after the first treatment, which is healing for the patient.
These phenomena can be felt like a refreshing bath. The wonderful tiredness is also strengthening for the other organs, which is achieved by the life aura and is the relaxation longed for.
This treatment can last for a few months, often much longer, depending on the illness.
Undoubtedly the illness can also be removed in one treatment. Then the nerve centres start working reaching natural harmony, and the medium does not need to do anything else, the human machine operates again under its own power. Sun and moon, all weathers, rain and storm contribute to regaining this material and spiritual harmony.
Do you call this healing frenetic quackery?
One in thousands of healing mediums possesses this sanctification of your Father in heaven.
Believe it!
It is the highest that you can achieve as a medium!
And, worthwhile!
If the master determines that the patient cannot be helped, if there is nothing that he can do about the whole process, then the medium does not need to lift a hand.
The master knows anyway that eventually the illness will be dominant and no help can be offered, whatever the case.
He does not want the medium to go to pieces, although he will sometimes allow his instrument to experience that, in order to show how deep the human powers can approach the lifeless.
The medium must now experience this approach and, in this way, the instrument gets to know and understand the ultimate, so that he or she learns and does not need to just follow this path.
The medium reacts immediately. However awful many patients find it, this is final and cannot be doubted. The master prevents unnecessary misery.
He is the protector for patients and instrument and if he says this cannot be helped, then it is the case and you must accept that, even if some people think that everything is possible for God.
We learned that this is not the case and bowed our heads to your illnesses. They called both us and the angels on this side – even Christ – to a spiritual halt!
However, that is the skill; if you know this as a medium, you will be capable of surpassing your doctor, because he is faced with great mystery several times and does not know how to act.
Then death came, quickly and unexpectedly, and despite his skill and good will, made a murderous end.
This cannot be opposed; it is the end on earth for the soul, which was, seen beforehand by a master from this side.
If an operation is necessary, and the master determines that the illness cannot be overcome, then the patient must follow his advice.
Even if the patient does not want anything to do with any doctor, the master is unrelenting!
The medium or his master will not lift a hand. This takes them into the dark and uncertain, and that must be prevented at all costs.
If a patient is nonchalant and he flatly refuses to accept the earthly help which is effective for the illness, then a master is not capable of serving and doing anything for the patient, because this is in the hands of your doctor.
The patient must go to him and receive the required help, because many illnesses can usually be overcome in a short time by medicines, where the healing medium would have to work for months and a master prevents this happening.
Now the master sees, for example, what a tumour looks like from inside.
He determines that it is not ripe for the operation and ponders on the situation.
If he sees that a few months of treatment will ripen the tumour, he gives the patient this chance, but does not withhold any information. The operation must take place anyway.
A great deal of doctors were faced with this ripeness and found it an easy operation because the tumour could be removed without any difficulty.
I could show you it as a result of numerous pieces of proof, but I will do that in another book, which will probably come later and namely with the title: “The healing medium”. (This book was not received by Jozef Rulof.)
I want to mention one or two diagnoses.
A woman has to be operated upon in the lower part of her body.
She asks the medium:
“Just tell me, we will talk soon.”
“Good”, the instrument says and meets his master between life and death.
The diagnosis is made and the medium returns.
Treatment is not necessary, and it is only a case of waiting. The tumour is not yet ripe for treatment by the surgeon.
The medium has been able to explain everything to her clearly through his master and she will listen.
The illness is infallibly diagnosed.
She can surrender completely in six weeks time, or she will soon be faced with an operation.
Whatever happens, she will not need to worry about anything.
The woman thinks it is wonderful and leaves.
Three weeks later, the medium hears that she has had an operation after all.
A pity, he thinks, what was my help needed for?
The patient comes to him later and wants to tell about it.
The doctor had told her to be operated upon immediately.
The medium does not go into any of it and only says: “A pity.”
Four months later, she is faced with the same procedure again and has to be operated upon again. There is something else that could not be removed then.
Everything therefore happened as it was predicted. The medium therefore received the wisdom from the Other Side.
Another woman calls in his help.
She must also go under the knife according to her doctor but she wants to hear the opinion of the Other Side first.
She does not say what the matter is with her. She wants to get a convincing impression.
The medium sees her condition and says:
“You do not need to have an operation.
This tumour will be completely gone in three to four weeks.
I will not even treat you.”
This opinion was therefore completely contradictory to that of her doctor, who wanted to have her admitted to the hospital immediately.
She will come and tell the medium how it went.
Within three weeks, she does not feel anything more. It was a nerve swelling, which would dissolve through other powers and namely by calmness and some rest.
The medium in our hands is capable of giving help to your doctor and assisting him in all his difficulties, if the psychic trance is present.
Outside of this gift the Other Side is not capable of anything and there is no longer any certainty, which is urgently needed for the spiritual help in order to convince the academic.
We may safely say that a patient is safe in these hands, even if the medium has no understanding of this material. He now receives this from your earthly but astral academic, who could continue his study in our life or who master the laws on this side, which a spirit of the light is prepared for.
This is not sacrilege, because we know what we can achieve, an operation will not be prevented by us.
The patients must now decide for themselves what they will do.
We do not intend to apply the Christian Science method and to let it come to a process of decomposition. Our life is too conscious for that and we possess too much love, as a result of which, we are capable of looking after your life.
We do not keep you alive by praying and we do not go along a dark path. We leave nothing to the Supreme Being, because God says: “All My children work for Me. First do what you can yourself and then come to Me, I will help you then!”
However, Christian Science has a different opinion about it, but this method of healing is uncertain, and is actually sacrilege.
We cannot heal something that is broken. It can pass over into decay.
The followers of Christian Science want to make their child who has broken a leg and is lying in bed, better, by praying.
The doctor finally comes and must remove their parental rights, and your scientist goes so far that he unconditionally surrenders what is healed by a material hand in only a short time.
God cannot heal this leg, God says: “Go to My other child, your doctor, and he will give you help!”
Otherwise, what purpose do all these people serve?
On this side, you can determine the unnaturalness of your own life; Mary Baker Eddy also had to accept this when she exchanged her earthly life for the eternal one.
She asked my master to record her thoughts in this book and to pass it on to her followers, which she tried to achieve with all peoples, in order to make up for her faults to a measure in this way.
Mary Baker Eddy tells you:
“I learned the laws of God on this side.
I learned what God wanted and how the human being on earth can be helped.
Earthly help is needed for a broken leg.
The leg can heal when it is set.
The skill of a doctor is the conscious serving by scientific study and I took this back to the hands of God.
God definitely refused.
On this side, I saw why God refused my prayer. I was rebelling and in conflict with the material laws.
You scientists must accept that prayer cannot heal everything.
The highest angels on this side convinced me of my ignorance, and then I had to bow my head deeply.
Pray, pray continually to God and ask for healing, but do not refuse any material help. Follow through science God’s power and might, it is only then that your prayer has divine meaning.
Praying alone does not help when that help is necessary.
It is only then that prayer has meaning.
I thought that I could achieve the impossible through God and shattered myself. I committed mistake after mistake, not knowing that God’s blessing is always given anyway.
I destroyed the laws for the material life, went straight to Him who is our Father and lived above the own powers and forces that were in me and which could not experience the higher awakening.
Through your healer to God, I want to say from this side, then to Him through your pure prayer and the will to accept His help!
This is what I did not understand during my life.
I brought a gulf between Him and me and your lives.
May God grant that this word comes to you.
God gave me this mercy, for which I am grateful.
I wander over the earth searching for the instrument that will receive my thoughts.
It is only then that I will go further on this side and I will reach the higher self.
You have my peace in your hands.
Yours Mary Baker Eddy.”
And that is the way it is!
Prayer alone is not sufficient, even if everything is possible for God.
However, her followers neglect themselves.
The Other Side brought science to the earth.
Your doctor is a helper of God and a child, if he feels his task.
His treatment is a prayer, because he serves.
And serving is praying!
The religious pray for recovery, but they must now know when they can pray, it is only then that a prayer has meaning.
All her followers have this natural thing.
Praying for a broken leg is experiencing Christian Science. They must learn not to do that, or they will destroy themselves.
We do not walk her path, as was already mentioned. We do not neglect science. And several times this has been the destruction for the fanatic faith in God, which is, and means, unconsciously trusting.
That trusting is sickly, because it has no knowledge of matters. It is the destruction of the existing, the own becoming conscious, and God never wanted this, because God wants us to master His laws.
These lives stand still!
It is a bit more soothing than sacrilege, but yet so awkward, so unspiritual.
Many people think that you can do what you want yourself if your doctor cannot give you any help, whether you are bitten by the cat or the dog, as long as the healing comes.
And that is also very human, but be careful that you do not fall into the hands of the charlatan. You would experience misery such as has never entered your life before.
The only thing you can do now is to surrender everything that lies in God’s hands and the laws of God will speak.
The knowledge will come to you unconditionally and you will have come into safe hands, as is fitting for a religious person.
The medium in our hands gets to know the illnesses during the unity with his master.
There are no longer any problems for the instrument, because the master will show him them.
Yet, when this grade for the gifts cannot be experienced, numerous difficulties occur and they must be overcome anyway, however, now under the own power, and that is a hopeless task.
Healing is therefore experiencing art, which only belongs to this world.
The healing of people is very simple. The art is to know what is the matter with the patient, and the rest follows of its own accord.
The first grades of feeling that heal have a great deal of difficulty with this. They experience mistake after mistake and do not pay any attention to it; however, they continue and want to live.
Because of them you end up in trouble. These charlatans are merciless.
Now the psychic trance is not present.
The third grade of the inner life, which still heals through feeling, and certainly the grades under it feel like a tortoise in the air.
They are awkwardly naïve and continually frightened to death that they will be completely off the mark.
They go to pieces every moment up against both the astral laws and the spiritual gift for healing.
Their cat and dog instinct does not help them at all now. They continually rush into things and this can turn out to be conscious murder.
Woes betide the patient who falls into their hands.
Their hyena instinct is insatiable, barbaric, like the jungle instinct, and inhuman!
For that matter, these charlatans cannot empty themselves completely.
And yet healing?
The patient is dependent. The medium must know in what state this life is, or the living poison will be administered to you.
Nothing may obstruct the medium, or the patient will experience disturbances and problems, which can have fatal consequences.
Not one single spirit is capable of saying one word to the healer; even if there are some amongst them who pray, pray day and night, in order to have to finally accept that God has not been able to answer their prayer.
Yet, it is still possible for the third grade to make an infallible diagnosis and this now happens in a way that is achieved by sensing.
Now the Other Side is one from feeling to feeling, but this must be experienced through the life of the medium.
If a medium doubts himself, the patient will not receive any aura, any life force, because the doubt has no inspiration and brings the medium to a dead end.
It is then necessary to stop.
The life of the medium is not working, and cannot give anything, but demands. It absorbs itself and this is the dreadful tiring feeling, which the patient sometimes has after a treatment.
Now there is no receiving, but taking from the little bit of life which is still present.
For the healer this is called: “How I have been helped again, what a power they gave me.
So you see, you give something, but you get it back from the Other Side.”
He is nevertheless unconscious of the fact that he took the life force from the sick, tortured organism.
The doubting inner life holds onto the fluid and has nothing to give. Only the consciously tuned inner life can give something.
This is of great significance for healing.
It is the true knowledge, and anyone who knows is certain and effective in his treatment.
These are the laws for a medium and a healer under his own power.
In the East, people can tell you immediately.
You hear it so often said there: “Keep your poison, I have my own resistance.”
That means, that a healer without knowledge of these laws cannot give anything.
It is for our life the effective passing on of the own powers and they are penetrating and inspiring.
They flow straight to the sick organs and are healing, plus strengthen the sick parts and mean energy for soul, heart, spirit and material.
If these powers are not present in the medium, then the healer doubts and his work is destructive.
The life aura sent out at full power can work miracles.
That power is strengthening for the patient and for the medium, but it is given to them by the master.
This is why the charlatan says: “How they helped me again!” but the patient is worse off because of it ...
The psychic gifts are therefore desirable and necessary for healing. Now the healing is conscious, infallible, as a result of the knowledge of the spirit who serves the patient through the medium!
The medium in the third grade for the gifts and the inner life heals through sensing and is now helped by a master on this side.
Now there is neither clairvoyance nor clairaudience present, only feeling, however, as a result of which, an infallible diagnosis can be made.
Now nothing may disturb the inner life of the medium, or faults will come and the earthly inner life will dominate the spiritual one.
Passiveness must be experienced in everything for a hundred percent and then the medium takes over the knowledge of his helper on this side.
The master can never say a word to the medium materially, however, inwardly they are one and remain so during the diagnosing and treatment.
However, born clairvoyance comes to the aid of the medium and it is this sensing as a result of which spiritual unity is obtained.
This sensitivity is so powerful that the medium can even sense the illness in his own body, as the charlatans try to do and through which your telepath works.
Now the equal attunement occurs. Patient and medium must possess one attunement, or the aura will not be absorbed and healing will have no meaning.
If they do not live in one grade of feeling, there will be no spiritual contact and no connection of the auras will be reached.
The aura flows through the organism and the inner life of the patient is too coarse to receive these powers, so that the medium sucks away the powers of the patient.
It is because of this that many patients do not benefit and feel nothing. Other people, on the other hand, immediately radiate healthy vitality and feel well.
This grade of life can also do wonderful work and a great deal of good.
These mediums must have a great trust, possess an unshakeable faith in their masters and a great deal of love to wish to serve.
Lies and deception take them into other hands, they must, just like the apostles, tune into higher powers and completely empty themselves and wait.
When a master on this side works on the third grade, then the medium suddenly knows how he must act; the knowledge comes to him in silence.
For complicated illnesses, the diagnoses are repeated and a check is carried out again.
If the medium has worries, if there is something that demands his inner life, then there is no longer a question of mediumship, the inner life immediately dissolves into those worries and the Other Side can no longer reach this life.
These worries call the spiritual halt.
The inner life may not be disturbed in anything.
These incidents can destroy the contact.
A third-grade master makes a diagnosis.
However, the patient doubts and comes to the fourth grade and hears that she cannot be helped.
“Is there nothing to be done about it?
How is that possible?” she asks.
The fourth says to the third grade: “Are you worried?
Your diagnoses are no good anymore.
What is the matter?”
The man lived in a terrible time.
He had terrible worries because of family circumstances which dominated him.
Still, these mediums must be elevated above everything, or the gift will dissolve and the spiritual contact will have disappeared.
Now he was not empty and took over the wishes of his patient, because it was she who influenced him.
The spiritual leader was disengaged.
The third grade now understood that the fourth was far above him, at a height, which he would never be able to reach, because the fourth grade has more possibilities in order to reach spiritual contact.
The leader can always reach his medium .All the psychic gifts lie within his reach.
The third-grade healer is therefore tuned in like your telepath, but in his case to the illness.
Your telepath could be a good healer; he lives in the third-grade, but does not want it. He brings you a spiritual evening in a material state.
This is the limit of the third-grade medium, going higher is not possible.
If a third grade would tune into telepathy, then the medium can achieve something in this, because this is actually telepathic communication, which, however, becomes spiritual inspiration when the Other Side influences it.
Now the diagnosis is received.
However, you see how infallible your inner life can be tuned into the spiritual gifts and how sharply the gifts react, or call you to a halt.
Every human being possesses life magnetism, but not everyone can heal.
Every dog possesses his own power, why not we people?
All the life in the universe received its own life fluid from God, because the aura is attached to the material life and the soul as a personality gives it to the other life.
How the aura is given is also a large factor, which demands the complete surrender and the love of the instrument.
If a great deal of love is present for the patient and a wonderful spiritual contact, then the delivering of the life aura is a blessing.
The patient indeed senses it and surrenders completely if the medium can think himself free of the material life.
He must only see the illness and his serving.
The patient does not need to get undressed for this treatment, because the life aura penetrates everything. It is an astral power, as a result of which all life came into existence.
This natural tuning-in was obtained because of concentration and the medium follows the course of the illness.
The medium receives messages inwardly, as a result of which his master lets him feel that he must stop.
A medium in the third-grade tunes into his master and understands that the treatment will last approximately a quarter of an hour.
He knows this time, and he always gets the feeling that he must stop.
The master has let him know that he may never consult a watch. He himself will let him feel when it is time.
However, a watch is easy, and he does not need to tune in inwardly now, when the quarter of an hour is over, he stops.
The man looks at his watch, but because of this watch he closes himself off completely, now he thinks of himself.
The master must accept that he is dominated and because of this the spiritual clock is out of service.
The deterioration begins.
This bond is so intense that nothing may disturb this contact; otherwise, there will no longer be unity.
If he asks this to the fourth-grade instrument and says: “Remarkable that my leader did not tell me himself”, he will answer him: “But that is not possible, you can only feel and you thought yourself in this case.
The convenience became fateful for you. It served you and not your master!”
When the medium thinks: I will just magnetize the patient, the power will be sucked up anyway, he is already wrong.
He must continue to tune into the patient and remain tuned up to the last minute, not weaken his will and concentration for a second, or disturbances will come, and this applies to every medium.
Because of this, experience and worldly wisdom come to the instrument. The master can now continually strengthen the contact and continue with this development.
For the fourth grade, everything is very different, although this medium must also completely disengage himself.
If the master wants to extend the above-mentioned contact then that is possible.
This medium can experience the cosmic depth. The trance offers him the possibility to do this. Without it, contact between instrument and master is unthinkable.
However, all the gifts for healing must be able to be experienced and be present.
Only the very greatest experience this, because clairvoyance and clairaudience are only received by the medium.
When that spiritual intuition is achievable and the medium can be elevated universally, for which purpose development is a requirement, the master begins.
It is the direct elevating of the medium into the life of his master.
During the first time the medium descends into the patient, that is now no longer necessary.
The intention is actually to make a diagnosis outside of the patient, therefore without direct contact.
The medium now comes into connection with his master by means of telepathic contact, which is the grade of life of the master for our life.
This now becomes the direct experiencing from the Other Side, as a result of which all earthly thoughts and feelings are disengaged.
The medium now sees the patient from this world and not from the earth. His life is now one with his master on this side.
The medium sees the illness infallibly. Nothing more can be hidden from him, he has become an astral personality.
The medium lives in the spiritual laws, but receives the knowledge from his master, and has consciously disembodied.
The unconscious trance has now been transformed into the conscious trance, the first trance for that matter, is the state of sleep.
The medium is no longer bothered by sleep. He is conscious in all the gifts for healing.
The medium now sees, hears and feels the illness. He looks through all the material laws, and nothing can stop him. His master has elevated him into these laws.
Now the master expands the healing, the concentration of the medium has become stronger and the patients must feel that.
The serving of the medium has now become simpler, but is cosmically deep, because the earth has now been released with all its laws.
The convenience for the medium is knowing, being familiar with the illnesses. There are no disturbances; treatment is simple for him. As an astral personality, he sees the illnesses before him, even sharper than in the unconscious trance.
This is the dissolving of the personality for a hundred percent into the astral laws.
Now the wisdom of this also comes to his life.
One in thousands of mediums achieves this contact!
It is the highest that the medium can experience.
Ancient Egypt experienced these laws.
Now that the unconscious trance has been overcome, sinking away is no longer necessary.
When my master for healing had come so far that his medium could experience and receive astral healing, he passed into it.
He wanted the instrument to overcome these laws, because the master wished to go further in order to build up the Great Wings.
Now the medium must first do some tests.
The master separates himself from him. However, he remains connected, but is invisible to him.
The instrument used to see his master in and around the patient, now that seeing has been completely disengaged.
The medium must get used to it, but he feels his great power somewhere in the universe.
The master is everywhere, feels the instrument, and that is the way it is.
A woman comes to visit the medium and wants to see a diagnosis made.
However, the medium has to eat, if he does not do that now, nothing more will come of it that afternoon and the woman is too early, his surgery has not yet started.
He tells her how things stand and she will wait.
The master says:
“Go and eat, but remain connected to me, I will now make a diagnosis.”
“Where are you?” the medium asks.
“I am in my own sphere.
I am millions of hours away from you and yet I will make the diagnosis.
You know where I live.
I will show you how our spiritual contact is soon.
Now you can always reach me, you never have to look for me first. I am and will always remain connected to you.
Now it will be proved how far you have come.”
The medium goes to eat.
While he is eating, he already sees the inner organism of the woman.
His master lets him experience everything as before, but now while eating.
This material event must not be an obstacle to making an infallible diagnosis spiritually.
The medium divides himself. He lets five percent of himself eat, while he is connected to his master.
Anyone who sees him sitting there will think that the man is in thought and that is correct, but he lives in the patient.
Now the master checks the diagnosis and says:
“Have you seen what is the matter?”
“Yes, Master, I see everything, I clearly saw the disorders.”
“Listen carefully to what I will now tell you.
Soon you must repeat what I pass onto you.
The doctors want to operate on her for appendicitis, but operating is not necessary, only her nervous system is disrupted.
She must go outside for a while and I see that she wants to go on a trip.
Tell her that will be her cure.
We do not need to treat her.”
The master now asks: “Will you answer me?”
The medium now sends his master his wisdom obtained as a vision and hears:
“Wonderful, go to her and tell what you saw.”
The medium has meanwhile finished eating and goes to the woman.
He tells her what he received from his master while eating.
The woman thinks it is great.
“That is André”, she says, “I know your books.
I will leave immediately and let you know how I feel.”
She goes and later writes that she has no more pain.
Her brother had wanted to operate on her, but finds, as she does, that the diagnosis is wonderful.
This is the highest that you can reach as a medium, going higher is no longer possible.
This is also the highest for the religious person, but now prayer alone is not enough.
Do you feel that the Scientist wants to receive healing in this way?
Now God must help.
However, God cannot mend the broken leg.
Numerous healings are still achieved, because prayer penetrates the spheres of light, but a messenger of God returns to the earth and gives his own powers to the patient.
People now think that God has cured His child. Yet, it is somewhat different, because the patient has experienced the natural way.
Praying can therefore bring about healing, but the powers for it come from higher regions and belong to those who once lived on earth.
As angels, they relinquished their own powers, because these saints have accepted this task.
However, the patient must know whether it is necessary to consult a doctor.
Now prayer and study go one way and this can only bring happiness and blessings. Now the laws are not neglected!
The Egyptians also reached an enormous height as healers.
The priests were wonderful healers. They even managed operations, removed tumours from the crown of the skull in a short time as if they possessed the skill and the wisdom of your twentieth century.
Their herbs were famous.
The priests influenced the material body infallibly and descended into it spiritually in order to make a diagnosis.
However, when they wanted to indulge, the Other Side withdrew and they were alone, so that they could no longer experience this height.
All these priests lived in the third and fourth grade of life.
The psychic trance was in their possession and they experienced all the gifts I described a moment ago.
They were kings in their territory and completely conscious of their abilities.
Madness had no meaning for them, and in a short time, the patients were free from the astral influence.
By means of their concentration, they appeared capable of it and they knew the laws between life and death.
For them a demon could destroy himself, hell had to stay away from life on earth.
However, they were also faced with the own grade of life.
If a patient had come under demonic influence and his inner life had attunement to it, then they were also powerless.
Yet, they did not send such people away. First the inner life, the personality, was dealt with and then the removal of the demon could take place.
Therefore, if someone was taken by surprise by their own sensitivity, the astral demon could not continue to offer any resistance to their concentration and he had to let go of the life, their thoughts were so extremely strong.
They let themselves be bitten by a poisonous snake and regulated the blood circulation for the better.
For them there were no problems, they knew the body.
The herbs purified the wound and the concentration and life aura did the rest.
They put material systems out of operation in order to heal them.
Their healing was magic and infallible. They were conscious in everything and cosmically deep.
Their temple study lasted thirty years, and it was only then that they were perfect priests.
The Great Winged One stood above all of them, but all the priests experienced the psychic and physical gifts.
They called a bird in flight to them. The animal came and sat down on their outstretched hands.
They hereby came to the division of the personality.
During the flight, they connected themselves with the animal and forced the life to listen.
The animal now lost its own inner life and had to listen. Another power, which was stronger, dominated the life of the animal.
Lions and other species of wild animal were overcome in this way.
The animal changed at the same time and had no longer any own will. They lived in the animal and had overcome the animal personality.
The animals listened to their will like lap dogs. The animal had nothing to contribute under their magical concentration.
Because of this they also dominated the illnesses, their will was tuned into the sickness, and that had to take part in the working of the whole.
Whether the sick part wanted to or not, it was not possible to escape this.
I do not need to tell you that, when they started to experience black magic, these priests dominated everything that came their way. They could make and break what they wanted to themselves, and did so.
The East also heals and namely infallibly.
The contemporary yogi is a master in healing; he possesses the knowledge of the fourth-grade medium and was able to master the gifts in a Temple.
That is now also possible for the East. They follow the development of ancient Egypt.
All of them can reach this height, if the feeling for it is present.
Now the Other Side no longer helps them, at the most, a deceased priest can help them, who serve his Temple from this side. No more can be achieved for them.
Yet, they reach an occult height, because they get to know the gifts as a result of their study and they overcome the own organism.
When this has been overcome, the yogi is capable of healing the sick part of the other body.
He is also infallible in concentration.
Fakirs and magicians seek it in the physical laws and experience their own world. The yogi seeks the astral conscious and follows the initiate.
If you have cut yourself seriously, then the yogi heals in his own way.
He closes off the blood circulation as a result of his concentration and puts a bandage on it.
He does nothing else, at the most, some healing ointment.
However, inwardly he holds onto the wound. It is his concentration that heals, and in this way, the wound must heal.
Within a few days, the wound is closed.
You can go miles away during the treatment; he remains connected to you and feels whether he can stop.
If you possess a little bit of feeling, you will even be able to feel him and a bit higher still you will hear it said to your inner life:
“Take off the bandage, you are better.”
The yogi is a conscious and namely a spiritually conscious child of God if he also seeks the higher life.
However, you will also find the spiritual chaff amongst them.
The medium in the fourth grade experiences these laws and can experience spiritual wonders through his master.
Spontaneous healings are now achieved and take place as a result of the concentration of the master and the healing life aura.
This is an infallible healing and is above every earthly skill and knowledge. This is cosmically deep and a blessing for suffering mankind.
Now healing is a revelation for a patient.
God’s blessing can rest on this work.
And God blesses both lives through His miracles.
It is the power of God and His child Jesus Christ, as a result of which the apostles healed.
They lay on their hands and healed through the will of their Master.
Patients healed in their shadow.
Now faith and Divine power heal.
The child of God, which can surrender, heals irrevocably, because this life elevates himself into Divinity, as Christ himself also said.
When the blind asked Him to bring about the miracle, after they had first mocked Him, Christ said:
“Let the blind heal the blind.”
No healing is possible here, the inner life refuses!
The apostles surrendered to their Master, but they also had to accept that they could not help the lower self.
Yet, the apostles lived in that power after the departure of their Master and lay on their hands.
Not every apostle had the power to heal in thoughts, only a few apostles were capable of it.
However, as I said, the patient healed in their shadow.
The power and the force of their Master Christ lay there, they healed through Him.
Everyone can do that, if the human being is like an apostle.
Now your own life speaks.
If it is not possible, then accept that you are not ready for it.
God’s laws are not in your life then. You still have to awaken for this love and serving.
However, anyone who feels this will understand that Christ healed consciously.
He lived in the Divine All.
From there, the patients were healed.
His All concentration healed at the same time and those are miracles that your mediums can also experience if the master on this side is capable of it.
The possibility must therefore be present. If that is not the case, then it is not possible, however many prayers are said.
Anyone who asked the apostles: “Help, heal me in the name of Christ”, was already healed.
This child believed and Christ elevates a faithful child into His life.
It is God’s will, but the child must ask for it.
Because of this, millions of souls started to heal.
There were thousands of people, and they still live in your midst, who say:
“Stand up and walk”, to the lame man, but the man remains lying.
What does this dreamer want?
To possess what the apostles experienced?
These illusions of grandeur are unlimited.
They would want it, but they are in no position to make demands. The occult laws call them to a halt. The apostles overcame the illnesses through their Master.
The apostles healed through the divine power of their Master and no medium needs to ask this; if it is possible, it will happen of its own accord and it takes place outside of his own knowledge.
Now the mercy is not received by the medium but by the patient.
The patient now possesses the miracle, not the Other Side, and not the medium.
Christ knew that and the apostles were able to experience it. They experienced the astral laws and surrendered to them.
Someone who has to die and is at the end of his earthly cycle cannot be healed.
That is the meaning, but there are also the karmic laws for a patient.
There are patients who try everything under the sun, and yet do not find a cure.
Then the karmic laws of this life dominate.
The patient must experience something in order to awaken and this is illness.
Not one master is capable of overcoming these laws, because that is not possible.
A great deal of healers run aground as a result of this, because they think that they can still heal the patients, but it is the halt to which this life calls itself.
Anyone who still begins as a medium will go to pieces up against the halt of this patient.
The development of the apostles cannot be experienced again, even if the fourth-grade medium has been elevated into the life of his master and spontaneous healings can take place.
Not one master can equal that height.
Christ healed from a Divine source, He is Divine and the apostles lived in His aura.
Who wants to master this power and force on earth and on this side?
That can be followed, but its possession is only then within our reach when we have reached the Divine Spheres and the Deity has awakened in our life.
Before that, it is called: hands off!
No, it is called sacrilege!
The Divinity of Christ is the dominant inspiration of material and universe. The Divine lies locked up here.
Yet, the apostles lived through it!
The Other Side follows this path. For us there is no other in order to reach the serving of Christ.
However, we do not need to imagine things. We must first master the laws of God, only then is it possible to help the sick.
Before we were still contaminated and poisoned ourselves.
On earth, one human being now gives his own poison to the other life of God.
Must that heal?
Must perniciousness and the destructive inner life heal your sick?
That is impossible. That medium serves himself and has nothing to give.
It is imitating what the apostles were able to achieve because of pure love and their Master.
However, their herbs are poisonous, because people do not know the illnesses, never see through the illness and despite this, prescribe herbs.
The Other Side does not heal by herbs. The life aura of Christ flows through our life and strengthens the sick child of God, because we also want to serve!
These masters know that some illnesses cannot be overcome, even if it seems that there are no ailments present.
Yet, those symptoms cannot be overcome.
The own life attunement is decisive for the patient.
If the patient can surrender completely, a great deal has already been overcome.
Everyone can lay on hands, but something radiates from one hand, the other hand, on the contrary, absorbs.
The patient does not need to get undressed; nakedness is absurd. Demanding this is the longing of the lustful and animal-like instinct, which wants to possess the body.
A mother visits a charlatan, she asks for help.
He looks at her and says:
“It is possible, take your clothes off, I have to treat your stomach, back and shoulders.”
The woman looks surprised, but it must certainly be necessary.
She takes her clothes off.
She must lie down and he rubs, actually massages her body.
It takes half an hour, until the man has enough of it himself and she can get dressed.
She must come back.
The woman leaves and tells about her experience to a girlfriend, who tells her that this undressing is not necessary.
Her healer says that it is a conscious mad person, a longing material demon.
However, the woman believes she is benefiting by the treatment and continues to go there.
Yet, she does not heal and she gives up in disappointment.
Now she seeks it elsewhere and ends up in the wrong hands again.
This charlatan ‘bellies’, he rubs his belly over hers, she will certainly be healed as a result of this.
Indeed, the pains go away.
Yet, she gets to know that it is bad, that it is the lust of the healer, and wants nothing more to do with it.
Thousands of people go to pieces up against such rabble!
The Other Side tells you: the life magnetism penetrates everything.
Here is the proof.
A woman is under treatment by a fourth-grade medium.
The medium helps her through the master, but the woman wants to be helped everywhere she thinks she has pain.
The medium magnetizes the central nervous system and that is sufficient. The nervous system takes care of the further processing itself.
However, the woman grumbles.
Her head must also have something and she also has a pain in her arm.
The medium does what is necessary anyway, but will soon give her the proof through his master.
She comes back another time.
The medium suddenly takes over her condition and says:
“Sit down.”
He places his hands under her shoes.
After a short time he feels and sees that the toothache has gone and says:
“Has your toothache gone?”
“Did you know that?”
“You see, lady, the aura penetrates through the heel of your shoe to your toothache.
In the future I will heal, but not you. Is that okay?”
She received her proof and her punishment, but it was necessary.
There are also mystically talented healers, and they have a method that only they know and can use.
A woman comes to such a man, she wants to be helped.
“Good”, he says. “That is possible.
Just get undressed and lie down there.”
The woman lies down.
The man lights candles and takes out his violin.
He plays beautiful songs and it is as if he is in ecstasy.
After half an hour he stops, the treatment is over and it costs her ten guilders!
She goes away ... and stays away.
The life magnetism cannot be stopped if there is contact.
Healing can even take place at a distance.
Great deals of charlatans do that, but they achieve nothing. Only the third and fourth grade is capable of this.
Now the medium does the following.
The master has made the diagnosis and connects the medium to the patient.
The medium feels this connection.
The treatment comes at a fixed time.
The medium does nothing else but tune into the patient, the master must now heal.
And that is exactly the same for him as with direct contact.He now descends through the medium, which has reached the half-waking consciousness, into the patient, and leaves his life aura behind there.
This half-material half-spiritual contact is a physical phenomenon, which we will later get to know when we follow the physical gifts.
Therefore, through the aura and the unity with the medium the master is capable of connecting with the syndrome, reaching unity, or the aura will not be received and will glide as a result of the own thinness through the sick body and will go away again.
However, now the aura can be received and this is only possible when the patient has attunement to the spheres of light.
Soul with soul must reach spiritual unity, or it will not help.
In this way, you can work at a distance, but this happens through our world and outside of the medium.Nevertheless, the instrument is one with the condition, because the master has connection through his life.
However, every nerve works against it if there is no spiritual contact and refuses to absorb the life aura.
This healing can also be infallible when the occult laws and the gifts are experienced, or it will be wasting power and time for nothing!
Yet, every charlatan tries it and also receives his money now.
It is difficult, but he helps.
This charlatan can only influence his own grade of life, can do nothing for the other life, and if he still treats the higher conscious, he gives that life his own soul poison and makes the illness worse. He brings agitation into all these organs, even if he wanted to do good at that moment.
The devil feels closed off to the spheres of light, but still wants to act lord and master.
The astral occult laws not only call him to a halt, but they kick him away. They are like the whip in Christ’s hands when He thrashed the defilers out of the Temple, and this also applies to everyone who violates the healing gift!!!
The charlatan is your danger, your suffering, sorrow and your grave.
He does not serve Christ, but his own life; he must live and does not want to die of starvation.
The medium in the hands of a master is suddenly called; people need him.
The master sees what has happened here and says:
“Immediate admission to a hospital.”
The charlatan, who was treating the patient, had irrevocably forbidden the injections prescribed by the doctor.
“Away with that rubbish, away with it, you are poisoning yourself.”
The people thought that it was good and followed his advice.
First one leg and then the other had to be removed from the patient, and the charlatan denied the man the insulin.
The doctors cursed, but the patient was on this side after a short time.
What must you do against this danger?
Inform about the powers and gifts of the medium, openly, if necessary because it can cost you your life.
Because of this alone these people are made harmless.
They are merciless!
Volumes could be filled about them, but that is not the intention. You have been warned!
Hundreds of victims have had to pay their toll. They did not see through these “healers” and surrendered to them.
Their aura has been brutalized and can only contaminate you.
They tell you that you will be better in a short time, but after a short time, it is exactly the other way round. You now live on this side.
They do not see, they do not hear and are not in possession of the spiritual telepathic power of feeling. Their dog instinct is the only thing that they possess, and they want to heal you with that.
They pile up mistake after mistake, and yet continue. No one stops them and life lessons mean nothing to them.
Search and keep the good. If you are not sure about the seer, then hold onto your doctor, do not go to the charlatan, or you will be lost.
When these people behave like apostles, and then be on your guard. They represent the false!
Soon the parapsychologists will fight this evil and call the charlatan to a halt.
Every medium must let himself be tested and then it will appear who possess gifts. It is only then that you will be released from all this occult danger!
This will come and namely soon, because the Age of Christ no longer tolerates the sullying of the spiritual gifts.
Christ died for this. God can no longer approve of that.
The medium in our hands can heal.
However, when neither a doctor nor occult laws can help, only pure love remains, tuned into the direct life, only the love of soul to soul which exceeds everything when it is spiritually felt; you are then open to Christ.
In the future, there will be no mediums necessary, nor doctors. On this side, there is already a technical instrument ready which makes all illnesses dissolve.
I have described the great miracle in the book ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ and by reading this, you can convince yourself of it.
There are people who think that a medium must pass on his powers for a song.
What they received may not be sullied by any money.
That is also nonsense.
How must we keep our instruments alive that give themselves completely to their task?
How must they keep up their strength if they cannot buy any food?
You cannot live from astral power. The masters say how the patients must live, but also how the instrument must keep his health.
The treatment must be paid for: anyone who has a lot, also pays for the poor, who will be helped for free.
We make sure that no exorbitant profits are made. Not one instrument in our hands is capable of that. We do not charge large amounts for the diagnosis made. We do not charge large amounts for the diagnosis made. We see through your life and only then determine your material gift
The true instrument does not commit a sin when he has to take money. The good ones think it is already dreadful that they have to accept money. They would rather be released from this.
However, is that possible?
If you feel this, it also no longer has any meaning.
If we see that the instrument is mad about money, the medium is immediately alone and the Other Side withdraws.
When you read this, do not then proceed to send patients to our instrument. His master has given him the task to stop healing, however wonderful and beautiful it is. He will get another task.
Now the Other Side wants to reach the inner life and better it and for this purpose, all the powers present are used.
However, you have been warned.
I tell you: for God everything is possible, if you know the laws and your own karma does not call you to a halt.
Christ is and will remain the living inspiration for your life, for your illnesses and for your life after death.
Through Christ to the astral academic, through him to your own self, then the head bowing comes of its own accord.
Then healing is possible!
You are open to God!