In order to explain the spiritual gifts to you, I must first of all explain the organic laws to you, which were given to you by Mother Earth.
You on earth speak of types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, however, we speak of the seven grades for the inner life.
For us, who left the earth behind us, these grades are spiritual, for you they are both material and spiritual.
God demands of you as of every human being that you master all these grades and laws, because as a result of them you return to the ‘All’ and you enter the Divine spheres.
By following these material and spiritual grades, we got to know and understand the occult laws on our side.
In order to analyse it completely for you and to explain its working to you, I will take you to Ancient Egypt and to the East.
You will see as a result of this what the Eastern instrument experiences as a result of the occult laws and what your Western medium receives in spiritual wonders and wisdom through our side.
I also want to show you that the Western medium does not possess any gifts and especially that the Eastern medium cannot compete with the mediums who are in our hands, however incredible this will sound for the initiated in the occult phenomena.
However, I will show you it in all kinds of ways.
It will then be clear to you that the Eastern medium is searching for himself and the Western medium can only receive, as a result of which, however, he experiences a height which only Ancient Egypt knew!
If I can give you everything, you will be able to determine in which grade of conscious and inner life your mediums find themselves, so that you can also judge which of the phenomena experienced by them are pure and which are deception.
You will then see through the occult laws, through the gifts and through the mediums.
The medium still cannot be fathomed by you, you still do not know the complicated occult laws, the Western inner life must still master the intuition for this purpose.
However, it is now the will of the Other Side that mankind is informed.
It has to awaken for the spiritual gifts and get to know the phenomena, because it is only then that charlatanism will dissolve, which occurs so deplorably often in the occult area and our astral life will no longer be able to be sullied.
The spiritual gifts and astral laws will then get meaning for you, earthly people, and you will start to feel how sacred everything is which you and we received from God.
I was ordered by the masters of the Other Side to analyse the psychic and physical gifts for you.
I am extremely grateful to God for this task, because as a result of it I am connected with your life.
It gives me the opportunity to do something back for the unmentionable amount which I received from God.
Let us now enter together the difficult and dark path which takes us through the vast occult area and start our deep study!