The Great Wings

Conscious disembodiment is the beautiful gift, which you as a human being can receive from God.
The priests of ancient Egypt experienced this gift and elevated it to a great height. Yet, this divine gift has remained in the hands of the Other Side.
If the priest had disembodied, then he lived on this side and the astral wisdom could be received.
The master on this side took the priest to the laws, explained the divine wisdom to him and he also passed this onto the people at the séance.
I told you that people already started this development when the child had reached the age of seven.
Parents, whose child appeared to be gifted, saw it taken away and educated as a priest, which was an event for the parents and which they were honoured with.
Egypt lived in meditation.
It was also possible that the child was appointed by the Other Side in order to represent the Great Wings and that was always a revelation to them.
At that time, high priests were always prepared for the great wonder, because if a Great Winged One did not live amongst them, the life in the temple had no meaning.
Because of this spiritual wonder, they received the very highest from the Gods.
There were offerings and prayers day and night so that the Gods would make sure that the instrument was protected enough, and it goes without saying that the Great Winged One felt like a deity.
When people started the development, the whole of Egypt lived in tension and this became ecstasy when the very first word was spoken by this wonder.
All of the court was represented by it.
They experienced a feast of incredible beauty, of consecration and consciously entering, deeply felt and thought-out, and which every one wanted to have his part of.
It was a feast of pure inspiration, high and low now experienced the unity with the Gods and especially with the God of their temple.
My brother Alonzo tells in his book “Between Life and Death” about this beautiful but merciless development, a work that was given to mankind through this instrument.
This is the description of an education in the Temple of Isis, of which he was the Great Winged One.
He tells you how he and his master Dectar fought like lions against the evil, which already controlled the temple.
These two priests wanted to save what they could of it and managed it.
Alonzo tells you how he as Venry received the Great Wings and already possessed them as a child.
He gives you an idea how he already felt as a child and how people influenced his young life from the temple.
He lived there as the last great medium and completed his work, but he was also helped by his master on this side.
He fought against this descent with his great master Dectar, who had to accept his own being broken winged, but he, nevertheless, made a wonderful instrument out of Venry.
It is definitely necessary that you read the book; it is only then that you will know how high this development was experienced and how the Great Winged One got his wisdom.
You can then make a comparison for yourself with your own time. You will then know that ancient Egypt was not able to experience the height of today, because we go further and deeper.
The medium of ancient Egypt had a great deal ahead of the mediums from the twentieth century.
They could complete their study in peace, and they were not disturbed in anything.
Our mediums live, just as the Great Winged Ones once did, amongst you and in a society, which is really not suitable for completing such a task in it.
Our mediums therefore experience all the disturbing things of your everyday life. They must get through it, nothing can be given to them, and yet, to always have to be ready for astral wisdom is the most difficult life that you can experience in the West.
There is not a life more difficult!
Whatever you do, this life must represent both the earthly and the life of this side, and remain itself completely in that.
In ancient Egypt, I told you, the priests gathered together at midnight.
When the moon stood high in the sky they went into meditation and they could give themselves completely.
In their beautiful environment, surrounded by the beauty of the spheres, given to them by Mother Nature, in the initiation temple decorated with beautiful flowers the wonderful séances were held and they experienced the silence of the spirit and were not disturbed in anything.
However, our mediums for the Great Wings and the other gifts do not have any time for this, however gladly they would like to posses that pure sphere.
Our great mediums do not have time to look at the moon. They must be prepared every moment, or your tram will drive them into the hospital. A carriage drawn by horses would knock them to the ground, if they were to forget themselves for only one moment.
That is still possible, because the great one continually live ‘between life and death’ and despite this they must be ready for your society.
See, that is not so simple.
Yet, we now achieve even more than they were able to achieve in their holy temples.
Ancient Egypt experienced wonders, and yet, there people were not able to experience this wisdom which is now given to you from our life.
We now go deeper and further!
Their consciousness was not yet fully developed.
All those famous priests still had to awaken to this; and later they did.
When Venry and his master Dectar were together after a visit to the pharaoh, Venry predicted the Great Wings for his master, which he would one day receive.
He then saw far ahead and he said to his master:
“What I see, my friend, is truly something to be pleased about.
One day you will receive the Great Wings.
The God of all life will give you the Great Wings and you will be able to reach more people and go deeper than we were now able to experience.”
This prediction is completely true; it came out word for word.
The instrument through whom we already experience the psychic and physical gifts and through whom I now write, has received this development.
He is Dectar!
Moreover, his pupil, the Great Winged One from ancient Egypt, gave him the book ‘Between Life and Death.’
He recorded this through his former master, but they both experienced their Egyptian revelations again.
Since they have devoted their lives to the good, for God, they may now continue their beloved work and you can understand as a Westerner why it is that the inner life is present for these gifts.
The soul, which wants to serve for God, cannot perish.
Not one word that you pronounce for God and all His life can be destroyed. After thousands of years, you will be faced again with your task.
God will not destroy our work, one day we may finish it, and ancient Egypt now experiences this.
I told you, the priests of ancient Egypt live on earth, actually, you receive our worldly wisdom through them.
Our instrument and many others experience the same development.
Now there is only one master present and he passes the wisdom onto them from our life.
Now the supernatural can be received and be experienced.
These mediums are therefore born for their task.
In short, I now want to give you an idea of what the development of our instrument was like.
You already know something about all the gifts and you can therefore follow me.
If you also read “Between Life and Death”, everything will be clear to you.
When this soul life would be born, it was ready for these gifts.
The soul has learned to know the laws on this side.
All the hells and heavens are experienced with the master and all the grades of life in the universe.
Then the birth on earth comes.
The master stands before his brother and says when the soul will dissolve in the world of the unconscious:
“Until there, my dear brother!
Until there, on earth.
We will see each other again there and here.
Now we can begin our work.”
In the books, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, this return to the earth is described.
When the instrument was allowed to know everything about his previous existence, he understood that he had lived on this side.
The master wanted him to learn nothing as a child. A school would not be necessary for him, and it would make him unsuitable for mediumship.
Master Alcar prevented that.
He knew where the child would be born. The highest masters on this side could see it and took him to this soul life, which could be found amongst all those millions on earth.
This was a revelation for the master.
He sees a little village before him, a lovely nature, and now knows that he will be able to do everything for the instrument.
The soul lives in the mother and he sees the mother before him. The mother already feels now, and therefore says, that she is now carrying a special child.
This one is different to the others that she has.
She feels it from the kicking of the child and from the feelings, which she experiences as a result of this unity.
For her it is a law: this child has something!
In the mother the soul life reaches awakening.
Between the fourth and the fifth month, Master Alcar begins with the development and wakens the soul life, so that soon the nervous system will be ready to be able to receive the inner life.
What is experienced on this side must reach awakening.
The child comes under astral influence soon and it is in connection with the master.
The complete youth of this child is described, as it experiences the occult influence in the midst of the environment in which it lives.
When you read these lines, then look for ‘Jeus’, the novel about a child, our instrument, and you will get an unconditional picture of how the master elevates this life.
This youth is a revelation.
The child breaks its clogs and experiences supernatural laws through the Other Side, it plays on the clouds with its friends and lives between life and death temporarily but does not yet know the laws.
This Jeus has something, which the other children do not possess, but he remains playful and enthusiastic, is consciously and unconsciously an instrument in the hands of this world.
When he has reached the age the master sends him to the city, because he cannot do anything with him in that village.
His young clairvoyance reaches awakening and now the Other Side can have an influence.
In his youth, he already disembodies, but that must become different, the Great Wings must be able to be experienced consciously.
By means of drawing, painting and healing the sick the first contact with this world is obtained and the Other Side begins the cosmic development.
In five seconds, five spiritual gifts come into effect, at the same moment that his master influences him, Jeus – later as André – has become a clairvoyant, clairaudient, painting, drawing and healing medium.
The master now finds that he can start on the psychic and physical trance.
Meanwhile, Jeus is called by the highest masters on this side, who have formed a circle of people on earth, where they will also take his development in hand.
The masters tell the people present where Jeus is and they must collect him, he must experience these séances.
Jeus is found in the big city and the master can give his instrument a development, such as ancient Egypt with all its sacredness was not able to experience.
The highest masters elevate him into their life during the psychic séances and by means of this, he receives what is needed for his mediumship.
During the first year, the psychic trance is developed and then the darker séances for the physical trance can be started.
Because of the physical trance, the master can begin with the Great Wings.
All the physical gifts, the laws of which I was able to explain to you, reach development, and the people present experience wonders because of it.
In three years, that stage is also reached, and then Master Alcar can begin with conscious disembodiment.
What our magician experienced, is now conquered by Jeus, as André; through his master he gets to know all the occult laws.
Meanwhile, there is painting and drawing; helping people is his daily task and through the sick, he gets to know the material and astral laws.
He must control all these laws, if he will not wish to succumb later under a cosmic burden, the Great Wings.
All these gifts are to be found at one height.
Infallible diagnoses are now made and numerous patients given up on by their doctors are helped and cured.
Now Jeus is faced with the universe!
He does not know what the Other Side wants with him and that conscious would also be too much for him, it is only later that he will get to know himself.
The master will take him back to ancient Egypt and then he may know who he was there.
Soon he will receive his own past.
His Egyptian personality will reach awakening.
However, through his inner life he is now the instrument in the hands of the masters.
Jeus bows to his master and is like a little child: he will serve, as only the conscious child of Christ can serve.
That power is present in his life.
Master Alcar is three years further and is now, along with this instrument, faced with the astral laws.
Jeus is standing next to his earthly body and must now prove what he has learned in these years, actually from his youth onwards.
Master Alcar wants him to find his bearings outside of himself.
The master demands everything of his instrument, gives everything, but wants him to never be able to lose himself, but the instrument must get to know the laws for this.
The magician succumbed when he stood next to his body between life and death; Jeus goes further.
Master Alcar takes him in a flash through the universe and suddenly asks him: “Where are we at the moment, André?
Concentrate on the life in which we are.
I must now present you with the laws, so that you will always be able to return to your organism under your own power.
You must therefore be able to find your bearings in everything.
Where are we?”
The answer comes immediately:
“We are in Indonesia, Master.”
The master moves off in a flash, hand in hand they float through the universe.
He asks:
“And now?”
André tunes himself in and says:
“In the high North, Master.”
“Very good, my boy, but we will go further.
And now?”
“In the middle of the earth, Master.”
“Satisfactory, André, we are in the middle of the earth, very good. Your tuning in leaves nothing to be desired.
Now we can begin with the further development and I can explain the laws of our life to you.
Enough for today.”
Every night Jeus must disembody, the organism is now in the fifth grade of sleep. He can now leave the material world and during the day cure sick people, paint and write, because what he has received must be recorded.
A year later his first book is published.
(The first part of ‘A view into the Hereafter’.)
The hells are experienced and the higher spheres follow, Jeus must deal with all of this and he gets through it, even if he sometimes feels paralysed. A cosmic burden presses down on this human-child-like shoulders.
However, a short time later, the second part of ‘A View into the Hereafter’ is published.
Shortly after the highest spheres are experienced, where Jeus was able to admire angels, where the master of his Master Alcar takes care of him and shows him the very highest on this side, that spiritual journey is described and the third part is also published.
Master Alcar has achieved that Jeus, who does not have a penny, can publish his own books.
The paintings, which are made and sold, must represent the books. His master has disengaged all deception, he wants to have his work in his own hands and that happened.
Jeus succumbed twenty times in the hells. He cannot release himself from those dreadful people, the darkness keeps him prisoner.
He lives on earth, he eats and drinks, but where Jeus looks, he sees the hells before him. His inner life divides itself into the millions of grades; he lives on earth and is no longer there.
Where is the end?
His master will take care of that, but despite this wonderful help, Jeus must remain himself and deal with those laws in the organism.
He is with his master in the hell and cannot go any further.
His throat is tightened; he must learn to tune himself in, he must conquer the astral laws.
His master will help him, but Jeus must become himself in this world, so that he has his own protection.
The master says to his dear brother and friend, who has known him on this side and with whom he has experienced all these laws together, however, which Jeus no longer knows anything about:
“Good, my precious, then we will return and just stop.
We have been weighed and found to be too light.”
André weeps and Jeus is broken.
These two personalities help each other.
André is the instrument, and Jeus is still the little child from the village.
Suddenly, Jeus feels that he must help André.
Is that perhaps my weapon, he thinks.
“Jeus, Jeus”, he calls very loudly, “I am here, Master.
They may destroy me, you will help me, I want to learn.”
Jeus collapses and prays:
“Oh, God, stand by me.
Let the devil-people come to me, let them come, oh, God, they may destroy me, but may they not remove me from my place before You and let them break through Your power in Your presence in me.
Oh, God, if I am so dreadfully bad and I cannot see it, let me know it, let me see it.
Break me, oh, God, destroy me to the very deepest of my soul, but, oh, God, hold me, hold me now that I am faced with the deepest hells and build me up again.
I bow my head, and I surrender myself to Your messenger.
Shall I?”
The words of his master cut like a razor-sharp knife through his soul.
Now he feels strengthened and he wants to listen seriously to all those dark beings that want to murder him.
Jeus now knows that he must get through it; it is for his own best.
If something happens, then he can find his bearings.
The master feels him and he looks into the childish eyes of his great pupil.
They descend hand in hand.
Jeus now learns what those inhabitants of hell are like. They drag him through the universe and want to sully his life.
The master suddenly leaves him alone; now he must prove what he can do.
Yet, Master Alcar will intervene if he sees that his help is needed.
Jeus obtains his occult grade and dissolves completely in their demonic hands.
Now nothing can stop him anymore. He will now even be able to deal with the cosmic laws, which will soon be started.
The master allows people to attack his instrument.
Jeus must prove what he can do, and he is not given any footsteps either. Even if he is in good hands, the Other Side demands the full dedication of his personality.
Not one Oriental can escape it, and neither can Jeus, not one instrument in the hands of our world.
Everyone pays his own toll!
Now Master Alcar can go further.
The universe will follow.
Jeus experiences the stars and the planets, he sees the origin of creation, but before his master starts it, he gets to know in the sphere of the earth possession in the mental institutions.
That book is also recorded and now he is ready to deal with divine sacred creation in life on earth.
(‘Mental Diseases as seen from the Side Beyond’.)
The grades of madness have prepared him for it. That misery closed the door.
He is with his master on earth and in the universe, they visit the moon and the secondary planets, Jeus gets to know and understand the universe. All the grades, created by God, are explained to him by Master Alcar.
He brings back a cosmic wealth of astral wisdom to his body in the morning, destined for mankind. That same day everything is recorded, to then be torn apart again.
His soul almost bursts, masters live in and outside him, and they understand what he must now deal with.
They stand next to him and Jeus looks into their eyes.
No one on earth understands him anymore or can follow him; he now lives in a thousand worlds at the same time.
He also gets through this, but you must wonder: how does Jeus keep going?
André must work, and it is he who must follow his master. It is Jeus on the other hand who will take care of everything, everything for André.
Jeus understands.
Now the highest master speaks to him and says:
“Jozef, my son, it is you who must represent André in life on earth.
It is you who can elevate a wall for André, whereby we will help you.
But keep thinking of Jeus, never let go of your youth, that is and will remain your only protection.
Remain high-spirited and talk in dialect if the city crushes you to death. Continue to hold onto the skirts of your dear mother Crisje, it is only then that you will have your own weapon.
Nothing, Jeus, nothing can upset you.
May God bless you, my son.”
Master Alcar takes Jeus to the last moment, when he dissolved as a soul in the world of the unconscious.
Jeus sees that moment before him after he has been with his master on Golgotha.
He now hears master Alcar speaking. They will see each other again on earth.
Now he is faced with the last and the first moment.
The master tells him that he may now die.
The task, which he was given, has been completed.
Jeus may decide. That same night the master can break the fluid cord and he lives again on the other side.
Jeus now walks in the spheres and looks at all that sacredness.
He sees all his friends of the earth before him, he sees his dear Crisje.
Never, he thinks, I want to work, I want to serve, however difficult it is for me, I want to thank God for everything, everything, given to me and other people.
Despite his will to continue to serve, he still disembodies three times before taking this decision and then he can say what he wants to do.
He walks round the earth with this problem. No one knows anything about it; he must fight this out with himself.
And he does it!
“I will stay, Master.” is all he says.
The master replies: “I did not expect any different.
I was given thirty years to finish my work, André, and I did it in ten.
We are ahead. I therefore wanted us to be ready before the war, which will soon break out on earth.
We have not let a second of time be lost. Now I can thank you, in the name of the masters.
Master Cesarino gave me the task to give you everything that a cosmic conscious being can imagine.
This is the possession of the Great Wings, André, for this side you have been able to obtain this grade.
And now quickly back to ancient Egypt.”
Jeus comes into ancient Egypt and there he sees into one of his many lives.
It is there that he meets his brother Alonzo, who is already waiting for him and his master.
There Jeus sees himself as a master and he gets to know his fourth personality.
Jeus, André and Jozef have become separate personalities for him, now that Master Dectar will reveal himself in him.
He experiences these laws, he sees his own youth and his mother, but he sees how the human being does not follow those revealed truths of life. However, now he serves once more, he is an instrument again in the hands of the masters.
Alonzo records what is experienced that night through him as André.
However, Master Dectar reaches awakening.
In six weeks time the things experienced have been recorded.
The book is published , but the war has already started.
(footnote in first edition: ‘Between Life and Death’.)
Now Jeus will receive even more wisdom as André, because Master Alcar could write countless books through him. The Other Side is inexhaustible.
I myself experience with the masters Alcar and Alonzo the awakening of ancient Egypt in the life of Jeus, André and Jozef.
People know Jozef, no one yet knows Jeus, but when you will soon have the books about his youth in your hands and then from those books take hold of the spiritual works and let them speak within you, then tell us whether all that wisdom came from himself.
Jeus has remained Jeus and will never change.
When he became too playful, Master Alcar rapped his fingers.
However, we want him to remain as mother Crisje carried and bore him.
In the book “Between Life and Death” you will get to know, I told you, the laws of ancient Egypt.
However, the laws of ancient Egypt are fixed in the life of Jeus, André, Jozef and Dectar. They must now represent all those lives and they can do it, you will not break them in anything.
All those personalities place their head under the knife, devote their lives for this world, but learned and obtained the cosmic conscious as a result of it.
This mediumship is the very highest which a human being on earth can experience.
I will now leave it to your own inner life to judge whether there are a great deal of these mediums.
What I was able to give you in the name of the masters, is recorded by means of this inner life.
It was in ancient Egypt where this soul awakened. In other lives, this study was continued in order to pass on the profits of it to you as a material being.
I am almost finished.
It happened that related spirits came to André in order to tell him that his Master Alcar had spoken with them at the séance.
André even received messages and telegrams from Indonesia that he had come through there with his master.
A child of ten years old draws dolls through Master Alcar.
A girl of seventeen years old writes through Master Alcar.
At other séances, Master Alcar comes through and talks nonsense.
From the reports from those séances, it appears that he contradicts himself and behaves very awkwardly.
He sends these people to his instrument, which must have a message for them, but André knows nothing about it.
When he tells these trusting people and dreamers that Master Alcar does not come through anywhere else, he receives as reply:
“You surely do not think that you alone can receive high spirits?”
In this way, people keep coming to him with different stories and other nonsense each time, which was supposed to be given to them by his Master Alcar.
I will now put an end to this in the name of André’s master.
I tell you:
“Master Alcar does not come anywhere else, he has only one instrument and that is André, that is Jozef Rulof.
You still feel that if he were really to start this, he would break the wonderful contact between him and his instrument.
You now know what was needed to build up such a contact.
In the first books of André Master Alcar already says:
“Remember, André, I will not come anywhere else.
You will understand that later.”
It is only now that André understands it.
Master Alcar already expressed this then to prevent misunderstanding and to make sullying of his sacred work apparent.
As far as André coming through is concerned, I tell you that he will not appear at séances even when he will have died on earth.
His new task lies ready on this side.
André will return to the earth one day in order to continue his work, but differently than the spiritualists could imagine.
At that time, it is after 2000, there will be technical instruments on earth, so that mediums are unnecessary.
With the hope that I was able to give you something for the awakening of your life for our side, where you will enter later, I will say goodbye to you and call to you a “see you later”.
May God grant that we will receive everything for which our instrument is still suitable, because then you will still hear me!
This book is for the age of Christ!
I place it at the feet of my Master and devote it to Him, Who died for all of us.
I only wanted to serve!
Jeus may dedicate it to her, to whom he is everything, his mother Crisje; we wish it for him.
My brother André, see you soon, I am and will remain your brother!
I thank God for everything given to me!
Your Lantos as Master Zelanus
‘Soul of my soul, I am on the way,
I am working on myself.
Will you wait for me there?’
Master Zelanus