Dear reader,
This book takes you to the occult laws.
It treats the spiritual gifts which the earthly human being can possess and shows you the grades which lie in these gifts.
You get to know the magicians, fakirs, yogis and the Western mediums as a result of this, then you can decide for yourself which of them serves the spiritual gifts or sullies them.
By means of this book you will be connected with heaven and earth, with white and black magic.
It is only possible for a master of the Other Side to explain these laws which cannot be fathomed by an earthly being.
This difficult task was carried out by master Zelanus, whom you have probably got to know as Lantos in his book ‘The Cycle of the Soul.’
By following the Eastern and Western mediums and making comparisons with the supernatural phenomena as they were experienced in Ancient Egypt, he gives you a clear picture of the occult laws.
His rich, educational book releases you from everyday life and also takes you upwards spiritually, since it connects you with the Spheres of Light, the heavens in life after death.
May it convince you of the wonderful meaning, which the true spiritual gifts for the life of God possess and may it open your eyes to the deception, because that is the aim of the Other Side.
I myself pass the book onto you, as I received it.
The Hague, 1943.
Jozef Rulof.