Rapping’s are physical phenomena that are brought about by a spirit and by means of which he can manifest himself.
A loud tap on a piece of furniture has guarded many a person from disaster.
We can let you hear those rappings.
But what is a rapping?
What kinds of value can such a rapping have?
What does a rapping like that mean, at least to you?
For a spiritualist it sometimes means: good evening, or good morning.
However, there are also people who feel their love as a result of this, people who love this simple tap, because for them it is a great wonder, a bond, a human being who has come to them and says: “Tap-tap-tap, it is me, mother.”
Now a tap is deep and true, enviable. Now an everyday tap like that is immortal and the human being is connected with the universe because of the tap.
How is that possible, you will wonder, and yet, this proof has been given to many people.
However, charlatans and too trusting spiritualists have also reduced these spiritual manifestations to nothing.
For trusting spiritualists, everything taps.
The creaking of a dry piece of furniture is the tapping from the Other Side, and of course, other people laugh at this.
It is therefore the spiritualists’ own fault that they are laughed at, because they ask for it; there is nothing more human about their tapping.
If you must accept and believe all these people, then there is tapping for them day and night and then those spirits are reduced to forced labour. Their tapping is truly pitiful.
If you had to accept all of this, then your life would stand still or the madhouse would be open to you.
No spirit is released from their tapping, they demand the tapping, and they want to possess the tapping contact. These souls live through it, for them it is the spiritual answer to their questions.
The Other Side does not tap every second, or our lives would stand still, and it would be as if being lead on a leash.
Yet, thousands of people have received worldly wisdom because of this simple tap, sometimes even wonderfully deep, so that it exceeded their own thoughts and feelings.
Through the familiar table, the Other Side gave them wise lessons and striking proof of life after death, which they themselves could know nothing about.
Then a tap is a great wonder!
If the Other Side wishes to bring about rappings, then the following happens.
We do that by concentration. We free your chair or table from the inner life, and that is very simple.
We do not even need aura for this; the life of the object itself serves us.
Your dog and cat can also serve, but I tell you, it is not even necessary.
When you hear the tap, we connect ourselves with the life of a table and now elevate that life into us.
As a result of the concentration this life enters a tense state, flies back and now the wood of the table experiences an inward shock, so that the wood taps or creaks.
No more is needed for it.
Yet you will open their ears as a result of it and they listen or ask:
“Is there something?
Are you tapping again?”
If such a tap comes, then they can continue to ask questions and the astral tap, which has been materialized, can answer them.
Now these people must be able to distinguish their own material creaking from the conscious astral tap, but that is usually not the case and then it becomes terribly complicated.
These people get there like lightning and ask their favourite questions, they know that their tap protects them, and it is usually their loved ones who tap.
When that is really the case, they find themselves on sacred ground as the result of a tap, because then the spiritual contact has come to them and this can carry out blessed work.
The astral tap can then be deeply moving and warm your life. It is purifying, if a spirit of the light manifests itself by means of this, however, the darkness also entertains itself by means of this.
It can be a sound from the spheres of light, as a result of which the life on earth is opened, but also the sound of lust and coarse violence, as a result of which fear enters your life.
The trusting people go too far in this as well and make a psychopathic case out of their tapping.
Their tapping is frightening for the conscious human hearing and inner life, which is still itself.
Those people keep hearing tapping and then talk to the tapping.
For this one it is the mother, for other people yet other loved ones, who have come to them and tap.
By means of the tap, their lives reach spiritual unity and then the conversation follows.
It is wonderful if there is truly spiritual contact. However, it becomes a mad carry-on when the normal human part is discarded.
When you meet those people, then just hide!!
In a short time, their tapping will impregnate you, and their tap will come over your life.
You will then have hold of the astral tap!
Do not laugh about this, because this tapping is very dangerous, many people perished because of it.
Your neurologists and psychiatrist can talk about it. Many of their patients heard the tap and became possessed as a result of it.
That tapping went to their heads!
Must that happen?
It is harsh to have to deny you all of this, but I will give you the true tapping from this side instead of it. I want to deny you nothing if something better does not come to you in its place.
The true tap takes you upwards, the unconscious, however, brings suffering and sorrow, to the material and spiritual misery.
That must be prevented from happening, and you have it in your own hands.
There are people gathered and a tap is heard.
The other four look up, but one of them knows and senses the tick and says:
“Good day, child.
Are you back with me for a moment?
Have you come to pay a visit to your old mother?
Sweet of you, very sweet, it does me such good.”
The other people see tears.
One person looks at the other person, in thoughts they point to their heads.
Which of them is right?
Is it the people who certify her for mad?
Because they did that, I picked up their inner thoughts, I could follow them from my world. I saw an astral hand come into existence as a result of the power of thought, which was placed on their foreheads, we see that clearly.
A moment later, they hear again:
“That is Rudolf, ladies, my deceased child.”
“What did you say?”
“Rudolf, you know, after all, that my son and my husband have died.”
“Well, they come to visit me now and again.
This is the tapping of Rudolf; my husband taps in a different way.
His tapping is heavier and more rigid, like his character was, really a bit stiff, but he was kind to me, very kind.
Rudolf taps like a child. He puts all his love into his tapping and is so close to me.
However, that is because we understood each other so well on earth.
We already sensed each other from when he was a small child.
My husband was stiffer, I said, but that is his character.Yet he was a loved human being and did a great deal for other people.”
“Have you been hearing that for long?”
“I received this in my sick bed.
A few years ago, shortly after Rudolf perished.
I hurt so much from it. Then suddenly, I heard him tapping.
I knew immediately: that is Rudolf; only he can do that.
Of course, it took a while before I understood the tapping, now I can tell you every word of it, soon I will feel what he wants to tell me.
Yes, ladies, do not laugh or just laugh. I can take it; no one can deny me my contact. I have received the gift from God.
I am very grateful for it and the twilight of my life is lightened by it.
Believe it, I am not ...!”
Mad ... she had wanted to say and that is the way it is.
However, the other people found her tapping suspicious.
To them it remained improbable, inhuman, childish and dangerous.
“Yet the old lady is not psychopathic.She is so certain of her business.
What do you make of it?”
“Nonsense, her tea was good, but it has made me afraid.
I will not come again.
For shame, it is better to keep both feet on the ground.
What kind of people are these!
They belong in the madhouse.
Is that humane?
Do you believe in those tappings?
It is tasteless.
Rudolf taps like this and the doctor taps stiffly?” one person said later.
“It is because I have known her for so many years”, the other friend says, “otherwise, I would say, she is senile.
I have known her for years and she has certainly remained herself.
I know about it, she talks with her son and her husband, does not let anything disturb her and has whole conversations with them.
It is the only thing she has. She has nothing more and she is very sweet.
I know few people who feel for other people as she does. She gives everything away.
No – she is definitely not mad!”
The other people think that she is already touched.
Yet, this is the conscious spiritual tap!
This tap plays music, can let you hear spiritual spherical sounds and is as an angel in the heavens can be, deeply moving and loving.
Now the material clairvoyance has developed spiritually, the only contact, which people possess, because the other mediumistic sensitivity is not present.
These people are certainly not rabid, and they always know what they are doing. However, one human being in millions possesses the spiritual bond, the astral tap, the rest tap themselves!
All those other people tap in their own thoughts or their heated room gets a tap from the stove.
Now it becomes nonsense.
These people have discarded their own conscious, and lose themselves in the tapping.
Because of these tapping phenomena they have become the living dead and are no longer human.
Mothers and fathers tap after their death if there is a good contact, but when they see that the tapping becomes dangerous for the day-conscious self, they must stop, because they cause accidents.
Yet, the astral tap is an amazing phenomenon and acceptable, it can infallibly pass on what is thought on this side and is eloquently conscious.
However, the deterioration lies in your own hands.
If the normal is forgotten, it degenerates into a mad carry-on.
Spiritualism received its name as a result of it, so beautiful, that we do not even dare to pronounce the word again.
Do you know for certain that your mother or father has tapped?
Did you carry out a check, so that you can accept when they tap from this side?
If it is the case, then do not think that your spirits tap every day, because then their own life would stand still.
When we – I already told you – elevate the table into our life or tap by something else, whatever the object is, it does not matter, then we attach our own inner life to the tapping.
This rapping is elastic, has become conscious because of our love for the life on earth and that conscious can be sensed.
This is your material inner life and you can tune into it from your own grade of life, it becomes unity.
The unity with your loved ones and that contact is the happiness of the spheres, and the experience is worthwhile.
We now follow the dematerialization and create a tap by suddenly letting go of the inner life of the object.
It is as if you stretch out an elastic band and let it go, you now also hear a tap.
However, our tap is more sensitive, life lies in it, and the astral tap has something to tell you.
If you feel this, you actually live as a result of the tap in spiritual clairaudience.
When we give heavier taps, your table explodes, because that is also possible.
Now we take all the life from your table except for five percent and let it go.
This inner shock makes the wood jump. Nothing is resistant to this.
However, the actual tap comes into existence because we have broken the barrier of a table.
It is therefore the barrier that causes the violence, or no tension would occur.
This tap is spot-on and infallible.
If we take it away for a hundred percent, then we can let your house collapse to the second, but we would then be a part of the violence ourselves; and these feelings would destroy our consciousness.
The astral tap comes into existence by taking away two percent of life, and no more is needed for it.
However, years are needed in order to understand this tapping. It is the melting together of two souls by the phenomenon.
If two loved ones hold each other’s fingers and the girl let the boy feel a pressure from her pinkie, what does this mean?
The sensitive being now receives a wonderful feeling, and he experiences her great love at this moment. This unsightly sign is the experiencing of the other consciousness, the love.
This contact is conscious, is direct, but the astral one is no different, is even more sensitive than pressure from your finger.
The astral tap must be built up. Love is necessary for this, the bond of a mother with her child, of father and wife, if you wish to reach this height through rapping.
It is therefore possible!
Because of the astral tap you can experience the happiness and the music of the spheres.
The spiritual tap creates the astral unity and comes into being because of the pure love, or it will not be possible.
The tap can be eloquent if the life on this side feels the earthly bond in himself and has already reached this unity on earth.
The Other Side now speaks like the child of Christ.
A book can be written about it, the astral tap can be so wonderful and it can bless your life on earth so sublimely.
“Tap-tap-tap”, it resounds and the earthly ears listen.
Is the sign not coming?
Now it even resounds on her pillow.
The mother still does not give an answer, she goes away from the place where there is tapping.
She does not even want to think about it again.
She wants to pour herself a cup of tea, but before she is ready, she hears on the saucer:
Now she says:
“My boy, what is it?”
“Is there something, Rudolf?”
“Oh, have you come to pay me a visit?
Is father well?”
“Did you see him a short while ago?”
“Wonderful, Rudolf, I think it is great that you see each other so often.
Father is surely seriously busy and will continue his study there, if what the books tell me about it is true.”
“Tap”, it now resounds forcefully.
“That is wonderful, Rudolf, you make me so happy.
But am I sensing it properly?
Is father here?”
“Good day, dear.
You were with me for a moment yesterday evening.
I knew it.
The day before yesterday there was tapping again, it was not you, and I could hear that well.”
The tapping is eloquent.
The mother has sensed it properly.
“Will we go and play?”
“Tap-tap-tap – yes, please.”
The mother has laid out the alphabet before her. She calls out the alphabet. When she reaches the letter, she hears three taps on the board.
She puts the words together, sentences now follow and she gets:
“I will collect you soon, darling.
Rudolf is a dear; he works hard and wants to become a doctor. He wants to return to the earth again.”
“That is a pity, now will I not see him again?”
“He will only go in fifty years’ time, darling.”
“That is sweet, I will therefore see him when I am there?”
“Tap-tap-tap – Yes, darling.”
“Where is the boy?
Have you nothing else to do than wasting your time through me?”
It is weak, yet audible, it means to her: “How can you say that.”
Rudolf then says:
“My own life.
The wind is rustling, mother, it is cold outside, but inside we are warm as a result of our love.
It is winter on earth, on this side there is no longer a winter, here all the life of God shines.
Has father spilled the beans?
I will teach him.
He must stick to his own business.
Yet it is the truth, mother, I may become that which I already longed for on earth, God gives me this mercy.
My master told me, but first we will see each other on this side.
Has your love told you that the moment will soon come?
Can you wait for a while, mother?
You will soon go to sleep, get your things ready and do not forget my little one.
Can you not reach her yet?
Here she will first be very sorry about it, then she will know and then see that it is I after all.
Yet I want to earn the happiness of the spheres, mother. She will have to wait a while for me, but then support me from here.”
“You are an angel, my boy.”
“Has my life, which I now possess, not become so as a result of your love, mother?
How grateful I am to God for your blessed love.”
“Is it you, dear husband?
Has the boy left?
He is still so sweet.
You are darlings.
Kiss him for me, do it. I love you and am so grateful to God.”
“I will do it, dear.
Do you know that we are always one here?
That our unity never comes to an end?
That we will continue, continually further and then return to God?
We always remain one.”
“What happiness you give me, dear husband.
Oh, I am so grateful to you.
How I love you.
Do you know that I always love you?
That I can never forget you for a second?
I sit here alone, you had to go, always on the go in order to make other people happy and better, then the end came.
First, it was our child. However, now we are one again.
I love you, Robert.
I love you; all my love is for you. I love you so much, and I can understand you so deeply. I follow what we knew together every second of the day.
If only I could help the people. But how gladly I would like to, Robert, they laugh, they think that I ...”
“As long as you know, darling of mine, sanctity of my life.
Do you still remember?
Do you know now?
Do you want to say good day to your naughty boy?”
“Yes, Robert, please, but wait a moment.”
“Dear old thing of mine?
Dear little old thing of mine?
I am leaving, I have to work.”
“What are you doing now, Rudolf?”
“What I am doing, mummy?
I am travelling.
I make long flights with my master, who is here.
I ...!”
“Who is it, Rudolf?”
“His name is Master Zelanus.”
“Can you give a great deal of love to your guardian angel from me?”
“Do you know, mother, what the master says?”
“Let me know, dear boy.”
“Listen now ... tap-tap-tap!”
“You are a master, I can hear it from your taps.”
“If there is the feeling in me to have once known a mother, believe me, then I now receive that conviction between life and death.
God’s wisdom gives me the love, which I receive from your boy on our journeys through God’s universe.
I am convinced that you will see him again as a mother who loves, can only wish for.
I want to tell you that I will do my part to make a cosmically aware being of him. You will see his radiating youth before you, but matured by the laws of God.
He will be like your sacred love.
I beg you to accept my pure thoughts towards you and your happiness. I beg you to let your hand rest on your maternal heart and to think of me for a moment. It is the greatest and most sacred gift that you can give me as a mother. It is the power for me in order to be able to continue my task.
May heaven and earth enter your life, power and happiness are wished for you by a child of God.”
“Can you not keep back your tears as a result of this, dear mother?
This is my master, my angel, and yet he wants to be a human being.
I am going, dear old thing. My master says that we will visit the moon and will get to know all the life of God there.
He also says that we were born as a human being on the moon, that it was there that we started our cosmic life as a human being.
What do you think of that?
Good day, my old thing, my dear, dear mother.
Your child Rudolf.”
You see, dear, spirits are like that.
They descend just like that into your heart and feel as if you have borne that life, as if it is your child.
We do that here. On earth, people do not believe it, but we, dear angel, love, love everything, which was created by God.
On earth, the possession of the human being is also the own destruction.
We are open!”
“Dear Robert, I feel how your inner being has filled, let it remain so.
God will bless you, because you were already so good here.”
“Is it not wonderful, mother, to be able to know this already during your life?
Let other people be, let them be and do not let yourself be surprised by their thoughts and feelings.
It could be, dear, that you are too surprised.
It could just affect you unpleasantly.
Nevertheless, I know there are people who feel our unity and still love you.
I must go, my dearest, pay attention, I now tap five times.
It is only then that you can accept me.
Good day, my angel, your Robert.
Two months later, this soul entered our life. She was collected by Robert and Rudolf.
Can God neglect love?
Bonds cannot be broken.
The tapping of our life has cosmic depth, but you must possess a depth for it yourself. It is only then that God is also omnipotent for your life.
Before then, you will not believe it anyway!
My pupil experienced this incredible contact, and we built it up for him, later for his father. This became the highest that I was able to experience on this path.
This tapping is divine!
However, this tapping can be elevated to hitting with an axe.
We do not hit now, we elevate the life of a door into our life and the door smashes.
The blow is terrible.
Nothing can stop this process. From this side the life of every material object can be elevated and then the material collapse follows of its own accord.
We can tap fast, even to the beat of the music, completely in the same tempo, but we can also throw stones by means of it.
That is also an apport.
You will soon get to know it.
Your charlatans rattle doors and cupboards during their séances. If you feel it near you, then just put the light on, because our tapping is close by and yet far away.
You must be able to hear that, even your dog and cat can feel it.
As a result of the rapping, spiritualism flew seriously around the earth about ninety years ago.
A peddler was murdered and this spirit began to tap.
Children heard it and tapped back, as the mother of Rudolf experienced.
When people started to dig, they found a skeleton.
That was the final flourish for spiritualism and then the Other Side started for the West and mankind received our life.
Soon we will come back and tap again. We will then elevate the spiritual gifts into our life, so that the charlatans can no longer tap.
They are a criminal people!