Mediumistic painting and drawing

For your earthly artist these gifts come from the personality, because he has mastered this art, he himself creates.
The medium can only receive.
Our world also paints and draws through mediums, and namely through inspiration and the psychic trance; at least if the grades for the inner life are present, or you cannot be reached as a human being.
If the conscious is in you and you know the grades for the inner life, then you are already a long way towards feeling your own artist, and you also know whether painting is done by us in trance or under inspiration.
The gifts place you so sharply before the occult laws, and, they have to be experienced and followed so strictly by our mediums.
Anyone who possesses the feelings to be able to do art – I will now get back to this – and what people on earth refer to as born talent, will follow the art, but people have to become skilled in it.
If the talent is strongly developed, these people usually feel for art in their childhood, because these characteristics come forward and it can be established if it concerns a child prodigy.
Those children are conscious particularly early of a feeling for art and can achieve something in this field.
There are also people who sense the feeling for art awakening at a later age and then make an effort to achieve in this field.
They soon reach the realisation that they lack the feelings, that others possess, and they search for it or work day and night, and then still have to accept that they can never reach that coveted height.
The height of the child prodigy seems supernatural to them and yet so close by, because they follow the same path; their chalk or pencil is like theirs, but they lack one thing and that is the feeling to draw and paint.
In addition, we are immediately faced with the human grades of feeling.
The inner life of the child prodigy is an own grade, which other artists still have to reach and master.
One person possesses a feeling for art, the other nothing more than the great longing to be able to serve art.
And between these two of the seven grades of feeling lies an enormous gulf, which cannot be bridged by the lower self for art; as a result of which, that person feels called to a spiritual halt.
Even if this human child studies hard and does its best; the height of the child prodigy cannot be reached.
The grades of feeling for art and sciences, for you as a material being, have to do with the occult laws, since they are in connection with them, which is why I am also explaining the state of your artist.
What applies to sculpture, also applies to science, music and other arts.
There are people who, driven by a great talent, become soloists in a short time; other people study just as hard, but remain unknown.
And why can these people not achieve that great height?
Why does one person possess everything and the other, who is also a child of God, possesses nothing?
Are the gifts unfairly divided?
How can God favour one child and why does He let another starve?
God sees Himself represented through one child, actually deformed through another, which is still a mystery to many psychologists.
They do not know what to do about it, cannot find out the reason for it and say that: that is just the way it is, nothing can be done about it anyway!
Moreover, those people speak the truth, because nothing can be done about it.
If you can still accept that God is a Father of love despite this apparent injustice, we can continue and everything will be clear to us.
For many people this situation is a serious problem, because they cannot deal with this injustice and sink away in it.
There are people who saw their lives destroyed by it.
They succumbed only because they could not reach that coveted height.
Volumes have been written about these people, wonderful life stories, in which you read about the struggle that people can have with themselves and which makes them succumb.
Death brought them peace, whereas life only brought destruction and powerlessness.
These people were faced with their own grade of life, the spiritual attunement and their own awakening of conscious, now for them, art.
Only that grade of life can be experienced, going higher than the attunement obtained is not possible, and I now want to explain this to you.
You will get a wonderful idea because of it, why one person achieves everything and another person nothing.
By following these grades of your own life, we will later enter, each time it is necessary, the astral laws and we will follow the medium.
When you follow this carefully, there is no one more on earth of whom you cannot sense both the spiritual life and the grade, because you will know his art; as a result of that art, you will know the inner life.
I also told you that our wisdom will convince you of the true gifts, but that also applies now to your own art. That inner life also interprets the grade of life.
No one on earth can give you this study, because we see everything from the astral life, from the highest feeling of consciousness which you as a human being can reach, but that must belong to our life, if you wish to oversee everything for yourself.
Your painter possesses three grades in which he can experience the highest for the earth; this also applies to all the other arts, to science and to sport.
Yes, even your thieves and other individuals from the underworld possess these grades, because I already told you that they are pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material and spiritual.
All these grades are represented by millions of people.
The inner life therefore speaks its own language for the earth.
Your artist tells you through his art about his own grade of life and which stage he has reached.
That can be established from his art.
Every artist can achieve something in his own grade and also reach the highest; his conscious now records this.
Now he starts to feel that art calls him to a halt, so that he has reached the limit for his emotional world and intuition.
He must now accept his limit.
Anyone who wants to go higher with force can succumb or gets a slap for his life, his nervous system breaks, because the powerlessness now becomes the murderer of the personality.
I already told you, many people succumbed because these people lost themselves in it.
Anyone who does not possess any spiritual intuition, who is not a deep feeling person and does not love God, pays no attention to either life or death, is now faced with other laws and is now in the hands of evil and loses himself in art.
For the unconscious soul art is very ordinary, for the mystically gifted soul art is being released from the own self, the grade of life where an artist finds himself.
Anyone who does not possess the third grade of feeling, does not even need to take part in art, he will not achieve anything anyway.
Do you feel it? It is the same as for the spiritual gifts, because these laws, I told you at the beginning of this work, are material and spiritual for you, animal-like and pre-animal-like for you, only for our world they are spiritual, even if we experience precisely as you do the attunement of them.
They are the hells in our life, but also the heavens.
Only the third grade creates art, makes an artist of the inner life.
Now it is conscious creating and that art is inspired.
This grade for the artist achieves the highest in art on earth, and your artists live in this.
The first two grades cannot master the third, even if they study so hard, because that is not possible.
They can commit plagiarism at the very most; even then, their art is childish and deformed in comparison to that of the third grade.
Those people should have chosen a different profession, for they are not suitable for art.
Again, there is no lack of such people.
One third-grade artist lives amongst thousands.
However, that one person interprets life, is inspired in his art, the others are pessimistic and awkward, clearly neurotic, because they deform art and strain themselves as a result of the weakness of their own conscious.
The charlatan of your art is also called to a spiritual halt because of the grades of life, which is a spiritual law for art.
In the occult area, people can assume clairvoyance, clairaudience and other gifts, now that is no longer possible.
Painting and drawing demand knowledge, a study is necessary for it, and then one has to accept that the grade of art still will not be reached.
As a result of this you see that everything that requires study cannot be assumed by the charlatans in the occult area, they can only experience that where they can avoid the laws for our life and those of their own grade of feeling; otherwise, they are powerless.
You do not see so many painting and drawing mediums as trance mediums, there are as many of them walking about as chickens on the land, they can assume painting and drawing, but they do not achieve anything, because now they can immediately be rapped on their fingers.
A child can see what they have made, and what they received, as they call it, from Our Side.
However, that art is not worth a cent, it is and will remain clumsy.
But why?
These people are not mediums, do not have the necessary feeling either as artists in the first two grades to achieve something, only the third grade possesses that.
The rest may not call themselves an artist or a medium.
The third grade for the inner life is the highest, which you can experience as an artist, and it is not possible to go higher.
Now you give the full one hundred percent of your own life.
This grade brought forth these geniuses; the first grades have nothing to bring.
Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Michelangelo, you must know all the masters, they lived in the third grade for the inner life.
All of them have something to give to the earth; they had mastered the feeling for it and represented the highest, therefore, becoming conscious on earth.
Those souls were ready for art and science.
Your Joost van den Vondel and Spinoza and for other peoples their own artists, all lived in the third grade of the inner life and could create because of this.
This is the highest that the third grade can reach.
I already told you in a previous discussion that the third grade can be helped by our world and this is only possible as a result of inspiration.
The first two grades cannot experience this inspiration, and they cannot be reached by our world.
Those people do not even achieve the full hundred percent for their art and have no meaning for our life.
Only the third grade is open to the astral world and now spiritual inspiration can take place.
The art of the old masters cannot be bridged in centuries, those painters and musicians accomplished their given task, only science can go even higher.
That means, therefore, mankind still has to awaken for both their art of painting and those musicians.
It is only then, when the masses have reached that grade of conscious, that the number of third grade artists will grow, which you must now search for.
What is now painted on earth remains below the art of the masters, this is because the old masters experienced spiritual inspiration.
That inspiration is now just experienced as an exception, because Mother Earth has already received her art.
Those masters therefore received astral inspiration.
Whether you can accept this or not, this is the reality.
The masters belong to the third grade, and to the first two grades are the people who want to do art.
Mediums in our hands possess the third grade for mediumship; the imitators and the charlatans who assume the spiritual gifts possess the first grades.
The art of the first grades is being inanimated.
This type of earthly artist evades reality, while the mediums feel in the universe and talk nonsense, they finally fall back into the darkness like a ton of bricks.
These painters of the lower paths paint your portrait in the twilight, because they do not possess the day knowledge, and they now disguise the skin colour.
They can no longer work it out, because they lack the feeling for it.
That is exactly the same for our spiritual charlatans; they represent lies and deception, so that you can see how both worlds still represent one life.
These grades cannot be avoided, they speak their own language.
Your artist can claim high and low that his art is good, it does not help him, and his work speaks for itself, for him and his low grade of feeling, which your critics must sense.
The charlatans on the occult path eventually murder themselves.
Both grades of feeling are awkward, and this means that your artist and our “sensitive people” still have to awaken for the third grade of life, in which art and spiritual gifts can be experienced!
And this is the solemn truth!!!
In the future, these will be the new laws for art.
Science will be represented by the genius as a third grade being.
What these souls have to bring is unique.
These are the geniuses and they are above all the grades and connected attunements.
We now enter the subdivided grades.
Our Side also helps that academic, because this soul has something to bring for the earth.
I already said, all your technical wonders occurred as a result of the Other Side, including the findings in the area of medicine, everything, which makes mankind awaken to the higher conscious, was achieved by Our Side.
These academics experience spiritual inspiration.
There are individuals amongst them; a master from Our Side elevated them, or they would never have been able to reach that height.
The grades of feeling in this case also determine your life.
Even your actor is under the law of the grades of life and creates through the own possession.
If he lives in the third grade, he is the honoured man, the rest cannot reach his height and is never given a significant role and walks on.
These are facts from which you can determine the grade of life.
The individual, whose height touches the spiritual grade, has devoted himself to this and this also has to do with previous lives.
This height cannot be reached in one life, the personality has to devote all of itself to this.
The third grade people did that in many cases; as a result of suffering, they gained experience because of this, feeling.
The human misery beat deep wounds into the living heart and brought depth and feeling to it.
This path is walked from the darkness to the light.
On that path the soul experiences misery; and as a result of this awakening gradually enters the human being, the awakening in spirit, in the pre-animal-like, animal-like and the following grades and life attunements, one grade of which they can represent during an earthly life.
Break the heart of your dramatist and then look at his role.
Bring him suffering and sorrow and he will lose himself, become emotional, and emotion is feeling, creates depth, as a result of this an interpretation of the inner life to a hundred percent.
You see the truth of life.
The meaningless empty self has no depth, and it cannot give you anything.
The lifeblood does not let itself be denied, but takes you to the sacred truth, and connects you with the grade of life.
All the great people had to fight their own battles for their art, many people were broken by it, and other people became mad as a result of their art, because art is immeasurable, but then the spiritual grade of life speaks again.
Suffering and sorrow take you to the very highest in the third grade of life. To reach that in one life is to wish for the supernatural in one night.
The soul has to experience thousands of lives for this before this high grade of consciousness is obtained.
Before they could create their master works, many writers first had to master the feeling.
If those people are not in or on the threshold of the third grade, their writing has no depth and nothing to do with art.
By experiencing reality, they elevate themselves to the highest grade. Because of this their art became living and elevated itself far above the everyday, and was unachievable for the first grades and the less sensitive.
This is art, and the other is routine writing.
True art is decisive for heart and soul, and the material has reached harmony with the intuition, exceeding everything, creating inspiration for a hundred percent.
Goethe, Shakespeare and many other poets did not calculate anything, they created.
In art, there is nothing to calculate, the day-conscious self now speaks with his human imperfections, there is no question of inspiration.
People do not become separated from the material thoughts and feelings, and that is precisely what the grade of life must determine.
Anyone who does not become separate from this is destined for other work and must stop doing art.
The first grades die out, that art goes the familiar road of your material coffin.
The medium without feeling also digs his own grave, and, does not see that death is standing behind him wanting to strike, so that awakening can be experienced.
He does not realize that feeling can be achieved by death, and does not understand that feeling can mean the resurrection of life and the going higher of art.
What the magician cannot achieve in one life is visible to him in the next life, then, the victory is for him.
Coffin and death have no meaning for you as a human being, but your inner life does, and that has to represent a grade.
Anyone who knows death possesses art, and someone like that does not sail off on an unstable ship, which has to perish. He is resistant to the seething power of inspiration.
When these grades create, they are immortal.
All the other art slides into the familiar grave.
The gods in art are individuals, and they were elevated by a higher power and uprooted from their own existence, so that the spirit could elevate itself.
Who does not have the feeling, does not need to wring out his own life, or the delicate layer of conscious will break and collapse materially and spiritually.
The spiritualist charlatan loses himself in the epileptic sleep, not the triumphant, the blessed of the magician, but in the sickly, so that he foams at the lips.
In this way, it works for the first two grades for the inner life, and they are so awkward in their art as your goat in deep water.
The gulping water has other aspects for this life of the ground floor, it knows other laws, and the life drowns.
The grade of their own life says: this far and no further, my friend or sister, you are going too far.
Stay close to the natural boundary and do not do any stupid things.
Art is feeling, but anyone who has no feeling creates art with the shaky a!
On earth people call the highest grade born talent, for our life it is the feeling, which the soul has mastered in its thousands of lives.
As a result of suffering and sorrow, the life received depth and this is not for sale on earth.
If it were, then everyone would buy themselves feeling!
However, the laws of God have to be experienced!
Anyone who can do that can be reached by our life, but for the occult gifts only the fourth grade is eloquent, such a medium lives in the hands of a spiritual master.
The fourth grade of the inner life is above all earthly knowledge and is now one hundred percent supernatural.
Those who serve as a medium in this state, bring joy to your heart, represent the sweetness of the Spheres of Light and are used to speaking in trance, to drawing and painting, even if we have the gifts in our own hands.
Now we are capable of making the earthly inner life completely harmless, eliminating all material and spiritual disturbances, which the instruments think they give us, but the cloudiness of which we do not wish.
Our life conscious guarantees a good progress; the melting together of both lives is natural and complete, which can only be the case if the medium is not searching for himself.
It is only now that painting and drawing can be done by the Other Side, because the human feeling dissolves into that of the spirit.
We prevent every own expression of the medium, or the art will get material elucidation, material inspiration. The medium then thinks for himself!
The animal-like and the coarse-material grades for the human inner life therefore have no meaning for the spiritual gifts, because these people search for the earthly life.
They are not open to the spiritual gifts.
Did I not tell you in my observations that you must possess love for our life and would have to serve?
The conscious which searches for the material life cannot serve, just as the spiritualist charlatans who put themselves on the stage, do not know death and destroy themselves.
Anyone who wants to serve as a medium must be prepared to become acquainted with this reality.
The inner life is now ready for the astral laws and searches for the higher existence, wants to become separate from the low and can be inspired.
When parents who passed over, friends or guardian angels want to bring about spiritual communication through drawing, you can assume that your inner life is suitable for picking up astral messages.
The proof from our life can now obtain a grade for the gifts through your inner life.
You will think that drawing, painting and writing are almost one state, but that is not the case, an enormous gulf lies between them.
The drawing medium is not even capable of understanding his own drawings, and if the feelings to pick up the messages expressed in lines are not present, the medium feels his own powerlessness.
Writing is usually understood, because this takes place through the inner life; or the fourth grade must be reached, then we write in trance.
It is true that you meet more drawing mediums than writing mediums, because everyone can soon draw a few scribbles, then the game can begin.
However, writing is not so simple, intellect and a study is needed for this or, the feeling for this gift.
The higher we come in the spiritual gifts, the fewer charlatans we will meet.
They call the spiritualist charlatans to a halt and they have to accept their powerlessness, or all these people would crush you to death.
Everyone can draw lines, but writing and recording life questions with feeling that is just given to one or two people.
Such writing occurs when a medium is in contact with our world and the Other Side can pass on what is experienced in their own world.
We will see whether contact is possible and whether the inner life can pick up the spiritual inspiration, or, that your inner life is speaking and you are recording your own thoughts consciously and unconsciously.
The conscious thought occurs from your day-conscious self, the unconscious comes straight from your subconscious to you and can also be received from life after death.
If you receive drawings, then the drawing is probably taking place via your hand and inner life through your loved ones; they are trying to convince you of their eternal life.
You can now accept that this contact is only for yourself and cannot be for the masses, since they cannot be reached by you anyway.
Your inner life is not ready for it, so that we do not even consider it.
Only your loved ones will therefore draw and you must not start to think that those drawings can be elevated to precious works of art which have value.
Those lines have only spiritual value!
You must therefore be content with what you receive and not start to long for higher art, or you yourself will now close off this communication.
You are now thinking for yourself, your longing feeling dominates the astral personality, because you experience the same laws as for the cross and board.
All these difficulties are now for you alone and you have to overcome them yourself.
If a spirit of love comes to you, it can be your guardian angel, for example, with whom you were involved in previous lives, this simple drawing becomes the spiritual experiencing of two souls.
These drawings are sometimes admirably beautiful and of a radiating sweetness, because pure spiritual love has come to your life as a blessing.
However, that already places you outside the highest mediumship, because we cannot give proof through these drawings, which, after all, is the intention.
In this state, you do not experience trance, and that gift is the means for us to reach great things, so that the masses can be convincingly elevated into our life.
There are many people who think that drawing takes place by the Beyond via them, but that has been far from proven.
Your longing penetrates to our life, but your grade of feeling is now decisive.
I can therefore tell you that the great masses are drawing themselves and cannot empty themselves for this so apparently simple scribbling, which the occult laws nevertheless draw to themselves or reject!
One person in millions possesses the trance, as a result of which we paint and draw, and that human being can enter a spiritual height where true art can be given.
The Beyond does not like to have the spiritual art used by you for your own purposes.
Then we are busy cherishing your life by art, after all, releasing it from the daily existence, for which purpose you are usually on earth.
To show that we do not intend to give the character worldly wisdom outside of reality, we do not elevate that drawing to the higher art, because our life would then be at a complete standstill.
We would then be serving you as a personality and this has no point for our existence.
Now that we have learned to know the infinity of God, our own life must remain in harmony and be tuned in to serve the higher self, if we do not wish to experience that, the sphere where we live sinks under our feet.
Serving the human being takes place in our life by giving worldly wisdom, and this cannot be achieved by your drawing through us.
It is therefore necessary that you know this and you will understand as a result of it what the real meaning of this drawing is.
And we even keep your little drawing in our own hands, as outside our world you are not capable of creating it, because the spiritual thought lives in the astral world.
It is therefore clear that a master of this side has to represent his own purpose by drawing and painting, or he does not draw.
By drawing and painting, the other contact is usually built up.
If we enter the higher grades for the gifts, then your inner life is already disturbing for us, because we cannot apply the trance.
We want to record our own thoughts in this of course, which is not possible under inspiration, or you will experience one hundred percent emptiness and complete submission.
If that is not possible, then you are drawing by yourself.
The first three grades belong to inspiration, and the fourth is the psychic trance.
The last mediums are now completely ready for the physical and psychic gifts, and through them, we can reach the very last.
Few people are in possession of the Great Wings and in this way we now see that there are also very few mediums who receive that spiritual art; the halt comes again from your inner life, this still has to awaken.
Even if this grade can be experienced, even then, we can convince very few people by spiritual art, because it is usually thought that the medium himself has talent.
If we can work, this development also needs time. No pieces can be missed out in this either.
That is only possible when the grades for art have been reached.
All these grades for mediumistic art have their own dangers, give suffering and astral misery to be experienced, which is also one law for your earthly artists.
The medium can lose himself in this, and when the proper control is not present, you live as an instrument between evil and good.
All that evil has to be conquered and means completely separating from the material laws.
As in the case of writing, you can fall into the wrong hands, exactly as Betje experienced, and your own material building will tremble since a dominating power enters your life.
You can now perceive visionary, you reach the feeling to see, and you see the madhouse, the doors of which are open to you.
The more sensitive you are, the easier it is for us, but this sensitivity is also the danger and you must prove whether the astral laws can be experienced.
That sensitivity does not mean that the spiritual conscious is in you, it can also mean spiritual poverty and be your destruction, because now it must be proved whether your depth can pick up these enormous laws.
Do not think that it is so simple, even your earthly artists succumb in their art.
And they still stand on their own feet, and do not experience becoming separated from the material earth, because their art must represent their own life.
As a medium you stand staring at the sun, which otherwise blinds the eyes in day-consciousness, makes tears run down your cheeks, but does not bother you now because you have already lost the actual self.
You live and are really one of the living dead, you talk about your own life and with other people and you have the feeling that you do not live on earth, smarting and provoking slowly your personality completely dissolves into the other, where you do not belong.
Another grade of feeling looks for you at the material and is the half-awakening grade of conscious, and you look through the bars of your own life, behind which you are imprisoned.
For you on earth the proverb “the greater the spirit, the greater the beast” is meaningful for the artist, and those to whom it refers, have already passed into the hands of the dark character.
Now artists are one from feeling to feeling with the astral personality and the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material and material grades come forward to which they have attunement, for the spiritual grade cannot be reached.
They are therefore the artists who do not lose themselves in their art.
However, many people have lost themselves and have no understanding of it, they are not even interested in these laws.
You can recognize these personalities from their deeds, and their life takes you to the invisible reality behind the scenes of life and death.
Because of their art they enter the unstable self.
Art is therefore light and darkness.
Art can be lust but also pure inspiration, but it usually leads to spiritual destruction.
Art must be the experiencing of God’s primal source, the descending into the lower and elevating yourself to a higher self, which a third grade artist experiences.
He must be able to keep going in this, or the demons will indulge and the art will take him to the complete being empty, the discarding of his own personality.
Only the great people experience the final stage, however, the smallest in art experience their longing, which still belongs to the own self.
The great people see and experience themselves in many other grades which must be interpreted, but for which they must be ready, or inspiration will take them to the abyss, to the lust which was obtained by love.
High art is madness, it is also infinite, can represent the inner life of the artist constructively or destructively.
The madness in art is only experienced, if the full hundred percent claims the conscious.
This becoming separate from yourself is the conscious mad grade, and the unconscious is the sickly grade, which results in direct possession.
Anyone who can experience madness in art and can keep going, is an individual; everyone’s heart is now touched, every stage of the expression of art is inspired and cannot be gauged, the artist suffered and struggled for this.
This third grade artist must now possess his own protection, or the inner life can be reached and follows the spiritual but astral unity.
Art is every time the experiencing of the other self, to which the inner life is tuned, and after which a part of that other personality speaks to the artist.
If this person now follows the path which makes the words “the greater the spirit the greater the beast” apply to him, then the actual attunement of this life is the violence of the darkness!
The burning flame which gives inspiration to this life can be compared with the rabies which can affect your dog and against which there is no longer any resistance.
The dashing about which follows is frightening, because walking now happens in one direction and obstacles are not seen, with the final goal going to pieces.
For your artist this is the loss of himself!
The burning flame of inspiration draws from this life, splits the personality, awakens what is asleep in the subconscious and dominates the inner life.
Now the artist has to give proof of his will to live and of his own grade of life, or the animal – the dark astral personality – approaches him and takes him in his large arms in order to suck him completely empty.
Now the astral personality drinks and eats through the artist and dominates him.
Art is dangerous, and perilous, not only for the artist on stage, but also for all arts and it is likewise murderous for the emotional human child that longs to possess spiritual contact.
Thousands of artists therefore go to ruin, and the inspiration sucked them empty.
All those men and women are possessed by the astral personality.
Only the spiritual grade can save them from this, those artists are balanced and serve!
The other people go to deformity through their art and perish in a dark existence.
Volumes have been written about this, the reality of their ruin can be seen on this side as an inhabitant of hell!
This experience is one law for mediumship, and the medium also has to give proof whether he can keep going.
The medium has a situation a thousand times more difficult than all other artists or anyone on earth, this life has to be released from itself and yet keep its own resistance, it is only then that the spiritual gift obtains foresight and the spiritually constructive character, which you so covet and which we demand.
From our life one personality takes you to the darkness, the other to the light, to the pure spiritual love which you can possess as a child and which your heart is full of, and which love looks more like how a mother, full of expectation, happily looks forward to her child, than the conscious experiencing of the adult being who feels himself.
Good saves you, evil destroys you, and this lies in your own hands!
One of my brothers made small drawings, trivial, unsightly scribbles, and created a wonderful piece of spiritual proof because of it.
He had developed his instrument for this communication.
The earthly medium was not suitable for other purposes, because this life floated between the second and third grade of feeling and could therefore not be reached by the fourth.
What the Other Side achieved through this life, were life problems in drawings.
And those drawings interpreted the true event so sharply that they were immediately recognized by the people remaining behind and now served as proof.
A medallion, for example, with a cross over the sacred heart, next to it a chain, was nevertheless recognized by one of the people present who called out:
“That is from my mother!”
This man now received proof of the continuance of life through the master of the medium.
The parapsychologist says: telepathy!
We say: that is fine, but we convinced thousands of people as a result of it, even including the king of the people to whom the medium belonged, and many people from his royal household.
All of them received proof of their loved ones and accepted this unconditionally.
A small pool was drawn, with a few water lilies in it, all clumsy.
In addition, dolls, sitting on a bench, and a bit further a four-year-old child playing.
Behind all of this, the big castle, only just touched, a bit further away two horses, harnessed to a coach.
What is it? people wonder.
One mother becomes as white as a sheet and when the name was written down of her drowned child, she fell unconscious.
The whole royal household accepted!
Everything was recorded clumsily, as if a child at school scribbled down something for itself, but still the human heart was so deeply touched that the personality succumbed.
This mother accepted and understood that her child was alive!!!
Similar drawings were made for other people.
At a séance a wedding ring was drawn by the spiritual control of the medium, who followed everything consciously and only lent his hand to the spirit, also a piece of wall and against the wall a ladder, on which a fat pig was hung up.
Someone from the company called enthusiastically:
“That has to do with my grandfather.”
The grandfather had lost his wedding ring when feeding the pigs.
He suspected where and immediately slaughtered the pig, since he did not want to lose his ring for all the money in the world.
The ring appeared.
Only his grandfather could know that, no one else in our life.
We cannot give you any other proof, even if we have to make use of the transfer of thoughts, if we want to pass on and record some information.
The medium now drew consciously and namely through spiritual inspiration.
As a result of this, the gulf between both worlds was bridged.
The medium draws a human being with one leg.
He is not yet finished when the people present may enter.
A young mother knows that it refers to her mother.
They are two sticks, one is longer than the other is, a body is put on it and the head, two pieces of wood sticking out for the arms and the drawing is finished.
The other one was more complicated.
The people present may not remain standing around the medium, they may come and see only when the drawing is finished.
The medium therefore sits a bit further at a table and comes under inspiration.
He draws a doll again, lying in a bed, next to it a piece of matting, there is a person on it and also a doll, then he draws a cradle upside-down.
The drawing is finished.
At the same moment a woman faints again and no longer knows whether it is day or night; her child, still-born, speaks to the mother on earth.
Science has already been occupied for years with throwing out the baby with the dirty water, yet that must stop one day, or life will stand still.
The drawing was spot-on and said everything.
The turned over cradle speaks of the stillborn child and the man and the other doll are the doctor and the midwife.
It could not be sharper, and the trivial drawing was immediately understood.
These meaningless scribbles radiated an incredible power.
Pure inspiration and the omniscience of the Other Side?
Wrong, the pure love contact of two souls and a simple piece of proof of the continuance of life, meaning on earth: “We are alive!”
However, accept either nothing more or nothing less.
All those people were convinced of the Other Side in this way and connected with their loved ones.
Until the medium wanted to go higher up and the wonderful contact with the Other Side was lost.
He got the longing for higher art, but did not possess the feeling for it and closed himself off for spiritual communications.
This unspoilt child received contact with something else as a result of the longing, was sensitive to it, but had also to accept the laws between life and death, for which he was not ready.
The small spiritual messages had enormous meaning; the other art, which he longed for, had none at all.
When he started to understand that, it was just too late.
Other people tried it as well, everyone can scribble like that.
They sat down, recorded the thoughts entering them, but wrongly.
No one knows what it means.
To have courage and to carry on.
However, now having courage is meaningless, has no meaning for this drawing.
These people cannot be reached, and thousands have tried it, but could not empty themselves.
Being completely empty is the path indicated, which takes you straight into the arms of the spiritual gifts.
However, these people did not go one way, but walked in all kinds of side paths, even bendy roads and lost themselves in this maze.
There is only one path to walk on, it is only then that this apparently trivial but great contact can be achieved through the Other Side, or you are thinking yourself!
Besides, those thoughts have no meaning whatsoever.
Now many of these people wanted to reach spiritual contact through telepathy, but it did not work.
This is therefore conscious telepathy.
It wants to take over thoughts, but those thoughts have no meaning and come from the own longing to possess this contact.
Not one piece of proof, which had any meaning, was drawn.
Telepathy let them down, and they were not suited for it.
Thousands of these people tried it, but none of them received contact because they were not completely empty.
Our one power was now destroyed and people thought everything was childish, a world which wants to give proof of its existence with meaningless scribbles, which only have meaning for fainting mothers and hysterical people, is nonsense, and has no authority ...
Only the unconscious telepath creates the miracle for himself, finds the needle again, wherever it is, but he acts consciously and he has received as a medium.
Anyone who can achieve this as a human being on earth is a genius.
Soon we will meet your telepath and you will get to know him.
The height of the medium will not be reached by him, because now other gifts speak to the human conscious, clairvoyance and clairaudience have connection with this gift for drawing.
Your parapsychologist knows little about this, because he does not know himself either.
Drawing in this state is therefore the complete surrender of the medium, of the inner life and this has to take place for one hundred percent, or this inspiration cannot be received.
However, you see what spiritual inspiration is capable of.
The thoughts are received infallibly and written down.
All the old masters lived in this state, all your great poets and writers who had a task to accomplish for mankind.
I already told you, drawing by this medium went well for some time, but then people called his scribbles an unreal carry-on and the man got the longing to receive true art.
His inferiority complex grew and he could not become released from it.
Now his spiritual control could no longer reach him.
At the same moment, the pure contact was broken and the giving proof was over.
The spiritual leader now saw himself placed before longings for painting art, but the medium could not be reached in this and therefore that spirit withdrew.
Now strange things happened with the medium.
It was only later that he got to know them properly and understood them better, but then he was a wreck.
The master, who had built up a development for years, which the medium knew nothing about in the beginning, because when the spirit manifested itself to him, this development was precisely at an end and he could begin, but now had to accept, that the own self of the instrument, dominated him.
The medium wanted to receive paintings, go higher in art, but did not know that he did not possess the feeling for this.
Another astral personality came to him, and painted through him.
However, he had other intentions.
He now painted a meadow and a gate.
Trees and light were indicated, they had no meaning in his painting, and the symbolism came from the gate.
The human being must first open that gate, was the explanation, actually conquer it, and it was only then that going further universally could be experienced.
Therefore, it was a landscape without inspiration, just paint.
He would soon notice that this painting became a danger.
His wife felt it very quickly.
Her husband was no longer the same.
He behaved nervously had suddenly become very passionate and he did not leave her alone for a second.
The paintings would not go higher up, he cursed and already understood his powerlessness.
This made him furious.
Meanwhile, he sat down to draw those small meaningful things from before, because he still thought that his leader was standing next to him.
Now writing came, he was now writing by means of the Other Side, he thought, but everything appeared to be wrong.
Nothing was right about the writing or drawings.
This made him even more furious.
His wife, who pointed out his mistakes to him, received such a blow one morning that she received a concussion.
In a rage, he kicked all the painted symbols to pulp and then he hanged himself.
Because of a very ordinary painting as a contact, the lower received the upper hand and destroyed this life, after having first lived it up through the personality.
The medium had to accept his own weakness in this.
For many people all of this was devil’s work.
However, the astral laws demand to be experienced and being ready!
It will be clear to you that these own longings of the medium meant the division of the inner life.
As a result of this, the weakening in feeling occurred and he was no longer able to give himself as before.
You see how the cross and board must be experienced, how the reception of the drawings must be, when your own inner life dominates.
However, one thought on your part tuned into the drawing or longing to go higher, is the spiritual halt for us.
Our mediums in the hands of a spiritual master have nothing to want. We think for them during our unity, or we will be powerless and break the own thoughts and the spiritual contact.
The Other Side requires unconditional surrender.
If this medium had possessed the third grade, the warning from this side would have reached him, but it could not be received now.
He was on the threshold of the third grade and did not feel capable of making good this lack of feeling, so that collapse followed.
It must now be clear to you how sharply the astral and the occult laws react to your inner life.
And that applies to all gifts and grades.
Anyone who cannot experience the actual grade as a spiritual gift is still faced with his own personality.
And that willpower, those thoughts and feelings, that conscious personality must be conquered.
Now say for yourself what your contact for drawing is like, sense from this how you draw, and you have understood all of this.
Even the third grade still draws and paints under inspiration and is faced with the same dangers.
The fourth grade is the trance and this medium, in good hands, is infallibly freed if that life wants to serve.
However, this grade can be materially tuned, but then there is no question again that we can achieve anything through this life, because it has attunement to a dark sphere.
That therefore means that you as a human being can possess the sensitivity in an animal-like state.
Now you are open to the lower and then we do not go into you of course.
It also means that mediums do not need to be saints, nevertheless, we demand purity of spirit from them.
The decayed self lives in a manure pit.
We demand of the medium that he places himself on healthy ground, and that he keeps himself pure and far from everything which can take him to the stinking swamp!
We require – as I already remarked – complete surrender and wanting to serve or you will work against us in everything.
These are the laws for drawing and painting and for all the gifts. Your humility is our wisdom, and our wisdom is for the personification of the astral world, which lies behind this but lives for eternity.
The adult being in this state is prepared to receive spiritual products.
The great mediums are like little children, their grade of feeling is adult, but the personality remains young and respectful, demands nothing for itself.
Now it is written: “Let the Little Children come unto me, because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”, we make use of this inner life and elevate this child into our heaven, and later, into many other heavens, so that the wisdom of it is brought to earth.
Because of this child we receive spiritual unity.
Christ meant that the adult thinking and feeling being cannot conquer himself as a human being; He therefore took His great apostle children to him.
The man with sense could not have followed Christ.
The childish feelings take you out of your own self, bring your life to the Other Side and there we can give the depth of our life to you and thousands of other people.
The medium that is like a child enters the kingdom of God through the mediumship and this can only happen by serving!
Numerous people start drawing and feel very happy, because they are mediumistic.
Now there is spiritual contact.
However, these drawings mean nothing to cold common sense.
This is not art they judge, a child can do it.
I want to let you know by this that these types of drawings are only of value to yourself.
One human being of the many hundreds truly possesses this healthy contact.
Do you know what is needed for this?
It is the apostleship of the child.
Do you have that?
Is the faith in you that goes through everything?
Do you wish to know what a real medium is like?
This child in our hands is the true Christian child, the child that has faith enters the funeral pyre for Christ unconditionally, surrenders to the higher powers, but which is in addition a powerful personality.
This child is the sweet hope for our life, the stone for building up the astral worlds, it is part of the true protoplasm, it is sweet, and it is full of creation!
This child draws from the life aura which experienced the consecration through Christ and became sacred, is prepared to be able to take the blows it will be given to deal with, but is sufficiently protected by us.
This life is unconditional in word and deed, is tuned into our life and feels free from lies and deception, is a channel of the purest water, possesses the resurrection for its own life and the grade of life, which it has to represent.
For God and our world, this life is the opened life.
We enter that life and not one characteristic closes us off to the unity with this personality.
This child follows Golgotha, works on himself, but feels himself carried by the eternal life, from where the creating light came for him.
In the deepness of this life lies everything, we go through this life and the life follows us, surrenders to us, even observes and is still not capable of thinking for himself; this child kneels at the feet of his master.
This child is always ready to be able to receive the life of God!
This child continually compares, always weighs up good and evil, as Christ said, the life that does not find any opposition when entering the kingdom of God.
If you have all of this, then your family members can make drawings through your own conscious and you have a sweet blessed contact.
If you do not have that, it is because of you and you are not suited for this communication.
The higher conscious cannot consider this contact or his life will stand still.
I therefore tell you, this contact is for you and no other person, because your life cannot be a mouthpiece.
Many people draw because they want to: one person from faith, another through the obtained possession and because he has always made drawings, yet other people through the famous subconscious.
They draw their knowledge from their own past, because the day-conscious self has nothing to give.
These people are faced with many dangers, because they draw themselves and are sometimes sensitive. They are now faced with the world of dangers of Betje.
Some people are sensitive, but lack the longing to reach spiritual unity.
This is their protection.
If they draw and we see that danger awaits them, then your father, mother or whoever will never draw through you, because they would consciously take you to the madhouse.
They prevent that misery, precisely by not coming to you.
Your destruction is your own fault.
Those who do not possess this sensitivity draw consciously, and now their faith and religious feeling play the dominant role.
They make their crosses, colour in some and look: their symbolism is finished. Father, mother, sister or brother has drawn something uplifting again, but everything came into existence through their own longing.
One characteristic, which is not fed spiritually by the pure love of the personality, now breaks this communication and remains dominant over the rest of all the characteristics, continues to have a disruptive influence on the connection.
Is this clear or not?
It tells you that you must be complete in spiritual surrender.
However, already by the first glance after birth you think and feel yourself and you completely disengage the astral personality and it is only if passivity is in you that the astral knowledge can become your part.
The Other Side speaks deeply and truly to your life, but this speaking demands non-activity!
The great mystery lies in the silence of your own life.
Anyone who seriously wants to descend in this follows the spiritual path, because we have had to learn the own entrenching.
That means that you must turn yourself upside down and outside in, if you wish to make a clear analysis of yourself.
It is only then that you are ready to chance the leap into the universe and you can be assured of a good ending and safe homecoming.
If you are ready with yourself to that stage, you must learn to respect us.
For that matter, we do not like your dog lead and are not waiting every second of the day to rush with your first sign and to inform you of our wisdom. We cannot be found to serve you as a snack.
We have become astral gods, even if we remain the child of our Father in Heaven.
The Divinity lives in us and, my sister and brother, we do not throw that away just like that, for such a drawing.
The laws of our life therefore call us to a spiritual halt on many sides, to which you must surrender, otherwise, nothing will become of all this drawing and painting.
Information cannot be given to you, everything is unsettled in the air and namely as a result of your own clumsiness.
Our life is willing, I already told you, and by that, I mean that it pleased God to give His children everything when they have overcome the chaos in themselves.
Divine wisdom can only be received by love.
What can be achieved now?
What you are yourself and the feelings that you possess will determine it.
Even if you pray so much, it will not help you anyway, you ask for matters and things, which must bypass your house, because you lie sick and people know that you will not open the door.
Really, this is how it is!
In other words, God only comes to the natural child!
However, that child is completely able to cope with all the troubles of life, is the walking light we can lean on and as a result of which, we see our path enlightened in the sphere of the earth.
Because where you are on earth it is dark.
Devils live in that dark life and you have to fear them passionately, they take your life to the unnatural, to the house without light.
What is it?
As always it is your madhouse again.
You follow Betje.
Moreover, we want to prevent that misery, we do not like to entrench ourselves again and again, even if we did something good. That misery could have been prevented if Betje had wanted to listen to the voice of her own conscious.
That voice hammers at the eloquence of her feeling, but those doors remained closed.
Despite all these dangers, if you still want to have spiritual contact, have patience and never ask one word from us for your earthly life, because we cannot record that word anyway through your inner life.
You must only want to draw and namely at a fixed time.
The difficulties of the cross and board must be conquered by you.
I also tell you that love bridges everything, love is dominant in all grades, love always triumphs, if you also possess the required power so that the Beyond can completely open itself.
I deny you nothing, if you just wish to accept.
However, I have come to show you the laws of our life and to explain them thoroughly to you, because the masters have given me that task.
The Other Side denies you nothing, but we want to make the self-conscious child of God out of you.
You will only be able to be grateful, because we prevent you from building your house into a hell by mistake.
If you possess something for the contact, then your love will build up a spiritual wall because of it in order to prevent other people from sullying your life.
Writing is higher than drawing, because drawing is simple and writing requires more intellectuality.
There are hundreds of drawing mediums to one writing instrument, but he can also experience his own handwork and be busy himself.
The feeling takes you into the occult laws, the gifts into the phenomena.
Just as long as you never forget that.
Soon we will meet the charlatans, the clairvoyants and foreseers of the future, your psychometrists, who are clairvoyant through this same feeling.
You see, you are still simple, they take everything to them, want to possess all the gifts.
We will also follow those men and women and I now assure you that you will get to know them well, because their lives are open books to us, in which we look and as a result of which we have become much wiser.
Your drawing pencil still possesses the core of your own aura, you have nothing to blame yourself for, but they have everything.
Dear reader, your dog and cat also possess this possibility of feeling, and because of this, there are so many people who feel themselves mediumistic.
The conscious spiritual contact is therefore not open to this grade of feeling.
The drawing and bit of painting can never reach a height, because we cannot bring the gift to development.
The complete dissolving of the medium for the first grades – I said in a previous discussion – is like for your earthly artist.
He can also experience complete dissolving and now achieves art.
Everything is experienced in this.
Now there is not one thought which offers resistance, the personality has become art, his day-conscious self is elevated into what he wants to portray.
A landscape painter is outside; he records nature, meadows with cows, trees and air.
It is beautiful weather, and the sun is high in the sky.
The cows lie chewing the cud, he records this peaceful picture and looks up after some time as if he is awakening from a deep sleep.
He looks at himself and sees that it has poured with rain.
The water drips from his clothes, the man is soaking wet.
He says to his friends later:
“I have never been so deep in inspiration before and will never experience it again.”
This artist went into his art for one hundred percent.
However, this is not inspiration, it is devoting everything from the own personality.
Inspiration lives on our side, we can help the material people by elevating this life into art.
Only the very greatest people go back into that giving everything because they possess this concentration and power of feeling.
However, the landscape painter felt that this experience meant something amazing.
His painting was suddenly finished.
The man had wanted to make a study and was now faced with a true work of art, created in the highest grade.
That is living art, people felt and experienced the animals chewing, the wholesomeness of the green grass and from heaven the saturated light of life shone onto the earth, a work of art that can never lose colour and power and is permanent.
You see, this is experiencing the own personality, but has nothing to do with spiritual inspiration.
In this state, the earthly feeling creates art, and the medium can only receive.
The earthly grade of feeling also dissolves completely.
The first grades for art as well as mediumship, it is all actually one experience, one law, with this difference, that one person creates himself and the other has to be able to lose himself in order to receive art.
The spiritual grade is open to our life.
Only a few painters live in this, because the majority want to paint themselves.
Another earthly painter with feeling for our life was open and gave himself completely.
His own art had reached a height, yet he felt the spiritual inspiration, which would now be applied outside his own conscious creating, therefore, in half-awakened conscious.
When people from this side saw that his life somewhat dominated and would obstruct the spiritual art, they closed off the own opposition completely.
Painting would take place in complete darkness.
In this state, the painter received beautiful works through the spirit, which all spiritually interpreted the rarity of our life.
This painter was therefore completely disengaged.
Yet, the astral master made use of his inner life and recorded his own works through this life.
The master on this side, who had completed his earthly life in art, wanted to paint from our life in order to master the occult laws.
The artist now experienced painting like the medium in trance, for the medium it is sleep, for him darkness.
The medium in trance does not know the difference between day and night; the painter remained conscious and now still experienced the gift for painting, which was achieved by his inner life.
However, the spiritual master continued to dominate the earthly darkness from his own life, because he is a spirit of light; a demon is not capable of this.
The spiritual grade is therefore only open to our life.
The artist sought the astral life, he is actually a medium, an instrument could have been made out of him.
If he lived in one of the lower grades for the inner life, then the astral master would not have been able to reach him, the astral laws called us to a halt in this.
Ancient Egypt also experienced art under inspiration and the psychic trance.
The priest painted the temples; the wisdom recorded and shrouded by them in hieroglyphics, because each priest was sensitive to painting and drawing.
However, only a few great ones lived amongst them and they were the trance mediums.
When we paint in trance, it is desired and thereby urgently necessary that the medium has no understanding of art, his hands are therefore not suited to it, and the conscious is clearly negatively attuned. If this is not the case, the inner life will create disturbances.
This own possession of the medium is a gulf for us that cannot be overcome.
In the beginning it is not possible for us to work at full power, the communication is built up slowly but surely, since all the systems have to be conquered.
Every nerve represents for us the own laws, according to which we have to act, so that the central nervous system is disengaged.
As a result of this, we develop the conscious and unconscious trance for the inner and material life.
The body of the medium is now asleep and yet at the same time awake, which is the half-waking conscious for the organism.
We paint through the organism, which has been left by the medium.
The medium gives us twenty-five percent conscious in order to keep the body alive, because of disembodiment it would fall asleep.
We have to prevent that sleep and this development is necessary for this.
We are now faced with many problems that must be conquered by us.
Like for writing in trance the organism now reacts. Nevertheless, the medium experiences one state, the influence is still very different and it has to be experienced.
The medium remains connected with his body by a fluid cord, if that breaks death occurs.
Because of this cord the twenty-five percent life energy flows.
Disembodiment takes place as follows.
The medium has emptied everything in preparation, the cloth is on the easel, the palette with paintbrushes is ready and now it is a case of waiting.
The medium is usually clairvoyant and clairaudient and therefore already knows from his master that painting will take place.
He now has the opportunity to tune into the event.
For the medium, this tuning in is the complete emptying of the conscious self.
He does not need to do any more and now we come to him.
If I have to paint, I begin to tune myself into the world of thought of the medium.
I descend into the life, and make myself one with a few characteristics; in this way, I already reach spiritual unity, in order to prevent every opposition.
Since I enter into contact with the personality, I can already feel the material body and I now tune into the nervous system.
If I have reached complete unity with it, then I concentrate on the solar plexus of the medium. I now slowly take over the world of thoughts and still dominate the medium consciously.
Now we could work under inspiration, because we go through this in order to reach trance, however, I have to descend deeper and now come to the personality of the medium.
Since the medium is completely empty, my descending is the pure melting together of our auras and we reach spiritual unity from feeling to feeling.
I calmly tune into the conscious of the earthly radar work, the organs come under my concentration, therefore power of thought, and now the inner life of the medium must let go of the systems.
The day-conscious sinks away, the medium becomes free, but remains for twenty-five percent one with the organism.
The medium feels calm and fit outside of his organism, no longer feels the clinging of the material life and now glides into the astral world.
It is now faced with the astral laws, lives in them and does not know what to do with himself.
Now the master comes to his aid.
The medium can now remain awake or go to sleep.
If the master wants the medium to experience something different in that time, for example, the astral laws, then he takes him into this.
The instrument now learns the astral walk, and he is separate from the earth, has discarded gravity and veers to the right and to the left because his tuning is not yet spiritual.
The medium therefore has to master concentration.
The master keeps him awake, but that being awake only lasts a few seconds, then the medium feels dead tired and falls asleep because the organism is asleep.
That power has to be conquered if the master wants to be able to give the medium spiritual food in his own world, which has to be brought by him as wisdom to the earth.
If that is not necessary, then the limit for painting lies here and the medium remains asleep.
The astral conscious is therefore not developed and the painter completes his art.
However, if the medium has the required feeling and the power within him in order to get to know the astral laws, then the master sees that the medium is capable of conquering these laws and he can continue in order to reach the highest.
That is the Great Wings.
Now the medium is educated in the astral laws, the psychic trance possesses this great miracle.
Yet, the trance has direct connection with the Great Wings, because the feeling for it is present in the medium.
The inner life of the medium is already tuned into the Wings because of the psychic trance, or the trance would not be there.
In ancient Egypt, almost all the priests disembodied and this was the highest temple possession for them, through the astral conscious the Wings could only now be received.
That temple study took them into the occult laws, which the Western medium experiences through the astral master.
The mediums that can experience the psychic trance, I already told you, usually had to accomplish a task for the Other Side.
Now the Other Side knows that the medium in our life would succumb anyway under the weight of the universe, which must be experienced, and the laws of which the medium has to master during the earthly life; a master will not consider this development for painting, because thousands of difficulties have to be conquered.
It is as a result of this that there are so few trance mediums, we now prevent mass production and can still experience painting, of which people think that the medium has talent for.
However, if the astral master has a greater plan and if the medium can deal with those laws, then he is educated on this side by his master and the spiritual development can begin.
What is needed for this would fill a volume, but that is not the intention.
The master of the instrument, through whom I now write, had great plans.
He brought his instrument into the very highest stage for mediumship, which even ancient Egypt did not know.
Our medium paints, draws and writes, heals and is suited to all the physical gifts.
Painting served for us to develop him further and to be able to publish the books through the paintings made.
His master therefore worked on different possibilities at the same time.
By now developing the gift of painting the medium received art.
Meanwhile, Master Alcar continued on this side, brought his instrument to the hells and the heavens, and upon arrival on earth the astral wisdom was recorded.
Art now had to serve in order to be able to publish that wisdom, the master wanted to keep the books in his own hands so that they could be sold for a minimum amount and everyone can buy the books.
That great purpose was achieved and in a short time, ten books were published and put into circulation.
We therefore painted for a great purpose, or we would not have painted, because we do not intend to give you as a human being art, and as a result of this bring your life on earth into disharmony.
Clearly put: we do not intend to nourish your life.
And it would be like that, because by buying this art, which you receive outside yourself, you can make your life easier.
That is now prevented, no spirit of light paints.
There are thousands of earthly artists living on this side and all those people would like to paint again through a medium.
Yet, it does not work, even if there are millions of people suited for it.
I will give you a brief idea how it was for me when the feeling entered me to paint on earth, after I had obtained my awakening of conscious on this side.
When I awakened and followed life on earth with my master, when the feeling entered me to interpret those laws from this life through a medium, my master asked me:
“Do you know the karma of the people on earth?”
“The karma?” I asked.
“The cause and effect in which the human being lives and for which he went to the earth.”
“I understand you”, I replied.
“I would make those lives worse, I would ...” and a vision was given to me, showed me in what state I would bring earthly life.
I would bring the self of this personality not upwards, but downwards because of my art, and by this I would be in conflict with the astral laws.
My master said:
“Our life must be lived under our own power.
If you want to obtain the higher conscious, then first try to stand on your own feet, or the spiritual gain will not belong to you, it has been obtained through the powers of others.
Our unity requires for all the life of God that the laws are experienced by the personality under his own power, or you will deny the earthly grade of conscious the possibility of awakening.
We would not create development, but serve destruction.”
Everything was clear to me.
My master also said: “Not one conscious being on this side is capable of that, even if that life would like to experience the laws through the astral gifts.
It is standing still on the spiritual path, preventing conflict, as a result of which awakening must come anyway.
The earth has no need of art, that age is over, and if it is necessary, the masters have it in their own hands to provide Mother Earth with art and not us under our own power.”
When painting is done on earth it therefore has astral meaning, or painting cannot even take place.
My master let painting take place in order to develop the epileptic sleep for the medium, as a result of which the Great Wings could be experienced.
Behind this lies the conscious disembodiment, but the trance takes us in that direction and now all those difficulties can be overcome.
This development lasted for years, because we had to conquer the material sleep, as a result of which the psychic trance was experienced.
Soon we will follow a magician, you will get to know your sleep, and I will go into it deeper.
However, sleep has all the spiritual gifts in it. If the human being did not possess any sleep, then it would not be possible to enter into connection with the astral world.
Because of sleep we walk this path and it is only then that we come to the occult laws.
The medium that only paints therefore receives art for a fixed purpose, or the Beyond would not paint.
It is as a result of this that there are so few good mediums.
Spiritual art is symbolic and represents life on this side.
You can continually find the pure thought and a grade of the inner life in spiritual attunement in that art, because spiritual art serves for the awakening.
The spiritual artist is not interested in the earthly scene, and, because of it he goes out of his own life and that is not our intention.
The spiritual art is determined by the consciousness of the painter, as a result of the astral products you can set up your own life and you feel the urge of the idea, which is directed at the construction.
Spiritual art must have connection with your inner life, anyone who is not ready for this, does not like it and misses out on it, has no eye for these creations.
Since spiritual art takes you back to Golgotha, it has no meaning for the lower conscious.
A higher conscious wants to shake the earthly conscious awake as a result of spiritual art and take it back to eternal life.
That can be achieved when the medium is also open to our life.
A dark soul can influence the earthly medium, however, it soon forgets itself and its real feelings come forward, but then the medium is usually sucked completely empty.
A spiritual painter wants to give precisely the earthly conscious the bliss of our life as a result of his art, record his great love towards God, as his Creator, because he has received life.
The aura of the eternal conscious lives in his art.
That power radiates towards you, so that spiritual art can warm your inner life, inspire your life forcefully and make a small paradise of your house.
Real painting mediums are rarities.
Yet, thousands of people pass themselves off as that.
Therefore, they draw and paint themselves!
A medium in the hands of the masters will only then reach a great height and be able to experience it, when this life has been opened to the spiritual gifts since childhood.
And great mediums experience this mercy.
The great mediums already experience the awakening for the spiritual gifts in the mother, therefore, before birth.
The astral master makes himself one with the life of the medium and keeps it partially awake so that the astral feeling, the conscious of the previous life, cannot go to sleep.
This miracle takes place during the growing process, for which astral knowledge is necessary, or the master would disturb this material development.
The body may not be touched in any way by the conscious concentration of the master, or the delicate tissues will be obstructed in this growth stage, so that paralysis may occur.
A master, who has received such a medium for his task on earth, knows the laws for material and soul and knows how to act.
The medium therefore keeps the astral sensitivity as a result of this, which is necessary to be able to reach a great height, because now the mediumistic sensitivity is present.
If a master of this side wants to reach the highest, then this release from the inner life is necessary.
In ancient Egypt, this connection was continually applied before the birth.
When the high priests had received the messages that the Great Winged One would be born, they influenced the mother.
That influencing therefore took place by concentration.
They tuned into the inner life of the medium and kept him awake, so that the material organs would not weaken the astral sensitivity.
They were already so far that they understood how the experiences gained from the previous life could completely sink away as a result of the birth and the unity with the mother.
The greatest medium that lived in ancient Egypt received an extraordinary education by the Other Side, so that from this side everything was done for the sensitivity of the instrument.
What these priests had accomplished for the Great Wings, borders on the incredible.
When the first people had received spiritual wisdom, they could not actually come any higher, people there understood that a miracle must happen, they asked the astral master for advice and the necessary information was received.
This sacred meeting was noted down. However, I do not believe that the Egyptologist received it in his hands, because all these hieroglyphics, these valuables, were hidden by the secret order and protected from desecration and destruction.
The astral master, who has spoken the word through a disembodied person, still lives on this side and namely in the seventh sphere.
I am therefore not telling you a fantastic story, and this is the sacred truth.
When they sat down, the medium had left his body, and the first phenomena had come to them, which pointed out that the spiritual contact with that other world was complete, the highest temple priest asked his question.
It was midnight, the moon shone clearly in the sky, delicious herbs were lit and the great longing lived in all of them to reach unity with Amon-Ré.
The God of their Temple manifested himself, the prayers were sent up; respect and pure meditation came over all of them, the twenty-one priests of the Temple of Ré.
Then the master asked:
“If it pleases the Gods to give us the Great Winged One, what must we then do, if we want to earn this mercy?”
It was now a case of waiting for the astral word.
They did not need to wait long and the word came to them.
“The God of all life can give you this mercy.
You have in your own hands what is necessary for this.”
“Tell us, Great Spirit, what must we do?”
“The most perfect amongst you, give yourself to the Goddess, he will be clairvoyant and blessed.”
“You said, to give to her, the person who is ready?”
“I said, to give to her, the person who is prepared to receive life.”
“Can you give us the thought of which one of us will be able to serve your God?”
“It is not up to me to elevate one of you to the Gods.
The person it will be is experiencing the contact at this moment.”
“It will be as you say, we understand.”
The conversation between the head of the Temple and the astral master continues.
Everyone understands what can happen.
One of the young priests falls into trance, and he is like a child, childishly sweet and honest, the favourite in the Temple.
He is now lying asleep but the meeting continues.
The other people continue to tune into the event, it is not allowed to weaken the concentration of the disembodied person.
Messages are received from the Other Side.
A priestess is in the Temple; she will receive the young love and give the Temple new life.
The master on this side says: “That that life was also touched, was elevated and kneels before the gods.
The name of the priestess is said.”
The young priest removes himself in trance.
He leaves and people know where he is going.
Everyone now follows him in thoughts and sends him their strength, the sacred longing to give her that as a result of which the life is attracted.
The priest gives the priestess his own power and strength, and the fertilisation is brought about.
Meanwhile, people receive information about what must be done.
Everyone experiences this moment.
They beg Amon-Ré to make the Great Winged One descend into that body.
They beg for inspiration for the Temple in order to be able to continue the work.
People see the Spark of God coming closer and closer, they all experience cosmic clairvoyance.
The Divine spark, as the soul for the human organism, descends from the Divine All to the earth and takes possession of the body of the priestess.
The priest comes back, sits down in his place and wakens again.
In him is the feeling that he has slept, that he has collapsed and lost his concentration.
He thinks that people will chastise him.
People already know that none of them will tell him what happened.
The meeting continues, and the end is approaching.
The disembodied priest comes back and the heads of the Temple leave.
The other people follow. In the afternoon, the answers will be analysed.
In them lives a revelation; it is a case of waiting.
However, the Gods have spoken.
Now the actual tuning into the young mother begins.
Only the high priests remain in spiritual contact with the mother, the others may not think for a second longer of the sacred moment.
The mother receives the first phenomena; the high priests hold separate meetings and meet in order to receive information about this event.
They receive that information, and they remain tuned into the mother and keep the astral life completely awake.
When the child is born, it will be a great event.
Volumes could be written about these nine months, great works of incredible sanctity and reverence. All the supernatural characteristics come forward and were experienced by them.
Now the conscious development can begin.
The previous development was unconscious, purely astral, but they can test the reality that Amon-Ré gave them this mercy, on these facts.
In short, this priest gave Egypt the very very highest!
After him no more came who could experience this height.
Every material thought about reaching unity and attracting the life of the soul was disengaged, for which the medium in trance experienced the unification.
Both people were elevated into a higher conscious.
And in that waiting time of nine months all that wisdom about this was recorded.
What they received in that short time borders on the incredible, and is amazingly deep, but received purely and protected from every material contamination.
This child experienced the purity of the unity at full power; this child was born for a task, for which so many children are born.
However, ancient Egypt experienced these laws.
God gave them this mercy. The conscious child of this side descended into the embryo, the child from the third sphere, and accomplished a great task.
Astral wisdom was received through this child, and this child possessed the Great Wings.
Now the large night meetings could continue again!
Only great mediums can receive this development, our instruments also experience this mercy.
The instrument, through whom I may pass on all of this to you, experienced a similar development, so that it is now possible for us to write, but especially to give you the writing purified outside the life.
Or it would not even have been possible, and the body would have disturbed this beautiful and astral conscious in a dominating way.
Now body and soul are consciously awake and the inner life is freed from every physical domination.
I tell you, volumes could be filled and this material belongs to the very last which can be given to mankind by the Other Side.
Now there are great deals of people living in your environment who paint and think that they receive their works from our life.
We tell you, everyone is busy himself!!!
There is no escaping it, all these people must accept the astral laws, and they have feeling for art.
However, their art has nothing to do with the astral works.
These people squander our life, sully this mercy and do not understand that they will have to make good for that one day.
The initiate immediately sees that it is his own messing about, and even if their art is worthwhile, we want nothing to do with it.
The Other Side fights for the true spiritual gifts, for nothing and nothing else.
Even if their drawing is symbolic, you can immediately recognize ours from them, our flowers are different from yours, we record infinity, and ours are astrally deep.
Theirs are empty and deformed.
Every child can scribble, why not they?
Because painting and drawing is possible – even if the created thing has no value – many people feel attracted to this and say that they receive their works from the Other Side.
It is not true and our life would stand still.
Why do people not grasp for the gift of writing and give you the exalted poem or take you away from the earth and explain life and death to you?
They cannot do that!
They only assume those gifts, which can disguise their clumsiness.
When the Other Side has to accomplish something, then it can reach a great height.
Believe me, we know that the old masters brought their art to earth, but do not long from us as well that the instrument gives you a Rembrandt, a Titiaan or a Van Dyck, it is not possible, twenty-five percent of the own feeling has disappeared and that height cannot be reached as a result of this.
Masters do not paint through mediums, and the laws call them to a spiritual halt.
We do not sully their gifted possession, we keep our hands off their great work, and we respect their gifts.
However, charlatans say that Rembrandt will paint through them.
Do not believe this nonsense, it is a charlatan who is consciously mad!!!
You will very seldom meet a true painting medium, because the Other Side has just one goal in mind by painting; and this will be reached.
However, thousands pass themselves off as this on earth.
If you meet the true medium, his art will show you the way and you will enter the Spheres of Light.
There are mediums living on earth, also exceptions, who have a task to carry out as a result of inspiration from this side, and they paint and draw.
These mediums usually have other gifts at their disposal, to heal and serve.
Since a spirit of light wants to help the sick, he helps the medium in this way.
The medium now receives art, but gives his powers to the sick and in this way the spiritual scale remains in balance.
If one wrong thought is present in this conscious, the astral personality has to withdraw.
These mediums must represent a perfect life, or still succumb because now dark powers darken the astral light and sully the life.
Here nothing can be achieved.
Moreover, numerous charlatans also pass themselves off as these individuals, they also paint and heal and pretend to possess the spiritual gifts.
They are the great charlatans; they are clairvoyant and say that they can develop you.
Do not go into their twaddle, they contaminate your life, and there is not one soul in the West capable of developing you as a medium.
Do not let yourself be deceived by anything, and do not let yourself be cheated by them, they are dangerous!
If powers are in you, they will murder them.
Wait and see. When a spirit of light sees that powers live in you, believe me, then you will be helped by the Other Side.
However, do not look for anything!
Wait and see, for your own thoughts will close you off to this development, now you yourself are thinking!
And by thinking for yourself, the astral life becomes hazy for you.
We warn you against these loafers, these conscious mad people. It is they who sully the spiritual gifts.
We have learned to know their blackmail. They do not need to fool themselves with anything. This world sees through all their mess.
Look at our works, descend into this art and then say whether the medium is capable of creating all of this under his own power.
Experience the spiritual art, sit down and follow the symbolism of our life, learn to understand.
If you can do that, the spiritual awakening will also come to your own life and your conscious will be sent eternal purity.
It is possible that your life is outside our life.
Do not be critical of what you do not understand, one day you will be faced with that grade of conscious and you must master it.
Your life will also awaken one day.
The grade of feeling our mediums possess now, have been mastered in previous lives, as a result of this it is possible for us to use them as instruments.
We are concerned with writing, because we reach you because of it, since we know that you will not be awakened by the astral art anyway.
Do not look at us as clumsy; we do not intend to make you foolish because of your own scribbling, we have too much respect for your life, because you are divine.
We do not deform anything; we build up!
Do not put a collar on us and do not tie us to your inner dog kennel, we do not let ourselves be tied up!
In us, the conscious grade is present in order to gauge your life, and to establish whether you can be used as a medium.
We do not begin if your life must come to grief.
Your drawing pencil or your palette does not attract us; the astral colours represent infinity and we live there.
The Other Side can be reached by love, but the laws of God call you to a spiritual halt for these gifts and you cannot escape that anyway.
If you possess spiritual gifts, know then that we will come to you and will make use of your inner life.
One mistake and you also know that you are busy yourself.
If that is the case, then admit that you have no gifts in you.
Have respect for the true work, bow your head and stand next to our mediums.
Help them to fight, devote your life to them, you will help and you will serve Christ!
Have respect for the good powers, do not destroy them unnecessarily, their life is already difficult enough, because they live between life and death and still have their own being material to represent.
However, you can recognize their gifts, they have something to tell you for eye and heart, and they are in our hands!
End of Part One