Materializations and dematerializations

For this phenomena the same laws apply as for the direct voice. Even if materialization is a very different thing, the wonder is still achieved by the same medium and the condensation of the life aura.
If we pass into the phenomenon, then we first condense the life aura and shroud ourselves by it, then, the law for the half-wakening, conscious material life is experienced.
At that moment, we live in your midst and you can see us.
The people at the séance have now sat down in a circle. The table with the megaphone is present, because sometimes the master will speak to you in order to tell you about the wonder.
The medium lies in a closed space, a little room that people call a cabinet, which is necessary for the condensation of the life aura.
A very strong organism is needed for these phenomena, or the medium would soon succumb.
One in millions of mediums can therefore be a materialization medium, because the wonder itself will show you what is necessary for this.
If the medium is in trance, work can start.
Now soft music is played, because for this purpose, other vibrations are needed and then you experience numerous initial phenomena.
You hear rappings and you see long wisps of clouds floating through the room, which come from the cabinet and return to it.
Suddenly, you feel a severe wind blowing around you and you see the curtains flapping, phenomena which can be achieved by us, because the medium gives his powers for this purpose.
In order to bring about materialization a thorough development is necessary.
Usually the medium is born for this task.
The parents are chosen for this, they will give a strong body to the soul.
The Other Side therefore knows where the child will be born and soon the master of the medium will go to him in order to take preparatory measures.
The soul must not lose the past consciousness, because this means sensitivity, and that sensitivity ensures that both the organism and the soul possess the required consciousness.
Because of this the academics on this side can remove the aura more easily and even for such an amount, that the phenomena can take place at full power.
If the master is that far that the materialization takes place, then the astral personality wraps himself in the aura.
You see a shape before you.
It resembles a human being like you are, but it is a condensed spirit body.
When your mother manifests herself, you will recognize her again, she has not changed in any way.
Even the colour of her eyes is as on earth, every sign of recognition is present.
Her body is half material, half spiritual, but clearly visible.
The aura of the medium gave her this condensation.
If the master now wishes her to show herself in her spiritual garment, then that is also possible. She tunes herself in and you can see the spiritual garment.
It is also possible that you may feel her body and if the materialization is one hundred percent perfect, you can feel her flesh even before you go through this apparition with your hands.
Her hair is like on earth, her apparition is not larger than that of the material life, and she has not changed in any way.
Your mother can also show herself to you in earthly clothing familiar to you; even her finery is then present.
She wears her rings and diamonds, even if this material jewellery was left behind on earth.
For her it is possible to condense everything that belonged to her and to draw it to her, but she achieves this through the master of the instrument.
If the master wants her to say a few words to you, then that is also within our reach, but this is a double manifestation for which a great deal of power is needed, which can suddenly exhaust the medium.
This is usually prevented from happening.
If the master wishes it, you can give her a hand.
You feel a clammy hand, as if the person has just come out of cold water, and this is because the half-material grade of life is experienced, in which the actual body heat is lost, because it belongs to your own organism.
The phenomena are brought about in the cabinet.
The astral apparition builds up her shape in there and comes forward.
You see a living personality.
This emotion touches your own life, and it is overwhelming.
If you may squeeze a hand, this fleshy hand will just dissolve in yours if the apparition withdraws it.
However, as a result of this you will get to know the wonder.
Nothing exceeds the materialization.
This is the most wonderful thing that we can bring as proof of life after death.
However, if you touch under your own authority, you will murder the medium at the same time.
A spiritual doctor is now also present who watches over the medium.
The medium lives in the epileptic sleep, the deepest trance which can be applied, and he surrenders all his life forces for this purpose.
The cabinet is closed off to astral intruders, so that we do not need to fear possession.
The master and the doctor watch over the medium.
When you feel a cold current like the wind, then you probably will not understand its origin.
Yet, this phenomenon is also very simple.
This wind is actually your life breath, but condensed, because the universe in which you live is also condensed.
We now concentrate on your atmosphere and wave our arms, or we elevate the whole atmosphere into our life and withdraw ourselves, so that a counterforce occurs as a result of which you feel the phenomenon.
That power can be so strong that we are capable of throwing you from your chair, you float out of it completely.
What we can achieve borders on the incredible.
Our withdrawing and elevating of your life breath therefore creates wind, it is the condensation of your breath, the earthly atmosphere.
The master does it with his helpers.
He makes wind and you feel it.
And suddenly the wind is gone again and the power used up.
These phenomena dissolve again, because we call them forward temporarily.
Now that we can condense our own body, everything is possible.
At that moment, you are actually decontaminated by other undesired influences. You always feel these phenomena when a séance starts.
Now your own atmosphere is suitable for us and purified, because many of you did not bring pleasant influences with you.
If these séances are held in the dark, then you can still see the astral shape, because the being possesses its own light aura.
A spirit from the darkness cannot manifest itself in this way, that dark life cannot be seen by you.
This spiritual light now lights up your space and you can see the apparition.
Just like a shining sun, this is how you see your mother.
You know her smile and she also has those missing teeth, although that material destruction cannot be established on this side. The spiritual garment is natural and completely finished.
The masters have now helped her, but she tunes herself into her life and consciously accepts a certain moment.
She can experience each age, which has no meaning, she withdraws into it.
This apparition radiates its own sacredness and that is also the attunement of her astral life for this side.
If the concentration of the mother is not sharp enough, then the master helps her to think so that she can experience this condensation.
If she is moved, then you suddenly see her disappearing before your eyes, she breaks the contact herself with her discarded life of the earth.
She is usually moved by this reunion, but this must be prevented from happening.
Now it is possible that hands reach out from the cabinet and wave at you.
These are partial materializations.
If we tune ourselves into a hand, then a spiritual hand floats in front of you.
We can show ourselves without a head, but that becomes really horrific and this is not desirable for the ladies, they cannot release themselves from the image, or you must be able to receive the full explanation.
It is only then that the ghost will have no more meaning for you, and it is then worldly wisdom from life after death, the living shape of your eternal existence, which we represent.
Your mother finds herself in your midst as eternal love. Her life is cosmically responsible; she is like crystal and spiritually pure.
She stands in front of you like a dawning spring morning; looks into your eyes and you can feel her maternal love.
She is young and beautiful, nevertheless she can also accept her old age for the earth and her shape grows old before your eyes.
The whole organism has experienced this condensation. You can feel her heart beating and blood flows in her body.
The image that is shown to you is amazing, wonderfully deep and yet so humanly genuine.
This connection is also an experience for us.
It is only now that you start to understand that God has given us His Life. This shape represents all the astral laws, and it experiences them.
Nothing is improbable about her body, every tissue lives and has received her inspiration.
She stands before you and can suddenly dissolve and return. All those laws are attached to her hands and her being; the astral personality has become law.
You would be able to feel her kiss on your forehead, but her handshake tells you about her upright longing, sent out, in order to give you the proof of life after the material death.
She can disappear before your eyes through walls, she can return at that same moment to her own sphere, look through your life and see everything, also the deepest secrets.
She is cosmically deep and a pure child of God.
The Other Side can give you these wonderful pieces of proof and the people on earth were able to experience them.
Since she has lost none of her personality, she is still your own mother, because it is God’s will that we will be as we left the earth.
This apparition is the condensed astral personality, come into existence as a result of human powers, the life aura!
Many academics were able to behold this wonder.
They could not believe what they were able to see. It is too beautiful to be true and they doubted again, and did not get to the bottom of the enormous mystery, which is no mystery.
They were able to see her as Eve, were able to feel her, she spoke to them, she has not lost any of her earthly beauty. On the contrary, she represented the astral world perfectly, her God and her own life.
One of these academics entered the astral world a short time after this.
When he had arrived on this side, he experienced the astral awakening.
A sister stood next to him and told that he had died on earth.
He could not accept that, but when she asked him whether he did not know her, his soul awakened and he wept like a little child.
“Yes, my friend, it is I.
You were able to see me.
I live here, and I am doing good work.
I was allowed to show myself to you by the mercy of God, but what did you do?
Doubt again.
Can you now accept that you live eternally?”
This parapsychologist was to draw up a report of this séance, but nothing became of it. Doubt lay within him.
He awakened on this side, and here people no longer needed his help.
When the medium is in trance, we can also show dematerializations.
Achieving these wonders has to do with materialization.
Objects dissolve before your eyes.
A vase of flowers is standing in front of you. A moment later, you can find the flowers and vase again in the attic.
We dematerialize and levitate material objects.
The levitation is a child of the materialization and of the dematerialization phenomena, which tune into each other, because one exists as a result of the other.
Just as clairvoyance attracts clairaudience, we now experience these phenomena; they are born from each other.
One power attracts the other and this attracting and building up is the phenomenon.
All these phenomena occur through the astral master. He has all these wonders in his hands, but the medium surrenders the powers for this.
You can now hear spiritual music. We can also play your material instruments, closed off or not; we penetrate your material world and reach unity.
If we want the medium to disappear, it happens. We can now achieve everything; even destroy your house in a flash!
The medium disappears from your midst with chair and all.
We can show you different apports; everything is possible for us. The life aura of the medium gave us this half-material condensation.
During such an evening, you can experience that the medium no longer has any legs. The lower part has dematerialized.
These body parts dissolve completely and yet the legs are still to be found on the organism.
Improbable and visual deception?
We dematerialize the legs and take them into our own existence. They are as we feel ourselves; we are also invisible to you.
These are laws of material and spirit, which we were able to master, or it would not be possible either, of course.
You cannot even think of a suggestion, we give you proof of it.
You can behold the great wonder with your own eyes.
This amputation takes place without loss of blood, because there is no cutting. It is the returning of the material existence, your law, in which you live and is made half-material by us.
The material parts therefore remain intact.
The legs and arms are made immaterial, no more happens than that.
However, the legs now find themselves between life and death.
When the master passes into this, he first removes the material gravity from the leg.
Now that life can be elevated into our existence.
We can also give you astral flowers and if we want, they will never dissolve again. They will never wilt, because we continue to feed them.
That takes place because of our own powers, but they can also disappear before your eyes.
We have all those wonders in our hands, but the powers of the medium serve for the realization of them.
All of this will probably seem improbable to you, but we were able to give the earth all this proof. Those mediums have accomplished their beautiful task.
You can read about a dematerialization in the books of my master, “A View into the Hereafter”, which is experienced by the instrument through whom I am describing all of this, a dematerialization which took place in full light and was followed by four people.
A door was closed and yet his master brought him through the door, so that the medium could open the door from inside.
The four people thought they were seeing a ghost.
First, they experienced the wonder, then the medium was a ghost for them and they hurried away.
The shock had got to them and they found it a demonic carry-on.
This happened just like that in daylight.
What will it be like when we can take all the measures?
It was the end of this development for the medium, then the master started on the Great Wings.
However, by means of this, the physical trance, both the psychic trance and the Great Wings are built up. The medium must experience all these phases.
It is therefore not incredible, because we have learned to know these laws and were able to master them.
Numerous charlatans cheated consciously and showed their materialization and dematerializations, they walked around naked and smeared themselves with luminous paint.
Yet, the gentlemen let themselves be felt, and it would have all been very nice, if the loincloth, which had to cover their naked body, had not torn. They could still have cheated the trusting masses for years, but now the wonder went to pieces.
The hands, which people were allowed to hold were filled with sand and moistened gloves.
The people present shuddered from the touch, but still found it very nice, since they believed in a death.
These hands were terribly sinister, but effective for the cheats.
These gentlemen did everything. One evening they performed a fairground act.
They had the direct voice, levitated themselves and in addition the above-mentioned gifts. Everything lay within their reach and after the séance, they were even still as right as rain.
They did not know any wasted mediums; those were excuses.
They threw stones like apports, the people present received flowers, now earthly ones, but just as cheerful as from the Other Side. These people were inexhaustible.
However, the devil indulged through their lives, the most dreadful things took place under the guise of sacredness.
They showed tricks in the dark and only needed your money, which was provided to a large extent by them with the sensationalism of the human being.
Until they went to jail, your prison; they could think about their sins between the bare walls.
Their evil can no longer be made good, and they go towards the Other Side like living stinking fish.
Their life is rotten and bad!
Your Western cheats can do that!
When a distrusting person put on the light, the cheat stood naked in their midst and he was immediately beaten to death by the furious man.
The murderer was put behind bars and the cheat locked himself up on this side. He received the lowest spheres of hell as his house.
He can rot away his life there.
Forgive my words, but accept that the reality is like that!
I do not intend to lay something on thick, there is no exaggeration in anything. We followed them, we know their goings-on and we know how far they dare to go.
All of this is the sacred truth!
Because Christ knows that I interpret His Life!
Such an evening yields fifty guilders, I do not need to tell you any more.
Sometimes a hundred.
And that every evening?
Every evening they are ready, they do not become exhausted, but the true medium would shrivel up alive because of it.
Holding too many séances will mummify the material body of the medium!
Do you understand it?
Because the systems will be sucked empty!
Just put your legs out during such a characterless evening and they will break their neck.
But if you do it during a genuine evening?
In the first place I tell you, we walk through you, you will not feel us if we do not want that.
However, if you were to do that for the sake of it, we would teach you not to do those tricks.
In one second you will find yourself outside and namely under water – we will certainly not let you drown – kilometres away from home!
That is no obstruction.
We levitate, dematerialize you in one second.
And, if it is necessary, we would also be able to bring you to another country or undress you completely.
Then you must just see that you get back.
A good person thought he could do that for fun, but he will never do that again from now on. He has received sacred respect for an astral master.
This man put out his legs and wanted to have a piece of proof.
He did even more, because he felt the astral apparition unmotivated, but the master was prepared for everything.
He saw that the man wanted to have his fun and simply allowed it, but the medium was protected by ten spiritual doctors.
In a minimum of time – it was the middle of winter – the man finds himself again naked in the cold water.
At the same moment, the masters brought him back to the séance and asked the woman of the house for a cloth. They would soon see what had happened during the séance.
They could find his clothes here, and there.
The séance was at an end and the Baron was sitting there.
“How do you feel?” the direct voice suddenly sounds.
The medium is already conscious, the wonder took place in full light, he would never mock again.
This proof was recorded!
The Other Side can do everything!
During one of the evenings people asked:
“What can you actually do, Master?”
“Just say it”, was the answer.
“Can you levitate one of us?”
“Go upstairs”, was the immediate answer, “and get one of you out of a cupboard, which is on the right-hand side in the room.
You will find him there.”
And people got a heavily built man out of the cupboard, to their great surprise. They did not understand how the man had got there.
The master replied:
“We levitate and dematerialize you spiritually and scientifically until the embryonic stage.”
People asked: “What does that mean?”
“Do you not feel that?
That is returning to the mother, therefore the stage before the birth.
We let the organism dissolve.”
“Then collect a bird from the country where the animal lives.”
People mentioned a name and the master says:
“I will be back in five minutes.”
The master bolts off to the East and removes the own life from the little animal.
The bird falls asleep and is in trance like the medium.
The master hurries back and builds the bird up astrally.
The little bird flies around in their midst. They must accept the phenomenon.
“But what happens now to the animal?” was a question.
“Pay attention and you will see that the little animal will dissolve.”
The bird dissolved and people asked:
“What will the actual animal experience?”
“Nothing, my brothers, the animal will awaken. It has slept all that time.
The laws of material and soul cannot be broken by me, but are still subject to my will. I am cosmically conscious.
The little animal cannot die.
As a result of this we come to you, your medium gave us this possibility.”
“May we keep the animal?”
“That is also possible if you devote your own life to it.
I am no destroyer; I love the life of God.
If you wish to keep the animal, then the material animal is necessary.
I could collect it, but we must be satisfied with this. The proof of our power must convince you.
All these laws and powers are also present in your own life.
You will get to know them in our life and will also be able to master them!
If you cannot accept, we will elevate you for months on end into your apparent death, so that people on earth think that you are a wonder of the world, while the case means nothing when you know these laws.
Yet, for us there are no longer any impossibilities. The laws of life and death lie within our reach when the spiritual contact is complete.
We do not leave anything to chance. We are prepared to convince you, because God wants it.
But do not mock, or you will fall into the hands of your own thoughts, which are like the fire of hell and scorch your life breath.”
“Who are you really, Master, we mean when you lived on earth?”
“Earthlings are curious, you as well, but you may know that from me.
Look in the chronicles and you will find me, my name is still spoken.
I am Prof. B.”
Charlatans sully all these phenomena, the divine gift of you and us.
Is it not a wonder that they murdered thousands of people spiritually?
All these souls returned home disappointed.
Usually it is their own fault, because they still have to awaken. Not one human being escapes his own toll.
Yet, you can see through all your Western fakirs.
Their bad, thieving and murderous life flames towards you. The light in their eyes is directed backwards.
Nothing emits from these people, they are contaminated by the darkness.
Their lamenting life is laden with their bad thoughts and feelings. This leprosy takes them to hell.
This life awaits them on this side.
The charlatans from their hell look forward to them coming and now they can start to experience their hell dance, in order to not come up for the time being, or the earth must be purified of all this evil.
They close themselves off!
As a result of your Western magicians, you reach material and spiritual decline.
What will you have to expect of those who dare to undress for you and for us?
Buy that loincloth in order to show a materialization?
Yet they have no scruples, they do not think of stopping.
We call to you: do everything; call on justice to help. These parasites must disappear from your midst; they should not live amongst you.
Let the earthly justice just decide, the world must know that there is swindling.
This book will convince the masses of the good.
If mankind knows that the divine messengers come to you as angels – do you hear, church!– and not as demons, because God wants it, the church can also listen to our world and stop the progress backwards.
The Other Side has no fear of the true facts. We come anyway in order to tell you the truth and will undress your charlatans for mankind.
Now they are faced with the light of the Holy Trinity!
God is love, God can still love them as a Father loves His children, but they curse themselves.
It is up to you and us to continue keeping watch!