Throwing stones

Throwing stones is also a part of the physical phenomena.
Only dark souls will throw stones, because a spirit of the light has conquered that roughness long ago and no longer thinks of it.
However, throwing stones is as old as life in hell; since the existence of the spheres of hell, stones have been thrown on earth.
Throwing on earth is well-known; but only a few people know what the actual situation is.
When stones are thrown, lives are usually lost and then you immediately know the mentality of the man or woman throwing stones.
Those men and women live in a dark state, in other words, their hell. However, they received contact with the earth and could start throwing stones.
Centuries ago a great deal of stones were thrown. In your own time, it only happens rarely.
This also has a meaning.
In previous centuries, stones were thrown, because those masses could still be reached.
Million of souls experienced the lower grades of conscious then.
Now mankind has experienced an evolution through all the crimes and wars, as a result of which both the aspect on earth and the inner life of the masses changed.
When stones are thrown, you are in connection with a demon.
The throwing itself is only possible because of the condensation of the human aura. If there is no contact, stones cannot be thrown.
As a human being, you must therefore be open to the situation.
Human powers are needed for this and the life aura also serves for this purpose.
The contact is usually achieved because souls hate each other.
Those people had or have something to settle with each other and now do it in this way, but it does not stop at this.
They throw until the other person loses his life because of it.
Before then they do not stop, because that one soul gets help from thousands.
These people from our world then torture the earthly being.
Once the contact has been achieved, then people break down house and home as a result of this unity. Nothing can stop the astral windmill.
If the astral personality wished to achieve this, then he must first try to come into contact on earth with the material being.
It is the unity of feeling to feeling.
If the spiritual contact has been achieved, then the astral being attracts thousands of others who help him.
However, people on earth also come to their aid, because many people are open to hate and the desired contact is there.
Even animals surrender their powers, and stones are also thrown by the animal, once the human life has given its own powers.
In a short time, a house is now destroyed, but the neighbourhood is also completely possessed.
No one remains free from this contamination. Anyone who hated can be reached and is elevated into this horror as a result of it.
If there are no more stones to be found in the vicinity, they even collect them from far away in order to be able to throw, they are not too lazy for it.
All of that used to happen, and now it is no longer possible, because the peoples awakened.
If anyone was attacked, death or madness followed.
This man or woman was stoned from our life.
If there was no own protection present, no one could save them from those claws, if people did not wish to perish themselves.
When the stone throwing starts, gravity is removed from the stone and it is then as light as a feather.
At that same moment, the levitation of the stone follows.
The stone is therefore lifted, removed of gravity, and the aim is already absorbed beforehand.
Now the demon tunes in his concentration and throws the stone.
The concentration is tuned into one point, the middle of your head, and the stone ends up there.
However, on the way, when the stone is floating, a great wonder takes place.
At the moment, when the stone is flying, the demon releases the stone from his concentration at the end part of the stone.
Levitation now ceases to exist. The life of the stone accepts the gravity and hits your head like a normal stone!
Your head can be cut ten times simultaneously. They stand for nothing.
This is actually no longer “throwing” stones, but everything has now become “concentration”.
The stone infallibly lands where it should be.
This infallible aiming happens from yourself.
You see, you aim, and at the same time, the stone flies away to the place that your thoughts are tuned into, your own will.
That is always a hit.
People throw a stone at the tip of your nose, in your ear, everything is possible, the point has been absorbed in their will and the stone must listen. It is now a material thing, inspired by their concentration.
Academics have wanted to check the stone throwing. They noticed with this that the throwing was infallible, but they did not work out the mystery!
This is the answer!
If the demon held the stone, then a soft wind passed over your head instead of the stone.
The life of every material thing gives it gravity.
And that life is temporarily removed from the stone, but can also be released on the way, and look, the stone touches the desired target.
When the stone comes into the hands of the astral personality, infallibility is also attached to this material thing and the stone is inspired at the same time.
The hardening takes place at the last moment, the same as for your chicken egg.
If the stone falls the stone condenses, just like the egg.
The demons throw so accurately because of this.
However, I say: it is no longer throwing, but consciously aiming, it is thinking!
The stone becomes thought, and our thoughts, tuned into one point, are infallible.
When a magician can murder hundreds of chickens because of his power of thought, then what if we have all these laws in our hands and they belong to our life?
Our thoughts listen to our will and that is naturally consciously directed, and tuned into one target.
If a stone has to be thrown forcefully, and if we want to see blood, then it can be achieved by concentration.
We can therefore just touch you by a stone, but also wound you, that depends on us.
The will penetrates everything and can be tuned in murderously. That power passes over to the stone.
The stone represents our thoughts and feelings.
Yet, the demon cannot be seen, even if he is standing in your midst.
We can throw infallibly with stones, because this throwing is an astral law and we become law.
We experience a law.
However, when this law also has attunement with other laws, the elementary laws come into effect for throwing stones and the first stone attracts the second.
In a short time, thousands of stones fly around your ears and then the elementary laws have become conscious.
Now sand drifts can take place.
The cosmos comes to the aid of the stone throwing and that is dreadful, because the earth sinks under your feet.
That earth is now inspired, the life wants to throw, and that is the most terrible thing that can happen, under which even demons shiver and tremble.
It is the worst that can happen, it is not possible to go further.
Yet, these laws came into reality as a result of that one stone, but thousands of people supplied powers for it.
When the terrible thing was over, all those people lived on this side, because they had lost their lives during the throwing.
The first stone therefore wakened another, and they now want to be thrown.
Now consciousness of a higher order has entered the stone, because the stone now thinks.
That thinking is laid down in the stone by human feeling, as a result of which the stone has received sense and now possesses human hatred.
The elementary laws now reach the desire to destroy because of an order and can no longer be stopped.
Now thousands of stones fall at the same time.
In a few seconds piles of stones lie on top of the person whom people wanted to stone.
It is only then that the stone throwing dissolves.
Even if other demons wish to continue throwing, when the first one stops it breaks the spiritual contact and the others experience this sudden stopping.
Thousands of souls had fun because of it. They left their darkness for a moment in order to take part in the human torture.
Everything in their environment was contaminated by it.
Such folk rode on your pig and that animal also became possessed.
Now the pig can immediately be elevated.
The animals screamed as if possessed and they were also insane.
Horse riding on pigs is a hellish longing, because of the dreadful screaming of the beast alone, which reminds them of their own life.
The pig is elevated into the astral life like the stone, but the animal suddenly changes as a result of this and becomes like a horse.
This dominating power is infallible. The material life immediately obeys these laws.
The laws between life and death are natural grades of life, as a result of which the astral life can accept the material temporarily.
The pig has become a law as a result of it, and the grade of life of the animal is ready for it.
At that moment, the pig surrenders its own consciousness.
Moreover, the human being does not experience it any differently. The descending is experiencing a lower or higher law for you and for us, created by God, and which we must now master.
The animal instinct is the attunement for life and death.
This law also attracts another law.
I was able to explain the examples in many ways.
Because of this stone throwing, we immediately come again to other laws, grades of life for human being and animal, which have attunement to this, just as one spiritual gift has to do with the other.
Once contact has been brought about, there is nothing more that stops the effect of it, for you the phenomenon.
True powers have meaning for life on this side and for you on earth, or they would not exist.
As a result of one life, the other one came into existence, but the other is working, and is a grade of life, which represents the astral law in our life.
Laws are the human being and animal; a planet and a star are a Divine law.
Good and evil are laws.
It is up to us to get to know all these laws.
In addition, life after death is the opened essential, the looking in, and the descending into where we are situated.
We ourselves are the essential, the opened becomes our new consciousness and the looking in takes place by means of true love, as a result of which the life of God can speak to us.
However, throwing stones is an abomination towards the life of God.