Material clairvoyance

The God of all life placed spiritual gifts in peoples’ hands in order to make them experience unity with Him, to be able to comfort them and to serve and to awaken them in the spirit.
But how was all that sacredness understood?
What became of this sacred science?
God said to His children:
“Come and sit with Me, but never forget that you are on holy ground.”
How is that sitting down understood?
The human being has taken the gifts in his hands and inhumanly sullied them!
Not one spiritual gift remained free from it. All those spiritual treasures, which were given to come to passing into the divine, were consciously and unconsciously brutalized!
Did the human being pass into it and did the human being get to know the pure mystic of the spiritual gifts?
What has remained of them?
Which gift was raped the most?
If one gift is sullied, then it was clairvoyance.
Because this spiritual gift has immediate attunement to the material inner life, and was given by Mother Nature to the human being; there are so many people who are clairvoyant and they appear to possess spiritual gifts, which, however, they understand nothing about.
However, this clairvoyance comes from the personality, from the inner life and has nothing to do with the sixth sense.
I will prove it to you in different ways.
Every dog and cat, even down to the smallest insect, possesses this material sensitivity.
It is the physical sensitivity, by which the soul reacts and which must represent the personality.
However, there are people who have raised this born clairvoyance to a wonder of the world, and, they show as a result of this, that they do not even understand this received talent, or they would not have mentioned it.
The animals clearly sense the sort that belongs to the own grade of life and this sensing is also a grade of clairvoyance.
We therefore get to know the grades for this gift.
Seven grades apply for clairvoyance, which we find in the human attunement and can be pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material and spiritual.
Every being represents his own life attunement and this indicates in which grade the inner life lives.
Clairvoyance can therefore be pre-animal-like and also spiritual, but then clairvoyance is a gift and in our hands.
The human being possesses material clairvoyance like the animal and now thinks he possesses spiritual gifts, which is nonetheless not possible.
I will try to make all of this clear to you.
Where do all your clairvoyants and psychometrists get this clairvoyance?
Do these people possess true spiritual gifts?
Did the Other Side come to them in order to let spiritual clairvoyance be sullied by them?
Are these people therefore astrally gifted?
Not one of all these people has certainty.
Your card readers, psychometrists and clairvoyants, your predictors of the future, they are world famous and yet they do not know themselves.
What these people possess is achieved by sensing.
They do not possess anything else!
True clairvoyance is not in their possession.
However, because of this material sensing it seems as if they possess clairvoyance.
All nature possesses this feeling, the most trivial insect received it from Mother Nature, and it is nothing special.
This reality is only known to a few people on earth.
These clairvoyants can therefore not know it, but they shout from the rooftops that they are clairvoyant and world famous.
Nevertheless, do you believe it?
Their clairvoyance is not capable of exceeding their own consciousness, sensing the higher consciousness is not at all possible for them. They have their feet too firmly on the ground and cannot experience being released from the earth.
Their clairvoyance has no meaning for our world!
I spoke about it in my introduction.
Mother Earth created seven material and seven inner grades for the human being.
A while later I made it clear to you that all these grades have to be experienced by you as a human being, if you wish to reach the highest for the earth, the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
And the highest consciousness belongs to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
That consciousness is attached to the organism and is the obtained possession from Mother Earth.
Now that we know that consciousness is feeling, it must be clear to you where I am leading and as result of which, your clairvoyants ‘see’.
This only happens because of sensing the own grade of consciousness.
They only feel, there is no more than that!
Moreover, do these people wish to help all your seekers?
Now that Christ has shaken awake the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, numerous people seek their refuge with your clairvoyants, who cannot be clairvoyants in spirit in their grade.
What happens now when they see?
It is worthwhile following this, because you get to know all these maniacs well.
When these clairvoyants try to tune into our life – which is not possible, since they do not possess the third grade for the inner life – this sensing of another grade of life is completed and they take over thoughts.
This has become a law of life for those people, which works naturally and which they could master because the basic principle was obtained through nature.
This sensing takes place of its own accord.
They do not have to make any effort for this, and every animal can do it.
However, these clairvoyants are not able to see beyond their own consciousness. They do not possess the spiritual gifts.
In addition, the Other Side will not help them for their terrible existence, because their life is tuned into darkness.
That higher grade of life is too rare for these people, which is very natural.
They therefore only feel their own kind and have the feeling that they really can look into that life.
They do not understand that the Other Side has kept the real, the spiritual clairvoyance in its own hands and they do not want to know anything about it either, because all these people do not want to lose that life, for they find their existence as a result of it.
They will not accept that they are powerless for the true gifts, even if they make mistakes, and it can be established that they do not see.
These people just carry on and do not pay any attention to all their reeled off nonsense. They are and they will remain clairvoyant.
The Other Side does not intend to predict the future for you.
If we did that, you would have to accept everything, but we know that you would succumb under the burden of your future.
And this is not the only reason why we do not predict, we would now intervene in your own life and the laws, as a result of which you are lived, and not one spirit of the light will ever try this, or your life would stand still.
We now would not serve the awakening in spirit, but spiritual destruction.
And that is certainly not everything, because we would also descend into the mud and sludge of your clairvoyants, which we heartily refuse, because we have learned to know Christ.
What happens now when they start to see?
In which state are you when they have to see for you?
Do you long for them to look into your life?
What do these famous people experience when they have your portrait in their hands? They do psychometrics and pretend to have heaven and earth in their pocket.
Do you know their state?
Now that you know how the grades of feeling react, it must be clear to you.
However, there is still a great deal by which I can show you that they only feel and do not possess the gift of clairvoyance.
They are your charlatans for the Other Side, the street and house occultists for the West. They represent conscious deceit.
They are shamelessly insensitive, heartlessly bad, because they violate your life and that of other people. They are merciless.
They are the parasites in this territory that blackmail trusting people.
They wrap themselves in a secretive haze and only do that to hide their ignorance.
Your telepath experiences this sensitivity, because of this he carries out tasks and has reached the highest with this sensing.
He also tunes into his own kind, but his sensing has become spiritual art.
He does it in order to assure you a pleasant evening.
The telepath has reached unity with the other life in this sensing and now takes over thoughts.
However, it sometimes occurs that he feels wrongly and has no contact.
He is now faced with the other kind, a higher grade of life, which is too rare for him.
Now he has to accept his powerlessness. It is the limit of his feeling and he makes mistakes.
His feeling now goes through you, there is no spiritual unity and yet he should have sensed your thoughts.
For the telepath his guide is the contact, likewise for the clairvoyant or it is an object; there is no difference in sensing.
The telepath finds his own kind under all these people for whom he gives his presentation. The clairvoyant does not come across that so often and is usually wrong, or, he speaks nonsense and thinks that he is giving worldly wisdom.
The clairvoyants and psychometrists practise and experience this state daily, but cannot reach the height of your telepath, because he has obtained the highest in this sensing.
If a clairvoyant could go higher, believe me, he would want to take that leap immediately, but it is not possible for him.
The telepath now experiences the hundred percent, as he himself thinks, but that is not even possible, or he would be a wonder of the world.
His inner life is divided and as a result of this, he cannot experience the superhuman.
However, he is above the clairvoyant in his own grade of life.
He is also clairvoyant, because he sees in this state.
The sensing of his task now attracts the material clairvoyance, and awakens it, and makes it conscious, because sensing and clairvoyance are one event, they are sister and brother of each other. Both expressions of life represent sensing and can become spiritual.
Clairaudience lies behind this, because the personality tunes itself to the clairaudience, then this becomes expressed.
Clairvoyance therefore attracts clairaudience; it is one event, one gift, which comes from the inner life.
These people therefore see and feel through the obtained possession of Mother Nature, such as a jungle inhabitant senses the other life!
It is therefore not possible that these seers are clairvoyant by means of our world, because their own personality feels and is active and cannot be reached now.
Spiritual clairvoyance is completely different.
However, because of this sensing, telepathy and material clairvoyance emerged.
Your clairvoyants and psychometrists therefore fence with something that every dog received and which is really nothing special.
Spiritual clairvoyance lives on this side and they now think that that gift is in their hands, but that is definitely not true.
Because that is impossible and I will show you.
What your telepath experiences is the material sensing of his task.
However, there is also spiritual telepathy, but we also have that in our own hands, because it has attunement to our life.
It does not take away the fact that the human being can connect with other grades, because God gave us this sensitivity and placed it in the material organism.
Now the own obtained consciousness speaks for you as a human being, through the personality, because that creates and acts through the sensitivity obtained.
Your painter also possesses this sensitivity, because I made his inner life clear to you.
That is exactly the same for sciences and art. All of them experience one law, but that law comes into effect through their own grade of life and attunement.
The painter paints as a result of it, the studying man studies and the telepath feels through his possession and is a representative of the spiritual thought, a grade of spiritual clairvoyance.
If the telepath is now spiritually attuned, he is open to spiritual inspiration and he would be able to receive this, at least, if he would want to serve for our world.
However, these people usually want to be something themselves and therefore act under their own power.
If he could serve for our world as an emotional being, we would be able to make a sensitive instrument for spiritual clairvoyance from his grade of feeling, but he does not tune into it.
As long as he wants to experience telepathy, he thinks and feels for himself and we demand complete submission and passivity for the spiritual gifts.
He continues to feel materially because of this and will now never be able to reach the spiritual height.
He himself closes himself off to the higher consciousness!
You see, this is the great difference in thinking and feeling for our world and your world and that gulf can only be bridged by us.
We also sense and take over thoughts from a far distance, because that belongs to our life and to our own possession. We live in that consciousness and have been able to master it.
If necessary, we take over your unspoken thoughts very sharply and infallibly and then give you an answer, but you do not feel us now.
Our thoughts go through you and yet you do not begin to react, or you would have to be clairsensitive to spiritual attunement and have to be in harmony with our life.
Only a few people can do that and they are mostly mediums who can take over our thoughts, and namely consciously or unconsciously.
No one can reach the highest in this, or you would really be a wonder of the world. You would then live in two worlds at the same time, of which our life would dominate under a power of the fourth sphere, but that is not possible.
You still have to awaken for this height and this grade of life.
If this were the case, you would be able to receive messages from all regions of the earth and be able to pass them on literally.
The East has not even achieved this clairaudience and the West is far behind in comparison to the East.
There are no telepaths on earth who have reached this height, and not one clairvoyant, because the material life would now be crushed to death by the astral one and this cannot be dealt with by the earthly consciousness.
A few good ones live in the East, but they did not reach this height either, which they had to accept.
Ancient Egypt experienced this attunement through the Other Side, but now it was no longer an own possession, this seeing and clairaudience were received.
As a result of this, I can show you that your telepath works at half power, because he cannot experience the spiritual grade and because his life is naturally divided.
If your seer and telepath want to come higher, then they are faced with the occult laws and do not come further.
Now, this is the spiritual halt for both taking over thoughts, and predicting the future for the psychometrist.
Neither of them can escape it.
I will give you an example here of spiritual telepathy!
My master had given his pupil the task through his medium to paint a flower arrangement, 150 by 120 cm in size, spiritual flowers under the cross, which means love.
Master Jongchi paints and finishes the painting.
A few male and female friends of the medium are present at the studio.
One of the sisters prays for Master Jongchi and when she is finished praying, she asks the spiritual painter in her thoughts whether he would make a small, very trivial work for her.
She would be happy if she could receive it from his hands.
Master Jongchi continues to paint and after serious and arduous work, the painting is finished.
He now takes two planks, paints on each of them, in only ten minutes, a beautiful flower under the cross.
He takes one of the planks in his hands and looks Martje in the eye, but says nothing.
However, she knows that her prayer has been answered and is so moved with joy that the tears run down her cheeks.
Her sister Neeltje receives her symbol too and she is pleased that the Other Side has not forgotten her either.
Master Jongchi made two works in such a short time, different in model and colour, spiritually pure and radiating light like the aura of the living God, golden violet and purplish blue colours, which represent pure love on this side.
This is now spiritual telepathy, the highest grade, which belongs to our life.
Our medium could not receive these thoughts because he was unconscious.
And even if he was to live in the day-conscious life, then he would not be capable of it, or he could say: I am a wonder of the world, but he is not, this sensitivity does not belong to him.
Or do you think that this is still possible?
He would like that, but this sensitivity is of Master Jongchi.
Nevertheless, the medium experienced the event during the painting, because it happened through his organism.
Jongchi infallibly took over these thoughts; while he himself was tuned into his art, the thoughts sent out still reached his consciousness and he took them over from Martje.
Those thoughts touched him while painting, they supported his work and they meant love.
And Jongchi made love from them, he interpreted these thoughts into spiritual art and lay the happiness of the spheres in her hands.
Nothing was wrong with the task!
But, not only that, Martje felt absorbed, elevated into the life of this master. She felt carried by his great intuition and remained in it for days on end.
And wherever she goes, you can admire the spiritual image received; it is not gone from her for a second, where she is, master Jongchi lives.
It is worthwhile to give something to a child of God from our life, and Master Jongchi will have sensed this.
My master and other astral personalities followed Master Jongchi that morning and wanted to experience the wonder; Jongchi completed the great work in only four hours.
When it was finished, he dedicated the spiritual painting to Christ, out of gratitude for the mercy given to him to be able to paint on earth after his earthly death.
The making of two flower arrangements in ten minutes is already a wonder in itself, and then taking over thoughts, not one telepath on earth is capable of it. This is the astral grade, the unity of feeling to feeling, whereby the own division is still experienced.
After all, Jongchi is busy, one hundred percent tuned into art, but still takes over thoughts.
For us on this side this taking over of thoughts is very simple, for you on earth it is unfathomable and seems supernatural.
Every spirit of light can do it.
If we are empty or completely full, the earthly thoughts come to us, those feelings irrevocably touch our conscious thoughts and feelings, because your thoughts are kept materially.
On our side, we take over the thoughts of all the grades that live under our own attunement.
Those that lie higher and are sent out from there, go through our life, because we still have to awaken to those thoughts and feelings.
If a prayer is truly loving, that thought sent out touches our life and it gives us love, then that thought penetrates into our life, sticks to our consciousness and we can perceive the personality.
That image is attached to the thought and can be infallibly perceived.
It is because of this that Jongchi knew exactly that Martje had asked that question.
However, your telepath does nothing else either.
Moreover, it is possible for him to completely separate from every contact, to see clairvoyantly and to accomplish his task.
His actions are material; ours are spiritual and infallible.
The medium cannot do this.
If there was no continuance, the medium would paint himself, and then Martje would never have received her flower arrangement.
Because of this you can also accept that when we are on earth the thinking intellect is still present and that you continue after your life.
The astral personality is conscious of your life and has remained human. We have not changed in any way after death.
Spiritual telepathy is a conscious grade of life, and the material belongs to your own life and can be pre-animal-like.
I therefore want to show you that this telepathy, this transfer of thought, is the height that you can experience as a human being, but then you are a master of this side and in the hands of an astral master.
A telepath does not want that and must now accept that he will not come higher than he now experiences.
I can also show you that the astral grades make a sharp distinction and that one grade is separated from the other by a gulf.
Giving love to other people, serving the life of God, can only bridge that gulf, and it is only then that the spiritual grade can be reached.
Therefore, the pre-animal-like grades of the jungle, those people must still experience thousands of lives before they have reached your own grade of life.
In one life, you achieve nothing for the astral laws!
Then I will also show you that this feeling and thinking is sensing and that through this sensing clairvoyance and clairaudience come forward.
It is only now that we can follow your charlatans.
All your clairvoyants think that they possess spiritual gifts.
Now the grade of clairvoyance must speak, because this gift also has seven grades.
However, these people do not possess any grades, they find themselves in the first two grades of feeling, which I told you about and which I analysed thoroughly, so that you can now follow me.
All your painters in the first two grades live in it, and that, is the same for the spiritual gifts.
If you sense these grades, I assure you that you will master a great wisdom through this sensing and then you can naturally gauge every medium and spiritual being.
These clairvoyants draw on themselves.
If these people had the feeling for the spiritual gift, I assure you again that they would irrevocably stop what they are now doing and would like to go higher up, which is not possible.
They have none of this sacred fire; they are clairvoyant by means of the material organism and are never capable of carrying out spiritual work.
Experiencing a higher grade is therefore not possible, and they must accept their powerlessness in this.
What these people possess is the shadow of the telepath. He has reached the highest in this feeling.
They live under it!
Every race (see article ‘There are no races’ on now senses its own sort from this attunement.
A jungle inhabitant is very sharp in this, because this life does not know your division and is still of course uncontaminated.
If you are connected to another grade, having reached inner unity, then the telepathic connection comes about, which means reaching unity from feeling to feeling, and then you take over those other thoughts.
However, here you also experience your own natural limit.
And numerous people experience that.
When it happens, you are in harmony with that other life.
Some people experience this unconsciously. Your clairvoyants and predictors of the future, your psychometrists do it consciously and now look for that inner unity.
If you are from another grade of life, then they go to pieces against your life and are powerless.
I can show you this by numerous examples and explain to you that you also possess material clairvoyance, because your dog and cat also have it.
Do animals not sense beforehand that you are coming?
Do they not prove to you that they react very sharply to your own life?
Do people not say: “If they could talk, would they tell you?”
It proves that animals are sensitive.
Why would you, as a human being, not possess this material clairvoyance?
Here is the example.
You are sitting quietly in your chair reading, but suddenly, even while reading, you get thoughts, and those thoughts tell you that someone is approaching.
You know for sure that the person in question will come.
A moment later, he is standing before you.
Most people find it very normal, such a thing happens almost every day, everyone has it, and experiences it sometimes.
It is nothing special.
Yet, the spiritualists say that you are clairvoyant.
And your clairvoyants and psychometrists say that they are world famous.
They also see and feel as a result of this.
This possibility takes you to the material clairvoyance.
Because of this sensing you are consciously tuned into your own sort, because if it was another grade you would not have been able to feel anything beforehand. Those thoughts go through your life again. They are too rare!
However, you felt beforehand that those people would come.
The spiritualist says: “You have been warned by the Other Side.
You are a medium.”
You say: “Nonsense.”
And this is the way it is. This clairvoyance has no meaning for our life.
Yet, thousands of spiritualists draw from this obtained possession from Mother Nature and are now faced with problems, because the messages are no good.
They keep having to accept that they are wrong.
And all your clairvoyants likewise, because only the spiritual grade is in connection with our life, all those other people experience their own thoughts and senses!
It is nothing more, but nothing less either.
The spiritualist says that these thoughts are printed on your life and namely by the Other Side, probably then by your father or mother.
However, those thoughts came from your own kind and you took them over infallibly.
The charlatans now think that they possess gifts.
Do you now understand why they see and do psychometry?
This is the born clairvoyance, which is part of your organism.
It is a material power that is taken over by the soul life.
Many people now pretend to be mediums and possess gifts, because sometimes they can say something beforehand, and they therefore build on this path.
However, all those people go to pieces, because sooner or later, they want to go even higher and that is not possible.
As a result of this, the charlatans came to the foreground.
There is not a street near you without male and female seers.
All of them have their own way of seeing which we will soon get to know.
The animal world is infallibly tuned in, and charlatans are not, because these people represent the lies and the deception.
They think nothing of coolly predicting that you have cancer and will soon die.
Not one spirit on this side considers frightening you unnecessarily and ruining your life in this way for years, which is already difficult enough.
However, if they strike lucky once, they no longer doubt for a second about their own ability to see and just carry on.
However, those strokes of luck are rare.
It is usually all nonsense, and yet they allow themselves to be paid for that nonsense.
This is their life in society and now we try to undo it, destroy them if possible, until they start another life.
We have come to warn you about these people.
You will soon have to admit that you have learned to know them and then you can be on the alert.
Here is another example.
You are walking outside.
Suddenly you think of someone and a moment later, you meet that person.
This is also remarkable.
You say: When you think of the devil, he is sure to appear.
That is the way it is.
This man is part of your own life attunement, he is your sort and grade of life, and you have picked up his thoughts.
This is sensing and because of this creative feeling you experience clairvoyance, because you clearly received an image before your eyes.
Your own grade of life reacted so sharply that you even recognized those other people.
The charlatans say: That is clairvoyance, and by this, they mean something supernatural of the sixth sense.
However, it is not that at all; but they see it for the masses and sell our world.
When you are occupied with this on a daily basis, would you not think that something could be achieved by it?
Your charlatans do that too.
They are superior in power, and they get up with it and go to bed with it. They are occupied day and night with absorbing the other life, which comes to them, empty.
Those few strokes of luck are their worldly wisdom, and all those other times they talked nonsense.
However, they tell you about our life, pass on spiritual messages to you, make their diagnosis and prescribe to you how you must live, but they do not know themselves. They put everything on the shoulders of their spiritual leader, who helps them in everything.
They do not know whether that is possible.
However, we have now come to tell them. They have to know!
I explained to you that our mediums have to remain passive, but these people are occupied day and night and cannot therefore receive the spiritual clairvoyance!
Other people experience this taking over of thoughts differently.
You can even pick up thoughts from your own sort in your sleep. Your grade of life also absorbs them now and passes them on to the day-consciousness.
These thoughts, which are picked up in sleep, therefore in an unconscious state, waken you, and you have to listen whether you wish to or not, your life can be influenced so strongly during the sleep.
When you awaken you know exactly what you felt, if necessary dreamt, nevertheless, it came to you.
There are people who experience their phenomena in other ways, including through fear, a fear that comes to them just like that and spoils their life.
This fear forces itself upon their life and they cannot free themselves from it, until they know how these phenomena came to them.
However, their own grade of life put them in this state.
Here is such an example.
An employed thirty-year-old woman has just left home, when suddenly feels fear entering her.
She has felt it for days and no matter what she tries, nothing helps her, the fear continues to force itself on her life.
She does not know what to do and thinks: “As long as something terrible does not happen.”
Her whole personality is touched by it, the fear dominates her in everything and she cannot get to sleep because of it.
She becomes sad through it. If it lasts much longer, it will cost her her nervous system.
A few days later, she gets the message that her mother is sick.
The fear is gone.
Now she knows it.
Because of this, that fear entered her and she thinks the worst of it.
Thousands of people experience something similar.
The spiritualists say once more: “She was warned by the Other Side of course.”
We say: “That is possible. However, now it was her own grade of life, because the other daughter did not feel anything.”
The spiritualist can also say: “She was not sensitive, that girl could not be reached.”
That is also possible, but I myself investigated this event. I was one with the mother and experienced the following.
I want to show the spiritualists that not everything has to come from this side. They may never ignore the own power of the human being. That is also wrong.
She was sent those thoughts, interpreted by fear, from her own grade of life, her mother.
And her inner life, which she could not free herself from, absorbed them.
Her mother thought of her, but did not think for a second of the moment when she would die. Those thoughts had not entered her.
She felt sick and wrote that, but no more than that either.
She thought about her children, as thousands of mothers will do if an illness overcomes them.
The mother was not suffering and the girl could be satisfied.
She considered going home, but changed her mind and wrote for special circumstances.
The mother replied to her that she should not worry.
However, the fear returns and the girl remain worried.
She goes to a clairvoyant and wants to know what her fear means.
“Here”, she says to the seer, “a photograph of my mother.”
The man takes the photograph in his hands, he tunes into the portrait.
He rubs his hands over it, feels, and continues to feel.
He is thinking, the girl sees.
He looks at the child, examines her, fathomes her inner life, and wants to feel her fear.
The child blushes, becomes bright red, she does not know why.
She actually feels herself becoming nervous.
There is something the matter.
What is it?
The man continues to feel, then he suddenly says:
“It is an illness.
She is not well and you are worried.
Nothing serious, child, nothing dangerous, madam, do not worry.
It is nothing.”
He also talks about a man, who is dark and wants to obstruct her path.
He suddenly thinks that she is married, sees her children, two boys and a girl, and thinks it is enough.
The woman leaves and only believes the one thing: her mother will get better. She does not understand the other part, for she has no children.
She continues to feel afraid. The fear comes back, even more intensely.
Two days later, she receives the message that her mother has died.
She curses her delay. She should have followed her feelings and should have visited her mother.
However, the mother passed away as a result of heart failure.
What now concerns me is the following.
Through this, I wish to show you that by means of your own grade of life you can feel in advance and can be clairvoyant.
The girl felt, but did not know that it was her mother who sent her the fear.
The mother did not feel that she would die, and yet, the illness told her child that death would call her.
Death is now sharper than the day-conscious self of the mother.
Death lived behind this illness. She had only caught a cold, so she did not think for a moment that she would exchange earthly life for the eternal one.
Death is still the conscious predictor in this, the subconsciousness of the mother infallibly laid the feeling of fear in her daughter.
Death lived in her aura and the child felt that death, but the clairvoyant knew nothing about it. He only took over the fact from her that someone was ill, the person from the portrait.
Thousands of mothers think of their children. There are some who feel something and can take over everything from their own kind. Other children feel nothing, however much they love each other.
This bond came because this woman and her mother belonged to the same grade of life.
The subconsciousness of the mother sent this power to her child.
This woman and the clairvoyant felt, and, of the two of them, the woman is more sensitive than the clairvoyant is.
If this woman could have realized for a moment, could have clearly realized that it was serious, if she had only freely absorbed these thoughts for a few minutes, then she could have seen images and the clairvoyance would have come forward.
However, she did not do it, but continued to feel her fear, which the seer actually felt nothing of, although he tried to connect with her.
When the woman blushed, there was something she could not find the answer to, nevertheless, the seer lived in her aura, but could not find her.
He wanted to sense the fear from her and tune into it, in order to find out what the cause was.
However, he did not touch her, he did not get any contact and that would not wash.
He felt illness, the only thing that came into him, and then the man talked nonsense, because he had to satisfy her. The symptoms of the illness were too little for the two guilders fifty cents.
Your own grade of life sometimes infallibly influences your own life.
The seer was not sharp, he had little chance of success, and the woman was better, felt more sharply than the seer.
In this way, every human being senses his own kind, a very natural thing, which your dog also has and which every animal in the nature of God received.
However, other people are sharper and take over what you know, but then, they tell you the greatest nonsense as real clairvoyance.
If the seer had been sharply tuned into his own grade of life, then he would have been able to sense death and see ahead.
His claim: It is nothing, is not sensing her thoughts and feelings. He could have taken it over from her telepathically, but he could not even do that either.
The telepath has reached the highest in this and could have told her what she already knew, which, however, has nothing to do with clairvoyance.
People call that a stroke of luck in the scientific world. For our world, it is the sensing of the own character and the grade of life of another being.
Fortunetellers, psychometrists, now think that they are clairvoyant.
They feel for you and demand their money, but they look over the gate of your own little garden and tell you what you planted there.
Moreover, all of that is not even bad, but when those people start to interfere with other lives, the perilous nature of it comes forward.
They coolly predict to you that you will soon have to die, they break bonds of love and tear up your life, and they kick you in your heart, take away faith and pretend as if it is none of their business.
We want to make them harmless and I will soon explain to you why this is necessary.
These world famous people flap about like poisonous insects around your grade of life. No one calls them to a halt.
They predict to you the most terrible things, until the nervous system is destroyed by fear.
The trusting succumb, these people are denied every support in life.
These people sully the spiritual gifts and sell their jungle instinct, which they put into the service of the trusting masses, as a result of which many people perish.
These ladies and gentlemen do not possess any gifts. Only the spiritual grade can be experienced by our world and we have this in our own hands.
This is sensing and namely outwith every inspiration.
However, if this male or female seer is religious, he or she will search higher up and will then think that the Other Side is helping.
And that is not possible either!
Not everything which people see has the possibility of existence. The laws and these gifts belong to our world and people cannot master them.
People also go to pieces because of this.
Our feelings are too rare for them and they are not suited for mediums.
However, now we meet them amongst the spiritualists and we will soon get to know them.
Even a magician – which is initiated after all – who has mastered the occult laws, has to accept that he cannot approach the higher grades of life.
He can seek contact and put people under influence, and sometimes completely destroy them, but then he is experiencing his own kind.
I told you about this, but I will soon give an example, so that you can learn how the East works.
The Oriental tunes into the laws, the Western charlatan tunes into the inner life and absorbs the longing knowledge, but is not conscious of how that actually happens.
The Western is not in connection with the laws and yet he does so much harm.
The Oriental is conscious in his evil; he does it for money and in order to be able to live, also from hatred and for his passionate lust.
The great magician destroys if he is capable of it, and the Western charlatan type wants to follow him, but goes to pieces again.
He has read about it, and has heard what the East does. He will also tune into the laws, but now achieves the opposite of the Oriental.
In order to be able to show you all of this properly, I will tell you the following.
In the East, you can have another person destroyed for some money and by black magic.
You just go to a magician and everything will be sorted.
This is not possible in the West, although it is still tried by the charlatans.
I say tried, because they cannot do it.
The white magician is not concerned with such practices.
However, the black demons of the East feel ready for it, complete each task and go into everything, as long as it brings profit.
When they are also faced with a higher grade, they have to accept their powerlessness, but they remain dangerous.
A mother wanted to have her daughter married to a man with money.
She has met him somewhere. An introduction was not necessary; it is that man, she thought, I am searching for that person for my daughter. She demanded him for herself and her child.
That seems impossible for the West, but for the East it is really simple and can be achieved, but a magician is needed for it.
And there was a magician, and she therefore went to him.
She told him what she wanted, put half of the money on the table as an advance payment and he then received his orders.
The planter is sitting in a meeting place, quietly and happily, enjoying life and unconscious of what is hanging above his head.
Life is complicated, today people feel wonderful, and tomorrow there will be something.
And that something would have terrible consequences for him.
He sits there, looks at the other guests now and again, he also looks at the two women, who seem like mother and daughter to him; he looks again and again.
The daughter now unexpectedly looks him in the eye and namely so effectively, that both people lower their eyes.
It was the first contact. It went wonderfully well, thinks the magician, who is present. It went of its own accord, and he knows he can now reach them.
The magician leaves.
A moment later, the mother also wants to leave, to her daughter’s displeasure.
They pay for their drink.
They are followed from the other side of the room.
The planter looks at what they are doing, follows the daughter and does not understand why they are leaving so soon.
He continues to look until they disappear from his sight.
He follows them in his thoughts, holds onto the image of the daughter and has a miserable feeling in him.
The magician knows his profession.
He only grasps the psychological moment; he does not need any more sensation.
Both people looking at each other for a moment was enough for him. This first impression did more than a half-day of company, these minutes beat a hole in the thoughts and feelings of the planter and he reacted one hundred percent.
The man will never forget the image. He will never be free of this face; it is chained up in his subconscious.
The magician knows that this moment is meaningful.
And he felt that he could reach them.
A few days later, they see each other again, the two women and the planter.
They sit opposite each other again. The magician is also present, but invisible to the other people.
The gauging and feeling is tuned in, the eyes meet each other, and the people descend into each other for one moment. They do not know why, but they have feelings for each other.
It is a simple introduction that follows, a greeting and a laugh. Yet, it is achieved.
The mother brings them together, she just asks the planter: “Do I not know you?
Did we meet each other before?
Where did I see you?
Was it on the boat?”
He does not know. However, the introduction has been made.
That is what the magician wanted and what the mother had to achieve.
They see each other again and she already has a photograph of him.
The mother has a copy made of it and takes it along with a photograph of her daughter to the magician.
He does not need anything more.
He tunes into both lives and no longer leaves them alone.
He takes them to each other, places the longing in their life and thereby finds a helper in her.
The planter is difficult to elevate into his life. She is very sensitive and already comes into his power, because she attaches herself to his life.
The mother no longer comes to the meeting place. The magician no longer needs her; she only has to tell him how things are going.
A month later, the two love each other deeply and are thinking about getting married. Both are old enough for this.
The daughter surrenders willingly, but he must consider it.
Then the moment comes that the planter does not feel well.
He goes to the doctor.
However, the doctor cannot find anything and yet he feels heavy, dead tired, actually exhausted.
The doctor prescribes rest for him, but he does not want that, he is needed; he cannot rest.
“Is it malaria?”
“No”, the doctor says, “you are bit overstrained.”
“I am overstrained?
From what?”
“I do not know, but you are overstrained.”
He finds it very strange, he has never been overstrained.
Malaria on the way, he thinks.
He starts work, but feels drowsy and ill.
He resists this drowsy feeling with force. There is no fever, and yet, he feels burning hot, feverish.
However, the doctor says that it is not a fever and it is not malaria either.
He must accept that he is overstrained.
The man asks and searches in himself, but does not find anything.
The medicines do not help. He continues to feel drowsy, until he cannot actually continue and people give him the advice to rest.
That is what the magician wants: he must rest.
During his work, it is too difficult for the magician, in rest, he can reach him better and the man thinks day and night about his illness.
The planter is taken care of. She comes to help.
Everything is going according to plan.
Now the magician leaves him to his fate for a moment, releases himself from the man, but keeps a check on the woman.
The planter feels very comfortable.
Is it because she is so sweet?
Is it because she is taking care of him?
The child is very sweet, extremely sweet.
The mother comes to visit him and thinks that life alone is useless.
He thinks about it and says: “You are right, it is useless like this.”
The image of getting married is awakened in him again.
However, the man doubts, he really has no time to get married, and with this thought, he is himself again.
The magician puts him under his will again. The phenomena of tiredness and drowsiness come back, so that he has to stop working again.
The daughter comes to visit him, and advises him to rest completely; she does everything for him and considers him like a child.
However, he has lost his energy and does not know why, he is a wreck. However, the doctor says: “It is nothing, he is overstrained.”
At that moment, a pupil of my master comes to us and asks for help.
He is the guardian angel of the young planter and tells us what will happen.
He cannot intervene, as he has only been on this side for a short time, but he wants to do something for the planter, who was his grandchild on earth.
The investigation is started, and nothing can be done about it.
“Why, Master”, he asks, “can you not do something for me?”
“Look”, says the master, “if we release him, which is possible, he will learn nothing.
He must go through it or he will continually be faced with black magic, in whose hands he lives.
We will help you when he has later accepted his own school of learning.
Before then, it is not possible to intervene.
Follow him, remain in his aura, do everything, but do not forget that he has to conquer himself.
The magician will deal with him severely.”
“Will he not perish, Master?”
“No, people do not want him to perish.”
“Is white magic capable of helping him, Master?”
“Do we serve the black, my brother?”
“I mean, Master ...”
“What you mean, my friend, does not occur to him. Even if you address all your powers, he will not understand you, nor be able to absorb your thoughts in him.
‘Go to a yogi, he could help you.’
However, I tell you, do not do it, he must learn his lesson of life. He must experience these laws and want to free himself, or we will achieve nothing.
His will has gone to sleep!”
The patient wonders what has made him so dejected. He thinks and receives a thought, follows that thinking and says: “Nonsense.
I am not in the hands of black magic. That is not possible.”
However, the contact is perfect.
The magician lets him go again. The planter works and feels better.
He thinks about getting married, but cannot reach a decision.
Yet, he has to.
He starts to feel that she is making him better all the time, her cares and love restore his immune system.
The decision is made, the day is set, they will get married.
Finally, the mother says to herself, now it is time.
The children are engaged.
He works and feels better, but not completely fit.
That will pass as well.
The magician holds onto him and her as well. The woman follows all his thoughts and is sensitive to them.
The man is ready to collect his future wife. They will get married today.
He still feels a bit drowsy inside, but he was feeling a bit better the past few days, he will soon feel fully recovered.
Standing still absentmindedly, he wants to leave, but cannot go. He cannot move a foot.
What is it, he thinks?
He resists this discomfort, reaches for his hat and gloves and is outside.
He sighs deeply, as if his breath has been taken away.
His will dominates and he rides off.
They get married.
He has taken his leave and goes back with her to his fatherland.
Many friends wave them off, the mother waves; she has tears in her eyes. The boat leaves.
The magician gets his money and the work is finished for them.
Yet, for these two souls the misery now begins.
It is night, and the boat glides through the water. The tapping of the engines reaches their cabin.
He looks around him, thinks, rubs his eyes, thinks again and asks her:
“Where am I?”
“Where are you?
Don’t make me laugh.”
“Come on, no nonsense, where am I?
And what are you doing here?”
“Even better, what am I doing here???”
The woman laughs loudly, and she cannot be calmed down.
The doctor has to come; she has caught a laughing illness.
He gives her something to sleep.
It is really strange.
Very remarkable.
“What exactly are you doing here?” he asks again when she awakens.
“Are you starting again, husband?
Stop your talk, do not make me mad.”
“I mean it, child, this is deadly serious for me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I wonder what you are doing in my bed.
How did you get here?”
“Do you mean that?”
She still has difficulty in believing that he is speaking earnestly.
“Really, I mean it.”
“And what do you want to know from me?”
“How you came here.”
“How I came here?
How I came here?”
She looks at him, looks for a long time while thinking, then says:
“Are you mad?”
“I know exactly what I am saying, I want to know how you got here.”
“Do you need a doctor?”
“I do not need a doctor.”
“And you want to know how I got here?”
“Yes, really, I must know.”
She sees that it is deadly serious for him.
There is something the matter with that man.
“We are married, aren’t we?”
What are you saying?
We are married?
That is impossible.
Not me.
I am not married.
I did not give my ‘I will’.”
“Is this your deadly seriousness, husband?”
“Do you think that I am mocking my life?
Do you think that I am mad?”
“I must therefore take this as the truth?
You are mad or you are possessed.
I will call a doctor.”
He becomes so intensely enraged that he foams at the mouth.
His wife does not know what to do. She asks desperately:
“But, husband, what is the matter? You are behaving so strangely.”
“Do you still not understand it?
Do you not understand anything about this wedding?
Have you no feeling anymore?
Are you perhaps possessed?
You are a bitch.
You are my misfortune!
You are a slut, a dirty woman, so you are.
You tricked me into marriage?
Do not be so stupid.
You are after my money.
Now I know, oh, now I know why I was ill.
You asked for a sorcerer, you called a magician, a demon.
Now I know, I will not take that.
I will never accept this. I will marry whomever I wish to marry.
I will not let myself be deceived.
I ...”
He collapses.
The woman has not said a word, she let him finish speaking, but she knows.
God, my God, how difficult it is, how mistaken she was.
She leaves the cabin, sends a telegram to her mother.
“Send an answer to the following questions.
Who let us be married?
Do you know about it?
Immediate answer.”
The boat takes these children and other children of God across the ocean, but no answer comes.
The mother races to the magician and hands him the telegram.
He seeks contact again.
He feels that the man has released himself from him.
The woman is still in his power, he can reach her and he places violence in her young life, the panther instinct.
This life has become wild and furious.
She makes his life a hell.
They live with each other like water and fire, until he can no longer stand it and wants to take another cabin.
However, the boat is full and it is not possible.
He decides to put on an act; in Holland, he will see what to do.
However, he wants a divorce. He does not accept this marriage.
What a slut.
What a cat, just like a panther.
How can it be, the things that can happen to a human being.
They eat and drink together, but sit as enemies next to each other. An enormous gulf lies between their lives.
Yet, they save their personality.
She does not leave him alone, she does not want a divorce, and will destroy his life if need be. She will draw blood from under his nails. She can do everything, but he will not be rid of her.
When they arrive in Holland, he goes to a well-known psychologist for treatment. He feels himself becoming dead tired and drowsy again.
The phenomena come back again, but the psychologist will help him.
However, he does not know what to do about his condition.
After a few weeks, the doctor says openly that he can do nothing for him.
He goes to another one.
There they also examine the man, ask who has already treated him.
The doctors diagnose: Good for the madhouse, the man cannot cope with being in Indonesia.
Nothing can be done about it!
“I am tired, I am drowsy and can nothing be done about it?”
“Go to a neurologist”, people advise him.
The neurologist starts a large examination.
The learned man cannot find anything. He finds him overstrained.
But as a result of what?
He tells what happened.
The specialist looks over his glasses at his patient and thinks: The man is mad.
That is impossible, that cannot be, and he is not normal.
It could be tropical fever!
“Where have you been?
Who helped you?”
“What do you make of it?” he asks his colleague.
“Nothing, my dear friend, completely psychopathic.
Complete nonsense.”
The planter seeks it elsewhere. He has already been on the trot for two months and cannot get better.
It is a hell at home.
His wife does not want a divorce. She continues to refuse; his life must be destroyed first, then she will apply for a divorce herself.
He goes to the greatest, the most learned people, who speak on the radio and can help thousands of people.
That is something for him.
After two weeks, he is on the street again.
He has to hurry, his leave is ending and he is still sick.
People can do nothing for him. All of them think that he is mad, and is talking nonsense to them, because such a thing does not exist.
He gets another address.
That man is a good psychologist and like him he has been in Indonesia, he will help him.
However, this academic cannot stop the phenomena either: the pressure around his head and the drowsy feeling, being dead tired.
A magnetizer must help in this case.
He used to do it, not anymore, and he sends him to a well-known medium.
One afternoon a large, broad-shouldered man, a young giant, enters the room of my master’s instrument.
The man collapses into a chair and starts to weep.
Our instrument is already on duty, and the man is at the place where he must be.
His guardian angel is ready, now people can help him.
He is soon himself and says:
“I do not know why I am behaving so childishly, but I cannot help it.
It is all so difficult.
Can you help me?”
He tells about his tribulations.
The instrument is in connection with his master. The medium starts to see what his master sees in and around the patient.
He sees the grass-green light like a death aura coming from his head, dissolving in the universe. He can follow it, his master continues to show him it and he now hears it said to him:
“This man is under black magic.
We will release him.”
“Here”, says the man, “this is the shrew.
God help me”, he adds and further:
“She is to blame for my misfortune.”
The medium gauges the beautiful woman; she is a picture.
He lets him know this.
“Do you call that a picture?
Are you not mocking me?
She is a tigress and even worse than that, she is ... a poisonous beast.
Such animals do not even live in the jungle.
Good heavens, what I put up with.”
“And yet she is a little darling”, says the medium.
However, the master says to him that he must not say another word.
The patient can take his place.
The man sits down.
The medium says in half-trance to the patient:
“Lie down calmly, do nothing, that means, now think of nothing, release yourself from all those horrible thoughts.”
The treatment can begin.
My master will break the magical powers and release him from the magician.
A green cord comes out of him, but that cord is the end of the magical connection.
There is a thick green haze around the body and the man lives in it.
His nervous system has been crushed to death by it, and his whole being lives in it.
That is the magical fluid, the wrapping up by the magician.
He sighs deeply and can hardly breathe.
The medium can follow everything.
He sees that the master has wrapped himself in this aura and disappears before his eyes.
The medium feels that the material organism lives under pressure. All the organs are crushed by this power.
The man lives in a darkness; it is a web that has been laid around his personality and the inner life, around all the material systems.
He sees the greenish mist very sharply and follows his master.
The medium now lives in the psychic trance, but still feels that the man has almost gone to sleep, the healing aura of his master put him in this state.
This rest does him good.
All the material systems lives through this power, and will die off if no salvation comes.
As a result of this, the man cannot think in a normal way.
The medium sees that his master makes himself completely one with the patient.
The astral light of his master lightens the systems and brings new life into the organism.
Gradually the aura of the magician fades. The greenish light disappears and dissolves for the medium.
The blood circulation speeds up, the heart beats more strongly, the brain comes free from that terrible pressure, and the pressure around his head has already disappeared.
Suddenly a tremendous reaction comes into the man.
The medium is already conscious when the patient jumps up from the couch and screams: “I am better!
I am definitely better ...”
Then he collapses again.
However, he soon regains consciousness, has to lie down again and receives a post-treatment. The patient calmly goes to sleep.
When he awakens, he has to lie down again for a while. He receives powers from the Other Side and his eyes close again.
The medium now remains conscious; the trance is no longer necessary.
The man groans inwardly, he is in the half-sleep and his heart now hurts.
He jumps up again as if an adder has bitten him, now he does not collapse, but calls:
“I am better, I am better.
Yes, sir, I am better.
You have made me better.
I thank God, oh man, how happy I am.”
However, he has to lie down again.
His head is also treated.
But he says during the treatment that those nasty powers have gone. He feels normal.
The magic laws have been broken.
He shouts at the academics, because they do not know and have cost him handfuls of money, and he asks the medium whether he would like to come to Indonesia, because all of Indonesia is full of black magic. There is his place.
People need him urgently.
“But man, come to the East, people need you there.”
And that is the way it is, but we have other things to do.
When he entered, I flew to Indonesia.
In a millionth of a second, I was there and connected with the magician.
The man lay quietly dozing, he was working.
I followed him inwardly and saw that he was working on numerous people. Many people had to perish.
I also see the images of our patients. He feeds these people and they cannot become released from him.
However, at this moment he feels that the man gives way from him and releases himself from him.
The woman is still in his power.
He feels that a power comes around and in him, which will work against him, but however much he resists, I am ahead of him. The haze in him of both people has to weaken, or the feeding will continue.
I see my master at work. I finish my task.
I lay my own aura around the aura of the two people within him, and I will condense that aura.
I penetrate at the very first moment, the moment when he has started to think and elevated his figures into himself.
I now live in that creation which is both people.
I have to destroy these astral figures, thought images of the man and woman.
This destruction is for the magician the becoming hazy of his power of thought.
He feels that both people have received help and he cannot do anything about it.
Suddenly he knows and I can feel and see it, both people dissolve for him, but he recovers as fast as lightning.
The woman lives again in his thoughts. He sees that the man has disappeared from his life.
The magician knows he has help, and the woman has not. He will continue to feed her, if only because people are working against him.
I see that my master is finished and fly back to your country.
Under me, even though I flash through the universe, I can see the sea, the earth and air, but at the same moment, I enter the space where my master is.
The patient is lying on the divan, he is still being magnetized, but my master is finished.
The young man talks a lot.
We follow that for a moment and then he can get up.
His nervous system still has to be treated, and he must come back for that.
The instrument will start that treatment with his master.
Meanwhile he asks his wife for a divorce, but she will not consider it.
Now we take her under control and will make her completely free.
The contact is there. He serves us, and we come to her through his life aura.
He is free from the magical power, but she is still a vixen.
The woman no longer knows herself. She is in the half-trance, and she lives in the half-awake consciousness.
She is possessed by the magician.
She must come away from this, or sooner or later, she will collapse.
When he got to know her, she already lived under these powers. He has never seen this soul purely.
“She remains like a she-devil”, he says to the medium.
Yet, the medium replies that she is a sweet child.
“Are you still insisting on that?
I do not understand that.
I have complete faith in you, and I have the proof.
It is a pity that you do not know her.”
“But I know her, my dear man.
I know her better than you see her.
I tell you, one in millions, you must search for a very long time before you meet such a woman again.”
“Oh, I accept that immediately.”
“No, man, do not mock, I mean the good.
I insist that she is an angel.
You do not know her, but you will soon experience that.”
“I am terribly sorry, but I do not believe this.
I cannot help it, I cannot talk against my better judgement.”
“Keep calm, the facts will convince you.
Patience, that will work out as well.
You forget that she is under influence.”
“She, under influence?
No, that is not possible.
She is this personality and she will remain so as well.”
“Have you forgotten that you yourself were under influence?”
“Well, I, but I am also very different to her!”
“Nonsense, my dear man, but we will see. Just wait and see.”
He talks about it to his psychologist.
That man will cure him by talking; it is a new study.
However, the medium does not understand what that man still has to say.
He comes back for the treatment and says:
“I have been to Dr O. and we discussed the case. You must not be angry now if I tell you the truth, because I do not want to talk nonsense.”
“Just talk, my dear man.”
“Well, Dr O. says that you do not know Indonesia.”
“That means that I do not know your wife.”
“Precisely, that is the way it is.
You do not know Indonesia.
The doctor knows Indonesia very well and says that she is like a vixen.
That is her character.
I must be rid of her, because she is destroying my life.
She is a she-devil.
It is the Oriental mentality, she is half Chinese and that is why.
The doctor says that you have no understanding of this.”
The medium listens and the patient asks in excitement:
“And, what do you say now?”
“I will tell you something, my dear man.
You and the doctor are blithering.
You and he are off the mark.
You and he are dopey, blinded to the East.
I repeat: she is an angel.
I have seen few people, women then, with such a character.
She is infinitely sweet and too good for you.
You are really a big dope if you wish to know, and your doctor is a wretch, because that man still thinks that he can cure you with his scientific talk.
I will not even take you away from there, but what does he actually do?”
“Well ... he talks, you see.
He ... tells me how I must tune myself in.”
“Oh ... and is that tuning working yet?”
“Well ... I do not know, but ...?”
Well what?
Do you not know yourself?
Shall I tell you something?
Just go ahead.
Just lie down here and shut your mouth, we do not talk now!”
He is treated and asks: “You are not angry at me, are you?
I would not want that for all the money in the world.”
“My dear man, no one can insult me and I am not angry either, but I want to tell you something.
You must tell your doctor that I know the hells.
Perhaps he will know then. He knows my books.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“The doctor will tell you that.”
The planter goes back to the doctor, who fills him with talk of modern psychology, who hangs onto Freud, and, other people and who thinks he knows something about the magical laws.
He continues to insist that the planter’s wife is a vixen.
He comes back to the medium and says:
“Now do not get angry, will you!
He says ...”
However, the medium is ahead of him and says for him:
“He says that my books about life after death are nonsense.
He can no longer accept them.
He used to be able to, but now the man is an academic.
Do you adhere to his knowledge?”
“To tell you the truth, he drives me mad with talking and I do not understand the man.
What kind of an academic is he, this is no longer psychology, is it?”
“That is modern, dear man. These people get rid of every illness by talking, but I know them.
To him everything is spiritual abnormality.
However, that can be found in the personality.
Does he not say that you yourself are to blame for your illness?”
“He says that.”
Does that not mean anything to you?”
“That is precisely what I do not understand, how can I be to blame for my illness?
Did I ask for that illness?”
“No, dear man, it is not that.
Faults lie in your character and those faults are to blame for the illness.
And he now makes those faults conscious; he destroys them and builds them up again.
Did he not tell you the story of the man on the horse and the man on his bicycle?”
“Yes indeed, he talked about that.
But what does he actually want with that horse and that bicycle?”
“Is that so incomprehensible for you?
He says: the man who cycles and longs at the same time to ride a horse, is an abnormal person.
That horse riding and that cycling are the same.
The abnormality now lies in your character, your longings take you into the wrong.”
“But good grief ... a horse is not a bicycle, is it?”
“Silence, my dear man, remain calm, or you will be under influence again just like that.”
He has to laugh about it himself, but then asks:
“A bicycle is not a horse, is it?”
“No, I do not believe it either”, the medium says.
“But in seriousness, he means to say by this, that the longings for that horse are wrong, they take you into the abstract, into the empty void; you destroy your own character, as a result of which the personality becomes a monster.
He claims that illnesses come about as a result of wrong thoughts. It is the destruction of both body and personality.
Because of this, numerous difficulties emerge.”
“And he does not know my wife?”
“No, I repeat, your wife will get better.
He thinks my books are nonsense, but you must have patience.
I do not know Indonesia, but I know hells and that is of greater value.”
The man is surprised and thinks: What is it this time.
He therefore has to know and asks:
“What do you mean by this?”
“I cannot tell you just like that, dear man.
However, I have been to the hells.
It will seem improbable to you, probably boasting, but it is just the way it is.”
“Do you mean that?”
“But I tell you that it is a mystery to you.
How can an earthly being enter the hells?
When you meet that sorcerer, the magician who brought you this trick, you must just ask him.
He will tell you much more about me and yet the man has never seen me.”
“Is that possible?”
“If it is possible for me, it will certainly be possible for him.
I could draw the man for you just like that, and yet, I have not seen him here on earth.”
“How did you see him then?”
“I saw his image in his own aura.
Just as he elevated you into himself, in the same way he is attached to his thought images.
You can see those images.
I was able to see him through my master.”
“Is it true?”
“You live on all sides in the magical laws and yet you learn nothing about it in Indonesia.
Now you have been involved with them, but you know nothing about the actual nuances.
To me Indonesia lies completely open.
However, you must know the laws for this from the Other Side and especially, the hells in life after death.
And all of this cannot be explained just like that.
If you want to read my books, here they are. It is only then that you will understand your doctor.
However, he will soon have to agree with my master.
In those hells all the magicians of the earth live together, you meet all the grades and kinds there.
They are devils.
I was able to follow them there and my master explained all those kinds of people to me.”
“You experienced it like Dante?”
“Something like that, but a bit more; Dante saw a few scenes, but not more.”
The man reflects and it makes him dizzy.
He replies: “You are an extraordinary being.”
“Not directly that, my dear man, it is all so simple, but the West still has to awaken to it.
I am a very ordinary instrument that has to receive everything, I have nothing from myself.
But I know the hells and the heavens better than life on earth. I have not yet seen anything of this beautiful world.”
The planter looks at the medium and thinks: Are you talking nonsense or not?
Are you a miracle or a big liar, what are you really?
The medium replies:
“I will tell you exactly what you think of me.
In a short time, you will know that I am not talking nonsense.
You see me as a supernatural madman, don’t you?”
“That is going too far.
But have you really been in the hells?”
“You see, you still doubt.
Not once, but I was there hundreds of times.”
“Does fire burn there, as people say?”
The medium smiles and the planter asks:
“Are you laughing at my stupid questions?”
“I am not laughing, dear man, your talking and thinking are of people who do not know the world and the universe.
Your face is frozen, your eyes are misted and your inner life still has to awaken.”
The planter has to laugh and says: “You scored, that is not one-nil but ten-nil.”
“However you take it, it is just the way it is.
Only the fire of lust and violence burns in hell.
There is no fire, but you can be consumed by your own fire there and that is much worse.
Read my books and you will know.”
“You must come to Indonesia, people will understand you better there.
You can help thousands of people there and Indonesia needs you.
The West is nothing for you, believe me.”
He leaves, feels insignificant, but reflects.
The man feels normal again and his nervous system is now calm, he can go back to work.
It is still all wrong with his wife. She throws cups and saucers and destroys the house.
He is determined to live somewhere else.
However, we carry on.
I live in this soul as I did in Betje and I will release her.
One evening he comes home and his wife is waiting for him.
He gets a shock and gauges her thoughts.
What could she want?
He thinks that she is different now. This woman is no longer a witch; she is so very different.
He asks:
“What is the matter?”
“I want to talk to you.
I want a divorce.
Just give me the papers, then I will sign them immediately and you can take action.”
He puts the papers in front of her. He has kept them with him day and night in case she would change her mind. Now it is time.
He does not believe it.
He has begged her for it hundreds of times and now she would sign?
His wife feels his thoughts and says:
“Oh, do not be afraid, I will not change my mind.
I am determined to get a divorce, put everything straight.
I know what I am doing.
I want to give you back your freedom.
But I will pay you back for everything. I will pay you back to the last cent what you spent for me.
I will work for it.”
He looks at her and does not understand it.
This woman is a stranger to him; she is an unknown person. He no longer recognizes her.
He tries to sense her and feels peace and understanding in her inner life.
He thinks: My God, how is it possible.
She is now herself, and like he became himself.
She feels him and says:
“Here, just read it yourself, then you will immediately know everything.”
She hands him a letter from her mother.
He reads: “My children, forgive me for my great mistake, I am so sorry about it.”
Remorse has come to the mother. He reads what she has done and now understands her situation and his situation.
He cannot say a word, but his wife looks at him and asks:
“Are you satisfied?
When are you going back?
I will remain here with my family. They will give me money to travel and I will pay them back, but I have to earn it first.
I still have both my hands and I feel healthy.”
“Can I help you, may I do something for you?”
“No, I will not accept a cent from you, dear man, good boy that you are. I do not want anything; I want to stand on my own two feet.
When I needed your help, you went from one psychologist to the other, but you left me behind, alone. You did not think of me for a second, although that man also contaminated me.
I loved you, deeply loved you, I married you out of love and now everything is destroyed.
I remained myself in this. You lost yourself, but I married consciously, I knew that I loved you.
Now you, what do you expect now?
I fought my battle and I now want to forget that nightmare, it was dreadful.
Thank God, I am myself again.”
“When did it happen, child?”
“The miracle happened last night.
I woke up and saw a great light before me and in that light a shining personality.
Then the apparition said to me: “Come to me and you will be better.”
I got out of bed and collapsed.
In the morning, I found myself on the ground, but I was better.
I thank God for this help.
I prayed hard enough for it and I feel that God heard my prayer.
Now we will get divorced.
Make it quick work, I want to forget everything.”
“Will we not postpone the divorce for a while?”
“No, that is not possible, you have insulted me too deeply.”
“But I was not myself, was I, child?”
“That is possible, but it cannot be.”
He goes to the medium and tells him about the great change.
“You are right again, what a big brute I am.
My God, how can it be?
I even begged her to remain my wife, but she will not do it.
How sorry I am about it. Now I see her other personality.
That doctor with his nonsense!
If only that man had not told me so categorically that she was a canaille, then I would have seen the whole matter differently.
She is a panther, he gossiped, believe me, dear man, the Chinese part dominates.
She is unfathomable for you. She will destroy you.
Away, from that life, you do not belong there.
Damn ... what a ...!”
“Silence, silence, dear man, or you will go under again.
This is your lesson!
You must now get to know her.
Do you want some advice from me?”
“Gladly, really gladly, I will now do everything to be able to keep her.”
“But you must promise me that you will do what I tell you.”
“I promise you, dear man, my hand on it, I swear it.”
“Good, then you do nothing now.”
“Is that everything?”
“Everything, you get divorced and nothing else.
You do as she wishes.”
“May I know why?”
“I will tell you what I see.
You must give her this chance.
If anything ever happens, you will both fall back into this state and then there will be reproaches.
You muddy yourselves too much in the sludge of the magician and that must not happen.
She is absolutely right, however, I believe that she still loves you.”
“Will you believe it that I would not wish to lose her for anything?”
“That is possible, she is very, very sweet.”
“You are an amazing being.
May we be friends?”
“You have already had me as a friend for a long time.”
“What else should I do?”
“Give her a great deal of beautiful flowers and still get divorced.
This reaction is radiantly spiritual; we do not need your doctor’s story of the horse and the bicycle for it.
She will see the child in you and that is the only thing that will bring her back into your life.
You have to learn to bow your head in everything.
This love is incredibly beautiful. You have to want to fight for it, as a man you can do it, but you still have to awaken in many things.
This is different psychology and you can immediately tell this to your doctor today. He can learn from it.
A woman in the West with a great deal of love in her is still narrow-minded in the divine mysticism. Although she bears love and makes people happy, the East is centuries ahead of the West, even when we as men can understand these creatures.”
“But how will I be able to deal with that?”
“Only by your love. She is only love, even if another person talked through her life.
The magician actually shook her awake for this enormous power, without wanting it, she went back into the past and she now draws from that.”
“The past, did you say?”
“That is too deep for you. Just remain in the daily things and give her all of it.
You can make something out of this, which no one will believe possible.
However, it is in your own hands and you are blessed.
My God, I would say, what did you do to deserve it?”
“But how can I thank you?”
“You must not thank me, it is my master and his helpers.”
“Do you know how they made her better?”
“From the moment that you came to me, you came into spiritual hands.
There is someone who protected you, otherwise, you would have been a lost man.”
“Do not be so polite anymore!”
“That will come of its own accord.
However, the Other Side broke the magical aura of your wife and took her back into the light.
Just as you collapsed here, she also had to experience this.
That is the tearing apart of the auras. It is as if the blood flows from the veins.
And that is the way it is, your whole system was contaminated by it.
She also experienced it.
When she got out of bed, the master stopped the black aura.
She now came out of that contamination, but lost consciousness.
You can see and determine from this that the magician was completely one with her and he had therefore sucked her completely empty.”
“Am I therefore protected?”
“You are protected or, is this not protection?”
“Will I no longer come under those horrible powers?”
“No, you have learned that now, that can only happen once. This lesson has become wisdom for you.
My master says that and I will tell you word for word what is given to me.
A magician can no longer reach you now, because you know his power. You felt that power and that will now become your own weapon.
Experience is wisdom.”
“Is my wife extremely sensitive?”
“Your wife is mediumistic, what she did happened in a state of trance, the conscious trance. That is dissolving in another state by willpower from outside.
People will say here, at least for the academics, it is conscious hypnosis, but for us it is pure possession.
In this way, people go mad.
This influence is material astral, but that astral influence is a hundred times more dangerous.”
“What is that?”
“Those are the customers from hell, magicians and dark spirits, who take possession of us and then completely live it up.
This magician is therefore still on earth and this is why his power is materially conscious.
The astral one is more rare, but once it comes into contact with us, soul and soul melt into one and madness follows.
What a material magician does can still be prevented if you do not wish that life yourself.
He could reach your wife easily, because she is mediumistic.
But I also tell you, never let her start on it. She has no resistance.”
“How do you deal with all these powers?”
“Through my master.
He gave me heaven and earth.
I was able to get to know the laws in the universe as a child.
I am not learned, actually as stupid as the backend of a pig, as they say where I come from, and therefore precisely suitable, as the Other Side says, for these laws.
I am nothing and I have nothing, but the Other Side lives, speaks and writes through me.
That is everything, but I learned to know all the laws of life and death and was able to master them.”
The man leaves and will come back to say farewell.
However, he sends a telegram from the boat that he has to go back to Indonesia unexpectedly. A letter will follow.
The letter comes and he writes: “My best friend.
I thank God for the mercy that I was able to get to know you.
I am not sorry about the misery suffered. On the contrary, I have become a different person.
I am reading your books here on the afterdeck.
I am living in a heaven.
We are divorced, but I have her back.
We will soon get married again and namely by proxy.
When she is back with me, she will be my own little wife.
I will tell her everything and on the day that we marry, we will think of you.
We will never forget you: may God bless your work.
I no longer have any trust in psychologists.
The man, whom you know about, is too learned to be able to admit his ignorance.
Yet, he must know that.
There is only one aid for this case and that is love.
The flowers brought about the great miracle and were interpreted literally.
She thinks I am a big child.
All the best from me to your masters, your B.”
I was concerned with showing that even magicians can go to pieces up against the other kind, the higher grade of life, even if there is direct contact.
If the magician had wanted to destroy both lives, he would have had to accept his powerlessness; the love within them now became their own protection.
I also recorded all of this in order to warn the Western child against the terrible East so that it can protect itself.
Go immediately to a yogi, the spiritual yogi. Only he can help you. He tunes in his counter-concentration, places his power in the magician, which is a wall of astral consciousness, so that the magician cannot destroy your life.
I made all of this clear to you; because a Western medium also thought, he could do this.
Now you have an idea of the way in which your charlatans work and want to serve.
Every being is open to the magician. There are always characteristics in you that allow the contact.
However, if the own resistance awakens, then everyone is capable of ridding themselves of the magical powers, at least if that consciousness is present; if that is not the case then you are lost.
The own grade sucks you completely empty!
The West knows very little about all these laws and still has to master them.
Yet the Western academic will soon have to accept the Other Side, because black magic cannot be conquered out with our powers.
It is only then that the West and the East will come to each other, and the Western children who live under madness can also be helped.
Now the West is powerless.
What does your psychologist know about Oriental mysticism?
Scornfully shrugging your shoulders and being powerless yourself is spiritual poverty.
Great mediums are therefore pioneers for this side.
Your charlatans destroy our great work. Because of your cheats the true medium is no longer accepted.
The Western psychologists still have to awaken, and yet, these people speak on the radio and think that they can give thousands of people their wisdom.
They destroy what belongs to spiritualism, but are themselves left speechless and have to accept their own powerlessness.
Charging money and yet doing nothing, at the same time shouting out destructive criticism, so that everyone must see them as the sages from the East, is backward and naughty.
Have all these people no sense of honour?
The man was right in saying: It costs you handfuls of money and they kick you out onto the street because they cannot do anything for you.
However, they laugh, make a human being out to be a psychopath and are the living dead themselves.
Their nonsense is old and clumsy, and is dying!
They do not serve!
They are destroyers.
These people should not have studied.
They serve the decaying self and are just as wretched as the patients who come to them.
Indonesia has no meaning for our life as part of the world, and neither does British India or Tibet. We know all those Temples, because we locked ourselves up in them.
On this side everything lives in one world together, that is the hell in which all those dark powers have been squeezed together into one heap!
Do not be afraid, they will also get to know our laws and it is only then that they will bow their heads like little children to God.
Whether they approve or not, not a footstep will be given to them.
People, oh people, know yourself!
A Western charlatan tried the same trick, a clairvoyant psychometrist who really thought he could do magic.
I followed this chap and lived for a while in his environment in order to be able to tell about him, and, to prepare me for this work.
Of the thousands of cases, which that man thought he could treat by means of our world, I will tell you something splendid.
Then you will immediately know this kind.
You will know then how good these people do and whether they possess gifts.
However, I tell you, one is even more horrible than the other.
They violate everything, and they are merciless.
In their environment, you will only experience mud and dirt, for they have become brutes.
Well, judge for yourself!
A woman entered his house, she needed urgent help.
Another woman possessed the love that belonged to her, and she now wanted him to make that woman harmless through his gifts and powers.
Oh, she was such a bad person, that other one.
If that woman were gone, she would get the love which she had a right to.
The psychometrist accepted his task and wanted to help her.
“Of course, madam, that is terrible.
I will put her in her place.
Do you have a photograph for me?”
She has already counted on this.
He gets his photograph and will make sure that the woman will soon disappear, then she will get her love.
The woman leaves and he starts his work.
She has given him an advance payment; he can manage for a time and will do his best.
She asked him how long it could take.
He only needs three months for this, but then it will be sorted.
Fine, in her eyes he is the man she needs.
He can count on her.
The photograph is in front of him, the eyes pierced. He will first make that woman blind that is spoiling the life of another, and then the rest will follow.
He spends a few hours on her every day, the mother of three children, who must disappear.
It is his opinion that it is necessary to bring her under his power.
And I see this human heap of desperation full of imagination and proudly sitting thinking in front of the portrait and concentrating so that he himself gets a headache from it.
However, he already has contact.
It is going really well, he believes.
He diagnoses various illnesses for himself and he will also influence them. The kidneys especially are not good and in addition, she has a very weak nervous system.
That helps him.
His own woman is sitting next to him, in a corner.
This woman asks: “Are you managing?”
“Whether I am managing?
I already have her.
You will see something.”
Three days later, the client pays a quick call. She really wants to know how far he has progressed.
How is it?
Do you have her?”
Let me see, I am busy.
I have her under control, she can no longer escape me.”
“How long will it take?”
“But I told you, I need three months for it.”
The woman leaves.
She will call in again.
He concentrates on the eyes and is almost cross-eyed from it.
He has blinding headaches, but that is the sacrifice you have to make.
The man does not know that, if he was in the East and the magician was to check him, he would be kicked out the door with the photograph and all, because this concentration backfires on his own life.
Nothing comes from him, these thoughts cause material effort; this is not concentration. His eyes tire because of it and everything backfires on his own system.
This is thinking inwardly, but thinking inwardly has nothing to do with concentration on a single point; this is experiencing the own life of a certain thing, in this case the eyes of the mother.
He cannot do it and would destroy his own eyes as a result of it, if the man could build up a mental image of himself.
I say: build up a mental image, but even that he cannot do, the man does not possess concentration. A great deal of study is needed for this.
Yet, he sits there and stabs the eyes of the mother to pieces.
Besides, he is paid for that work.
“Will you hurry up?” the woman next to him asks, with whom the man is married for the sake of appearance.
“Whether I will hurry up?
You will hear that soon.
She does not know what to do anymore and will soon collapse.
I will get her!”
He does not know that the mother has three children, but he will get her.
And he will get to know that ‘will get’ for himself.
“In Indonesia people place dolls at the door”, he says to his confidant, “I do it differently.
This has an immediate influence.
The concentration of the man is murderous if it is firmly tuned into what he absorbs within himself.
Within a week the eyes will be ruined, then her nervous system, on which I am already working, and she will then collapse.
I will get that bitch, in order to make another person unhappy.
Because that is what she is. I understand this woman completely.”
Every day two hours concentrating, for a full week, is tiring for the eyes.
That staring is not so simple after all.
He must go for a walk and meets the client in the street.
“And how is it going?”
“It is going really well, but I must get out for a while.”
“Tell me, how are things?”
“The woman is spinning, and she falls to the ground every minute.
You will definitely get your man back.”
He looks at the woman. She blushes a bit, but he does not know why.
“You will get him back, I promise you that. I will guarantee it.”
“Wonderful, the sooner the better.”
“Yes, that person has to go. I will destroy her, but keep quiet, do not say a word about it.”
She promises.
A pity that he does not possess the powers, otherwise the mother would be noted down for dead in his notebook: whether God has already noted her down is a very different matter and a great problem for him.
He enjoys it himself. Only his eyes hurt.
Four days later the woman is standing before him again, she wants to know how far he is.
It is going really well.
For that matter, she can go on information and come and tell him!
She promises that.
A week passes, then she storms into his room and says: “You are not making any progress, are you?”
“I am not making progress?
What makes you think that?”
“She is in perfect health.”
“That is impossible!
And you must not think that this happens of its own accord.
She is spinning about, collapsing; I can feel it.
I can see her clearly before me.
I am sure about my work; she must feel very sick.
Just ask your husband.”
“Ask my husband?
Oh, yes, of course, that is possible”, she recovers, but already understands that the man does not understand anything about it.
“My husband?
How awful!” she lets it drop.
He replies: “You must have more patience, madam. I tell you, that woman will perish.
Just ask and you will see.”
His seeing is not very sharp, she thinks, but she will ask her love.
“What do you want from my wife?” her love asks when she happens to ask how she feels.
“I can surely ask you something!
I have a feeling that she does not feel so well.
Just ask her and you will see.”
The man has a think and will watch out.
At home he sits in his little corner and looks at her, is more deeply attuned to her life than otherwise, as a result of which the woman asks:
“Why are you looking at me that way, dear.
Is there something the matter?”
“I can look, can’t I?”
“Is there something the matter with you?” the woman asks, who does not know that he is having an affair.
“I, what would I have?
Do you not feel well?”
“Whether I feel well?
What an interest.
Do I look ill then?”
“No, I am just asking.”
“You have not shown such an interest otherwise recently.”
They talk about something else, but the mother is thinking.
Is there something the matter with her husband?
What does he really want?
Why take such an interest?
He is different, there is something the matter with him, he is doing something, or he wants something.
She is prepared.
“There is nothing the matter with her”, he tells his love.
“Nothing, she is in perfect health.”
The woman runs to the seer.
The man is just busy; he has the portrait in his hands when she enters.
“So”, she says abruptly, “are you busy?
But the woman is in perfect health, if you wish to know.”
The seer is furious.
“What did you say?
That is impossible!
You must ask.”
“But I did, I got it from a good source.
She feels great.”
“May I tell you something, they are kidding you.
You must know, he must tell you.
I know that she is ill and seriously ill as well.”
That certainty sends her away, the man is too certain.
She will ask again.
Her love receives the syrup round her mouth, the man will ask, in any case he will look more sharply.
He is at home, sitting, reading quietly, but his thoughts leave him and namely in one direction.
The children have gone to bed, and they are now sitting opposite each other. He is reading and she is repairing something for her little darlings.
Suddenly she starts to feel something. Thoughts go through her, other thoughts and fear; fear enters her life.
It is as if she knows why those thoughts entered her and she senses what the fear means to her life.
She knows!
The man looks now and again, follows her and now she can already feel his thoughts from her kitchen.
There is something the matter with him; she must look after her children and him.
The man is different, he has ... she does not think any further, does not dare to, but I lay my knowledge in her.
I reinforce her feeling of fear for a moment, and no more is necessary.
Now that I am a witness to this little drama, I can help her, but there is also someone else by whom her life will be protected. It is an illuminated personality that lives in my world.
This soul cannot see me, may not see me, because, as a result of this I would break these intense thoughts and concentration.
I do not want to disturb her.
The man does not dare to say a word about her being ill, but he knows, she is in perfect health.
Her thoughts and feelings are like the clairvoyants and, as every being possesses.
This power awakened her.
In her life, she is now tuned into one point and that is her husband.
She felt fear and the feeling of searching, that restless feeling from soul to soul, which is the invisible influence tuned into an illness.
This influence reaches full consciousness and first experiences the own grades for itself, in order to enter the final and now it becomes fear.
We get to know, see and feel the grades of fear.
Now it is fear. At the first moment it was only interest, but behind this interest lives the fear, the interest is fear!
That influence absorbs her. In her conscious thoughts and feelings, the interest comes to the highest point and passes into the actual.
Your clairvoyants see in this way and take over both what you think and feel.
This mother can also do it, even if she received fifty percent consciousness from me, so that she could experience the material clairvoyance.
All of this happened in just a few seconds.
She knows what she will do.
One evening he has to visit friends for business. He has to go away a great deal on business and she finds that very normal.
However, this evening she follows him.
He goes straight to his love and enters her house.
“And?” she immediately asks, “do you know?”
“My wife is in perfect health.
There is nothing the matter with her.”
The woman also knows what she must do, but she can only do that tomorrow.
He remains a few hours, but then it is time and he has to go.
The door opens, the woman goes with him as far as the door, but he is received by his own wife.
She pushes the door back and says to the woman:
“If you would be so kind as to leave my husband alone, I would be very grateful!”
Then to him: “Come, husband, the children are waiting.”
He cannot compete with her.
She places her arm in his and directs him home: the children are waiting.
“How can it be, how could you do it?
Husband, what is the matter with you?
Do I not do everything for you?
How did you come to this?
How can you forget us?”
“Just be quiet, I will not do it again.”
“Do you mean it?”
“I promise you, I feel very sorry for it.”
“Then I love you even more.”
“How can you be so strong?”
“I am of a different kind.
Promise me that you will not forget your children, then everything will be all right again.”
After a few days, the man wants to know how his wife is so strong and she tells him that it is because of her mother that she acted like this.
“Mother would have done the same”, she knows, “and now not another word about it.
We have a task and we have to finish it.
Then you can take care of yourself.”
The soul that can talk like this, serve like this and be capable of this love is great and deep.
Truly her mother placed this knowledge in her child, this power is blessed.
And I did not want to disturb her in this.
However, God saw that she acted in His name and it is only then that souls reach unity.
The other woman runs like a person possessed to the seer and wants her money back.
However, she does not get a cent, he has done his best.
“I will make your name known, cheat!”
“Just do that, lady.
Just do that, but you will not get a cent from me!”
This is the lowest kind of your clairvoyants and psychometrists, but the rest is not much better.
Even if they do not go in for such badness, they still do a great deal of evil, which will soon become clear to you.
They live in your area, every town knows them, and they are part of your society.
These people decide about your life and are sometimes representatives of your flower séances, they see and hear for you and pass on spiritual messages.
These people already belong to the higher grades, but, because of their practices, they play the game with life and death.
Not one spirit of the light can help, they serve evil!
One is a bit higher in mentality than the other, but none of them possess’ gifts, they only ‘sense’.
Volumes could be written about these people.
This kind of clairvoyants can be found in your midst, they walk from their hells into your heaven and destroy all your sacred thoughts, break down what was built up with effort and care and are merciless.
Did you really think that these demons are helped by our world?
These chickens on the occult path, is what we call them!
Despite this, they try to build up one life and destroy the other.
God does not punish them. These people punish themselves, and they descend into their own hell.
God is omnipotent. They also belong to His children, but they damn themselves at the same time and fall deep, because they violate the most sacred thing that God has given to us.
Because of this they are merciless, do not shrink back from anything, wear masks and rape our life.
These people treat objects that belong to your loved ones, receive spiritual messages and are in contact with the astral world!
Do you believe it?
Now it is the trusting people who are cheated. They pray and give them a sacred evening.
Amongst all these people there a few good ones, people who still want to serve as a result of their material thoughts and mean it sincerely.
Yet, other people cheat consciously and represent charlatanism. They are the real spiritual thieves in this area.
The Other Side is concerned with this kind!
For you it is extremely difficult to distinguish the benevolent power, the serving soul from the spiritual chaff, but you can immediately determine it from the words, the lies and deceptions that they come out with.
Their lives can be seen through, the false can be distinguished from the true, their poisonous aura can be seen, and your dog and cat, and the little children do not like them either.
Horror comes towards you, their eyes radiate the light from lust and violence, from their animal-like thoughts and feelings, and they have nothing more from the medium child, which sincerely lets you see the inner life.
“Indeed, I tell you, they will betray themselves”, Christ once said; and you can gauge their lives because of it.
All these people live in the first two grades of the inner life and can never be used as mediums.
Those who possess the mediumistic sensitivity only live in the third grade.
Since these little ones sometimes experience a stroke of luck as a result of their material thoughts and feelings, sense something beforehand, as everyone can, they feel like a medium.
Tuning in from soul to soul is the simplest connection for you as a human being which you can experience every second of the day.
Read a book sometime at the same time as one of you, you are able to tell exactly where the other person is and you hear each word being said inside you.
Listen sometime to beautiful music and now follow the thoughts and feelings of other people. You will reach unity.
It is the tuning in to one point at the same time, as a result of which grades of life come to each other.
Now the characteristics speak and if love speaks, one life descends into the other and senses what is felt there.
The clairvoyance of all these people who think that they are world famous consists of this.
I lived for some time in these lives, enclosed myself in their aura and followed their comings and goings.
What do you think of this seer?
A mother, whose husband is seriously ill, thinks that she will find her help with a seer.
She has lost two of her children just a short time ago and thinks that her husband will also die.
The doctors do not tell her anything and she is at her wits’ end.
The seer looks at her. He thinks very seriously and rubs his hands over the object she has brought.
She also asks: “Is this pencil enough, sir?”
He pulls a haughty face and says: “More than enough!”
She can therefore be satisfied.
Now it is a case of waiting.
He strokes the pencil and feels.
Now he has to determine from the aura for which purpose she actually came and why she needs advice.
The good medium in our hands is now connected with the aura of the pencil and the holder; the astral master does this himself, because it is too risky under the own power.
After all, how many people would not have handled that pencil?
The human aura is attached to this material thing, because everything, which has received shape and density emits its own aura, otherwise the material thing would not possess any life and would dissolve.
From this human aura, the medium reaches unity.The aura also connects him with the human being whom the object belongs to, but for this purpose, the medium must possess the highest sensitivity.
The third and fourth grade mediums are sensitive to it, the first and second grades of feeling search and feel by means of the material intuition of the stroke of luck, but pass on what enters them.
There is no certainty.
The medium in our hands does have that certainty because the astral master now checks the feeling and thinking and because the clairvoyance and clairaudience are present here, so that the medium can receive a spiritual message.
The charlatans do not have this help and do it under their own power, because of this, they destroy what was built up by our world and spare no one!
The medium has now to sense and determine why this mother has come.
The Other Side does that infallibly because we descend into the mother, then we visit the patient, we can do that in just a few seconds and return to the medium.
We infallibly come to the actual question and can answer it in a spiritual scientific way.
In the first place, we build up. If we have been able to establish that the mother is faced with serious problems, we make sure that she does not find out under any circumstances. She must save her strength for the moment when she must give all her strength to him, or her, for whom she has come.
The Other Side treats all these problems according to the teachings of Christ, and is thereby spiritually-scientifically tuned in. We determine the most impossible things for you, because you are in good hands.
Not one spirit already takes you beforehand into misery.
This would be in conflict with the astral laws.
We would destroy our own life as a result of this.
We are bringers of good luck and not destroyers of the little bit of happiness that you can experience on earth.
Now look at what this seer made of it.
He feels and continues to feel.
Finally, he flings the actual knowledge in her face, sharp, ruthless and merciless.
The poor mother collapses, almost moaning, her heart thumps, her thoughts are confused, and he destroys her life when he says:
“You are seriously ill.”
The mother looks at him, does not know what the medium means and says: “What?
What did you say?”
“Yes, I must warn you, it is better too soon than too late.
You have cancer.”
The woman almost collapses from suffering, and it has suddenly entered her life.
Completely confused she asks him:
“What do you actually mean?
I have come for my husband.”
The seer feels that he is wrong.
However, he recovers as fast as lightning and replies:
“Your husband, your husband, that is nothing, a few days of rest and he will be better.
A slight cold, do you see?”
“But he has been in bed for months already, sir.”
The man does not look. He does not know how he will save himself from this, but still gives her advice on what she should do and says:
“Those rotten doctors, what brutes they are.
You see, that’s it.
Oh, how is it possible.
Really, how they cheated you.
It is scandalous.
It is scandalous, madam.
You are right, definitely, you are right.
Who is treating your husband?
Who is it?”
The mother looks at him, mentions a name and he continues in order to make the most of a bad job. He destroys as many doctors as he can, in order to lead the mother astray.
“You see, madam, it is very difficult, your aura is attached to this.
Did you hold the pencil?”
“Yes, sir.”
“You see; that’s it.”
He wants to dish up a big story again, but the mother asks: “What do I owe you?”
“Two guilders fifty cents.”
The mother counts out the money and is sorry about her money, but she still knows nothing.
“If you need me, just come, madam, and let me know how your husband is.
Perhaps I can do something for him.
If the doctors do not know.
He must have a treatment, an intense treatment, you see.”
The woman shuffles away and walks home.
“My God”, she thinks, “I have cancer?
I have cancer?
That on top of everything else, after so much misery?”
She has already forgotten the deception, but she cannot let go of this one thing, she has cancer.
“I cannot be cured”, she thinks.
She has had a pain in her stomach the past few days; that is what it is.
She has even thought of it herself.
But that is impossible, it is becoming too much.
She thinks day and night about her cancer.
She struggles on and in a short time she is a wreck.
The doctor asks who told her this nonsense, but she does not say anything, she does not want anything to do with the police.
The doctor says that he will wring that chap’s neck. He must know.
However, she does not say anything, she has troubles enough already.
Months pass. The man gets better, the mother of two children becomes seriously ill.
I remain near her and see what happens.
Within a year she dies, she is exhausted.
The doctor examines her, wants to know what the cause is.
The diagnosis is: complete exhaustion as a result of suggestion.
God gave me the mercy to be able to take care of her when she released herself as soul and astral personality from the organism.
I brought her to the first sphere, where she would awaken.
When she opened her eyes, she asked the sister who was taking care of her:
“How is my husband, sister?”
“Your husband is well, mother.”
“And the children?”
“Very well, mother.”
She looks at the sister, who is like one on earth, but she feels something.
She thinks and continues to think and asks:
“Where am I, sister?
Where have they brought me?”
Then I approached her and gave her an answer.
“Listen, mother, I have a great deal to tell you.”
“Are you the doctor?”
“I am your doctor, mother, and we will have a talk.”
“Has my husband died?”
“No, he is well and the children also, it now concerns you yourself.
Do you still remember how you became so ill?”
“Yes, doctor, as a result of that man, I have cancer, after all.”
“You do not have cancer, mother, but you became ill as a result of your thoughts about cancer – it comes gradually, she must know – and you were brought here.”
She does not let me finish talking and asks: “But I feel great, doctor. Can I now soon go to my husband and children?”
“We will go as soon as possible to your husband and the children, but you must first listen seriously.”
“Just say it, doctor.”
“You have experienced the worst in this illness, mother.”
She gets a fright, starts to think and waits for the answer.
I continue:
“And that worst part brought you to this side.
Here ...”
“What did you say?
This side?
Is that not ... spiritualism?”
I do not need to say anything more. She knows that she has left the earth and collapses spiritually.
A week later according to your own time she awakens again.
I am with her; she looks into my eyes and gives me all her love, her strength, her knowledge and her pure prayer. She smiles at me.
She thanks God for this, her and my Father!
I understand that she cannot say a word and I continue.
“Soon you will be so strong and we will go back to the earth together, to the children and your husband, because you will want to see them.
Will you not?”
“Oh, doctor”, she says, feeling for my hand.
She places a kiss on my fingers and says: “You are so good for me.
Oh, how good it is, you ...”
She falls asleep again.
That sleep lasts three days.
She awakens again. I stand next to her as if I have never been away, but in that time I experienced numerous other charlatans, and saw them bringing misery to those in need of help.
I fly back to the spheres, she will awaken.
At the moment when I am with her, she is lying in a lovely environment, birds fly back and forth and sing sphere songs for her, she hears spiritual singing and looks at the people, to whom she cannot say a word.
She waits for me.
She looks and smiles.
My son, she had wanted to say. However, I take over these thoughts and say:
“Are we not all children of Him, whose son I am?”
Tears roll down her checks.She is not ashamed and has recovered her strength.
Unexpectedly she says:
“Now tell me everything, Doctor.”
“We will soon return to earth, but just look!
Who are they?”
The mother races to her deceased children, presses them against her heart and collapses again.
When the spiritual consciousness returns, it will be her children who call her back to the new life, and my help is no longer needed, at least not now.
She is one with her sweethearts for a short time and when that time is over, the longing to see her children and her husband on earth comes, I will release her and myself from the spheres and we return to the earth.
I have never felt and received more love than she gave me as a soul arrived from the earth; because most people cannot even think and know nothing about this life, and do not have the feeling that they have arrived between life and death.
She is like a great miracle.
She sees the stars and planets, I show her where the earth floats, on which her husband and her children live, and she thinks and deals with everything.
We go hand in hand, float onwards and I help her to think. She can experience everything because I have elevated her life into mine.
She can ask beautiful questions and she is already capable of thanking God for what she has received and can experience now.
I follow her in thoughts and can follow her feeling and thinking.
She is like a little child, youthful in her spiritual apparition; she has reached the forty-seventh year of the earth.
Now she is like a twenty-eight year-old and she can already feel the infinity of God.
Then we approach the earth and see, what does she feel?”
“Is it night on earth, Doctor?”
“Yes, my child.”
“How wonderful, how true everything is.”
She has read that the Other Side gave this wisdom to her.
She is right; everything, which the spirits of the light try to bring to mankind, is true.
She knows that other people come here unprepared and continue to weep until their tears run dry because they have had to leave the earth.
Not she, she is happy and she can accept everything.
Her knowledge is now for her the consciousness in which she lives, also her happiness, her own sphere possession.
I take her to her husband and children.
They are all sleeping, but will soon awaken. The sun will soon rise for the earth.
She has experienced that it is still light in the universe; she has learned to know the shadow of Mother Earth and the darkness. Now she sees that the sun sends its first rays over the earth, as a result of which it becomes light.
She feels material again and looks at her children.
She already knows, this spiritual possession is present in her life, and that she will go through the children, she too is rare.
She follows their breathing, thinks about her children and experiences a great miracle.
She thinks and continues to think, the children awaken and call: “Mother!
She controls herself, and my hand is in hers.
She looks at me and cannot say a word, but her thoughts flow through me. I am one with her from feeling to feeling.
She looks at the children for some time, and then she releases herself and sees that her husband is busy taking care of the children.
The oldest meanwhile jumps out of bed and helps father.
In one glance, she has absorbed the situation.
She knows what she must do.
Now I take her somewhere else.
We are standing in the sitting room of the mediumistic wonder that brought her so much misery.
She looks for a long time at the monster. She is in thought for a long time, then asks:
“Is that the man, Doctor, who ...”
Let me perish, she had wanted to say, but her own spiritual life saved her.She can no longer say the word perish, but it is he!”
“He is the man who sullies our world”, I say to her, “the man who thinks that he possesses spiritual gifts, one who is merciless.”
“And does no one do anything to forbid these terrible people from carrying out their dreadful work?”
“The world will get to know them, my child.”
I tell her for what purpose I am here.
“Master, my master, how can I thank you.
I have been so grateful to God for everything. You will make up for my misery. Tell it on earth, call it out, Master, that these people must stop.”
“This is the man who murdered you, my child, but he will also soon exchange the earthly life with the eternal and will have to accept his own life.
Come on, we will go back to where your task lies.”
I explained many problems to her, so that she can learn to know the laws of her own life.
When I was finished with that, I handed her over to her own master, who prepared her for her task on earth, because she wanted to protect her husband and children.
Then I continued onward.
On earth, it is called autosuggestion, for our world her death was destruction, caused by the brutalization of the human individual, by your clairvoyants.
Moreover, God cannot approve of that.
This human hyena instinct broke her completely and just carried on.
“Do you need me?
Just come, madam, let me know how your husband is, I will help you.”
Not only from the frying pan into the fire, but he did it more thoroughly, he smothered her life force!!!
These poisonous reptiles are, as you are, human beings.
They possess spiritual gifts, they say.
They look for you, but suck you completely empty and their carry-on is the most dreadful type of evil you can think of on earth.
The charlatans do their work; for our world, they are inhumanly bad.
There are no words for it.
However, mankind must know.
The charlatans will recognize themselves in this book, because they try to enrich themselves by spiritual books, given to mankind by our world.
Like hungry jackals, they seize every book that is given to the earth by the Other Side. Because of this they can check their own knowledge and sell it for money!
Yet, now they have finished speaking!
People no longer need their clairvoyance, everyone must be sick of it.
They will be banished from society. These women and men will work and they will leave their fellow human beings alone!
The Other Side will make sure of it!
Another mother seeks help for herself. She does not feel well and goes to the clairvoyant, another famous one.
She is prepared, they will learn nothing from her, and they must tell her.
“Just say it”, she therefore says, when the man asks why she has actually come.
“You are clairvoyant, after all, I cannot see.”
His feelings have been hurt badly, and she will have to pay for that.
It is very stupid, but she does not know the mentality of these people. They can also get angry.
The seer will tell her.
However, she must have patience, he will see it in a few seconds.
Then the fatal words came:
“Your husband is cheating on you.”
“What did you say?”
Strange, that people always ask the same thing when they get to hear terrible truths.
However, she is shocked.
“Did you not hear what I said?
Your husband is cheating on you.”
“My ... husband?
My ... husband ... I have come for my ...”
For myself, she had wanted to say, but she asks:
“What do I owe you?”
“One guilder fifty cents.”
Quickly earned, the seer thinks, but the woman has gone.
Where is she going?
Straight to her husband, who is a police officer.
She calls him everything under the sun and the man thinks that she has gone crazy.
“What did you say, child, where does this man live?
Where did you say?”
He dashes off on his bicycle, calmly rings the bell and asks: “Are you Mr O.?”
“Yes, sir. What is it?”
Within three minutes, the man has been beaten senseless.
The police officer also calls for an ambulance for him and calmly leaves.
The woman has gone home. He tells his superiors what he has done and gets his punishment.
However, that is not the worst.
He can talk and quite well, but nevertheless his wife does not believe him.
He is and will remain a cheat, and the words of the charlatan did not lack their effect.
Their life is like a hell. People want to make it clear to her; nothing helps.
The woman is destroyed inwardly.
Within four months, they are divorced.
These facts and a thousand others show you how these people see.
Money plays a large part for them. They have to live and sell their wisdom.
Other people hold séances, charge their entrance fee and the spirits take care of the rest, as long as there is contact first.
All these people believe that they do good, and they belong to the higher kind and pass on their messages.
In this way, the trusting people are robbed.
The Other Side says it and it is a law, for this purpose, they go through fire.
However, they do not know that their male and female seers do not possess any gifts and we can therefore not be found for such a world.
They bring suffering, sorrow and belong to the dregs of society.
Thieves are put behind lock and key. These people steal day in day out and can continue. They have gifts.
Can something not be done about this?
Can the parapsychologists not take this on board?
Let them have these people scientifically examined. They are capable of it.
Do not wait any longer. They do so many bad things and destroy your lives.
Is this still not enough?
When the séances are held and madam is ready, the wooden cross can start to turn and they do psychometry.
The Other Side says it: they must help and love each other. The medium has also to live.
Have you nothing to spare for it?
What do you want with all that money?
Must they starve?
Did you think that they did not want to own a nice coat?
There are more women who are clairvoyant than men.
Do you know why that is?
I will tell you: not one person knows it in the West, and in the East, you will have to search for them.
I am afraid that you will not come across this wisdom.
Yet, the truth lies so close to you.
On this side, you will get to know all these laws and you will be faced with the wonders of God, which you have to experience as a human being.
More women than men practice clairvoyance, assume charlatanism or do it in order to serve.
However, now that we know that the organism possesses this clairvoyance and not the soul or the personality and the Other Side does not help these people, we naturally come to the organic instinct.
We start to see these women differently.
The organism passes on the natural grade of feeling, this material intuition, to the soul life.
These mothers as clairvoyants are closer to nature than the seers. The maternal body gives it to the soul.
The mother is connected with nature and every academic knows that. It is well known and very simple.
However, it is as a result of this that these women feel clairvoyant.
As a man, we miss creation. The mother experiences the creation; she creates herself!
Since the mother carries creation in her, it is her organism through which she experiences the heightened sensitivity; this personality feels attracted to clairvoyance.
The mother, who knows nothing about clairvoyance, becomes so as a result of carrying her child. Numerous mothers are clairvoyants during those nine months. This has also been scientifically proven.
You see, the child gives her intuition and this experiencing is feeling for the mother and she is completely one with that feeling.
However, the mother organism possesses that emotional power, even if she has never borne children as a mother. The natural lives in her.
Anyone who is open as a woman to the spiritual gifts and possesses some brutality, does it, makes gifts from her natural feeling, and is a seer.
She feels one with nature, does not stare into an empty space, but is one and connected, which is the material intuition for her, and through which the seer can see.
As a result of this, we learn that the body is far ahead of the soul.
After all, the soul receives this feeling from nature, but still has to actually master it and this is spiritual sensitivity.
What these mothers now possess and what her attunement may be, is one of the grades that I kept mentioning.
Mothers, who are religious and possess character, do not think of pretending to be seers.
They feel that they do not possess these gifts.
The other kind does it, because these women belong to the animal-like and coarse-material grades.
They also serve lies and deception and are merciless like their male colleagues!
Soon we will meet the exact opposite. It is the man who reaches the highest and the woman who has to accept her powerlessness, because this obtained sensitivity now keeps her connected to the earth.
Because a female Rembrandt does not exist in your world, and that is not possible either.
And that, not being possible, is a law that the mother has to experience, her organism keeps her trapped in her own situation.
Thousands of women do art, but they cannot equal the man, which points to the fact that these are natural laws.
The body also has its own grades, which means that not every body can consciously pass on this sensitivity to the soul.
One body is more sensitive than the other is.
Do you know why?
The academic could tell you, but his study does not go so deep. He still has to awaken to this.
The body in perfect health possesses this sensitivity received from nature. The other organisms have sometimes experienced a material contamination.
Illnesses can sometimes mean precisely the awakening for this sensitivity, because patients are intensely sensitive. Because of the illness the material weakness returns to the soul life.
The soul now dominates the body and the soul must accept.
The natural intuition at full power is now divided because the organism has been sullied during the many centuries that have passed.
Not a single body is at full power, it has weakened naturally, because grades also lie in here and are present.
Now man and wife come together, neither of the two is at full physical strength. The child that is born lacks material intuition.
Because of this, weaknesses occur, as a result of which the organic sensitivity is lost.
It is because of this that not every mother possesses this conscious physical clairvoyance.
The mother experiences that effect, is tuned into life and death and wants to act as seer, from an inner urge or in order to be able to live. This comedy can be played by the mother.
For this a small dose of brutality is needed; the born intuition does the rest.
It is this born intuition as a result of which women feel called to this work, more than men, because the mother is the closest to nature and through nature is one with the inner life.
The animal world also possesses these material grades and this is intuition for the animal.
A shepherd dog, for example, is capable of matching the wolf instinct, but your lap dog is riveted to the trivial organism.
Your cat has a bit of the animal of prey, because the cat belongs to this species.
The dove has intuition and it is born with it.The little animal tunes into its own home and the power of orientation, which is the animal intuition, and takes the creature home.
The dove does not need a map for this. This is sensitivity, tuning into the own possession, for the animal dovecote or house.
The knowledge is attached to the environment, and the highest species– listen to this – can do it. If this species is rare, damaged, made by the lower mating, then the animal instinct is completely weakened and exhausted, fragmented.
Not every dog can serve as a police dog. The highest species is capable of it, the rest are physically weakened and have discarded their natural intuition.
This also applies to people. The human being as a Western being has lost the natural instinct.
The researcher still wonders why those jungle inhabitants possess so much intuition, which the city dweller has completely lost.
Is this so unnatural?
You are divided; I already told you several times that your social life caused the natural to be discarded.
You can accept this.
The jungle instinct is still uncontaminated!
These people can infallibly find the other life, which is in danger, not only from the evidence, the tracks that have been left, but also from their own natural, their material clairvoyance.
This is still a great mystery to the researcher.
We have solved these material and spiritual mysteries for ourselves, because they belong to our life and becoming conscious.
The animal possesses this born sensitivity and also you as a human being, because Mother Nature gave you this mercy.
You as a human being only possess one grade for the material life, yet the animal possesses many organisms before it has experienced the highest kind.
The tiger discards both the organism and instinct, but the inner life of the animal returns to earth and will one day – do not be shocked – sweeten your life as a songbird or it will live in nature and will be your very ordinary sparrow.
The life of the animal must go higher, continually further, in order to experience the highest for God.
That is the winged animal species, which returns with people like us to God, which is the aim of our Father!
On this side, you will get to know all these laws. They are part of our cosmic awakening.
However, do you feel how wonderfully deep all of this is?
Yet, it is also so simple, if you know nature and your own life.
Does it not mean anything to you?
To us it means that God is just, what you do not possess today awaits you in the other life.
What belongs to another person is also yours, but do not think that it can already be given to you. Everyone experiences his own life, the laws of cause and effect, and the karmic laws.
In ancient Egypt people already knew why priestesses were sometimes more sensitive than the priests, but they also understood that a woman could never wear the Great Wings, she would succumb under them and she could not be separated from her own natural sensitivity anyway.
The earth keeps her captive. Now the soul must be free from every influence, because physical disturbances dominate the soul life and this is destructive.
In the West, people do not know all these laws. The West still has to awaken to them.
Everything is very simple.
I have been able to show you that in different ways.
You now also feel that your telepath cannot reach the natural height, because he is also divided and now only obtains seventy-five percent.
He does not exceed this.
The hundred percent is reached by the Oriental as a result of his study, but even then he stands on his own two feet, because he also wants to experience himself. However, the spiritual grade does not lie in his hands and that grade can only give him the supernatural wonder and be the sixth sense for him.
One person does it with coffee dregs, and another does it with cards, yet other people see into dry sand or into clear water.
Those who look into water follow a natural way; the rest makes do and experiences the shadow of the clear water, which connects nature with nature.
Looking into crystals is the perception of the original law, which Mother Nature also placed in the organism.
Looking into clear water is Oriental and the only thing that awakens the own sensitivity obtained.
The water speaks and because it is living, one life comes to the other and it is then possible in this way to be clairvoyant.
The sand and the cards, the coffee dregs and the objects are only means to reach concentration. The actually seeing has nothing to do with all these necessities.
Only the water is a mirror for the soul.
The water completely disengages the own thinking, then you reach passivity and what you then see can be the image of the future.
There is also danger in this, because no one in the West can give himself completely.
Your inner life keeps on calling you to a halt and you have to bow your head.
The Oriental sees very sharply in the water, but he knows that this is only concentration and preventing his own thoughts.
Now that faith and feeling speak, the psychometrists come forward.
These souls enter the spiritual area and are sometimes even more dangerous than the lowest kind.
They treat spiritual matters, but cheat consciously and unconsciously.
Many people think that they possess gifts, serve as trance mediums and see, hear and feel, but what is it?
For example, what do you think of this woman?
A psychometrist holds a spiritual evening.
She first treats objects, then the flowers are blessed, therefore a flower evening, trance, seeing and hearing etc.
And all that in one evening?
That is possible, for them everything is possible.
From photographs, she establishes wonderful things, and she gives advice for illnesses and other matters. She is an all-rounder.
At the moment, she is in trance. Someone who was a nurse on earth lives in her and speaks from the astral world to the crowd.
That is all innocent and very nice, but there is more.
The people present weigh up the situation. They are longing to be able to hear the spiritual word, but it does not come.
The nurse talks a bit, denoting that she is so well-off and would not wish to return to the earth again.
However, if they do their best, everything will be all right.
Christ lives on her lips. Everyone brags about Christ, because a trusting person has respect for Christ.
You therefore keep on seeing Christ around them and that helps; power emits from that.
The sister speaks, and look, there is another woman in the hall. She also falls into the psychic trance. She has also been bothered by the Great Wings, but it does not elevate her. She has to walk.
First she picks a flower from the flowerbed, which extends there, she stands up and walks to the woman in trance.
The public thinks: What could she want?
She is behaving in a real manly way.
Yes, now you will have it.
She walks jauntily. You would swear it was a man.
Now she is at the stage.
The earthly leader looks at her and thinks: “What is that person doing here?”
However, she does not let herself be disturbed, one-two up you go and there is she is. She is now standing in front of the medium in trance.
And something of another life is also felt in that.
The woman from the hall says:
“Dear nurse, may I give you these flowers for everything you did for me during the earthly life?”
The people in the hall stretch their necks. They do not want to miss a word.
However, the woman in trance does not like that.
Whether she has now suddenly forgotten that the psychic trance has disengaged her consciousness, she reacts humanly and says:
“Go away, woman, what are you doing here?
Do you also wish to mow away the grass from under my feet?
See that you leave.”
The trance-woman from the hall also wants to say: “Do you not know me then, I am minister Van K.”, but people do not hear that, she is suddenly back amidst the others and can sit down.
It is her own business how she comes to herself. She is now sitting down.
She soon opens her eyes and looks round just as cheerfully, because does she have anything to do with it?
She was in trance.
However, the masses do not accept that. The masses want to know more about it. The master of all of them will say a word.
“Ladies and gentlemen.
I must speak to you.
This is no way of doing things, this is disruptive and that must be prevented.
The Other Side has had to deal with it sternly.
You have probably heard what the medium in trance just said.
The leader says that it is a dark spirit, which appeared as a result of this disturbance.
We long for you to be here, but you must be able to control yourself, or we will have to take other measures.”
The man thinks that it is enough and indeed, they have to accept this.
However, people sigh, people feel deception, people feel earthly arguments.
Was the woman in trance?
They have to decide for themselves, the circus continues.The public must experience something, and they have the right to a performance.
There are people in the hall who understand it and say aloud: “Almost good, that woman thinks that she alone is a medium.”
We tell you, a deceased minister can show his kindness on this side.
Does he not have the opportunity here?
Must he first return to the earth for this purpose?
Do you feel what a puppet show it is?
How poor the Other Side is, how poor. People, stop it!
These people want to earn their heaven, want to develop themselves spiritually.
However, the evening passed and another one came.
The entrance fee is usually twenty-five cents or, if it is a very good medium, fifty cents. The highest price must be paid this evening: seventy-five cents!
What is it then?
You will soon know and may judge!
Another female magician is busy, but has first filled herself with the living aura of Christ.
Christ is behind her and there are candles burning.
There is also incense burning, they live in a wonderful mood.
It is expensive, but you see, it is first class.
This woman draws the crowds, for the hall is full. The people find that kneeling before a cross and absorbing the aura, mystical.
That means something; the other people start off in such a dry manner. You feel better because of this, it gives you something, but she also demands something.
She says: “I have something to bring and they will pay for it.”
I do not know whether she his right, but she does it.
She is busy with an object, searches and feels, takes the things in her hands, puts them away again, has reached deep thought, but continues to search.
She takes a small picture in her hands, looks at it, feels, rubs her fingers over the photograph and says: “
From whom is this photograph?”
A man of forty years old puts his finger up and says hesitantly: “From me.”
The woman looks at her visitor, then at the picture and continues to rub. She must feel the aura, and it is only then that she will come into contact.
This photograph emitted the most, they know in the hall. The woman has started.
By coincidence, the man thinks, I never come here and it is immediately my turn.
He is lucky.
The psychometrist has got a headache; she rubs her right hand over her forehead. Those pains must go, but the hall knows that the effect of the photograph passes onto her body.
She must show this, they know then that the game with life and death has started.
The initiate knows what such performances mean. The man from the photograph thinks it is very strange, but he waits and sees.
“Oh”, she calls, “I feel so awful, my head is splitting.”
She looks at her visitor, but he does not react. He is sitting there quite still.
“The man from this photograph does good work and he complains about his head.”
She expects an answer, but the man does not know what he should answer.
For the seer it is the check whether she can safely continue with this.
The woman is irritated because the man does not open his mouth.
“Good heavens, what a headache I have”, she makes a new approach and she asks the man loudly and sharply:
“Is that right?”
He does not say yes or no, he does not know.
Why, he thinks, would I say something?
Can she see or can she not see?
He bows his head, thinks of something, goes back in thought to what he experienced and weeps.
Tears roll down his cheeks.
The woman sees it and thinks that she has hit home.
She rattles on.
Suddenly she is short of breath and grasps her throat, which is closed.
She almost suffocates and almost collapses.
She plays suffocating well, the people in the hall experience it.
She asks the owner of the photograph:
“Is this phenomenon familiar to you?”
Again no answer, he is still weeping and she thinks that she has a connection.
She sympathizes with him and says:
“You must not take it so seriously, dear man, there is no death.
My leader says – and this is a spiritual message for you – that he will help your brother.”
Life enters the man, and he looks at the woman for a moment, then bows his head. She has shaken him awake.
“There is no death, there is only life, and you must not weep.
My leader says – she now listens into space, there is talking next to her – that he will help your brother.
God is love.
It is terrible, but he will help your brother.
My leader says, and that is from your brother, that he could not live anymore, life was too difficult for him.”
Life has entered the visitor.
Everyone looks at him. He does not seem to understand what she is saying.
It can be read from his face.
The woman continues.
“My leader says that he was not able to cope with all those horrors.
He could not cope with that needling.
However, he has now returned to God.
How beautiful his task was.
Many people love him.
People also love him there.
And people will not forget him as a result of his earthly task.
Is this not encouraging?
It must give you comfort.
He has completed his task.
Your brother is here and he greets you.
Have strength, have courage, Bernard!
I am alive.
And my leader also tells you: Believe it, he was not understood and this is why he ended his life.”
Wham, it has been said, but the hall gets a fright.
What proof that man received, with man and horse.
It is wonderful.
This is what you call psychometry.
The people sympathize with him.
They want to see this man and he seems paralysed.
Now that she has stopped, the woman expects him to thank her and the leader.
However, he stands up and goes towards her.
She receives him smiling.
It does not happen so often, because the people must remain seated.
She kindly allows it; it is worthwhile.
He goes towards the stage.
There is severe tension in the hall.
The woman looks at him, the man had wanted to say something, but she is just ahead of him.
“Come to see me tomorrow, dear friend, I will probably have another message for you.”
She nods at him lovingly, but then his mouth opens and while he positions himself so that he can talk to the hall and to the woman he says:
“I was never here before.
I am here for the first time.
However, when my father died yesterday after suffering for a long time, I thought that the spiritualists could tell me something about his death.
But what do I hear here?
I am called Piet and not Bernard.”
The people in the hall stand up.
The woman becomes bright red.
She is furious.
The man calmly says: “My father was a plumber, lady, and not a suicide.
Dirty liar!
And to the people in the hall: “You are all dopes.
Do not let yourself be cheated by this woman. It is mocking God, dirty deception!”
He wants to say more, but the psychometrist shouts him out and calls:
“Out of the hall, bastard.
Out of the hall, rotter.
Do you want to checkmate me?
Get out!”
The man turns round and quietly leaves.
He will never come back here.
A hundred people leave with him, they have had enough of it now. They think he is brave, because most people do not dare to say anything.
The woman has to explain herself and makes up an excuse, but this is not accepted anyway.
A dozen people remain seated, but the pleasure has gone.
These are your psychometrists, the spiritualist mediums.
Amongst them, there are a few good ones, that means, they also sense, but are more careful.
They do not give themselves, and afraid as they are that people will catch them out with their faults.
This one staked her all on one throw and lost.
A suicide is attached to his own body, is not capable of returning to the earth, but for these mediums everything is possible.
Soon we will also come across these laws and I will tell you more about them.
Amongst these people there are good and bad, but try examining them, you will not have one left.
Yet, on such an evening there is a possibility of coming into contact with our world, but then only as a result of spiritual inspiration.
However, who can surrender completely?
Which one of all these mediums is passive?
Now there may not be any thoughts in the medium, thinking yourself is like the lead of your dog. They attach themselves to their own life and now we are not capable of giving them any thoughts.
Those mediums live in the third grade of the inner life, can also receive writing, and are open to painting and drawing, but his side must be able to work, be able to achieve something, otherwise we will not consider it.
And because all these people search themselves anyway, there are so few good ones to be found amongst them and you experience such nonsense.
Scandalous gossip is passed off as spiritual wisdom.
These are people that want to be something and now violate the spiritual gifts.
One in thousands of these people can be reached, and the rest cannot be released from themselves.
You now live in a spiritual maze.
Every honest spiritualist knows it. All of them have had to pay their spiritual toll. Not one person escapes this.
Strokes of luck are rarities, because now the gifts must speak, with this sensing they are not ready for this work.
If they get hold of a photograph of their own grade of life, which they search for, it is sometimes possible that they sense a name or event. Almost all of them evade reality.
They seek contact, but that is not clairvoyance, it is only a bit of sensing.
Your dog and cat can do that as well, but it remains dangerous.
For our world, it is conscious deception!
Few people experience spiritual contact in the correct way.
The medium has to carry out this work lives in the fourth grade of the inner life and is in our hands.
What you now experience is imitation.
These mediums are rare, because the Other Side has this instrument in its hands and it has to accomplish a very different task.
Nevertheless, it is possible, other mediums have been able to help thousands of people in this way and do an incredible amount of good, but for them spiritual proof was pouring down.
Then we put right what charlatans distort.
These mediumistic charlatans, the mediumistic flies in this area, are like poisonous insects. Their sting is contagious.
Hold your own light out to them and they will fly to it, because their sight is used to the darkness.
They shrivel before your eyes or they bite you out of the hall.
You are now faced with the spiritual poison, with the underworld of spiritualism, as a result of which you have to accept your own desecration.
Do not give them this opportunity.
We know that God can give you the gifts. It is also clear that one person is further than the other, is just ahead of you and possesses the gifts.
The other grade of life cannot be reached.
And there is no other meaning.
These people suck themselves full from Christ. They kneel and pray, speak about God being love, but they themselves belong to the hells.
Is it not dreadful that such types are allowed to go on the sacred stage?
The spiritualists are guilty of muddying our life, Christ and your own consciousness. They play with life and death and put something in front of their people or walk away.
Let them walk away, but do not lower yourself. After this life, you will be faced with all your self-created misery.
It is frightening what they experience, animal-like carry-on, which is broken down by the enemies of spiritualism.
Is it any wonder that people declare you stupid?
Let the masses know that a medium is something special.
Do not destroy the good by letting the cheats perform. Embrace the good; it is only then that something can be achieved.
Now it is a manure heap. You draw all the evil to yourself and you go home sullied.
It is remarkable that precisely those people are mediums who want nothing to do with it.
These souls do not search for the gifts; these treasures came to them under their own power, because anyone who searches closes himself off to the gifts.
You will soon learn how these people experience contact, because we will now follow the real gift of clairvoyance and then you will also get to know the master on this side.
One thought of your own and you will stand alone, because we want to serve and now you serve yourself.
And all these charlatans do nothing else but that!
If you think, you are serving yourself.
And the charlatans do nothing else but that!