Communication with the cross and board and the planchette

The cross and board, and the planchette are possibilities of entering into contact with the Other Side.
This method of holding spiritual séances was actually given to you by the Egyptians and remained of all the mighty things that the Egyptians knew in order to speak to our world.
In the beginning of the Egyptian development, this contact was the very first experience with the Other Side, but this simple means had to make way for the well-developed mediums.
Even if the shape of the wooden cross was a bit different, the meaning of it was not lost in the centuries that passed.
In your own time, hardly anyone knows what happens when you hold the wooden cross and the Other Side speaks.
Usually nothing becomes of these séances, since the people present do not know anything about the occult laws of holding a séance, even if it seems so simple.
After all, you just have to sit down, lay the wooden cross on your fingers, wait a moment, and look, the wooden cross is already turning and the Other Side is speaking.
However, is it so simple?
You will now get to know this.
No, it is not so simple.
Communications with the cross and board – the board on three balls with a pencil pushed through it – is extremely difficult.
Your deceased have to know many astral laws and master them during the séance, or you will experience nothing but misery, troubles, lies and deception, because mocking spirits manifest themselves.
Great deals of people live on earth who possess the longing to enrich themselves spiritually.
Their churches can no longer tempt them, which are the fault of the teaching of eternal damnation, which brought them to search for it on the occult path.
The church lost these souls, because to them God was a Father of love.
Christ brought the Holy Gospel.
He pointed out the path to life after death and they wanted to know all about that eternally lasting.
Anyone who dared to pluck up courage went on their way, followed séances or took part themselves, but were usually deceived.
Many people then turned their backs on séances; their friends who had passed over, parents and family appeared to talk nonsense or were possessed by the devil.
Spiritualism had plunged them into misery and it was devil’s work!
It was regarded as unity with Satan!
These souls should have left the cross and board alone, because they were not prepared.
Yet, Christ said: “Study all things and keep the good.”
However, the good they learned appeared later to be nothing more than pure nonsense, lies and deception.
Disappointed they lost heart or went back to their churches, where they were greeted as lost sons and daughters.
These forbidden fruits tasted truly bitter, as sour as vinegar, and yet other people told that they had tasted the honey sweet taste of it.
Yes, it was divine!
What they received was incredible; they lived in a heaven.
Was that not laid aside for the other people?
Many people sought, wanted to get know the divine and taste that spiritual honey, but were thrown out of this paradize by mocking spirits.
Other people continued to search, even if it cost them their own personality, they did not give up, séances continued to attract them and they kept trying it again and again.
Thousands of people have had to pay their occult toll and had to bow their heads to the astral laws.
They wondered whether these difficulties could be conquered, but no one could give them the answer.
However, their feeling of eternity could no longer fall asleep, they continued to seek awake and consciously for the reality in this area.
They wanted to get to know what lived behind the shroud, because they had lost their loved ones.
They did not hold séances for sensation, it was deadly serious to them, but their lives and their séances failed.
The astral world remained shrouded in a thick haze.
If the Other Side passed something on, it was lies and deception.
Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, family members and acquaintances told the greatest nonsense.
They no longer knew their loved ones and wondered whether they had slept all that time.
After all, they lived in the Divine Universe.
Were their lives standing still?
Had they not come any higher?
How could it be that they could tell such nonsense?
Why did they not tell about that new life?
Through the wooden cross, they could talk to them again.
Moreover, why could they not and others could?
There were people who experienced those wonderful evenings of sacred unity; they were beautiful, spiritual hours of happiness.
They felt themselves on sacred ground, exalted above the earthly misery.
Could they not reach it?
I was able to follow various séances from this side.
I want to analyse one of these meetings, you can then determine for yourself how you must hold a séance and how you can come into contact with your family members, your loved ones, who passed away before you.
Sometimes the people at the séance received spiritual wisdom and a spiritual contact was built up, however, usually people received nonsense.
Then there were disruptions, the Other Side said, mocking spirits who were having fun.
Did those spirits have nothing else to do?
The people at the séance wondered, why did mocking spirits come, after all they wanted the good?
All these people asked to be deceived.
I could follow their séance on this side.
Their lives were not in harmony with this world, because they did not understand anything about it.
They had never heard a word about it, no one could advise them.
They held séances unprepared and now had to accept that the Other Side talked nonsense.
Their own longings dominated the cross and board.
Yet, holding a séance seems so simple.
You just sit down; take the wooden cross in your fingers and it already turns.
The letters of the alphabet are soon spelt out and the Other Side is talking.
Prayers were said beforehand, beautiful music played, incense burnt, yet mocking spirits came, and nonsense was told.
The Other Side could begin.
It is not so simple.
Much more is needed for holding a séance with a cross and board or planchette.
We will follow all these phenomena.
Four people, two men and two women, sit down for a séance, precautions have been taken, and it is a case of waiting for what will come.
They have already been sitting for some time with varying degrees of success, according to them beautiful evenings are experienced, but then suddenly it is awful again and mocking spirits come through.
Those mocking spirits spoiled their beautiful evenings.
They received nonsense and deception and could not free themselves from those mocking spirits.
Yet, they did not give up and continued to hold séances.
The first mistakes had already been made, but they could not determine them, themselves.
When I came in amongst them it was spelt out:
“It is me, your father.”
This spirit knew them; it had to be their father.
He answered their questions, but because of the fluctuations of good and bad they mistrusted him and his son asked:
“Is it really you, father?”
“Yes, children, it is me, your father.
Do you not recognize me then?”
They believed him now and waited.
A moment later it was spelt out:
“Yes, children, really, it is me.
I am called Johan.”
Wonderful”, is the answer, “that is right.
But can you tell us a bit more about your life, father?
We really want to know what your life is like now.
As proof, you see?”
“Yes”, the cross immediately spelt out, “that is possible.
It is my birthday on the fifteenth.
Your mother exactly two months later.
And we are both the same age.”
“That is right, father, it is okay.
Can you tell us more, father, because we were made fools of a moment ago.”
“You must be very careful, son, and not jump on the tram any more, it is very dangerous.”
That also appeared to be correct.
The spirits know everything, one person says, and they believe it, because father has spoken.
Now they do not need any more proof, this is all correct.
It is very nice, but a moment later other spirits come through.
Father has gone.
Are they mocking spirits?
It is said:
“What do you really want?
What are you doing in the cold?
Mind your own business.”
They let go of the wooden cross, but after a short while, they just carried on.
Father comes back.
He has something to tell them.
I continued to follow them.
I was not seen by any of them.
Even if a clairvoyant had been present, they could not have seen me anyway.
I followed the séance from my own grade of life and their contact with our world.
I saw that the spirit who was called Johan was not even present.
That person lived on this side and had not come to them after all.
However, these people would call Johan back; now laws came to the forefront, which the people at the séance did not understand anything about.
They asked questions again, which were answered by Johan, as they thought, while it was just their own thoughts, which appeared on the board.
They asked questions and gave answers themselves!
“Father, are you still there?”
“Yes, my child, I am here.”
“Why do mocking spirits come to us?”
The wooden cross lies on the fingers, but does not say anything; it is a question of waiting for the answer.
However, the answer does not come and the son, who is present, asks again:
“Are you still there?”
“Yes, I am here, but have to check it first.”
“That is wonderful, father.”
They are happy with this answer.
Father will help them.
They also understand that is not simple, that is a problem which few spiritualists know about.
They will now get to know it, because father is there and father was a good person, who will be happy in his heaven.
“I am happy”, appears on the board.
The son, who wants to know more about the mocking spirits, asks:
“Is there something wrong, father?”
There appears quickly and powerfully: “Shut up!”
They put down the wooden cross and stop.
This cannot be fought against.
A week later they meet again, I am also present and with me the real Johan.
This spirit cannot see me, I live in another attunement.
I want to remain invisible to him and to everyone, because I am concerned with this séance, with following good and wrong.
Johan immediately realizes the danger and tries to connect with them, he knows the great longing of his son and the others to enter into contact with the Other Side.
He follows their lives, can determine what their personality is like, sees their aura and now knows that he cannot reach them.
The mocking spirits will shut him out and they are present.
He is powerless!
Yet the wooden cross spells out:
“God is love.
How must we show His mercy?”
The wooden cross does not get any further.
One person of the earth says:
“Why?”, another asks.
“Just read it yourself.
It says here: ‘How must we show His mercy?’
That means: ‘How must we be merciful?’”
“You must not judge it so sharply,” says the son of father Johan, “mistakes can come.
It was going so well.”
They spelled their own thoughts.
Then came:
“Pray, let us pray.”
Everyone prayed then continued a moment later.
However, there was no one on this side who told them to pray.
It was their own thoughts; father Johan could not reach them.
They did not receive any spiritual food this evening either.
The unconscious spoke to them; it was nonsense.
“We would be better to stop”, one person thought, “because nothing will come anyway.”
However, the others do not want to know anything about it.
Perhaps something will come of it after all.
They will continue these séances.
People ask the medium – the son – what he thinks about it.
However, he does not know.
“And yet”, he says after some thought, “it was my father.”
“Certainly like my mother”, a woman that lets herself be heard, “deception as well.”
“We are no good for this”, a third person says, “you have to have strength for this and none of us has it.”
This man is telling the truth.
Not one of them possesses it, because they are not prepared, they know nothing about this simple séance holding.
“And yet”, says the son, “I felt something.”
“What then?”
“Yes, I do not know, I cannot say, but I felt something, I know for sure that father is there.
Yet, I do not understand it.”
In addition, the others now understand even less than a moment ago, it is becoming more and more complicated.
“Oh”, the son suddenly says, “now I know.
I felt fear.
It was fear, but fear of what?”
“Yes, that’s something, what should you be afraid of?
I do not understand it”, his wife lets him know.
“I felt some kind of talking”, says the son, “but what should I talk about?
Can you understand that?”
The others do not understand it.
Moreover, the son of father Johan finds it incredible himself.
What does all of this mean?
Powers are needed for holding a séance with a cross and board, which means, sensitivity of a medium!
And none of them has any of this.
Yet, as a result of this, these séances come about.
One grade of the inner life is needed of the seven, which you have already learned, and the laws of which I explained to you a little, or nothing will become of this séance holding.
As a result of their own will, because of their longing, the wooden cross entered into connection, it started to turn and spell out, it gave an answer to the questions asked.
And no spirit is to blame for it!
As a result of your own thoughts and feelings, the wooden cross starts to move.
You give yourself an answer to your thoughts, expressed in words, because the Other Side cannot reach you.
You are tuned into the séance, not to being passive.
That is wrong, because of this you close yourself off to our side, to this contact.
A spirit of the light cannot reach you now, but the mocking spirits can!
I saw from my own world that the father tried everything to enter into contact with his son.
He wanted to reach this unity from feeling to feeling, but was disrupted by mocking spirits.
He tried it in different ways; he wanted to make it clear that they had to stop.
He placed fear in his son.
That fear was weakly felt, but although the earthly personality took over these feelings from him, it did not take action.
The father went to pieces because of their longing and ignorance, and their lack of sensitivity.
No matter how much effort he made, the people at the séance could not be elevated into his life.
His children wanted this contact, wanted to speak to the Other Side, and for at least a moment feel life after death.
He could elevate his son, who had little sensitivity, into his life after a thorough development, but it was no use to him now, the inner life of this child refused.
This father tried every possibility, because danger threatened.
I could not do anything for him either; all of them were also out of my reach.
Dark spirits wanted to take possession of the inner life of the people present.
They hoped to experience the material life again because of this; they searched for it, for the warmth of the body and for a great deal of other matters, for earthly love.
As a result of these séances, they hoped to get this feeling, because the earthly people opened their inner dwelling to them.
These spirits had not even sunk deep, or they would have known where they could have a fling on earth and they would not even have visited these séances.
They now wanted to enjoy themselves and achieved this because of the séance holding.
The earthly people had opened wide the doors of their soul, so that they could enter undisturbed.
As a result of the longing of the people at the séance this spiritual contact was achieved, which the father wanted to prevent, since he saw that they give themselves the answer to the questions that they asked.
The language of the mocking spirits reminded them of the rough reality, even if they were not murderers.
This mentality tries to find it somewhere else; it knows that there is nothing to be experienced at these séances.
These wretches wanted to enjoy material unity and if possible nice food and drink.
The mother body attracted them, the physical contact of the earth.
That can be achieved for these souls, millions of souls on this side search for it in the sphere of the earth with people, and achieve what they wanted to experience willingly.
By connecting with man and woman, they reach this unity, if the inner life is open to them, or these lives call them to a spiritual halt.
As a result of these séances, they creep into the aura of the people present.
What do they do?
This can only be felt, not a word is said about it, this game takes place in your life in complete silence, and without your knowledge.
Many of the participants’ at a séance are contaminated by it, and were taken over within a short time!
You probably think that this is not possible and that you are not open to it.
Do you think that you are free from this contamination?
Perhaps, released from these longings?
It is possible, you can even experience your third sphere on earth, but then your life is as we experienced it, consecrated!
There is no more longing in you; you are spiritually free from every material lust.
You have no longing any more for nice food, you no longer dress flashy and you no longer know what your own body is like, you have conquered all the laws of it.
You are spiritually pure!
That is possible. However, most people who hold séances has love, and they search for spiritual warmth, in addition, anyone who loves and wants to experience some happiness, is open to the astral world, also to mocking spirits.
Really, holding a séance with a cross and board is the most difficult thing there is in this area of course.
You are now a spiritual saint, have attunement to the shining spheres and possess the feeling for these séances.
However ... other people are not yet so far and you hold séances with them.
These people still have to master the feeling.
Therefore there are fewer people on earth who are completely free from material feelings, because you can possess them consciously and unconsciously, voluntarily and involuntarily.
You still have to learn that, but that is only possible in our life.
The mocking spirits experienced these séances only for material contact.
Because of the coming together of two worlds they soon find the inner life to which they have attunement.
The aim intended is then reached and the connection achieved.
These souls eat and drink through you, as I already remarked a moment ago, they lay next to you and in you as a result of this contact to sleep, to rest and to enjoy your physical warmth. They live, as your own child has experienced, on your breast.
They snuggle into your inner dwelling and do not consider leaving.
You do not feel that this astral life is in your life, your feeling for this lives in the higher conscious, this is another world than yours, and you still have to awaken for it.
This life is as you feel yourself!
At these séances, there was contact, even if the actuality of becoming one still had to take place.
Meanwhile, the mocking spirits tried it and wanted to take it just so far; it was only then that they would enjoy your life.
I already told you, these people, as astral personalities, are not so bad, because a demon acts differently.
It shows you the luminous cross if necessary, or shows you a sacred form, the aura of which blinds you, so that you think you have reached connection with a spirit of the light.
These beings take you as a result of prayer to your spiritual funeral pyre and they let you burn alive, in other words they adulate you, give you everything you long for, but you irrevocably face your own destruction.
These demons pray with you, reach complete unity with your inner life, but meanwhile suck you completely empty, physically as well as mentally.
Then they carry on, or you are possessed and do not get rid of them again for the rest of your earthly life.
I continued to follow these people, because I saw what father Johan felt and wanted to prevent.
When I appeared in their midst at their following séance father Johan was already present. I had meanwhile experienced séances by other people and could determine good and evil.
This spirit was not away from his children for a single second, he continued to follow them.
He probably got a chance to be able to intervene.
He could not find peace and wanted to prevent a great disaster.
One of the people at the séance read out a passage from the bible.
They thought they would eliminate the dark spirits, and if possible, convert them.
Then sacred music was played and the Ave Maria resounded throughout the small room and rose upwards, into the universe.
It did me good when I received these pure sounds and father Johan also thought it was wonderful.
In this way they thought that they were ready to start and put the wooden cross on their fingers to attune to the Other Side.
The cross immediately turned, made furious movements, in order to apparently say that the person who had made the wooden cross move felt happy, and was pleased that they were together again.
The power of the cross was enormous when it spelled out:
“Good evening.
I am back again, your father.”
Father was back; but these thoughts were from themselves.
This “good evening” was part of the past, it was something, which they already knew, that seemed very ordinary to them and was part of this evening, but the meaning of which they would not understand anyway, if their father had really come to them and had told something about it.
This “good evening” was the betrayal of the devil for the first Adam and Eve, the feasting from the forbidden tree, the delicious sweet for the child, which the mother has put away, but which the child wants to possess anyway.
This start was wrong!
They drew the “good evening” and the “here I am again, your father” themselves from the cross and board, they knew this saying.
And because they knew it, actually counted on it, they now already held a séance themselves.
At the same time, they closed themselves off completely to their father!
This “good evening”, which makes many people at a séance descend to deception and fantasy, then to the mocking spirits, is a great stumbling block for holding a séance with a cross and board, with the planchette or with your well-known knocking tables, which answer your questions by tapping out the alphabet.
Because of their longing they created a situation in order to be able to begin.
Well, they had a beginning!
And now?
What would father say?
As fast as lightning the cross spelled that there were powers present, which promised them an extraordinary evening.
Father was there, but could not give an answer.
And immediately afterwards, the cross is still in their hands and doubts.
Then – suddenly, it spells: ‘God is love’.
It is a case of waiting again.
Now there comes:
“God takes care of all His children.”
The wooden cross has started to show doubt.
That wooden thing, which can give proof of a strong temper, can be sensitive as people would wish to be as a human being, can represent a great deal of personalities, and tell you of happiness and of much misery, that same wooden cross is now as silent as the grave.
The famous thing has nothing to say, the blessed cross remains silent.
However, with a jerk it comes to itself, as if it was shaken by a firm hand, someone has demanded it to start working, because the time is precious and the amazing thing spells:
“Anyone who believes in God, is at home!”
Would you not fall on your knees and thank God?
However, I cannot determine these feelings with all of the people at the séance, they apparently have no need to thank God for these clear words.
They are at home with their friends, the son and his wife, but they now feel close to God.
“I wanted”, the dear son says, “you to tell us something different.”
Good heavens, this is sacrilege.
The wooden cross does not go into it.
They wait, possibly ...?
One emerges because of another, one word attracts other words to it and then they would be able to continue.
The question is asked:
“May we know, father, what is disturbing us here?”
There is no answer, at least, they think that it is taking too long and the son therefore asks again:
“May we ask questions, father?”
It is answered immediately: “I am already waiting for you, my son.”
Together they know that this is suspicious.
Nevertheless, they apparently go into it and after controlling his emotions, the son says:
“Wonderful, father.
Will you tell us then, explain, why we keep being disturbed?
Why are there always mocking spirits here?
Is the house contaminated?
Why is it so hopelessly bad?
Can you not prevent that, father?”
They get no answer to the questions.
They would not have received this either if their séance had been completely closed off.
Asking more than one question creates anxiety, disharmony.
No spirit can suddenly give you an answer to all these questions.
Yet there also comes:
“Not always.”
They do not understand the answer.
What does father mean by these words?
It is not an answer to their questions.
The son now asks:
“What do you mean, father?”
See now for yourself, these questions cannot be answered.
Good séances fail by asking the wrong questions.
I wanted to call to them to ask only one question, but they would not hear me anyway.
However, father Johan says:
“I will do my best.”
They do not doubt these words; but another person asks:
“Is it you yourself, father?”
“Yes, children”, immediately the cross flies over the board.
There is power in that incomprehensible thing again; they will receive the proof of it.
The father says again:
“Yes, children, it is me”, and they accept this personality.
Then father would tell of his eternal life.
They truly received a lesson in life.
The father spoke of love.
They had to love their neighbours.
Then he also said a few words about justice.
It was suddenly going well, almost of its own accord.
However, I saw and established that this came from themselves, mainly from the son.
He would represent his father.
They asked questions and gave answers themselves.
The father meanwhile tried to influence his son, but suddenly there were disruptions again.
He could clearly see these disruptions and follow them.
They were mocking spirits again.
However, they were also powerless, because these people could not be reached now, they had closed themselves off to everything on this side and thereby sought the higher life.
There was no question of a material contact that possibility did not exist.
The father would have wanted to tell a great deal about his own life, but he had to accept that his children could not be reached!
The fact that it was suddenly going so well was because they were spelling the words themselves.
What was spelt out was a part of their intellect, their own conscious.
Yet when they started to ask questions, their inner life suddenly refused, they now disengaged their own will for that matter.
While they all waited for the answer, the wooden cross lay in their hands as if frozen.
They could get no life into that thing, because their inner life was also standing still, this machine did not receive a spiritual flow from the personality.
Now that there were no powers present, their will refused.
This waiting closed off the doors of their souls.
However, it is being completely empty of thought, which they should have possessed and repeatedly experienced and never forgotten, because then their father could have achieved something.
Now, there came:
“In our life, there is love.
There is no one who has to feel unhappy when love is in you.
God is almighty and takes care of all of us.
There is still light in the spheres and it is so beautiful where we live.
Oh, if mother could see it one day, she would not miss me for a second, she knows what awaits her here.
There is no eternal damnation.”
Before all of this was received, a good while passed, letter after letter was received and assembled into words.
Yet there was no one on this side who had given it to them, these were also their own thoughts.
All these sayings belong to them.
These are answers that are thought up and felt by the human inner life.
These thoughts receive spiritual meaning because these people hold a séance; nevertheless, they are their own thoughts.
These feelings are drawn up in such a way as if the Other Side wrote them down.
They know what is said, it is part of their intellect.
Not one answer that would explain a spiritual law can come through the cross, all these sayings get their own glory, the emotional value of the earthly personality.
We are faced with the grades of life, the life attunement of these people.
When their questions were asked, the cross refused: there was no inspiration now.
What was said was their own knowledge; they knew so much about our life.
What do the occult laws say about this?
What do the grades of feeling have to tell us?
As a result of your love, your inner life as a medium, this spiritual sensitivity and the power of your personality, we try to build up a contact.
However, even if you have much love to give, even if you built up and earned your own kingdom of God, that still does not mean that you are ready to take part in a séance, or are a medium who can enter into connection with our world.
Truly, holding a séance with a cross and board is a cosmic event, a great problem.
It is not so simple, it is the most difficult thing in this area for you as a human being, because it means that you release both your legs from the earth, lose the material ground from under your feet!
It is only when you can do this that it is laid aside for us to draw those powers from your life, as a result of which we can condense our life.
If you cannot give yourself for it completely and thereby miss the sensitivity, we go to pieces because of your life and you in turn, because of the occult laws, and now no connection is possible.
You had better stop because you are giving yourself for nothing!
This grade of feeling therefore has no meaning for the spiritual gifts.
And, this séance holding is a gift.
When we come to you through the cross and board, you can receive worldly wisdom.
The gift is now the word, the word the gift.
That is given to you and actually has attunement to the writing or drawing of a medium and speaking under inspiration, to all the psychic gifts which reach development as a result of spiritual intuition.
However, let us go back to the four people holding a séance, who cannot be reached by us.
The only thing we can do is try to elevate one of these four people into our life.
Four people at the same time is not possible and two is not possible either, at least very difficult, if there are no powers present.
If there is enough power, then we are able to suddenly elevate thousands of people into our life, but then other laws come to help your life, as a result of which we can bring a mass of people to unity.
Now the universe helps us!
When two people dominate the cross and board, we are already powerless, even one wrong thought calls us to a halt.
That is one law for the cross and board and for the planchette.
For some séances, four people can be reached sooner than two can, because we can now work out who is suitable.
However, we are then faced with problems, because four people can never give themselves completely, one disturbs the other and overthrows him spiritually because of his own longings.
Since we do not receive the desired thing, that two people of one colour, from one grade of life can give us, there are disruptions.
You create those disruptions yourself because you are not suitable for these séances.
You think too much and you may not think.
You may not think of anything, or you will call us to a halt.
If we can close off the participants, they will receive spiritual wonders, but that is a great rarity, a great wonder!
Almost no one in the West possesses being completely empty for these séances.
Emptying is the most difficult thing for holding a séance, it is the wonder for you, and for the East it is a great, very deep study.
If you can do it, you are a spiritual genius.
We will also come across that soon, then it will become clear to you.
Danger threatened at this séance, because the people present would later start to ask questions, which would put them in connection with death.
The father already saw those questions beforehand and felt the moment approaching.
They would answer those questions themselves, just like all the others.
He saw their difficulties, saw the misery that would occur because of it, but could not do anything for them.
I was also powerless.
His son was sensitive, but not ready for these séances.
He did not possess precisely enough sensitivity in order to make it possible that the father could speak through him from feeling to feeling.
He could not do anything for them in this case.
His son did not feel him clearly enough.
Moreover, putting him in trance would not work, and was completely ruled out.
What they now received did not extend their own conscious, they asked questions and gave answers themselves.
All of them lacked the feelings of a medium, the spiritual sensitivity for our world.
I had already been following these séances for a few months, but they did not receive a word outside their own conscious.
Sometimes it went really well, they received a wonderful evening according to their feelings, until they themselves were exhausted and gave in again for a moment to the cross, which spoke nonsense.
They immediately recovered, their inner life came into resistance against this, the son and two others absorbed the wooden cross and now words were spelled out quickly and sufficiently.
Those evenings were wonderful, one even better than the other was; now they were happy.
However, there was not a word that came from the Other Side.
Weeks passed, they no longer let go of what was achieved, they no longer wanted to lose, and they have to continue at this height.
Everything goes so smoothly and the wooden cross spells out beautiful sentences.
What do you think of it?
“Good evening, my children.
I am back again.
You can ask questions.”
“May we thank you, father, for all the beautiful things you have given us?
We are so happy.”
The father says:
“Why do you want to thank me?
Is God not the highest of all?
Must we not think of Him?
I am just a child of God.
I am a servant.
Did Christ not teach us that?
Let us pray and thank God.”
The wooden cross prays: “Oh, God of all life.
Give us the strength to be able to continue this life, give us the view, the true knowledge, and never leave us alone.
Feel our will to come to You, give us the strength, so that we can keep going.
All of us wish to serve.
I want to be a child. Amen.”
Is this not Christian?
Is there anything to be said about this?
No, dear reader, definitely not.
This is a good and simple prayer, sent up to God, but this prayer is really human, really earthly, it is charged with material thoughts and feelings and does not reach any higher than the conscious of the human being who has sent it up.
That prayer was given to you through the bible; it is the received possession of your own inner life.
A spirit of the light prays differently.
This is therefore the prayer of one of the people at the séance, but no one sees through it or can establish that this appears from his own brain and longings.
They think it is wonderful and the prayer is simple as such, but I repeat to you: a spirit of light prays differently, he is completely separate to your bible; he knows the laws of life and death.
Then “father” says:
“Life on earth must be directed at God.
Anyone who follows that receives the heavens and will find his place next to Him, who knows his life.
All of us have experienced that.
We know that God is love.
We live according to the laws of God, we have experienced that God loves us.
Which one of you can accept it?
Is God not worthy of being worshipped?
Did Paul not say that eternal life is within you?”
Now there is not one of the people present who thinks it through and eliminates his feelings, but the others carry on and also elevate him again into their ecstasy.
However, he will remember it, soon everything will be read out anyway.
The “father” continues, tells a great deal and all of them think it is wonderful.
Then the séance is closed.
The discussion can begin.
“Stop”, says one person, “read that out again.”
The son reads:
“Did Paul not say that eternal life is within you?”
“Stop, that is it.
Did Christ not say that?
Are those not the words of Christ?”
“Ugh, how critical you are.
That is a shame, after such an evening!
No, that is sacrilege.”
The others also think that, but he will check it out.
“Of course”, says the son, “I understand you, what you think is good, but will Paul not have repeated his Master’s words?
Do we not tell it to others, exactly as we received it, what father tells us, what he gives us?
This is a pity, you can be critical, but this is destruction.”
Also, the person who made the remark now thinks that the son is right, he will not be so critical, he resolves.
However, after all that nonsense he can still be critical.
They separate and will come back in a week, at the same time, in order to continue.
I follow them and it is going great, not one mocking spirit can approach them.
There is now no danger because they hold the séance themselves.
All those thoughts come forth from their better self.
The man with his critical feeling is right, it was Christ who said: “Eternal life is in you, people!”
However, the son does not know the bible as well, his friend and the others at the séance do.
They continue but this séance holding has nothing to do with our side.
They have taken their own lives in their hands, have tuned into the good, but one after the other knows what will be spelled out.
However, that is not discussed.
They are holding a séance!
However, one evening will be fateful for them, one question can bring them into misery.
The son is talking and asks, after “father” has spoken:
“Can you also tell me, father, whether Loes should be operated upon?”
The waiting lasts surprisingly long this time.
All of them feel it.
There is something again.
They had not felt such a thing for a long time.
Are the mocking spirits coming back?
The previous evenings it happened of its own accord, “father” gave them an immediate answer, now it is taking a long time!
They can get no life into the wooden cross.
Is it going wrong again?
They become afraid of it.
The wooden cross weighs a thousand kilos; it cannot be lifted.
They feel extremely miserable.
It is taking so long that the son asks:
“Are you still there, father?”
“Yes”, comes reasonably quickly, “I am here.”
“Why do you not answer then, father?”
“I have to examine her first, don’t I?”
That is the reason.
They did not think of that!
But of course.
Father can see through her.
He will know!
It takes a moment and then the cross hesitantly spells as if it is being put in motion by a beaten dog:
“Yes, my son, now I know, Loes will not be operated upon.”
“Wonderful, father.”
The son looks at his Loes, she laughs and the others wish her good luck.
That is now the Other Side.
That is their “father”!
“Thank God, father, I am so grateful to you!”
“Father” says: “Just treat her, I will help you.”
Even better.
It is a solution.
They did not think of this.
The son quickly asks: “Am I a medium?
I mean, a healing medium?”
“Would one word have passed my lips if it was not true?”
“Wonderful, father.
I will help Loes.
What must I do?”
“Place your hands on the sore spot, I will help you.
God is love.”
The others wish him this happiness, he is a medium and it is his “father” who is in control.
However, it is wonderful.
Loes can be relieved.
“Nothing will happen to us!” he says to Loes.
His wife nods at him that it is okay.
They think it is a wonderful message.
They decide that they no longer need a doctor; they will cure themselves.
The Other Side brings about these miracles.
They think that the Other Side cannot be missed.
And it goes well, actually of its own accord, frighteningly well!
The wooden cross now flies over the table.
“Father” tells something about the bible and says that they have to love each other; they have now seen what love is capable of.
They pray together, “father” Johan gives them his blessing and they turn the cross.
This evening is also over.
However, Loes has a pain in her stomach and immediately goes home to bed.
She is exausted.
What do these séances teach us?
The father could not reach them, but very serious messages come through the wooden cross.
How does their own conscious act, the actual inner life of the people at the séance?
The wooden cross turns as a result of their will, but you already know that.
When the question was asked, whether an operation is necessary, it lay stone-dead on the table.
They had tuned into their own lives.
Their will had been disengaged.
They were completely empty.
That is now the moment when we could begin building up, they must always hold a séance like that, be completely passive and think of nothing, nothing.
The father has to give an answer, but it takes too long.
The son starts to think again and he takes the others with him, because they see that life comes into the wooden cross again, their powers also come back.
Their will is crawling, just like the wooden cross as it slowly moves across the board like a beaten dog and sighs under this heavy load, which the people at the séance have placed on it.
What will the answer be?
It takes a while, they do not dare to think, it is a serious question.
Then it comes, still hesitant, then a bit stronger, the others take over the feeling and ... the fatal word is there.
Now they no longer doubt, the wooden cross flies, it is moving of its own accord again.
Then the wooden cross has to give the answer, it did not receive the inspiration from them.
It was lifeless.
Remarkable, they thought.
Since they hold a séance themselves and not one spirit is capable of helping them, is their inner life still so hard for you to understand?
Does the wooden cross not interpret all of their thoughts?
Has this wooden thing not received a personality?
Look properly and you will see, you can follow that personality and even determine to whom it belongs.
The wooden thing gets its own character, its own choice of words; it spells for you, but ... because of the others who hold the séance with you.
These people lived next to reality.
They built up a beautiful castle in the air, a phase, which must be their father.
This woman had to be operated upon.
However, they could not receive this wisdom, they could not be reached.
We could not dominate their will.
These souls longed too intensely for the Other Side, but almost all people do that.
For these souls, it became fateful.
They had no understanding of the difficulties which holding a séance causes and they do not know the laws or each other’s inner life.
The son does not want any trouble, he does not want any operation and he knows that a spirit can see through the material body.
They accept!
Moreover, the wooden cross reports that God is love.
A small drama took place at this séance, which these souls were not aware of, but which would have dreadful consequences.
This small drama would cause suffering and sorrow for the son and lies and deception for the others, a great disappointment, yes, it would make them curse the Other Side.
The son could play very beautiful music and pray very well, read from the bible, but all these good qualities could not prevent that Loes would experience a great deal of laws, which ensured that she would soon get to know life after death.
For us these grades of feeling could not be reached, they lay too far from each other and clashed for holding a séance. God did not come to their aid, because the occult laws have to be experienced and they had no feeling for this.
Praying alone does not help!
Even if you pray so intensely, so purposefully, it does not mean anything, does not help you, because you have to get to know the occult laws.
You have to go through these laws to the spiritual gifts.
The father had to accept for this reason that his children were deceiving themselves.
What they had not expected happened anyway, the illness got worse.
The son helps her, places his hands on the sore spot, but Loes is already lying unconscious in her bed.
Father has said that he will help, and did.
However great the trust is, the spiritual laws ask for experience!
No soul can escape this.
Father – father helps!
Since it does not occur to the son that this has nothing to do with the Other Side, the belief is strong, but for that matter childishly unreal.
The sober person of the earth, a brother-in-law of his who calls unexpectedly and sees Loes, runs out the door without asking anything and fetches a doctor.
The doctor comes and demands an emergency operation.
Why did they wait so long?
The doctor says something about peritonitis.
The son does not know whether it is serious; he continues to believe in a miracle.
Loes is immediately taken away from him, brought to the operating theatre and operated upon.
The others are also there.
They do not dare to look at each other.
They feel guilt, but do not know why.
These adults stand facing each other like little children, ask each other for forgiveness and feel broken.
The blood rushes to their heads, there is something wrong.
They know all too well: “father” talked nonsense.
But what a pity, it was going so great.
The doctor enters and asks:
“Are you Mr B.?”
“Yes, Doctor.”
“Well, look, we did everything we could do, but this illness has gone on too long, you should have warned us earlier.”
“What is it?”
“I tell you that you should have reported it earlier.
The situation is very serious.
But we will see.”
When the doctor speaks again, it is to tell them that Loes has gone to sleep for good!
Loes will only awaken on the Other Side, someone is waiting for her in life after death.
She will now experience the miracles, she will return with father Johan to the earth, experience how they hold séances and how she learned to know death as a result of it.
Whether Loes died in her own time does not matter here, these séances were to blame for her misfortune, for her early passing over.
Now the cursing started.
The Other Side is mad, there are no spirits.
The father is a bit of poison and holding séances is devil’s work.
The wooden cross was burnt and the friendship broken.
They felt hate for each other.
Fortunately, they had a lucky escape, they say.
Death also sneered at them, but they now just call for the help of a doctor, they have had enough of all that nonsense.
Mud is thrown at them, especially by their friends and acquaintances of another faith.
However, none of that matters, the occult laws required the spiritual and physical toll of them.
Loes has had to pay that toll with her own life.
These people are to blame for their own misery.
They walk an unnatural path; they wanted to possess gifts, powers and a higher conscious, which did not belong to them.
Unprepared, they surrendered to themselves!
I told you repeatedly, these people hold séances under their own power, but thousands of people actually do so. There is only one good closed circle, which has formed itself amongst them and we are in control of it.
One in thousands of these circles is good, the rest hold séances themselves!
The people on earth including the spiritualist think the cross and board is a simple means for spiritual communication, but lack any knowledge of it. However, for our life it is the most difficult thing there is and namely because we cannot dominate you.
The cross and board now gets a cosmic meaning, it comes into connection with laws which belong to our life, but the powers, the depths and the severity of which people on earth do not know.
If we want to speak to you as spirits, and outside of your own conscious and inner life, then in order to completely disengage your personality because of this, we have to be able to conquer all these difficulties outlined, if we want to protect you from a great deal of trouble and occult misery.
We are now faced with the seven grades of the inner life.
Your life must be in harmony with ours, we have to reach spiritual unity from feeling to feeling, or you hold a séance yourself.
You have to possess this sensitivity; it is theemptying of your inner life, being passive by necessity, the release from your own self, as a result of which the Other Side can elevate you into her sacredness.
There are numerous possibilities, as a result of which I can show you how difficult this séance holding is.
The occult laws now emerge.
These laws have attunement to your inner life or they disengage your grade of life, as a result of which you cannot be reached.
However, through these laws we have to achieve the connection with us, for which much time is needed.
If the people holding a séance, whom I told you about, had been able to give themselves completely, then the father could have built up a contact.
Even if it takes years, you still have to wait and persevere, until the wooden cross spells outside of your thoughts and inner life, because it is only then that we can begin our work and pass on spiritual wisdom to you.
This wisdom is far above your own intellect, knowledge, feelings and thoughts, because you are then connected with the universe and life after death.
However, we see beforehand whether it is worth our while being present at the séance, because we know our time will be wasted and we therefore do not start.
It is only if we determine that the effort will be rewarded and we will be able to reach many people that we will start building-up.
Once it is at that stage, then you will feel the working of the wooden cross and we will have closed off all disruptions for you.
You will soon get to know whether this closing off, as a result of which you have your contact, is so simple.
You can then judge for yourself whether you have to continue with your séances, or whether you would be better never to start.
We have warned you against all the dangers and laws and disclosed the possibilities for you of achieving something.
Holding a séance with a cross and board can be wonderful for you, but do you know that we seek out our people, if we want to pass on something from this side to humanity?
Only those who can be elevated into the third grade of the inner life can serve for this purpose, since we have to dominate them in feeling.
That is only possible if we reach unity from feeling to feeling, we then become like flowers of the same colour on such an evening and our souls melt into one.
If I wish to bring you outside your own inner life, then it is necessary that you lose your own thoughts and feelings, whereby I have to help you.
From your part, I expect full submission, and being passive.
Completely emptying yourself is not so simple.
Soon you will understand that you cannot even do that, unless you are a genius in concentration.
I myself lay within you the feeling to be passive and you know it, because anyone who starts to hold séances just has to surrender himself completely, and yet almost no one does that.
In truth you dominate me and are intense in feeling and thinking, even your concentration of willpower is still tuned in.
Anyone who starts to hold séances has also heard talk of this passiveness and wants to practice it.
The initiated know all of that, give advice to others, but we know that these people do not understand any of it themselves.
I therefore have to make sure that all of them think of nothing and surrender completely.
However, numerous thoughts go through you that you cannot suppress, which still have to be conquered in order to make our séances succeed.
This emptiness plays an enormous role for holding a séance and is really the most necessary thing, which you control yourself.
If you can release yourself from your own life and you have the sensitivity of a medium, you can be used as a medium.
I no longer wish to keep the sacred truth from you.
If you wish to know: you cannot empty yourself, think empty, only a learned yogi or an initiate from the East, fakirs and magicians and other occultists can do that, because they have been able to follow a study.
You in the West have no knowledge of it; you do not know where to start.
You think yourself full rather than that you think yourself empty.
After all, do you not long for a nice evening?
Now you are already wrong.
You are now also thinking.
If you have the wooden cross in your hands, you start to think of everything, which lives in and around you.
You are thinking!
You are now already holding a séance and namely a personal one.
However, the others also have their own thoughts regarding all this beauty, forming ideas in thought, and those thoughts call me to a halt.
They think that they can really see and feel that the spiritual leader is about to come; they visualize beautiful phenomena and feel happy that they may see it.
This is then your contact and theirs as well, but for us it is absolutely wrong!
You have to be able to give yourself completely afterwards, it is only then that I, or your father, or mother, or whoever, can start with the construction of our contact.
However, your personality cannot be disengaged just like that, this is extremely difficult.
These thoughts of a nice evening and many others do not only disturb me but disengage me irrevocably.
I am now outside of your life and still have to try to reach you under my own powers.
And that is no longer possible now; we achieve nothing.
There are just a few people in the West who can empty themselves of thoughts.
There is one out of thousands in the East who can achieve this feat.
Now we know how the East is attuned, you will certainly feel how difficult this must be for you.
A study of thirty years is needed for it, for some people this study takes a lifetime; other people cannot reach one grade, because there are also seven grades here before you have completely emptied your thoughts.
All those other people do not even become released from themselves.
However, just imagine, thirty years long, the same thing every day, to be tuned into emptying your thoughts every second, in order to achieve nothing after all.
Just ask a yogi about it, the whole of the East, people will tell you or they smile scornfully, because the East knows that the West is not suitable for it.
People will ask you what you do in society.
Then go further in your society and do not interfere in matters, which represent their own world above your own life, because your life is split.
It takes that long to achieve something in the occult laws for the East.
After what I have told you, are you still going to hold a séance?
The Oriental develops his concentration in the right direction; you do not even know where you must start.
One or two people in the East achieve something, the rest of those millions of souls succumb, have to accept that they can never experience themselves, because that is how it is!
Those people also lack the feeling, the sensitivity; their grade of feeling has no meaning for the spiritual gifts and the occult laws.
You therefore have or you do not, and if you have it, you could signify a spiritual miracle in the West.
We can then make use of your inner life and manifest ourselves to you.
All the great mediums live in this situation, but now a spirit of light can play on the life and pass on his conscious as wisdom.
The priests in ancient Egypt also followed a school of learning, but the highest they could achieve was conquering themselves, becoming empty in order to be able to experience and it was only then that the occult laws advanced.
Only a few priests became completely free of themselves, all the others were still in conflict with their own self.
The priest with the Great Wings conquered all these laws and the Other Side could work through him.
Only as a result of this being completely empty the priesthood and mediumship could be raised to an enormous height, so that this amazing medium could enter the astral world.
If you can reach this height as a Westerner, it is obvious that you will experience the spiritual miracles, which can take place outside your own will and knowledge.
As a result of your grade of feeling, the Other Side manifests itself; it is necessary for spiritual communication, or we have to accept our powerlessness, because you are interrupting!
The Oriental studies for many years, but if he does not obtain his grade in one lifetime and death comes, he knows that a new life will come for him and that he will probably obtain his victory there.
And when that life does not give the desired result either, then the next life will have to decide, but he continues until the spiritual victory is achieved: to him the conquering of all material and spiritual laws which have attunement to his life, and as a result of which he experiences the occult phenomena.
For the East it is succumbing or achieving, because even if many lives are needed for it, people know there that all of the personality must be devoted to it.
Their fall is mostly the experiencing of madness, they pay their occult toll, which not one soul can avoid.
People also know that their willpower can be developed and if the highest is reached, everything in this area lies within their reach and they are conquerors of the occult laws, as their own life attunement is.
For they never reach above their own grade of life!
Many people are chased from the temples or obtain their grade for the priesthood, other people fall back into street occultism, lie and cheat the masses, and they help themselves with the little power of concentration, which they were able to master and show their arts on the street.
If I wish to manifest myself through you, then I will need ninety percent of your power of thought, if I wish to achieve something through your life.
The cross and board séances require and demand your full submission.
The people described previously only gave five percent power of feeling, the other ninety-five percent continued to dominate four-fold.
The father was therefore faced with four times ninety-five percent willpower and he alone is one hundred percent.
How does he wish to conquer these powers and completely disengage them?
When the people at the séance cannot make themselves passive, there is no question of us coming through.
This dominating percent continues to think and now holds a séance itself!
However much this father wanted to communicate, the occult laws called him to a halt.
During these séances, your own thoughts are the living stumbling block for us.
However, you will think, how can I master this sensitivity?
Now we are faced with a very great problem.
Because what is sensitivity?
It is a feeling outside of your own life, a life which lies above that of you.
What is oversensitivity?
It is consciously fathoming another grade of life, the true feeling of being able to follow another life, then descending and becoming one is experienced.
This sensitivity comes from your personality.
If this personality is not spiritually sensitive, you will certainly sense it, then there is nothing for our world to feel.
That feeling can only be mastered as a result of the experience of suffering and sorrow.
This becomes the sensitivity; because of your life experience something in your life bends and breaks, which adjusts itself and becomes pure spiritual love.
This experience becomes spiritual knowledge, worldly wisdom!
And in order to achieve that you need many lives, many lives, before this power of feeling, this sensitivity reveals itself to your personality.
But who wants misery?
Who wants to reach spiritual knowledge through misery?
Yet, experience has taught us that we only advanced as a result of experiencing suffering, every moan in life gives you worldly wisdom, at least if your personality has become sensitive, because most people are like the living dead.
They are still unaware.
Experience works on the heightened conscious.
The feeling is dominant for your society, even if you can reason very sensibly on earth.
Writing without feeling is living dead; all art, which emerged outside this warmth, is not art, it is material nonsense.
Feeling is sanctifying; it is inspirational fire!
Feeling is creation, the Divine perfection.
Anyone who possesses a lot of this sacred fire is open to all the life of God and is suitable for the mediumistic gifts and all the occult laws.
When a fakir has conquered himself, when his concentration is developed, he can apply the local trance to the material organs, he can stab himself with a sharp object.
As a result of his concentration, he strips the material part from the actual life.
This Oriental is tuned into the physical phenomena, which also come into spiritual working psychologically.
Because of his developed concentration, power of thought, emptying himself, he can experience these material laws, and so he got those laws and powers of his organism under control.
A yogi follows the spiritual path; he wants to conquer his organism, only in order to become spiritually released from the material earth and to stay in the universe, where he wants to get to know divine wisdom.
As a result of his concentration, the fakir absorbs the life of the local part in himself or takes it somewhere else, sometimes outside his organism and life attunement, in order to build up a second self, after which he can experiences his arts.
The yogi follows the complete release from his organism and now looks around in the other life that he enters, which is the astral world for him.
The yogi despises the fakir’s method, black arts.
He seeks the higher life; he wants to see God and now experiences the psychic laws.
And those laws belong to our life, but he is one part of this eternity.
This is his and our contact. You also experience these laws, because holding a séance is coming into connection with the astral world!
Even under anaesthetic, you are still sensitive, even if your personality is not aware of it.
However, this means that these powers are necessary in order to keep your body alive, or you would remain under the knife.
The anaesthetist gives you so much that you cannot go to sleep but are still insensitive to pain.
You are therefore between life and death, but are half material, half spiritually tuned and also disengaged.
You have descended from your day-conscious self to another possibility of existence, that of the spirit.
The sinking down of your personality or the conscious feeling and thinking is removing your conscious self from the daily, the now.
This remaining power regulates the blood circulation, makes the heart beat and keeps you alive.
Yet, this percent of your own personality follows the operation, at least the sensitive people; the coarse-material goes to sleep completely and feels nothing of the operation.
The sensitive people sometimes groan under the knife and now that twenty-five percent of emotional power reacts.
However, the nervous system does that, the nerves pass it on to you, or you would not feel anything.
Now you do not know that the doctor is cutting, the conscious self has gone to sleep too deeply in order to be able to react in the day-conscious life.
Your thoughts and feelings are therefore half-conscious!
However, you think and you feel!
And it is that which gives you a conscious, with which I want to show that even in sleep you are not empty, cannot be passive.
The anaesthetic therefore disengages seventy-five percent of your conscious and therefore divides you.
Even in sleep, you are still thinking and feeling, and yet you do not know anything about this thinking and feeling, if your sleep experiences the nature dreams.
You now experience the third grade of your sleep, because sleep also possesses the seven grades, the transition stages in order to make you experience the eternal for your going to sleep.
We will also get to know this sleep.
When you now hold a séance and are completely conscious of yourself, how do you wish to descend into this spiritualist occult anaesthetic, which brings about the connection with life for me as a spirit?
You have to be released from yourself even deeper than the material anaesthetic caused, because only behind that lives the life of the spirit and our unity lives.
How do you now wish to be able to make yourself empty?
Do you feel that this is not so simple?
Yet, it has to happen if you wish us to come to you in order to speak to you from this side and to pass on our wisdom to you.
I tell you, your cross and board séance holding has attunement to the occult laws.
This séance holding is a gift.
However, we are in control of the gift and you have to possess the sensitivity for it, it is only then that we reach spiritual unity.
The occult laws take us between life and death, for which purpose you have to be able to disengage your material life.
Your own will is placed outside your ability to think as a result of this being emptied, it is then possible for me to take away the life aura.
If that is possible, the spiritual connection follows and we are one if you attract no other disruptions.
When the spiritual connection has been achieved, you experience the conscious trance, because you are now brought for ninety-five percent into a higher conscious by other powers.
However, you are awake and completely conscious and yet no longer yourself, because the Other Side lives in you and wants to speak through you.
You will certainly feel that it becomes increasingly difficult.
However, if everything were so simple, your world would be overcrowded with good mediums.
However, there are very few good mediums on earth and just a few good circles that are really in connection with us.
Most mediums and séance circles give the answer themselves.
Every occult gift is a cosmic law, is universally deep, because the spiritual gifts represent the occult laws and the occult laws Divine creation.
We therefore purely experience the origin of Divine revelation, the laws for the material and astral life, when we have come together and you hold a séance.
If everyone possessed this sensitivity and could be elevated into our world, you would already live in a paradise for ages, and there would be no question of where you are.
Then all those millions of people would live in the conscious spiritual stage.
However, the dominant mass of humanity does not even know that life after death has an eternal meaning.
This mass still has to awaken.
If everyone was spiritually aware, we would not need to come back to the earth, you would no longer need us then.
However, we are not yet at that stage.
It is all very clear, but it is also very, very difficult!
Even if you achieved something at your séances, then your evening would still have no meaning for our life, because we now only serve you.
Most of these séances shut off the Other Side, shut off the spiritual leader from going higher in spirit, because this life is standing still!
We therefore achieve nothing by serving your personality alone and fulfilling your longings.
However, this is not the intention.
For us this is taking a path which takes us away from the light of life, it is sitting down and surrendering to the unconscious self, which you cannot long from one spirit of light, because we have become serving, serving for humanity.
Holding a séance in this way is not serving, it is play.
The play, for many, with life and death!
Four people can almost never be elevated into our life at the same time for these séances, or other possibilities will come to the foreground which we can make use of.
These four people will not give themselves anyway!
Therefore, one of your thousands of circles is truly in spiritual hands, the others hold séances themselves.
No spiritual messages come through at these séances.
When we achieve something on this side by you, then you have yourself to thank for it, and nothing else.
Then also, when you achieve nothing, because you have to supply the power in order to be able to hold a séance.
The famous occult East has had to bow its head to all these laws and of course also the western inner life.
And you are also still split, of which the East does not know and it is not bothered by it.
Yet, the East achieves so little.
What does the Western child wish to achieve?
Nothing, or this man and woman would be under our control and possess the feeling for it.
For the planchette, it is different, a bit simpler, because two people hold a séance for this purpose.
That is also possible for the cross and board, people often sit in twos, and still have to experience the same misery as was known and experienced with four people.
The planchette brings you into a completely different emotional state.
With the cross and board you can follow everything that is spelt out, as the letters lie in front of you.
The planchette makes looking impossible, the people at the séance cannot see under the planchette in order to determine how the pencil is writing.
At least they think that.
You see nothing now, but you feel all the sharper.
That feeling is also life-threatening.
The good mediums also completely disengage themselves for this purpose.
Yet this is all just as difficult for the cross and board.
Most people also now write themselves!
As the cross taps the letters, the planchette feels the writing.
It is controlled by human concentration.
It is usually twisting into the desired state, as you join your T, your H and the following E to make The.
It seems as simple as can be, but these people are faced with the same difficulties of the own self, being the self, which has not been disengaged.
You do not need to say no, we know your thoughts.
After all, I told you that I was able to make a study of this.
The masters wanted me to follow your actions and thoughts, in order to give you the true séance holding.
Our world wants nothing more than entering into contact with you, because of this another humanity will come.
We destroy nothing, on the contrary, we build up, you and your interests are at stake here, a work, however, which is sullied time and again by the uninitiate.
The planchette writers learn their writing of their own accord, the people at a cross and board séance do not need to twist, the letters are visible.
Even if you were to blindfold yourself, even then your own thoughts and feelings would not be disengaged, even if your ability to help were somewhat broken, divided.
Planchette writers are not bothered by darkness, they still write.
You see, if only they did not write, because it is only then that a spirit can take possession of their life.
Both methods of communication can be received by the same powers, there is no difference in anything, what has to be achieved is, and will remain being completely passive, or we will be called to a halt.
If you are satisfied with something else, with inspiration, for example, it is possible to write through you and then you can even receive very beautiful spiritual lessons.
However, now you may not ask even one question, or you are already busy removing yourself.
With this form of communication you know beforehand what will be given to you, these thoughts flow through your inner life.
You can never say, this is from the Other Side, because our life and your life melt together, we live in you and now work through your inner life.
In addition, you never come above your conscious, because we have to adjust to your life and act through these powers, but going higher is not possible, because you think and feel yourself.
That is the inspiration that we apply for writing.
It is possible to elevate all of you into this gift, but as for every other gift, development is needed for it.
Many planchette writers receive their spiritual lessons in this way.
Even if they really want to let it be felt that they know nothing about it, I tell you that they are speaking an untruth because, if they were really disengaged, the Other Side would be able to achieve spiritual miracles through them.
I ask you, where do these supernatural beings live?
With me, you will tell them: be satisfied with what God gave you.
Do not make it even nicer than it already is, be pleased that you have come so far, but accept that the higher, is not within your reach.
That requires something totally different, for this you have to lose yourself completely.
In addition the people at a cross and board séance do nothing else, they also spell the words themselves, but with the difference, that they cannot even experience the spiritual inspiration.
They shut us out!
The number of people present is therefore of great significance for the cross and board séances.
It is sometimes better to hold a séance with four people, than with two, which will soon become clear to you.
Holding a séance brings us, the Other Side, into connection with the life aura, the spiritual radiance you possess as a human being.
We have to elevate this aura into our life, but we condense ourselves because of it.
As a result of this aura, we also build up a spiritual wall that must protect you, and us, from the mocking spirits.
The joining of these auras is extremely difficult, because we are faced with the occult laws and the spiritual gifts, as well as the grades for your inner life and other laws.
We have to conquer all these difficulties.
If we want to manifest ourselves clearly, then we have to bring the auras to unity, because of this the séances reach growth and blossom.
It is only then that the elevation of the people at the séance can begin.
If the feeling is present for the mediumistic gifts, we can elevate two people more easily into our lives than four.
The feeling now speeds up the reaching of unity.
If these two people out of the four can be released, the others no longer need to be present and they are better to let go of the wooden cross, because they now are a disruption.
They have no more meaning for these séances; we just disengage them, even if they think that they feel something.
It is precisely those who are not conscious of their mediumship that we can elevate the easiest into our life, because a human being who also thinks that he possesses something in this respect, gives!
These people present, therefore, shut themselves off to these séances.
Very many séances fail because of this, dominated as we are by you.
If even just one of the four people can be reached, we can build up the contact as a result of different methods and other gifts.
However, it is a great miracle if four people possess one attunement, and represent one grade of feeling, have met to hold a séance, even if there are millions of souls on earth with your own grade of life.
Yet, your characteristics are not at the same strength and we can experience spiritual disruptions as a result of that!
Two people at a séance are easier to connect than four, but then they have to be one of body and spirit.
Out of four people at a séance, as I already said, we can chose who lives the closest to us and we elevate them into our life.
There is usually no one suitable!
The East has had to accept these laws.
The fakir and magician have to give themselves completely, or they would be better to give up their study, as they will not achieve anything anyway.
The occult laws require concentration from them for the full hundred percent tuned to one point.
They lose themselves in this, but by this, they enter the other and higher conscious.
If they reach that stage, then they can live outside the organic life, in order to experience what they want themselves and even take possession of another earthly body, even if the personality is awake and conscious.
If they do not meet their own kind, that conscious calls them to a halt, which is the own spiritual protection for that person.
He has reached the height.
The magician is also faced with it and goes to pieces as result of it.
However, if he is faced with his own kind, then they can make and break what they want themselves, and take full possession of that soul and its material body.
I certainly do not need to tell you that this is black magic, and as a result of which, ancient Egypt came to destruction.
Their own kind is then in their power and they suck them empty, usually only driven by their lust, wanting to possess the organism.
They had learned to split themselves, which was possible since they could empty their mind of thoughts.
When they want to break a body, they can do that, but I repeat, only in the case where they meet their own kind.
One wrong characteristic, longing for passion, already takes you into their arms.
These spiritual and material murderers do not only seek black magic as phenomena, you are also a phenomenon to them, and they experience you.
They sully your inner and material life, even if you are completely conscious, and in full consciousness.
Suddenly you feel that your body parts are being touched, the contact is there.
At that moment, their razor-sharp concentration is tuned into experiencing and being one with your body, and they do that just like that, even if you are amongst thousands of people or wherever you are, they suddenly descend into you astrally and sully the most sacred part of yourself!
If they want to possess what belongs to you, your wife, for example, and she can be reached; they rape her under your eyes, nothing stops them.
They have mastered these occult laws for black magic.
Thank God, the West has no concept of what there is in this incredible, unlimited area.
If it did have this, then no one there would think of holding a séance.
Yet, your ignorance is now our stumbling block, so that I speak the truth, each time I repeat that occult laws have to be experienced, because it is only then that you enter the life of the spirit or you will take yourself to the abyss.
In only a few seconds they are one with your life, which happens as a result of concentration and a strong, developed will.
If the magician wishes to go even deeper, then his thinking takes him to the unconscious trance.
Now he lies down and is asleep, but spiritually awake, or he would not be able to experience anything.
He can take himself to the epileptic sleep, the deepest sleep, which the organism possesses, and now lets himself be buried alive.
However, two of all those fakirs and magicians at the most, achieve that in the East, the rest do not become released from themselves.
In this state, the apparent death, the heartbeat weakens and stops beating materially.
However, the heart has to function, or death will come.
But the heart is now at astral strength, which means, the astral heartbeat.
That personality now dominates all material systems and has withdrawn itself between life and death.
Now he can do what he wants; experience the occult phenomena, or, let himself be buried alive if he wishes that.
In order to follow these phenomena, he does not even need to stay in this sleep; this possibility was offered two grades ago.
You will get to know all these possibilities later, it is only then that you will understand how amazing your own sleep is.
Ask a developed but animal-like tuned magician to destroy your enemy, then you just have to put your money on the table and he will carry out your orders.
He destroys the organism.
If that is not possible, then he will try it in different ways and makes himself one with the inner life.
In this state, he forces the personality to put an end to life.
If he is also faced with difficulties and his orders are not obeyed, he continues to lock himself up in this life and now begins to destroy the body gradually.
This contact remains powerful, but the magician now possesses the own personality of the body.
As a result of splitting the personality, he is capable of constructing a second self.
A yogi can now help you.
Many people call in his help.
He breaks this contact and throws himself spiritually on the magician, builds up an astral antidote in silence, until the magician feels that he has to let go of his prey.
The yogi wins irrevocably, if the spiritual attunement of the possessed individual has any attunement to his life.
In the other case, he tells you in advance that he cannot do anything for you.
Your life now calls him to a spiritual halt.
This is your own protection, your obtained conscious, and your spiritual attunement for our life.
We learned to know those laws in our life.
A lower hell cannot influence a heaven, the higher spheres are closed to the lower ones, and you also possess those grades and laws on earth.
They come into effect during a séance.
The higher spheres are closed to the lower self, and on earth, your lower characteristics call us to a halt during a séance, so that you see how the occult laws have to be experienced.
Now that entire séance holding is lost time, exhausting your organism, because the mocking spirits suck you empty.
Many people are dead tired after holding a séance, which happened because of the life force used.
What conscious, sanctifying power did you receive in its place?
You received nothing.
Only trouble!
Yet the conscious Western child searches for God and wants contact with those who passed over, a contact which is truly above all your earthly pleasures and experiences, because it takes you to the Divine kingdom.
However, who can say of himself: I have attunement with the first sphere?
There are no more faults in me, or lust?
Who is free from his own cause and effect, which determines your life in one direction and says ‘to here and no further’, of that law, which is the cause of a great deal of sorrow and earthly worries?
You have to be able to temporarily disengage those worries and all your sorrows, or you will not be released from yourself.
Is that not difficult?
And we are still not at the end, many other disruptions come forward as a result of this séance holding, which we have to conquer if we wish to come to you undisturbed.
In order to hold a séance, a spiritual attunement is necessary.
The son from earlier on had the feeling for it; he was sensitive.
But now the séance becomes inspiration.
That is also a gift we control, and of which I talked about in passing.
Cross and board are no longer necessary; the father could now have talked from feeling to feeling.
This possibility is also connected to other psychic gifts, because we now achieve a personal contact.
Clairvoyance and clairaudience now immediately come to the foreground.
However, all the other gifts need development, although it is possible through you to experience that for a few seconds, if you open yourself.
But the son was tuned into himself, which, we learn again, calls us to a halt.
When the Other Side achieves such contact with the earth, this unity only has meaning for the soul, which can achieve this.
If this sensitive person is holding a séance with other people, then these powers split up and the séance breaks our contact.
Many of your dead people build up a contact for yourself, because those other people at the séance cannot be elevated, so that you get a message from them that they forbid you to allow other people to your séance.
You see we are continually faced with being completely empty.
I already told you that the gift also possesses grades.
It is only in the third grade for the spiritual gifts that the Other Side can achive something beautiful.
Each gift possesses seven grades and they also have attunement to our life.
The highest that you can experience on earth is the third grade, because the fourth grade can no longer be experienced, it has attunement to the fourth sphere in our life.
I told you about this and you can now determine that all these gifts are laws, which have to be conquered by you and by us.
Each gift therefore has immediate attunement to the astral laws.
However, soon I will get ample opportunity to go into this deeper, now I consider it sufficient.
If four people hold a séance from one attunement, as the son possessed, we can elevate these four people and close them off, as a result of which it is possible to pass on spiritual food.
The son therefore knew beforehand what would be spelled out and the others also several times over.
The most sensitive people experienced it again and again, and from this you see who is suitable for holding a séance.
This knowing beforehand what will be spelled spelt out connects you with the gift of inspiration.
Now our thoughts can be spelled out, but they can also be given to you.
If you can reach a height in this – I already made it somewhat clear to you when I spoke about the planchette – then you experience the gift of inspiration with all of you.
This contact can be built up, after which you can receive spiritual food, but you will not come above your feelings and thoughts.
However, this is what is experienced at almost all the séances.
I am therefore trying to initiate you into different possibilities.
The majority of séances experience, if this possibility can be applied, spiritual inspiration.
Now you can receive a lesson of life and even wisdom from our life, magnificent lessons, which are given to you by the consciously thinking and feeling astral being.
However, one question on your part and you already place yourself outside this reception.
However, when this contact is truly good, a spiritual grade is obtained, asking questions is also possible again, because you engage and disengage yourself and are prepared again to be able to receive.
You have that completely under control.
Now it is better to allow no one on the cross, you can invite viewers, at least, if you feel that they will not influence your harmony either.
At these séances, you will never enter the astral laws; that means that you cannot receive any wisdom, which we pass on to you outside of your inner life, and which is supernatural.
Your inner life now refuses, you cannot take too great a jump, missing out pieces in this development is not possible.
You must now be satisfied with what you receive, as the people holding a séance with the planchette also have to accept.
In order to be able to receive the supernatural, you need gifts and you cannot experience them, for this, the sensitivity of a medium is necessary.
This school of learning can also take years before you all function naturally, before your human machine is tuned in to be able to receive.
You give us the opportunity for this; we work in silence upon your life.
For this time, perseverance and complete submission are needed, or you will still achieve nothing.
If we see that something can be achieved, even if we have to wait years for it, then the possibility exists that your family members who passed over will begin it.
However, if we see that you will succumb and nevertheless wish to enjoy the spiritual unity for a time, then I assure you that no spirit of the light will begin it, because he will otherwise see his own life wasted.
For the other séances, and in order to receive wisdom during a séance outside your own conscious, we do not need all your powers in the beginning.
Your dog and cat can now serve to make the cross move.
These animals then renounce their own life aura.
And that aura is unconscious; your aura radiates your conscious knowledge and emotional power and is humanly conscious.
The animal aura is therefore free of the power of thought for holding a séance, and we want to possess that aura precisely, even if we have to use your own powers afterwards.
For this purpose, we build up a condensation for the wooden cross and now lay the first foundations for our séances.
In order to make the cross move, we can therefore use the animal aura.
We seldom do it when you are ready to give your own powers, but only if it is necessary, when we, from this side, want to put you outside our life for these séances.
When I have reached that stage, I try to connect myself with the most sensitive amongst you.
I now live in this person; the aura connects me with that life.
If the manifestation starts, this aura, in a condensed state, is suitable for us, and now I enter the half material life.
I am therefore purely materialising myself, but also trying to elevate everyone into my life.
We meet each other here: I come to the earth, and you say farewell to the earth spiritually.
This is now your séance holding.
If so many laws did not have to be conquered, it would be childishly simple.
When I take away the aura, then the medium knows nothing about it, but he will soon be able to feel it on himself.
Now I have reached this stage, I must try to also elevate the others into my life, or at least try to dominate them.
These people must not think of anything, or I will be powerless.
However, we assume that I have reached spiritual unity with one of you.
Now I have to try to connect my aura and that of the medium with the wooden cross, after which I elevate the wooden cross into my life, because I will soon have to tap the words with this wooden thing.
When I am ready, I could start spelling, at least, if none of you starts to think and I have taken my other measures, or the life aura will be denied me again.
That conscious personality withdraws the aura to himself again by thinking, so that I have to start from the beginning.
We also assume for a moment that the medium and the wooden cross are one with my world and now continue.
The other people must remain passive.
If everything is complete, the medium then feels himself becoming tired.
By taking away the life aura, I stimulate the nervous system and I also have to prevent that, or it will awaken the nervous system and then the personality will start to think again.
The will starts to dominate me, and I have to prevent this by taking away as little power as possible.
I therefore have to build up this connection very carefully and condense the aura.
The cross lives in my life, I am holding it as a result of concentration and I am now faced with the occult laws, the gifts now come forward.
I therefore have to calculate how many powers I can take away from the medium, or the wooden cross and the medium will call me to a halt again.
I may not awaken the wooden cross either, or I will come into contact with the elementary laws and I have to prevent that as well, or everything will creak in your environment, which are also disruptions.
Those creak phenomena also attract other powers and dominate you, because your ears listen and you disengage yourself again completely.
The wooden cross therefore keeps its own independence, but loses gravity.
After all, I now have to make that wooden thing move and spell with it, but I am astrally rare and separate from every material power of thought, I go through it.
However, since I have condensed myself I have received this unity, because I came closer to the earth and the cross came closer to my life and attunement.
One now exists because of the other.
The wooden cross becomes separate from the earth and gravity, and is now within in my reach.
The medium feels nothing, he is only somewhat drowsy.
We now live between life and death, in the occult laws.
Now I have to divide my concentration, I have to both think of this connection and I must spell, pass on my wisdom.
If I do not want to evoke any disruptions now, then I have to prevent a word being spelled, which interests you intensely; in this way, I would awaken your interest so that our contact will be broken.
One word on my part can now be fateful, after which I can start again from the beginning.
If there is a Johan amongst you, then I must not speak his name, or Johan will start to help me and I do not want his help.
If I pass that on to you, which touches your life, then you will think immediately and you will disengage me.
I now try in an indirect manner to penetrate to the truth, avoiding all these dangerous rocks and just continuing.
The fact that I derive my measures from your personality is the reason that we keep our contact.
However, if one of you thinks about the word received, if one person makes the comparison with his own life, if you consider a word or a problem that is treated, then that takes the medium out of his state at that moment, the wooden cross also becomes free and you fling me out of your life again.
I cannot stop this chaos, everyone starts to think again, take over the wooden cross from me and I can start from the beginning.
All of this dominating concentration of thought, which I have to fight against, destroys the unity built up and you have conquered me splendidly.
I say, how easy it is to hold a séance with a cross and board!
The only thing that can still follow me is the wooden cross, but I have to withdraw my concentration and those powers also pass into your hands.
If this is still conquered, then I have to take your intruders into account, the mocking spirits.
If the medium can be reached through one of his characteristics, then he comes into connection with these mocking spirits, so that they break down our spiritual wall, which I built up in the meantime.
Our séance circle is closed off as a result of your own aura, we live and work in this, but every low characteristic is an opening, a disruption, through which they can enter.
One characteristic already breaks this wall and I cannot do anything about it, I am powerless because I cannot reach you in this.
The mocking spirits take over the cross, they are in your midst and reach unity because of this.
Then they spell their rough words, nothing interests them, and they only seek their own pleasure.
And they disappear again just as fast.
When you have recovered again, the master can begin, at least if he still sees a purpose.
Holding a séance like that is fatally tiring, is emptiness, and is being the living dead.
“Why do mocking spirits come, father?” the son from a moment ago asks.
“Because you do not know your own life”, is the answer.
You still have attunement to their life, even if you are busy elevating yourself.
However, these facts speak for themselves.
If you are free from these low characteristics, no spirit in the darkness is capable of coming to you, he now walks through you and neither hears nor sees anything of you all. To him you do not exist.
Then this is by your own life attunement.
Praying can therefore not help you, prayer alone is not enough for God, God wants us to get to know His laws as human beings.
Your deeds have to show what you want.
Beautiful music is wonderful, but the actual emptiness dominates it and your prayer.
The best thing you can do is to ignore the low spirits; let go of the wooden cross and wait, but meanwhile you must prepare yourself for the spiritual contact.
Once a dark spirit has been connected to you, then other characteristics come to help this one characteristic and a battle emerges of evil against good.
You will therefore not get a master at your séances, because we have understood that we will achieve nothing in this way.
These are the occult laws that we all have to conquer.
There are still some, which I did not even mention, but I consider this enough, so that you can arm yourself against all the previously mentioned disruptions.
Can they be conquered?
Is it possible for you to eliminate all these factors, which are laws, and to think: will it work anyway?
Just try it, but experience how they will call you to a halt.
They dominate your life and our life, they are for the cross and board and for your little table, for your planchette.
We give you the advice just to stop.
This cannot be fought against; we ask strong powers for this séance holding.
However, where do these people live?
Can you find your own kind?
Our life stands still and your life is wasted, at least your precious hours.
If there is one good power present, then we can go even further.
In order to achieve this contact, I put a medium into the half trance.
I now disengage the other people completely and pass on my wisdom through the medium, I dominate the others, if they at least want that, or this method will also call me to a halt.
I am continually faced with your own thoughts. I told you, they are living obstacles for your séance.
The others no longer have to do anything other than carry the wooden cross.
However, these mediums usually have their own task to accomplish for this world.
And your séances are too tiring for them.
They can also make better use of their own time; nevertheless, it is possible to reach unity through this power with all of you.
Only a few people achieve something, the rest hold the séance themselves and cannot conquer all of these difficulties.
Years pass in order to achieve nothing after all.
A good medium could already have told you it on the first evening, now you have wasted all those years, because you have not come any further, on the contrary, it has broken you down more than built you up!
One in thousands of circles achieves something. This circle possesses everything, the people present actually possess one attunement, represent one love, possess one will to be able to do something for our world, which is already a great miracle in itself.
If you do not believe me, then go your own way and just go to pieces, for one cannot meddle with the astral laws!
However, I repeat, if there is glowing submission, then we will speak to you, and you will receive spiritual miracles.
However, imagine this: if one of you holds the wooden cross too firmly, then we cannot cross that devoted willpower.
And asking questions is destructive!
Because of this you draw on your own conscious.
After all, every question takes you back to your own life, since its starting point is your thoughts and feelings.
You break the most wonderful contact as a result of one question.
It is only then, when we have built up a powerful bond together, when our spiritual unity is complete, when there can be no more disruptions, then the Other Side will tell you whether you can ask questions.
And never ask for proof.
If we think we have to give you proof, and your life has passed into ours, you will receive this proof of its own accord, you have then earned it.
Wait and think about what was given, meditate in your life and you will call us back naturally, we have sacred respect for the pure and conscious human meditation.
But you must bring yourself so far; we will only then return to you if your love is tuned into the life of God.
Your own life then gives us the strength and the love to ask God’s blessing for you and your people and for our gathering.
Do not make our world ridiculous, only hold a séance for spiritual gain; otherwise, you will experience the opposite to your own expectations and longings.
Know and accept that your earthly doctor possesses enough wisdom, so that our diagnosis is not needed and will not be given by us at your séances either.
Know that God works through all His children.
Remember that we do not give advice in earthly matters, because you draw us back into your material misery. It does not matter to us if you wish to move to another house or become engaged, you muddy your connection with us, you make a game with life and death of the sacred unity in the spirit.
We will not let our powers be broken up in any way by you, because we are resolute in our thoughts and feelings and we know what you think of our lives.
You must never forget that you live on sacred ground; before you is eternal life, into which we will elevate you.
Play beautiful music, purify your own environment before we come, but do not forget your attitude, which your success and our success depend on.
Do not hold a séance when there is hatred within you, as you draw darkness to you.
The poison which you emit, comes back to your own life a thousand-fold. You know that Christ said: “What you sow you will harvest”.
The occult laws only demand love!
If you cannot comply with all of this, then keep your hands off the wooden cross. It will give you sleepless nights, and your nervous system will be destroyed because of it!
The occult laws do not let themselves be mocked.
You have to be ready for our life!
Thousands of people think that they are mediums and that they can work with the cross and board, the planchette and the table. However, it must now be clear to you that it is not so simple.
You have to seek the faults with yourself; our world is not to blame for anything.
The human powers can be used, but they have to be developed for this contact.
It is only then that the gifts come forward.
I give you one more warning for your séances.
Remember that you are connected with the universe during your séances. You think that you are closed off by your walls, but the astral personality walks through them and lives in your midst.
Therefore, try to build up your own enclosure, which can be achieved by prayer and beautiful music.
Before you start a séance go into spiritual meditation, bring yourself into harmony with our world, never forget that you live on sacred ground during our unity.
You have to be willing to remove yourself from all your earthly worries, or your life will be unravelled because of it.
Few people realize how conscious-full our life is and do not think about the fact that we discarded your life.
Do not draw us into all those meaningless matters, leave us outside your karmic laws, but know that we will do everything to help you.
It is therefore very possible to reach spiritual communication as a result of the laws of God. You can receive everything from God, but God asks of you to devote your own life for it.
Anyone who is not yet at that stage has to learn it!
Follow my advice and do not think!
If you wish to know or you hold a séance yourself, try to empty yourself as well as possible, and you will see that the cross will lie stone-dead on your fingers; it is now without your inspiration.
Dare to accept that you are busy yourself, do not lie to yourself and cheat yourself.
The Other Side knows that there are a few circles on earth, which experience harmonic unity, the rest of all those séance circles experience themselves.
And yet, for God everything is possible!