The mediums of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt experienced the honour of bringing the occult gifts to full development, but was supported in this by the Other Side, under their own power they would not have reached so high.
Numerous books were written about ancient Egypt, but little is known about how those priests received their wisdom.
Even if the contemporary East wanted to master the wisdom of ancient Egypt, the Other Side knows that the East only experiences the shadow of what used to be experienced in the Temples of Ra-Ré and Isis by masters on this side.
The spiritual wisdom of ancient Egypt has spread over the whole world.
Secret orders emerged, of which one – the Rosicrusians order – now also provides millions of people with spiritual food.
A pharaoh along with supreme priests founded this order to save the wisdom from destruction by black magic, since white magic had dissolved in black magic.
The occult gifts were first experienced by the priests for wisdom. When Egypt declined spiritually, the dark elements took hold of the Temples and white became black!
I am mainly concerned with showing you that ancient Egypt also received wisdom through the Other Side, and that the spiritual gifts reached development through the masters on this side.
Because of black magic, this cosmic wisdom was sullied; the priests lived it up completely as a result of the occult laws.
The spiritual gifts became muddy and a war of good against evil emerged.
From that moment just a few good priests lived in the Temples, the majority forgot themselves and experienced the occult laws in order to destroy the other life of God as a result of it.
It verges on the incredible, you will say, if you know how those priests there lived.
They were rapists of the material child, and rulers in evil.
And under all these who had sunk low the few good ones lived, who founded the secret order.
As already mentioned above, this order now also provides millions of followers, spread throughout the whole world, with the wisdom obtained.
The Other Side received these forward-looking thoughts, in order to protect the wisdom from the uninitiated.
The Rosicrucian order carried out its necessary task in secret all those centuries. However, in your own century the Other Side will take over this task in order to continue the great work towards the outside world.
In the age of Christ, which is now reached as a result of this war (World War II), humanity will receive this cosmic wisdom, according to the aims of the astral masters.
Through the mediums, they will bring this wisdom to earth, as it had happened in ancient Egypt, and of course connect you again with those centuries.
It will finally reach you as the written and spoken word, the final knowledge that the whole of humanity longs for.
This development cannot be stopped by anything, the laws of God demand that each child of the Supreme will give his best powers, for which crowds of people feel prepared.
People were murdered, raped and sullied in ancient Egypt for this cosmic wisdom; in order to obtain spiritual profit people gave their own lives.
Many people did it for good; others did it for black magic.
Black magic has direct attunement to the hells in our life; white magic takes us upwards to the Spheres of Light, to the awakening in spirit, to the pure, selfless love, to God.
For the priests of black magic earthly life had no meaning, even if they experienced material lust, and the brutalization of their own conscious.
What people experienced there is unlikely for the western inner life; nevertheless, people were able to record that.
These priests could poison your life breath, completely contaminate your organism and ruin them, if they wanted that, they could also build up and cure, those powers were in their possession.
These gentlemen, initiates of evil, lived in temples or monasteries; they wore beautiful garments and insignia, but experienced a dark existence.
A conscious priest of evil, poisonous and mean as his life was, killed at a distance; to the person suspecting nothing he was like a great pre-animal-like monster.
His animal-like and horrible conscious, for which he had followed an enormous study, penetrated every other inner life.
These servants of black magic mastered ancient Egypt.
From that time the battle of good against evil emerged, a battle for life and death, of light against darkness.
In a short time not much was left of the glory in which Egypt had lived for centuries.
Now the priests lived in a stinking swamp of self-destruction.
Still hesitating, the good people observed this destruction until they also turned their back on good and had to give up their hope for the recovery of their temples.
They also threw themselves into this misery and then experienced the destruction of their own personality.
The pharaohs defended themselves in their own way, but black magic penetrated their hearts, took away their day-conscious self, so that they were faced with madness.
The high priests descended from their spiritual pedestals and violated the lives of others.
They were the children of dignitaries – priestesses – they were raped in the Temples materially and spiritually.
These children were sucked empty!
The material experience was not enough for the dark priests; they disembodied and experienced spiritual unity in our world.
You must be able to sense how awe-inspiringly deep this is, and then you must try to understand that this unity of soul to soul was a demonic possession.
Many people were not even suitable for it, others, on the other hand, experienced their own destruction in this.
What could no longer give them any satisfaction in the material life, they experienced between life and death.
There was no end to this unity, the melting together of two souls.
They could now indulge for days on end; spiritually enjoy the material coupling, because the soul in this world is inexhaustible.
Yet they had to go back to their material body, waken again on earth in order to keep the organism alive.
Like emaciated wrecks, their bodies lay down because they had also sucked up those powers.
The material body underwent the experiencing of the soul and became contaminated because of their lust, seriously deformed, because soul and material remained one.
After a few days, they felt recovered and surrendered again to their animal-like longings.
These priests were heading for their own destruction along with their pupils.
It must make you dizzy if you could sense this and now you understand how deep these spiritual people had sunk.
Then ancient Egypt experienced the material and spiritual decline.
White magic brought worldly wisdom and happiness; black magic brought animal-like decay.
When these priests were still in connection with the Other Side, they held spiritual séances.
This took place at a fixed time of midnight.
Then they sunk into deep, pure meditation.
Astral wisdom was received at these séances.
The medium would lie down on a wooden cross bench and soon fell into trance.
Lying down like this, naked, apart from a loincloth, also had astral significance.
Mother Earth now had to take care of this body and protect it during the trance.
The priests were afraid that an astral personality would take possession of the empty organism during the trance.
The body of the disembodied person now felt completely one with Mother Earth.
This great Mother would protect her child, who received wisdom for her creatures from Amon-Ré.
The Egyptians took the viewpoint that this primal power could defend the child that wanted to serve.
They felt and worshipped the powers of Mother Earth and left the care in her hands.
For them the body and the life of the soul was now ready to receive the wisdom of the Gods.
These sensitive people understood that each material following disturbed the soul in its longing to reach the deepest concentration, in which the laws could only be experienced.
The clothing, the worldliness of the self, attracted its own influence, and with it, a world of disruptions, and they wanted to prevent this by descent into nakedness.
The priest was taught:
“If you wish to be one with Mother Nature, strip yourself of everything which belongs to the earth, go naked into the water and feel that this pure and natural unity is a law.
Your soul can experience, you yourself will get to know and sense it.
The clothing smothers this experience.
The material cover is the desecration of the Gods.
Anyone who wishes to go to Amon-Ré, loses himself in the now and then reaches unity, if the anointment is complete.
You innocent people, helpless children of Amon-Ré, do not be ashamed, you will bear that, as a result of which Mother Earth has created you.
She bore you and she knows your life.
She wants you to come to her, as during the first hours of your birth, you are one in that.
She will cherish and protect you again against all the evil around you.
She loves her child in this.
Your clothing obscures that sacred tie; it breaks the feeling of reaching unity.
Go into the Mother and surrender to her.”
The priests went into the water naked and then meditated sometimes naked, if it concerned the development of the mediumship.
They went naked to Mother Nature and reached mystical unity because of their pure meditation.
For these séances, they experienced the same laws, the contact with the Other Side.
The psychic trance brought them these spiritual miracles.
The priest who disembodied was awaited on the Other Side by an astral master, who explained the laws to him in which they now lived.
The priest spoke from the universe to the people at the séance on earth and passed to them what he was shown and explained in the astral world.
On earth, in his Temple, this wisdom was recorded and laid down in hieroglyphics.
Egypt then experienced the very highest which was ever received by mediums.
The gulf between life and death was already bridged.
When they had sat down around the medium at a certain time, they suddenly heard the medium speak, after which they could start to ask questions.
The seers followed the disembodied person; the people asking questions – usually high priests – gauged the spoken word, asked their questions again, which clearly touched upon the problem being discussed, and then waited again for the answer.
These séances lasted until the morning, until the astral master found that the powers of the medium were used up.
The masters on this side analysed the wisdom obtained, and established the time of the next séance, the Gods were thanked, and the necessary sacrifices brought, after which the priests could begin their daily task.
The Great Winged One – the medium, who could disembody – underwent the material unity with the earth during the psychic trance.
What belonged to the material life was disengaged in this way.
Once released from the body as an astral being, the earth ensured the material contact, and the high priests ensured the unity of body and soul.
No disruptions could be present between spirit and body, because the medium already experienced thousands of occult dangers, which meant laws for both bodies, that belonged to the earth and the astral world.
The priest who had disembodied had to be able to dominate these laws, but was supported by everyone in his task.
All these priests knew the astral laws; they had been able to prepare themselves for these séances as a result of years of study.
They were conscious, but received cosmic wisdom through a master on this side.
It sometimes happened that they heard talking outside of the medium.
At that moment, they experienced the direct voice.
Now the physical gifts were engaged and had started to work.
The master on this side could achieve these phenomena, because the great medium possessed the feeling for it.
Because of the physical trance all the occult phenomena lay within their reach.
What was received during these séances was wonderful for them.
In this way, they learned to know life after death, the astral worlds and the spiritual gifts.
The pharaoh with his dignitaries was present at these famous, extraordinary séances several times in order to give the séances colour and dignity, and in order to thank the Gods, and to bring them sacrifices.
It was during that time that the priests carved on the pillars and every square metre of their Temples.
The wisdom was carved in hieroglyphics and painted, not one stone remained unused; in order to preserve the teachings received for the next generations.
However, this pure, spiritual, natural wisdom, this astral conscious, was first symbolised by them and made unnatural, incomprehensible for the uninitiated, in order to prevent desecration.
There was no shortage of these spiritual artists; each priest was a medium and usually a drawing or painting medium.
Through the Gods, they received all the psychic and physical gifts and they were grateful for it.
Yet only a few true great mediums lived at that time that helped Egypt to reach this occult height, the remainder of the number of priests could never reach that height.
Many people fantasized that it was a dear passion, even if they understood that they were playing with their own lives.
They could react as fast as lightning, were extremely sensitive and always ready to absorb visionary pictures, which they were forbidden by the high priests.
The longing to be great, to be able to possess the Great Wings, brought them to look for themselves, which usually ended with their death.
Because all of them were followed astrally-spiritually by the high priests, so that they could sometimes establish infallibly what their pupils were thinking about.
Even if they were asleep, the high priests recorded each frame of mind.
As a result of this spiritual unity they established whether or not the laws of their Temple had been overstepped.
The priest, who thought he could just go his own way, was in conflict with the laws of their teachings and received his earned chastisement.
For serious offences, a pardon was no longer possible.
The strict discipline, which people applied in these temples, contributed to the construction of the spiritual gifts.
However, it also brought about the fact that priests who were not able to hold their own against the tension of the temple life, started to resist the astral discipline and sought means to make their lives easier.
They attracted the help they needed for this themselves, masters who lived in the astral world and who were the representatives of evil.
From that moment, it went downhill and darkness made contact with the earth, as a result of which good would dissolve.
The demons of hell had waited a long time for this, now these people who had passed on from the earth received the chance to live it up completely through the material being.
These astral demons were usually fallen priests; therefore, people who already had learned the laws on earth.
As a result of their death, they entered those laws and now represented them as an astral personality, as a spirit.
What these souls sought was only lust, unity with the material life, from which they did not wish to release themselves.
Evil made contact; the majority of the priests gave into them completely and experienced the dark powers and forces, black magic.
They disembodied, built up a second self and then experienced what they really wanted themselves and where their feelings lay.
They were helped by the demons since they shared the experience of lust.
The astral monster had to have his share.
Because of this the earthly personality dissolved spiritually into the astral being, which usually ended with complete madness, if they were not caught beforehand by the high priests.
When the great psychic medium had exchanged the earthly for the eternal, Egypt had temporarily lost the great contact with the Other Side, the new medium had to be awaited.
However, meanwhile the séances just continued and that became fateful for the priests.
Amon-Ré would take care of the Great Winged One, a priest gifted by the Gods as a Deity himself, after which the priests could continue their study.
In those times, when everyone was attuned to that great moment, they meditated day and night; the spiritual decline emerged as a result of which the astral world of evil received the upper hand.
The priest who possessed the Great Wings enjoyed sacred authority and everyone wanted to possess that.
This longing and many other characteristics, which represented the lower instinct, asked for the desired contact and attracted this contact to it, but passed into the hands of evil because of this.
They were elevated into the universe one by one.
The priests were open, but should have understood that this openness would take them to the abyss.
On the contrary, they ignored everything; they wanted to enjoy this sanctity themselves.
The demons from hell elevated them into their lives and had it easy because the earthly life of the soul knew the laws.
The weak people lost their balance and came into the hands of the astral personality.
It often happened that the Great Winged One was born in the Temple, however, also sometimes outside of the Temple.
The Other Side then warned where the child would be born.
The parents gave up their child to Amon-Ré, which was a great event and an honour for them.
The whole of Egypt was then attuned to this miracle.
The child received a spiritual development, such as could only be experienced in ancient Egypt, and then prepared itself for a great task.
I already told you, the night séances continued, even if they only served to ask the Gods when the child would be born.
Usually the high priests already knew years beforehand where the child would be born.
However, these séances, which were held by lower forces, did not provide any wisdom.
The high priests were able to establish fantasy again and again.
If the priest who served as the medium could not defend himself, or produce proof that he was truly eligible for the highest giftedness, then he was faced with death.
This priest was then thrown before the wild animals.
Now he could give proof.
Many people surrendered to this unequal battle, but were slain in a short time.
However, those who were able to conquer the animal as a result of their concentration, proved that they possessed gifts and were free.
In this way, every priest who thought he could serve as a medium for the Great Wings received his chance, but the majority succumbed.
The Other Side now spoke absolute nonsense they contradicted themselves.
However much these mediums defended themselves and argued that the given depth had never been reached before, that the masters on the Other Side wanted to give them further wisdom, it did not help them, the high priests had a different opinion and presented these mediums with the facts.
Many priests lost their lives, until, however, the evil in the astral world had been able to build itself up so high, that the priests lost their hold and started to doubt themselves.
That was the moment for ancient Egypt, when black magic conquered white magic and it went downhill, towards darkness.
The dreadful fight between good and evil lasted for centuries and was won by evil.
Thousands of priests lost their earthly lives because of it, went mad or were lived through the demons of hell.
The spiritual gifts were sullied.
The medium was not released from himself, even if everyone tried it, because it was only then that they were accepted as a god.
However, anyone who disembodied experienced himself, could not come above his own inner life and conscious, and was not suitable to represent the Great Wings.
Anyone who went too far knew beforehand that insanity would attack him as an astral personality and many people recoiled from that.
The masters on this side could not elevate these developed priests into their lives, because not one amongst them possessed the grade of feeling to experience the astral laws.
All these priests could disembody, release themselves completely from their material state, but were still not suitable to serve the very highest.
During this study, under the wonderful experience of the cosmic wisdom, all these priests would have succumbed anyway.
The masters on this side could gauge their lives and see through them and therefore did not begin to do this, because it would bring them nothing but misery.
All of Egypt prayed to the Gods for a Great Winged One, but there was nothing more to pray for, black magic now reigned in all the temples.
Because of all of this I can show you that the Egyptians also had to accept their own grade of life, but they could not reach above it, because spiritual wisdom and gifts called them to a halt.
Anyone who reached higher than the conscious achieved succumbed.
Yet, all those priests had prepared themselves, got to know the astral laws, but they could not obtain the highest mediumship.
They still had to master this sensitivity, about which I spoke.
They could heal and were clairvoyant, but the astral wisdom could not be experienced under their own power.
They needed spiritual help for this purpose.
A Great Winged One lived once in every hundred years, a spiritual medium that possessed the psychic trance, as a result of which all the gifts could be experienced.
These mediums were conquerors in the occult area, the universe belonged to them, and their lives were universally deep and prepared for pure unity with our world.
As I said, when the miracle did not happen and people started to hold séances with inferior mediums, spiritual decline came.
The masters on this side withdrew and did not wish to follow the dark lives of the priests, and were not open to lies and deception.
They did not serve that destruction.
Their spiritual task was over.
Now white became black.
The priestesses were raped; under the disguise of sanctity, the priests made themselves completely one with these lives, but saw themselves descending into lust.
The lust and animal-like behaviour ruled all these lives; and this was elevated by the demons, so that all these “saints” sunk into a cesspool of human misery.
A few good people followed their own path, but were powerless against so much evil, and lost heart.
When they also left the earthly life, all the Temples had passed into the hands of evil.
The laws of magic now came forward.
To strike someone completely blind from a distance was a small skill for the priests.
The sick were also helped to a degree, but other healthy bodies were contaminated and broken down to their very last fibres.
And all of this in order to be able to give vent to their hatred!
Their biting, deadly concentration penetrated everything, they destroyed every tissue or paralysed the organs, they could descend into a person, because nothing stopped them now, they were rulers in their own territory.
When the demonic powers had conquered the heads of the Temples, the seven high priests, the highest authority, not one good priest was left, everyone in the Temple followed and served evil.
They had experienced their school of learning and had obtained a degree as priest.
The Other Side followed the decline from the Spheres of Light.
What had been worked upon for centuries disappeared from the earth.
(The Rosicrucian order saved what could be saved, the only thing that the world possesses and is still in the hands of good.)
There were no longer any astral impossibilities for these priests; they had learned to know the laws of magic.
The pharaoh was in their power, the priests ruled Egypt.
From that moment, physical phenomena came to the foreground.
For a short time, a fresh wind blew through the Temples of Ra-Ré and Isis since the order there had been somewhat restored, but those well-meaning powers were also conquered. Afterwards the famous Egypt dissolved completely into woe and astral misery.
The Temples now reached complete decline, the last light of life was extinguished and from then on tables and chairs floated through the space.
The priests then learned to know the elementary laws; throwing stones could begin.
A spiritual heaven changed into a dark hell!
A great army of dark astral beings helps them to achieve these phenomena.
This is precisely what has been awaited for centuries.
Magicians hang in invisible ropes, a child climbs up and disappears, dissolves before the spectators in a heaven of Amon-Ré.
Now materialisations and dematerialisations are experienced, which are achieved because these priests can be elevated into their dark astral life.
(Or it would not even have been possible.
These phenomena cannot be experienced by the uninitiated.)
It is wonderful what now happens, but for the Other Side the evoked phenomena have no meaning; the lower part in the human being achieves this.
All priests now practice black magic.
Many peoples want to possess these gifts and take them over, but one person after another heads for his own decline.
Now the grades emerge for the gifts; one experiences true phenomena, others, on the other hand, experience the reflection of reality and fantasize.
The charlatans come forward.
The real magician feels that his time has now come to hide himself, at least if he wants to prevent people from imitating his art.
He withdraws into his dark existence.
The centuries fly past; the wisdom in Egypt belongs to the past.
In your own time too a true magician keeps himself hidden, only deception comes forward.
Those people want to show their arts, the true magician is a spiritual artist, someone who has conquered the organism.
The rest is animal-like scum!
All these people search for themselves and yet one day face their destruction.
A time will come when they neglect their own protection.
Then they will also be lost.
All of them will have to pay toll to their occult, not one person will escape it!
In the East, fakirs and magicians try to reach the height of ancient Egypt.
This is laid aside for one or two people to achieve this aim; the majority succumb in their study.
An initiate and a spiritual yogi search for cosmic wisdom, these people tune into the Spheres of Light, to the invisible and visible God and want to get to know the universe.
Therefore high and low has come into existence, there are people living in the East who represent white magic and others who represent black magic, precisely as in ancient Egypt.
Both grades of feeling are still on earth and represent an own world.
However, who amongst them can surrender to the astral masters?
You have to search for those instruments, high and low, and the East searches for itself.
Anyone who wants to experience the occult laws or the astral wisdom must earn that possession.
The East did not understand that and it started its own study.
It must now be clear to you that the Other Side kept control of the spiritual gifts.
These spiritual miracles belong to the Spheres of Light; the lower conscious cannot give you this wisdom.
Evil mastered occultism, the hells emptied, on earth, lies and deception impeded the spiritual gifts, for which the Spheres of Light felt no respect.
Later, when we analyse the occult laws and the spiritual gifts, you will get to know these truths.
The Western researcher therefore had to search the entire East in order to find a good and reliable medium in our hands.
Disappointed, he could return to the West, not one medium of the many thousands whom he met there was able to convince him of the astral world, to give him our wisdom, all these mediums did not know themselves.
Academics searched the East; the trivial bit of wisdom they brought for the West was not worth all their efforts.
Yet, the East is truly searching for God, for the Creator of all life on earth and in the universe.
An initiate, who could have told him about this, keeps himself hidden, he knows that people will not understand him anyway.
Those whom the academic from the West met were the charlatans of the East!
Who is God and what is God? See here the essential question to which the East and the West is looking for an answer.
However, who had understood the true God and His revelations?
Is the East capable under its own power of giving you an answer to this?
Can the East really establish the deep laws in its own life, so that life on the Other Side lies in his hands like a flower?
Is the clairvoyance of the East cosmic viewing?
Is the wisdom that is received and experienced there truly from a source, which has experienced the primal attunement?
On this journey all of this will be explained to you, we will walk that difficult path together, establish the laws sharply, and actually analyse them.
I made a study of this.
I was able to follow the Orientals in their searching from my life, because I locked myself up in their lives.
Then I followed white and black magic and the Western medium, I researched evil and good, because I wanted to be able to now explain these amazing laws to you.
I experienced all their phenomena in their Temples and got great respect for the good priests, because I understood their great longing to be able to see the God of all life.
As an invisible spectator I lived in their midst and now saw how they experienced the laws of magic.
I am grateful to the God of all life for the task given to me, I am therefore telling you the sacred truth.
What is now given to you was experienced by all on the Other Side, all the life of God had to master these laws, if the life of the soul wanted to be able to go higher.
The task given to me is the sacred possession of the conscious obtained, and they are the angels on this side, who want humanity on earth to awaken.
All of the Other Side is following me!
May God give me the strength to be able to give everything to the earth, it is only then that you will know the occult laws on earth and you will be able to distinguish the good medium from the cheat.
That is the intention of the masters, who are in control of what I serve!