For the apports all the previous laws also apply. The medium also serves for this purpose and he surrenders his life aura.
These phenomena reveal themselves during the séances as physical phenomena. They are signs of astral life and you can count on an evening of spiritual scientific unity.
An apport as a flower is a cherished present and it has been given several times to the female people present.
The apport therefore has attunement to the levitation, they are sister and brother of each other, and together, they form part of a large family.
If we want, we can collect something from other countries for you and fetch the object.
One evening the master was asked:
“Will you fetch a stone for us, which you can find on coral reefs, situated there and there?”
“Fine”, says the master, “I will be back in five minutes.”
The master flies to the East.
He tunes into the stone, nothing can stop him, and the stone will draw him to itself.
He descends into the sea – because of his own aura he can see under water – and finds the stone.
Now he elevates the stone into his own life.
The stone has been dematerialized.
He hurries back, removes the astral laws from the stone and lets it fall onto the table.
An expert must agree that it is the stone.
The explanation follows and everyone is speechless.
These laws belong to our life; nothing can stop a spirit of the light. We have conquered those powers and forces; but by means of the life aura of the medium, we come to the half-waking conscious.
The charlatans heard the story and now do the same.
They give little stones at their séances, which are given just like that by their master to the ladies.
For our world it has only happened a single time, in order to give the proof how far we can go, after that not one stone was fetched again.
Yet, the people present get the desired toy, and pleased, they keep the little stones as a talisman.
They are insignificant things, because the charlatan has had to buy them himself.
Suddenly a dozen of them fall onto the table and now the people at the séance can scramble.
During such an evening coincidentally – how can it be – the jeweller is present where the stones were bought.
The man is introduced to the medium and thinks:
“Is that not the man who bought stones from me this afternoon?”
However, the medium pretends that he has never seen him before.
The jeweller informs his friend about what he knows and they are prepared.
That evening no stones come.
Yet the jeweller feels that there is deception involved here, he will not take part in a séance again.
Of course, the medium continues, and look, it is raining stones again.
The charlatan is now unmasked as with his dematerialization, now he is faced with the law and must tell how he has come to be messing about again.
A real apport is truly a gift from the master.
At one of the séances, which I already told something about a moment ago, people asked one evening:
“Can you fetch a stone from my studio?”
The master replied: “Think of the stone and I will fetch it for you.”
The stone is placed in the hands of a lady.
Surprised she tells it.
The master says through the direct voice:
“Give it back to the owner.”
In mere minutes, the master had completed the task.
I went with him, experienced all these wonders in order to be able to tell about it one day, which has now become possible.
They are therefore not stories.
The magician also knows these laws, because he is a master in this area.
If he sees that you are wearing a precious stone and he can reach your grade of life, you will have lost it also.
Do you hear it?
If he can reach your grade of life.
If he cannot, then he is also powerless.
If it is possible, then the magician does exactly the same. He now draws the stone to the dematerialization, but experiences with the stone the fifth grade of sleep and now consciously.
This is therefore the conscious trance.
However, for this purpose he must know all the laws and have mastered them.
These accomplished magicians exist; nevertheless, only a few of them have been able to reach this height.
They are masters in black magic.
He tunes into the piece of jewellery and removes it from you.
For him there are almost no impossibilities, at least if he meets his own grade of life. Attunement is also necessary for this purpose.
The great magicians can achieve it, the rest sell imitation magic.
The great ones do not need any tricks; they levitate and dematerialize themselves.
When they want to steal, they experience the unobtainable.
He just needs to tune into and grasp it in order to achieve what he wishes to experience.
A magician was invited somewhere to show his skills.
This is very dangerous, but the East knows these laws.
He gave the people present a magical evening, but a few of them are missing jewellery when the séance has finished.
Yet, he is not satisfied with just that. He also rapes a beautiful woman, who is spiritually sullied while amongst the people present.
She falls down unconscious and no one knows what has happened, people think that she is severely mediumistic.
However, the woman does not dare to say anything, but people finally get it out of her, that the man has taken her during a short break.
She found it horrifying.
How can anyone bring such people into their houses?
The same magician holds a party for friends, but he hears that they were not affluent enough for his taste.
Consequently, he goes out to see what he can get.
From the farmer he asks for twenty chickens, but the man does not wish to give them to him.
He then says:
“I am magician so and so.”
“It does not matter”, the farmer says, “I am not selling my chickens.”
“Give me the chickens”, the magician insists.
“I will not do it, money will not help.”
“Give me the chickens”, he repeats, “I will pay double the amount.”
“Out of the question.”
“Good”, says the magician, “tomorrow they will all be lying stone dead except for one.”
The farmer laughs, he does not believe in that nonsense.
The following morning his chickens are lying dead, one is still alive.
The farmer charges the man in Court.
However, the magician says that it was a matter of a bet between him and the farmer and the farmer now has his way.
What was the case?
The magician elevated all the chickens into his own life and removed the day-conscious feelings and thoughts from them, so the chicken’s inbred instinct.
He held this life for only two hours and yet all the chickens died.
He did not even curse the animals, that was not necessary for him, because the curse, he knows, must be experienced anyway.
However, the farmer was his connection. Through him, he received power, although that was not even necessary.
I tell you, only the very greatest can achieve this.
Once there is contact, then the one chicken attracts the other, as a result of which one murders the other.
He let one remaining chicken outside of his murderous concentration and it kept its own life in this way.
The magician knows the laws, and he has mastered them.
The yogi and the initiate do not meddle in black magic; they want to get to know the astral spiritual laws as wisdom.
An initiate is travelling with his pupils and spends the night somewhere.
There is also a magician who, when he hears that the master is present, goes to him.
The magician sees the master sit down in the darkness and asks:
“May I give you light, my light, master?”
The magician raises his right hand and look, light radiates from his hands.
The master looks at him and says:
“My brother, give me six months and I will teach you not to do this trick, your life has been destroyed by it.”
The magician leaves because he does not want to lose his skills.
Magicians close off the blood circulation, turn the heart of the wildest animal in the jungle and its rulers.
He is afraid of nothing, almost no animal can conquer him, although he is also sometimes powerless before some animals.
For example, a jackal cannot be reached, the animal possesses a grade of life, which belongs to the darkest, lowest hell sphere of the human being, and it can only be reached there.
A magician would have to descend too deep into that life and that is too risky, he can lose himself because of it.
He must always take his own grade of life into account, or his tuning in will also break his own protection.
There are more species that he is powerless against, but he conquers numerous animals as a result of the occult laws.
What an accomplished magician wishes for himself lies within his reach.
The human being can master everything that was created by God.
As a human being, you can experience high and low and use those laws for our own purpose. Yet, once we have let this life go and start on the higher, because everything on earth comes to an end.
Yet, the East is completely conscious that creation was created for the human being.
The Eastern child wants to master those laws, but it went too far and took a wrong path.
The Western charlatan has read or heard about all these laws and imitates them.
What these people have to bring has no meaning.
They can only sully themselves and the people at the séance; the magical danger is not within their reach.
Yet stones fall, they fetch flowers and they are then so-called given to you by the Other Side.
They are flowers from your own environment.
When there are no flowers in this environment, there is nothing for them to apport.
Their game begins in the dark, they play with life and death, and you give them an existence.
How is it possible that the twentieth century lets itself be deceived by spiritual manipulations, by conscious deception, carried out by a debased character, a monster without value?
You always have your own protection, because did Christ not die for you and for us on Golgotha?
The biblical people do not let themselves be cheated, they may not eat from any forbidden fruits, but a spiritualist has no knowledge of the bible. This life has released himself from the dogma and wants to know.
Truly, not all of them are sensation seekers, and many of them feel the sacred seriousness of life after death.
They have lost their loved ones and seek spiritual contact. Their smarting hearts do not come to rest, their bonds of love cannot be broken and this is what your charlatans abuse.
These souls visited by the devil draw themselves.
Anyone who sees through them sees a dung pit. Their life aura is worse than the plague could ever be.
Moreover, those people pray for you, decorate themselves with crosses and sell Christ!
Women and men, conscious people, help us!
Children of Christ, help us to wipe out this evil!