The seven material grades for the inner life

Mother Earth created seven grades for the material body of her children, seven types of bodies, the highest grade of which is experienced by the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on and the eastern people.
The first four grades now still live in the jungle, while the other three grades live spread throughout the earth.
The sixth and seventh grade of it built your society.
As I already recorded in my introduction, these grades are still the many types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on for your science, however, for us they are called the seven grades for the inner life.
Each grade has its own attunement for the life of the soul; it is this attunement which represents your personality.
In order to be able to reach the highest grade for the material life, the soul has to return to the earth many times.
Science is still not convinced of this reincarnation.
Neither does it accept that the human being continues after his last earthly life as an astral personality, and the soul is therefore also a personality after the material life; science will not accept it either as long as all of this has not still been scientifically proven.
However, we on the Other Side have had to accept our eternal life.
When we entered this astral, conscious life after our earthly life, we did not feel changed in any way.
On the contrary, we fully understood for the first time how awe-inspiringly deep life on earth is and how real spiritual life is.
We started to see how great God’s laws are.
He gave them to us, because it is His will, in order that we master them to be able to return to Him.
While we experienced the grades for the inner life on earth, we only have to know them consciously on this side and we saw that they are both material and spiritual.
We established that the organic life gave you these grades of feeling.
By experiencing one grade after another, your inner life could grow.
You, who passed through all seven grades, therefore mastered a consciousness, which is both material and spiritual.
When you leave the earthly life and enter the astral world, your inner life determines the place where you come to on this side.
Here you will see the seven grades for the inner life again as the seven hells and heavens.
If these grades for spiritual and material body had not received their existence on earth, there would not have been any hells and heavens.
They would not have been able to exist.
That horrible idea concerning the last judgement, which we are faced with in this connection, has no meaning on this side, because we immediately enter a grade of existence, a world of existence after our death.
When we arrived in the astral world, no judgement awaited us and we were not forced to a place. No dear reader, after our death we were faced with our own personalities.
Our own inner being determines where we will live here.
God does not judge and He does not show us a place either.
It is we ourselves who judge!
It is the grade of consciousness for the life of our soul, which attunes us to one of the hells or heavens.
God created all these grades of life for the material and astral universe.
It was He who gave us the possibility to continue, because of that, each of us can experience the law for returning to the All-Father.
God created the material body and the life of the soul, the material universe and the astral universe for us as human beings, the most gifted beings in this universe, which He made in His own image.
God gives us the lives needed, in order to be able to experience the grades for the inner life and to master them.
Do you really believe, reader, that you can experience the Divine All through one earthly life experienced?
Moreover, in one simple material life you can prepare yourself to live in the spheres of your Divine Father?
Oh, no, in order to reach so far, one day, you will have to experience all laws and grades in the cosmos, because, I repeat, it is God’s will that you get to know His creation consciously.
The meaning of your life on earth, as a result of this, is cosmic.
It is your earthly lives which take you in these seven material and spiritual grades to all races (see article ‘There are no races’ on and people of the earth, and give you the opportunity to take body and spirit so high, that they reach the highest stage for the earth.
However, you have to go even further, you have to go back to God.
It is for this reason that new worlds await you after your earthly life.
In addition to the material attunement your grade of life also possesses an astral attunement, which you have to represent as a personality, I have already remarked upon this, it determines your place in eternal life.
You will enter a heaven or a hell here.
That personality also possesses grades, not only for the life of the soul, but also for the body; grades we will get to know later.
However, I am not concerned with them now, we will get to know them later, when we follow the medium who possesses spiritual gifts and serves our world.
I already told you that the first four of the seven grades for the inner life are represented in the jungle, while the other three are spread over the rest of the earth.
The people in these grades belong to the higher and highest types of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, they possess more consciousness, they behave very differently to the first four grades and show feelings, as a result, their spiritual attunement comes forward.
The body is in control of these grades of consciousness, through it, you entered that attunement and you received the higher, conscious life.
It is therefore no coincidence that you are part of the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on and you have a higher consciousness than the inhabitant of the jungle has.
Since your body has followed the seven grades, you have reached that stage.
Mother Earth gave you this gift, she enabled you to experience all those bodies, she fed, clothed and took care of you.
She showed herself to be a true Mother in every respect!
It must be clear to you why God created the grades for the material consciousness.
They form the material steps for you to go higher.
Since God wants you to consciously get to know His creation in its whole, you cannot possibly miss out stages in the plan of creation.
Climbing all the material steps that take you from the jungle to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on is therefore undergoing and experiencing a material law; it is necessary for the development of both body and soul.
Millions of souls live in one grade, they are part of a natural, material attunement, which is a type of race (see article ‘There are no races’ on for science, but has to represent a spiritual grade for our world and namely because the human life is eternal.
If you understand me, it must also be clear that, even if the human being represents a spiritual grade, this does not mean that he possesses either the spiritual awakening or personality.
In the material grades that Mother Earth created for your evolution, the following attunements are represented: the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material and material.
The spiritual belongs to our life.
On earth, you will find all these attunements represented, you can recognize the people who live in it by their actions.
The animal world also possesses its own grades of feeling for the material and inner life.
Each organism, each organic life in nature possesses these grades.
With the human being different grades of the animal world return to God.
All life, as well as becoming spiritually conscious, came into existence on the moon.
This planet was the first to receive the care from God for His creations.
By experiencing the material grade of life by grade, this consciousness came to earth as the last, because meanwhile Mother Earth had also finished in order to begin her task.
In those millions of lives your inner self and that of the animal had reached the grade of your material earthly consciousness, while your body likewise changed the more this evolution progressed, until you climbed up to the highest stage which you as a human being can reach.
The animal has to experience its grades by accepting thousands of types of material bodies. However, for the human being God created one body.
All the planets in the universe worked on the completion, with the earth as the last transition.
Then the human being, at least his life of the soul, is faced with the astral world and its heavens and hells.
The animal grows in those thousands of stages to the winged species, because only they continue in the astral world.
The life of the soul therefore travels a long path before it possesses consciousness on earth.
All types of people live together.
However, every grade of life can be recognized.
The attunement in which the human being lives can be determined from his deeds; these deeds place you before the laws and take you to the personality.
From the character, from which the deeds flow, you can recognize the inner consciousness, then you can determine to which of the spiritual inner grades has attunement.
When the soul has experienced the material grades for the body, it is faced with the laws of cause and effect.
Now, the making up for evil committed in previous lives begins.
This has to be completely dissolved if the human being wishes to enter the Spheres of Light.
Anyone who senses and completely understands what I have now told you will know the explanation for the many apparent injustices that the world shows.
Why does one person live in the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on amongst civilisation and pleasure, and the other person experiences the miserable state of the jungle?
In addition, why does one person receive wealth and health and the other poverty and illness as his lot?
You just do not know what to do with these questions, which are great problems for numerous people on earth, if you accept that you only receive one life, as your churches and science keep on claiming.
If you can accept that the soul has to experience an evolution in order to experience all these material grades, you will see that there is no question of divine injustice.
If you think for a moment, it must be clear to you that God, as a Father of love, cannot treat His children unjustly!
He cannot give one child everything and let the other perish in misery.
God has an intention with everything in the universe, and in this way, it must also have a meaning that the one person lives in the jungle and the other person lives amongst the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on
To God all His children are equal, not one child gets more from Him than the other.
However, do you not enjoy more than inhabitants do?
Can your standard of living be compared to that of an unconscious person?
Do you live in the same grade of consciousness?
No, but do not see any injustice from God in it towards the inhabitant of the jungle.
The latter simply cannot experience your grade of life, because his life of the soul is not ready for it.
His soul still has to gain material consciousness in order to be able to enter the spiritual inner life one day.
You, as a white person, possess in your state more happiness in every respect than he does.
The miserable existence in the jungle lies too far away from you.
However, you also completed your first lives there!
What therefore appears to be injustice, in fact means evolution.
In order to be able to return to God as conscious souls, we must experience all the grades He created.
That height cannot be reached in one life; many are needed for this.
In the whole creation, these grades of life can be established and followed.
Every animal represents its own life law as a grade.
Mother Earth gave these grades to all her life, to human being and animal.
She forces you to experience them, until you have reached the highest sort on earth.
Only then can you go further.
The angels from the highest spheres on this side once lived in the jungle.
No one can escape it.
God gave us all these grades in order to awaken.
In our life, the astral personality has learned to know the grades and then start to understand them.
The masters on this side took me and the others back to this, and convinced us by showing us the image of God’s plan of creation.
Everyone who enters the Spheres of Light is put into connection with the stages experienced.
There can no longer be any doubt; the laws speak their clear language.
We can just see before us how there was always a body ready in order to serve our life of the soul in its evolution.
We experienced how we were given both the female and male body, and we understand that this was necessary, because God wants us to get to know all of His creation consciously.
Everything appears incredibly deep and yet it is childishly simple for those who know the laws.
Now the whole universe is materially and astrally inhabited, all the grades have been taken possession of in the life of the soul, the human being has already reached the Divine All.
The first jungle inhabitants now live in the Divine Spheres.
Anyone who wants to get to know the world and the people, God’s creation, therefore has to know about the existence of the seven material grades for the inner life.
Without this knowledge, creation presents you with unsolvable mysteries!
Christ came from the Divine All to earth in order to bring divine wisdom here.
Knowing the grades, He went to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, because a lower consciousness could not completely understand His wisdom.
Even the highest consciousness nailed Him to the cross.
But how would the jungle instinct have acted?
Through Christ, a direct connection on earth came into existence with God and the astral world.
He once experienced the grades of life as every other creature, because God does not make any distinction between any of His children, and as a result of this, he could enter the Divine Spheres.
Within Him, who himself travelled that long path, struggling laboriously; the longing had grown to help the earthly being.
His divine mission then sent Him to the highest grade of consciousness, to the West.
Moreover, as result of this, it is again clear how much Christ knows God’s laws, God’s life!
Why did Christ not go to the East, which, like the West, possesses the highest grade of life?
Because the West is open to Christ and the East is not.
The reason for this lies in the great difference that exists between these same grades of life.
The East, seen as a personality, has a different make-up to the West.
The Oriental still possesses his natural instinct, while the Western has split himself.
The Oriental lives closer to nature; he is more natural than the Western.
Your society is to blame for this.
Because of his nature the Oriental is tuned in strongly to the occult laws.
His religious consciousness is great, and so is his respect for the Supreme Being.
Is it any wonder that he searches for divine phenomena and revelations through occultism?
Occultism is far less attractive to the western inner life than to the oriental.
The Western does not search himself, he can only receive and this makes him suitable for the coming of Christ!
The Oriental is tuned into the occult laws, the Western to Christ.
The West, which was open because it did not search for itself, received its consciousness through Christ and, because of this, it possesses the very highest for the earth and for our lives.
However, you must not conclude from this that the western personality is now elevated above everything.
In many respects, the East is far ahead of the West.
While the East is strongly aware of the mystical laws which the life of the soul experiences, the western inner life is one of the living dead in this respect.
The Oriental knows about reincarnation, accepts it; on the other hand, the West still has to awaken to this reality.
However, this will happen and by being open, it will become easier for the Western.
The East itself also proves the fact that the western consciousness takes in the highest grade for the earth.
Many of its sages and spiritual saints, the initiated, already came to the West.
While they were not understood in their own country, they found understanding here.
The East and the West: two worlds, however, for God completely one.
These peoples follow the same path.
They can likewise only reach the aim to which this leads through Christ!
The West sees this, its inner life, taken as a personality, is Christ.
However, the East, which is still blind to Him, searches in order to get to know God, the visible and invisible God.
The Oriental, the initiate, devotes his life to this.
The Western has nothing to give; he has only to accept what Christ brought, but because of this, he received the higher consciousness.
In this way, the West will also reach the mystical one day, and because of that will enter the spiritual grade of life which belongs to our world.
I now come to the seven spiritual grades for the inner life.