Direct voice

The medium for the direct voice is a revelation. We have also given thousands of people a great deal of proof of life after death through these physical gifts in our hands.
However, it has been so mercilessly sullied, that judges had to become involved in order to call the charlatans to a halt.
The medium is in trance, because a great deal of aura is removed by the master and his helpers, if we want to be able to condense our voices in such a way that you recognize them, or the manifestation will not speak to your life.
The life aura of the medium is condensed, just like photographing.
Because of this we come closer to the earth and like photographing, this is the half-material and spiritual stage, a grade of life which is between life and death and as a result of which the phenomena can take place.
Our voices have not changed in the slightest, because we accept our life on earth for a short time.
All of this will probably seem unlikely to you, but it is still possible, because we live in these laws and can achieve a material condensation through the life aura.
The great wonder is almost incredible for the uninitiated, a direct voice séance is so amazing.
It is also possible that you see other phenomena during the séance, because other gifts and phenomena are also brought about by the medium.
An evening for the direct voice is therefore an experience.
Apart from the medium a dozen people can take part.
They are only admitted when the master on this side approves of it.
He ensures as great a harmony as possible, or disturbances will come because of the different grades of life, which are admitted, and this must be prevented.
The more people from one grade that take part, the more beautiful the séance will be, because then there is spiritual contact and this is of great significance.
The séances are first held in the dark, then with red light you can follow everything, now nothing can be doubted.
In the middle of the circle, a table is placed and on that table, two megaphones, through which we speak.
Those tin things keep the voice vibrations together and prevent the fragmentation of powers.
The people present have sat down in a circle and join hands in order to close off themselves and the space in which the wonders will take place.
People may not break this circle by letting go of the hands.
The people present are silent could forget themselves during the speaking, and take the megaphone in their hands, with the result that the medium could die immediately.
These séances are therefore very dangerous for the medium.
As a result of the contact outside of the master, physical disturbances can occur of a fatal nature.
Numerous direct voice mediums have therefore devoted their own lives to the people at the séances, who no longer knew what they were doing because of the emotion.
Music is necessary for these séances, organ and cheerful music, especially cheerful music, because of this, material vibrations occur.
Sometimes the master says that there must be singing, and this is necessary in order to condense the atmosphere, as a result of which we connect ourselves and can enter the half-material world.
The medium is provided with bands, which emit light, so that the people present can follow everything.
Thousands of people have already been able to experience that our spiritual voices have not changed in any way and all of them were very moved by it.
The timbre has not weakened in any way and you can immediately recognize your loved one by this.
You hear us as if we still live on earth and are having a conversation with you.
It moves everyone when the voice of a loved one speaks, of whom people know that the person has exchanged the earthly for the eternal, even if that happened years ago.
Some people cannot say a word at that moment and then the astral personality must urge the earthly being to say something anyway, the direct voice is so impressive, moving and awe-inspiring for you on earth.
When a child speaks to the mother left behind, the mother must possess supernatural power in order to be able to control herself, which is necessary anyway, or the speaking will be hampered as a result of this.
The master helps you and the child. He elevates you into his mighty concentration, but then, when the contact is broken, you must prove that there is concentration in you, if you do not wish to succumb.
All these emotions must be prevented, or the medium will return from the trance and this causes disturbances.
Of course, the medium is taken care of in the meantime, by a spiritual doctor.
When you hold a séance with a dozen people, the light goes off and hands are joined, the master begins his task; and closes off the circle astrally.
You will certainly sense why.
He does that in order to protect you from mocking spirits.
He erects an astral wall and takes away power from the people present for this purpose, which is used for this building up, after having been condensed by the aura of the medium.
When that has happened, the music can play and you may talk. Those vibrations are also necessary in order to materialize the astral voice.
Now it is a question of waiting for the things that will happen.
The medium sinks into trance and that trance goes to the fifth grade of your sleep.
During the trance, the medium remains in the body, but there are fluctuations in this, which means, the medium actually lives between the third and fifth grade and this is necessary in order to remove the aura, which cannot be taken from one grade of feeling because this can sometimes exhaust a local part of the organism.
The doctor who takes care of him during the trance and is actually one with the medium the whole evening, prevents physical disturbances and the removal of the aura in one state of sleep.
That is his task and knowledge is needed for that, not only of the soul, but also of all the grades of sleep, about which I have already told you.
The medium therefore floats between those grades of sleep, as a result of which the life aura of the physical body and the soul life reach unity.
The deeper the trance now becomes, the more powerful the direct voice is.
If the medium has reached the fifth grade, then his master can begin and you sometimes see how thick white clouds form the condensed aura, which we call ectoplasm.
It is the result of the condensed aura that the direct voice reaches condensation.
We reveal ourselves through the aura, pass into it and receive the half-waking material because of it.
We now come closer to the earth through the life aura of the medium and that of yourself, which is removed without you knowing, which, however, you can feel after the séance, because many people feel dead tired.
Power has been removed – because everyone gives himself – if there is something to remove from you.
The aura of the medium reaches unity with that of the megaphone.
Meanwhile, the megaphone is removed of gravity. I also explained that phenomenon to you through your cross and board séances and we elevate him into our life.
The megaphone is in our hands. We float upwards with the material thing above your head and it is visible to you.
The floating of the megaphone is an initial phenomenon and now the voices can soon be condensed.
If the master wants speaking to take place, then the astral personality must tune into his own life of the earth, as was said for taking photographs.
The concentration is tuned into the speaking, the megaphone keeps the vibrations together and suddenly you hear:
“It is me, do you not recognize me, boy?
I am your father.”
The boy cannot say a word.
Tears of emotion roll down his cheeks.
The father must calm him down and says:
“Can you not greet me, my boy?
Just listen: I am alive, I am happy in the life on this side. I am myself and we will see each other again here.
Tell mother that I think about her a great deal, that I am close to her and to all of you.
I do not need to tell you how much I thank God that we were given this mercy.”
The father continues to speak, the more he speaks, the more beautiful the voice becomes and now no more disturbances can come.
The master lets him feel this; he must try to keep talking.
Even if it is a revelation for him to be able to hear the voice of his child, he must still try to say as much as possible, because a short while after he must stop.
The doctor warns the master, the medium is now in one state, and the powers are drawn from there.
This is speaking from one grade of sleep and the speaking immediately influences the material parts of the organism.
This must be clear to you, because the powers are removed from the medium at one point.
When the speaker has to stop, the trance changes and the medium experiences those fluctuations, but meanwhile another personality speaks, so that the master prevents one power from influencing the life of the medium.
Usually you now hear the female voice, which has a softer timbre and uses less aura.
You can hear the medium moaning now and again, which occurs as a result of the removal of the aura.
The medium finds himself on a spiritual operating table as it were. You can see the direct voice as such, because all the systems of the own life are removed.
If the medium has reached another grade of sleep, then the speaking can begin again.
If a female speaker is talking and the emotion still overcomes the inner life, then the master elevates this consciousness into his own life and therefore helps her to speak, as a result of which he prevents disturbances from occurring.
Speaking, short and abrupt, is a hindrance to the medium; the words must be spoken as quickly as possible in the same concentration.
Therefore, not severed, for halting is wasting strength.
The speaking itself therefore has great significance for this wonder.
Before the séance begins, everyone receives a lesson from the master and this is urgently necessary.
The spiritual doctor lives in the medium and intercepts all the disturbances as much as possible.
If one of the people present was now to take hold of the megaphone, then he would intervene immediately in the living heart of the medium and death could occur.
Yet touching the megaphone is possible, but then the master and the doctor must take measures in order to prevent a physical shock.
The heart stops immediately, because the medium has no more power over himself. The central nervous system cannot deal with the shock and a haemorrhage is the result, or death.
The megaphone has become part of the medium, because as a result of his powers the thing came to him, he now lives in all the phenomena.
It will be clear to you why people may not let their hands go any sooner and why it must take so long before a cheat can be rendered harmless.
The people present must promise expressly and on their word of honour not to break the circle.
When someone lets his hands go, or touches the megaphone, that person comes into contact with the life blood of the medium and feels with his hand in the living heart, interrupts the blood circulation as a result of this, so that physical collapse follows.
However, the doctor is a cosmic conscious being, is like a magician and an initiate. He knows all the astral and material laws, so that the medium is in good hands.
Of course, both watch over their mighty instrument, by which the gulf between life and death is bridged.
This contact is a sacred wonder.
By removing the life forces from a human child, this phenomenon is achieved.
If the master wants to bring about other phenomena, then the medium sometimes descends into the epileptic sleep and materializations can be shown.
You sometimes also hear the wonderful ticking, to the beat of the music, and you can hear raps, which are achieved by us, which is very simple because we can withdraw life from every material object.
If we let go of that life from our concentration, then you will hear a hard ticking, the rap.
I already told you, that during the floating of the megaphone we float ourselves with the thing in the space.
The megaphone has lost gravity, because we have removed life from the actual apparatus.
Now we could levitate chairs and tables, but the master wants all the powers to be used for the direct voice.
However, numerous phenomena can take place, because this medium is suitable for all the physical gifts.
In one evening the medium sometimes loses four to five pounds in weight, so many powers are taken away from the medium, which also varies, because one séance is not the same as the other, which is because the people present give power.
Your great tiredness also points to this loss of powers.
However, the next day, after a night’s sleep, this loss has already been made good, because the exhausted organs take care of it themselves.
The medium also recovers, because this surrendering of fluid does not result in illness, because of this, no deterioration takes place.
However, the medium must have plenty to eat and in the first place remain in balance, otherwise, the direct voice would completely exhaust the organism.
The medium may hold three to four séances per week at the most; otherwise, the loss of powers could not be made good. The time for this natural recovery would be too short.
It is often urgently necessary that the master stops for a while, so that the medium can regain his strength.
The great wonder for these séances is the medium, then, of course, his spiritual leader and the spiritual doctor.
The master connects you with space. Everyone is cosmically loaded during a direct voice séance; just as the photographic plate must experience it, the megaphone now undergoes this process and the wonder comes to you.
During the trance, the medium is connected with space, because otherwise, the body is exhausted too quickly.
If the medium can no longer deal with those enormous powers, if the physical systems are tired out, then people must stop and the powers are used up.
You sometimes hear the master speaking and then he explains all these wonders to you.
During those evenings, the wisdom of our life is understood, felt and heard.
The medium lies in an easy chair or on the ground and remains asleep the whole evening.
If this can be increased, then it is even possible that the medium experiences the conscious trance.
He then sees the phenomena himself.
Now there is no more question of disturbances, the medium has conquered them.
If the red light can be put on, the experiencing of this wonder is even greater, because now you can follow everything.
When the séance is at an end and the medium can go to sleep, he gets the powers back, which he lost during the séance.
You therefore see that the instrument is taken care of and both masters do that.
In the morning, the medium still feels tired, but that same day all the systems recover from which people have taken the life aura.
Usually the medium gets a day’s rest between two séances, which is necessary for the physical recovery.
The medium must have a perfectly healthy body otherwise, illnesses will occur.
For example, weak organs react immediately, show their own weakness during these séances, and never recover strength.
There may be nothing in the body, which is weak, or the medium will soon collapse and then everything will be a hopeless task.
The nervous system regulates this process for the good maintenance of the organism. The healthy tissues absorb those powers of their own accord.
If the séance has started and someone puts on the light, then the life forces would flash back into the medium and this would cause a severe shock.
The medium can immediately be killed by your hand. This is more serious than any other disturbance and it breaks every contact.
The doctor can no longer carry out a check, and the light is like the fire of an explosive material, which reaches explosion in the medium.
This shock breaks the heart and the inner life could say farewell to the earth.
It affects the grade of life of the medium just like lightning strikes.
Of course, this is warned against.
If there are phenomena, the truth of which is doubtful, then never intervene immediately, but first wait until you have other pieces of proof.
One piece of proof is not enough, but several pieces of proof show you that there is deception, because the true medium has nothing to hide from you, so that you can surrender completely, and only when you are sure you will live on sacred ground.
Our cheat bit his lips; the real medium coughs up blood.
That cannot be prevented; the lungs and the heart make it happen.
For the true medium it can mean death, the cheat medium knows that and tries to achieve this phenomenon by biting his lips to pieces.
If a check had just been carried out, the people would have known immediately that he was cheating.
During a shock the soul, therefore the inner life, has no opportunity to recover, because the medium returns to the organism gradually, that means, the medium takes over the material body again.
A few mediums have had to experience these disturbances and entered our life.
However, I will have to tell you that the master knew that it would happen, or it would not be possible. He does not admit irresponsible people in any case.
All the people attending the séance are weighed up inwardly beforehand.
The master gauges their character and their mood and it happens more than once that people at the séance are removed.
Before the séance starts, the mediums always receives instructions from the master how people should sit and then this check is carried out by his master.
If there is someone amongst them about whom people see that the inner life is doubtable, then this soul must leave the hall.
When the medium whom I told you about was to leave the earthly life, people on this side knew that it was his time or it would not have come so far.
The medium finds himself in the fourth grade for the inner life; the third grade is not suitable for this.
The third grade cannot go into trance, and outside the trance, the development is not possible.
That can only happen later, but then the medium can even be reached in daylight.
Ancient Egypt also knew the direct voice séances.
Then the psychic trance was built up, because of this trance the spiritual wisdom can be received.
The physical medium does not become released from the organism; the physic medium disembodies and receives wisdom in our life.
You will certainly feel the enormous difference of both the trance states.
The fakir and magician experience both states because they want to experience.
Our mediums also experience, but we bring about the phenomena, which not one magician has in his hands.
The only thing he can achieve is levitation, yet the direct voice is not in his hands, but in our hands.
As far as you can feel this, our life speaks in a powerful way and this is the proof for you that nothing can be received outside of our world.
Charlatans speak themselves through the megaphone, they even drum themselves in order to let rapping’s be heard, shift tables and chairs and want to be levitated, all just as tasteless and beastly poisonous, demonically bad!
We tell you: our voices have not changed in any way, and you will recognize each timbre.
We tell you: the bass of your father is the bass that will speak. Your father has not changed in any way; you must recognize his voice.
It is nonsense when the medium wants to show you that a death lies between this voice and that of the earth.
The spiritual voice remains as the material; it is the soul which must represent it as a personality.
If the voice comes to you unrecognisable, you cannot recognize your loved one by it, then accept from us that you are being cheated.
Now do not hesitate to reach for the megaphone, just put the light on, this is deception!
You will recognize your loved ones from the voices and also what they have to tell you, which the medium knows nothing about.
Your loved ones look into your life, they have prepared themselves for these séances beforehand.
That preparation means, that they will tell you something that you alone can know.
By this, we give you real proof of life after death and none of this can never be imitated.
The direct voice is a sacred wonder as a result of this.
The very same evening you can unmask the direct voice medium, if you notice that the voice of your father or mother is unrecognisable.
Ask the others, agree and render this terrible monster harmless, he is an animal.
I do injustice to the animal with this comparison, because the animal cannot bring about such evil. The big carnivore does not do so much harm as this terrible, human monster does!
“Consciously intervene, our voices can always be recognized”, the Other Side now calls to you!
At this moment, it is 1942; there is not a single direct voice medium on earth, because the Other Side has stopped.
Yet a while ago, numerous physical mediums lived in your midst, but we say it again: amongst them, there was not a single real, not one single physical medium living, because your country was not appointed for this.
Your country will represent our side in a different way and namely by the psychic gifts.
If you wish to know, your organism is not suitable for the direct voice. Other peoples do possess that vitality and this is attached to the organism.
England and America have numerous direct voice mediums, because the climate has an influence on this and the consciousness of the organism actually means everything for the direct voice.
If three or four direct voice mediums live on earth in a time when the Other Side will work, it is a great deal; the rest is conscious deception, we do not make any war in this area and it would become that.
Here is another example of deception.
An earthly doctor is present at a séance and his own child has come to him.
The man is deeply moved, he hears the child speaking, even if the voice of the child is lost.
It is the sound which the well-known medium produced, hoarse peeping!
The medium says that the child still has to adjust.
The father must accept it of course, because he does not know the laws.
When he comes home and his sick wife asks him what their little darling said, he cannot actually say a word, because he thinks that horrible peeping is dreadful.
The man continually follows the séances and along with him other intellectuals, which the medium thinks is great, because he can now boast about these names.
It goes well for a while as always, but then the man starts to doubt. It does not take him long and he finds his own child awkward.
When the doctor asks whether the little girl is with her mother, and whether she knows what mother is doing, it is always: “Of course, daddy”, but when he wants to know what she has seen, the answer is incomprehensible, it is a case of searching and feeling.
Is this my child?
He reads about the direct voice, there are books in circulation; however, they do not describe how the laws for the direct voice are experienced.
Finally, he is broken by it and intervenes.
One evening he puts the light on and look: the man is speaking himself.
The man becomes upset; he races up to the cheat and strangles him ...
That is the end.
Everyone, every father or mother would forget themselves when such dreadful deception is established.
These devils are merciless, also concerning your child.
Yet you must control yourself, you do not violate the life of a human being.
The doctor did not receive any punishment, the judge thought it was dreadful, but the cheat entered our world and can accept his hell.
However, all of this can be prevented.
Do not believe if the voice is falsified. We come to you as if you hear us speaking on earth.
I would wish to call to you a thousand times:
We are as on earth!!
Our voices have not surrendered anything in their own timbre!
Do not let it come so far. Do not commit assault; it is possible that you will be locked up.
Do not give hell this chance, and do not attune yourself to the pre-animal-like evil. Remain conscious in everything; do not forget yourself!
Another person experiences something similar.
He is also cheated.
Here he sees the life of his mother contaminated.
He knocks the medium to the ground.
The medium goes to hospital and he is locked up.
After his punishment he hears that the medium is still busy.
People even help the deception.
The man disguises himself and experiences a séance.
Now he puts the light on.
The person who sullied his mother is unmasked.
He has suffered because of it, but the masses pay little attention to his suffering, the masses want to hold séances.
Men of the earth, intervene!
Men and women who feel for our life, who know and understand, prevent his deception!
God placed gifts in your hands and our hands. Do not let all that sacredness be sullied!
Watch over your us and your eternal existence!
Render everyone harmless who sullies the spiritual gifts!
However, do not commit assault, act consciously!