Spiritual clairvoyance

We will now go on to spiritual clairvoyance, the famous sixth sense, which is spoken and written about so much and yet, of which so little is known about on earth.
How does it work, how do people experience the sixth sense?
When the medium has a task to carry out for our world, the astral master can elevate this inner life into his own life and this supernatural unity is achieved.
Under the own power the sixth sense or spiritual clairvoyance cannot be experienced, yet, great deals of people think that they possess this gift themselves.
I will show you that this is not possible.
Anyone who is sensitive can see under his own power, but never penetrates astral clairvoyance, because this gift belongs to our life.
This clairvoyance can be spiritual and even cosmic, of which the latter is the highest that a medium can achieve.
Only a few people are capable of it, because this gift is only applied by exception.
In this state, the clairvoyant completely dissolves into what must be seen.
However, anyone who thinks that he can think or act under his own power breaks the spiritual contact and stands alone.
Because a spirit of life can only experience this gift, the medium can clearly feel whether he is busy himself or that the Other Side is influencing.
Anyone who claims to be in contact also knows how the phenomena come and can now act as if the Other Side called him.
This wanting to see for yourself takes you to the conscious tuning in and, as a result of what I told you about it, you know that you call a halt to your own self because of this, so that you must accept your powerlessness.
However, all your male and female seers who now interfere with the future can be assured that not one spirit is capable of assisting them in their bungling, because a spirit of the light does not want to see itself muddied.
That is prevented from happening by our world. We watch over this gift, or we will destroy our own obtained possession and serve the darkness.
If the medium thinks that he can experience this gift for himself, the master immediately withdraws.
Clairvoyance can be experienced consciously and unconsciously. Only the conscious medium serves for our life, the unconscious clairvoyance is actually received by spiritual inspiration.
It is therefore possible that you can experience this gift and yet do not know that mediumistic sensitivity is within you.
Yes, you can experience it, even if you do not know anything about this side.
For this world, now of all times, there is contact, because the earthly conscious is completely disengaged.
This influence is different to conscious clairvoyance, but sometimes of an incredible power and infallibility, which the conscious medium cannot even experience.
We will soon come across that and then it will be clear to you.
Spiritual clairvoyance is seeing outside your own conscious, seeing in spirit, in our life.
It is the conscious experiencing of images, which are given to you as a seer, for the people who come to you.
The unconscious person does not know that the images are given, yet, sometimes he does.
That has to do with the personality and the attunement of the inner life and the sensitivity with relation to our life.
These mediums live in the third and fourth grade of life and are suitable for receiving spiritual messages.
The male or female seer tunes into our life and now receives spiritual messages.
However, this grade of feeling usually possesses other gifts. We can work through this life in different ways.
Usually we give messages from your deceased by means of the medium and bridge the gulf between life and death in this way, so that you as a human being experience spiritual contact by means of the medium.
Now you speak by means of the medium with your loved ones. The master on this side passes on the messages and the medium passes them onto you.
Your loved ones know how you are, they can follow you in everything from our life, so that you must bow your head for their love and wisdom, because through it they record proof of the continuance of life.
The master is one with the medium from feeling to feeling and that unity must be kept or, disturbances would occur.
Those disturbances are in the hands of the medium.
What you can now receive is wonderful, and the spiritual messages are sacred. Millions of people have been able to experience their spiritual love in this way and were grateful to God for the possession obtained.
These mediums carried out wonderful work and if they could keep the sixth sense, they would experience the spheres of light.
The third grade can collapse, that is no longer possible for the fourth grade.
A third grade medium falls because his own longings come forward, as a result of which this life consciously disengages itself.
The Other Side tries to help suffering mankind by this gift and tries by this to restore the spiritual balance of the people left behind.
We do not give you any advice whether you should move to another home, we have nothing to do with that. Yet numerous mediums have spiritually murdered themselves by their seeing and their behaviour and they lost their gifts.
We have discarded the earthly and we cannot return to your worries. We only treat spiritual problems and material misery that is felt and experienced physically.
As a result of our unity, we want to go upwards and not represent this pure gift in a downward way.
Every medium in this grade knows that the astral master does not open himself to the material life, because the master would destroy himself as a result of this.
The medium has nothing to say. We always demand complete surrender and the total effort of the earthly personality.
Our life demands that we also experience the spiritual grades of clairvoyance and not the material.
Because of this, we sully our consciousness and that is not the intention.
I keep coming back to this, because numerous mediums have disengaged themselves and have not understood why they could no longer see.
I want to show this, because spiritual clairvoyance is a divine gift.
It is as a result of this that not one charlatan can receive a spiritual message for you.
The charlatan is immediately in conflict with the astral laws and must accept his powerlessness.
If he still wants to see, you will experience what I explained to you and it will become chaos.
These people close themselves off to the higher life, because every material action takes both them and their gifts to the darkness.
I now do not need to explain to you that we have the gifts in our hands, because all these laws speak for themselves.
We want to serve through spiritual clairvoyance and not make a game of all this sacredness; otherwise, we will also be rapped over the knuckles.
If the medium cannot listen, the master withdraws, but then numerous dark elements come forward and indulge by means of the medium.
Sooner or later, he can now establish for himself that the clairvoyance no longer has an astral meaning.
They now experience evil or sensation.
When the spiritual messages are received wrongly, that is not our fault.
Now the medium must look for the fault in himself; then disturbances come and the attunement is wrong.
A spiritual master cannot make any mistakes, because reality lives around and in his own conscious. He sees and passes on what he sees to the medium.
If the perception and attunement of the medium are weakened for a moment, the inner life comes into consciousness into working and acting, and that influences the spiritual message.
Mediums must therefore not think that the Other Side gives wrong messages.At that same moment, the medium himself is busy.
If you experience this through a medium, you would be better to wait a moment until the instrument has regained his own certainty and we come back to you under spiritual power.
It is only then that there is a question of infallibility.
At the place of the solar plexus, this unity is also achieved, because we work consciously on the medium.
Now the master impresses the image on the medium. This consciousness takes over, and look, the spiritual gift is now working.
The clairvoyance attracts the clairaudience and the medium is capable of hearing what the master has to say.
Now the medium sees the master and they have reached spiritual unity. Spiritual wonders can now be experienced.
At the moment, that the seer sees, he loses his own conscious and dissolves into what he is given.
The moments when the medium hears speaking outside of himself, the astral master is not in the medium, but he has condensed himself in the aura of this instrument.
This speaking is different than the word spoken from inside, which the medium does not hear outside himself but hears in himself and is also somewhat dangerous, because this speaking goes through his inner life and the man hears himself.
Numerous mediums have succumbed because of it. They could no longer distinguish the spiritual voice from their own and gave an answer themselves.
Only the fourth grade can be conquered. The mediums belonging to that can be reached in numerous ways. The third grade of the inner life already goes to pieces and is completely disengaged.
Once the medium has heard the voice of his master, he can then distinguish this one from millions of others because this voice vibrates in his own life and consciousness.
The medium is touched by the concentration of his master.
This being touched can be felt by the medium and is only possible by means of the mediumistic sensitivity.
The master can now write, use the hands of the medium, as a means of clairvoyance and clairaudience have an influence for the contact or as a result of sudden domination elevate the instrument into his life, at least if the medium is open.
If this is not the case, then he is closed off again.
When the medium has to see, we do that by disengaging the own feelings and thoughts as fast as lightning.
Suddenly we elevate the inner life of the medium into our life, impress our knowledge on the own inner life and he can now pass on the word received.
At that moment, the medium is no longer conscious of himself; he is one hundred percent dissolved into the life of his master and he experiences spiritual clairvoyance.
Now the clairvoyance is infallible and there are no disturbances.
Both lives are now one in feeling.
The inner life therefore plays a large part in all the spiritual gifts and that is in your hands, as a human being.
The gift lives in the universe and is in our hands.
Under their own power, no one penetrates the astral laws, and your earthly conscious calls you to a halt.
The clairvoyant medium comes to us and we to him, upon which the spiritual unity is experienced.
The seer in the fourth grade is not capable of seeing under his own power either.
The fifth grade could do this, but that cannot be experienced from the earth or the master of this side would have a great task to accomplish for the earth.
If that is the case, even the seventh grade can be experienced, but that is part of supernatural seeing and is also cosmically deep.
A dark spirit has nothing to tell you.
He must first awaken for these conscious grades, and, because of this, he cannot pass anything on to the medium.
This is also the halt for the darkness, so that every medium can sense whether the obtained possession has spiritual meaning, which is the own check.
If the medium tunes into that mentality, the astral serving is then already made impossible.
The medium usually thinks that he is now in contact with his master anyway, but then the darkness is dominant and he feels himself in this.
That will soon be clear to you, because I will explain all of this.
The inner life of the medium calls the astral master to a halt, the master cannot come above this and continually has to consider this.
If the medium now asks for proof, which lies above his own capabilities, then the master cannot give him this, because the own conscious refuses to accept.
These are the laws for spiritual clairvoyance and we have to take them into account, otherwise, we would lose our contact.
In order to pass on spiritual messages and to cure illnesses, the master of this side does not need cosmic clairvoyance.
If the seer must see cosmically, the master connects him directly with the astral laws.
That is infinitely much higher than experiencing the material and astral thoughts, because it is only thanks to this gift that the medium reaches cosmic seeing.
This grade of clairvoyance attunes itself to the Great Wings.
The Great Wings can be experienced outside the own organism and in the material body, but the disembodiment is above the inner experience. That grade dominates everything.
The inner seeing is aimed at conscious attunement from the earth. The highest seeing takes place outside the organism and for this purpose the medium has to disembody.
This gift of seeing also needs a separate development and is developed by the psychic and physical trance, for which a long time is needed, because the medium, just as in ancient Egypt, experiences all the laws in the universe consciously.
The very greatest on earth were able to experience this tremendous clairvoyance.
Sometimes centuries passed without this happening.
Moreover, these mediums have something to tell you and are all individuals in the occult area.
The seer for spiritual messages and healing now consciously conquers his own sleep, because he goes through clairvoyance, also through the material sleep, but now consciously.
He is and therefore remains awake.
We have to conquer those grades and laws, otherwise, an instrument could never be released from this own thoughts and feelings and there would be no more question of clairvoyance.
In that short moment, those ten seconds, that the medium receives a message, the instrument experiences numerous astral laws, which can only be achieved by an astral master.
You can now see it: under his own power a human being will never make it through this, those laws have to be experienced anyway, whether consciously or unconsciously.
The master takes the medium through the sleep to the spiritual awakening, and then the establishment of their unity follows.
This must be achieved, or the medium will never reach this height.
It is only then that sensitivity speaks, and nothing can be experienced outside this emotional power.
The seer in the third grade is still not able to see behind the shroud. Only the fourth grade can do that.
The third grade receives by means of this, but the fourth grade experiences, and this spiritual difference is enormous.
The third grade cannot tell you anything about experiencing. This grade does not know the laws, even if those laws are experienced by the inner life. This experience is still unconscious for the instrument.
The fourth grade experiences the occult laws consciously and thereby receives the cosmic knowledge.
This grade sees behind the laws of life and death and can master them, as a result of which the own conscious changes.
On the other hand, the third grade instrument is not capable of seeing anything of the life behind the shroud under his own power, because the inner life does not possess this sensitivity.
The fourth grade as a medium awakens, and the third grade can only experience what the master passes on.
However, he remains himself.
These mediums do not change. The inner life experiences something that belongs to the master and which is his own consciousness.
The medium of the fourth grade can master this consciousness!
You feel how amazingly the spiritual gifts affect the inner life.
One calls you to a halt, the other brings you even further and higher, there is feeling present in you and the master makes use of this feeling.
It is the Great Wings that can give you cosmic conscious. The clairvoyant feeling is and will remain seeing through astral influence connected to the earth.
The cosmic seeing is experienced!
The medium in the third grade does not become separated from the earth. The medium of the Great Wings must become separated; it is only then that the master can connect the instrument with the occult laws.
You can see from the medium whether he has let go of his own conscious.
The inner thoughts and feelings are attached to this seeing. Then the material light in his eyes becomes hazy and has turned inwards.
We call that the conscious trance, which the medium can only experience through his master.
It must therefore be clear to you that a medium cannot obtain this height in a short time.
Development is necessary for this.
It is the melting together of two souls into one state.
The Oriental also learns to see, and can see well, and clearly, if the feeling is present in him, if it is not, then he is also powerless.
The first grades of feeling are not even admitted to the Temples. The high priest already gauge the inner life of the medium beforehand and it is only then that the priest is allowed admission.
The mediums of the East come so far as a result of their study, but they never exceed their own inner life and this is the halt for the East.
These mediums learn to divide themselves, both psychically and physically, and are completely released from both systems.
The inner life is developed and then they experience the gifts, which can obtain a spiritual grade because of material clairvoyance.
However, there are also a few good ones living amongst them, the rest are not released from themselves.
Only an initiate and the conscious spiritual yogi can master the cosmic clairvoyance to the limit of their own possession.
There is only one saint who can release himself from all material and spiritual systems and then enters his trance outside his own life, in order to see in the universe.
He searches for the absolute, the visible and invisible God, as I already told you, in order to spiritually enrich himself and the other life of God.
The initiate follows that, can experience the highest in it, and goes further than the yogi, because he has tuned himself consciously to the physical.
Yet, both lives follow one path.
Now it is possible for them to receive spiritual wisdom.
If an initiate wishes to receive the very highest, then he must accept astral help and he also serves our existence.
If the man does not want that, he will never rise above the fourth grade and that is the halt for him, because not one being of the earth can enter a higher grade in the spirit.
The life of the earth must first undergo purification, even if the man does not make one mistake during his material life.
If he is capable of accepting astral help, then the fifth, sixth and seventh sphere await him, the masters from the highest heavens, elevate him into their awe-inspiring consciousness.
Many initiates tried to experience that height, but did not become separated from their consciousness.
One or two people accepted the master from those heavens and brought divine consciousness to the earth.
They thought that they could now see God as Father and Mother, but it was a cosmic master, who represented God.
He spoke to these lives during their disembodiment and the souls took that wisdom to the earth in order to give it to their pupils.
An initiate has never been capable of talking to God, yet many people think that this is the case, from this we can also see the unconscious of their experience.
They do not know where they have entered; their mastery is wonderful, but God is infinite!
Many people have succumbed. They went too far and then did not return or, upon their return to earth, they had gone completely mad.
It is therefore possible that an initiate receives astral help; it is only then that he can experience the infinite cosmos, because under his own power, this saint does not exceed the third sphere, and yet he thinks that he has seen God.
We know their grades of consciousness, because we locked ourselves up in their lives and experienced travelling into the astral universe with them.
Few initiates and spiritual yogis surrender themselves. They want nothing to do with the occult laws, even if they have to follow these laws themselves.
What they wish to possess must be able to take place within their own power, or it will have no meaning for them.
They want to possess this wisdom at their own expense. They devote everything to it.
There are also numerous people on earth who experience spiritual clairvoyance, yet, do not possess any gifts.
They do not really know what is happening when they suddenly start to see.
They are the ignorant and yet sensitive of spirit.
The inner life connects them with the astral laws, or it will not be possible, of course.
Now the Other Side suddenly influences and the spiritual connection is achieved.
This unity usually serves to protect these people from something, a warning, for example, which is achieved by a family member, the guardian angel of the earthly being.
That happens a great deal.
You can even be reached in your sleep, but then you will have to dream what people want to give you.
These are clairvoyant dreams and they can only be given to you.
This clairvoyance wakens you up and can be received between the third and fourth grade of sleep.
This is half-waking going to sleep.
If you go to sleep normally, then you pass the threshold of the third grade into the fourth.
However, there is nothing more to be dreamt here, because here the organism cannot receive this inspiration, because inspiration is influence and you are disengaged.
Soul and body must therefore be in harmony with the dream received and this is, as I say, the half-waking conscious sleep.
While wakening up you now know what you have dreamt. In the fourth grade of sleep there is no more experiencing, this has been disengaged by sleep.
Anyone who therefore sleeps very deeply, which means the normal sleep for the fourth grade, cannot receive any spiritual dreams.
You see again, how everything has to do with each other and how one cannot escape the other.
It also tells you that the soul is still awake during this sleep.
If the soul has gone to sleep, which is the fourth grade, then you cannot get to experience any dreams, because your inner life has then gone to sleep.
We influence those characteristics of you, which are sensitive to the dream, and now you can easily take over our knowledge.
There are characteristics that still lack this sensitivity, therefore as all the other characteristics still have to awaken for the spiritual sensitivity, they are not capable of being able to receive.
The sensitive personality is capable of dreaming, the other grades living under it close themselves off to this clairvoyant dream and cannot be reached.
The imposed dream is therefore given to you by the astral personality.
You receive the spiritually conscious inspiration while sleeping. However, you yourself are unconscious.
The medium in the third and fourth grade experiences exactly the same process, but is consciously serving.
You are unconscious in this state and in sleep, but the medium is conscious and yet unconscious in experiencing what must be seen.
In other words: you are disengaged and both materially and spiritually, the medium is engaged and can receive consciously, but there is still no difference in the receiving.
The wisdom comes to you from our life.
Is it any wonder that the psychometrists go to pieces up against this?
They cannot experience these laws under their own power.
They talk nonsense, sully the gifts and they do not wish to destroy their reputation, for which they have gone to such effort and trouble!
You can therefore immediately establish it from the word or vision given.
Many clairvoyants think that an image belongs to our life when they have just wrapped it up.
However, these are just their own thoughts.
Our life is like your own life: simple, if you just know the laws.
We do not make the vision incomprehensible for you. We always try to pass on our knowledge clearly and understandably in pictures and writing, otherwise, it would not have any meaning for your life.
When a seer has to see, believe us, then the image does not receive any depth and the medium can immediately connect you with what was received.
If the medium starts to search and has no answer himself for what was seen, if the image is given to you haltingly and feebly, then just put it aside, they are no more than own thoughts.
Because the conscious of the sensitive being is inexhaustible in this.
However, the seeing is neither here nor there!
Own thoughts are given to you as spiritual messages; nevertheless, they have nothing to do with spiritual seeing.
Numerous mediums make their own fantasy out of the image received.
However, this can just happen once, because the master immediately intervenes and the mediumship stops irrevocably.
Did you think that we would still carry on and help with making chaos of your life?
Or did you think that we showed feeble images, which have nothing to do with your own life, to the mediums, which are given to you just like that from the empty nothingness?
Those visions are also nonsense from the uninitiated, the true medium describes the shapes to you and passes on names, so that you can orientate yourself according to your own wisdom.
Now Bernard is not called Piet.
It is Piet who gives to you what the medium must receive and then you are also connected to that personality.
When a medium searches, just as many clairvoyants do, and have to do, because they do not possess any contact, declare him immediately as immature; it is the twaddle of a searching soul, who wants to be something on this path, where only we are capable of giving you everything which we may give you.
A vision can have material, spiritual and cosmic meaning, as soon as the medium is suitable for passing onto you what he sees.
The rest also see for themselves!
The rest want to see, but are consciously cheating, because you cannot check this seeing.
I repeat, if a medium sees for you, everything must make sense; it must not and may not be searching, because then the inner life is tuned into the own fantasies!
People now tell you nonsense!
As a result of this childish nonsense numerous adults ran for it and remained running for the rest of their lives, since they were so elevated by this so-called message into megalomania.
They want that themselves, they really want to be more than they possess in feeling and therefore just prefer to refuse to check the false message.
The Other Side has said it. However, everything is bad nonsense.
But try taking it away from them?
I already noticed that when the Other Side touches you on earth, it usually happens through your loved ones on this side.
They now come to you with the aim of helping you.
That is possible as a result of sudden domination, but then you may not know anything about all these laws, at least not be consciously attuned to our life, because then you cannot be reached.
They can pass something on to you infallibly because of unconscious clairvoyance and the accompanying clairaudience.
You see and hear at the same time, or use is made of your inner hearing and then the gift of clairvoyance is not even necessary.
Here is the example.
A captain is on the open seas and has lost his course in a storm, and he no longer knows what to do, because he cannot find his direction.
The usual means have therefore been disengaged.
He and his boat will sink if no help or change comes.
This man suddenly hears the voice of his deceased father next to him who warns him from his own life.
The captain follows his orders and look: he can soon find his direction.
If he had not followed these orders, then the ship would have hit the rocks and been smashed to pieces.
Now he could prevent it.
From that moment, he was convinced of life after death.
This spiritual encounter did more than thousands of books could do. This is the own experiencing of the occult laws, the gift for clairaudience.
Nevertheless, the man was sensitive to it, otherwise, he could not have received these messages and the storm would have meant his end.
However, if this has to be his end, then the father would also have been powerless and his help would not even have been necessary.
Now the father could intervene.
Yet, the captain was not interested in spiritual gifts. He did not know that that sensitivity lived in him.
This hearing happens outside the own life, but is achieved by material intuition.
Because every human being is mediumistic!
Another seaman experiences the spiritual laws even deeper.
His wife has become seriously ill during his leave.
However, he sees that her situation changes for the better, so that he can leave, now that his company needs him urgently.
He would prefer to stay at home until his wife is completely recovered, but that is not possible, he must set out to sea.
These people have built up a wonderful bond; they understand and love each other.
When the man had left, he received a message that the illness had become worse, but that she was getting every help.
Before he left, he had agreed with the doctor treating her that he would warn him, in whatever way.
One telegram followed another.
He is extremely sorry that he left.
However, his sense of duty won from the love for wife and children, but because of this he is now in a terrible situation.
A few days later, he receives a telegram that the doctor is giving up all hope and that he must consider this.
What happens?
He is lying in his cabin, quietly thinking, however, his heart is pounding from tension and sorrow.
He has completely given up.
Suddenly, he sees his wife, she is in white and with her he sees another apparition.
His wife smiles and at the same time says:
“Do not worry, dear, the doctors have given up on me, but I will get better.
Father is here!
Keep well and stay calm.”
He thinks that he is just imagining things, but he saw it, didn’t he?
He also has the feeling that he must wait for a while and peace will enter him.
He ponders that it is a spirit apparition that he saw, but he does not completely doubt it. He continues to believe that it is a great miracle, which he was allowed to experience.
He races to his comrades and says:
“She will get better, lads, it was my wife who came to tell me.
Do not laugh or I will throw you overboard.”
The people see a great change in him and accept it.
He sends a telegram and says to the doctor: “My wife will get better. Treat her well, give her everything she needs.”
The doctor does not understand a thing about it.
Actually, she should already have been dead, but she is still alive.
The woman will get better!
This is spiritual clairvoyance with the accompanying splitting of the personality as a power of thought, which comes from the patient, but which comes to power through the help of her deceased father and reaches development since her father elevates her into the occult laws.
The woman manifested herself by the power of her father.
This is the general dissolving of the earthly personality, which can only take place if the body is in the fourth grade of sleep.
This patient had gone into a deep sleep and now experienced no obstruction from her own material laws, since the body lay sick.
Now the father could take away her own power, build up a dense personality from it and suddenly show it to the captain by material clairvoyance.
This showing happened so quickly, because the father had to prevent every disturbance, if he wanted to let his son-in-law see the image.
When the captain returned home he asked his wife what she had actually experienced, she replied that she had dreamt the whole incident.
How can it be, the captain says.
However, this power and force, the splitting of the personality, took place by the conscious knowledge of the personality on this side, their guardian angel.
This, therefore, happened outside the knowledge and consciousness of the woman and was obtained by the experience of those on the Other Side.
They were both grateful for this.
Numerous laws reached one state as a result of this.
He heard his wife clearly say: “Do not worry, dear, the doctors have given up on me, but I will get better.”
Her father spoke these words through her own life.
He concentrated on them and she spoke them for him through her shadow.
Both people were sensitive, but by means of the terrible sorrow and their great love and the father was able to achieve this. In other circumstances, their personality would already call him to a halt.
The patient herself knew nothing about getting better, she could not know, but the Other Side knew that.
Many facts tell you that everything is actually possible and it is indeed the case, if you as a human being can be elevated into the astral laws.
This is spiritual clairvoyance, which elevates the clairaudience.
It can be achieved by means of the inner life of the human being, because the born clairvoyance is present in every human being.
And that power can suddenly get spiritual meaning, which only love has the power to do!
Because of this pure love all material disturbances were disengaged and the father could conquer.
Every soul, in the possession of love, can be reached by this. The rough conscious cannot be separated because, as I told you, the lower conscious has closed itself off to the higher.
If the captain, or his wife, had been a bad person, then it would not have been possible for us to do anything for them.
You see God gives you, as a human being everything. He can send His guardian angels to you.
However, you must be prepared to receive this help, otherwise, it will not be possible.
The seeing and hearing of the captain took place around his own conscious. His day-conscious self was completely disengaged during the seeing and hearing.
If this man, although conscious of the spiritual gifts, had been undeveloped, then the father could not have reached him either, because he would have thought for himself then.
Another captain has to sail away and suddenly feels fear.
He wants to shake this fear off, but he does not manage to.
He now experiences the astral influence, which Betje experienced through her mother.
He wants to go anyway.
Suddenly he feels himself becoming ill and abandons his trip.
Now he feels that it is not an ordinary fear.
At night such a terrible storm arises that numerous ships, also his, are wrecked.
He would also have perished, but the feelings given to him protected him against destruction.
He has never been able to forget it.
This protection is directly sensing.
This takes place as in the case of psychometry.
The man is now a feeling medium by means of the Other Side.
He was protected by his guardian angel, his mother.
We can let you experience these laws when it is possible.
The other captain, who sailed in his place, did not come back.
A boat is lying ready to sail the oceans.
There is one man on board who knows that he will not return. He has dreamt that the ship with all the people on board will perish.
During his dream, he saw his father.
The father told him in his dream: “Willem, the boat will perish.
Now do what you want yourself!”
Willem thinks it over.
He has had enough of life.
He speaks to his daughter about it
The daughter says: “It is up to you, father.”
Willem records this prediction.
The boat sails off and perishes.
Should both these people have warned the rest?
Should he have warned the company before the boat sailed?
People would not have accepted Willem. Mankind is not yet that advanced.
It would mean chaos for the daily routine.
However, Willem entered our life.
Willem could have lived, but Willem was allowed to die. Nevertheless, he longed to make the leap beyond his ‘coffin’.
These dreams were received clairvoyantly. In your sleep, we speak to your own conscious or we simply impress this knowledge upon you.
The male and female seers who have come into contact with our life, experience the occult laws as a result of this gift.
Now there are numerous female seers who strive beyond the clairvoyant, they see more sharply than the male seer does, because the mother is the closest to nature and which has given her maternal life.
She possesses this sensitivity for the spiritual gifts, for the direct earthly creation in art, this feeling works as an obstruction and she cannot become separated from it, so that she cannot match the man.
There are no female Michel Angelos living on earth, because that is not possible. The maternal body keeps the soul tied to the earthly and material laws. I already told you that.
For mediumship, the mother can reach great heights. Her material sensitivity is the born instinct and that feeling attunes to the inner consciousness.
The mother represents the highest art in the universe by means of baring a child, she creates; and creation is art.
The artist has to attune himself to the art and try to reach the highest inspiration, because it is only then that he can achieve the full hundred percent.
He creates the feeling for himself.
For the mother it is now precisely the other way round. She must be able to separate herself from her born intuition, if she wants to create art outside of herself, which just a few women can do.
Most women never become separated from the born sensitivity and must accept their powerlessness for art.
The man does not know this obstruction. He can create separately from himself.
No female masters live on earth. The mother succumbs under this inspiration and murders her own material system.
If you feel this, then you will understand that the organism calls the inner life to a halt.
However, on the other hand, the mother is also called to experience spiritual gifts.
Yet, the mother also cannot receive what the seer is able to experience, because the maternal body keeps the soul tied hand and foot and she can never possess the Great Wings.
She does not exceed her own physical thinking.
One takes her upwards, the other holds her trapped and says: This far and no further.
The mother has received the highest from God and thereby everything sinks into nothing!
The mother experiences the divine creation.
As a man, we miss creation, but you see that body and soul represent laws which people on earth still know nothing about.
Science still has to awaken to this.
Spiritual wisdom is ahead of the science of the earth by thousands of centuries.
You will therefore never see a woman gifted with the Great Wings, because she as a mother cannot experience this wonderful inspiration, because the body calls her to a halt.
I once told you that no one exceeds the fourth grade of the inner life without the help of a cosmically conscious.
You can accept that this is extraordinary, even the apostles could not achieve that height.
Christ did not take His disciples into the spiritual gifts, but into His own life.
Christ knew that He could not give them what must be achieved through the cosmic self. None of the apostles possessed that sensitivity, even if they were sensitive instruments.
Paul and John were direct mediums and later, after their Master passed away, in the hands of the angels, astral masters, who brought their wisdom from our life, which could be given by means of the psychic trance of Paul and the clairvoyant seeing of the other people.
(I mention Paul with the apostles, the twelve disciples, even if he experienced a very different time.)
While they were together with their Master, they did not need to act the medium.
It was only after Christ had passed away that the spiritual gifts revealed themselves to the apostles.
The masters on this side elevated all of them into the spiritual consciousness. They could not even deal with the cosmic consciousness.
Yet, they received messages from the seventh sphere, because the masters were also capable of entering into contact with higher regions.
Peter and the other apostles first had to awaken for the mediumistic gifts; they could not even be reached.
Paul and John could not have forgotten themselves, the cock did not crow for them. They were spiritually conscious.
The fire of their Master lived in them, and they could not fall.
Christ lived in them!
Peter still had to master this feeling and consciousness.
Christ knew him and could say: “Before the cock crows you will betray Me three times.”
This could not happen to the others.
Peter would first experience misery before he could begin the task, which Christ had appointed him.
That task was placed on his shoulders and would be in harmony with his own consciousness.
However, all of them devoted their own lives to Christ.
One saw, the other apostle was clairaudient, yet others possessed the psychic trance and disembodied for a short time.
However, the apostles did not know that the human being, who had died on earth and now lived in the Spheres of Light as an angel, spoke to them.
They still thought that Christ was with them.
It only got through to them much later that God’s messengers had come to them in order to continue the great work of their Master.
A few apostles were great mediums and lived in the fourth grade of the inner life and could experience the spiritual gifts, the others were not ready for this.
However, Christ told them that they would not be alone.
When they were together and had to make decisions, they heard voices.
There was speaking outside of their lives and the direct voice manifested itself to them.
The angels from the heavens had condensed their voices and reached direct contact with the Apostles so that they did not need to doubt.
The great work that would be carried out by them brought them into this state, but they were not alone in this.
The spiritual word, which was spoken and that they could clearly understand, was the sacred inspiring word for them, to which they could devote their lives.
Now they went to their death for their Master.
The voices from the Other Side were half-materially condensed.
When we will later follow the physical gifts, I will explain all these laws and possibilities.
The apostles therefore also experienced the psychic and the physical laws, which are still applied by our side and as a result of which thousands of people on earth are convinced of an eternal life after death.
However, they did not exceed their own inner lives either and had to accept what was given to them from this side.
They also, as Disciples of Christ, were faced with great problems, which were conquered by the masters.
All the apostles could heal and were seers in their own grade of life.
Paul experienced the psychic trance and the Great Wings, and he alone was suitable for it. The others could not be separated from their organism.
Since they were sensitive the Other Side could elevate them into the astral life, but they could not exceed their conscious either. The apostles also had to accept these laws for the material and inner life.
Mediums experience nothing else in their own time. They are also faced with these laws and can receive spiritual food according to the sensitivity, which is in them.
For the apostles they were divine miracles. However, for your mediums they were spiritual truths from life after death.
The apostles did not understand the actual laws because of this. They still had to awaken to this, and mankind was not yet that far advanced.
Our mediums in this state are completely conscious from where all the wisdom comes. The apostles had no knowledge of it and could not have dealt with it either.
Yet, these simple people served. Christ made them fishermen over the people.
And the masters on this side have not done any differently for centuries. Our mediums also serve mankind!
The mediums in our hands now receive the highest that was ever given by us to the earth. Not even ancient Egypt was able to experience this height.
And precisely the illiterate are suitable for this task, because the earthly conscious thinks for itself and cannot be separated from this conscious feeling and thinking.
The apostles were completely empty, had no possession of their own and our mediums experience the same attunement.
The Great Winged One from ancient Egypt could not read or write. This life was not materially contaminated in anything and the masters from our life could therefore manipulate it.
He surrendered completely, spiritually and materially.
Our great mediums are also inwardly empty, have remained uncontaminated by every material influence.
It is only now that spiritual miracles can be brought to earth.
Anyone who possesses too much of himself cannot be opened and can therefore not be reached!
As a result of this, the masters on this side could continue the work of Christ, and the spiritual gifts were revealed to the apostles, which is also the same law for our mediums.
The inner child can receive, the human adult conscious thinks for itself.
Our mediums consciously return to the earth and then the wisdom experienced by them is recorded and passed on to mankind.
The apostles were not able to receive this wealth, despite the fact that they also recorded their experiences, so that their feeling and spiritual contact has been preserved for mankind.
The apostles received their higher conscious through Christ, our mediums through the angels from this side and ancient Egypt likewise.
Those masters also still have the development in their hands. They also serve Christ now!
The astral laws speak, the wisdom from this side cannot be bettered, and the very last now comes to earth because the Age of Christ is beginning.
Yet, people on earth say that mankind has not progressed for centuries, but have gone backwards.
In the book “My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth”, given to humanity by this instrument, this development is explained to you.
The work deals with your own century and will give you a view of the future, it will also give you prophets like before, because the age of Christ has started.
A few years ago, all of this would not have been possible. Then our mediums were put on funeral pyres and burnt alive. However, now the Other Side can speak.
My concern was to show you that the apostles were also simple mediums and that they could not exceed their own grade of life.
They experienced the highest that was given by their Master to mankind. The priests from ancient Egypt brought the highest to the earth and were born for their task.
Our mediums experience nothing different. Only a few instruments can serve for this great work, or the masters would launch a psychological war, but this can now be prevented.
The apostles could be recognized by their serving and their task. They left behind on earth what was given to them by Christ and the angels.
The Great Winged One from ancient Egypt also gave himself and brought worldly wisdom and cosmic mysticism to earth.
Our mediums for this work give you the highest for your own century, which you as a person can experience and read outside these laws. It comes from life after death.
Or did you think that what is now recorded comes from the medium’s own brain?
It must now be clear to you that not thousands of mediums can serve for this task.
Christ did not need a hundred apostles in order to continue the sacred evangelism. Ancient Egypt also knew only a few great people, or the truth would be fragmented.
That was prevented from happening by Christ, by ancient Egypt and the masters on this side.
Despite this, everyone will become an evangelist one day, because every soul must experience and accept the life of Christ; however, outside of Christ the Spheres of Light cannot be reached!
The apostles received their wisdom from the highest heavens. They were initiates by the masters, the priest from ancient Egypt by their high priests and our mediums by their own masters. However, everything comes from one source and serves to awaken mankind.
All those children of God were able to serve, had to give themselves completely for this. Not one own thought was tolerated, or they would completely disengage themselves.
The apostles experienced that and got their fingers rapped. The mediums from ancient Egypt likewise, they became a prey for the wild animals. Our mediums are now released and stand on their own two feet, but cannot move any further.
The masters on this side, who have this task in their hands, do not let themselves be mocked. They know that Christ came to the earth for divine wisdom. He devoted His own life to mankind.
Every medium that has a task to accomplish for this life and for Christ, will have to accept that millions gave their own lives for this, one wrong thought from them breaks the contact. Own longings are not under consideration.
The masters demand unconditional surrender, it is only then that they are assured that the spiritual gifts remain in the hands of those who are worth it for our life and to serve mankind!
The spiritual gifts call all your mediums to a divine halt!
When there are longings which concern the impossible, they will have to accept that they themselves are thinking and they are giving themselves advice on all their questions, then it is followed by going to pieces.
Nothing more can be changed about this. The gulf that they have created themselves, cannot be bridged by the Other Side. They themselves are guilty of the destruction of the truth. Because of their thoughts and longings they created their own destruction.
Now they serve the lower, empty, meaningless earthly self.
In order to show this to you completely, the following is an example.
A seer in our hands had a wonderful task to complete on earth and served his master.
He experienced spiritual clairvoyance and was also a healing medium.
His master followed him in everything. They had reached unity from feeling to feeling and convinced thousands of people of the eternal life after death.
I knew his master and was continually in contact with him.
However, then the own thinking and feeling of the medium started.
He had become well-known as a result of his wonderful gifts and had reached a height, even if he only lived in the third grade for the inner life.
People came flocking in, in order to receive spiritual contact with their loved ones.
He was able to give them wonderful proof, through his master, he brought joy and happiness to all those beaten hearts, connected them again with their loved ones and was worshipped by many people.
However, he did not appear capable of bearing all that wealth and happiness and he succumbed.
Suddenly, his master had to let go of him and we lost a beautiful instrument on this medium.
A medium from the fourth grade for the inner life and the gifts can no longer succumb!
This consciousness serves like the child, will never grasp higher than the powers allowed and can be received.
This mentality is completely aware of the mercy that was received through us.
The medium from the fourth grade has no longings of his own anymore and will be able to receive the highest as a result of this. He knows how far he can go and no longer stumbles over himself.
However, he went to pieces up against himself and was deprived of the spiritual gift of clairvoyance.
This deprivation is simple. We withdraw ourselves from your life and then this supernatural machine immediately stands still.
The inspiration lives on this side and can no longer influence.
Not one spirit of this side is capable of serving through him without thereby destroying himself.
This medium was no longer satisfied with his task. He longed to possess the direct voice and other physical phenomena, materializations, dematerializations, apports, levitations et cetera, but forgot that those powers were not present in him.
However, he thought he could still give mankind that proof as a result of his powers.
The Other Side had a different opinion and withdrew.
When he thought he was also suitable for the physical gifts, he closed himself off to the master, so that he could no longer reach him.
However, why other people he thought and not him?
He could go even higher, couldn’t he?
Those gifts were in him, he could see and cure wonderfully, but the physical gifts would give him even more fame. It was only then that the doors of the world would be open to him and he would be able to take trips to other peoples and do everything in order to shake mankind awake.
These were his thoughts and feelings, but he forgot that there were feelings in him that longed for honour and fame and dominated him in everything.
That do good of his was not important, even if he would have given himself for this task. Now it was impossible!
Yet, he thought that his master was speaking to him and that his plan was excellent.
Once the longing for the physical gifts had reached conscious, he could no longer free himself of it.
Those longings tortured him, started to rule his life and disturbances entered the clairvoyance. The infallibility had disappeared.
Now he was no longer able to see his own faults. He blindly followed these longings and in this way, he broke down his better self.
His clairvoyance was neither here nor there. He himself was to blame for it; he himself had deformed his spiritual contact. His longing consciousness took him into the arms of the low public, hungry for sensation.
He asked his spiritual leader what he thought about it and then he heard a voice inside himself say:
“We will now start the great work.
It is awe-inspiring.
We will convince thousands of people.”
He asked questions, but gave the answer himself.
The realisation did not live in him that he had closed himself off to the Other Side.
All of this took place in his life and he became a slave to his feelings and longings.
His master knew that he was becoming lost to him and he could therefore stop.
Yet, according to his thoughts, his spiritual master told him that he must arrange these séances.
The battle between spiritual leader and instrument had started, but had also already ended.
His master wanted to make the best of a bad job, because he was still open to healing.
At a good time, when the medium had to receive advice for a patient, his master worked on his inner life and made him afraid.
Was the diagnosis wrong?, the instrument thought.
No, he clearly felt, he saw that he was correct in this.
But what did this fear mean?
Nonsense, that fear lived here in the house, it was the fear of those who lived here.
They did not need to worry, the patient got better.
He told them what he had felt and they found him incredible.
If he had thought about himself for a moment, then his master could have let him feel even more. Now he already broke this last contact and thought of nothing more than the physical wonders.
Good, he thinks, soon I will give myself completely to all these wonders, and then?
It is wonderful what he sees, and he speaks under way with his master and he shows him incredible visions.
The world is open to him. He will experience wonders, he will travel, and the peoples of the earth will receive him.
Where will his path take him?
He does not see it, the famous celebrity and the favourite of thousands of souls remained behind. He sees only his longing, nothing more, but also, nothing less!
The clairvoyance and clairaudience meanwhile completely dissolve.
He is already on his own two feet and faults are pouring in.
He continues and prepares for the séances.
His clairvoyance becomes hazy, and his inner life is divided.
Yet, one day he wonders: why do I no longer see so sharply?
It is terrible; his seeing is so bad now.
He starts to search, feel around as only charlatans can do, he feels unsure.
The images that he sees are no longer right, and yet, he sees his master, he hears and feels him as before.
He does not understand it and asks:
“Why am I seeing wrong, Master?”
“It is very simple, after all, I must develop the physical gifts, mustn’t I?
Well, as a result of this the other gifts are shut out.”
“Very good, Master, I know now.”
However, what he does not understand is that he is deprived of the gifts of clairvoyance and healing.
Yet, he also asks:
“Will I lose these gifts?”
He immediately gives himself the answer, and hears the voice of his master within him say:
“Of course not, this is just temporary.”
He feels calm, now it is fine. He wants to keep these gifts, because he must be able to check the séances through his master, mustn’t he?
How will he otherwise know whether everything is fine if he is denied the first gifts?
He understands everything!
However, he understands nothing!
He is medium and master at the same time.
He feels that he will be freed from the other gifts and he can now be calm. Nothing actually happens; he only receives.
He does not know that the Other Side have the gifts in its own hands, and yet, he must know, because his answers are very clear.
However, he does not feel or think of that, he is too conscious.
Where is this runaway medium going?
We could have predicted it to him, but he no longer saw or heard us.
Yet we continued to follow him, we wanted to get to know his destruction and the spiritual serving.
The medium discovers a great new star on the medium firmament and he will build up his own séances with him, it is only then that they will experience the most amazing things.
These joint powers will not be able to be bettered by one single medium.
He asks his master:
“Is it okay that I am holding the séances with him?”
“But, of course, I have brought him to your path.
Together you will experience wonders. Moreover, powers are needed for this.
He is also a good power and precisely suitable for us.”
He accepted that other person.
He now had to share his fame, but that did not bother him. The facts would be overwhelming.
He should not long for everything.
And when his master said that he had sent the other person on this path, this was also in order.
It made him happy, now they would show what kind of mediums they were.
The man holds a séance with him; and look, the phenomena come. The megaphone is already floating through the room. Tapping is heard; everything is wonderful and great.
He is brimming with happiness, and together they have phenomena. Only it is taking too long, but soon they can proclaim the great news and the world will see them.
They will convince thousands of people; it is great, and this is amazing.
He still hears his master speaking inside him.
But what does he actually hear?
Did I not already tell you that the clairvoyant in our hands could hear the voice of his master out of thousands?
Well, he hears that voice, but is listening to his own past.
That voice now no longer speaks to his day-conscious self, but was the phase of the truth.
He kept listening, but his listening for him is, like the “good evening” for the cross and board, a saying, which the people at the séance know and with which they open their séance.
He also experiences these laws and does not know that he will be able to hear this voice for eternity, but he does not feel or understand that this belongs to the past and no longer has any value.
He now sees phenomena and asks his master whether everything is all right, but he does not get to the truth. He asks questions and gives the answers himself.
He is busy burying himself and dying for spiritual serving, he is tuned into sensation and ambition.
If he had been able to turn himself inside out, he would be able to admire his beautiful state, but this third grade medium is not yet that far.
And his master has taken this into account. He knew that he would fall, but nevertheless the Other Side was able to lay the foundations through him in order to build on later, when mankind has calmed down and we can start the age of Christ.
The other person is a conscious cheat. He does not possess any power and had dared to visit the lion in his own house.
Is that now that famous seer?
Is this fame?
Then I no longer need to worry, I know his mediumship.
The seer checks everything, asks during the séances whether his master can show him something which has not yet been shown, and look, it comes promptly, and it is a revelation for him.
The charlatan dominates completely and the rich instrument in our hands has passed over into his hands. He does not serve us, but he serves conscious deception!
The medium sees, and receives compliments from him. He takes him and his master upwards.
The medium is like a runaway horse, which will not come to a standstill for months.
However, he will soon go to pieces, because it is becoming interesting.
The seer sees that it is going well and his leader says that they will make great advances. They may soon open their doors to the respected public.
He informs the cheat of that.
He accepts everything, and he thinks it is wonderful; it could not have worked out any better for him. This man is famous, and he will represent him.
He wants to possess his name, nothing more, but also nothing less.
He knows his seeing, however, does not understand it, and does not know where that fame comes from, but he experiences it.
How did this man get his name?
Is everything deception in this area?
For him there are no mediums living. Everything is deception; he will also cheat.
However, you see how sharply the astral laws disengage the own longing of a medium.
We do not have this irrevocable halt in our own hands; it belongs to the medium.
It is he that breaks the bonds, now we must also accept the laws.
Not one spirit of light is capable of helping the cheat, because hundreds of people will soon be cheated and their fall will also come, because they know nothing about all these laws, even though numerous people think that they know the Other Side through and through.
They, these two celebrities, will give them those pieces of proof, but they are now noted and passed on by our mediums, so that the following stage for conscious deception is preserved.
The Other Side promised the clairvoyant medium the earth, and he did not understand that we are separate from all the material earthly and cannot serve it. We are only open to Golgotha.
Yet, he sees all that money and that honour before him. Soon he will enter every house; the gates of dignitaries will be open to him and his material friend.
“Of course, Master, we will remain simple.”
When he gave his master his answer, the direct voice spoke to him.
“Look”, his master said, “now we are speaking to each other.
After all, you thought that your hearing and clairvoyance would dissolve.
That speaking is no longer necessary, although you”, the cheat recovers himself, “must keep on asking me inwardly whether the messages come through correctly. However, I tell you: you no longer need to doubt that.
Nevertheless, I warn you because all the earthly, all the sensation and the money, could mean your fall.”
“But does the master not feel then that they will remain themselves?” the medium answers himself!
“May the master not warn them against all the badness of the earth, the powers and forces of the darkness?
Do they never think that evil is watching them, and that evil will try to make them harmless and in this way prevent their serving?
Never forget”, the Other Side says, “that you are people!”
They accept everything. It is a wonderful evening and the cheat, who has already consciously deceived numerous people, is ready.
He can show himself, no one will find him out, and not one of all the male and female seers who are present knows that he cheats consciously.
How can it be, how is it possible?
There are no mediums.
That is his own experience.
Everything cheats, everything gossips itself.
And that is the way it is!
Not one of all those mediumistic people present see or hear. They accept consciously and now completely disengage their own contact.
They have nothing more to see, and they think it is wonderful.
This clairvoyant medium is the greatest medium and is in contact with his own master.
To bridge or negate that is sacrilege.
However, if those few people, who still felt that deception was on the cards, had just followed their feeling for a moment, then their leaders and checking spirits could have warned them, but now they also closed themselves off to their own contact!
Moreover, there was not one medium living amongst them from the fourth grade. All of them lived in the third grade of the inner life or were on the threshold of the fourth, but were still irrevocably wrong
Now the soul cannot be dominated.
All of them would receive a tremendous blow.They would soon have to accept that they themselves governed their thoughts and will see their own fallible mediumship
The only fourth grade medium, that could warn numerous people and mediums, lived amongst all those hundreds of chosen ones in our hands, but was not accepted.
Our warnings were thrown to the wind. The masses mastered this phenomenon.
A new star was discovered.
There was no stopping it. However, they would see and experience that they served themselves!
Our power was forbidden by us to attend these séances and did not go.
He knew that there was cheating.
His master had already warned him.
Another few séances and then the public could come.
Now different dignitaries in the spiritualist world were invited. All of them were impressed; this had not been experienced on earth before.
It excelled everything!
They took hold of their pens, and they would use up litres of ink writing in order to give these stars the true light, which they deserved; litres of ink were used up in writing, in order to express their enthusiasm and admiration.
Pompous criticism increased the enthusiasm and other mediums could get lost, they no longer counted. This was it now!
The spiritualist world was convinced. Now people were allowed to enter their sanctuary, but the master would say who was allowed to experience the séances.
The room where the séances took place was declared sacred. No one was allowed to go there again apart from the séances. Not one earthly, material footstep was tolerated, it would mean a contamination for the Other Side.
In the evening people entered the sacred temple and then the masters were present.
Ten masters from this side were at the séances, the phenomena required knowledge and astral conscious.
This sounds real, but the cheat read all the books that were written about the physical gifts, so that he was completely prepared to enter the field of honour.
A very good and honest servant girl, also suitable for the séances, was allowed to clean the room. No one else was considered good enough to enter the place where the masters from this side had spoken.
The highest now lived on earth and had been placed in the hands of people who understood it, because this could not be any different.
How beautiful it was when all those male and female seers were together and allowed the people at the séance to enjoy their skills.
These were evenings of incredible beauty.
One master was represented who also had the management of a Temple in ancient Egypt in his hands, sometimes he spoke a great deal through the trumpet.
He only spoke in short sentences, because he was only concerned with the phenomena, as a result of this he would convince mankind.
The conscious cheat could now mess about as much as he wanted to, because not one seeing medium really saw what was going on here, even the great, famous mediums did not notice anything.
The cheat brought along delicious bones for his lion. He also bought the most expensive syrup available. Everything was going according to plan, if he just served him a lick of a phenomenon now and again.
The trumpet floated over the medium. He was allowed to take the thing in his hands, only for a moment, because the contact could have a disruptive effect and that must be prevented from happening.
He was allowed to sit next to the cheat, could also check everything himself, so that everyone surrendered to the gentlemen.
Who still thinks of cheating?
No one, these séances are not experienced by one single medium on earth. Ancient Egypt is nothing in comparison.
It is going really well, it is too good, but everything, which is too much, falls and succumbs.
The human brain is not strong enough for so much beauty.
However, no one knows that. Only we who stand in their midst know, we who follow everything and are never seen by a single one of their famous seers.
And yet I noted down all their séances in my inner book. The pages filled themselves of their own accord.I followed them in everything and thought: My God, give them everything and they will consciously kill Your sacred Child, Jesus Christ again!
Must people possess spiritual gifts?
For shame!
Prominent spiritualists were invited.
Now watch, dear reader, how simply the human being can be cheated and how natural it is that people lose themselves.
These top people from the spiritualist world experienced the direct voice, the Other Side spoke outside of the medium.
They took notes like we did, but wrote down their own awkwardness, and, as a result of this, created one misery after another.
They believed!
However, these people represent our world by their tasks.
And they therefore do that and no matter who they are, their word is law.
And those words as laws were stamped to pieces by the cheat, who gave all of them a heavy lesson in life to experience.
Did these people learn?
Or did they curse every medium because they were cheated?
Did no more mediums exist for them anymore whom people could trust?
They fell on their own field of honour and withdrew. Their pens were not empty from writing, but they had lost their own inspiration.
They were also broken on the wheel!
Seers do not exist, says the cheat to himself, and people who think that they know something about all these phenomena, are cheating themselves, they are pretending, because they do not know.
Yet, there is one power who does not want to come and look. One whom he is actually afraid of, who sees through him and yet can do nothing, because the Other Side has forbidden him from muddying himself.
However, that name means something to him, even it was also mentioned, if he started to see how beautiful, how wonderful his phenomena were, then this would be the crown on his work which he wanted to achieve.
However, that one person did not come, he stayed away along with the other good ones, protected as they were by their masters.
However, everyone who says that he hears or sees something, and can make his own analysis and is capable of giving a scientific explanation, all of them will fall and will go completely to pieces with writing.
“Have you ever seen such a thing?” they ask each other.
“I will introduce you to the mediums.
The gods will receive you and then come back to me, say then whether this is not supernatural.”
And they went and were struck dumb!
Now there is nothing left to save. The medium that was once in our hands has been put on a beautiful white horse, but he will drive the animal to its death in his way.
He has never sat so high on a horse before and along with him the cheat. Both horse-ride as only sovereigns could permit themselves to do.
The spiritualist writers even put them on the horses. The scenes, which are described, feel supernatural. It is true, no words can be found for it, in one word: perfect!
The seer stakes his own reputation!
The prominent spiritualists are like him, runaway, they are bombarded with questions. They are asked to come and look. They get their royal box and feel as the mediums feel: kings!
One person pulls the other one down, one spiritual thief influences all of them and it is successful.
The fire of sensation lives in them and they will perish because of this.
The mediums have to accept their fall and these well-knowing people the weight of their pens, which can no longer be managed.
Pens with which they served evil.
Picking themselves up and carrying on will soon no longer be possible. They will also succumb for their own task.
It is not possible to experience the occult laws blindly. This path takes them to the darkness. All of them will have to pay their astral toll.
And that happened!
Here criticism was no longer in its place, it was no longer tolerated.
Criticism meant sacrilege towards the Other Side; it is as if they would be doubting Christ.
Meanwhile, the phenomena were increased. All of them answered with their own lives for its authenticity.
The seer stood amongst them like a tower of strength, it was he who explained to them what the Other Side intended to do with them.
Not one single spiritualist doubted this word anymore. That was ruled out completely.
What a great intangible reputation the seer had!
People filled the newspapers with writing about the séances.
Every evening yielded hundreds of guilders, sometimes a bit less if there were guests, but the money flowed in.
The cheat demands a large amount. After all, he gives all his powers and has to eat well.
As a result of his demands difficulties occur which, however, have to be solved by the masters on this side.
They have grown into one and they must never forget that.
The Other Side is watching. They must share everything fairly. Also no séances at their own initiative, because this brings disharmony.
There may be no disturbances in this, because the phenomena have to remain at a high level and they can go even higher.
The seer understands it completely.
However, the moment will soon come for us to intervene.
Yet, we must have patience, but we will make them harmless.
The spiritualist world needs this lesson, because we are not served by their sensation.
Meanwhile, the top spiritualists are warned again by our world.
However, they all continue to believe that these are good and reliable mediums.
Moreover, cannot actually go back anymore.
Must they now write against all those facts described?
But, our mediums say, you can withdraw, can’t you?
There is no question of it.
They will research it again and keep their eyes open.
However, the gentlemen experienced wonders again and accepted these phenomena as occult wonders achieved by the Other Side.
Their eyes are blinded, and their inner life is numbed. They do not wish to go back and fill their newspapers again with writing.
These people are on the run and will remain so until the very last moment, but then it will be too late for them.
It is said that the mediums in our hands are jealous.
And that is very bad, it is a pity!
One person begrudges another the light in his eyes, which works destructively and is earthly.
However, these characteristics must not be present in mediums.
Our mediums are attacked and destroyed underground.
They really get it in their newspapers. Their warnings are not understood.
Nevertheless, all of the Other Side is behind the good instruments.
What a pity, do those mediums not feel that they serve one Lord?
If only we could make them understand that spiritually they have one task to carry out, serving spiritualism.
This writing could not convince our mediums.
They told anyone who wanted to know that it was nothing else but deception.
Those séances were demonic.
All those male and female seers were consciously cheated.
The entire spiritualist world was present. The top people met each other there and experienced spiritual wonders.
All those mediumistic people sensitive in spirit, male and female seers were connected to their own masters, who watched over their lives and gave them the conviction that these were real phenomena.
Hundreds of these men and women had been able to experience these wonders and found them revelations.
It was strange that a few well-known mediums stubbornly continued to refuse to attend the séances.
These were the few good ones, the mediums under this demonic game with life and death, who had been warned by their spiritual leaders.
“Go, my child, I am also there, you will see wonders.”
Where these own thoughts?
These people heard voices, were consciously clairvoyant, but experienced themselves!
Soon all of them would get to know the true occult laws and then have to accept their seeing and nonsense.
These people were not seers, did not possess any spiritual gifts, they just assumed our world.
This cannot go unpunished, and eventually, they will go to pieces anyway.
Moreover, the Other Side will ensure this, masters from our world, cosmically conscious people, angels!
Just tell these people that they are doing wrong things.
Will they accept you?
Who does not want honour and fame in this area?
Both celebrities would continue to take their place in the mediumistic firmament, along with them, all the other people who had seen something and received messages from their leaders about how perfect these mediums were.
However, one evening we received the mercy to intervene.
Many masters from this side had come to the earth in order to purify our great and divine building from this pestilence.
Millions of souls worked on this building and gave their powers for it. These people destroyed it again because of their dreadful deception and undermined the fundamental base for our world, which had been laid by the Other Side in the centuries which had passed.
The séance has started.
Amongst the people present is a level-headed man, one who has sense and little feeling, but we have to have him.
He gives sensible criticism.
We weaken his faith, and lay our knowledge in him, so that his mistrust is strengthened.
He is shown his place and will soon act through us as we wish.
We elevate this life into our universe.
All those sensitive, well-known mediums are not suitable for this.
This man is not conscious of gifts, but is now a medium in our hands.
Not a single one of all these people is open to the true knowledge; all of them have closed themselves off completely.
This man must serve us, the strength lives in him. He cannot accept everything just like that.
Those feelings are already sufficient for us in order to reach him, and more feeling is not needed for it.
The trusting intellectuals are no longer themselves and the rest of the sensitive people float with both celebrities between heaven and earth, because all of them want to possess some of their aura.
The phenomena are tremendous; it is incredible.
The wonders take place in the dark, but the medium is provided with illuminated bands.
The megaphones are on the table and sometimes float in the air.
The first voice comes through and the Other Side speaks to the earthly soul.
A megaphone falls to the ground, after having first hit against someone’s face, which causes a sensitive blow.
Are these séances life-threatening?
It appears so.
A father speaks to his child who has passed over.
Fathers are connected with mothers and other family members, the Other Side it is moving.
Not a single one of all these people, these wise occultists, knows the reality, otherwise, they could now already have established the deception.
Nevertheless, this wonderful event continues.The trusting soul sighs, groans actually, is deeply moved, but spiritually runaway by the facts.
True wonders do not give you a fright, because this disturbs our unity and disturbances take the medium between life and death, then death occurs.
The masters will make sure that such emotions cannot be brought about, because the intensity of the great event will speak to your life anyway and will never again be forgotten.
But no one sees or feels that, only this man is on the alert.
He waits for the right moment, as he thinks himself, but he acts through our knowledge and wishes!
We wait!
The woman, who felt the megaphone hit her face, thinks it is very painful, but people must be able to forgive the Other Side.
The direct voice speaks.
“Can you hear it, my earthly friends?
We are speaking to you, the masters from the Other Side.
We come to you, in order to convince you of eternal life ...”
Stop! This far and no further. The light is switched on.
First a pocket torch, then the blinding light, and look, the medium himself is standing with a horn in front of his mouth and is speaking.
A tremendous commotion breaks loose, chairs and people are thrown about, it is suddenly chaotic.
There is the famous medium.
The seer becomes deathly pale.
Now what?
The Other Side was not speaking; he himself was speaking.
The cheat stands there trembling and shaking. He stares at the man who dared to switch on the terrible light. He could kill him.
Our man must give an explanation why he did it.
“You see”, he says to a prominent spiritualist, “the man is cheating.”
The psychic cheat bites his lips as fast as lightning and draws blood. He lets it flow down his lips. All of them now see that he is coughing up blood.
That is part of the disturbances.
The initiate will know because of this that he has received a nervous shock and could have died at this moment.
It is still a wonder that the man is alive.
He must save what he can here, he thinks, and plays a wonderful game. He is definitely dynamic and does not lose his personality and self-control for a second.
Then he is asked questions.
“Why did you speak through the megaphone?
Your name is at stake, do you know that?”
“Yes, madam”, he murmurs, “it went so fast.”
He does not know what to answer, and he does not know where to begin.
Yet, he must be able to rehabilitate himself or leave the stage, but then his star will fall like a brick to the ground.
Medium gone, greatness gone, and with him hundreds of mediums and spiritualist celebrities and then the seer as well, who now wipes the drops of sweat from his forehead, deeply shocked.
What a closeness, he has never been so warm before in his life.
Yet, it is the middle of winter, the icicles hang on the windows.
The medium gives answers all around. Finally he stands a bit more firmly in his shoes, he thinks that he has found the answer.
What did it say in that book again?
Wait a minute, now he knows, that once happened to a famous medium.
Precisely, this is it; he is completely himself again!
“First tell me: who let this man in?”
“Your leader should have known that”, someone answers him sarcastically.
However, the cheat is ready and says:
“That’s it precisely, that man is to blame for everything.
Who let him in?
He just sneaked in here.”
“What are you saying?” the man now asks, hurt. “Here with my money!
That lady took my money, she let me in.”
The defence of the charlatan is weak, but he has more. He will not be checkmated just like that.
“Who let him in?” he wants to know.
“That man put on the light.
But do you know why?
When my master spoke, he wanted to grab the megaphone.
Is it not the case?
Who was sitting next to the man?”
A woman can witness that this is true. Suddenly the man had let go of her hand and then the terrible thing happened.
“You see”, he continues, “my master wanted to prevent this.
At that moment, I came back from the trance and reached for the megaphone. It could have meant my death.
I wanted to warn you.
This is really everything and then the light was switched on.
If that happens again, I will stop.
I do not intend to give my life for such curious dogs.”
He wants to attack the man, but is held back.
“Not that, remain calm, no arguments.”
People can accept his defence. Especially a few spiritualist heads, which have an interest in it themselves, do it gladly.
They believe him, and the little man is chased out the door. They will write about it.
This may not happen again.
The end result is that the medium is believed and not the little man.
The seer rubs his hands, he also believes him again as before. All his fears leave him.
However, he is not so sure anymore, he is still not completely at ease, fear comes back to him.
He is now going to feel through another power, which comes from outside him, that he is being cheated.
Yet he stands next to the cheat, he must also make the best of a bad job.
He now already sees his own fall. This honour and fame have not lasted long.
Has he been cheated?
That is not possible!
And for the last time he discards spiritual inspiration. He dominates his master, who still tried to save him.
The cheat says:
“What do you really want from me?
There is a seer present here of a great stature. Believe in him, his word is law.
Could I cheat this man?
Do you think that I am mad?
A doctor must immediately treat me.
I deceived you?
I greet you, you will hear from me.
And if it is necessary, you can test me.”
People talk things over, and the little man has meanwhile disappeared. Other people are able to say that he will broadcast what happened here.
Anyone who wishes to know must hear it.
The people first decide that test séances are not necessary, but after much pondering they think that it is necessary after all. The world could think that they just accept everything.
Then everyone goes their own way.
That same night one of the well-known mediums in our hands is fetched from bed with the question whether he can come quickly, people need his help.
Accidents have happened to the great direct voice medium.
“The vehicle is waiting, you can just get in.”
The medium tunes into his master and asks:
“What should I do?”
This question is asked in his thoughts.
The answer soon comes.
“Go, I am with you. Remember, complete emptiness.
Wait and then act as I will let you feel.”
The instrument enters.
The great miracle is lying on the bed, groaning and with a head like fire.
What is the matter?
He looks at the man, also absorbs the image of the seer who is sitting next to him and is treating him, and now knows that both men are play-acting.
Their act is transparent; the vision shown from his master leaves nothing to be desired.
It happened as fast as lightning. In one second, the medium has experienced a world.
The game of cat and mouse can begin.
“So”, he says, “did they get you?
Severe bleeding as well?
Is that not terrible?
What must I do?”
“We need your help.
I am helping, but we need more power.
If you now treat his chest and I do his back”, the seer says, “we can stop this bleeding.”
“Yes, that is not bad”, our medium answers and says: “Is that lip bleeding so dangerous?
I see no danger, gentlemen.
I greet you, just work it out for yourselves.”
They wish to convince him, but the answer is:
“I do not like the direct voice and I am not jealous either. It is too muddy for me.
Open the door or I will kick it in!”
The door is unlocked; he leaves the celebrities behind.
“Does he know it?
Stupid of you to call him in particular”, the seer says.
“Stupid of us, stupid!”
But a light goes on in him.
That is seeing, or that is just as stupid as his own performance.
Either the very highest or deception.
The cheat looks at him and says nothing, he can only moan.
“Really”, radiates from his look, “it is real, I have got a bleeding, just believe me.
I will give you proof, if only I am better first.
My leader says:
‘Go in cold water and then hot.
We will help you.
Do not be afraid.
We will get that conceited man.
Have courage, my boys!’”
He literally repeats what he was able to hear, these gifts are also already in his possession.
The clairvoyant believes him again.
We will get that other one; this is not neighbourly love.
Nevertheless, that is what it is like with those jealous types.
“They let you die”, is the word of the woman of the house.
In the newspapers, there is a report that the medium has made it.
In co-operation with the well-known medium J., we were able to save him.
If the medium had not been given that help, that terrible evening would have ended his life.
Such bad manners must be irrevocably prevented.
The life of a human being is involved, in this case of a precious instrument.
Our medium wants to contradict this nonsense, but his master forbids him.
“But why may I not say anything?
Are they not using my name?”
“It does not matter, we will let them fall deeper.
Just wait and see.
If they ask you to attend the séances, I will forbid you to go.”
A few weeks later, the celebrity is cured and the séances can be held again.
One fine day the celebrity comes to visit our medium.
“What is the matter?”
“I wanted to ask whether you wanted to attend my séances.
You can then convince yourself of their authenticity.
There is so much talk!”
“No, I will not come.
What did I do to earn that honour?”
“I want to know your opinion, your leader will probably say what he thinks of it.
Will you come?”
“Do not collect me, or nothing more will remain of your direct voice.”
The man leaves and the séances continue. He is tested and weighed, and everything is fine, in fact, even great. The papers are full of it.
Are all these people as blind as a bat?
The little man cannot hold his tongue and is like the newspaper. He likes to talk, and anyone who wishes to know will be able to hear it from him.
He lays it on thick and says bluntly that both are cheating.
The séances are wonderful, even countries abroad speak of them, also about that evening of failure.
That must be prevented. Such powers must have protection.
People come and ask our medium again whether he wants to experience the supernatural evenings.
The medium answers:
“Just watch out that you do not end up in prison with your sacred matters, madam!”
The woman leaves and will not come back.
He also hears:
“What conceit!”
“For shame”, our medium calls after her, “for shame!”
“They want to have names, so that they can save themselves”, the master of the instrument says, “also yours.
Names have no meaning for this world, but they do for the earth, especially in this area.
Do not be afraid, everything will work out.”
A great deal is written again, everything is going according to plan.
No one believes in deception. Hands may no longer be let go of, this is strictly forbidden.
Now people demand that the people present know it and before the séances start, he must have the word of honour from everyone.
They gladly give that word, but all these people have become different, criticism has come.
The newspapers no longer write so much.
Are there enough experienced?
Does the wonder no longer have the power of attraction?
One evening both fall and there they are, one conscious, the other unconscious, under the light of the Other Side.
There is no longer any point in talking nonsense and biting lips.
The light reveals the abyss to them.
The séance was going really well when the light was switched on by a desperate soul.
The man is standing there, again with the horn in front of his mouth and is talking himself.
The seer becomes deathly pale and runs out of the house.
The man weeps like a little child, but no one sympathizes with him.
The medium collapses, fearful and shaking, and people want to attack him.
He must sign a document: no more séances or it will become a matter for the police.
The top spiritualists are as silent as the grave. One after another gives up his job.
They apparently do not know!
The seer understood his irreparable mistake.
Yet, he could have prevented his fall, if conscious power and personality had been present in him, but he could not do that.
The man withdrew in silence.
The Other Side lost a beautiful instrument with him, but our mediums continued.
The seer accepted an earthly task and people wanted nothing to do with physical mediums for the time being. For that matter, there were no mediums on earth; everything was deception!
This is what people said now.
A life after death did not exist.
However, millions of people do not let themselves be denied that belief.
The good carries on and builds a beautiful Temple.
Cock crowing is not good for mediums. They usually cannot take it.
They must fulfil their task quietly and modestly.
People of the earth, open your eyes!
Always ask yourself: What is good and what is wrong. What are own thoughts and what is received from the Other Side?
After the unmasking of the cheat a small fight also broke out, which means, vehement talk about what is good and what is not good, so that the other mediums that had also found it oh so nice and amazing, were attacked.
However, that also ended and soon everyone had forgotten it.
Until a new wonder presented itself as a star from the East.
But the fun in this case also lasted a very short time.
He fell like a brick onto the hard and yet so cold earth.
People are mean, and they no longer believe anything. They are not worth seeing such wonders.
God will still punish them, grumbled those who believed in them despite everything.
At that time, numerous physical mediums lived in your midst, but there was one real one amongst them.
All those people cheated consciously, because the Other Side had already stopped a long time before.
The masters had foreseen all the misery and prevented it. The proof had already been given anyway.
Hundreds of mediums thought that they could convince mankind, but lost their own self and committed conscious deception.
There was not one single direct voice medium living in your country, other countries were chosen for this, otherwise, the Other Side would have started a war in this area.
It must be clear to you how infallibly the astral laws call us to a spiritual halt.
If a medium that has the third grade does not wish to listen, then the instrument hears himself, because the master withdraws.
Own longings have no meaning for our world, and a medium has nothing to long for. We do not intend to let the spiritual gifts be dragged through mud and dredge because of the medium. Every spirit of light will prevent this happening.
You must likewise be able to sense that the very greatest are born for their task, and they listen!
This seer could fall because he belonged to the third grade, which is possible for psychic mediums in this state.
The fourth grade instrument in the hands of a master is really a match for all these difficulties and receives all the physical and psychic gifts.
As a result of this grade of feeling, the Other Side can achieve much.
The third grade still sees and hears through the own inner life and that remains dangerous when the full passivity is no longer experienced, because these male and female seers never become separated from themselves.
The fourth grade experiences the gifts outside of himself, the third grade cannot escape that, because the own thoughts and feelings are still intact and this must be taken into account.
The Other Side knows that there are only a few good mediums living on earth that are really in contact with the astral world.
We assure you that you will hear all around you about these mediums, but where do these people live?
They are not there!
Those who pretend to be mediums have something to tell you and this can be determined by their task for this world.
The spiritual gifts cannot speak any clearer for your life, or the unavoidable halt for them is the powerlessness and bowing their heads to the astral laws.
To destroy the astral wisdom by this world would be in conflict with our conscious life and we do not start on pointless work. We see in advance, what we can achieve.
Despite this, we had to go through the mess, through the darkness to the light, which people will only understand later.
We no longer stand on being adulated materially. We only ask for sacred respect for our world if the medium is in our hands. Not a single spirit of the light longs any more.
You must never forget that you live on sacred ground when you enter into connection with our world.
We also know how we must attune ourselves in order to not take your life any higher than the feelings within you. We have learned to know the laws for the material and inner life and will not go one step further, otherwise, we would disturb your balance.
The conscious knowledge has entered our life, which was built up as a result of much suffering and sorrow and on which we continually work.
Never lose your healthy criticism. Examine, and hold fast to what is good.
If you are conscious of the truth, then devote your own life to our world and our mediums. Help them, so that they can finish their difficult task.
Assist them in everything, but destroy what is wrong and is deception. You will help us and serve Christ.
You can count on our help, because we come to your life in the name of God.
The honest and sincere meditation, the full mourning and the bowing of heads could still have made a good instrument of this seer, but he chose the easiest way and ignored everything.
This is the easy way out, because of this, life stands still.
His proud head broke him, the obstinate refusal, his stubbornness and his characteristics, which belong to the darkness.
He will have to destroy these characteristics on this side anyway.
He has now become a plaything for his own self and the slave of his longing to be more.
Destruction always follows this.
If you can bow your head to yourself, you will see Christ next to you and entering you at that same moment. You will then follow a path, which will take you straight to Golgotha, and it is there that the divine hands will be placed on your head and not amongst people.
Now as the greatest psychic gift the Great Wings of Egypt, disembodiment, should really follow, but I will deal with that gift later. I want to close the book with it.
We will now follow the spiritual gift for healing, so that you can also get to know this.
If you feel the pure and spiritual in a gift, it is the divine gift, but spiritual gifts can also take you into the arms of Satan and that is your own fault then!
God never wanted you to sully His gifts!