Speaking under inspiration

The gift of speaking gives us the possibility to give you the spiritual word as a result of direct contact.
This takes place by means of your inner life, for which mediumistic sensitivity is also necessary.
If the speaking takes place under, after which inspiration, then the medium also experiences the elevation of his own personality in this, the Other Side speaks.
The inner life has to be open to the astral world of course, because we do not interfere with material speaking. This communication must be able to convince you of life after death, or it will have no point.
This gift also possesses seven grades, the fourth of which is also in our hands, and it becomes the trance, when we reach unity in this state.
You probably speak yourself or you have heard others speak under inspiration and you understand their state, but, other people do not know what happens when they hear those speakers interpret their impassioned speech, and they temporarily forget their own life because of it.
As a result of spiritual inspiration, many things can be achieved.
When we help a speaker through inspiration, we elevate that life into ours and it consciously loses its own grade of life.
The Other Side has always worked through spiritual inspiration, because thousands of inventors and scholars have their products and wisdom to thank for this.
Inventors usually count on inspiration, which is also given to them, at least if their creation serves our life and mankind.
They first draw from their own reserves, from what has been learned, and then they enter a higher emotional world from where their conscious knowledge must come, in order to let the invention, which they have to create, see the earthly light.
The fourth grade of inspiration passes of its own accord into the psychic trance.
The Egyptians were able to experience these gifts, because the wisdom obtained was brought to earth.
I already told you how people reached this unity and as a result, the medium spoke, which your Western mediums can also experience.
However, there are very few good mediums speaking in trance in the West.
To find these individuals, spiritual gifted people, is like searching for a needle in a haystack, they are very scarce!
However, when you can listen to such a medium, the astral law for the gift has obtained its full and pure meaning, and, you experience the highest pleasure you can experience on earth, because you have now come into contact with a master of this side.
The Apostles also experienced this miracle; all of them were spiritually and cosmically influenced.
If faith, feeling, love and the conscious personality are within you, you can be elevated higher by us.
You now receive the consciousness from us for your invention, for your argument, we serve the sciences and spiritual awakening.
We therefore help you to create!
For the inventions, which have been passed onto Mother Earth, masters on this side were ready to pick up your longing, to elevate it to a height, after which all those inventions were achieved.
They were necessary in order to bring life on earth to material awakening, nevertheless, the majority was sullied and used for the purposes of war, which was never the aim of the Other Side.
Despite that sullying, people on our side continued anyway, I already told you, so that mankind would awaken.
Therefore, on this side the astral master lived, and on earth your scholar; both worlds of feeling now reached spiritual unity and these inventions were achieved.
The Other Side had given help through inspiration through all the ages.
A great deal was done for speaking through mediums, because the masses were also shaken awake as a result of this.
During speaking under inspiration there is no danger for the speaker, because this personality is still himself, however, that becomes different when trance is experienced.
If the medium is not completely closed off, the demon is still waiting and madness follows.
If you want to speak and want to receive help from our world, the following takes place:
During speaking I will connect with you, I descend into your life, after which, as for writing, we reach unity at the position of the solar plexus.
If we are that far, then I gradually elevate your inner life until you feel my life and the inspiring word comes to you.
We have to try to pass confidence of our feelings and thoughts to our spectators and calmly elevate them, in order to reach unity with the masses in this way, because it is only then that all those hearts open.
We will sometimes speak as fast as lightning, but then suddenly pass into the softer tone and present our word full of feeling, after which, we bring mood into the life of thought for these masses and our word is obsorbed.
We have to control ourselves in this, and in addition, reinforce the word by means of strong aspects and powerful tones, so that we can dominate.
The feeling of gratitude will flow towards us.
The people now remove themselves from us, become smaller and smaller, until the minimal is entered and they become the size of pinheads for us.
Now, they have come under the influence of the word, inspiration also elevates them to higher regions, and then it is a mercy to be able to listen to this.
Each word you pronounce has been achieved because of my concentration.
The sentences appear to have meaning; the word is felt and is inspiring. As a result of the warmth of our presentation, we descend into all these lives and give all our knowledge for this moment.
Soon they will start to think again for themselves, and will pronounce their own judgement. Now we are speaking at full power, and at a hundred percent inspiration.
If there is fear within you of making mistakes, you will obstruct the inspiration.
Now you go back to your own thoughts and feelings and you are not suitable for inspiration.
For this spiritual inspiration, you have to surrender yourself completely.
Having reached one hundred percent, you are not conscious of speaking and your personality dissolves in the speaking.
We have achieved everything, experienced the highest for this inspiration, opened hearts, because this inspiration touches every heart, it elevates the life of the soul. If you cannot be released from yourself, then you pay attention to language and style, which is of course somewhat necessary, but you close yourself off to spiritual inspiration, you cannot be elevated into our life.
We want to achieve that, or our listeners will not achieve becoming conscious.
You still represent your earthly life and, because of this, the well-known sermon of your minister.
All those people, with a few exceptions, hang on like grim death to their knowledge, as a result of which their sermon is as dry as a bone and their followers walk out of church.
No inspiration comes from their word.
This inspiration is also received in the arts of sculpture and painting, all the masters dissolved completely in their art.
They could never have reached this height under their own powers; no human being possesses that concentration.
When no feelings are present, we do not need to tune ourselves in either.
When you speak under inspiration about nature, we elevate you into nature and that life has something to tell you.
The words come into your life at spiritual attunement, which means that your conscious and inner life have contact, and namely in a language and a style, which far exceeds yours.
As the life of God was created, we draw from that divine inspiration and pass it onto our listeners.
You are connected with it through the Other Side.
You now experience a spiritual law, because this unity is achieved because of the gift.
The primal source, as a result of which life originated, speaks to your life, by which the speaking becomes pure.
It is wonderful!
Now a tree, a plant, or a flower can speak to you, and you can also attract that life, after which the direct inspiration comes to you.
It is therefore clear, you reach this height through me, and it is not possible under your own power.
This grade of life, which elevates you, is represented by you by the word; and you lose yourself in it.
If the feeling enters you to pay attention to language and style, then you break the contact again.
It is now enough that you can speak, you receive vocabulary and style from the life that speaks through you, you just have to open your mouth and the sentences flow into the universe, as the eternal breath of God has given you life.
The priests in ancient Egypt experienced this inspiration, which reached unity as a result of spiritual inspiration, and it was a sacred miracle to them.
Amon-Ré revealed himself to all of them.
Your language and style are therefore for spiritual inspiration, the return to your own life and the breaking of the possibility to elevate you into that other life.
For our world, this is the holding on to your own personality, your grade of life in feeling, from which we cannot free you.
Your earthly language reflects the poor existence of the earth and is for our life the release of spiritual balance, which inspiration wants to give you.
Having come under cosmic inspiration God can speak to your life; as naturally, as the life of God originated, the word inspires you!
That is wonderful to experience and can barely be achieved by any human being on earth, unless complete submission and the required sensitivity are present.
The Apostles experienced it!
For this purpose, you must have reached a spiritual attunement yourself for our life.
On this side, we have learned to speak through nature, because Mother Nature forced us to pass into her life and to reach pure meditation.
The identification with her took our life to the incomprehensible, the divine miracle of the life force, into the first and last judgement, and we understood God’s creation.
The awe-inspiring feeling which entered us spoke to our own life about incredible love, embracing us in a blessed way just like a mother embraces her newly born child.
Every spirit of the light learns that in the Spheres of Light, because it belongs to our becoming conscious.
If our unity is completely spiritual, we experience a tree and a plant, a flower, a bird or a human being, and all that life has to tell us something.
It tells us about the own origin in the universe, about God, about the long road that was covered, and of course about love received and given to be experienced by the Creator of all this life.
We are now connected to the divine core, the divine spark which is present in all life; we descend into that depth and experience our unity.
Now we become like a tree, plant, animal or human being, and feel God as the Superior Power.
A bird can tell us how it feels the universe during its flight, and a tree tells how the being is like God, which foresaw nature so abundantly with His likeness.
“Experience me”, says this life, “and go into me and see your Creator.
Sense His life breath and experience His heart beat, then feel my heart beat and you will understand why I was born like this.
It lives in me!”
A flight in the universe strengthens our lives and feelings, the bird takes us back to the very highest, we understand and we bow to all that life.
We descend so deep into God’s life, because the laws themselves speak to our life and the language deepens in such a way that you, as a human being, can no longer understand.
Now God speaks to our life.
In this way, we reach spiritual unity in our lives. Those bands can no longer be broken, because God gave us this unity.
He wants us to go in as human beings.
Now we start to master all that other life.
Spiritual inspiration increasingly gave us the word.
In the Temples on this side no one is spared, God’s word discards every materialized word, and there we are separate from ourselves.
Now we can make comparisons with the earth and your language is poor, empty and meaningless.
However, we do not exceed our own conscious either, which you must not take too literally, because divine inspiration lives in all of us.
You must not forget this on earth; it is only then that you can be elevated into the highest inspiration.
We even reach spiritual unity with the planets and enter cosmic inspiration.
If we want to experience the deepest laws in this, then that is possible, but only according to our own grade of life.
With your material laws unity for our life is a revelation, because we reach unity with thunder and lightning, and determine how these disruptions came into being, of which you on earth have got to know the driving power.
For our life, we experience that enormity, the violence of the blows, and we understand!
For our life, spiritual inspiration has now become inspiration and meditation.
In this, we experience the divine laws and they can only be experienced by the very greatest mediums on earth.
One such blessed human child knew ancient Egypt; the remainder of all those thousands of priests experienced the universe of their own narrow-mindedness, even if every priest learned to talk.
This was part of his development, because the Gods demanded it.
If I want to master something in the spheres and my master wishes to take me to the existing laws, a grade of life which must speak to me and from which I expect spiritual inspiration, then he sends me to nature and I reach pure unity of its own accord.
Nature tells me what I wish to know and inspiration is achieved.
This inspiration is childishly simple, is full of tact and pure love, because I surrender myself completely.
I tell you, my life is conscious!
Or it will not be possible!
You will think that a tree has not learned any language, has it?
The answer is: in us, the inner life speaks, and that feeling can elevate me into the own existence.
Then the life of the tree speaks as power and energy, as a part of God.
God is everything and all of that gives itself, speaks strange languages, it has never heard but still lives in God’s universe.
That feeling feels itself interpreted in my life, and my own self takes it over, naturally, and in humble gratitude, completely open and ready!
The blood circulation of a tree tells us how all those shoots of life juices are provided, and then I come to the Divine spark, the subconscious of this life.
You will certainly laugh, but it can be explained, because, do not forget that our life is so deep.
Also in our life the Divine spark is the base of my own existence, for all of us it is the subconscious, even if the subconscious dissolves into the laws for this side.
That spark is opened by spiritual inspiration and with which we come into connection.
We now clearly hear talking inside us.
We no longer feel our own life; we cease to exist, because this life demands the complete surrender of ourselves.
In this unity, the life of God speaks to us and the word is supernatural!
If we reach this sacred unity in the universe, then the elementary laws speak to our life at universal power.
You should be able to listen to the word.
Not one of you would be able to experience this amazing thing, you would sink away into nothing, feel dissolved in the word, and that word is universally deep.
Where does spiritual inspiration take your life?
Back to infinity, where there is still no existence for your life and with which you are connected anyway; for you it can only mean the collapse of your grade of life.
Did you know that speakers lived in ancient Egypt who could completely disengage human ingenuity and ability to think?
That you were then brought to the threshold of insanity?
And that through the word?
Through spiritual inspiration?
Yes, dear reader, this is also a supernatural gift seldom experienced by an earthly personality.
God can bring you this gift through His messengers, through spiritual unity, and then, you are the living example of the Divine Self!
In this state sun, moon and stars live in us and we sense that awe-inspiring life.
Now a language is spoken, which you do not hear on earth, which you cannot think about because the supernatural and yet visible material also now speaks to you.
It is alive above your head, isn’t it?
What you hear and see is true, but it can destroy your conscious.
You are now one with the universe; the sun and the moon live in you!
What is the word like now that has to be interpreted by you?
Heavenly and immeasurable, at some moments divinely transparent, and then, you see your own destination through all this life.
Now you can weep like a small child, or your life falls apart.
The word, people of the earth, now gets divine meaning and takes you away from your own existence.
Now you undergo this evolution and sun and moon say through the word how they came into being!
Christ would have spoken in this way, if you as a human being had been able to understand His word, but He did it earthly, because Christ knew that you would succumb.
Life itself spoke to Christ, but He gave the word depth, gave His own conscious to it in a childish and simple way.
Yet, it takes you away from the earth, to His inner life, Christ connected you with the Universe.
Precisely He, as the central figure, could do that as the Divine Child, selflessly and healing at the same time, but sensed pitifully bad by us as human beings.
When speaking takes place in this way, the smallest insect can tell you wonderful things.
You then receive a style and language, which is part of that life.
The cosmic depth goes through your life and elevates you into that existence, however trivial that animal seems to be.
It is only possible if you experience the true, to which you must of course be open.
The small animal then attaches itself onto your life.
Our scholars follow Divine creation as a result of this, which is not possible for your earthly scholars, because they do not know or experience spiritual inspiration, and because they cannot open themselves.
I therefore want to show that life on earth could also speak to your own grade of feeling and, in other words, we are therefore far ahead of your grade of feeling.
In thoughts and feelings, in meditation, we experience the full hundred percent of inspiration.
For our life, this is reaching unity with the other lives into which we are intuned.
The scholar on earth has to follow a completely different path in order to reach an analysis.
In our life the other lives speaks to the own conscious, after which the true meaning comes before our eyes.
Seeing follows and understanding is then unconditional.
That natural attunement now speaks to our inner life and nothing is improbable in this. We experience that grade as we learned to know ourselves.
If you are enriched on earth with a beautiful language, if you possess eloquence, that still does not mean that it is a born talent, because this skill still touches your material conscious.
It is speaking under your own power and has nothing to do with spiritual inspiration.
Spiritual inspiration requires the complete surrender of both the personality and the inner life.
The unskilled child can now tell about amazing things, which live above your own conscious, because this child is now connected to spiritual inspiration.
What is now said has meaning, because such an adult child is as eternal life must be; Christ spoke about this.
The priests in ancient Egypt understood this.
The trainee priests or gifted people were not allowed to learn anything. They were uncontaminated; nothing was allowed to influence the life of the soul, from fear that astral inspiration would not be able to find any continuance.
It was only then that a priest was ready to be able to receive spiritual inspiration and this was true.
It was no longer possible to doubt this.
What was now spoken belonged to another world, the Gods spoke through these pure channels, and there could be no question of disruptions as a result of the own language and style.
Once a priest had reached that spiritual height and his speaking changed, the high priests then concentrated on the medium and asked him in thoughts to completely surrender himself, to allow the feeling to speak to him, which would enter him.
He now had to open himself to what a tree had to say, for what a flower could give human life in beauty, and because of this the medium reached universal unity.
Now a tree received meaning.
Sun, moon, stars and planets, night and day, hours and seconds were Gods, because all that life could speak and represented an own supreme power.
How could it be any different? Egypt sunk away in this age of Gods and remained in it for centuries, in order to awaken for conscious thinking and feeling, astral wisdom.
When that was received, the kingdom of Gods became hazy and black magic came forward.
At that time, Egypt received the consciousness of one God who controlled everything, but the priests were no longer accepted, lies and deception lived it up.
Egypt still did not want to accept this progress.
How many scholars were not killed because they were centuries ahead of the masses?
Every century knows these crimes and was guilty of it, pure evolution cannot be beaten into it, but one day the masses will have to bow their heads to it.
After their death these people were recognized and honoured, but they had to fight their battle, namely against the unconscious self of the masses.
A result of this inspiration a piece of stone received divine meaning for the Egyptian, but that stone had also something to tell their life.
I do not need to tell you that this is not consciousness, you can now shrug your shoulders at it and will probably find it hard to believe, meaningless.
However, mankind was not advanced that far, that it possessed your consciousness as an individual and as a great nation. Egypt would still have to awaken to this.
At the end of that dreadful battle, people there understood for the first time that just one God controlled all life in the universe, and not a hundred thousand.
Every soul has had to master that development, because it belongs to the astral conscious, the eternal lasting!
It is the Rosicrucian order that saved what could be saved, after which this cosmic wisdom became a great secret, a mystery of life and death.
The decline of ancient Egypt is experienced according to the astral laws, and remained materially misunderstood, but still clear to everyone who can accept the God of all life.
For the remainder of the unconscious mankind the stone continued to keep its divine value.
For numerous people many gods still exist in the universe, all life has kept that meaning.
It is the natural passing into for their conscious.
According to many methods, this is the original natural meditation.
Anyone who can experience a tree, experiences God, the God of all life.
It is the prayer of the natural child, the total understanding of the Divine laws, of which all life in the universe possesses a spark, and to which all life has attunement.
When creation began the God of all life gave himself, and that was originally felt and honoured; this will bring you closer to God than the dead image of a saint, which is fifty percent deformed.
The only thing which your church can give you is its own conscious self, and it grants superior powers to the thing which has to speak to you, but is a lasting deformity, in other words, your images declared sacred are only the shadow of ancient Egypt, what you now possess is the falsified reality and without power.
The Rosicrucian order saved what could be saved of the reality, but disguised the true meanings of the light.
However, now in your own century the wonderful light of God, the only one in our universe, will speak to your inner life namely, through spiritual inspiration!
It is no wonder that in ancient Egypt a priest was accepted as a deity when the life of a tree, flower and bird increased his ecstasy, so that the other people who listened lost their own conscious self because of it.
None of them had doubted it, what was given represented the greatness of what lay behind it.
However, this lived in the invisible world and was represented by an astral master, however, their understanding did not go so high and they therefore lost their ground, they would only later get to know this depth.
However, the Other Side was busy laying foundations for the whole of mankind, had started human development.
The priests continued and reached the highest, they were spoken to from the universe and received educational material in this way, of which the hieroglyphics give you proof.
The priests took all their methods with them to the grave; the bit that is left of this development is not enough to still the hungry feeling for development of the small insect.
However, the priests of Ra-Ré and Isis, and other Temples experienced that development and their lives never die out because they serve reality.
Every human being can master his or her wisdom; however, if people want to reach spiritual unity, feeling must be let go of and then the Trinity speaks to your own life.
Now God is spirit, child and also Father and Mother.
Anyone who searches will find good or evil, but your grade of feeling will refuse to receive if your life has not yet reached the necessary spiritual grade.
If you are nevertheless ready for it, ancient Egypt will come to your life and a tree, plant and animal will receive that pure meaning for you, which God gave this life when He created it.
The complete dissolving of the personality therefore passes into the half-trance, which every artist on earth can experience who possesses the feeling for it, the others still have to master it.
I already told you, only Christ could have given us this divine depth in language, but then people would not have understood any of it.
The way in which Christ spoke, received loving contact with eternity as a result of the likeness in which Christ lived, and in which He represented His father.
He followed the laws in nature and brought natural wisdom to mankind as the true life of God the Father.
If Christ had passed on material language, therefore had used the way of speaking of the earth, then the Gospel would never have received divine meaning.
His speaking was directed at the thinking and feeling human child, and became eternally full of truth as a result!
Christ spoke to the seven grades of the inner life, to the unconscious and conscious child, to the unskilled as well as to the sharp intellect on earth.
Christ could not come to mankind outside life, because He had awakened His divine attunement as a result of this.
If Christ had allowed His life to speak at divine power, people would already have rejected him and denounced Him spiritually and physically before Golgotha.
The gates of the heavens opened themselves to everyone; Christ gave us all the way, the truth and the light. He took all life on earth back to the Father’s house.
Therefore, go into nature and let the life of God come to your own life; and let it influence you, and you will experience spiritual inspiration.
Write down what your own life has to tell, but think of nothing, or you will already break your unity with God.
It is now that all those millions of grades of love come to warm your own life. They knock on your reincarnation, open you to your deepest subconscious, and get out of it what lives there in feeling for the sacred word and can give shape to this light.
Surrender and you have felt the vastness of God.
Felt and experienced, as a result of the unity with the life of God!
Now the spiritual gift speaks, you proclaim in His name that you yourself have awakened.
Master these grades of love and eternal life will belong to you, you will then have overcome the temporary.
Christ shared Himself, gave the example to us all.
How we act comes forward from our life, because we do not exceed our own conscious, but spiritual inspiration will elevate us all completely into that purity.
Our lives will be filled to tears and we will bow our heads deeply to all that the Other Side has to offer us.
In this state attention is no longer paid to language and style, now the lifeblood in the cosmos speaks to your own grade of life, the Divine Breath, through which you originated.
Only mediums in our hands can experience such a thing.
One in millions will experience it, and the remainder will not become separate from themselves, even if the spiritual connection is intact.
When these miracles happen, they have a great meaning for mankind and are usually a happening as a result of which, age is connected with age.
The time in which you live will give it to you, but the astral reality determines for which masses it is suitable, which sense of hearing can listen, and which feeling senses the supernatural laws which can be given to you as a human being.
The medium in trance descends deeper into these laws, because his life is asleep.
Now the occult laws and gifts can speak through this life and the astral personality is dominant.
This happening is the same as for writing and numerous other gifts. Now the medium himself does not experience this depth, another person speaks through the organism.
The psychic trance is the possession of our life, likewise spiritual inspiration, and of this, the trance, outside of the life of the medium, wants to reach the inner life on earth!
On the other hand, inspiration radiates from your own eyes, and then your heart feels the conscious self, which has to represent your life speaking.
It is simple, we make use of both gifts, come to unity if you have the feeling for it and now the word which is given to you is blessing.
The trance requires you to release yourself, physically and spiritually, the inspiration goes through you like a tidal wave and you now know that you experience the reality of God.
One has come to your life consciously, and the other is brought consciously to earth by your material possession, but belongs to the astral personality.
God gave us this sacredness!
Your charlatans squander all these gifts, make of them what they possess themselves in feeling and that is outrageously bad.
They are soon standing before empty halls and they have to accept their sensitivity.
I want to show you in the next chapter how people can forget themselves and sully our life, deform the gifts as a result of their demonic game.
It is God’s will that their lives are shone upon by the light of the Other Side.
And we do that now in our way, through the word!
We do not kick; we only have pain in our hearts to have to see how these people are brutalized.
However, we have no respect for their canine feelings, since they are people!
We know where they live and how their entry on this side will be.
Soon you will just have to judge for yourself.