The writing mediumship

Mediumistic writing can take place in trance, in half-trance, and in various grades of inspiration, but many difficulties also occur here, which have to be conquered if you wish to receive wisdom outside your own conscious from our world.
If the feeling for it is present in you, then you can be reached.
However, there are very few people who receive calming inspiration and possess the powers to reach spiritual communication with our world; in other words, there are few writing mediums.
If the grade of feeling is not in your possession, then it is usually your own thoughts that you write down.
It is usually received as a result of inspiration, because the trance cannot be employed.
However, what is inspiration?
I wish to shed light upon it in different ways for you, and to follow your earthly artists along with you, because, as a result of this, you will get an idea of how all these people can create their art and you will also see the medium sharply before you.
The mediumship of writing possesses seven grades, three grades for inspiration, while the four others pass over into the psychic trance, in which you are unconscious.
You now know nothing more about your own life, but you write.
However, then another personality has taken possession of your life, used your inner life and made you become one with him.
You now receive worldly wisdom from life after death.
In order to achieve that, we descend into your life and write down what we have to say and want to pass on to you.
How simple it is, but you will soon realize the dangerous part of it.
There is not only danger attached to trance, but also to inspiration.
The intuition of the spirit now flows through your own life, conscious and unconscious, depending on the depth of your trance.
Under inspiration you experience the following.
My thoughts and concentration of my will flow through you, but I am influenced by you, because you think for yourself and have kept your conscious.
This is not always, because when you experience the grades of inspiration and have entered the highest grade, your conscious dissolves again completely, and you do not even know anymore that you are writing.
This is the highest that you can achieve under inspiration.
The dangerous part of this situation for you is that you ask me for proof.
I could give you this proof, that is very simple, but you are thinking for yourself.
Here lies the danger: you can influence my thoughts.
For example: you ask me for advice for a sick person, as we have already experienced.
We are now faced with great problems, which you have created yourself, and you can experience occult danger that you yourself evoked.
There are also numerous other possibilities, as a result of which, you can experience spiritualist danger, but that comes from you.
You destroy your own life because of it and create misery for the spiritual contact.
In this state you can ask questions when those questions have attunement to what is given to you by our world.
Asking questions, which are directed at your own life, do not work; you disturb the unity as a result of this.
If you can stick to this, then there is no danger, at least, if you are prepared, and completely possess the closed mediumistic feeling, because you now also live in the universe and other powers can come to you who, like us, want to write through you.
However, those powers usually come with other thoughts and intentions; you can also be disturbed now by mocking spirits and namely of an evil character.
It is therefore not yet certain that you are closed off from other grades of feeling; you have to provide proof of it while writing.
Under this development, all those characteristics come forward.
If it is possible that other powers attack you while writing, it is better to just leave the writing, at least, if you feel that these powers dominate your powers, because you cannot conquer them anyway.
Now the madhouse is open to you.
And that is not the intention.
However, a great deal of people still continue writing and now see their own life wrecked.
You are now faced with thousands of difficulties which you have to conquer and namely because you now write yourself.
From this side we do everything to protect you from misery but usually we cannot even reach you, of which you do not feel anything of, because your own concentration and willpower are tuned in.
Now you dominate us and we have nothing more to contribute!
If you write under inspiration, then you do not come above your own life, now you have to accept your own powerlessness like your earthly artist.
Your earthly artist also works under inspiration.
His inspiration and your inspiration actually form one state.
You receive your art from the astral world, and the artist in the highest grade receives his through a master in the spirit, at least, if that art means something for your world, or it becomes your own creation.
You now receive, but what is the receiving of your artist like?
It is therefore so remarkable that many artists do not even know what inspiration actually is, as a result of which, they create and experience their art.
You can ask them, but you will have to accept that they will owe you an answer.
They do not even know it themselves.
Even if they experience a spiritual law, many of them do not understand what their state, for example, is like while painting and they feel in the dark.
One artist says that he is an expressionist, which is possible, and has to do with his personality because he records what he sees before him.
Another artist seeks it higher and is now inspired.
However, who represents inspiration?
How did that inspiration come about?
After all, they say that I am inspired.
Yet, they do not know what will happen during their art, because the spiritual becoming conscious of the masses still has to awaken to this.
The earthly artist can be helped by our world; it is only then that spiritual inspiration comes forward.
However, as I already remarked, that art then has meaning for the earth.
If it is not the case, then he does not even work under inspiration.
He cannot receive it, because inspiration is a spiritual gift.
This artist is not open to this, because his art has no meaning for this side and no meaning for you on earth.
The life of this artist cannot be elevated into our consciousness.
That must be possible if he wants to be inspired and the word inspiration is to receive meaning for him.
From this it appears that the earthly artist does not know himself, does not understand his own art or he would not talk of inspiration.
Because inspiration means breathing in new life, vitality, and this state points to receiving.
However, through whom does he receive his inspiration?
Perhaps the astral world?
We are usually not accepted by them, they themselves want to paint.
One or two artists tune into spiritual inspiration and then his art has its own task to accomplish for humanity it also possesses spiritual meaning.
All those others are not inspired, they are not open to it, those men and women cannot be reached by us.
Our side only helps when the art is for humanity, then inspiration is received from our life.
Only the astral personality can do this, because the suggestion comes from outside, outside your own life into you.
That is life after death, where we who have discarded the earthly life stay, we who have become inspiration.
I already told you that we only come to you when the art has received a spiritual meaning.
If it does not receive this, then we do not come either!
Our help is not needed then.
In your own time, no spiritual artists live on earth, because that art was already given to the earth, brought to earth, in an age that belongs to the past.
Then the earthly masters were inspired by this side, which none of you can experience any longer, because that height can no longer be reached.
Yet, many artists think that they are inspired.
These people can feel inspired, that is possible, and then it becomes creating themselves, creating from the grade of feeling obtained.
However, they do not come above this, it is the spiritual halt for their art.
Spiritual art is therefore higher and cannot be reached by them.
It is now the portrayal of the material, but most of them do not portray, they daub!
The life of the material is no longer touched, they only experience the material form, the empty meaningless material thing, which is usually still reproduced, violated!
And people, where you are from, call that art?
They walk through their model, do not experience the grade of feeling of it, but record the external lines and reproduce the shapes deformed.
These artists only see and feel the splitting of themselves, the mangling of their own grade of feeling, split for their art, which has nothing to do with inspiration.
Their productions are not creations.
These artists cannot experience the true inspiration.
What they feel for their art is experiencing a few percent of feeling of themselves given to art and then they also think that heaven and earth have inspired them.
It is only when experiencing for a hundred percent that there is a question of inspiration.
If the hundred percent is experienced they enter the half-trance, which means the dissolving of the personality for them into art.
When our world helps in art, then this art is above that of millions of artists and it has astral meaning.
But where do these artists live?
I also told you, now art is a spiritual gift and also a great rarity, which few people experience, because Mother Earth has already received her share.
If this happens the art is above the inner life of the artist and he knows that, he has been elevated into a higher consciousness for the art.
Or did you think that a master of the light came to earth in order to support him, an unconscious person, in his mess?
Most of your expressionists daub with paint, they are in no way permeated by their task, they no longer portray, do not permeate the inner life of the model, they are powerless and know nothing about the masterful creating which the old masters experienced.
Do these artists really think that they are inspired?
Ignorance radiates from their lives; their dark art has nothing and nothing whatsoever to do with true vitality or inspiration.
On this side, you can see through their lives.
We know that all these artists represent their own grade of life as a result of their art, and that art is materially and half-materially conscious, it is an ordinary earthly thing and occurred outside of any inspiration.
That art touches and represents their own conscious obtained.
When you see their art, you also know their inner life.
They have hung themselves on the walls.
However, the masses do not know these grades and only look at the inspiration.
How deep is this art?
Does the master know these creations?
Can he gauge the art and the own grade of life of them?
We know that no one on earth is capable of establishing the spiritual attunement of our life on this creation of art, and yet that is possible.
His life attunement, grade of life, his own conscious obtained is attached to this art.
This art represents the personality, which is seen only as earthly material by your critics, since they cannot judge the spiritual grade.
They still have to awaken to this.
Yet, the old master knew and experienced that!
It is therefore very natural, Mother Nature received her blessed products for art, and the age of the masters is over.
However, they brought inspired art to the earth and were under spiritual inspiration during their life.
That art has now received spiritual meaning and is kept as the obtained divine gift.
That art is above the consciousness of today’s masters and can no longer be reached, because the Other Side no longer inspires.
Shouting out that you are inspired is now childishly naïve.
All your artists can experience the full hundred percent of their personality, but no more than that.
This is the highest they can experience through their art, only a few people experience it.
The rest of your artists do not become separated from themselves and experience art at fifty percent willpower at the most, they give fifty percent of themselves for creation, but never lose themselves in it.
They continue to feel themselves, which determines that they cannot reach any material height.
The others also have to awaken to this and still master the feeling for painting and music.
Because of this their art is unconscious, of many artists it is living dead!
If they wish to reach that normal height, the feeling for it must live within them or they will achieve nothing.
They then continue under the normal.
Those who possess this height, also devote their own self completely to their art and now experience the hundred percent of their personality, their grade for the inner life and the life attunement.
They cannot go higher than they possess in feeling, this is their limit for art and they feel spiritually drawn to a halt.
These artists are never inspired, cannot be inspired, because these people are not open to this sacred inspiration, they do not become released from their own ignorance.
Their thoughts and feelings are too slow, too childishly unreflective, too insensitive, they give shape to the model, but they make it deformed and daub it dead, because they do not possess any of the sacred fire inwardly.
It is adding colour, but those colours lose their own power and their shadow remains, which is also greasy, since the becoming conscious is not present in their inner life.
Their consciousness for art is poor.
They sully things more than they can imagine and think that they are creating!
Is your earthly consciousness so poor that you do not see this?
Did you not receive the art from the old masters?
Are you not capable of making comparisons?
Has the human consciousness descended so low?
The answer is: the Other Side gave art to the earth.
The art of the old masters is spiritually inspired!
That of you misses every feeling with regard to spiritual inspiration, your art can no longer receive this inspiration.
And that of the masters will only be exceeded in five thousand years time.
How does a spirit of the light now wish to inspire the immature, unfinished inner life of your artists, to elevate them into his life?
Why would we help artists, now that we know that they cannot be reached anyway and do not possess any consciousness?
I tell you, we do not descend into mud and sludge.
These laws apply both for the cross and board and to the gift of inspiration; we also have to experience the occult laws in this, which can now be received materially.
All your earthly artists in this stage, in this grade of feeling can therefore not be reached.
They do not create, they bring nothing new, and they are attached to their unconscious self and never reach the highest for their own grade of feeling.
Great art is therefore a spiritual possession; their art is spiritual poverty.
They experience themselves but just partially, because the dominant characteristics refuse to take part in their art, as a result, they have never reached consciousness.
This power of feeling still has to awaken for art!
I will return to this subject later.
For the medium everything is different, he can only receive.
The medium and the old masters therefore experience one state, all the other grades of life create themselves.
You can be reached as a result of inspiration, if the feeling for it is present, because usually a spirit of the light is not capable of achieving anything, as the medium is not released from his own conscious and feels and thinks for himself.
Our emotional worlds only reach unity in the third grade of inspiration; the first and second grades cannot be elevated to our conscious.
Now only the psychic trance can give you spiritual art.
The first grades for inspiration can therefore not receive any art, because the earthly conscious has not been disengaged.
That feeling prevents us from getting to work and nothing can be conquered.
As a result of this, you can see how clearly the grades of life speak for the gifts and for art, for your world and our world; there is no difference in anything.
Both grades do not exceed own thoughts and feelings.
I am now talking about your earthly artist and the person who thinks that he receives art because of inspiration from our world.
There are seven grades for the mediumship of writing.
By these grades, the gift of writing represents one state, which also has to do with your inner life and from which we draw in order to reach spiritual unity.
The first two grades still represent inspiration, the third grade is the half-trance, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grades belong to our life, of which only the fourth can be experienced by the medium, because the other three belong to the higher spheres and have attunement to them.
Those grades cannot be experienced by anyone without the help of supernatural powers, since they are too far away from your own conscious and too rare to be converted as conscious feeling into art.
These grades have attunement to the heavens, and you can see from this that a spiritual gift also represents a sphere, and you still have to master this grade of consciousness.
Even the Apostles were not able to experience that height, and those followers, disciples of Christ, still experienced true mediumistic gifts, and namely in a sphere which was elevated far above that of every human being.
It is very natural, the art from the heavens is cosmically aware, yours on earth is earthly and can be pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material and sometimes spiritual.
The artists live here, but the human being represents all these grades.
One person possesses the animal-like attunement, another person the coarse-material; both artists paint because of it, record their art as a result of their own grade of feeling, but do not come above their own thoughts and feelings.
It is therefore not possible for them to experience the higher grades, and they still have to reach those heavens.
The Apostles could not be elevated into that stage either, into that astral grade of conscious; the earthly inner life cannot deal with that cosmic inspiration.
Every artist of the earth lives under these grades and below the art limit for the earth and our life.
When we apply inspiration to writing, you are still yourself and fully conscious.
You know exactly what you are doing. However, the trance puts you to sleep and then writing takes place outside your own conscious.
Even in the third grade for inspiration, the half-trance, you still know what you are writing, but now your inner life dissolves completely into what you receive.
Your artist also experiences this state, with this difference, that he creates himself and that you receive.
When he creates for one hundred percent, he also dissolves into his art.
Writing demands your whole personality and you see that really our world touches that of you and is connected to it.
The life of the soul has to experience these grades and the soul passes them onto the personality, you as a human being represent your own grade.
If we go a bit higher then we enter the psychic trance.
Now the writing takes place outside your own consciousness, your personality is eliminated and taken over by the astral being, which passes on what it wishes to record and wishes to give to you on earth.
A great deal can be achieved in trance.
Great mediums live in it.
A few of these chosen people live on earth, which will soon become clear to you.
In this state, the writing to be received comes through purely.
In the grades of inspiration, the medium experiences numerous disturbances, which we have to take care of if anything is to become of the writing.
We now also have to prevent own thoughts and feelings.
We have to try to cancel all those mantraps and clamps, which is not possible anyway, since the inner life calls us to the spiritual halt.
The medium feels and thinks, now puts himself above our own life, and the writing is already falsified, because the own world of thought is now recorded, this was already explained to you for holding a séance with a cross and board.
The first two grades for inspiration are different, are experienced differently than the third, because in the third we as astral beings experience the descent into your life, which the first two grades do not allow.
Few people can conquer their own personality in this, so that they are not suitable for mediumship.
In the third grade for this gift the good powers live, the very greatest mediums find themselves in the fourth grade for the inner life.
For the first two grades of inspiration, everything happens from your own conscious.
We now make use of your own inner life, because a deeper connection is not possible.
Your intellect now serves as a contact.
Now I cannot elevate you into my own life and have to take this into account.
We now write through your own possession, through what you have learned, at least if your material has meaning for our life, otherwise, we will not consider it.
When the Other Side inspires, then it serves in order to reach other people as result of it, to shake them awake for the higher life.
We are no longer interested in your earthly romance; we already discarded that writing and thinking many centuries ago.
The spiritual value must be able to be felt and experienced, otherwise, our life will be standing still again!
However, if that is your aim, then the Other Side can inspire you, and you will be inspired by a spirit of the light, and your writing will receive spiritual meaning.
I now descend into you and try to make myself one with you.
That takes place where your stomach is, the centre of life, called the solar plexus by you.
From there I concentrate on your inner life and now the writing starts, at least if there are no disruptions and you think for yourself again, otherwise, you eliminate me.
You simply fling me out of your life.
This is a superior power, which I can do nothing about.
Your personality is now dominant and I can start again.
My concentration must therefore be able to dominate you continually, and it is only then that you write under inspiration.
On your part I ask of course for complete submission, being passive in this state.
No soul disruptions, neither material nor physical, may now be felt, since your spirit takes them over.
They create a gulf between you and me, between your thoughts and feelings, and claim you completely.
They force me from your life.
Material pains hold back the inspiration, disturb this communication, and they break our unity.
Your worries also disrupt.
You cannot be released from yourself, so that the unity is not achieved.
However, if all of this can be prevented and the unity accomplished, then you will experience the following.
I already told you, I then live where your solar plexus is. It is the heart chamber for your life of the soul, the receiving place, because from here my thoughts flow through your life to the brain, which receives and registers them, sends them on to other organs and puts the personality into action.
That personality is tuned into the task, the receiving, and you write down what comes into you.
The brain works extremely fast and the nervous system has to be able to adjust to it, otherwise, disruptions occur.
All these systems gain full power, which takes place as a result of my concentration.
When our unity is complete, waves of sentences flow through you to the centre of feeling and you immediately record them.
All those thoughts are now from me, at least if you have completely disengaged yourself and you do not influence the material received from me.
I now elevate you higher into this art, therefore into what we record, and now try to reach the full hundred percent.
You write sheets full and that goes on for hours, you must not think for a second, everything takes place of its own accord.
Finally, you have written until you are empty, you feel your powers diminishing and I think that it is enough.
Your material powers are now truly exhausted.
If you still carry on, then you will be writing under your own power, because I can no longer influence you.
You can immediately determine that from the writing.
The material system is tired, the brain refuses to work at full power and, your inner life now knows that it has been called to a halt.
This is the perfect state.
If you are not yet at that stage and if I have to start this development, then I do the following.
If you yourself write easily, then that will help me of course, since I would otherwise have to prepare you first for the writing.
I now let you fill sheets of paper with writing and concentrate on you, so that you can get used to my thoughts and feelings.
Every nerve can now disturb me, because your nervous system is not used to my concentration.
Your thoughts and feelings therefore play an enormous role for writing under inspiration, because you have grown together with your nervous system and I have not.
This has enormous meaning, because your nervous system can call me to a halt.
Before the writing, I therefore begin to release you from yourself, so that you will later be able to receive the inspiration.
Your inner life and your material systems have melted together.
To release you from them takes time and calculations, but it is necessary, if you wish to experience the inspiration irrevocably.
It is also very natural that every human being reacts differently, because the inner life dominates the material systems or is influenced by them.
If the latter is the case, you are not suitable for writing, because you are under the influence of that organism.
However, I now make myself one with the material life, put some suppleness into it and now let you write, whereupon your inner life will react and gradually take you in my direction.
If we are that far we can begin.
The intention for me is to take you into the half-trance, all the possibilities live there for me in order to give the inspired writing there.
It is only then that we will reach the people, and the other grades of life will have no meaning for us, we will then have conquered them.
An earthly writer can therefore not be helped if his work has no meaning for our world.
He writes himself.
Since he represents his earthly life through his art, he puts himself outside spiritual inspiration.
It is possible that he will not accept this.
However, I explained the grades for this to you and they mean an astral law for your life and our life, because the writer does not exceed his own inner life, even if his art has received meaning for the earth.
He can also reach a height in that and even experience seven grades, because each grade of feeling possesses seven grades.
Nevertheless, they are the laws for inspiration and for all art.
No one can avoid them!
I am preparing you to enter the third grade of inspiration, which is the highest you on earth can reach.
The earthly writer can reach his own height as a painter, he can lose himself completely in his art, writing, and then sentences and images flow towards him, so that he even possesses a degree of clairvoyance.
The writing is done so sharply, the inspiration flows through his life, and it is elevated to a tremendous fire, in which he dissolves completely.
Writers experience this more than painters, because they analyse life more sharply, descend deeper into passions and love, into all the characteristics of the human being, therefore into the people who are analysed.
In this state your earthly writer has achieved the hundred percent for himself, which is the highest stage for him as a writer, he cannot go any higher!
Now he is faced with spiritual inspiration and this can only be received through our world.
However, I already told you, we do not give ourselves for romance; if we did, then our lives would stand still.
For the painter and sculptor this inspiration is exactly the same, these people also create, reach the highest in it, or remain under the normal art, which then has nothing more to do with art.
They never exceed their own grade of life.
That also applies to you as a mediumistic writer.
In the first two grades of inspiration you cannot be reached, because your inner life refuses.
The third grade is open to you, but then your thoughts and feelings are different.
The first two grades for the earthly artist therefore tell us that they will never create art.
The third grade represents the artist, he can give you something.
If you are suitable as a person for spiritual inspiration, you are likewise open to us, with this difference, that you receive and the artist creates himself.
If you feel this, I can go further and you will understand all the other grades of your inner life.
The grade of your inner life therefore holds me back; if it did not, then we would reach spiritual unity.
In the third grade of inspiration, the writing received is above your own consciousness, and you feel that you have been truly elevated during your writing.
I have now touched your own inner life.
However, if the spiritual mediumistic gifts are expressed, then your knowledge is a disruption for me, and you know too much of yourself, because you now write outside your own life.
In this state, your intellect disrupts me and you cannot empty yourself.
It now appears how accurate the grades are.
No one can avoid them and can live above his own capabilities, the laws of your grade of life call you to a halt.
That is one law for the earthly artist and you as a medium!
The sensitivity and being completely empty are possibilities of reaching unity for writing.
However, if there is no spiritual longing present in you, if you do not know the longing to want to serve for the unconscious masses, you still have to awaken yourself for these laws and there is no question of unity.
I do not need to consider it now.
However, anyone who receives spiritual writing possesses everything that is necessary, and lives in the third grade of inspiration.
In earlier times, a great deal of people experienced that; they were mostly the sages, who were in connection with a higher world.
Usually they were not even aware of it, but recorded their inspirations or told them to others, who sent them into the world for them.
Socrates and many people before him were under spiritual inspiration and experienced the third grade of inspiration because of their own grade of feeling.
They were also inspired, conscious and unconscious, in order to give Mother Earth wisdom, and to shake all her children awake, which could only be achieved as a result of this.
Their lives touch that of the old masters; they were also inspired and served for higher powers and forces, which the conscious cosmic masters on our side controlled.
They brought humanity spiritual beauty, in image and sound; thousands of people served in this way and namely for the third grade of inspiration.
The simple of spirit and the intellectual were able to experience spiritual inspiration, both grades of feeling represent the Other Side.
Moreover, this happened consciously and unconsciously, because one knew that a higher power manipulated him and the other did not want to know, but still received astral wisdom.
This does not make any difference for receiving; on the other hand, it does for the personality.
We can establish the material and spiritual sensitivity from his earthly and spiritual inner life.
Your intellect belongs to the material world; ours has been released from the earth and received spiritual meaning.
These grades of feeling can collide with each other and then there is no question of spiritual receiving.
Now the earthly intellect dominates.
The trance is therefore the only thing to which we can attune ourselves if we wish to achieve something, and is the possibility of infallibly penetrating your conscious and disengaging it completely.
Such mediums now live on earth.
Why would we look for all these difficulties if we know that you cannot reach the highest anyway?
How much trouble and worries can we spare ourselves?
The Other Side therefore only looks for the mediums for the spiritual messages to be given to the earth, only those mediums that were born for their task on earth.
The trance medium passes on everything, we can work with this inner life and what we have to bring is infallibly passed on to humanity.
Now we write outside of the inner life of the medium, and the writing is received directly from the highest source.
I now no longer wish to give you hope and just tell you the whole truth: a spirit of the light does not come to you in the first three grades of inspiration, because you cannot deal with the fact and because your inner life will call him to a halt!
It is completely excluded to serve for our world, as you do not become released from your own self.
Therefore, write your own book and do not turn yourself into the very highest, you then know for sure that it belongs to you.
The trance is not for you; that belongs to our life.
Yet there are a great deal of people who think that they write through the astral world.
Usually their writing is searching for the spiritual gold, of which, however, they will never find the golden radiance, because they lack the true intuition.
Yet, they feel ready for our world, open and sit down with their little bit of sensitivity.
They would really like to write a book, because that means something and gives their personality meaning.
Like a clipped bird, their inner life and their grade of life keep them imprisoned, because they cannot reach any higher than their own grade of life and conscious allows.
I certainly no longer need to tell you that these are occult laws.
Now you can accept that they call you to the spiritual halt on earth!
The Other Side wants to provide humanity with spiritual food, to give the peoples the awakening, but these people are unsuitable for this heavy task.
We ourselves look for our powers for this purpose, as I have just told you.
It is obvious that we can now work, because our mediums are ready for their task.
For spiritual work with cosmic meaning, the medium has to possess all the grades of life and have attunement to our life, to the Spheres of Light, or we will be looking on powerless with all our great and wonderful work, to feel our own emptiness.
Yet the masters on this side oversee everything, they know where this inner life lives on earth and bring about the astral connection.
We know as a result of this that we will never exceed the first three grades above the inner life, because the inner life determines the gift for us, and the gift also shows us the way to spiritual and cosmic wisdom, yes, to the very highest Spheres of Light, if the masters themselves wish to speak.
A medium in this state can now receive the most impossible, the very last for the earth and for our life and is therefore ahead of the masses on earth by at least five centuries.
The Other Side tunes into the human evolution, and we as children of God serve you on earth, serve the masses and humanity, because we bring you the wisdom from our life.
For this purpose, we have had to release ourselves from all the earthly, from your coarse-material conscious.
Because we know where our mediums on earth live and whether they possess this sensitivity, you can accept that there are just a few good powers in your midst, or you would not experience an evolution in this area either, but a revolution.
Now that can be prevented!
Thousands of mediums live on earth, but when you find two amongst them who know the happiness of the spheres and are in the hands of the astral masters, you must no longer search, because you will not find any more.
The others search for themselves!
Those people are never released from their own inner life.
They represent a material grade and still have to awaken for the higher life of existence.
It happens all too often that they want to reach higher than their own conscious possesses, such as, emotional power and spiritual or material, even animal-like sensitivity, and then they play their own game with life and death, as the people also do, who have accepted the cross and board.
Many people reach for those higher riches, but experience something that calls them to a halt, even if they do not understand from which direction that occult wind blows.
Sometimes it can storm for them, so that they are flung down left and right by powers and forces, which we will get to know on this path.
In addition to the earthly writer in material state under inspiration, we now also get to know the born talent.
Few people can explain this, but we also learned to know and had to accept this talent in our life, which is a law.
The born talent has to do with your subconscious.
If a spirit of light wants to help you on earth, by writing, in order to do something for you and for other people, then he draws from your own past.
You now have to accept that we, as humans have lived thousands of times on earth.
You most certainly took part in art in one life and probably in many other lives.
If the longing for art has reached consciousness in one life, so that we are dominated by it – therefore feelings, which suppress the other characteristics – then that life is devoted to art, because the soul cannot become released from it.
These emotional powers are already expressed as a child and reach full development at a later age, which applies to you on earth as a talent.
A spirit of light now draws from this subconscious; he awakens these feelings and determines what he wants to pass onto you.
He elevates this feeling into his own life and back to the day-conscious and now you think that this was received outside your own life.
It is your parapsychologist who attaches himself to this and still cannot accept that the Other Side usually completely disengages this subconscious anyway, because the certainty of the day-conscious is the temperament for the inspiration.
When we will later follow the sleep, this will also be clear to you.
Every child draws from this and it is the born talent.
However, for our world this talent is acquired.
I will also come back to this.
This born talent is experienced by all arts and sciences.
Anyone who has talent can achieve something on earth.
However, with this we enter the grades for the earthly art.
After all, one person achieves something; another does his best and goes to pieces up against art.
We now get to know the inferior brothers and sisters, who represent an own grade in art for themselves, the lower and higher orders, which are the grades of feeling for you as a human being.
It must not be so difficult now for you to understand why one person achieves something and really gets it for nothing, for which another person has to slave for, to finally succumb, and to have to accept that the feeling for it has not yet been reached.
One person becomes an artist, another person will never become one!
The feeling shows how far you have come for art.
For this purpose, the soul has probably had to discard hundreds of lives, therefore experience them, in order to reach that height in feeling.
And it is only now, in this life, that the feeling for art reveals itself; the priests in the East experienced this in the mystics, in the occult laws.
In this way, one person has tuned into occultism, another person into science or art or social functions, each possibility is laid aside for you as a human being, because you can accept the new life.
Writing under inspiration in order to record a pure earthly fact, therefore material, which does not release you from your own life, whereby you keep the ground under your feet, cannot be dangerous for you.
However, this becomes different when the occult laws release your life from the material laws and you come between life and death.
Now you have to possess resistance and especially for your own protection, the power for your own personality, which completely takes care of what is received and experienced.
That power lives in your own subconscious, you are therefore that far, have come so high, and do not feel any disruptions now, everything happens of its own accord; but other people do not possess that and lose themselves.
The most awful things can now happen, which people on earth still have no concept of, because the masses still do not realize the enormous dangers of the occult laws.
Now that many people hold séances and long for occult writing, all these dangers come forward, which have to be dealt with, or they will completely destroy your life!
When we write now, you experience the spiritual communication in this state and you are conscious of your own life.
You live in the first two grades for inspiration, but now come into contact with the occult laws.
They can decisively occur as a result of this writing and dominate you.
If there is no resistance in you, mocking spirits also come through, who want to unite themselves with your life.
It now depends what your inner life is like.
If you are not free from material longings, then you are already in contact with them through your own life, because these longings are material, as a result of which they can connect themselves.
One characteristic within you, which is not spiritual, attunes you to their life and trouble will enter your life.
However, now you feel their violence differently, they break your own protection and try to take possession of your conscious, in which you can dissolve.
A great deal of people have had to pay their occult toll; these sensitive people did not understand what they had opened themselves to, with the result that some people lost the day-conscious self and had to accept madness.
If your life is not completely closed off to this astral danger and you do not possess your own protection, the simple writing under inspiration by our world is your destruction.
On this side, we learned to know the laws and the grades for the inner life in which you live as a material being.
We know that the first two grades for inspiration are mean in an animal-like way compared to spiritual communication, and this has been proven since numerous people even succumbed in their own life and had to be locked up.
It is not only the consciously seeking type who succumbs in these grades, even the unconscious soul, the human being who suspects nothing and knows nothing about occultism succumbs, because these grades of feeling do not yet possess any resistance.
However, it is a fact that all these people have released themselves from the pre-animal-like, animal-like and coarse-material grades and have now entered a higher stage, the laws of which they still have to master.
Once contact with the astral world has been reached and the lower individual has elevated your life, then to become released from it is incredibly difficult, because that spirit has reached unity with your life.
In a short time, these lower spirits grow with you into one state together, so close and natural, that you have nothing to contribute and no psychologist is capable of releasing you from it.
They become psychopaths, you know them on earth. Those people who sometimes talk nonsense, feel differently than before and seem to possess terrible airs and graces, and yet others who suffer from megalomania or religious mania, and all those people who still have to master the conscious grade of feeling, but are now attacked by the lower conscious, the spiritualist mocking spirits.
This evil core lives in the universe and on earth and searches for the inner life that has attunement to him or her and can then be experienced again through the earthly life.
Now your will has to dominate them, you have to be able to resist all these dangers.
You must remain yourself in thousands of occult problems, if a spirit of the light wishes to come to you in order to write through you.
He sees your conscious and now knows whether you will succumb.
In that case, he is not capable of writing and will not consider it.
Sensitive people longing for spiritual contact are open to our world, but sooner or later almost all of them succumb, because they do not know the astral laws and grades for the spiritual gifts.
Other people, who do not want to know anything about spiritual communication, have succumbed anyway, since they are under the influence of dark powers, and experience the same state as the conscious medium writing under inspiration; the demons also draw from the subconscious and wriggle into that inner life.
This is also the reason why those sick people are monitored so carefully and your doctor can almost never overcome their illnesses; the subconscious cannot be cured!
The previous life is usually to blame for this destruction, and all this misery.
Since the cause and effect of you as a human being is experienced during the material life, the unconscious, animal-like life gets the chance to connect itself with the higher-standing life.
These lower grades of life search in the subconscious for what cannot be experienced for them in the day-consciousness, and in this way, they also reach complete unity.
Split these souls one day, release the earthly life one day from the astrally dominating inner life and you will be a great healer.
However, your doctor and psychologist are powerless, because this is the most difficult grade of life to be conquered on earth.
The soul is unconscious and cannot give any conscious to this soul life.
That is not possible, because the laws of God have to be experienced, or everyone would buy himself some feeling and would become an artist, and life on earth and in the universe would be in chaos.
On earth that is still the case, not in the universe, because God’s creation is divinely perfect.
That many people do not possess depth in their day-conscious, which does not mean that the subconscious has does not have that either, because you now see all the things that are possible.
The sensitivity for our contact lives here, writing under inspiration.
This really simple receiving of a few words, which sometimes do not mean anything and yet can represent such misery, goes so deep.
Madness is involved in it!
However, the psychic trance completely disengages all these dangers.
The inner life is now open to the higher grades, which belong to the Spheres of Light and are the first four grades, the worlds of which I explained to you.
That medium is in the hands of a master.
The writing given is now supernatural and can be brought to the earth from the highest heavens; the instrument is capable of this, because he has surrendered himself to a higher power.
That conscious is cosmically deep, and has learned to know the laws of God and will now accomplish a task on earth.
Now the Other Side dominates this life, but ensures that this communication is achieved.
When this writing starts, your consciousness is disengaged for seventy-five percent, because you need twenty-five percent yourself in order to feed your body and keep it working.
Writing now takes place through your organism, but you are still one with your body and keep your strength, because we are actually outside your earthly connection.
Yet, we have to take over and control all those material systems from you, and work through them; we think and feel through your organism and record what we want to pass onto you.
In this state, we reach great heights and can now achieve everything.
In order to be a medium, you have to live simply; even your food can disrupt us.
If we want to reach a great height, then animal food is destructive for many mediums, because it attracts other influences from the own grade of life.
However, there are also mediums that just need nourishing food, because the nervous system has to carry out an enormous amount of work and a physical reserve must always be present.
If the medium wants to keep going for the all dominating astral food, which is wisdom, then the organism has to be able to deal with this, or sooner or later the collapse will come anyway and such an instrument will be lost to us.
The nervous system is therefore essential; it is your material underground for the spiritual gifts and the work that will be carried out.
Mediums who receive the highest that can be experienced for our world must remain at full strength, or we cannot continue to apply this enormous inspiration in this stage.
We may not exceed the normal balance for the organism, because then this can have terrible consequences.
Animal food no longer has any meaning if the medium is completely in our hands. We then take care of the material disruptions for the medium.
However, anyone who carries out work under these grades has a more difficult time, because the radiance of the food cannot be overcome, but has to be prevented anyway, or the medium will create one misery after another for himself.
The Eastern medium therefore lives as a vegetarian and he has to do this for his study, because the animal food obstructs him in experiencing the occult laws.
A yogi and initiate follow this path, magicians and fakirs pay little attention to it, although the good fakir, the scientifically conscious, does not dare to contaminate himself, because this food can be disastrous for him.
They have to conquer all these laws themselves. We do that for the medium, because the Other Side has to represent the instrument.
The Oriental experiences himself; the medium in our hands can only receive and surrenders himself in everything to his master.
Animal food is fatal for the psychic phenomena, the physical require strength and physically becoming conscious.
Now the organism is stripped of the life fluid, which means loss of strength.
That strength has to recover the balance because of nourishing food or physical collapse will follow.
Every human being is actually open to spiritual influence, low and high, and there are always characteristics in you that have attunement to our world and attract the astral being.
As western conscious, you cannot dominate all these disruptions, because your life is split.
The Oriental has made a study of it and he tries to conquer this. However, when he does not achieve anything, they conquer him.
If the Other Side wants to work through the western inner life, then the medium may not feel himself in any way, be, or mean anything.
You as a medium possess only the feeling, from which we draw and as a result of which we work.
If you can surrender completely, the astral worlds will be open to you.
However, one in thousands achieve something, thousands of people come to grief as a result of the astral laws, since they succumb under that universal burden.
Years go by before the medium is ready to receive our writing.
We now prevent the demons from taking possession of this life.
The medium has to open himself to us in all his thoughts and feelings. If we want to play on that life, then we are in connection with this instrument day and night.
I told you, one in thousands achieves the supernatural, the rest succumb.
This life also passes into the hands of evil now and we are powerless.
Those beings long to suck the life empty and they do that in their own demonic way.
They come to this life and speak about God and faith, they show illuminated crosses if they consider it necessary, because they do not want to have any distrust, or your interest will weaken.
Yet meanwhile they carry on and enter your longings, they want to be cherished by your love, after which unity follows.
They only get connection through you, your own longings call them to you and then they find their hunger and life thirst lessened at the same time, but now you experience their longing, for which your organism has to serve!
They also descend into you, go through your life of thoughts, melt together with you to one grade of feeling and have then conquered you.
They contaminate you to the deepest tissues of your life of the soul and your material being by their animal-like lust, they nestle themselves into your aura, they go to sleep peacefully to awaken with you and to get up and to enjoy your drink, your food, your daily light, in short, everything for which your bloodsuckers do not have the power.
The medium that has to serve for the highest, and is born of course for this task, cannot experience this misery, because the master of this medium always keeps the instrument elevated into his life.
Since the medium can continually experience this higher conscious, a demon does not have any chance whatsoever.
However, the human being who has lost his loved one, has remained behind alone, is suffering as a result of the terrible longing for that lost love, for kind-heartedness and understanding, opens himself all too readily to the astral world.
If sensitivity is present and writing is tried out, this life will be open to all these troubles.
This human being wants to know how the loved ones are, but this will be fateful for him.
There are also grades present in this, sensitive people and insensitive people experience the same writing.
Some experience trouble, some think that everything happens of its own accord and does not feel anything of all these disruptions.
However, these people do not possess the sensitivity, an astral thought cannot come through them; this grade of feeling is still too coarse in order to be able to receive the rare thoughts and feelings.
Just the sensitive people experience all that trouble.
They experience nothing!
I assure you now that these people, who feel like mediums, cannot experience any true contact, because they cannot be reached by our world.
They now miss the thing through which we write, but the others are destroyed as a result of it.
Now that those lives are open to the Other Side, they have come that far through Christ, the Holy Gospel has spoken to their life, all those people search for eternal contact and want to be released from the material life by the spiritual gifts.
If there is contact, then they come between life and death, the occult laws of which they now have to experience and in which they have to hold their own, if they want to avoid the madhouse.
Anyone on this side who belongs to the unconscious kind, to those who still have to awaken, but who searches for this material unity, is attracted to this sensitivity and draws them into his own life, as a result of which their victims are faced with spiritual madness.
I told you, your institutions are full of these people.
However, what is and means illness on earth is spiritual sensitivity to our world.
What is called madness where you are is for our world the unity of the astral and the material spirit, of two personalities, who belong to the life of the soul since both are eternal.
However, now the astral life dominates, with the consequences that the earthly soul is a prisoner in its own organism.
Work out for yourself whether those feelings are within you, which are attuned to the lower, and then prevent all these astral difficulties for yourself.
Do not sit down to receive writing, because it can mean your own misfortune.
If the trivial, a slight feeling for lust lives within you, be assured that this will attract all the lust to itself, once you have reached a connection with this world.
That power, known as lust, will eat away at your inner life, suck you empty, because you do not possess any protection of your own!
The madhouse is open to these grades of the inner life, and they allow them to be freed from the earthly ties.
All those people possess the longing for this, because their loved ones passed away.
The following is an example from reality.
A brother on this side came to call on my help, because he saw himself faced with a great problem on earth.
He told me that his daughter was influenced by dark powers and had passed over into those hands.
She would succumb if no spiritual help were offered to her.
This soul wanted to be connected with her father as a result of mediumistic writing, but she did not possess enough self-protection.
However, she still felt capable of it and had now sat down, but a demon was writing through her.
Her father was powerless, and he could not help her.
She did not possess enough strength to be elevated into his life, so that the madhouse was open to her.
We went to her together and I saw what her condition was like.
Her sister sought it in drawing and she would also have come into the hands of evil if she had known this sensitivity, but she could not be reached.
In her conscious, this own protection was present and she now experienced nothing.
The first daughter longed to come into contact with her father, received writing from this world and thought that this was from her father.
However, a dark being had taken possession of her inner life and wanted to dominate her.
When we entered, she was just receiving writing.
Her life was open to this side.
What do you think of this poem that she received?
“Float, float as I do
See as I do
See me and you have your life in your hands
But ask it of your God.”
This sad written word was given to her and is astrally pure, but a mad person gave it to her.
This brain is confused, is separate from every human mentality, from reasoning power and material feeling, this conscious is only completely ready to destroy the earthly conscious and to make it mad.
This child of forty-five years old did not ask for the meaning of what she received, she thought it was wonderful, because it did not come from herself.
She thought: in that life everything is possible, father has learned to write poetry, father has awakened in that life.
Because on earth father had no understanding of all these matters.
This demon could float.
We also float back to the earth in order to serve, and do that as a result of the power of our developed concentration and our strong will.
We float through the material universe, because we have mastered those grades of conscious.
A demon can do what we do, but he lives in darkness.
We see through all material, can tune into your own material light and perceive it, which a dark spirit cannot.
The contact with the earth is now achieved through yourself.
See me, and you have me in your life; the demon should have written this down, but it did not get to this!
She did not need to ask God about this.
However, for this dark person this banner was like the illuminated cross, which he held before her in order to look at it.
The word God suddenly changes everything for these trusting people, but they immediately fall through it into misery.
She had already been writing through this monster for months, but now already numerous times a day.
At the most incredible times, she sat down to receive writing.
As a result of an urge from inside, she forced herself in that direction and then surrendered herself completely.
The demon was concerned with dominating her completely, elevating her into his life and then doing well from her conscious and earthly life.
He wanted to live his animal-like longings at any price.
He managed completely to take possession of her, because qualities lived in her that touched his life and had received attunement to it as a result of this séance.
Her longing for love, which was not answered, drove her into the arms of this astral personality and into this state.
Now that she had opened herself, she had to accept the consequences.
She did not know herself and knew the astral-occult laws even less, and this became her misfortune.
The beast man wrote:
“Better to pray
Than be powerless.
Where is the end
Jesus my
Love conquers.”
She thought it was wonderful.
She had no understanding of this nonsense, the realisation had not yet awakened in her, otherwise, she would have stopped immediately, if she had still been capable of this, because her will had already been disengaged.
However, these meaningless sayings took her to insanity.
There followed:
“If we are one, separate from the earth
Because I see in your life
God watches over.”
I read into the life of this demon and could determine what the actual meaning was.
The girl read the writing aloud, thought that she understood it and it was wonderful, amazingly deep.
Moreover, her sister thought: there is something in it, that could become something, all development is difficult.
She would therefore continue, but she surrendered to her own misfortune because of it.
Sometimes she asked her father questions and wanted to know from where he had learned those nice sayings.
Then the demon fooled her with something, or she wrote down something herself as a result of the soft inner touch, which forcefully influenced her thoughts and feelings.
However, the demon went his own way and gradually sucked her empty, he enjoyed the earthly life with her and would soon be so involved that he could act consciously materially.
He descended deeper and deeper into her life, complied with her longing now and again to hear something from her father, but meanwhile enjoyed his own fun, enjoyed the warmth and the material cherishing, especially her longing for love, which became the actual experience for him.
He lived completely in her life, took walks with her through nature, ate and drank and went to sleep with her, which still took place astrally, but would receive material conscious.
She did not feel alone again for a second, but she thought this was great, in the knowledge that her father was her guardian spirit.
Yet, a spirit of light does not write every second of your day, does not go into your longing, or our life would stand still, not alone, but it is too abundant.
A set time is needed for this communication.
Writing once, twice a week at the most is enough, and then you have to experience your own life completely, so that you can release yourself from every astral thought, or they will live through you.
When you feel that an urge lives in you, which keeps urging you to hold a séance, then you are involved with dark powers.
You are becoming mad or an astral personality has elevated you into his life and you are already under his dark power.
Most of these people, who want to be mediumistic, do not even possess the contact required and write themselves.
However, the sensitive people meet with grief because of it.
The other people usually hold séances themselves, because these people do not experience anything, do not know this danger, but as they say, still have contact every moment of the day with their master, their guardian angel or spiritual doctor, who gives them advice on all matters and little complaints.
Like their dogs and cats they have put a collar round this leader, so that they can pull the strings at every moment, after which we have to come.
The very cheapest thoughts are credited to us; just ask the master, the master will give them advice.
Then the nonsense comes.
Such people hold séances themselves, by writing down what comes into their thoughts.
They long to possess.
They use our world for their own enjoyment of life, but we cannot be taken back to the charlatanism, however wonderful and safe they would find that.
I concentrated on the monster and wanted to let him write, but warn her at the same time as a result of this, and now descended into her inner life.
I wrote down through his own inner life:
“Stop, or accidents will happen!”
You will certainly feel now that the three of us were one in feeling and connected to each other.
Yet, her reaction was like nothing on earth, at least not in my direction.
They both received an intense shock, especially the astral being.
He felt this and understood that a higher influence was present.
The woman tore up the paper and thought:
“These are mocking spirits.
Of course, it is possible.
“A spirit wants to write, but it is a mocking spirit.
They want to suppress father again, but that will not happen.
I have to prevent it.”
She now understood that she was not developed sufficiently.
However, the demon reacted differently.
He concentrated as fast as lightning and wrote:
“Better than I you cannot be
Every morning to go to Jesus
To my end
Jesus of mine
Each other we will see somewhere.”
He added: “Do you not see, dear child, what this means?
Just read it from top to bottom, only the initials.”
And the woman, who was called Betje, read “Betje”.
“Good heavens, what a wonderful piece of proof, what a beautiful poem I have now received”, she said to her sister.
She had received a spiritual piece of proof and it was truly mediumistic!
It was the case.
I concentrated on the demon and rapist of her life and wrote again:
“Betje, you are in danger, stop!
In heaven’s name, stop!”
However, Betje did not feel like stopping, she just did not understand it.
She could not understand that she was involved with mocking spirits again after such proof.
She asked her father:
“Can you make sure, father, that we are not interrupted?”
The demon wrote: “Other people do not favour our contact, dear.”
Betje had to overcome this disruption.
However, she had to feel that something was wrong, but we could not bridge her will and her faith.
She lived consciously in this.
She possessed the sensitivity for the mediumistic gift, even if we could not reach her for the higher contact, she remained floating between heaven and earth, between life and death and that would be disastrous for her!
The demon wrote:
“I will do everything for my child and I will continue to protect you, Betje.
Just go to sleep now, my child.”
However, Betje asked: “Can you not drive away those mocking spirits, father?”
“I will take care of it, my child. ”She now wrote to herself, because I had meanwhile closed off the demon to her inner life.
He now lived in a thick haze of power, an aura, which I quickly elevated, in order to make her free from his pest before going to sleep, even if I knew that she would attract him to herself again.
Then her father wrote again and they were also her own thoughts:
“How beautiful our life is, isn’t it, child?”
She asked: “Are you very happy, father?”
“Yes, my child.”
And she now gives this answer to herself.
Then she asks“Where will mother find her place, father?”
Now the pencil hesitated.
Her hand remained lying and was uninspired.
I already knew that the mother had left her and her sister, had started a life of her own, so that Betje could not give an answer to this herself.
We now determine that this writing is the same as with the cross and board, because she does not give her hand any inspiration.
Human will is now completely disengaged.
In this state, this child now wanted to receive spiritual writing ...
Yet, her longing to receive an answer was so great that she also wrote:
“She will see.”
She now thought it was enough herself, broke the contact, went to bed and fell asleep immediately.
However, the demon went along with her!
You will think, why did you not help her, you have contact, haven’t you?
However, do you not feel, dear reader, that we are powerless?
Should I continue to follow her life?
Our life would irrevocably stand still, we would be able to do nothing more than protect her.
And if she still has thirty years to live, those years would pass for us in emptiness and we would achieve nothing.
That is not God’s intention; the laws of God have to be experienced.
Betje has to learn that she is burning her hands, because the occult laws demand their toll.
Betje no longer felt alone when going to sleep from then on, it was as if she was being followed, someone lived in her vicinity who spied on her, actually touched her, yes, wanted to possess her!
Those feelings became increasingly powerful and, in the end dominated her life.
Her sister did not notice any of it, but Betje thought that it was her father who watched over her, followed her in everything and supported her, and who made sure that she could sleep well.
However, this evening was different!
Was father busy feeling her body?
Her genitals were touched, pressed and namely by a clammy, horrible hand, so that she could have screamed from it.
Yet she controlled herself, she was probably just imagining things.
This is nonsense, it is no longer spiritual help.
This is ...?
Even her thoughts were disturbed; she could no longer think properly, she wanted to know what lived in and around her.
She controlled herself, but the dreadful feeling became worse and worse.
When the light went out, she wanted to settle down, she tried to get comfortable, someone was lying next to her.
She felt that ice-cold hand again and the clammy sweat coming over her body, after which that frightening touching started again.
Something dreadful had come into her life.
However, perhaps she had to get over this and everything would soon be different.
Now the demon was calmer and more prepared for everything and yet, this had to end, or he would make her completely mad.
Betje looked like a ghost, her deep eyes were shrouded, and they looked into the world, but saw nothing.
She lives outside her day-conscious, has already exceeded the threshold of the astral world for us, and now, has to experience everything which is at all possible, if we wish to shake her awake to this misery.
We see her strength lessen, yet she cannot stop writing, she is possessed by it.
Betje struggles on and collapses.
She lives between her doubt and the love for her father.
Is it father?
Of course, it is father!
After all, father wrote, and she still receives those beautiful poems regularly.
Her sister thinks she looks terrible and that she would be better to stop.
She cannot sleep for a single night, during the night she feels that tickling on her body, but now thinks that it is nerves, all the more so after her father wanted to tell her it.
But that other thing?
What is that?
“I can feel it clearly, father, that ...!”
However, she does not want to make her father wait, she wants to serve, serve for that world and convince other people of eternal existence.
Those feelings keep her awake, and, at the same time, do not prevent her from writing.
Two personalities live in this body, the real one is the shadow of the additional image, which now dominates.
That life sees, while Betje is seeing blind.
Betje goes downhill.
The astral being experiences this unity, because her life is the contact for him.
However, Betje experiences the longings of the astral personality and the laws of her mediumship.
She is in perfect health and in addition terminally ill.
Betje comes to him and he to her. In this way, which takes her between life and death, they have met each other.
She now has to accept that her bed is inhabited and that this will remain so for the time being.
She cannot do anything about it, because she has shared her life with the monster.
Finally she rebels, she is suddenly shocked at herself, because she is doing strange things.
Has she gone mad?
She is disgusted at her life, no longer knows herself and starts to think.
Now we can help her, she has now experienced the deepest grades in her misery; her own protection has been shaken awake by the demon.
She starts to feel that it is not her father and that a mocking spirit wants to experience her.
That’s it; it cannot be any different.
And we reinforce these feelings in her.
However, this game has now lasted four months.
It is a miracle that Betje knows that she is being cheated, because other people find out much later, but then it is precisely too late.
She will never forget that night for the rest of her life.
Her fight with the monster has started, but we will help her now.
One night she jumps out of bed like a complete madwoman, she cannot stand it any longer.
Her sister puts the light on, but Betje can see in the dark, she does not run into anything.
Her sister thinks she is being followed by something.
Betje feels desperate, but she can still think, she is still herself.
She has to control herself!
“What is the matter with you, child?” her sister asks.
“With me?’ she says offended, now she feels that her sister does not understand any of it.
“I am pretending to be a moth.”
Her sister rubs the sleep from her eyes and says:
“You should be ashamed of yourself, shouting just like that in the middle of the night, it is scandalous.
You should go to sleep.”
“I do not dare.”
“Then just go and sleep in my bed.”
Betje does that, but she is not alone, she is also touched in that bed and the demon is busy sucking her empty.
It is terrible what she has to experience, an invisible thing, like a hand, grabs her, does something that she has never know.
It is dreadful.
The hands of the astral monster become firmer, she is already undergoing a material embrace and she jumps out of bed again.
However, at the same time, her sister sees something that shakes her awake and as a result of which she understands that it is serious.
The demon shakes the bed back and forth.
Betje, who had already taken flight, feels herself hit against the wall and remains lying for a moment.
She calls for help, the animal has embraced her and she undergoes that dreadful fondling.
Her sister sees and feels it and thinks: “Only one thing can help against this and that is praying.
God has to help.”
She throws herself onto the floor and begs for help.
Now we can protect Betje from complete destruction, because her inner life is reacting.
However, her sister must know what she has to do.
We show her someone whom she has heard of.
When she understands what is required of her, she thinks that God or her own guardian angel has given her the image.
We meanwhile make ourselves one with Betje.
Her father encloses himself in her life and will watch over his child.
I will take over from him later.
Betje calms down, lies down, still trembles and shakes from fear, but calms down since she realizes her sister is taking care of her.
My master is on earth and in possession of an instrument.
This medium must help here.
That same day his help is called for and we can begin work in order to free Betje.
When we enter with the medium, she looks like someone who is apparently dead.
Her eyes lie deep in their sockets.
They look at us like cow’s eyes, but even more surprising, they look through everything.
Completely dopey and dead tired from the dreadful struggle, she feels physically and mentally destroyed and now surrenders willingly.
My master wins this fight, good against evil, in a short time.
Then Betje was treated for six months for her broken nervous system and she felt cured.
I wriggled inside her aura, and I remained connected to her, just as when she was writing.
I took it upon myself to experience her own life, so, we from our world want to make her completely free from this astral misery.
If you feel this properly, you will understand my situation.
I could follow everything of her life and protect her against the intruder.
I picked up all her thoughts and those of the astral monster.
My master and his instrument built up her nervous system, but first the demon had to be banished from her life.
In the life of this adult child two astral beings lived, one in order to destroy her and the other, in order to build her up.
A volume could be written about the way in which I did this, because I experienced two other lives and that of myself.
In this misery, all the astral laws were revealed to me, as I had never known them before.
It became a school of learning for me and for her father, who followed me in everything, but did not yet possess the powers for this work, otherwise, he could have done it himself.
Betje was no longer allowed to write, this was immediately forbidden for her.
The medium magnetized her and as a result of this spiritual fluid, my master built up a spiritual wall, and at the same time removed the demon from her life aura.
It gradually felt shut off from this earthly life.
The earth and Betje became hazy for him, as this child had experienced it through the demon.
Betje came back to earth and he to his own world, the hell in our life.
After four treatments, Betje could sleep again.
The demon still made it difficult for her, but she was completely conscious and the devil saw his contact taken away.
He now lived in a thick mist, which was gradually elevated by my master, because being in a hurry was also wrong.
Betje was already capable of showing resistance.
She lay down there completely exhausted in order to rest, but could breath again, and her sister understood that the great danger was over.
When the demon had been banished far from her body, we continued.
We now shut off her bed, then the room, then the whole house, after which, this dark power could no longer reach her.
Betje felt better, but we saw from our world that the monster was lying in wait in order to jump on her again if he saw the chance.
Her sister was warned.
She has to go outside with her, but not further than down the street.
Betje could be attacked again there.
She does it, Betje does not know anything, comes to the corner, where he sees the chance to jump on her again.
Her sister pulls her from the danger and returns home.
When she asks Betje why she was shouting like that, she says:
“Well, he was standing there again.”
“Where?” her sister asked.
“There, at that corner.
I was suddenly attacked.
He wanted to strangle me.”
Her sister had to accept that the Other Side had shut off the street. However, Betje had to recover her general freedom.
It is only then that she could feel cured.
In the house, she felt normal again, but she did not dare to go outside the street, the demon continued to wait for her.
He continued to lay in wait like a feline animal, until the universe forced him to give up his longings or to try to realize them somewhere else.
When my master was finished with that, Betje felt healthy and we left.
An uninitiate in the astral laws thinks perhaps: why did you not shut her off immediately?
The initiate that knows more about these laws, reads further and feels that the occult laws are experienced in a natural way.
However, the uninitiate must know that Betje got to experience her lesson in life, because this would protect her from even worse evil.
She was on the threshold of the occult laws, the spiritual life, and anyone who has experienced that will never forget the feeling again.
Eventually, Betje would be attacked again by the demon.
Now it meant an experience for Betje!
I told you about it, I have now been able to show you it.
Experience is possession, you built up the higher conscious as a result of it, and your life experience becomes your worldly wisdom.
Because of this her life would reach growth and blossom.
The occult water first had to rise to her lips and it is only then that we could intervene.
The Other Side never intervenes beforehand; the very last moment must be decisive.
For Betje this experience became, becoming conscious.
A demon is never again capable of embracing her; she learned from it, she now understood that the occult laws had opened the doors of the madhouse for her.
The occult laws banged on the doors of her own prison and as those doors were opened, they had shut out the material life.
Betje learned that, and she felt the reality of it.
We took her back to reality, to the state in which she had lived before she started to write.
She lived in this when the demon had elevated her into his life.
Moreover, every mentally ill person experiences this!
Every mentally ill person would experiences the same as Betje does after an astral magnetic treatment.
It is the return of the conscious to the normal human stage.
Stone after stone is laid, in this way the master of the healing medium builds a spiritual wall around the sick person and pulls that life back to the day-conscious self.
However, every wrong thought of Betje broke that wall down again.
However, she prayed day and night for protection and now she would receive that from her father.
Betje changed her love, she no longer had longings and understood that she had become possessed as a result of it.
Her astral love has been torn from her life.
Thousands of women go towards their own destruction because of these longings.
These longings are completely natural, but when they possess the spiritual mediumistic sensitivity the astral self and love come to them and they experience spiritual unity.
Your Institutions are full of them.
All these people, men and women, still have to awaken for the material life and master the material protection, which is therefore a grade of life.
These lives are lived.
Another lives in their body, that dominates the day-conscious self of the sick person.
That personality looks outside, the owner sits locked up in the darkness and does not see any more daylight, is a prisoner in his own house.
The spiritual gifts take us through madness!
All your mad people therefore live between two worlds. The mediums also experience these laws, or they will never become released from their own life and there will be no question of communication.
The unconsciously sensitive people – because a medium is consciously sensitive – still have to master the earthly conscious, but now sink away in this life.
They enter the sickly mediumship as a result of this and are abnormal.
The medium has to conquer these sickly unconscious worlds, experience all these laws, and remain himself in this.
All your mad people are therefore mediumistic, but this sensitivity is unconscious!
It is therefore very clear that all these people still have to conquer the material world of existence.
In normal day-conscious life, these people know nothing-about clairvoyance or clairaudience, but when they discard the day-conscious and the spirit disruptions appear, and the spiritual gifts likewise come forward.
Now they see and they are usually clairaudient, in their life there is talk, they are told all kinds of things, sometimes they see ahead, but speak for the conscious nonsense talk.
These souls still cannot be gauged; yet, these lives are not deep, when you know the occult phenomena and can determine the grade of life of these people.
Betje had become clairvoyant because of her illness, through this astral connection, and now you see that the Other Side has the gifts in their hands.
You can see high and low in this state, but one takes you upwards, the other, which is lower, takes you to the madhouse.
Healthy clairvoyance is the conscious experiencing of the spiritual gifts, the other means weakness, unconsciousness, because if these people had been conscious, then they would not have sunk away, but kept their day-conscious self.
Now it dissolves completely!
You now see how all these grades come into connection with each other, and that one attracts the other, which, however, is achieved as a result of your characteristics.
Holding séances is dangerous for those who possess any amount of mediumistic feeling; other people write as well, but experience nothing and write for themselves.
Of course, there are people who possess a spiritual contact with their family members, but then the astral wisdom does not exceed their own conscious, because they cannot deal with the higher contact and do not possess that other sensitivity.
Only one in thousands of mediums has something to tell you, the rest experience themselves!
For them the spiritual gift is like your needle in a haystack, like a drop of water in the ocean of life.
The Other Side must be able to dominate your life and not you ours!
It is only then that we also reach spiritual unity for this gift.
Do not go into it if you think that you feel something which you do not know and which is invisible to you, touches your inner life and makes it tremble, because it can mean your destruction.
Mediumship is sacred, just as the spiritual contact of the Apostles was sacred, but then you must be able to experience the spiritual gifts through a spirit of the light, or it will take you into misery.
Writing mediumship is one of the most beautiful gifts, because the Other Side can now pass on the own life, which means happiness for you and other people.
When sensitivity is within you, we come to you, and you will experience the spiritual miracles.
The medium through which I record all of this possesses that sensitivity.
He lives in the fourth grade for the gifts, and we can achieve everything we had in mind through him.
This writing takes place immediately on the typewriter and takes place outside the own conscious of the medium.
Now he lives in our world and has disembodied, he is there with master Alcar, while I am busy recording this book through his organism.
Is it not simple?
However, how many laws did we have to conquer for this purpose?
He has to conquer the laws for the gifts, the occult laws, and master them. In this way, we wanted to prevent him from succumbing under his work.
He has learned to know the hells and heavens as a result of his sensitivity and even the origin of creation, all the grades in this universe, because he possesses the Great Wings.
Now there are no longer any disruptions, we have conquered them.
Now I can work on this book and pass on everything about our life with regard to the spiritual gifts, while my master lives with him in the spheres and gives him other wisdom.
I write fast, because I want to be finished in a short time and prevent unnecessary fatigue.
The Other Side wrote three books in eight weeks through him, and each book is a life work in itself.
When you then know that he is considered stupid in his society, has not known any school as your school and was born in a village, you have to feel respect for this event, the purity of this writing, because it comes straight from the Spheres of Light.
Therefore, each book is a spiritual document for you and for us!
Could he have done it under his own power, have been able to represent our life in this way?
I assure you that this is not possible, he would have succumbed under his cosmic burden, but we help him to bear it.
Through us, he received this wonderful conscious, now he can experience the astral laws and keep going during the earthly life.
My master is with him in the Spheres of Light and upon his return to earth, he will read what I wrote during his spiritual journey.
I have made use of the hours assigned to me and at full power, so that not a second in time was lost.
We then also completely disengaged his conscious, which is the highest grade for this writing, and which only ancient Egypt knew.
My master meanwhile takes him to the Spheres of Light or to what he has to learn, because his development continues.
All Temples on this side are open to him, because he serves the Other Side, the master from the highest spheres.
The very greatest mediums from ancient Egypt knew and received this mediumship, because they also served and had a task to fulfil for mankind.
They also disembodied from their material garment through the masters on this side and brought spiritual wisdom to earth.
Their hieroglyphics show how far they came.
The instrument through which I write experiences this mercy, even if we now hold the gift in our own hands.
However, he experiences the astral laws as people cannot experience in the East, because this takes place completely outside his own conscious.
Master Alcar has developed his instrument for me and others and now we can play on this inner and material life.
I am also a pupil of master Alcar and you see from this that our lives have to adapt to each other.
Our instrument lives on earth, we on this side, and yet we are spiritually one.
We have therefore bridged the gap between life and death.
His inner life has now been disengaged for seventy-five percent, he still only possesses twenty-five percent to feed his own body, and otherwise, this would go to sleep materially.
The fluid cord, which connects both bodies, takes care of this and keeps him connected to his body.
When that breaks, the soul no longer goes back to the earth.
However, I remain connected to my master and that is necessary in order to be able to take care of any disruptions.
We elevate a spiritual wall around the medium and now no astral personality can see us.
I stay here until the medium takes over the organism from me.
Meanwhile, patients come, because he is also a healing medium.
They are disruptions, which are real, but have to be overcome.
Now the instrument has to actually treat patients, but he does not live in his body, he is not on earth.
Master Alcar has exceeded himself in this and achieved a connection, which is cosmically deep.
When the patients come, I tune into my master and we protect the organism with the medium.
The patient enters where we are.
I leave my corner and the medium returns to his body for fifty percent, but still remains with his master in the spheres.
Master Alcar taught him to master the division of his personality, as the Oriental mediums learn that and follow a study for it.
From there the medium tunes into his body and sends me his own powers, so that I can now act consciously for him and can heal the patients if necessary.
The patients think that they are talking to the medium; there is no change in anything, even if the medium lives at half power in my life.
We now live in the half waking material and spiritual stage.
I proceed to treat as a result of his help, magnetize the patients and give them my aura and that of the medium, until I am finished and can continue with my writing.
Patients continually disrupt us and yet I have to record my chapters and write the number of pages, otherwise, it will take too long and we will exhaust the organism too much.
However, you can imagine what is needed for this, nevertheless we achieve it.
You will think: why write under such disruptions, do it calmly then.
However, the medium finds his existence because of the healing.
He does not earn anything from the books.
Do you feel we cannot do any differently!
Yet, a time will come when we can pass on our wisdom completely in peace, but then the gift for healing will be laid still.
As you read this, we are already that far and we will also go onto other gifts, which you will hear about.
We are not tired as a result of the work and the medium does not feel any of it either when he returns to his body. On the contrary, he will be fresh and lively, because the Spheres of Light have blessed his life.
We do not actually know any limits to this and all of this is the obtained possession of Master Alcar.
All the books from my master were written in this way.
Not one earthly writer could do it, he does not allow himself to be interrupted in such a way while writing, and we have had to adapt ourselves.
My master had to conquer all the astral laws, so that the medium could receive the Great Wings.
As a result of healing, he was able to show that the Other Side is capable of helping the sick people, and, because of this, master Alcar gave proof.
He showed that eternal life awaits you.
Not only that, we were able to heal numerous people, thousands of people were now convinced of eternal life after death and connected with their loved ones, which was given to them by the Other Side.
Our medium surrendered willingly to his master, but in its place, he received cosmic conscious, which all of the East will envy him.
We have had to conquer numerous laws, but you see, the spiritual writing reaches you honestly, it is not influenced by anything, it takes place outside the medium!
What I record must speak to your life in a clear way.
The inner life of this medium is like that of your child, the more childish the better for us and the spiritual contact.
We now make use of a language which belongs to his life and warms his heart, the language of his own inner life, because we also follow the natural laws here, in order to prevent him from being disturbed in the spheres, through the fact that I influence his twenty-five percent of his inner life too strongly.
We do not take delight in it – as ancient Egypt did – to make the language materially deep, we speak in a simple language to the unschooled child of God and to you as an intellectual, because the material is already deep enough anyway.
We speak to all the grades of the inner life.
Christ said to you and us:
“Let the children come unto me, because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”, and that is what we experience and apply.
Here a child is talking, a child tells about your eternal life after death, about the deepest laws of God and now possesses universal wisdom.
We treat the deepest problems that were treated by the Other Side and that through a child in spirit, a person simple in heart.
However, the Spheres of Light are open to this child.
Christ called the adult child to him and this child served him as an apostle, because the child can surrender completely.
The child does not think for itself!
Our medium is now asleep and yet conscious.
Can you feel this?
Do you understand what it means?
Can you sense the tremendous thing about this state?
Is it not the highest for you as human being on earth, the highest that God can give you?
In ancient Egypt, the very greatest mediums lived in his state and they were born for their task.
Those mediums brought wisdom to earth, and the Other Side is now busy elevating you into life after death.
We analyse the astral and occult laws for you, the Egyptians could not deal with this, even though these priests had reached a great height.
We are now going even deeper!
In ancient Egypt the priests symbolized the writing received, we now make it childishly simple for you, you will not find one learned word in this whole book.
We do not bombard you with material wisdom, because every law speaks to your own inner life.
Now we are childishly simple in language and style, but nevertheless, supernaturally sensitive, the writing received places you before the laws of God!
Finally, it is so far that we can pass our wisdom on to you.
Not long ago our mediums were burnt alive.
That spiritual poverty has had to make way for a higher consciousness.
For that we pass on our wisdom naturally and simply to you.
The Oriental searches himself; this medium receives!
He wants to be nothing and to mean nothing.
He serves!
And for this purpose, he receives the highest for the earth and our life, the cosmic conscious!
The Egyptians needed their ceremonies in order to achieve something for the spiritual contact, the moon had to give them inspiration before they could reach their desired stage, and all their further mystical fuss. However, we are now so far that we elevate him, through whom we work, into our life while he is walking outside, we completely disengage him and release him from earthly life.
We reach unity and action with him without any disruption, we can intervene every hour, every second.
Ancient Egypt has not known this contact!
The Western medium therefore did not get hold of anything, because the Other Side learned at that time.
The Western medium experiences our life, we bring our wisdom to the earth, but take care of everything.
Our instrument knows that he is nothing, does not possess any gifts, because his master has them in their hands.
The Egyptians wanted to master the spiritual gifts and that became their misfortune, and was the destruction of ancient Egypt!
God’s blessing rests on our work!
Yet, the gods of ancient Egypt became hazy.
We serve the only God.
The Egyptians loved thousands of gods and were still unconscious in this as well.
At the very last moment they learned to know your God there, yet it was precisely too late.
Our instrument sits down and immediately sinks into the psychic trance.
His master first had to develop that trance, but the master also has this organism going to sleep and disembodying in his hands, the medium only possesses the feeling!
The Egyptian medium wanted to possess disembodiment and master it, and numerous priests experienced it, but they came to grief as a result of it.
We now prevent all that misery!
It is as pure as your conscious is in the own grade, that we have kept all those difficulties in our own hands, because the greatest mediums of ancient Egypt lost themselves.
It is also true that there are not thousands of these mediums living on earth, if this was the case, a war in a spiritual level would start, and great chaos would emerge.
We bring evolution and not revolution!
This says enough; these mediums are born for their task.
These mediums serve for spiritual order in our life.
And the masters decide who is suitable for this purpose and will be born on earth for this task.
You can accept this, because now it is a spiritual mission!
I was given the mercy to be able to serve my master, and your country receives this wisdom.
Our medium serves you and us.
He represents the highest masters in our life, because he serves for the Age of Christ, which has now started.
By recording writing on the typewriter, we prevent the own thoughts and feelings of the medium.
After all, everyone can write, can use the pen, but we have now made that conscious completely harmless.
We do not want to awaken him in any way, because he has no knowledge of this writing.
In addition, there is something else which makes it possible for us to pass on our wisdom through this instrument and which is actually the power for his inner life.
This instrument lived before he started this task in ancient Egypt and was already a learned priest there, a master for other people.
(Read about this in the book: “Between Life and Death”.)
In that life, he mastered the laws and the feeling for this mediumship.
Many lives passed in which he had other tasks to fulfil.
Now the Egyptian life has awakened in him, that mastery is conscious and he is considered capable of fulfilling this task for the Other Side.
However, he lived on this side in the first sphere, here he first experienced the astral laws with his master, together they visited the hells, the heavens, and the planetary systems, after which he returned to the earth as a soul, and where his master opened him for the task of both of them.
Now we have already been busy for many years.
His master wrote ten books through him for mankind, upon which God’s blessing lies, because both serve.
If you read all these books, you will get a complete picture of this spiritual contact and how it originated.
You will only then be able to thank God for this sacredness, and for the good fortune that all this wisdom has come to your life.
In this inner life the mediumistic feeling, the spiritual sensitivity is therefore present, and this soul has mastered it through numerous lives.
In ancient Egypt he was not able to finish his task, now the Other Side continues with it.
What is done for the good, therefore for God, did not happen for nothing, what has come into being in love remains so, and cannot be destroyed.
However, we now go even further, deeper and more consciously than we were able to experience there.
Then we were decorated as priests with a white habit with priestly medals, meditated day and night and were not disturbed in any way; now our instrument lives amongst the people and is normal in everything and completely himself.
We have now exceeded ancient Egypt in all the grades of the occult laws and for the spiritual gifts.
Now we are consciously in connection with life after death, now that we have learned to know the universe and we know how the planets trace their orbits, which once meant great mysteries to us.
It is not possible to go higher than this mediumship; here we and the earthly medium experience the very highest.
We therefore know for certain that only one or two mediums who serve the highest masters live on earth.
God gave these amazing powers and forces to us, because we learned His laws and wanted to help all the other life, in order to reach spiritual awakening.
Ancient Egypt knew the experience of the laws between life and death, which dominate your lives of the earth; we will bring you a spiritual explanation of them, so that you will go where we went, to where Christ showed you the way.
It is eternal life!
The powers through which we record all of this are a great mercy and a Divine gift, for ancient Egypt the Great Wings.
This trance, dear reader, affects your sleep, but is still being awake for the soul.
The body sleeps at half power and is still active.
Do you understand this?
We therefore take the medium through the material sleep to another conscious.
When I later explain your sleep to you and we follow a magician in his constructive life, this will be clear to you.
As a result of this miracle, it is possible for the Other Side to come to earth.
All those methods therefore live in the organism in the inner life and are in your hands as a human being.
Your grade of feeling must now decide how far you have come in feeling, and that grade of life records your own conscious for our life.
All of this lives in each human being, and yet, what do people know about it in the West?
The East is therefore far ahead of you.
The East has felt that the human being is a great miracle!
This is the psychic trance; the physical works differently and is also experienced differently, we will get to know that later.
The physical forces the medium to go to sleep, it is only then that the phenomena can be achieved, the physical gives you the astral knowledge.
Yet both phenomena such as sleep, which are forced, also form a spiritual gift, as a result of which we can work as spirits, as astral personalities, in order to reach unity.
We live in the astral laws and the medium experiences them.
It is God that gave you and us this mercy.