the soul restores its harmony

When a human being commits a murder, his soul will restore the broken harmony with life in order to thus resume the own evolution.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘Society will then fully support all mothers in their motherhood, so that they can help the waiting souls more easily ...’

Consequences of a murder

For many people the concept of karma has to do with particular circumstances which the human being experiences in the present as a consequence of his own actions in the past.
The word ‘the past’ is used broadly here so that also comprises past lives.
The article ‘cause and effect’ explains this theme from the books by Jozef Rulof.
In these books the word ‘karma’ refers specifically to the consequences of a murder.
The writers of these books, the ‘masters’, explain spiritually-scientifically what the consequences are for the perpetrator and the victim.
These consequences are analyzed for both the personality of the people involved and for their soul.
The masters explain that we as a personality become conscious of the character traits of our soul, the more we experience lives in which those character traits take shape.


With karma, it concerns the harmonic character traits.
The article ‘harmony’ explains that our soul is essentially harmonic.
By nature our soul is in harmony with all the life which it forms part of.
But how can a human being reach disharmonic deeds, such as a murder?
This is because we as a human personality are still just conscious to a limited extent of the harmony of our soul.
This consciousness grows life after life, by means of the experiences that we gain.
The more lives we experience, the more conscious we can become.

Grade of feeling

Because we as a soul began with our development path at a different time, in the present there is a different level of consciousness amongst people.
The masters call this different level the grade of feeling.
The article ‘grades of feeling’ describes how we evolve from a lower to a higher grade of feeling.
In a lower grade of feeling, a human being can still commit a murder on the basis of feelings such as hatred, possessiveness and lust.
By experiencing many lives, one day everyone reaches a higher grade of feeling, in which people already love all the life consciously and universally.


The grade of feeling determines what the perpetrator experiences with a murder.
The higher the grade of feeling, the more remorse that will originate after committing a murder.
Some perpetrators would like to restore this disharmony, but this deed can no longer be rectified in this life, after all the victim has died.
In the lowest grade of feeling, the perpetrator does not feel any regret about committing a murder.
This is why there are serial killers without repentance.
They are still not engaged with what their victims must suffer, let alone that they would feel what a heavy burden they put on their own soul by means of their disharmonic actions.


It is a very different matter for the soul of the perpetrator than for his personality.
The murder brings disharmony and is in stark contrast with the natural harmony of the soul.
The soul will start to restore the harmony with life in order to be able to evolve further.
Restoring can take place in different ways.
The most obvious restoring is giving back the physical lifetime which was taken away from the victim as a result of the murder.
A new body is required for this purpose.
The soul of the perpetrator can take care of this body by becoming a mother.
In this way, it can give the soul of the victim a new body and give birth to it as its own child.
A male perpetrator does not have that possibility.
If his wife can give birth to an ‘extra child’ for him, in this way the time taken away can be given back to the victim.
However, otherwise the man will have to reincarnate first as a woman in order to be able to become a mother.
The switch from man to woman is usually accompanied by many consecutive lives.
As a result of this, a male perpetrator may need thousands of years in order to dissolve the karma of a murder.

Help from society

However, must the victim also wait thousands of years in order to be able to be born on earth again?
If there is no other mother in order to give birth to this soul, then the perpetrator and the victim would indeed be riveted to each other for thousands of years.
In the present time, the waiting time in order to reincarnate can indeed be long, because many souls are waiting for a body.
Due to the many wars and all the other violence, it has become an accumulation ‘between life and death’.
In this time, there are more souls waiting for an earthly body in the world of the unconscious than there are people living on earth.
The books by Jozef Rulof predict that in the future our society will approach this huge problem as a whole.
Then all the earthly means will be deployed in order to help the waiting souls.
Society will then fully support all mothers in their motherhood, so that they can help the waiting souls more easily, also outside of their own karma.
During that time, the karma will be taken over by society which will ensure that all the waiting souls can receive a new body as quickly as possible.
As a result of this prediction, the masters also make it clear that karma is not a one-to-one law.
The victim is not necessarily attached to the perpetrator.
When another mother with whom the waiting soul is also connected gives a following body then that soul can also go further again.


If the victim was helped by another mother, then that does not mean that the perpetrator is free from the disharmony caused.
The soul of the perpetrator will remain driving in order to give back to the victim what was taken away.
If the victim later still needs an earthly body again, then the perpetrator will still take care of this.
If this is not the case and they are both to be found in the hereafter, there the perpetrator can compensate for the life years taken away by giving love to the victim for all those years.
If the victim no longer needs any earthly body and has already reached a high grade of feeling in the hereafter, then the perpetrator will start to help other souls.
The perpetrator can then do that in the hereafter, or on earth as a mother.
In any case, the soul of the perpetrator will continue driving in order to give to the life more light than the darkness caused by the murder.
As a result, the perpetrator will be released from this black page from his life history.
The ultimate result will be that the soul has restored its broken harmony with life, and that its personality has become experiences richer as a result of this.
In this way, every disharmonic action becomes a learning process, which leads to evolution.

Harmonizing driving force

Most people who dissolve their karma on earth do not know that they were reincarnated for this purpose.
After all, rarely occur.
The own past lies hidden in the subconscious and the personality is only conscious of the circumstances of the new life.
He often assesses this as undesirable because the present life situation is the result of the disharmony from the past.
Generally, people do not know that the circumstances of the present life were formed by the ‘cause and effect’.
As a result of this, many people feel bound to these circumstances, and something dominates their life of feeling, but they do not know what.
That ‘something’ is the driving force of their soul which dissolves the karma.
That driving force is so strong that it can absorb the greatest part of the personality.
Other aspects of the personality are then temporarily suppressed until the karma has dissolved.
The soul will continue this driving force until not only this one karma has dissolved, but until all the karma from all the past lives has been cleared.
It will work until it has given back all the life years taken away to all the souls which are still to be found in the sphere of the earth.
As a personality, the human being on earth experiences this driving force depending on the own grade of feeling.
The higher the grade of feeling, the more the human being will feel that the dissolving of the karma means a release for the own life, a becoming free from a disharmonic past.
After all the karma has dissolved, the soul is free to continue its evolution in the hereafter.
It can then take leave of Mother Earth, because there is no longer another soul which binds it to the earth.
In the hereafter it can prepare itself for the following cosmic grade of life, where it can start to experience its new lives without disharmony.
There, the human being as a spiritually conscious personality will feel the harmonic character traits of his own soul every second and interpret them in every action.

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