First sphere of light

the path of subservient love

In the first sphere of light the realization grows that you can only grow spiritually by means of subservient love.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

As on earth

When the human being as a spirit arrives in the first of the seven spheres of light, he thinks that he is spending time in a beautiful landscape on earth.
The first sphere of light is very similar to earth, but with the difference that everything is of spiritual substance, more rarefied than the earthly material.
The sphere has a clear blue sky with a few white clouds.
The ground is as soft as moss and covered with greenery and beautiful flowers.
The trees look like cypresses, but they grow higher than on earth.
The many birds look like the oriental species on earth.
All the life of the first sphere of light radiates the inner light.
There is no longer an earth sun that shines on nature.
The sphere of light is built up by the loving radiance of all the life in this sphere.
The inhabitants of the first sphere of light look like people aged thirty to thirty-six.
They feel like they did on earth.
Their appearance, their clothing and their surroundings reflect this earthly inner life.
All of this will only change when they release themselves inwardly from their earthly thinking.
They still want to use their hands, but they no longer need those hands to work.
They still want to walk because they do not yet realize that they can also float.
They still have the feeling that time passes because they still do not feel that they live in a timeless eternity.
They still think of their earthly possessions, although they begin to realize that in the spirit all that belongs to them is what they built up inwardly in love.

Subservient love

The inhabitants of the first sphere of light begin to realize that they can only transfer to the higher spheres of light if they master giving love.
They overcome their earthly self by serving their fellow human being in love.
By focusing on helping other people they discard their earthly thinking and they develop a more rarefied spiritual thinking, based on selfless love.
While studying on earth is still often used to acquire more earthly possessions, in the first sphere of light people follow a spiritual study to learn to give, to master helping other people.
People learn to help the others in different ways.
Before that many people descend to the dark spheres, to help the inhabitants who still do not feel any light in themselves to move forward.
Some people work for tens of years or longer in the dark spheres in order to bring the light to the human being.
Other people go to the earth in order to protect and to help their earthly loved ones.
As a result of all this work, their selfless love grows, and they reach the second sphere of light.

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