World of the unconscious

deep sleep in order to reincarnate

In the world of the unconscious, the human being falls into a deep sleep to then be able to inspire the fragile cell of the new life without conscious memories.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
The core of the sperm cell and the core of the egg cell merge during the fertilization.

Healthy sleep

If we have had a previous life, why do we no longer know anything about it?
Where has the consciousness gone, with which we left that previous life?
What happened between two lives that we no longer remember anything?
As a human being we know the phenomenon that many memories fade.
Every good sleep ensures that many details from the previous day are less sharp in our memory.
The more days and nights that pass, the less clear we remember every detail of that day.
Since details subside, room is freed up again for new experiences.
If we could not sleep for a week, then we would be so filled with experiences gone through that we would no longer be able to think and would no longer be able to absorb anything new.

From memory to feeling

According to Jozef Rulof, the event that takes place between two lives can be compared with a very deep sleep.
During and after dying on earth, we remove all our feeling from that life, like we let go of our feeling from the day in order to go to sleep.
Our sleep during our life has various depths.
The deeper we fall asleep, the more rested we can begin with the new day and the more impressions we can process again.
The sleep between two lives also has various depths in which our consciousness recedes further, as time passes.
During this deep sleep between two lives, we are no longer conscious of the material life on earth.
This is why it is called ‘the world of the unconscious’.
All the experiences recede into our deep inner life, into our soul.
The feelings that we have experienced become part of our wonderful subconscious.
After years of sleep, all experiences from the previous life recede so deep into our soul that they are no longer remembered consciously.
Yet they are not lost, they become part of our core being, our soul.
In our next life, our experiences from the previous life will still help us continuously, but then as a general feeling.
As a result, we will be able to feel, understand or avoid something, but the concrete memories of the situation in which we learned that will no longer surface as a result of this deepest sleep.

Gently steering

When our personality has fallen asleep deeply enough in the world of the unconscious, as soul we can inspire a new fertilized egg cell in a harmonic way.
That cell is very vulnerable in the beginning of her existence, she still cannot withstand too much pressure.
This is why it is necessary that the soul does not exercise too much power at that moment.
Our adult consciousness of the previous life would be far too strong to inspire this fragile cell, it would put too much pressure on the material cell, as a result of which the cell would not reach a healthy division and growth.
In order to be in harmony with the beginning of the new life, all our conscious feelings must have fallen asleep to a gently steering feeling in order to continue.
Our human consciousness has fallen asleep, but our soul remains working at that moment.
If the soul is not gently steering, inspiring at the right power, then the cell will not reach growth, and the embryo will drain off, without life.
As soul we are the life of the fertilized egg cell, that which put the cell into operation.
Thanks to our inspiration, the fertilized egg cell develops into a baby.
As the new body grows, the feelings that belong to every life phase on earth also awaken.
In this way, we become conscious again in that new life, and we leave the world of the unconscious far behind us, although during every sleep we have the possibility of allowing the new experiences to sink into our subconscious again, so that we can begin the new day fresh and well rested.

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