Our first lives as a cell

our basic powers awakened

During the first lives as a cell, by means of its love our soul created motherhood and fatherhood, as a result of which it could begin it reincarnations.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

The first planet

The article ‘material grades of life’ describes that the human body was built up by the soul.
The writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, determined spiritually-scientifically that this not only applies to the body on earth, but to all the planets on which the soul experiences material lives.
The first planet on which our soul gave itself a form was also the first planet which was realized in the universe.
The article ‘cosmic splitting’ describes how the first planet and the first sun in the universe formed themselves from condensed plasma.
The masters call the condensing grade of this plasma ‘spiritual’.

Our first cell

The first planet was at that time a sphere of spiritual plasma.
The soul made use of this spiritual substance in order to form its first body.
In the heart of the first planet, with a small amount of plasma, the soul formed its first body as a cell.
The masters compare this forming process with how in the current stage on earth clouds divide themselves into millions of raindrops.
In the first planet the spiritual plasma was condensed to ‘clouds’, which could be called rarefied hazes in that stage.
From those haze plasmas the first ‘drops’ could be separated, the first cells.
As a result, the individual soul could begin its first life as a cell.
At that time not only the first spiritual cell body was therefore formed, but also the first individual soul.
The All-Soul was now so far evolved that it could split its smallest unit which would later be called the human soul.
At that moment, the human soul got its independence.
The individual soul could now begin its first life as a cell.

The first love

Every soul has the two basic powers of the All-Soul, which can be called ‘growing and condensing’, ‘giving birth and creation’ or ‘motherhood and fatherhood’.
The growing ensured that the small cell body began to grow.
The first souls were soon surrounded by many of their kind.
A first exploration followed, two cells touched each other for a moment, but it remained a fleeting acquaintance, because the cell body first had to become adult.
When the first souls had brought their spiritual cell body to adulthood, they reached their first ‘kiss’.
They connected themselves with a cell of equal power and adulthood, and brought their cell bodies close to each other.
As in the current time on earth mother and father split and bring together their egg cell and sperm cell, then two souls split a small part of their cell body and brought that together.

The first children

The two splittings united themselves into one embryo.
This embryo grew.
When this embryo had reached sufficient independence as a result of a growth process, it split itself from the parent cells.
The embryo grew and split itself in its turn.
After all, this embryo consisted of two parts, the two splittings from the two parent cells.
The embryo split itself into these two parts, so that two ‘children’ originated, a process that can be compared with the current twins on earth.
These children cells could now begin with their own individual life.
They grew to adulthood and were then faced with their own reproduction.
However, for this purpose, these children cells needed more than their own energy.
The reason was that they were different than their parent cells, which were formed directly from the plasma of the planet.
The children cells were splittings from the parent cells.
Those parent cells had only split a small part of themselves, about five percent.
Although the children cells had then grown to adulthood, they still missed the full power with which their parents had been able to split themselves and reproduce.
The children cells needed the missing power of their parents for their reproduction.

The first death

Their parents had meanwhile completed their first life.
Once they had experienced their reproduction, their first life was completed.
As a result, they had gained their first experiences of giving birth and creation and they had fully experienced this cell body as first life form.
In this cell body there was nothing more for them to experience, the souls let go of this first body and withdrew into their own core.
By letting go of their body, they prepared themselves for a new evolution, for a new body with new experiences.
They experienced the process that the human being on earth started to call ‘dying’.
They went through their first ‘death’, which here too was only a transition to their following existence.

The world of the unconscious

At the time of their first death, the world of the unconscious originated.
In that state, the soul processes what it experienced in its past life.
The human being on earth also withdraws into that world after a material life, in order to process the earthly experiences and to prepare itself for a following incarnation.
On earth there is of course much more to process, on the first planet it was still just the very first beginning, the experiences of the first life as a cell.
During their first little life, these souls had experienced their first growing and condensing, but in order to reach a more expansive becoming conscious, they needed more lives.
The first souls therefore needed a new body and their children lacked sufficient strength to reproduce.
As a result, parents and children attracted each other, because one had what the other one needed.

The first reincarnation

When two children cells experienced their first love, they needed their parents in order to reach the hundred percent power which was required in order to be able to pass on to the splitting of their own body.
The first cells left their world of the unconscious and connected themselves with the giving birth process of the children cells.
As a result, the first reincarnation originated, the first souls incarnated in the embryo of their children cells.
That embryo also consisted of two parts, each of the pairing children cells relinquished its part.
When this embryo had grown, it could split itself, and at that moment the first souls could begin with their second life in independence.
Once the children cells had experienced their reproduction, they also passed on to the world of the unconscious.
At the moment that the first souls passed on to reproduction in their second life, the souls of the children cells got the possibility to begin with their second incarnation.
In this way, parents and their two children kept reincarnating together.
By means of the giving birth to two children, these souls not only assured their reproduction, but also their own evolution, because as a result a body kept becoming available in order to reincarnate when those children started to experience motherhood and fatherhood in their turn.
In this way, the soul created its reincarnation itself.

Motherhood and fatherhood

The specific motherhood and fatherhood were not there from the beginning.
The first souls were both female and male, they were still both.
It was only after seven lives that the first souls were mother or father, after seven grades of life motherhood and fatherhood had each formed themselves into an independence.
After the soul had experienced the fullness of that one basic power, the soul passed on to the next gender, in order to merge the experience of both basic powers in the own life of feeling.
Also in the following evolution grades of the material body, the soul reincarnated both in the female and in the male body, in order to fully experience giving birth and creation in itself.
Later the soul on earth continued this evolution by becoming both mother and father in all consecutive material grades of life, in order to be able to absorb the fullness of both lives of feeling.

Twin souls

On our cosmic life path, we have a permanent life partner, our twin soul.
From the first love on the first planet, there is one specific soul to whom we belong and remain connected to for all eternity.
In the loving connection with our twin soul, we experienced our first motherhood and fatherhood.
On the first planet, this connection remained intact, but many eras later that was broken as a result of the disharmony which was then created by the personality.
On earth, most souls are now busy repairing the connection with their twin soul, by transforming this disharmony into harmony.
This fact is explained in the article ‘harmony’.

From embryonic to cosmic consciousness

After the lives as cell on the first planet, the first souls expanded their bodies to a fish-like stage.
This evolution is described in the article ‘evolution in the water’.
Once they had experienced all the material grades of life of the first planet, the first souls went to the following planets in order to continue their cosmic evolution.
In this way, they also came to the earth, the main planet of the third cosmic grade of life.
These first souls no longer live on earth now, they already live in the highest cosmic grade of life, the All.
A long time after them, we began with our first lives on the first planet.
After us, countless souls still began on the first planet, which will only later begin their first life on earth.
However, wherever the souls are to be found on their cosmic life path, they have in common that they experienced their first lives on the first planet as a spiritual cell, together with their twin soul.

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