from innate to conscious

Our soul possesses an innate harmony, but it is a long road to also interpret this harmony consciously by means of all our actions.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘After all, the life of Mother Nature has remained in harmony, every flower for instance radiates this harmony. The shape of a tree and the simplicity of the water materialize the pure harmony of life.’

Our harmonic soul

The masters determined spiritually-scientifically that all the life in the cosmos was given birth to and created in harmony by the All-Soul.
Our individual soul received its innate harmony from the All-Soul from which it originated.
Our first lives as a cell on the first planet in the universe were already an expression of this innate harmony.
We experienced our first love in harmony with our twin soul.
By means of this harmonic love, we became father and mother for the first time, and by means of the love of our children a body became available for our first reincarnation.
Life after life, our lifespan became longer, and this lifetime was in harmony with the shape of the body that was built up by the soul.
At the end of each life, our soul departed from the body exactly on time, then we were soon reincarnated.
So we never had to wait in the world of the unconscious, because we remained in harmony with life.
During millions of following lives on planets from the first and second cosmic grades of life, all souls remained in perfect harmony with all the other souls.
No one hindered each other, every soul could experience all its lives up to the last second and as a result gain the necessary experiences in order to build up its life of feeling and personality step by step.
The harmony of the soul was also given shape to in the body.
All the physical systems worked together in a harmonic way, there were still no physical illnesses then.
The primal power of the All-Soul was given shape to in the very strong body which was resistant to all climatic conditions.
As far as the earth, we can see the harmony of the life reflected in the material life forms.
After all, the life of Mother Nature has remained in harmony, every flower for instance radiates this harmony.
The shape of a tree and the simplicity of the water materialize the pure harmony of life.

Our becoming conscious

Our consciousness grew along with our body.
During our evolution on the land we especially felt the need to feed our body.
Hunger was the sensation which put us in motion.
Our consciousness on Mars was mainly filled with appeasing our hunger.
Our life there consisted of eating, drinking, sleeping and reproduction.
We did not know that we were busy becoming human beings, we still had no realization of an own ‘self’.
There was no individual consciousness as we would later develop that on earth.
In everything we were in harmony with our twin soul and with all other souls, but we still did not know that.
Our harmonic soul drove us in order to evolve and to love, but as a personality we were not conscious of this.
What we were indeed gradually conscious of was the power of the body.
When the soul had expanded its body into a powerful ape-like shape, it learned as a personality to use that strong body to always find food.

The first disharmony

The only other power in this life space which could withhold the human being from food was another human being.
When various hungry people found food together at the same moment, they used their physical strength in order to secure the food.
As a result, the first fight originated between the first people who had reached consciousness of physical strength.
In this way, a human soul was robbed of its body for the very first time in the cosmos.
This was still not about a conscious murder, but there was already the impetus of the feeling: leave my space.
As a result of the first manslaughter, the first disharmony originated.
At that time, a soul came into disharmony with another soul for the first time.
The soul of the victim had to leave its body, and ended up in the world of the unconscious sooner than if the harmonic lifetime had been used up.
At that time, there was still no waiting time in the world of the unconscious, this soul could immediately reincarnate in order to continue its cosmic evolution.
As a result, the disharmonic situation was quickly dissolved for the victim.
For the perpetrator the stay in the world of the unconscious lasted longer.
As a result of the manslaughter, he had brought himself into disharmony with life.
As a result of his disharmonic deed, he had broken loose from his own life harmony.
This is why after his own death it took longer before he had reached sufficient harmony again in order to be born.
After the new birth too, he was still not in harmony with life.
His soul continued to drive in order to restore the harmony.
This could be achieved by, as a mother, giving a new body to a soul which was waiting in the world of the unconscious.
And soon other souls waited in the world of the unconscious, because more and more murders were committed.
All the souls which as a personality became conscious of their physical strength, tried to obtain their food in this way at the cost of other people.
In this way, the first karma was caused and dissolved, without the people involved being aware of it.
As far as the earth, this process repeats itself, there too the human being creates karma and the soul dissolves this karma, without the personality being conscious of the harmonizing drive of the own soul.
The articles ‘karma’ and ‘cause and effect’ further explain these differences between soul and personality.


The origin of the first disharmony was strangely enough also a sign that the consciousness of the human being was increasing.
Before the personality was not conscious enough of its physical strength in order to push another person away from the coveted food.
The more conscious the personality became, the more it started to use its strength, which led to fighting and murdering.
The first murder was still not a conscious disharmonic deed, the action was only conscious in obtaining the food.
The human consciousness keeps pace by means of the level of development of the life of feeling, the achieved grade of feeling.
The human being is conscious of what belongs to his own grade of consciousness, but still not conscious of what belongs to a higher grade of feeling.
For instance, this human being was conscious of his physical strength, but still not conscious of the concept of murder.
The grade of feeling of the personality is built up by means of millions of actions and the experiences which are created by it.
As a result, the human being on earth reaches conscious disharmonic actions, whereby the perpetrator is conscious that he is destroying the lifetime of another person.
The harmonizing working of the soul did not immediately ensure more harmony at the level of the personality, because the grade of feeling for this was still not high enough.
On the contrary, battles and violence increased as the human being became more conscious of his physical strength.
The driving force of the soul in order to dissolve the karma took place under the surface of the human consciousness, just like that would later also continue on earth.

Increase in disharmony

As the human being got more material consciousness, he wanted to possess and experience more.
As a result, he caused even more disharmony, because he no longer left the other person alone, he now wanted to dominate.
His consciousness had now become more spacious than hunger and food, he was now conscious of everything that he could acquire, and of all the lusts he could satisfy.
In the beginning, the disharmony still remained limited, because the human being still did not have possibilities to apply greater violence.
However, on earth, by means of the development of technology, the murdering of people rose considerably.
As a result of wars, the karma quickly increased and the disharmony grew to an unprecedented size.
This is why the period during which we currently reincarnate on earth lasts far too long.
It takes us millions of years extra in order to dissolve all the disharmony, which was caused with the aid of the increased earthly means.
And many people only become conscious of the necessity of attuning their actions to harmony after all their earthly lives.


The human being on earth has created a gigantic disharmony, but his soul is meanwhile engaged in creating light for itself by means of its harmonizing driving force.
In this, it is not different to the All-Soul, which conquered the cosmic darkness by means of its shining suns.
The human soul has been the guiding strength for its material lives from the very first beginning.
It drove its first little cell body to growth and love, it ensured the harmonic succession of many lives.
It settles all the karma and the ‘cause and effect’ which is caused by its personality.
It is the inner driving force of every human being in order to expand himself.
When the human personality experiences the animal-like and material grades of feeling, it feels little of the harmonizing driving force of the own soul.
The human being undergoes this driving force and experiences the dissolving of the disharmony from past lives, but still does not realize that the own soul creates the life conditions.
After the earthly life, the human personality is faced with its own grade of feeling, which is reflected in the light of the sphere in the hereafter which it enters.
Then the human being is faced with the challenge to put right every wrong thought, until all his feeling and thinking has been brought into harmony with life.
Then he starts to realize that every disharmony has ultimately led to evolution as a result of the harmonizing driving force of the soul.
In the fourth sphere of light, the human being achieves the spiritual becoming conscious of his own life.
Then the soul has converted its innate harmony into consciousness, and it can consciously evolve further without still encumbering life.
On the contrary, now it feels, as a conscious personality, a universal love for all the life.
Now it can prepare itself in order to experience new physical lives on the fourth cosmic grade of life, for eternity in complete harmony with its twin soul and with all the life around it.
Then it will become more conscious, step by step, of the harmonic working of the All-Soul which drives its own life forward.

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