Grades of feeling

the inner path of the soul

By experiencing many lives, the soul grows in feeling and consciousness, whereby every soul goes through the same grades of feeling.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘The masters discovered that all souls evolve through the darkness to the light.’

The hereafter reflects the grade of feeling

In every life we gain experiences.
The experiences of all our past lives together form our feelings, as a result of which we sense the life on earth.
Life after life, we build on our reincarnated life of feeling, which reaches a particular grade of feeling as a result.
After our life on earth, we go in that grade of feeling to our hereafter.
When the first souls arrived in the hereafter, they only became aware in the course of time that the sphere in which they stayed was attuned to their own grade of feeling.
What they had experienced inwardly on earth as feeling, they saw in their hereafter outwardly reflected in the light of their sphere.
The more feeling and consciousness they acquired, the more light came into their sphere.
They noticed that this light became more clear and more beautiful, the more they devoted themselves to other people.
The nature of the light was apparently linked to the grade of love which they felt for the other life.
In this way, they reached the light of the fourth sphere of light and became masters of the light.
They understood that the human being on earth still did not know that the sphere in the hereafter was determined by the own grade of feeling.
This is why they gave the spheres different names, to thus interpret the grade of feeling of the inhabitants of that sphere.
They also understood that the human being on earth already had to bear these grades of feeling inwardly, otherwise the spheres attuned to this could not exist.
At the time of the transition of a human being to the hereafter, if the grade of feeling determines the place in the hereafter, that grade of feeling must already have been built up during the lives on earth.

From material to spiritual

The masters of the light call their own sphere in the hereafter the Summerland, so that the human being on earth would think of an eternal summer.
The masters themselves have discarded all the earthly thoughts, they are no longer engaged in feeling for themselves with anything that belongs to the material world.
They refer to their own attunement of feeling as the ‘spiritual grade of feeling’, because they have let go of all material feelings.
They are completely attuned to their spiritual development in the sphere of light where they remain with their spiritual body.
The masters saw that the soul on earth, by living in the material, possesses a ‘material grade of feeling’.
In that focus on the earthly material, they did see considerable differences.
Many people on earth are only engaged with the material and have no concern for their fellow human being.
They are occupied in particular with gathering more material wealth, their own possessions are the main focus in their life of feeling.
They can still treat their fellow human being coarsely and hurtfully, which is why the masters refer to this attunement of feeling as the ‘coarse-material grade of feeling’.
When these people pass on to the hereafter, they end up in the ‘Land of Twilight’.
This sphere reflects the bit of light that her inhabitants have built up inwardly.
Other people have already refined their material grade of feeling, they are no longer coarse, but they have become friendly and helpful.
As a result of their love for their fellow being, they already attune themselves to the first, second or third sphere of light in the hereafter.
Their attunement of feeling is referred to as the ‘fine-material grade of feeling’.

The lowest grades of feeling

People who are inwardly full of hatred and lust on earth are attuned to the ‘land of hatred and lust and violence’.
In this dark sphere, they will end up amongst millions of counterparts whose spiritual body looks like a predator with claws.
This is why the masters speak in this case of the ‘animal-like grade of feeling’.
Hitler and his counterparts are located in the ‘valley of sorrows’, the lowest hell in the life after this life.
Their attunement is referred to as ‘pre-animal-like grade of feeling’, because their life of feeling is lower than the predator which kills due to hunger.

Through the darkness to the light

The masters discovered that all souls evolve through the darkness to the light.
They saw that every soul follows the same inner path, from pre-animal-like to spiritual grade of feeling.
One soul has already come further in this than the other, because one soul has already experienced many more lives than the other.
Ultimately every soul reaches the spiritual grade of feeling in the hereafter because every soul possesses the driving force to increase her life of feeling.
In their fourth sphere of light the masters were far enough spiritually evolved in order to determine with certainty the evolution stage of every soul on earth.
They saw that the human being on earth cannot reach that certainty and can only achieve an estimate of the grade of feeling of an action, because the assessment is limited by the material consciousness.
The masters noticed that they shared their grade of feeling with millions of other souls, but they remained unique by means of their various past lives that they had experienced on earth and which had given an own colour to their life of feeling.

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