University of Christ

brings higher awakening

The spiritual masters of the ‘University of Christ’ drive mankind to a higher awakening and universal love.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
A painting received mediumistically by Jozef Rulof in which Christ is depicted.

The explanation for ‘Love one another’

“When Christ closed His eyes at Golgotha, He still had very much to tell.
Or do you think that this is not the case?
Have you never wondered what Christ really wanted to give humanity?
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Christ summarised his message to mankind with: Love one another.
During his time, people did not want to hear much more.
People already crucified him for the few words that He was able to say.
However, He knew that the explanation for his message would be given later, by the spiritual masters of the ‘University of Christ’.
From the hereafter, they lead mankind to a higher awakening and bring spiritual wisdom to earth via Jozef Rulof and many others.

Inspiration from the prehistoric age

From prehistoric times, Christ already inspired the masters to drive the spiritual development of mankind upwards.
At that time, the people on earth still experienced their animal-like grades of feeling.
They butchered each other, only the law of the strongest counted.
Christ understood that it was very difficult for the people on earth to get out of this pool of violence under their own power.
The earthly life was too short to experience other feelings than hunger and fear of not having enough to eat.
Without help, mankind would continue to suffer hopelessly as a result of physical diseases, mutual violence and inner unconsciousness.
To put an end to this misery, Christ developed a gigantic plan.
He understood that the earthly suffering would only stop if the human being were to acquire the spiritual grade of feeling.
People could only achieve that by loving the other life.
Christ had experienced that giving love had brought him into the spheres of light and ultimately into the highest cosmic grade of life, the All.

Christ is the first soul

Christ could already oversee all of this in the prehistoric age, because He had begun as a soul with his cosmic development many millions of years earlier than the people who then lived on earth.
The article ‘our cosmic soul’ gives an overview of the articles which describe the cosmic evolution of the human soul.
All souls in the universe experience a similar development, but they did not begin with their evolution at the same time.
For instance, we began with our first life much later than the first souls in the universe.
Those first souls already left the earthly cycle behind them a long time ago and they have already reached their All-Consciousness, as a result of which they received an overview of the whole cosmic path that every soul travels in the universe.
Christ is one of those first souls.
He is the first born who developed himself into individual life on the first planet.
Along with him, the life germinated on all the planets on which the soul experienced material bodies.
He was the first to enter the earth and then the hereafter in order to prepare himself on the higher cosmic grades of life.
He was the first to acquire the masterly consciousness, as a result of which He could be a guide for other souls.

The University of Christ

When He oversaw the cosmos from the All, He saw that a great need for spiritual awakening only reigned on the earth.
On the planets before the earth, the inhabitants were not capable of reaching a spiritual grade of feeling, and on the planets after the earth all the inhabitants had already developed universal love.
He felt himself driven to come and bring his happy message personally to earth.
However, in order to be heard by the human being on earth, preparations first had to be made.
Otherwise, his reincarnation as Christ would not be able to achieve the desired effect.
And also after his earthly reincarnation, spiritual leadership was necessary, in order to prevent the human being on earth from losing himself in violence.
In order to dissolve the earthly suffering and to bring the human being on earth to happiness and spiritual consciousness, many steps are necessary which are guided by the ‘University of Christ’.
Those steps are described in the following articles:

Inspirations before Christ


Last World War

Universal love

The Age of Christ

Sources and deepening


All these articles form part of the ‘Explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof’.