Twin souls

our deepest connection of feeling

Our twin soul is the soul with which we are connected the most intimately in feeling of all the souls in the cosmos, from the origin of both our souls.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
This painting was received mediumistically by Jozef Rulof and is on the cover of the book ‘Through the Grebbe line to Eternal Life’.

Our soulmate

Many people have a vague or pronounced feeling that somewhere there is someone who belongs to them as the true love.
That soulmate is called the twin soul in the books by Jozef Rulof.
In the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ for instance, the twin souls Lantos and Marianne are described.
Already during their child’s play, they married each other for their feeling.
Then their lives separated, because Marianne still had to make amends to another man as a result of her past lives.
All his life, Lantos continued to long for his childhood sweetheart, and through his love he felt inspired to create the most beautiful art products as a visual artist.
Then as a spiritual personality, for nine centuries, Lantos studied life on earth and in the hereafter, and later wrote numerous books about that as master Zelanus via Jozef Rulof.
All that time, Marianne was waiting in the world of the unconscious for a new reincarnation.
In her last life on earth, Lantos could help her as guardian angel in dissolving her cause and effect.
After that life, the eternal togetherness in the spheres of light awaited them.

Twin love

In the book ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’, the father of Theo was protected his whole life by his twin soul Angelica as his spiritual guide.
During his difficult marriage one earth, he felt that the self-love of his wife did not bring them any happiness.
This lack made him open to a more rarefied love.
After his earthly life, he experienced that twin love with Angelica in the Hereafter.
He felt that they belonged to each other eternally, one in feeling and thinking.
Theo later hears from his father that twin love is superior to earthly love.
When the feeling is still aimed at physical love, twin love is not felt, even if twin souls meet each other on earth.
The article ‘grades of love’ explains the various levels of love.
His father explains that for twin love completely accepting the other person is necessary.
He is completely open to his twin soul, they can follow each other in their deepest inner self.
He feels in his twin soul the life, her soul, her space.
The deeper he can connect himself with her in feeling, the more he gets to know the depth of her life and, as a result, of all life.
In the spheres of light, twin souls descend so deep into each other that they feel the very first beginning of their togetherness.

Working towards each other

In the book ‘Between Life and Death’, the temple priest Venry sought his great love Lyra, and met her as a priestess in ancient Egypt.
In that life, these twin souls could not be together, because they both lived in their cause and effect.
They could indeed support each other spiritually, so that Venry could fulfil his extremely difficult task, as supreme priest of the temple, to bring love where immense darkness reigned.
Their meeting was realised because the task for which Venry was reincarnated on earth demanded this.
However, usually twin souls experience their cause and effect separately to each other, with other souls with which that was created in the past.
Then too, people can look for their twin soul, but will not find it.
Master Zelanus says that they generally do not even recognise the other one when they bump into each other.
Because they can meet in each other in all kinds of ways, for instance as mother and child, brother and sister, doctor and patient, judge and convict, singing teacher and student, seller and customer, beggar and passer-by, grave digger and corpse, minister and elector, employer and employee, criminal and victim, nurse and terminal patient, soldier and soldier, friend and enemy.
Master Zelanus makes it even more concrete what this can mean for our daily life.
Because when we steal from someone, that is perhaps our twin soul, without us knowing that.
Feel hatred for the human being and you possibly hate your twin soul.
Commit violence and you murder your twin soul.
Refuse to have children, and your twin soul cannot be born.
Love universally, and you live in love with your twin soul!
In addition, master Zelanus advises making good use of the time on earth for dissolving the disharmony from the past, because precisely as a result of this twin souls work towards each other.
Not as a result of the togetherness, but as a result of working separately from each other, the distance between the two become smaller step by step.
Everything that we do has an influence on the connection with our twin soul, it accelerates or delays the moment that we will be together eternally in love and harmony.
Master Zelanus therefore says: ‘Do not search, do not ask, your twin soul will come to you when you are ready.’

The joint cosmic journey

The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ explains the moment when twin souls originated on the first planet.
They were born at the same second, and together they represented the two basic powers of life.
In the article ‘our basic powers’, those powers are called motherhood and fatherhood.
The female and male powers lead together to reincarnation, to evolution.
From their first life, both twin souls set out together, from grade to grade, equal in feeling, one in working, the same age, less than ten seconds away from each other.
Alternating, they experienced the maternal and paternal working in their reincarnations, and their togetherness ensured more feeling and a higher consciousness.
The articles ‘evolution in the water’ and ‘evolution on the land’ outline the growth of their body and inner life.
The article ‘our consciousness on Mars’ explains the awakening of the personality which learned to use the power of the body in order to ensure itself of food.
In doing so, a body of a fellow soul was destroyed for the first time, as a result of which karma originated.
At that moment, the twin souls removed themselves from each other.
Anyone who committed murder had to give a new body back to the soul in question.
It was only then that the cosmic journey together with the own twin soul could be continued.
However, on earth, lust and violence awakened in the personality.
Still not conscious of the true nature of his soul, the human being proceeded to self-love and therefore forfeited the togetherness with the twin soul.
Focused on lust and physical love, the human being mated with many others, and not only with the own twin soul.
However, it were especially the murders committed that tore the twin souls apart, because as a result they built up a great deal of karma which would have to be removed first.
Up to this very day, most people are reincarnated on earth in order to dissolve their karma.
As a result, people are generally not together with their twin soul, because they are busy correcting the disharmony from the past.
This takes place predominantly in the togetherness with the other souls which were involved in the disharmony from the past.
When all the karma has been corrected, people can depart from the earthly lives in order to continue to work on the spiritual development in the hereafter.
If the twin soul is then still not that far and still has work to do on earth, during that time people can further develop spiritually to the fourth sphere of light, the spiritual grade of feeling.
To further penetrate from there into the depth of the life, people need their twin soul, because they can only enter and bear this depth together.
After people have come together again, in the fourth sphere of light or before, the eternal togetherness begins.
From that moment, the connection of feeling will never be broken again, because people no longer create any disharmony.
The personality has then become fully conscious of the harmony of the soul, and will interpret this harmony in all the further feeling, thinking and acting.
Together, the twin souls serve all life from then on, and in this way acquire the higher spheres of light.
Then they reincarnate as twin souls on the first planet of the fourth cosmic grade of life.
Here, they will experience motherhood and fatherhood again in a material body.
Then they vary each new life between the female and male body, and as twin souls they keep on having two children in order to assure their reincarnation.
Their twin soul takes care of everything, everything unfolds in harmony, and in each new life they grow in feeling and cosmic consciousness.
Until together, hand in hand, they reach the seventh cosmic grade of life, the All.
Then they have brought the All-Soul and All-Source within themselves to full power and consciousness, and in their cosmic love they carry all life in the universe.

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