Cosmic grades of life

our large evolution steps

In the evolution of our soul and the cosmos, seven large evolution steps can be distinguished: the seven cosmic grades of life.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘This universe is an awakening space ...’

First Cosmic Grade of Life

The first cosmic grade of life consists of one planet and one sun.
On that planet, we began as soul with our very first life.
All souls in the universe started here and meanwhile passed on to a higher cosmic grade of life in order to evolve further.
The planet itself then began with its dying process.
When its atmosphere began to dissolve, all the water in which we had experienced our millions of lives on this planet evaporated.
In our present time, only a dead body has remained of this planet, called ‘moon’ by the human being.
How we lived very long ago on this first planet has been described in the articles ‘our first lives as a cell’ and ‘evolution in the water’.
Because the sun only just radiated a weak light at that time, we could not condense our physical form on this planet any stronger than a watery body which looked like the sea lion of today.
In order to be able to condense our bodies further to our present human form, other atmospheric conditions were necessary.

Second Cosmic Grade of Life

This is why we as souls left the first planet, in order to pass on to the second cosmic grade of life.
From the second grade, a cosmic grade of life possesses not only a central solar system with a main planet, but in addition also other solar systems with transition planets.
Those transition planets with their various atmospheric conditions are necessary for the soul in order to be able to make smaller interim steps in its physical structure.
In order to create these various conditions, these transition planets lie distributed in the universe in solar systems with other suns than ours.
After we as souls had experienced six transition states on these interim planets in order to attune our bodies to the mainland, we could completely build up our land existence on the main planet of the second cosmic grade of life.
The human being calls this main planet Mars.

Third Cosmic Grade of Life

After Mars, we experienced six transition states on interim planets, in order to prepare our bodies for the life on the main planet of the third cosmic grade of life: Mother Earth.
On earth, just like on all the other planets, the first souls had to build up the body from a rarefied cell to an adult body.
For this purpose, they needed millions of lives, in which the physical form in this specific atmospheric condition was expanded to our current human form.
Every soul needs millions of reincarnations in order to increase its life of feeling by experiencing everything which there is to experience on the planets.
In this way, we build up our personality step by step.
After our lives on Mother Earth, we pass on to the hereafter, which is part of the third cosmic grade of life and serves to prepare us for the fourth cosmic grade of life.

Awakening space

All the planets and suns from our universe belong to the first three cosmic grades of life.
This universe is an awakening space, as a personality we become aware of our essence and what basic powers drive our soul forward.
We learn to see where we broke our harmony and how we can restore that again.
Finally, we come together again with our twin soul, and we learn how we can evolve further without still causing disharmony.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Cosmic Grade of Life

Then we are ready to reincarnate on the planets of the fourth, fifth and sixth cosmic grade of life.
These planets do not belong to our universe, because they consist of a more rarefied substance.
On these planets, we continue our cosmic evolution.
We get to know and to value all the life in the cosmos, our consciousness and our love grow with every incarnation.
Our body also becomes indescribably beautiful, because we radiate our universal love like a sun towards all the life with which we feel connected.

Seventh Cosmic Grade of Life

The final point of our cosmic evolution path is the seventh cosmic grade of life or the All.
The first souls have already reached the All-Stage of their evolution.
From there, they support all the life in the cosmos on the way to the All-Love.

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