André had again received a message from his leader Alcar that he would depart from his body.
Alcar had already laid down through him what he had experienced during his last journey and that book has already been published.
Now he was ready to receive fresh spiritual nourishment and he waited for things to happen.
He knew that he would now experience the complete reincarnation.
The spirit Lantos reported about it through him already, though that was evidently not enough.
(footnote in first edition: see ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.)
Alcar wanted to give him an overall picture so that man on earth would understand his own life and could accept cause and effect, illness and misery, and everything related to adversity on earth.
Also what the soul experienced which resides in the human organism and how this had come about.
This was a deep and mighty wonder.
The owner of the material organism accepted this as a quite normal event.
For that was what everybody had!
Alcar had explained to him that possessing a worldly organism, the material body, meant a mighty grace for those living on earth.
But man rose in revolt and did not understand his life on earth.
Man cursed his God, hated everything and everybody, for he experienced often the misery on earth, whereas there were people who had everything and everything.
Many received profound grief, others died of starvation or were killed.
All this misery made them wonder whether there was a God of Love and how He could approve of all this.
However, on the side beyond, André had experienced the meaning of being on earth.
Alcar had explained to him that people themselves were to blame for their misfortune.
Yet they could not accept this, for they invariably referred to God. Didn’t God love all His children?
Why then this misery?
Couldn’t God interfere?
Does He allow that thousands were killed?
It had been explained to him on his last journey on the side beyond, Lantos and Gerhard had described it, and he had experienced it himself in the spheres, it was nevertheless not clear enough for mankind.
They did not respond, for it could not be accepted; it was impossible, they said.
They were entitled to love and happiness and they were all children of God.
However, they sought and wanted to provide evidence to the contrary, their situation did not change, could not change.
A change was only possible when they had experienced their karma.
But what was karma?
He would experience all this and now he had obviously advanced that far.
Alcar had told him that he would learn the profoundest depth of the soul and the material organism.
The people who knew something about spiritual things, and who were interested in them, had some idea of karma, but could not get to the bottom of this awe-inspiring problem.
The theosophists also spoke of reincarnation and karma, and karma was the result of something one had done in a previous life, and which should be made up in the next life on earth.
However, they did not know exactly how that came about.
For those who did not know anything about karma, it was just a word, they took no notice; did not ask why and what for, they were living dead.
They did not revolt, they accepted.
However, it was not the way one should accept, for they had not advanced that far yet.
These beings still had to learn, should awaken first to which end they would return.
That is what life on earth was for, which Alcar would explain to him now.
There was no other planet where they could learn this but the planet earth.
Man lived on the third cosmic degree, they did not know a fourth degree.
On earth, nothing was known about this, for science had not yet advanced that far.
Nevertheless, all life on earth would once pass on to the fourth cosmic degree.
However, how much did they have to discard!
How far that life was away from theirs!
They did not even accept eternal life and did not understand the meaning of death.
There were only a few people on earth who were convinced of eternal life and even attuned their personality to it.
They belonged to the happy ones on earth.
For those who could accept this mightiness lived a different life than those who were unaware of it.
They accepted and bore their sorrow and misery because they knew there was a Father in Heaven Who guarded them, however incomprehensible it was for them, too.
They could not grasp it, though they bore their sorrow and passed on into that power.
They knew that there would be an end to everything, however long life on earth may last.
They would subsequently enter an other life, and in that life there was happiness and they felt freed from all this misery.
There they were themselves and were understood.
They all knew that life on earth was the school of learning for that which was eternity.
Illness and misery were accepted.
Love was understood, and they were grateful for the love they received.
Those who met them felt that they bore something, which meant light and happiness, and led them upwards.
These people lived and were awake.
He had met them, these craving souls.
How grateful all these people were and how confident.
Their faith was childlike and pure, their prayers exalted and ardent.
They did not pray for property but asked God to give them that by which they would learn.
They did not evade their misery because they knew that they would develop through it.
Yet it required struggle, but they accepted that struggle.
However, this was only possible because they knew what awaited them after death.
How mighty was this possession and this knowledge!
Those who did not possess it, perished, were torn between hope and fear.
Then he heard them shout: why, and wherefore, oh God, why all this?
These people were nevertheless the spiritually sensitive ones, for others lived to the fullest to try and find their groove.
They had lost their head and feeling, for they did not want the misery that overtook them.
They wanted to oppose it, there should be something to dominate this misery so that they could forget it.
They were wrong, though, for they had not understood what God gave them.
Man did not accept and could not bend his head, because man was surely entitled to happiness!
What did they care about the problem of death?
Yet, unexpectedly, there was something calling them to a halt.
Sometimes by a gentle hint, though for many by an awe-inspiring emotional event.
One being lost his beloved one, another his mother, father or child.
Others again were thrown out of balance and destroyed by illnesses.
Then they asked why and what for?
They did not understand the meaning of being on earth; hence their many questions, which were not answered.
However, those who wanted to hear and could listen, those who could accept what Alcar had taught him, and what was given in many, many countries as spiritual nourishment, were different, so completely different and were open for everything which came to them from God.
They were happy because they knew that there is no death and that they would see their father and mother again.
They bowed their heads to all this great and mighty brought to them by man who once lived on earth.
They should accept as a child and submit as a child.
Only children in the spirit could be convinced.
Many sensible grown-up people could not believe for they had their powers of judgement.
They had learned and studied, which took them years of effort.
They could not simply discard that, for what was then left of them?
Nothing after all!
They would then be entirely at the mercy of those fanatics, of people who dreamt; and that could not be the intention, could it?
What did people know about the Hereafter?
Millions of people sought the mystery of death, but for them that was the end of everything.
They had not advanced any further, this was a deadlock, and death called them to a halt.
They could not overcome death, it could not be approached.
Up to there and then it was all over, everything came to an end.
That is what many of those educated people said, people who were famous on earth
They knew the human organism and that died.
But what was behind death, they didn't ask themselves, for them that was the end.
However, one day they would see and experience that there is no death, and that they live somewhere and are not dead.
That there are also trees, flowers and birds and all the life God created.
There was everything known on earth, because it was created on earth from there.
The people in the spheres are like the people on earth, but spiritual beings.
Now he heard next to him: ‘Look and hear, André, I’m going to connect you.’
He began to observe in a visionary condition.
He saw the spheres and a man in front of him and he heard this man say: ‘I was ill, but I feel much better now, so I have recovered.
Say, there is someone coming.
Is it the nurse?
Yes, it is the nurse.
Oh, nurse, I feel quite well, I think I’ll go home.’
‘Do you know that you are dead, that you died on earth?’
‘I beg your pardon, I’m dead?
Please, don’t talk such rubbish and don’t scoff at my illness.’
The nurse looked at him and said: ‘Truly, you died.’
Then the man looked around like a madman and fainted.
André then saw that he woke up again.
He wondered where he had been taken.
Again the nurse came up to him and he heard her say: ‘Do you know that you died on earth?’
‘Go away’, André heard him shou, ‘beat it, and call the doctor.
I don’t need you any more; I won’t have this any longer.’
The nurse kept looking at him with a compassionate expression.
Then she said: ‘You have to prepare yourself anyway.’
‘My God, you mad woman, get out of my room!’
He jumped up from his bed and showed her the door.
‘Go away, you shameless witch!’
André saw that the nurse went away.
However, she returned with another nurse.
Again he heard them say: ‘Do you know that you are dead?’
Indignantly and deeply shaken the man said: ‘Are you both crazy?’
The sister of the spheres looked at him and said: ‘No, my brother from the earth.
Your scholarship destroyed your inner life, you are dead.
You died on earth and were born in this life.
You live in the Hereafter; this is your eternal life.
We looked after you and you are now awake and conscious.
If your heart did not possess this love, believe me, you would be in the darkness.
You sacrificed your last property and that brought you to this sphere where you are now.
Once again, you died on earth.’
A mild quietude overcame him.
His head sank on his chest and he fainted a second time.
Strange, André thought, who gives me this vision?
Is it Alcar?
Why do I see and hear this event?
Quietude rose in him as well, and he felt tiredness.
He began to feel the familiar phenomena, so that he would soon be in that place where his leader was, and from where he had received this image.
He felt himself sink away deeper and was not aware any more.
Then he raised his eyes and he saw his leader Alcar.
‘Oh, my dear Alcar, I’m with you again.
Did you give me this vision?’
‘Yes, André.
I wanted you to feel and experience this.
I showed you a true image, the image of a man who left the earth and entered here.
He was a scholar but spiritually poor.
He lived on earth and was one of my friends.
However, he could not accept eternal life, neither when he entered here.
But he became convinced, however hard it was for him and however terrible he felt.
The sisters of the spheres returned to him again and again, since he just couldn’t accept it.
This was his transition to and his entrance on this side.
He now feels and thinks completely different and he also is on his way to do something for mankind.
Here, convinced of his eternal condition, he asked his Holy Father for forgiveness.
This problem, though simple, is immensely deep, for it connects us with reincarnation.
You will get to know him later.
That is why I let you experience this condition on earth.
Well, my boy, we are together again.
Are you happy, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I am very glad to be with you again.’
‘Now listen, I have a lot to tell you.’