The animal world

‘I am going to connect you again, and with what, do you think, André?
Can you feel it?
Well, a second wonder has happened here, my boy, an amazing event; for where did our animals on earth come from?
Surely this life was born somewhere and must, like mankind, have had a beginning stage?
Don’t you know?’
‘No, Alcar, I don’t know and I can’t see it.’
‘Well then, listen: Here, André, at this spot, the first animal life was born.
Here, on the first planet, which is the mother planet, the first animal life was born, the first animal cell awakened.
That was also God’s work, for God knew that man would need this help.
There are people on earth who think that man had to follow plant and animal life; but I contradict that.
There are also people on earth who say that man, during a further stage, will be able to fertilize and, consequently, connect himself; and experience this entire process himself, but that I also contradict.
That is not true and not possible, for it is against the plan of creation.
God oversaw everything.
Would that, which was already present during the first stage and was at the same time perfect, have to be abandoned again during a later stage?
No, a thousand times no, that is not possible.
Listen, André.
It may sound unlikely, but the animal on earth was born out of man.
I will explain this wonder to you.
The animal is, so to speak, the shadow of the real being, which is man.
They are, therefore, our sisters and brothers, and we must love them.
But man has not got that far yet, because he kills many of our animals.
But not only our animals, which are one degree lower than our mentality and Divine power, he also destroys his sisters and brothers, who possess the Divine nucleus.
When the first human embryo died, the first animal being was born out of that process of decay.
From this process originated the germ, which grew to become the animal being living on earth.
Isn’t it amazing?
And yet, my boy, it is the holy truth.
I will connect you with it.
Listen well to what I am going to say: when the first human embryo died, a process of decay set in.
Out of that process of decay the animal was born, as I said, and it multiplied endlessly, from degree to degree, and kept in pace with the being, which is a degree higher and further, with man.
Consequently, man is always ahead of the animal, and this will remain so until we have returned to the All.
There, too, this form of life will surround us, but it remains in that attunement.
At this side, the animal is our greatest friend and brother.
You have seen that it obeys us and can sense our thoughts.
It acts in accordance with what the higher being wants and thinks, and with the concentration established.
Invariably, in all those millions of centuries, this animal being followed man, but it proceeded below the strength and mental degree of man.
Thus it is out of us, André, that the animal being was born.
When studying this process on earth, now that science has advanced that far, and man begins to understand more and more of cosmic life and the purpose of God’s creation, he can follow it.
If scientists on earth would not think so much of themselves, concentrated more on spiritual life and could accept emotional life, they would have advanced much further and would have understood this mighty problem.
One day they will get that far, but that will take thousands of years.
Science is making rapid progress, but not yet to the extent that it can already accept all this.
They search on earth, but in the wrong direction.
They talk and discover, but talking is pointless; they should feel and descend into themselves deeply; for there, in that depth, is the secret of it all, this mighty event, which is God’s creation.
When I speak of intuition, I can say the animal has that to a high degree.
The animal surrenders unconditionally and follows its intuition, its senses, and lives.
Man, however, was given a will of his own, he is like God; he is a Divine being.
And as man is a Divine being, he has to follow one course, whereas the animal proceeds through thousands of material organisms.
The animal being, therefore, follows thousands and thousands of material stages; what is intended for the animal being, is not meant for man.
Before this mighty event took place, man was the animating and inspiring power, because it emanated from God.
When God had completed the plan of creation – if I may put it this way – that which was born, man, was the first phenomenon, and there was no animal life.
The first flashes of light before the Divine process would begin, which you have observed in the temple of the soul, heralded this birth.
Man was already confined to those flashes of light and was, therefore, the first phenomenon of this awe-inspiring revelation.
God created man by revealing Himself and this revelation took place the moment creation started.
God knew that man would develop by death and that out of the dead organism new activity and new life would appear.
But God gave to His own life at the first stage, His own amazing power, because God Himself descended into this being.
I am speaking now of the first stage, because man received the very, very highest.
But ‘received’ is not the right word, for man did not receive; man is like God, and man yielded part of his own energy.
Out of that dead body, animal life was born.
Isn’t it simple?
In essence, man and the animal being are one, but man is the conscious Divine being, the inspiring and driving power.
Man is that which is the Divine power, for we emanated from the Divine.
Through all those millions of centuries, the animal being will follow us.
This following has happened from the first human embryo.
When the first human embryo entered the process of decay, the first animal cell emanated from this process and this life was animated, because God’s life is in everything.
The moment this animation set in, a process started, which, in reality, equalled our first stage and the human being had to follow.
Out of the first cell thus appeared a tiny animal being, it was born and could not be seen with the naked eye.
Man, too, lived in this stage, and resembled a tiny drop of water, as I showed and explained to you.
Before it had obtained that size, the process had run for thousands of years.
During the first stage they were only cells, and these cells, which even then could not be seen with the naked eye contracted in a natural way, in accordance with the plan of evolution and the laws of nature.
But I will return to the animal being.
Now when the human being passed into embryonic life during the first stage, animal life had also advanced that far and had passed into its first stage.
Animal life invariably followed man, but it stayed below us.
Yet both lived in one world, but continued in their own attunement and their own world.
These two worlds are not connected with each other, because that is not possible.
For, at the beginning of the plan of creation, as I said before, the first phenomena were directed at the human being, and only when the first embryo had died, could this life commence.
Man on earth has now reached his perfect material degree, and the animal has assumed its highest degree, also.
You see that there have been animal beings from the very beginning of creation.
There has been no era during which they did not exist.
This can be explained, because this process can be followed on our side by connecting ourselves with the past so that we see it again before us.
On this journey, it was shown to you clearly enough that we can return into the past.
I spoke of many, nay even thousands of transitions, which the animal being has to follow.
All those species of animals which once existed and lived on this planet, have died here.
What happened for the animal being, was also for man, because man also advanced further and higher, and the animal being was to follow man.
I shall explain this amazing phenomenon on the third grade, on earth; it was there that these material, but animal beings, which had already died, dissolved into the universe, because they represented a lower grade of life in this cosmic plan.
All this is very deep, André, but I will make it clear to you by connecting you with this invisible life.
If this had not happened, I mean the dissolution of this animal being, one could accept, as is done on earth, that man evolved through the plant and animal life before life accepted the human condition.
But this is not possible, for that animal dissolved and returned to the universe.
But out of this material being new life evolved, and out of that stage other species of animals were born.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, out of one species of animal, evolved the other species.’
‘Yes, very good.
Every animal being produced another animal being according to its species, degree, and power, because this animal being was maintained by the process of decay and emerged from it.
But man, as I said before, followed only one way, leading towards perfection of the material organism.
The animal being, however, evolved through thousands of animal species, it accepted one life, in order to enter a higher stage in the other, but remained through all those millions of years, one degree below the thinking and sensing being, which will ultimately return to God.
In everything, in whatever stage man and the animal being lived, you see the process of reincarnation, otherwise, the animal being, too, would in first instance have been doomed to become extinct, and God’s creation and the process of revelation would have been destroyed.
Time and again, there was reincarnation on earth and on other planets.
It means acceptance of a higher degree, until animal and man have received the perfect organism.
Man possesses the highest degree, which is Divine consciousness, but the animal also has a cosmic attunement, yet it does not reach our height.
Animal and man, as I said before, are one; they know and have one inspiration and are God’s life.
Since man is the Divine being, he only has to follow one road.
The amazing thing about this process of evolution, however, is that when man had reached the second cosmic degree, which we will visit presently, and was neither man nor animal, the animal being had also reached a pre-animal condition.
But the animal being closely followed the human being and when man had reached the third cosmic degree, the planet earth, the animal had also dropped its prehistoric organism.
Yet, this animal being invaded the third cosmic degree; in former times pre-animal monsters inhabited there, but man had not yet reached his perfect organic condition either.
You will see all that and I shall explain it to you.
You see, André, how closely both creatures are connected and how the animal being followed the Divine being.
This process continued for millions of years, nay, for millions of centuries, consequently, in your time on earth, you see both the animal being and human being in their highest material form.
It will be clear to you now why there are no more prehistoric animal species on earth: because they and man have reached a higher material grade.
During the many centuries which passed, one species of animal life after another returned to the All and that prehistoric creature vanished.
But we are all out of God and live in God, animal as well as man, the animal being as well as the Divine being – one energy – will return again to that source of life, but man remains cosmically conscious.
The material animal being on earth is perfect, and yet, as you see, new species of animal life are born, because the deepest energy sources of the animal being have not yet been spent.
But these species are very few.
In the oceans there are species of animals which are not yet known and these animals, too, will one day pass on to a higher degree, an other condition, and will adopt an other organism.
I am referring here to degrees: in the animal world we know seven degrees of animal attunement.
Do you understand what I mean, André?
Then you will understand that the animal being also has seven cosmic dgrees, which are spiritual and material degrees.
Isn’t it amazing and yet simple?
When an animal is attracted again to the earth and is born there, its spiritual life descends into the material life and the animal acts and feels according to its present condition.
Which is the material organism.
This organism has a cosmic attunement, but in one degree there are hundreds of transitions for the animal life, and all these transitions comprise seven degrees.
The highest and lowest transition could for example be compared with the predator ‘panther’, and the domestic animal ‘cat’.
These are transitions, André, material degrees; the animal being acts in accordance with its material degree.
These are transitions but in one species.
Do you understand what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Fine, then I will proceed.
Other animal species have thousands of transitions in their condition, and yet, you feel what I mean, all those beings belong to one degree, that is, the material but cosmic attunement.
When you understand this amazing phenomenon, it explains all those species of animals on earth.
But all those species, large and small, therefore, have one attunement.
The material organism and the species to which these animals belong give the animal its terrible power; but it is the instinct, the sensitivity, which makes it act and adapt itself in a natural, and yet amazing, way to that material organism.
The domestic animal cat is vicious; no less vicious is a panther, but the sensitivity of the panther and the domestic animal represents one strength, one life; it is the material organism which compels the animal to act the way it was born.
Now, when this animal instinct has awakened and been spent, you see very sensitive and tame animals, even though they are, in essence, like the young predator.
For the animal, including the most dangerous animal, is in actual fact related to man, for the animal was born out of man and can be raised to this elevated human condition.
This explains why man can always tame the wildest animal, for in essence we are one, but we, who are Divine, possess an intellect which the animal can never approach nor acquire.
Animal and man are one in life, but we are from the first degree and the animal has to adapt itself to us.
There are, however, animals which are now further and higher than man on earth.
When the animal has reached the highest, the seventh degree, it has properties which man on earth does not yet have.
At this side, the animal being follows us and obeys our will.
He who acquired this concentration already on earth, can connect himself with the animal being.
We, spiritual beings, who have reached that spiritual degree, own that gift of power which is our personality and the love we possess.
The animal being, the pigeon for instance, which finds its way home from far countries, possesses that highest degree of cosmic sensitivity in material and spiritual attunement, and is far ahead of man.
Man on earth has not yet reached his highest attunement of sensitivity, and will not possess that attunement until he has entered spiritual life and has reached the fourth sphere.
The sensitivity the pigeon has is also found in other animal species.
The dog, for instance, has that sensitivity and nearly attains that consciously spiritual degree, but cannot surpass it, and will not pass on to this conscious, human degree.
Also the horse and many other species possess this feeling; they are in their species in this condition and have reached their highest degree.
These species of animals are very sensitive; they are closest to the human being, and approach this consciousness.
Yet, all those animal species do not attain it, because it is not possible.
It will, therefore, be clear to you that many animals are more advanced in sensitivity than many people on earth.
The animal in its highest degree follows its intuition and this is, therefore, the sensitivity acquired by man who has reached the fourth sphere.
Below it, in his immediate vicinity, lives the animal, though still on earth in a material condition.
It is this sensitivity the animal possesses, whereas man lives a pre-animal life, and is below that degree of sensitivity.
Therefore, André, many animals on earth are further advanced than man, and it is often said, an animal would not do that.
By this, I mean the animal which has reached this height and has advanced that far.
Still, one day man will advance that far and will reach that high stage.
We are now on the third cosmic degree and go on to the fourth, but to that end we need thousands of years.
Why this has to take such a long time and why this is necessary, you have been able to follow in all this, because also in that nothing has changed either.
The higher we get, the more difficult our way will be.
I have explained to you already that man on the fourth degree can live for hundreds of years in one material condition.
During the first stage of the human embryo, it died immediately when its inspiration passed on into the other life.
But gradually, this process lengthened, the seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days, days became weeks and months, up to ten and twenty years.
Then, on the second degree, thirty years and older, and on earth, still older.
On the fourth cosmic degree, however, the length of life varies, and there people can reach ages of hundreds of years.
On the fifth cosmic degree, however, it lengthens still further and higher, and life there will last thousands of years.
Further still, man will reach ten and twenty thousand years, to stay one day on the seventh cosmic degree.
Then, the years can no longer be counted, for then man lives in the infinite.
In all those transitions, you’ll feel this, André, one law applies; it is the plan of evolution, a law to return to our Father.
When one follows life in this way, one begins to feel its depth, and life on earth can then be understood.
On this planet, therefore, man and animal were born and that is why it is the mother planet.
But now, now that we have advanced billions of years, now after all those centuries, there are still beings on earth who do not understand themselves and take the lives of others.
When we notice on earth that the number of people and animals is increasing, it is caused by the transition of beings from the second degree which are born on earth, which I will explain to you on this journey.
But the number of souls, of men and animals, cannot be determined; this is infinite.
And yet, you will see that presently all those beings dissolved, since this planet is now lifeless.
Now, my boy, you will return to yourself.’