To the first cosmic degree

Floating they went on their way and the fourth sphere now dissolved before his eyes.
He knew what this meant.
Alcar passed to the universe and he would experience reality.
He felt the strong concentration which his leader attuned.
This was passing into an other condition.
Now he would see how man was born.
God created man after His own image, but how deep this wonder of creation was!
He had seen it and had been able to follow it, because all those events had been recalled to the present.
In the temple of the soul, he had been entirely absorbed in the process of revelation and the origin of the universe.
Tremendous was everything he had been allowed to see.
He had not thought it would be like that and neither could he imagine that condition.
Majestic was everything, and yet, how simple did this awe-inspiring universe work.
God’s sacred power lay in everything.
God lived in all those planets; they were God’s own life.
He now understood what God meant.
He dared not think of all that he would experience.
He could not form an idea of that either.
‘Where are we now, Alcar?’
‘In the universe, André.
We go on, ever further, to visit the first planet, which you have been able to follow and which is the mother planet.
We shall be there soon.’
André saw various planets and other objects.
‘Where is the earth, Alcar?’
‘Do you see that small globe down there?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well, that is the earth.
The first planet is to the right and above the earth, and receives its light from the sun, as does the earth.
The first, second, and third planet; these three grades, therefore, belong to this solar system.’
‘Aren’t there any more bodies than these planets, which belong to this?’
‘Oh, certainly.
Do you mean whether there are only three planets, three objects, on which people live?’
‘Yes, Alcar; that is what I mean.’
‘Listen, my boy; I will explain that to you.
You have seen that innumerable objects have occupied a place in the universe.
All these objects are planets and are energy obtained from the Divine source and brought to life by that source.
There are thousands of them of similar strength and size.
All those thousands of planets have a certain degree, their own attunement and belong to the first, second, and third degree.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, man lives on all those planets and proceeds from one planet to another.
Therefore, hundreds of planets belong to one degree and are related to each other, which I will explain to you presently.
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, I have understood that, too.’
‘When the human being living on the first degree has reached the highest and final stage, it passes on to the next planet, where it lives in a higher attunement, I mean for the material organism.
In this way, the individual reaches its highest level.
This attunement, the highest we know and have, to which we all belong, is for us the planet earth, and man living there.
All of us, André, as I explained to you before, therefore belong to the third degree of cosmic life.
To us, the earth is the final planet and transition; because from the earth one can go on in this life beyond to reach the fourth cosmic degree.
Is this also clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘We are now approaching the first degree, André.’
What André saw was amazing.
There in front of him he saw the earth, and yet, it was not the earth.
This planet looked like the earth; he saw a nature similar to that on earth, but here everything was withered and dead.
Alcar descended onto this planet.
André felt as on earth, but walked on an other planet.
Wherever he looked, there was no life.
Here death prevailed, he thought.
This is decaying and in a process of dissolution.
‘Do I feel this correctly, Alcar?’
‘Yes, that is right, André; I made you feel that.’
‘In this lifeless mass lived the first human being, Alcar?’
‘Here originated, what once would become man, which you observed in the temple of the soul; the first human embryo.
This planet has completed its task.
Do you understand what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar; I understand.’
‘Still, I will connect you with this first stage; only then will you understand how everything is and how it came into being.
We therefore descend deeply into the past; you know now that it is possible for me.’
‘And this past is billions of years ago, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, so it is.
Pay attention now, André.’
André felt himself sink away deeply and began to observe.
Life came into this lifeless mass.
The inner planet teemed with life.
‘What is that, Alcar?’
‘These are germs, or cells.
Out of these germs, man was born.’
André saw they were globular.
He heard Alcar say: ‘This is the embryo in its first stage; they are still transparent.’
André looked at that young life.
That would become man?
How incredible it was for him.
They looked like drops of water; he could not make a better comparison.
They were transparent and this process was like the mighty event he had witnessed in the temple of the soul.
When the planet contracted, it was transparent during the first stage; and this life followed a similar development.
‘Is that right, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my boy, man follows the same course.
As the entirety has been created, it applies to all life, animal and human.
There is no other course.
This is the power of nature and, therefore, God.
This process is infallible; for God oversaw everything, His entire creation.
Nothing can halt this process.
The plan of creation has come into being and now there is already life.
The planet has contracted and life begins.
I will connect you with the embryo.
Listen to what I have to say.
In this embryo lives already that, which once will become a human being.
In essence, therefore, everything is preordained and this is consequently the first stage of man.
Now I will show you the next stage.
Centuries have meanwhile passed.
You see now that the planet has become more solid, and according as this happened, the embryo developed and evolved into other shapes.
This also contracted and grew in all these centuries into a small powerful globular being.’
André noticed that great change.
‘It is amazing, Alcar.’
‘Once again we shall go on, André.
Again centuries have passed.
The planet has contracted and has become a firm substance.
The young life, too, continued its course and you see how far that life has already advanced.’
André saw that some of these beings, which looked like animals, had already grown up.
He heard Alcar say: ‘Now that you observe this spectacle, thousands of centuries have passed.
The planet is nearly ready to receive this young life.
A firm crust now envelopes this mighty object.
In the meantime, as you have observed just now, the embryo passed through many stages.
Organ after organ evolved; but you see that this life still lives in the interior of this planet.
It has not yet reached the highest stage.
Again centuries passed.’
André felt that he was again transitioned into an other condition.
‘What is that?’ he asked his leader.
‘Water, my boy.
The being, which you observe now, is already half fish, half man.
Yet it has nothing human; but during the next stage, the fishy part has nearly disappeared and this being has passed to a higher level.
The crust of the planet can now be walked upon, which was not yet possible in the preceding ages.
The animal-like being, too, has now developed that far, as you see in front of you, André.
I will connect you with the next stage.’
André observed again.
What he saw was amazing.
Thousands of animal-like beings lay at the shores of this ocean.
Many of them had died; but all these beings had reached the waterfront.
‘What does this mean, Alcar?’
‘This means that the being is about to abandon its fish stage.
It is now fully grown and continues its course.
This is man at a fish-like stage.
But it does not possess an organism to continue.
At the next stage we see this animal-like being in possession of a powerful organism.
Centuries have meanwhile passed.
Those having reached the shore will soon die.
But evolution continued; it had to continue, and out of this fish-like being evolved an animal-like being.
At the next stage, it already lives on the dry land of the planet and has multiplied.
I will explain presently how this happened.
We now return to the first stage and will continue from here later on.’
Again André felt that he was connected with the first stage of life.
He saw that this life mated with other life and he heard Alcar say: ‘You see that this life mates with an other life, but when this happens, it is doomed to die.
This being, therefore, gave its own life, but out of it, a new life was born.
Now an other wonder happened.
At the same instant, the astral being was born and inhabited the world of the unconscious, presently to animate a new life.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Reincarnation, therefore, was preordained already at this first stage; because out of this life evolved a young life, and this young life was animated by the former, but it was already stronger than during the first stage and also had an other material condition.
Do you feel this too, André?’
‘You mean that the inner life of the first stage was attracted by the second stage?’
‘Very good, André.
Thus, not only was fertilization possible, but from this second process emanated also the other, higher, material organism.
This is the amazing part of God’s creation; for, by continuous changes, this should and had to become man.
This small animal-like being, as I have shown you, was therefore already essentially perfect.
After each contact it died, and its animation, which is the astral being, passed to the world of the unconscious to be attracted again.
How was all this effected?
When the material organism lost its animation, it ceded to the other being, it had also reached its maximum age.
That was the moment it passed away.
In this being, therefore, an intelligent power was already present, which is the Divine attunement we also have.
This Divine attunement, however, was already active during the first stage, and this small animal-like being performed the task imposed upon it by nature, which is reincarnation.
Is this also clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, I will continue.
In essence, therefore, it was compelled to do so.
Nature possessed this creating and driving power and compelled the being to give itself in order to continue the reproduction process.
This is fertilization.
If this had not been possible, the animal-like being would be doomed to continue this life; advancement and evolvement would have been out of the question.
Then a standstill would have been reached; transition would indeed have taken place, but all this young life would be bound to die.
But I told you already, this small organism lived on and evolved in all those ages until it reached the last stage which I showed you a while ago.
Do you understand what I mean, André?
That this animal-like being had to die as a result of contact, but was attracted again by an other being but in a further stage of development?
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, that happened during the first stage.
During the second stage, this small animal-like being lived on for some time and then died.
You will understand that this process went on, and that its organism became stronger.
Whereas, during the first stage, death occurred instantaneously, the being lived on during the second, third, and later stages for months and years, only to die then and the inner life to enter into the astral world.
Also this is clear to you, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘But also that being, that astral life, was again attracted by that animal-like and material being, which I will show you now.’
André saw how this wonder happened.
He saw two already fully grown animal-like beings.
These beings curled together to become one as it were and at that moment fertilization took place.
Now he heard Alcar say: ‘Pay attention, my boy, to what I am going to tell you.
This animal-like being has been fertilized, but in the same instant, it attracts the animating life, which is therefore a being which has lived already in a similar condition.
It is this animating power, which brings the embryo to life, which, by birth, will accept this organism.
Thus, in this embryo is already the nucleus of the human being.
The organs it possesses are up to their task.
During the many centuries which passed by, a strong being has grown.
The mother animal-like being bears this young life, and this is an event, though at this level, which man experiences at his highest level of development.
In whatever way this event happens, the cosmic problem and the wonder of creation are already experienced.
Is that also clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘So you see and experience the problem of reincarnation, it is the wonder of God’s creation and of being born again.
What you experience now, André, is my work; my task and I have to follow it.
It is our sole purpose to convince man that reincarnation is a law, a condition and an event, and if God had not created it, we would not be here, for we would then already have been destroyed during the first stage.
But God created this tremendous wonder, and His entire creation is animated by this wonder.
Animation, therefore, would not have been possible if this had not been created, if this wonder and this evolution had not been there.
But it is the course which the being had to follow during the first stage, like all life, in whatever degree, condition, and attunement it may be, man or animal has to follow, and will experience.
So here we see the reincarnation.
This small animal-like being already possessed that wonder at the first stage.
Here, instinct was also born; and this instinct, as I said before, is the Divine attunement which the animating life possesses.
But this means the return to our Almighty Father.
It means living life, for which purpose all those planets are, it is to accept the Divine life one day.
God revealed Himself, which is for this life, passing on into thousands of lives to reach that highest, the Divine degree.
However, we then have millions of centuries behind us and have completed this long road.
When God had not yet revealed himself, in essence everything was perfect; and this perfection is already present in this small wonder of animal life.
When mankind on earth, in its perfect condition, wonders what God is and why we are on earth, this is the revelation, the truth, and reality, for it was God’s wish that mankind would live through this revelation.
Thus, God created the universe for mankind; He created stars and planets; but he made mankind after his own image.
God wanted mankind to become conscious; and this Divine consciousness, which we will possess one day, was given by God to a being in human form.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, quite, I have understood everything you said.’
‘There are already people who have lived on earth, and many other planets, who have returned to the Divine and therefore, have consciously taken possession of the universe; otherwise, and that will be clear to you, we would not have received this message.’
Man follows a long road; for billions of years are required to reach Divine life.
But what man then possesses, cannot be imagined.
What you have experienced, André, will one day be our possession.
This has been the purpose of the entire creation.
God gave His own self.
God gave man, the highest being, these Divine gifts.
God created something in which He Himself lives.
It is now up to man to see to it that he is in harmony.
Man, therefore, who was born out of this small animal-like being, in first instance, already possessed this Divine grace; for he created, he gave his own self; he sacrifices himself to create new life.
In first instance, therefore, André, God’s plan of creation is preordained; this is reincarnation, transition into an other life; it is death, and being born again; this is attraction and repulsion; this is animation, the return to God.
Similar beings attract each other; this is known on earth; and here you see that it happened; it was no different.
This attraction happened in material, as well as, in spiritual respect.
The animal-like being which had got that far, sought and found a similar animal-like being.
That being was available; the connection could take place, and a young life was born again.
What is known on earth as ‘death’ and that the inner life is the inspiring being, was already present here, too.
For life entered the astral world to be attracted again.
There, in front of you, are two beings, but at a further and higher stage.
You see, also here it is passing over and connection.
At this moment, when fertilization is about to happen, the astral being is already on its way.
This mighty wonder, my son, is like birth on earth, this condition, this action, this possibility, is still there; it is in man and is still the same event.
Like a child on earth is born, like the inner life, which is the soul and spirit, is attracted, it is here also the result of this connection.
In all those billions of centuries, André, this event has not changed in the slightest.
What man on earth experiences, has been present in man from the first stage of human life in a being.
That urge, that power and action to unite with an other life, is the wish of God, and it has existed from the beginning of creation; from the first stage nothing has changed in that respect.
The animation, therefore, came into being at the very moment of the wonder of creation, manifested already by the first flashes of light, which you observed in the temple of the soul.
‘You see now, André, that these two beings unite, and that the astral being is attracted.
The astral being passes into the embryo and is the driving power, yes, the inner life of this animal-like being.
According as this being grows up, the instinct awakes.
Also now this experience is for man on earth, man in its perfect and fully grown condition, the same activity; but man on earth has already reached consciousness.
Here, therefore, we can only speak of instinct; but we shall follow this awakening, when we visit the second cosmic degree of animal-like life.
What I should like to add is this: Where does the astral being live?
See and observe, André, and you will see the presence of the astral being in the direct surroundings of the material being.
This also applies to the earth and is, as it is here, the astral world.
In that world, therefore, lives the human being who died on earth.
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘But the human spirit can go where it likes and is not confined to any surroundings.
That is because man lives in a higher degree.
Have you understood that, too?’
‘You mean, that this world is limited?’
‘Very good, André, indeed.
Here, the astral animal-like being lives in a very confined space around the material life, into which it can descend instantly.
But if you have understood me, you will clearly feel that, the further life advances, the wider becomes the world in which it lives.
Herein we see an other and new wonder of God.
Like man on the side beyond experiences that the sphere in which he lives, although that sphere is unlimited, keeps him captive, this also applies in this case.
Yet inner life, that is man as spirit, lives already in the infinite.
But here, during the first stage, the astral animal-like being envelops the material being and waits for connection, and remains in the direct surroundings of this material form of life.
These astral surroundings, however, in which the astral animal-like being lives, are still as large as the volume of this planet.
The size of this planet, therefore, is the space of the astral being.
However, man as a spirit, like you are a material and spiritual being, possesses the universe, and every sphere, wherever it may be, is unlimited; because the spirit has lived through all those stages, from the first, second, and third degree, which, as you know, is the earth.
You will also feel that we human beings will receive, ever more; we will feel deeper, nay will possess happiness, and our earthly and spiritual life will expand more and more, so that we shall ultimately enter the infinity.
The material organism experiences the process of growing; but inner life expands and widens ever more, according to the sphere in which the being lives.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I have understood and everything is so amazing and natural.
I have to accept it.’
‘Then we will go on.
This animal-like being, here in front of you, can pass on to the second stage to continue in the tenth and hundredth stage, until it has completed its cycle, I mean its material cycle which belongs to this planet.
Then inner life proceeds and is attracted by the second cosmic degree.
But I shall refer to that later, for now we have advanced far enough to answer your questions which you put forth at the beginning of this voyage.
Your question of why one being has advanced further than the other, and how this is possible, I will answer now.
For, André, haven’t you noticed it; haven’t you clearly seen that some beings have advanced further than others?’
‘Well, then, I return to the beginning and the final stage of the material animal-like being.’
Again André observed.
He saw old and young, large and small, the first and last stage.
The last stage was the one where those animal-like beings had reached the shore.
Yet, he did not understand his leader, and asked: ‘But did those first cells not dissolve, Alcar?’
‘Yes, that happened; but here there are millions of transitions, in other words, degrees of development.
The first, tenth, hundredth, and thousandth stage had already dissolved and evolved into embryonic life.
These beings, therefore, were the first ones to develop.
Do you think that this is an injustice?
Then I will explain that to you and show that it is impossible.
Because old and young is of no importance here; but a first and last degree of the first embryo is.
This is caused by external influence, to which the planet was subjected, which is the process of contraction, and is related to the solar system.
Life, which was born and lived in the deepest interior of this planet, awoke during a later stage, many centuries later, to be precise.
Between the first and the last life is a period of millions of years.
When the first had reached its last and highest stage, down there in the depths, a similar life awakened to evolve into embryonal life.
You can readily accept that, for God, time does not exist.
One time this would happen, and it did happen and nothing was left behind.
Thus, there are beings which have already reached the highest spheres at our side.
This is the reason why there are people on earth who seek the good, and others who belong to the devils of hell.
By now, you also know that there are human beings, who have already reached the Divine Spheres, and have entered the All.
They had been on their way for billions of years, when the last embryo dissolved and which meant the end of this planet.
And still it took thousands of years for the last being to reach the highest degree of material organism, to pass to the second cosmic degree; but all will come that far; they are on their way and are not restricted by time.
We are all one for God our Holy Father; there is progress for all His children and everything belonging to this life, and all are on their way to the Divine Spheres.
Is that clear to you, too?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Then do you also understand that there has to be reincarnation?
Can you frankly give an affirmative answer?
For, André, if it had not been there, if this wonder had not been given to mankind, God’s creation would have come to nothing and it would have failed already in the first degree.
But God oversaw everything; it is the mightiest that God created; it is the link connecting the entire universe.
It is the link interconnecting planets and other objects.
These are the cosmic degrees and all these degrees are now inhabited.
What I am after is this.
What had already been present here is also for mankind on earth.
For it is surely impossible that God would deprive man of this mighty principle of creation and giving birth, when he has reached a further and higher condition?
If that were to happen, the plan of evolution would come to a standstill and mankind would already be doomed to become extinct here.
But now, we get to know another wonder, and however strange and improbable it would appear to you, all this life here came to an end.
I mean life in the first, second, and thousandth degree, which is the perfect organism on this planet; all this life was doomed to become extinct.
But here, too, God helped mankind; for the inner life went on, and was attracted by a higher degree.
All this, this mighty wonder I will make clear to you presently and explain.
What we have experienced here also happens on the second degree, and it likewise applies to the planet earth.
Both degrees André, all those planets on which man lives, as does the animal-like organism, are doomed to become lifeless; but all that life will accept a higher degree and pass on to it.
The time will come when mankind and animals will leave the earth, but all those who have reached the highest degree, we shall see again in our life, the life of the spirit.
All these beings will leave the earth and will pass on to the fourth cosmic degree.
But before this happens, millions of centuries have passed; but it is preordained, it is a law; for all life shall return to God.
Then, the second and third degrees will dissolve, and we’ll see them, as you are about to see when you return to your own life, as a lifeless mass.
This dissolution will also take millions of years, and it will happen in reverse to its creation, which you have seen in the temple of the soul and in the interior of this planet.
Again, millions of centuries will pass before this and other planets have dissolved; but also, this law is infallible and it will happen.
‘Is everything clear to you now, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but where then does the story of Adam and Eve come in?
Is that a figment?’
Alcar smiled, and said: ‘You are amusing, André, and wonderfully simple.
Thousands of people hold on to that story; but I will tell you what it means and why it was made up.
First of all, it is a symbol.
As a symbol, however, it has a value; for the people who preached it to mankind, those who created and accomplished the bible, had to show that they knew something of the beginning of creation.
Whether they knew this, or not, does not matter; they achieved something.
Mankind had to have something to hold on to and that was given.
Because, what would have become of mankind and of God, if creation got stuck and would be doomed?
In those days, not much was known on earth about stars and planets.
Neither did they know God, and even today not much progress has been made.
And yet, there had to be something by which mankind could be inspired with awe, and which he could accept.
Therefore, it was man who created Adam and Eve, and not God.
Man did, at least the ones who invented that story, and it was accepted on earth.
I ask you, now that you have seen all this, can it be true?
Is it possible, now that we know this wonder?
Couldn’t you have answered that question yourself?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand you perfectly.
But what, then, is the last judgement?
Is that also a story?’
‘You have known that, too, for a long time, as I have explained that to you, but listen.
That is quite an other condition; a completely different event.
It is true, and not true.
It will come and it will not come, but not the way people imagine, that everything will collapse and all will be over then.
There will be no collapse for, as I told you already, the earth will dissolve.
And that process has been proceeding on this planet for ages, and it will still take millions of centuries before the earth has dissolved entirely.
Yet, there will be an end, but an entirely different end.
Man, however, can be confronted with his last judgement any second of his life on earth.
He, who commits sins, must stop; for, the very moment he does, something judges, and that judgement is cause and effect.
There are, however, mistakes and sins, deeds, therefore, which can only dissolve many centuries later, and which mankind will have to make good.
No, André, a last judgement, like people imagine, does not exist.
God still is a Father of Love.
I have also answered this question.
Is it clear to you now?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Do you have any more questions?’
‘No, Alcar.’
‘Well, then I will explain another wonder.’