The inspiring life

We would awaken, André, because we are Divine.
We have to go on, ever further and higher, and as we advance and seek the good, we shall awaken.
Everything is love; we therefore have to acquire the Divine love.
That is our way, and it is only for man, because we have to return to God.
Look, the first planet.
In order to explain everything, I have to connect you again with the past, with embryonic life.’
Alcar descended on the first planet.
Again André was on this tremendous object where every human being had once been.
They sat down on a high mountain.
Here everything would die.
André thought of this process.
‘This here in front of us, Alcar, is the visible energy; and what is around us and in which we live belongs to the invisible energy?
If I understand you correctly, the ores and minerals a planet may contain, are present in the invisible?’
‘Yes, indeed.
Everything emanates from the invisible.’
‘Also gold and silver and other metals?’
‘Yes, everything.’
‘How amazing, Alcar.’
‘If it had not been present in the invisible, it could not have come into existence.
Although science has advanced quite far, it will advance further in the future.
As true as gold is found in the earth, it is also present in the invisible.
Everything the earth contains is present in the invisible; because everything is energy.’
‘Do you think progress will be made in that respect?’
‘Many inventions will be made, I discussed that already.
It is now the technical age.’
‘Do you know many inventions which will be discovered presently?’
‘Yes, I see many, even very many.’
‘Could you, Alcar, if you want to, mention such an invention?’
‘Yes, I could, but it does not interest me.
I only concentrate on the life of the soul; that is my task.’
‘Yet it is remarkable that you could, Alcar!’
‘Yes, André, I could, because I know many inventions.’
‘Is that also your possession?’
‘Yes, mine, and those who live in my own sphere.
We see all those possibilities and we could bring them about, but man lacks nourishment for the mind, and that is most urgently required.
Man should now learn his own attunement and when they know on earth that progress is possible, they will live as they should and as God wants them to, they will then receive wonders, and we know all those wonders.
This very moment we know already what people will possess in five hundred years.
There is more that they do not know, than they have already accomplished.
But what good does it do, when all those wonders are used for the destruction of the highest being God created?
That is their downfall, because there are already too many technical wonders on earth.’
‘Can’t you stop it?’
‘Haven’t I explained to you in the dark spheres, that the demons of hell bring this about?
Haven’t we visited the geniuses and masters of evil?
God gave us, people, a will of our own; the Divine Spheres are open to us; we received everything; we have our happiness in our own hands.
Haven’t you known that for a long time?’
‘Yes, Alcar, indeed.’
‘What we can do is pass this on to mankind.
We bring them happiness and through us they will learn to know themselves.
The masters sent me and thousands of others to the earth to tell them of our eternal progress and to open them inwardly.
We shall proceed in this way and once we shall have finished.
When people on earth seek higher life, all those inventions will be used for the well-being of mankind.
It is not until then that we shall come to the earth from this side to bring them all those technical wonders.
Everything is established, André, but we on our side wait until they have advanced that far, until they understand their life on earth; this cannot commence until then.
Now I am going to connect you with embryonic life.
We will stay on this spot; from here I can explain everything.
Pay attention, André.
You can ask questions; that will be possible.’
André felt himself sink away.
The condensed planet dissolved in front of him, he saw the past and the first stage appear.
He recognized this stage from his previous journey and knew which moment he witnessed and what Alcar wanted to show him.
‘Again you see, André, that the planet is condensing.
We shall now descend into the astral world and reality; but first I will connect you with the first stage of the human embryo.
Because it is there that life, that driving force, that power, that action: the instinct began.’
André watched.
He saw millions of cells.
‘You see, my boy, we have again descended into the past and there in front of you lives the first embryo.
When, as I explained, it came to life, when that spark, that life, passed into embryonic life, it was to become man, not only materially, but also spiritually.
The power that brought this about is the Divine inspiration.
This emanated from God; it was God’s will and if this had not happened, one life would not have touched the other and would not have come to life.
But the Divine inspiration passed into the embryo; nay, this young life was inspiration and the plan of evolution began in material and spiritual form.
But what happened before this, André?
Do you feel this miracle?
Have you understood me on our previous journey?
What wonder are we about to witness?
Do you feel the depth of the process of revelation?
I can go on asking you questions, but you must answer me first.’
André calmly thought for a long time, and said: ‘I think I have understood what you mean.
Out of this one body millions of lives were born.
Is that what you mean, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, André, that is what I mean, but how did it happen?’
Again André reflected upon this Divine wonder.
‘How deep this is, Alcar, I do feel its entirety, but I cannot express myself.’
‘Then I will help you.
I want you to feel and understand this.
Haven’t you noticed that we experience on this planet what happened in the entire universe?
That out of this body millions of lives must appear, because this body also divides itself, like God divided Himself?
That this applies to man and animal and all other life?
Thus, out of this body emanated inspiring life, sparks of God, because a planet represents God’s life.
Every particle, however tiny, is God’s life and will represent God as material and spiritual life.
We have followed material life; inspiring life commences here.
Each particle is inspiration, and is part of this planet and is the spark of God, because we were born out of God.
It was accomplished by the condensation process; the process of revelation commenced when this planet divided itself.
Everything we witness here points to this wonder; it could only happen here.
Consequently, it was here that the soul was born; but it only knows action; there is definitely no consciousness; that must be born yet.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, now I feel this mighty event.
How deep it is, and yet, how natural.’
‘So it is, and we encounter this wonder in the entire creation in a perfect and mature condition.
Thus, what happened was brought about by the driving power of the All-power, of which it forms a part.
My point is to explain to you what inspiring life means and how everything happened.
That first action, the touching and repulsion of embryonic life, was essentially nothing but the inspiring life, which we, human beings, had received as part of and attunement to God.
Here, on this location, the first human stage, we feel and see already the direct attunement to God, because we, as inspiring and sensitive life, are a part of Him.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, perfectly.’
‘Well then, during the second stage of human embryonic life, this action was no longer receiving, but it happened on its own power and this was the first ability man had acquired.
During the first human stage man received it from his holy Father; during the second and further stages this was no longer necessary.
Consequently, inspiring life was born during the first stage.
It will also be clear to you, that I could not and should not have told you anything about it on our previous journey, because you would not have understood it and you would not have been able to distinguish between one life and the other, nor between all those actions.
What happened for the material organism and what man received, was also meant for inner life, the life of the soul, which was to become the inspiration and the spiritual body.
Therefore, life of the soul is the nucleus of all life, as it is the depth, the first and most sacred action; yes, it is the spark of God and the Divine inspiration, which every being and every animal can acquire and which belongs to the highest being.
I speak of animal and I actually mean the animal being that we shall also follow for a while.
When the first human embryo contacted the other, one was the creative and the other the driving power.
Both merged, and these, as I explained to you on our previous journey, were the male and the female being.
Although those organs were not yet perfect, fundamentally they were ready, and the power to bring about reincarnation was present.
After this contact, as you know, the first life died, the young life would be born, which actually happened.
I’ll connect you now with the astral world and we shall follow this process of attraction and birth.
I’ll connect you deeper, that is, with the preceding phenomena.’
André clearly felt this and he heard Alcar say: ‘What do you see, André?’
‘Nothing, Alcar, I don’t see anything.’
‘Indeed, my boy, because there isn’t anything yet.
There can’t be anything, any life, in this world, because that which will be present later has to be born yet, or, in other words, the first human embryo still has to die before inspiring life will enter here.’
‘What kind of a wonder is this, Alcar?’
‘This is the wonder which precedes embryonic life, and therefore precedes the birth of the first human embryo.’
It is amazing, André thought.
He did not see anything and there was no life either.
Where was the astral world?
It was empty, entirely empty.
‘Is that correct, Alcar?’
‘Quite, André.
Better ask me a dozen times if you think something is not clear to you, André.’
‘Yes, Alcar, but this I feel and is clear to me.’
‘Then I’ll continue.
You will experience wonders, André, psychical or spiritual wonders.
There is nothing here, absolutely nothing.
You see an empty space.
And this is quite natural, since there were no astral worlds yet; they were still to be born
When the first human embryo was born and had matured and connection was established, that first cell died and it was not until then the astral world came into being, and that world which was to become the invisible world, was born.
It became the Hereafter.
When you leave your body, you enter this world and when man dies he will enter it.
Do you feel, André, where the spheres emanate from?
And that our life is the same condition as that empty world in front of you, but that we and all other life live in the billion-stage?
That we have advanced this far?
That embryonic life of man and animal has evolved and reached the human and animal stage?
But here, on this location, everything was born; this is the origin of creation; the visible and invisible world.
I’ll continue and you will soon see that the astral world is filled with billions of little sparks or living beings.
After the first embryo died and passed on, the inspiring life accepted the astral sphere and waited to be attracted again.
I’ll connect you now with that first stage and you will see the astral world of the first human embryo as an inspiring and living being.’
André observed, he saw billions of luminous little sparks passing by.
‘I show you this world in a luminous atmosphere, André, or you would not be able to see anything at all, because there was no light yet, there could be no light because radiating man had to be born yet.’
My God, André thought, how much you know; how is it possible.
How marvellous and natural all this is.
‘You see, André’, he heard his leader say, ‘all are moving.
In actual fact it is inspiring man and has to become the Divine being.
At this stage and long after it is unconscious, you can see that it is alive, because it is moving.
This little being or life must be attracted, or birth would not be possible.
This life is indeed attracted because this process goes on and on.
From the first stage we pass on to the next and I’ll show you a second stage.
I wonder if something will strike you.’
Again André was connected with the astral world.
What he saw was amazing.
There was more movement and he could see all those little objects better, they were clearly visible.
Wherever he looked, there was life.
To the left and right, above and below him were these little beings of light.
‘Did you feel me, André?’
‘I see them clearly, but I don’t know what it means.’
‘I will explain that.
This is the second stage, and it is, as a result, further advanced than the first.
There is more power during this stage than during the first condition.
So the spiritual energy is stronger and denser than in the first condition, because it can be observed more clearly.
During the following stages it is of course still stronger and more visible.
The reason is that the first embryo in material condition has passed to the second stage, and therefore also that enhanced attunement has set in here.
Did you notice, André?’
‘No, Alcar.’
‘I’ll connect you again with the material world now, and subsequently return to the astral world.
Do you see the second embryonic stage, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘You clearly see that this little being has become larger and has condensed.
Therefore, inner life follows the material world and is an integral part of that body.
Both bodies must merge into one another, and this merging process is a law.
It is like we are in our lives and material man is on earth.
We are the energy for the material being on earth; we are the will man possesses.
It is therefore the inspiring power for what lives in front of you in the second stage of embryonic life.
What we are as spirit and as man is on earth, is already the material and spiritual consciousness – and all that, as I said before – this young life has yet to acquire.
That, André, we shall now follow.
Look, André, how attraction occurs.
I connected you with it on our last journey, but now we follow this process in its general development.’
Again André saw the second stage.
He saw that two cells connected.
The moment this happened, a similar being descended from the astral world and entered both material cells.
He then saw that the connection was interrupted.
‘Could you clearly follow this, my boy?’
‘Yes, Alcar, very clearly.’
‘Then we will follow this little being.
It will live for some time; then you will see an other process, as it has to die.
I’ll keep you connected.’
André kept looking.
Among these billions of lives he followed this one cell.
Amazing how Alcar could achieve this.
He heard him say: ‘Purely concentration, André.
I am one with that little being and recall the past.
You see what I see and what I want you to see.
I can do that, because it is part of reality.
If it were not possible you would feel and notice it.
When a spirit in our world wants to connect himself he can establish this connection when the object belongs to God’s creation, and he possesses the required strength.
He must have this strength at his disposal, otherwise it is not possible.
I can only show you what is present in my own life and what I possess.
You know that too.
You can still see that creature, but I am about to connect you with the next stage.
That little being in front of you has lived for several hours after connection.
So, after several hours this little material being passes over and the inspiring life enters the astral world.’
André saw this wonder happen.
The little being still moved, but he felt its movements weaken.
It went on slowly, still moving.
It was an amazing sight.
It was exactly as if man on earth gasped his life away.
‘Now watch it’, he heard Alcar say.
André felt that the moment had come.
‘What is that; do I see this correct, Alcar?’
‘Yes, you see it clearly, André, the astral spirit, the inspiring life is entering the astral world.
It is the second time you have watched the process of connection, attraction and death during the second stage of embryonic life.
That is birth, death and descent of the inspiring life.
This still happens on earth.
This is reincarnation as it has been in all those billions of years.
If this young life had not been able to attract inspiration, this young life would have suffocated and continuation and reproduction would be out of the question.
No, God knew and oversaw all this; that is why God created His own being; why God gave this being that inspiring power; that is why we possess that spark, that awe-inspiring will, by which we control our own fate, happiness and rest, peace and harmony.
I’ll have to explain all that to you on earth, here, however, everything was preordained in the first instance.
Isn’t it a wonder, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, and yet so natural.’
‘Now I will pass on to the animal world for a while, that also belongs to our work and I have to disillusion anyone who thinks that we, Divine beings, emanated from the plant world and animal kingdom, and that we had to follow that way and life.
Once more: I irrevocably contradict this.
I return to the first stage, because animal life was to be born during that stage.
We follow an identical condition, in the first degree, though now for the animal world.
Look there, in front of you, André, a similar connection takes place.
During the second stage, as you have seen just now, this being was to live for several hours.
I explained this to you a minute ago and on our previous journey.
Now look what happens.
That little being dies, and we follow it.
The astral life has already entered here, but the material being is submitted to a process of decay, out of which the other life was born.
Do feel that it is already in a state of decomposition.’
André saw this amazing process develop.
He saw that this tiny body dissolved into a slimy condition.
Out of this process, however, something came to life, although it could hardly be seen.
Yet, however tiny it was, this little decaying cell produced little animals.
He heard Alcar say: ‘I showed you the result, but a long period of time passed before it was born.
Now watch the process again, André.
What do you see now?’
‘I see hundreds of these little animals, Alcar.’
‘Very good, that is correct.
Out of the first human peel, to put it that way, hundreds of animal lives emerged.’
‘What kind of miracle is that, Alcar?’
‘That is the mightiest wonder we know and at the same time the most natural.
I showed you this already on our previous journey.’
‘Is this known on earth?
Do they know this wonder, Alcar?’
‘No, scientists on earth are searching for the initial stage of man and animal, but they do not know yet which organism was born first.’
‘Can’t that be established?’
‘No, that is no longer possible.
I made it clear to you, however, that the process of revelation was concentrated on one being, and that was the human being.
The next wonder emanated from this event and was the creation of the animal kingdom.
Scientists should to able to feel this process; it is not possible to calculate it.
This planet created inspiring life for the entire universe and it is the all-embracing event of creation.
This body had no other task.’
‘But then, scientists cannot penetrate this depth, because they live on an other planet?
Do I feel that correctly, Alcar?’
‘No, that is not clear, because every planet created its own organism; but here the nucleus came into being for the entire universe, in other words: what happened here, we find again on earth.
But there is more.
Scientists attempt to explain the origin of the universe materially and that is not possible.
When they do not gear up to the spiritual or invisible cosmos, they will never understand nor be able to explain its origin.’
‘You mean to say that they can only establish the origin of man, planets and stars and everything present in the universe when they follow inner life?’
‘Indeed, André; otherwise they cannot penetrate the initial stage, because death is calling them to a halt.
We have seen, and it was explained to you in the temple of the soul, that we, man and animal and everything present in the universe, were born out of nothingness.
This nothingness manifested itself in a twilight, it became denser and denser until the process of development started.
When scientists on earth accept an All-might or All-power, they will penetrate the initial stage, which accommodates the Divine mystery.
They investigate the existing world, which is ready and condensed, but it is behind it, billions of years ago, in the distant past of animal and man, that reality resides.’
‘Can’t they accept that, Alcar?’
‘No, because they do not know nor accept eternal life, they do not understand themselves; they do not feel the profoundness within themselves and ‘death’ calls them to a halt.
Time and again I refer to this, have to refer to this, as it bars their way, it deprives them of their connection with the invisible cosmos.
Reality is behind it, behind that veil, the mystery of ‘death’.
‘Do they know how the condensation process happened, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, they know this process; they have understood and followed it in thousands of conditions.’
‘Do they also know that the earth has been a transparent ball of fire?’
‘They know that too; they have been able to establish that.’
‘Why then do scientists not get any further, because they have certainly made a lot of progress?’
‘As I said before, they search in the existing world, in which is already finished, they follow the activities and eras of the earth but they do not progress, and feel that they are powerless.
Something is calling them to a halt.
Once a certain point is reached they cannot advance any more, because they see the planet earth as a ball of fire, a glowing mass, and life, including that of animal and man, can no longer exist.
It tells them that no life could have been possible previously, and that a second creation has taken place.’
‘But that can’t be possible, Alcar?’
‘I am glad you feel that, André.
No, it is not possible; there has always been life and a second creation conflicts with everything related to the Divine.
The planet earth went through various eras, transitional periods, such as the ice age, the glowing and condensation process.
We, on our side, see through this and know all these conditions.
Not an inch of the earth remained untouched; the entire earth experienced this process, nevertheless there was and has always been life.’
‘And is that the deadlock, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, that’s the end, they feel completely bound up.
Even now the planet earth goes through all these transitions; we still see this process take place in the interior of the earth and the earth undergoes all these transitions, although it is hardly perceptible on the surface.
If all this would stop, if there were no more erupting volcanoes by which this glowing process can be observed, believe me, we would experience on earth what happened here millions of years ago, which is the dying-process of this planet and which the earth would also pass into.’
‘You mean to say that the inner planet lives precisely because of those phenomena?’
‘Yes, André, that’s correct.
That is how we recognize the inner life of every planet.
Here, all this ceased long ago; besides those phenomena did not occur here, at any rate not with that primal force and violence.’
‘Did this planet go through other activities, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, because every planet has its own activity and occupies its own location in the cosmic entirety.’
‘You did not tell me anything about it, Alcar?’
‘No, my son, that is not necessary, you would not be able to tell one thing from another.
I only follow the natural phenomena as we came to know them on our side and by which I try to explain the process of revelation to you.
That will give you an idea how everything has happened.
I hold on to a fixed plan and will not go further and deeper than necessary.’
‘So you do not intend, Alcar, to follow the entire creation and the development of the earth?’
‘No, André, I have not been told to do that, I only follow my assignment.’
‘But you could, couldn’t you, Alcar?’
‘Yes, certainly, I could follow the entire process of the earth; we could write dozens of books about it, but that is not the intention.’
‘Are there scientists on earth, who are beginning to think differently, Alcar?’
‘Yes, certainly; some feel a different creation, but they, too, do not advance any further.
There are scientists on earth who know and accept that one thing was born out of the other and they also feel, which is most important, that everything they observe is only temporal and must dissolve like many other material things.’
‘You know that these scientists exist, Alcar?’
‘Yes, we know that these scientists were born on earth, and they will give science, their study of geology, a powerful impulse; but they, too, will fail, because this theory will not be accepted.
These beings know and feel that life on earth is only a transition to something higher.
They have started on the spiritual way and when they continue they will make progress; but then one theory after another will be dropped.
The learned of today, will be a great nought in the universe tomorrow and especially an earthly being.’
‘If I understood you correctly, Alcar, inner life is fixed to the material cosmos?’
‘Yes, André, and they have to follow that way, in order to advance any further.’
‘This planet has condensed like all others, has it not?’
‘Yes, but the activity and condensation, the many transitions the planet earth experienced, are not present here.
Every planet created its own organism, condensed for the inspiring life to accept an existence, but the planet earth was to complete the organism of man and animal.
The planet earth received all energy when all these planets had fulfilled their task, as I explained to you.
This planet is dying, there is death wherever you look.’
‘How mighty this is, Alcar; I can’t find words for it.’
‘It is mighty, André; and yet we can see through all these laws, because we have experienced them.
We’ll continue and return to that wonder here in front of you.
This cosmic mystery lives right in front of you, and in this way we see all miracles created by God, as we can connect ourselves with them.
You see, André, that animal life was born out of the first human peel.
All these lives will connect again with other beings, which is the way this awe-inspiring process occurred.
The animal kingdom, as you know, emerged out of us, out of the first process of decay.
Out of all this; and that is my point and the reason why I had to explain this again so that you can understand the origin of what I’ll presently show you, how the ‘astral animal world’ also emanated.
I’ll connect you with that world, because that young life also passed over and entered the invisible world.
Do you feel this mighty wonder, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but it never crossed my mind.’
‘Look there, in front of you, another sight: the astral animal world.’
André saw that life.
‘I have only connected you with the animal world, but now I’ll pass on to our own astral world.
Now watch it, André.
You can clearly distinguish the astral animal being from the astral human being.’
‘All this is so amazing, Alcar.
I have no words for it.
How wonderful; both live in the same world and yet one world is separated from the other.’
‘Very well observed, because I wanted to explain it to you.
Now, when man on earth attracts inspiring life, the astral being - I am now referring to our own world - the inner life descends into the embryo and accepts that life.
The inner life therefore returns to the first stage and enters material life, which is the mother; it is the inspiration for that young life.
I want to make clear to you, that this process, this event, has been proceeding in this way all those billions of years and it still happens that way in the perfect material body of man on earth.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘The inspiring life therefore accepts the first stage to inspire the human embryo on earth after fertilization.
The inspiring life is unconscious here, but we shall follow it and presently the inspiring life will acquire instinct.
I have shown you the astral world of our own life and of the animal kingdom.
Also the inspiring power and the prospective mental body; how the animal kingdom was born out of the first peel; and the entrance into the astral world.
Now we’ll continue and pass on to an other stage.
I’ll show you what happened several centuries later.’
Again André saw the astral world.
My God, he thought, what is all this?
‘You see nothing but life, André.
What you observe are the thousands of transitions.
Centuries have passed and you now see the first and last degrees of development together.
We see a similar scene in the material world.
There, too, the young life has multiplied.
We find all those transitions together in the astral world and also in the material world.
Attraction and birth, death and connection have increased to a billion-process, and yet only centuries have passed.
Do you know now the number of souls, how many people live on earth?
And what the first planet had to achieve, and what its task was in this mighty event?
That cannot be fathomed nor calculated; it has to be accepted.
It is not only awe-inspiring, it is Divine, only an All-power could oversee and establish it.
During the first stage you saw an empty space; now there is life and all that life we see again on earth.
All that life will become the inner human being: the inspiring power for the material being; man.
That life is the driving power, the spark of God and at the same time a part of God and it will return to God.
I cannot give you a clearer picture of inner life.
It all happened here, in front of you, André, inner life was born for the entire universe.
Do you feel what this means?
Here on this planet, which as you know is the mother planet, this process took place.
Here, André, reincarnation was preordained to it, and those who cannot accept this will have to wait until they die on earth and enter our world where they will be assisted by their sisters and brothers and must acquire this wisdom.
There are many people on earth who will shrug their shoulders at reincarnation, but others will feeI it, because deep within them this truth and reality is present.
I explained this to you again to prove that reincarnation had to exist in the first instance, or God’s creation would have failed and we would have been destroyed during this stage.’