The second cosmic degree.

‘On the second cosmic degree, the human organism is already perfect.
Transfer from the first to the second cosmic degree is not possible, that is why we first have to follow the transitory planets, and why this is necessary I explained to you a minute ago.
This phenomenon, André, I mean these transitions, is also a mighty wonder, for God came to the aid of the human organism, and that happened on other planets.
These are the transitions to prepare man for the second cosmic degree.
You always see and feel those transitions and connecting stages which we also have in the spiritual life, and which are also for the material world.
You know the first, second, and third sphere as well as the seventh sphere.
In material life on earth, man proceeds from the first material degree to the second and this can be observed in the racial (see article ‘There are no races’ on problem on earth, which I will explain to you later.
They are the material transitions which man has to follow.
Those who belong to the first transition, I mean man on earth, live in the jungle and have not yet reached the higher transitions.
It will therefore be clear to you, André, that all transitions follow each other and are related to each other, that there is nothing without a purpose, and that all that lives is subjected to a specific action, but is part of the whole.
What we observe and establish in creation, we find again in the material and human organism.
These are the material transitions, as I said just now, and they apply to animal, man, and all planets and objects.’
‘Is all that known on earth, Alcar?’
‘No, that cannot be determined by scientists on earth.
We shall now leave this planet, André, and I am going to connect you with the invisible life, which is the astral world.’
André felt himself sink away.
He felt that he passed into the life of his leader and saw what Alcar observed.
The planet where Alcar had shown him all this wisdom sank away, and he was lifted into the astral world.
What he now saw was amazing.
There was life wherever he looked.
He saw large and small beings, all whirling along, passing into each other, and being attracted by the more powerful and larger beings, yet to follow a course of their own.
He felt Alcar moving on, but wherever his leader went, this scene, all this life, followed him.
Now he heard Alcar say:
‘You see, wherever we go there is life.
The astral life you see will animate the organism and will presently be attracted by the first transitory stage.
You will presently feel this power of attraction within you.
But listen now, to what I have to say: A while ago, I mentioned spiritual and material transitions. But there is more, and that is still deeper than all those transitions of which I already told you on earth and also on this side and which I explained to you.
Now look at the astral world, André.
As I said, all these transitions I have explained to you on earth and on this side, and that also applies to the astral world.
Everything lives here in one world, and yet one condition is invisible for the other.
In it lives the spiritual being which is the soul and the animation for the material being.
It is my intention now to let you feel this attraction.
Now pay attention, André.
In the meantime, I will descend on this planet and you will experience it.’
Something began to condense around André.
Oh, he thought, now I am beginning to understand it.
Yet all this life was still around him.
He saw millions of astral beings, but Alcar followed one course, one purpose, and he understood what this meant.
He felt entirely absorbed in this condensation.
Amazing, he thought, now I understand what this is and how birth takes place.
Close by, he saw shadows, and Alcar made him now feel the meaning of these shadows.
André saw they were on a small planet and those shadows were material beings living here.
He now felt himself pass into an astral being, and he heard Alcar say: ‘Feel clearly what happens now.’
André felt a terrible vibration entering him.
He sank into a sleeping condition, but still remained conscious of what he did.
As in a dream, he experienced this event.
When this attraction had happened, he felt himself gain consciousness.
This apparently was the small planet onto which he was attracted.
When he woke up, he found himself on an inhabitable planet, but when he looked around, he saw that death had also made its entry here.
‘Where are we, Alcar?’
‘On the first transition to the second cosmic degree.
Have you felt how this attraction happened?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘This first transitory planet is also dissolving, but there is still life on hundreds of others.
You know now how attraction takes place; it is brought about by two beings.
These are the creative and the driving power, the male and the female organism.
The genital organs have now developed that far that fertilization happens in a different way.
Yet this animal-like being has not reached the human condition as we know fertilization on earth.
I am going to connect you with the past again and you will observe.’
André saw that nature differed from the first planet.
Here, everything had more colour, and had changed; there was also much water in which he saw animal-like beings.
The animal-like being he had seen on the first planet had also reached the shore here, but the organism of this animal-like being was smaller than on the first planet, and the amazing thing he saw was the change this organism had experienced.
The lower part of the body had split, and thereby he recognized in this being, material man, like the human body on earth.
Out of that former animal-like being, an other had appeared.
The head was now visible and had, so to speak, emerged from that coarse body, although it did not yet resemble the human head at all.
The skull was spherical, what once would be arms and legs were still only membranes, but he saw that these organs would also come to full development.
‘You see, my boy, that this planet does its work, like her larger sister did. This small planet transforms the skeleton, it has this power, to make it strong.’
Alcar showed him the skeleton, which he could observe clearly.
‘The material organism here, is only a shadow of its former life on the first planet where the organism was subjected to its full effect; here, this process serves the refinement of the material organism.
You see that this planet has a different substance, and is very similar to the earth.
But again millions of years will pass before the material organism is perfect and the being has to go that long way.
It is here that the animal-like being takes its first steps to complete its way through the universe, from organ to organ.
The road man has to follow – I don’t need to explain that again to you – winds through the universe and finally ends in the Divine All.
Inner life will return many times to this planet, which is reincarnation, and serve to bring the material body and inner organs to perfection.
Here, too, a great process of decay takes place, but this small planet is firmer and more compact than the large planet which dominates this smaller one.
God, therefore, oversaw everything; for what was not possible on the large planet, because its nature did not have this power and lacked the substance for the growth of the material organism, was possible on this small planet.
The material organism present in a rougher condition there, received here that particular power necessary for the material development.
As I said before, the first planet served the origin of the first life, the life of the soul.
It will then be clear to you, André, that when that happened, the interior of that large planet, where we were just now, could be nothing but a process of decay, because by that very process the new life had to be born.
This small planet, however, has a different task and as such it occupies a place in this enormous whole.
What germinated on that larger planet and the millions of lives born there, is reduced here to one-seventh.
That is simple, because this planet is subjected to an other activity and has to perform an other task than the large planet out of which it also was born.
The inner life waited for connection, and this life which was to be born there was also attracted and lived in an other world, the astral world, as you observed just now.
During the first stage, being born and coming into being were calculated at full power.
The soul which entered this life had gone through that activity, and would settle here.
That which the soul had experienced sank back in the astral world and the inner life which is the soul and, on this side, the spiritual body, passed to the unconscious.
We now get to know the world of the unconscious.
You know, however, that no consciousness is yet present, I mean the consciousness which the spirit or soul of man has in its material body on earth.
Yet – and this is my point – this sinking back was envisaged for the later and higher attunements, which is the world of the unconscious, as described by the spirit Lantos.
(footnote in first edition: See: ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.)
If that had not happened, if God had not taken that into account, inner life would already, during the first stage, have suffered a certain degree of insanity, because it could not digest these experiences.
Do you feel how deep this is, André?
Life of the soul, however, came to rest, and all that life and its experiences sank back into the inner self, only to be attracted later.
That is the explanation for the long period of waiting for a new birth.
For hundreds of years may pass before man experiences his next incarnation.
Also there where consciousness has developed, I mean man on earth, inner life needs that long sleep to dissolve its experiences, but the inner enrichment remains and that is the inner life.
This explains at the same time why man cannot remember anything of his previous lives; this is given only to very few people on earth.
They are the sensitive people on earth.
You do feel, André, how tremendous God’s creation is, and how He comes to the aid of man and animal kingdom in thousands of situations.
I could explain to you many of these laws which all prove how natural and simple everything is.
But I will tell you about all this later.
Now we follow material life, the development of the human organism.
On our next journey we shall follow the life of the soul.
Then I shall explain to you the first feelings which the inner life experienced, down to the last degree man possesses, which is the material consciousness we know on earth.
I must proceed that way in order to give you a clear picture of the human organism, and of the route man has to follow from the beginning of creation.
So, I follow the development of the material organism until we have reached the earth where you are still living yourself.
Then you will return into your own body in order to digest all this in your material body, that is in your day-consciousness and several weeks later I will pick you up again when I will explain the life of the soul.
But now I shall continue.
So, on the first planet a gigantic process has been effected, which is the creation of the inner life for the beings living here.
The great driving power which I have mentioned, that dominant urge inner life received there, the advancement to higher spheres you have observed on the shore, all that awakens when young life is born.
What has fallen asleep in the world of the unconsciouss, will awake when this life is born again and this is the inspiration for the development of the material organism.
Do you understand what I mean, André?
You must think well and try to follow me.
What I explained to you on this journey, as I said already, is very difficult; but it certainly is worth your while to focus on me, if you want to absorb and acquire what I tell you.
I spoke of advancement and you have observed this advancement.
The animal-like beings, which had reached the shore, wished to go on, as that driving power was present in that being, which is the Divine Spark, our connection with God.
That awakens, and only that, for it is the power urging the material organism on in an ascending line, the inspiring element.
It is this arch-power which gives that fine organism in a short time a strong impetus on its road of development, because it is initially gifted with that.
Do you understand now that the first planet has the dominating capacity in everything?
That the process of development proceeded there, but that this being could not be born there?
This small planet cannot experience that process of decay on a million scale, because a transition is needed: an other climate and an other power.
This small object is firmer and more compact than the first planet, and this would facilitate the development of the material organism.
Do you understand then, André, that transitions are needed and that God oversaw all that?
Nature commanded that mastership and achieved it.
The first planet, therefore, had no other task than the one it possessed and could accomplish, but according as we proceed, all those bodies will have to accomplish an other activity in order to develop the material organism.
It will, therefore, be clear to you that this is not possible in one single state.
Because, why and for what purpose do we on our side have six spheres in order to be able to enter the highest, the seventh sphere?
When you understand that man was born out of that small embryo and has to follow that long way of development before reaching maturity, this here will also be clear to you, and you can accept all this.
In everything we see those transitions, also in sleep and the deepest, apparent death, all of which I explained to you at the beginning of your development.
In the darkness there are degrees of attunement, or transitions, likewise in the spheres of light, and we, too, know seven degrees in the cosmic picture: these are transitions to gain the highest, the Divine spheres.
The child which has to be born and lives in the womb of the mother, has to experience several transitions before passing to the final stage.
In everything, there are transitions, and these transitions serve the ultimate perfection of the material organism.
What we have known and possessed as man on earth, all those material transitions and, on this side, spiritual transitions, we find again in the universe.
But that which is the universe and are the spheres on this side, in short all the planets, the entire universe, we see reflected in the small organism, man in his perfect condition on earth, and we can also observe that in the animal kingdom.
If this were not so, God’s creation as we have come to learn and understand it, would be different.
But since it is so, we must accept that we go from one place to another and return time and again.
This is reincarnation on all those planets, but this cannot be accepted on earth, as they do not know anything about creation.
Man on earth is blocked by the puzzle ‘death’.
What you have observed up to now is dying and being born, transfer to an other and higher planet, and as we, mankind, are subjected to those changes, we are able to reach the All.
I can prove in various ways and by numerous conditions that we have to follow a cosmic course.
That course was already present during the first human stage, for it progressed from that stage as I explained before.
Time and again I refer to that to make clear to you that it happens all the time, nay, that it is the awe-inspiring event which is contained in God’s revelation-process, to offer us the possibility to return to God.
As I said, André, man on earth cannot accept reincarnation because of their way of thinking and feeling.
They have not yet advanced far enough to feel that problem in their own lives, but those who do feel it, belong to a higher degree of mental development.
You understand, therefore, André, that the transition to this small planet which performs its task in the great Divine plan and belongs to the whole, is necessary, and that it also means reincarnation.
If, during the first stage, death had not occurred after fertilization, the end would have come already there and life would have been deprived of birth.
Is it now clear to you, André, that death is a necessity and that it means birth?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that reality makes me tremble.’
‘We also shivered and trembled, my boy, when we learned all this.
But I will continue, André.
So, here, too, death and birth, and that is repeated until the last being has experienced this.
Then this small planet which is already dissolving, will follow the large mother planet back to the source of all life. But this process will not be observed from the earth either.
Millions of years will pass and they will still not be able to observe these small planets from the earth.’
‘Does this planet belong to the first, where we were, Alcar?’
‘Yes and no.
It receives its power from that large planet that dominates, and yet this planet is in the neighbourhood of the second cosmic degree, to which it belongs.
Every large planet has smaller planets surrounding it belt-wise.
When life has experienced these, it passes on to a higher condition, a larger planet, to accept life there.
The following planet is already larger than this one and these are transitions towards the second cosmic grade.’
‘Is that planet known on earth, Alcar?’
‘Do you mean, whether the second degree can be seen from the earth?’
‘Yes, that is what I mean.’
‘Yes, it can be seen and its power is felt there.
But we will discuss that later, as the material organism has already reached the human condition, though the being is still a prehistoric creature.
As I said several times, this planet is firmer than the first one, which is also for its material life.
This wonder occurs in all transitions and that also applies to the animal kingdom, for that life also passes on to this planet and will awaken here and receive an other organism.
The animal keeps pace with man.
In all these transitions the animal creature which belongs to the animal kingdom follows the rational being, which is gifted with the Divine Spark, and is related to God.
In all those transitions the animal has passed to other stages, meaning that it left one organism to return in another.
I said that there are seven degrees in the animal kingdom.
Now against one condition for man, there are seven conditions for the animal being, which are seven degrees of material life, consequently organisms.
Hence all those different species of animals.
In every transition we find those seven degrees and strength, and that is, as I explained to you, in accordance with the level of the material organism and the strength it possesses.
You will understand now, that the animal organism is far more complicated than the human organism; but man follows one course, whereas there are thousands of transitions for the animal, which it has to follow.
The depth of the animal kingdom cannot be assessed by scientists on earth, but the depth of man can as he lives in the same condition.
The human being, therefore, is not so deep as the animal being, because man has followed one course through all those millions of centuries.
I could not explain all those material transitions of the animal kingdom to you, because to that end we would have to make dozens of journeys and even then you would not be able to tell all those transitions apart.
But, however deep all this is, it can be followed from the beginning of creation of man.
The animal kingdom had also passed on to this planet and we see all these species of animals on earth, but in a completely different organism.
The earth has seen the prehistoric animals, and many are kept in museums.
But the animal that lived here had not yet reached that tremendous size, as this planet was also for the animal in its initial stage of development.
Yet the animal follows us, because it emerged from us, and it will continue to follow until we have reached the Divine Spheres.
Now I will show you an amazing event, and you will pass into that wonder.
You know, André, that we are on a small planet and also that we are in the universe.
You have seen that we experience all this from our own sphere, and that it is possible for us living on this side to connect ourselves with other spheres and to pass on to another body.
We are now in the universe.
Where do you think the spiritual spheres are now?’
André reflected, but could not adjust himself.
‘I can’t connect myself, Alcar, I don’t know.’
‘That you cannot connect yourself is because you see and observe through me, or you should have known it.
How many times have I explained that.
And yet, I know, it is not possible now, for on this side we can only do one thing at a time and pass into it, if we have these strengths.
Therefore it is not possible for you now, but you will experience this wonder so that you will see that everything lives in one condition and the deepest hells are present in the highest spheres, yes in the Divine.
I will only retract you and myself and we pass into our own life.
But we remain on this spot, note what happens now.’
André felt that he was lifted.
Everything faded slowly and he saw that the universe dissolved.
When this had happened, he experienced an other wonder; a powerful light dominated the previous scene and he saw where he was.
‘My God’, he exclaimed, ‘how is that possible, Alcar?
Is this the third sphere?’
‘Yes, André, the third sphere.
You see that wherever man or spirit may be, he will only feel what is his own.
I passed from the material cosmos to the spiritual.
I withdrew into the third sphere and everything living under my own sphere faded because my own possession now dominates.
You also see that everything is present everywhere, the deepest darkness in the Divine Spheres, and that the universe dissolves, because all this belongs to the visible energy.
We returned, and that will be clear to you now, to the inner world, the hereafter, and accepted our own attunement.
If I had wanted to return to my own sphere, I would dissolve, too, and assume my own possession.
So everything is in one condition, in one world, one space, and it will remain one until we have reached our last transition, the Divine Spheres.
Therefore, we can be in the sphere of the earth and yet have returned to the Divine source.
Yet, every sphere is separated from the others, and I showed that to you when you observed the first and second stage.
You see how deep everything is, but we can follow all that on our side, because we have acquired those spheres and transitions, and possess them.
Had this not been possible, God would not have overseen everything in His creation, however nothing stops life when its destiny is perfection.
One sphere keeps us imprisoned from the other; we are confined to it and yet we can go on, but not until we have acquired it, to be able to enter a higher sphere.
You also know how that happens.
Time after time we are going on, we can go on, and this is granted to man and animal.
Between us, the third sphere where we are now, and that small planet, there are millions of transitions, these are conditions in which astral life awaits birth.
Wherever we are, there is life, there is invisible energy.
You will feel, André, that I could continue endlessly, for I know those transitions; it is my possession and it will become the possession of every man.
It will be clear to you, André, that when one looks at the universe from the earth, stars and planets are observed, but there is more in that tremendous expanse.
What we observe from the earth belongs to the material cosmos and is the visible energy, but what we do not observe is the invisible cosmos and what lives in it cannot be seen, nor estimated, because it can only be observed from this side.
Feel that magnitude, feel that depth, feel what it means; only then will man get a vague idea of his Holy Father Who rules everything.
I can still hear my friend on earth say, it is not what we see, but that which is behind it; that is what I wish to know, and that interests me most of all.
That is what I must know and want to know, if God allows me that grace.
Yes, André, that blue light, the sky one sees at daytime, cannot be compared with what is behind that, with the invisible God, who lives in everything.
No wonder scientists say that there is more between heaven and earth than we think.
We can answer them from this side, that they are right and will live to see it.
Now we shall return to that small planet.’
André felt himself sinking back.
When he woke up he found himself again in the universe.
He saw all those stars and planets again; wherever he looked, they occupied a place in the universe.
How mighty everything was and how much did he admire his leader.
He had certainly not expected this.
‘Have a look at this animal, presently we will go on.
From here, as you know, it will proceed to another stage.
There is not so much life here as on that larger planet, as I explained to you.
However, this being has freed itself from its former condition.
It already tries to move on in a human way, but that is not yet possible, it will not be achieved until the next stage, because the organs will then also have reached a higher stage.
This development enables the being to move on in a different way.
Again a higher level of development but an other sphere, a planet performing refinement of the material organism.
The maximum age of the animal-like being here varies from ten to twenty years.
There are also transitions in age.
The more perfect the animal-like being becomes, the older it will grow.
This is different for the animal kingdom, however, and is related to the degree of life in which it lives.
On the second degree, human life reaches thirty to forty years of age.
On earth it is not much higher, but you must not calculate it by earthly standards, as they have no cosmic meaning.
I do not calculate because I know, and this knowledge is fixed in the universe.
I follow degrees of strength from the initial stage of man.
You can clearly see, André, that astral life is waiting here, which may take millions of years.
It cannot be determined how many souls there are; we discussed that already.
But life of the soul was born in the first degree, like the material organism was born.
Now, before following life which lived here, I must say this: I cannot explain to you the total composition of the universe, for the simple reason that I do not know the highest degrees, and that would also lead too far.
But I’ll try to give you a picture, so that you can feel what degrees of cosmic attunement are, to which all those transitions are connected.
There are seven degrees of cosmic attunement in the universe.
You also know that there are transitions in those degrees, serving the perfection of the material organism.
There are thousands of planets around the first degree which are all related to it and are influenced by it.
Furthermore all those objects have one solar system serving the development of all these organs.
Therefore, in the first attunement, I can pass on to hundreds of planets, while remaining in one and the same condition, since this life has not changed in any respect.
It has to follow that long course, however, and all this serves the development of the material organism.
I cannot follow all those transitions now, because it would lead too far.
But you will now be able to sense the tremendous expanse of the universe.
Thousands of smaller and larger planets belong to one degree.
And there are seven degrees; therefore, in all those seven degrees, there are millions of planets.
Every degree has its own solar system.’
‘Can those planets be observed, Alcar?’
‘No, all these planets are invisible for the earth, because they belong to the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh degree.
On our final disembodiment, I shall connect you with the fourth cosmic degree.
Every planet has it own place in this large whole and its own task, for God created nothing for nothing; everything was necessary and participated in this tremendous work.
All these planets trace their own orbit, have to follow their fixed course and to complete their own task.
You do understand, André, that it is not possible for me to explain all that.
But by visiting some of these planets you will get a clear idea of the whole.
This I’ll try to give to you, so that people on earth can form an idea of what the universe is like and how all this came into being.
It is my chief object to prove to them that reincarnation on earth is a fact, for, had this been impossible, we all would have suffocated in the first stage, and creation would have been a failure, as I often explained before.
We see, therefore, from the beginning of creation that one stage follows another, and only when this was complete could inner life pass on.
Have you been able to follow me in everything, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I am very grateful to you.’
‘Then I will go on; you will descend onto this planet and observe, after which we will leave.
You see, André, that life, mountains and valleys, water, greenery and air are also present here.
Over there, to your right, you see the earth and, there, on the other side, that first large planet.’
Amazing, André thought.
Through Alcar, he looked into the past, a past of millions of centuries ago.
But he had to accept all this because it was all alive in front of him.
My God, he thought, who will ever be able to understand You?
Then he heard Alcar say: ‘We shall now go to the next stage, but won’t stay there long, as I want to go on to the second degree.
We shall move on, float onwards.’
André felt himself return to his own life.
Alcar said: ‘You will continue to observe in your own life and I shall only connect you when necessary.’
‘What are these small planets called on earth, Alcar?’
‘Many smaller planets are seen from the earth and they are called satellites or guards.’
‘Is this planet one of them?’
‘No, this one has a completely different activity.’
‘Is the activity of the small planets known?’
‘No, this is not known on earth either; even if something were known, the real truth cannot be learned until on this side.
On earth one does not penetrate to this depth.
All these planets are observed there, but only when they have advanced will they come to understand the activity of all these planets and know that there must have been life on them.’
‘So there are also planets or stars without life, where man cannot be born?’
‘Yes, millions of smaller and larger objects have never known any form of life, and it cannot be born there.
Only on those planets which were subjected to the process of condensation, and had to perform a task for the living organism, was life born.
The solar systems have an other task essential for the germination and awakening.
The own power and energy of a celestial body is not sufficient to awaken life.
Yet its own energy radiates the whole and this can be observed on earth when the sun has set.
One can then see the universe, but during daytime the sunlight dominates and outshines all those bodies belonging to this solar system.
But all bodies which have performed their task, dissolve, lose their power and disappear, as I told you.
See, we are already on an other transition and shall stay there for a while.
This one is larger than the last one we were on.
Here, life no longer exists either.
I’ll connect you, though, because you will see that this was once an inhabitable planet.’
André felt that Alcar was going to connect him.
What he saw was curious.
He immediately saw the being which had once lived here.
This being was nearly like man on earth.
The material body had become slimmer; its stocky build had become more delicate.
‘It is amazing, Alcar.
How rapidly this being developed.
How long did it take to reach this stage?’
‘I’ll give you a clear picture of what was needed, but when I say that millions of years went by, will you be able to accept that?’
‘Were so many years needed?’
‘Do not forget, André, that this process serves the perfection of the material organism.
You see that this planet is directed at the embellishment of the material organism, necessitating all these transitions.
The material organism has changed, but inner life has also advanced to a further stage.
The animal-like being, however, still lives on in its unconscious condition.
As you see, the skeleton has already changed.
The lower part of the body has appeared, which you have seen there where we just were, but here it approaches perfection.
The human organism has, however, not yet reached its size.
This will happen during the next stage.
It has to experience some more transitions before this animal-like creature is attracted by the second degree.
Here, too, in the astral world, inner life waits to be born again.
The organs have, at the same time, reached a higher stage, and this being already undergoes the reproduction process in the human way.
Man here - if we can call him man already - lives in caves and entrenches himself in the ground against the changes in nature, for it finds warmth there.
You see it has nothing human; and yet it has reached this stage, though it has to experience some more transitions.
Its build is plump and clumsy and yet elastic.
The upper part of its body is stocky, but its head can be clearly seen, and one feels that this part will attain the desired development.
The highest degree of development this being can achieve is the one it follows, and where it will be born.
But now other laws come into relief, which we missed on the first degree, and have come into being during this development.
Now listen carefully, André.
The lowest degree of development of the next stage is the highest on this planet.
What is necessary for all those transitions, we will find on the last one, and that means that all those properties the material organism has are combined there.
Thus, all those transitions are found during that last stage, and there we see a variety of human bodies, large and small, plump and slim, stocky ones, and many other imperfections.
This can still be seen on earth, for these beings live there, too.
There, the small organism is known which is essentially perfect, because it has experienced all these transitions and consequently has a cosmic meaning.
They are the various degrees of the human organism.
Life was also on this planet, here man lived and returned many thousands of times to reach the highest stage.
The being does not remember anything of its experiences there, but the soul has gained all this wisdom, which is revealed in this life.
It is revealed in its search for food, and this is found, because this planet was ready to receive this life.
You see how God oversaw everything.
When this being was about to pass on to this planet, food was available, as on the preceding planets.
Nature is again different, more perfect, I should say, more like nature on earth.
Yet there was something urging this animal-like being on, and this progress and this searching are the depth of its inner life to reach the real attunement in the material life.
The animal kingdom was also represented here.
The animal which belongs to the animal kingdom, has, like man, passed on to higher degrees.
Wherever you look, the animal is following in our footsteps.
Here, too, we see the many species of animals which were known on earth and are still present there, although the prehistoric animal species have become extinct.
Extinction, as you see, goes on in the entire universe, but it means accepting an other organism.
Whatever we observe from the beginning of creation, and whatever we connect ourselves with, we see death and birth while everything changes.
This process has been going on for billions of centuries and we are still not yet on earth.
Do you feel now, André, what it means to be a human being on earth?
In a while, when you stand in front of your own body, you will fully realize this.
What the material organism has experienced – not to speak of the inner life – is unmentionable.
Man on earth should accept that, but he is not yet aware of it.
I hope, however, they will now realize that they will return to God, and change their way of life.
If, with all this, I can convince one human being, my work and effort are rewarded.
We do not ask for more, as we know it isn’t possible.
My masters will be satisfied and happy when they experience this, and we can be thankful that God has granted us this grace.
Man on earth should learn to understand this grace; I do not desire more as I could not ask for more.
I am happy, André, that I am allowed to do this work, and in the spheres it is known that this is a grace.
Let’s hope this happens and will irradiate mankind.’
‘What did these people live on, Alcar?’
‘On meat, André, which they found in abundance.
The organs are designed for nothing else, and you surely feel that these beings still belong to the animal-like being.
This phenomenon is still found on earth.
Man has not changed in that respect; this will only change on the fourth cosmic degree.
The few people who proceeded to vegetarianism are the forerunners, like it is on this side and the whole of the fourth cosmic degree.
The people who lived here, as you will feel, were still unconscious and knew no God.
They were still animal-like beings and only on earth did they change in this respect.
I have not mentioned that subject yet, because it was not necessary.
I shall explain all this to you on our next journey, from the instinct, up to the consciously-waking being.
You see, André, mankind has made progress and has already occupied a place on the inhabitable planets.
But this being is not perfect, it still has to go on.
Out of this animal-like being, as you will see presently, man will emerge.
Now I’ll pass on to the next planet.
There is life still and it is the last transition I want to follow before passing on to the second degree.
Only then will you have received a clear picture of the plan of evolution of the material organism.
So, you will now see the last transition before the second degree is reached and life passes on to it.
Come, we will go on.
You have seen how far man has already advanced, but we have to go ever further before reaching the earth.
One transition served the strengthening of the skeleton; the next planet was for the inner organs and the process of growing of the entire organism; an other gave the being what it needed most, and all these planets had their own power and activity, which was influenced by the dominating power of the first degree.
When all these planets had performed their task, the first energy was spent, and the process of dissolving of this mighty planet and the others where we were just now, as well as those which we could not visit, could start.
That happened not a second too early, nor too late, so that there was no question of domination in a heightened condition.
Everything here follows a fixed law, and that law is the material power known on earth, which is the birth of a child from the first moment after fertilization.
During the first stage, every planet had its own radiation, and this radiation has been visible from the earth and is still visible of those planets which occupy a place in this mighty whole.
Even though they have performed their task, the powerful influence of these bodies is felt on earth.
They will exercise their influence on other organs until the deepest inner part is consumed and dissolved and the final stage has set in.
This final stage is the first moment of the process of revelation.
You have seen that in the temple of the soul.
It is as on earth, and this returning to the Divine source is birth and death on earth.
Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return; this is a law, the Divine law, and it applies to the entire universe.
It is all one and the same action; in everything we find degrees of power and attunement.
The first embryo was already material energy and the grown-up being; man in his material organism, the human organism, returns to the invisible energy and helps maintain the universe, however modest it may be.
Thus, André, death and birth, passing over and returning to the Divine source applies to all these enormous planets, but also to the smallest insect known on earth.
When this is so, and is fixed in the universe, do you feel then that there is one power ruling all this?
That we must bend deeply for God, who has given us all this?
That it is a tremendous grace that we shall return to God?
What more can I say to make clear to man on earth that there has to be reincarnation, or else we had not been born and would not be on earth?
Can’t they accept this great wonder?
Would evolution be possible, if this wasn't there?
Fundamentally, we are one with God and with nature, for it is nature that feeds and supports us.
We belong to the visible and invisible energy as material and spiritual life, of which the inner life is the Divine Spark forming our entire being.
Yet man seeks, but does not know of a beginning nor end, does not know what he belongs to, and does not understand himself.
He who has come to understand himself, feels that he belongs to all this.
Man has to follow a long road, but once man understands where it is leading to and what purpose everything serves, he can accept it, for it takes billions of years to enter consciously into the universe.
It is certainly no earthly possession God, our Father, has given us and which we have to acquire, but it includes the entire universe.
We who have reached the spheres of light, know and understand all those powers, and prepare ourselves to enter a higher stage.
We know that the first human beings have already come that far, and that they watch us from their Divine Sphere and help us from afar.
The perfect being of God, who once returned to the earth to teach man to know their God, was nailed to the cross.
But our Father foresaw even that, and so did God’s Holy Child; it was known in the highest spheres what would happen.
And yet, this perfect human being descended to the third degree and preached the gospel.
This is no longer necessary for the fourth degree.
The people living there, who once inhabited the earth, have acquired that spiritual sphere and love everything that lives.
But this was meant for the earth, as the earth is the third degree of cosmic life.
The earth occupies this place in the universe, because the material organism has advanced that far, that the life of the soul could commence.
I shall return to that subject on our next journey, when I’ll explain all those transitions of the soul to you.
You see, André, there are transitions in everything; these transitions are essential, because the inner life as well as the material organism would not otherwise have been able to digest this higher condition, power and energy.
Wherever you look, where the human being and animal live, everywhere you feel those transitions.
Slowly but surely man follows his road and will reach the All.
Look there, André, a further transition.
No need to connect you with the past now.
This is still a state of existence.’
‘How is it possible, Alcar?
These beings already have the build of man on earth, but how wild is their appearance.’
‘Do not forget, they still have to pass on to the second degree.
This body is like a prehistoric animal.
It looks like the most powerful ape species.
It is very similar to this kind of animal, but in actual fact it has nothing to do with it.
Yet, you would be inclined to think that we human beings descend from these animals and for a while one has embraced that theory.
Yet, it has not been accepted.
Slowly but surely, scientists are beginning to fathom the depth of the human being, but they still don’t yet know how everything has come about.
Nor will they accept what I told you, because science must prove it before accepting it as an established fact for further development.
As long as the earth has existed, there have been scientists who search and formulate some theory or other, only to drop it later on.
But one day they will follow an other course, and beings will be born who will give science a strong impulse towards the initial stage.
They are now looking for that which lives above them and is the universe, but they had better fathom the depth of the past.
All that lives on earth can tell them, as it is part of creation.
These beings, André, this animal-like species with the Divine nucleus, will be born on earth.
As I said before, they live on meat and find it in abundance.
These people spend their lives eating and stimulating the plan of evolution.
They also live in caves, and when a young life is born and grows up to live its own life, nobody bothers about it any longer.
They already have a powerful personality, and yet this personality is no more than the animal instinct.
A good old age is not yet reached here, as people experience that on earth.
This keeps pace with the perfection of the material organism.
The animal-like being unites with the other life present here, and subsequently goes its way, never giving a thought to what was achieved.
In everything it is unconscious; there is no consciousness.
They will only receive that consciousness or awakening until on the second degree; the instinct has then changed into conciousness.
I will explain all that on our next journey.
You see that the entire body is covered with hair, as are its crude head and claws.
In this animal-like being resides the primal strength of all spent and received energy.
This organism was built up during all those billions of centuries.
Nature has gifted it with animal instinct; it senses where it should go and slays whatever comes within its reach.
This mentality is still present on earth.
Yet, those beings live at a higher stage, in the third degree.
When we have returned to the earth, I shall also explain that problem to you.
For why are people still living in the jungle, whereas others dwell in palaces and buildings, and have a different mentality and feel themselves at a higher stage?
I will prove to you that it belongs to the plan of evolution, and that those ignorant of civilization on earth still have to reach that stage.
Look there, André!
In front of you you see a mother with her child.
The child rests against her breast and she nurses it until that young life has sufficient strength to move about, when the mother will leave this young life and it is independent.
Its feeling is the instinct and it has no human qualities yet; those qualities forming the character still have to be born.
Reproduction occurs in the way I just told you.
This is in accordance with nature, for this animal-like being essentially belongs to the animals and cannot act differently, as it lacks the feelings we people on earth have.
Deep human love still has to be born and awaken.
But do not try to take this young life away from it; it would attack and kill you if you wanted to deprive it of its happiness, which it feels as animal.
During the first few years, the young life is nursed directly by its mother, just like on earth; this has remained unchanged, although on earth the physique has developed to its highest degree.
Here, too, the young life receives that mother-strength, but later it feeds like the fully grown beings and satisfies itself like the predator in free nature.
But you feel and see its care; it anxiously carries its possession along, but there is no trace of the father.’
‘They live like wild animals, don’t they, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
The father, who has accomplished this, is not aware of it, and is ready to mate again with the first female being coming its way.
It is like the animal kingdom on earth, and how could it be different?
The animal-like being, which is man here, does not feel different from the animal; it does not possess this consciousness and still has to achieve that inner strength and feeling.
There, André; in front of you, you see another mother.
She is more robust and stronger than the other being you just saw; these are the seven material transitions, which we know on earth and are also present here.
Here we find all those transitions in one condition, and that is because all those planets make their power felt, and this is present in the material organism.
It is clear that the material garment has reached this stage by combined forces.
We shall presently see this on earth, and they are the seven degrees for the material organism, which we know, and for the universe the planets which have jointly achieved that.
And yet, this animal-like being in its material condition is like man on earth.
The material garment has reached this stage through all those centuries, and will presently pass on to the second cosmic degree, which we shall also visit.
The planet where we are now has a different substance than the previous planets, and this is to the benefit of the material garment.
The robustness you see in this body, this unconscious strength this being radiates, has entirely passed on to the second degree, and there we see a different build.
This thick-set animal-like being has changed there into an upright being.
This bulky but elastic being which you see here has completely vanished on the second degree, and the creature has attained the normal and natural physique.
Here you can meet monsters and also differently built beings, but most of them possess that stocky material condition.’
‘How is their inner life, Alcar?’
‘Oh, that is amazingly natural, André.
This phenomenon, which may serve as an example for man on earth, is the awe-inspiring wonder of nature.
This animal-like being mates in a natural way, which means, when the time occurs.
It is therefore remarkable how accurately this animal-like being follows and experiences its feelings.
If man on earth in the third stage could control himself equally well, he would follow the way of nature, and this sacred event, which is sacred, would take place in a natural way.
Then it would take place as the animal kingdom experiences this.
Therefore, man is in this respect below the animal instinct, for man experiences this event by his own will, by his intellectual capacity.
Because man has these qualities, this intellectual capacity in every respect, he has also laid aside his pre-animal feelings, his instinct, and acts in accordance with what he now possesses.
This animal-like being and all animals of the animal kingdom act as they should act, nature asks when the being is ready for fertilization.
Man, however, acts for pleasure, and this pleasure is passion and animalization, an abuse of natural powers and feelings.
The churches have incited that.
What they did was rouse passion, but we shall discuss that on our next journey.
This animal-like being acts in a natural way, and you will understand that this is not multiplication as it happens on earth.
But on the second degree a change has already set in, for instinct has attained consciousness there, and also a conscious sense of good and bad.
From the second degree onward, man is aware of what he does and is responsible for his deeds.
If God had not given us all these mighty things, if we were not attuned to Him, we would have remained in that animal-like life.
This animal-like being, my boy, lives as it should live; it cannot live otherwise.
We, too, observe that in the animal kingdom and to whichever degree the animal may belong, it acts and lives as it should live.
This animal-like being mates only once per year and then the young life is born.
The next year as well, but during that period and that is the intention, it does not feel that it is a female or a male being.
The animal-like being has its organs and lives; it will create or conceive.
You also see, André, how perfect nature already is, and that we see its resemblance to the earth.
Yet the substance of this planet differs from that of the earth.
Here also they feel cold and heat and yet these climatic changes are below those on earth, which is caused by the orbit of the planet in the universe and by the influence of the sun.
Everything is based on this influence; life lives in accordance with it and knows it in advance, because the animal has, through the centuries, slowly acquired this power, which is the instinct.
Here it looks like on earth, but if you could feel the soil, you would immediately notice.
The material organism has therefore been built up by an other substance, but the second degree is different again, as is the earth.
This transition, André, also serves the perfection of the material garment which was subjected to this action and force of nature.
Later you will see man as he is on earth, but also on the second degree we see various organisms; you know those degrees now.
There, the head stands out far above the material garment, the claws have changed into arms, and the legs have assumed human forms.
This body needed billions of years to reach this.
Still, it is not yet on the third degree.’
‘Do these beings also dwell in caves, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
On the second degree too, and at the beginning of the third degree, so on earth, man did not know houses; these buildings did not appear until later.
They live in caves here, in a natural way.
Sometimes they are in groups together, and yet, everybody is left to his own devices and follows his own way.
You see in these caves here mother and child and all those who carry, or have, young ones.
Millions of these beings lead a solitarily and lonely life which changes on the second degree and also on earth.’
‘You mean they live in groups on the second degree and on earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
On this planet they have not yet advanced that far.
Here, too, we see those seven material degrees of the human organism and the inner, but astral, being descends into the female body.
Wherever we are, we see those seven cosmic degrees, which are found on earth and are the various races (see article ‘There are no races’ on
All that is preordained in the plan of evolution; it is the cosmic picture or God’s revelation, the transition towards the perfect human organism.
The first stage we know was that first mother, but the other mother, even though present in these surroundings, lives already in that second degree which we meet in the same condition.
The animal kingdom is also present here.
I’ll concentrate on an animal and we shall meet it.
You know that we can follow only one road on this side; by concentration I arrive at the place I have in mind and wherever the being may be, I shall find it.
That is also possible here.
Come, André, we shall go for a walk.
You would think you were on earth, but we are on an other planet.
I wish people on earth would not find this so unbelievable.
We on our side can connect ourselves with everything living under our own sphere, and then pass on into that condition.
We can travel to all those planets, the entire universe, and if we can return to the earth, it is also possible to visit another planet where we once lived.
That is a great wonder for man on earth, but how simple everything really is.
Those on earth who possess that gift, who can be with us by disembodiment, can stay in the spheres and observe all this beauty.
He returns to the earth with this wisdom and knows what he has experienced, if he owns that gift consciously.
You have that gift and the many journeys we have made together have given you all this wisdom.
That is, for man on earth, the highest he can experience there.
But many people will shrug their shoulders when they read that you have been with me on other planets, but here every spirit is conscious of his condition, and can, therefore, experience this sphere.
Those who own inner light know what they observe and where they live; they are those who have reached the spheres of light.
They who entered the spheres of light from the earth – you have heard that from Gerhard and Jeanne and the spirit Lantos – all of them, every spirit, every man, have made journeys to the earth, to the darkness, the dark spheres of hell, and the many planets below their own sphere.
(footnote in first edition: See: ‘Those who came back from the Dead’ and ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.)
They have learned life there and that there are planets in the universe on which they have lived.
Small wonder, when we say that we make journeys which may last centuries.
They return to where they have lived and both experience all those degrees of cosmic powers; they experience their mistakes and sins; they live through accepting one material organism and passing away from the other.
They experience all this coarser love and follow the instincts they have known.
They go from planet to planet and then descend concsiously into the world of the unconscious and pass on to those many lives.
They follow everything, and one day arrive at the earth.
There they have consciously destroyed themselves many times and yet have met again and again through all those centuries.
Everything they have experienced on earth they experience again, and thus they travel through the universe, sustained by that tremendous love they possess and learn to know themselves.
And when they finally return to the spheres, they know they have lived on all those planets and they prepare themselves to attain that further and higher condition.
And they will reach this condition or sphere, for they have to go higher and are one with Him, our Father.
In this way, I have experienced all those wonders together with my twin soul and we thanked our great and almighty Father for everything we have achieved, and although we suffered a lot of agony, we had to achieve all this ourselves.
With her, I followed all my thousands of lives and the many we lived together on earth.
There we have known each other in dozens of lives, and in all those lives we did not know it, because, on earth, we cannot see into the past.
Yet, all those lives were within us and we have experienced that process.
Thus I travelled with my eternal possession to all those planets as everyone on earth will live to see.
The reason why so little is heard about that on earth is that they have not got that far yet and do not even accept that they live eternally, and that it is possible to go further.
Yet, everybody will receive that grace, and when you experience this together with your twin soul, my holy Father in heaven knows how tremendously happy one feels on all those planets.
Not a soul will disturb you, for all those you meet are busy re-living their own past.
My eternal happiness and I thanked God for everything from the bottom of our hearts.
We kneeled down and prayed, and continued our journey which lasted centuries.
People on earth laugh at what they do not understand.
They have no idea of what lives on our side, nor do they perceive what lives in the universe, but when they enter here they will get to know.
Then they thank their God for that mighty power, that eternal possession, which every soul may call its own once they have advanced that far.
However, we shall reach many people on earth, and I am doing all this work for those who feel this love, and also because the time has come that they can digest it.
I already said that it was not possible to bring these treasures on earth, because the mentality was still at the level of the pre-animal being.
Now that people are freeing themselves from that pre-animal level, and they begin to feel there is more than they know, that death has dropped its mask for thousands of people and they are learning to understand themselves, we can come from our side.
This has been going on for many years, because the need for nourishment for the mind makes itself felt.
The century in which man on earth now lives is the century of spiritual enlightenment, and thousands are with me on earth to provide man in all countries with nourishment for the mind.
Now the time has come that they can be told of planets, and although all those degrees and powers make them feel dizzy, and even though they do not feel that billion-process in its entirety, it will give them an idea of what it is like.
There is nothing strange in all this, nothing unnatural or improbable; it is nature, all of us have experienced it and emerged from it.
Those on earth who open their minds, those who yearn for nourishment of the mind, can enlighten themselves by what is given to the earth.
Travelling through the universe, André, is reserved for everybody.
When it is possible for us to return to the earth, why then, should this be impossible?
What more can I say?
Those who are still in doubt, who need to see this first before they can accept it, have not advanced that far, but I tell you, man on earth, prepare yourself so that you can receive it on this side.
Look there, André, a being of the animal kingdom.’
André was scared stiff.
‘What kind of an animal is that?’
‘A prehistoric animal.’
André saw a greenish monster.
Its size was tremendous and it lived in these surroundings.
‘This animal, André, is found on earth in the third era.
The animal is really very harmless and yet it has destructive feelings.
Though it has attained a tremendous size, it is even bigger on the second degree.
But see how perfect this animal already is, and yet it was born out of that invalid first human embryo.
Several species of animals are living here, but most of them are living in the seas and are, therefore, in a different stage.
The terrestrial animal had to make a long detour and is now passing on to this plan of evolution.
The animal kingdom has gone through thousands of stages and this is only established on the second degree.
Consequently, thousands of animal species live on the second degree.
This planet has a deep tranquillity equal to the peace the human being, who is in the second sphere of our side and gets ready for the third sphere, feels.
I have already explained all that to you and now you can compare this tranquillity you feel here.
The human being lives in that tranquillity and feels it, but is not conscious of it.
That is a distinct phenomenon, and we know these phenomena, as we find them on earth and on our side.
It is the preparation for an other life, which is lived in an unconscious condition.
There is peace here, and the tranquillity you feel dominates on the second degree.
This animal in front of you is twelve to fifteen feet large, but there are small species, too.
The animals you know on earth, however, are not yet present here, nor are they on the second degree.
You see that, as man progressed in his evolution, the animal keeps a close track.
All those transitory planets also serve the animal kingdom and, although these animals are perfect, they still belong to the imperfect animal species.
It is not until on earth that they reach this level and that is the seventh (material degree of the third) degree of cosmic attunement.
We find this greenish monster again during the initial stage of the earth, but, during its further stage, the animal differs from this prehistoric monster.
The inner body of this animal nearly disintegrates but remains intact.
Its skeleton has not sufficiently developed.
It lives on land and in the water.
But the animal passes on to an other stage, which it receives on the second and third degree.
Many species of animals have reached the negotiable planet, which hardened in all those centuries.
Others, millions of them, live in the deep waters and still have to go through that stage.
But when they have followed that process, that animal awakes in an other organism and is attracted on that other planet, and it has then reached a further stage than these monsters.
The animals which become extinct, and that process has already set in, pass on to the All and then belong to the invisible energy and therefore dissolve completely.
Wherever there is life, André, everything, the material organism as well as the spiritual garment, returns to the All.
Nothing is or can get lost.
When we are going to visit the waters, which we shall do on the second degree, you will see how abundant life is, for the animal kingdom has branched off a thousand-fold.
Wherever we are, we see life and death.
In the universe, the large objects, the planets, condense; in the interior of the earth we find the same process, and on the inhabitable planets we see the development of man and animal.
All that is God and will remain God; that is energy, visible power, animated and brought to life by God.
Man leaves the earth, the celestial bodies dissolve and disappear, and animals become extinct, or pass on to an other stage.
In this way, this process has been going on for billions of years, and billions of years will yet pass before the earth has reached that stage and will also dissolve.
The animal you see in front of you will soon die.
It already feels that influence.
This is again for the next process, which we got to know on the first degree, when I connected you with it.
For the animal kingdom, this is a similar condition.
This animal has dropped its fish-like condition and already lives on earth, but you can tell from that slothy body, that it moves on with difficulty.
It has not yet assumed its natural condition.
This is a transition and this transition lasts a great many centuries, when a different and more powerful species is born out of this animal.
Other species still live in the seas, but they are also engaged in freeing themselves from that stage, and will reach the negotiable planet to accept an other organism.
That is how the animal evolves.
I could connect you with many beings here, but later on we shall see this process many times, and I shall be able to explain more.
They are living there near man, and here we see them in the deep jungle, where they hide only to appear when hunger impels them.
This animal lives on land and in the water, but there are other species living on the negotiable planet.’
‘Are there already winged species of animals, Alcar?’
‘No, that degree cannot be born here, nor on the other planets.
That degree of development, which is the highest the animal can attain, is not found until on earth; they were born there on the third degree.
If you have been able to follow me in everything, you will feel that all these animal species have to pass on into others, and that is a law for man and the animal being.’
‘It is amazing how natural everything is, Alcar.’
‘You see, André, again and again those material and spiritual transitions of the human and animal life, pass on from one material organism to another.’
‘Will all these animal species, and those still on earth, now in my era, dissolve?’
‘Indeed, André, all those animal species will pass on into a higher species of which I told you.’
‘Then it is all clear to me, Alcar.’
‘The animal species we meet here are those monsters living at the banks of rivers and in the seas.
There are not so many living on the land yet, but those which do live there are so unnaturally sized that they would frighten you, if you met such a monster.
That is because the animal has to experience all those transitions, which bring it from one unnatural condition to the other, until the animal kingdom has reached its perfect organism.
When it has finally assumed its definite state of existence, and has freed itself from its preliminary stages, the animal has reached the seventh material degree and continues on our side and can no longer return to the earth.’
‘It has then, like the human being, reached its highest degree, Alcar?’
‘Exactly, very good, so it is, André.
You feel that human beings and animals are attracted by other planets, but only when they have completed their cycle on those planets and have reached that far.’
‘Will all those monsters, which are now still found in the seas, dissolve, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, but that will also take thousands of centuries, although it must happen.
All those animal species will and must become extinct, or the plan of evolution would come to a standstill, and man and animal would not reach the All.
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
Do they know about it on earth?’
‘No, my son, science has not advanced that far; they can’t know anything about it.’
‘It is all so unbelievable and yet so natural, Alcar.’
‘So it is, André; on this side we learn to understand and accept those laws of nature.
Look, there, another being out of which an animal evolves, which you know on earth and has been found there for many centuries.
This animal, André, looks like a toad, a tremendous monster, but its body will harden to grow a shell covering its entire body.
You surely understand what I mean?’
‘Is it, or will it become, a tortoise, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
Enormous animals are living here, and we find them by the thousands on the second planet.
One does not know what to do with them there, and their existence is an awful torment.’
‘You mean for the people living there, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my boy.’
‘Is this animal also present?’
‘Yes, and we also see this animal being in its perfect condition on earth.
You do feel what a tremendously long way this animal has to go before reaching that level.
When this animal appears on earth during the initial stage, it is five, nay, ten times larger than this animal which essentially carries its plan of evolution.
Its body is still loose and flabby, but it will condense during all those centuries.
We shall closely approach that animal, because it can’t see us anyway.’
André looked at the animal, it had a greenish-grey colour, and its legs were already powerful.
He saw that this animal belonged to the species already present on the planet earth.
‘Have a good look, André, you see that the animal’s skin already shows those scaly spots.’
‘What a monster, Alcar.
It looks like it only consists of water.’
‘That is obvious, because it is an aquatic animal.
Its broad head will change; its entire body will harden and its inner organs will develop.
We shall see this animal again in a following incarnation.
These animals have attained this tremendous size on the second degree and also on earth.
Then again new lives follow, out of which, like man experiences, the true animal evolves, subsequently to pass on into another organism.
The previous planet and this one, therefore, serve the formation of its material organism, which attains full development on the second degree.
You will tremble when you presently see the many animal species known there.
The human being there also has an unusual size.
Only on earth does man and animal assume their normal form and you will observe that wonder later.’
‘Are the various seasons known here, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, but not the perfect change of seasons as we know on earth.
The location of this planet, its place in the solar system, and its task in the plan of creation are such, that the living organism experiences this, which is the cosmic attunement for man and animal, implied in the condensation process.
We see that in everything here.
The trees differ from those on earth; what we know there as the normal wood-substance, and which is achieved by nature on earth, is not condensed here.
The soil is of the same substance and the water is still muddy, a greasy mixture, in which animal life exists.
There is nothing here which is already known on earth; everything on the planet earth is essentially perfect, like the material organism of man and animal.
Neither do we see the lustrous green of plants and trees here, nothing of what nature has produced on earth.
Man and animal live in a transition to the real and natural state of the third cosmic degree.
All this will be clear to you when we have returned to the earth.’
‘How marvellous this nature already is, Alcar.’
‘Yes, but everything here is in an unnatural condition, and yet - that will be quite clear to you now - perfect in its own condition.
We know, however, that advancement to a higher condition is possible.
Look at that plant leaf, large enough for man to hide underneath, it is a few yards long.
I shall connect myself with it, then you can pass into its inner structure.’
André passed into the tissue.
‘It is peculiar what I feel, Alcar.’
‘You feel that the plant lives in a preliminary stage.
It feels like a downy cloth, and it is elastic as well.
It would not be possible to keep these plants alive on earth.
The power nature has, and which the earth receives by cosmic radiation, which is the sunlight, would make plant life here melt to form a pulpy mass.
The power of nature here is such that everything lives at half-power and the energy this planet receives from the solar system is one-third of that of the earth.
That is caused – and that will be clear to you – by the location of this planet in the universe and the task it has to perform.
What we have seen and experienced on the other planets and was necessary for the inner organs, is here for the general constitution, which is the growth process.
Hence all those huge animal species.
Presently we shall see this growth process in the human being, for neither does the material organism of man escape these laws of nature, as it is preordained in creation.
Everything you see, André, expands, awakens and passes through this growth process.
Man and animal, therefore, experience one condition, one influence.
Nature, of course, is like the organism living here, because nature produces those changes, and, as nature is, we see this reflected in man and animal.
Both man and animal are subjected to it and change according as the final stage sets in.
We shall go on now and pass on to the second cosmic degree.’
‘How mighty and spectacular everything is, Alcar.
If only people could accept it, but how could they believe it?’
‘We shall reach many people, André, and the others who cannot accept it will have to wait until they learn to know our eternal life on this side.’
‘Have you also been here with your twin-soul, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
Man cannot leave out a single transition after entering this side.
They will learn to understand all that; nothing is lost, not even a single thought emitted will be forgotten or left out.
For eternal life demands of the life that has captured a place, that everything has been made up, so that there are no more irregularities in the life of the soul, as everything must fit and every transition be experienced.
We would not be able to move an inch on this side, if we knew nothing about that.
We have to know everything living below our own attunement, or we also are not conscious, don’t know ourselves, because it has to do with our inner life.
We shall learn to know all the lives we have lived.
If there is just one thought not in harmony with our real life, it cuts us off from advancing further and from eternal life.
That mistake will have to be amended and made up, or we keep feeling this disturbance and can’t go on.
For there are many things in ourselves which stop that process.
Consequently, you can’t enter higher spheres, if you don’t know the lower ones.
Everything living below the third degree is our own, and it is not only the depth of the human soul we have to learn, and therefore everything belonging to inner life, but also the material organs of all those planets where we once were.
Everybody, as I said before, will experience that.
Then we go on and feel relaxed.
We could not feel relaxed and could not concentrate on other matters, if we did not know creation.
There must be no disturbance in ourselves here; we are always open and entirely free of all disharmonic thoughts.
Those who wish to descend into the darkness must learn to know that darkness, even though they are higher spirits, or it is not their own.
What I mean is, that he or she living in the higher spheres, has to know that, or they are no conscious beings.
Here no being can make progress unless he knows all those conditions, then he has advanced that far to prepare for higher life.
He who harms others on earth will have to make it up, for it calls him to a halt.
There are people who have already reached the spheres of light and yet cannot go on, because things have happened which the spirit has to make up first.
On our next journeys you will experience all this.
Here we feel what impedes and stops us.
That is not possible on earth, because man is geared to material life.
But when they enter our life, the life of the soul, which is a higher stage, you feel that they have to start thinking differently, and that our life differs from the life they had on earth.
Every soul, every spiritual being living on our side, has experienced all those transitions I showed you.
That does not happen until they have reached the fourth sphere, though it is also possible in the third sphere.
Yet very few do, as all of us wish to reach the fourth sphere, which is the first happy sphere.
Only then do we feel relaxed and capable of experiencing this; then we feel very happy to have reached a sphere of existence, which is the spiritual attunement.
The fourth sphere is – as I explained to you many times – the spiritual attunement on this side, but we go on to reach the fourth cosmic degree, where we shall arrive a few thousand years from now.
Transitions and transitions again, to be able to enter this elevated condition.
Above the fourth sphere are the fifth, sixth, and seventh sphere, you know all that, André; they are heavens of the spirit; after that, we pass on to the mental regions.
Then we are attracted by the fourth cosmic degree and there we receive a new material organism of incredible beauty and an inexplicable happiness which no person on earth can imagine.
Consequently, in those higher regions, people live like gods, but all once lived here.’
‘It is all so amazing, Alcar.’
‘If it were not true, it would be pointless to exert oneself on earth.
You will gladly suffer all sorrow and human misery, when you know what awaits you there and what you will receive.
God is love.
We are all like God, but we must try and achieve this Divine attunement; it is not until then that we pass on into the All.’
‘If I have understood you correctly, the first planet is the all-dominating one in the entire universe?’
‘Very good, André.
If the first planet had not had these powers, everything would have been different.
The first cosmic degree had this significance.
Its powers were fixed by these laws.
The planet possessed no other function than what had occurred there, or the plan of creation would have been messed up.
But one stage followed the other, one organ was born out of the other, and that applies to the entire universe; up to the highest cosmic degrees we see that activity.
It will, therefore, be clear to you that, if the second planet had been ready and the first one had not yet completed its task, life of the soul would not be present and ready for further life; this would mean a cosmic disturbance.
But God oversaw everything.
The first planet, therefore, dominated all those other planets and, as I said already, they were fed by this planet, the mother planet.
Consequently, all those planets follow one activity, but the first could only pass on to the second when the first stage was ready.
That happened in the entire universe.
The fourth cosmic degree could, therefore, not be born, and has not gone through the process of condensation, until man as a spiritual being passed on from the earth to a higher life, which is the hereafter on this side.
But even then we see transitions which are the seven spheres on our side, to pass on to the mental regions and to be attracted by the fourth cosmic degree.
That arch-power was present in the first stage, that all-dominating effect that the planet had to have, because it was this planet which had to perform that task, in which all the other planets were to participate.
What happened then, I have explained to you the beginning of creation, the plan of revelation and evolution.
What happened in the first stage, had to happen, could not pass on to the seventh stage, for there were no people yet, nor animals nor plants, there was nothing but the germ, that first wonder which was the human embryo, out of which the animal was presently born.
Why should God create and prepare a seventh degree, whereas man and the animal being had yet to be born?
Isn’t that being far ahead of what one wants to achieve?
All energy was spent during the first stage and was concentrated on it, and the first planet possessed that energy.
That tremendous event was the first achievement and, in accordance with that action, all the other planets followed and were born out of that first degree.
When the mother planet – to make it even clearer to you – still had performed its task and the young life was born, which is the condensation of all those other planets, this organ came to rest.
But later, when we are on the third degree, the earth, I will give you a clearer outline of how it happened.
I’ll connect you then with the first stage of the planet earth and will show you to what extent the earth had condensed, when the mother planet, the first cosmic degree, had performed its task, so that you will get an overall view of this process.’
‘Is it difficult for you, Alcar, to look back into the past?’
‘Yes, certainly, for everything is now at full power and has developed.
The earth reached its highest degree already millions of years ago, and people have reached the stage for inner enrichment.
We therefore live in the century of spiritual development.
And yet - as you have experienced many times - I can connect myself with the past; I can pass into my own life, but at the same time descend into the initial stage of creation to experience everything again.
Look, André, we are approaching the second cosmic degree.
Here, too, you would think you were on earth.’
‘What is it, what I feel now, Alcar?’
‘I am glad you feel that.
Man who lives here, nature and all that has this cosmic attunement, differ from where we were just now.
It lifts you; it is a light feeling that absorbs you.
These emotional forces are also the many transitions you have experienced, in other words: every planet has its own sphere.
I let you feel this, so that you can also feel the sphere of the earth later, now that you are living outside your material organism.
It is not the material body which requires this, but the spiritual body, or inner life, which is ourselves.
You could have felt it in all those other conditions, but your powers are not adequate.
That, again, is because you are still on earth and cannot completely pass into this life.
If you were not assisted from this side, if a higher power could not connect you, it would not be possible to explain all this to you.
But now that you approach your own attunement again, you begin to feel this.
We shall now descend on this planet.’
Alcar descended and soon they were on negotiable ground.
André was overcome by an infernal influence.
‘What is that, Alcar?’
‘You feel the sphere in which you are now.
It is devilish.’
‘Devilish, you say?’
‘Yes, my boy.
Pre-animal beings are living here, beings geared to the animal-like level.
Evil is gathered here, evil in human form.
The animal kingdom lives in a similar attunement.
Look there; later I’ll explain everything.’
André saw human beings.
My God, he thought, is that man?
They were worse than predators.
They were wild and savage.
They were large powerful beings, and they radiated a primal strength which made him shiver.
He saw hundreds of these beings together.
He heard them speak, but it was not speech, it was terrible shouting.
He looked at this scene in amazement; he could find no words for it.
He knew he could not be seen by them, for some of these beings passed close by him.
How muscular these beings were!
Their bodies were hairy and they were entirely naked.
‘It is unbelievable, Alcar.
These are not human beings; they are predators!’
Several of them were like normal people, but he also saw giants, as well as those beings he had seen on the previous planets.
Several species of human beings lived together here, and now he understood what all those material degrees meant.
Nature was nearly as it is on earth.
Yet he felt there was still a great difference with the earth, although it had nearly reached that degree.
‘Are they cannibals, Alcar?’
‘All of them, André, without exception.
During the initial stage of this planet, they lived separately, too, as we have just seen on the last transition.
But during the many centuries which have passed, the situation changed.
The human being living here has become conscious, but that consciousness is pre-animal-like.
Anyone who cannot offer resistance, who cannot protect himself, is killed.
What counts here is the right of the strongest, because the weaker beings are destroyed.
They live close together and feel superior.
They are obeyed, and thus we see thousands of them together, who have split into various groups.
They go to war and wipe out whoever they meet.
From the beginning of their youth they have adjusted to that, and when they have come of age, the younger ones are admitted in their midst.
You meet these beings everywhere, as this planet is densely populated and is larger than the earth.
You see, André, their bodies are robust and powerful, and yet, all those degrees you saw a while ago are among them.
This being feels this, and those belonging to the weaker beings, are killed.
A mother who gives birth to a child and sees that this young life will not attain the required build, will kill that young life.
The younger ones you have seen feel that they will die sooner or later.
Yet, they remain in their midst, and tempt fate.
Some separate from the group and go their own way.
Dozens of them are seen roaming about in the jungl; they try to find an existence, which is possible, as there is food everywhere.
Yet all of them perish through the animals living here in large numbers.
In addition to being killed by father or mother, they run the risk of being killed by those prehistoric animal species.
Such is the life of this planet, and this mentality is still found on earth, for there are people on earth who can act as they do.’
‘How terrible, Alcar.’
‘In essence, yes, but this is a natural condition, because the inner life has not yet developed that far.
But they awaken already; because this is the first degree of consciousness, which they own.
By acting in this way, they already follow a purpose, which is to be strong and remain so, and to guard themselves from destruction.
On our next journey I will explain all that to you, because this belongs to the psychic world and the process of development of the inner life.
Those beings, who have reached the first degrees of material development are killed here.
I already said, that they live in groups.
The strongest are their leaders, and when it comes to a clash, this encounter is gruesome.
Fighting lasts until the others have been conquered.
Then they go on, but remain within their own surroundings, of which they consider themselves the proper rulers.
He who ventures into their domain is irrevocably lost and killed.
They drag them to their camps; they skin and eat them like the animal on earth.
This happens in accordance with nature, because frying and grilling are unknown here.
Only in the third era on earth did mankind invent this, and passed on to a higher stage of development.
These beings are pre-animal-like, and knew nothing about grilling, but the material organism could digest this, as their inner organs were adjusted to it.
They all are cannibals; it is part of their lives and attunement; it is the second degree.’
‘My God, how terrible, Alcar.
Have we, who now live on earth, been like that?’
‘Not only you and all of us, but also those who have already reached the Divine Spheres.
All have been here and had to follow this route.
If this still happens on the third degree, what will the beings, which will pass on to the earth thousands of years from now, be like?
You see, André, what this planet, the second cosmic degree, has achieved.’
‘Have they reached the human degree, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, but for the second degree.’
‘Have such humans also been on earth?’
‘Yes, these beings lived there at the beginning of the earth, but the planet earth was to complete the material organism, which happened in all those centuries.’
‘Everything is so different here from those previous planets, Alcar.’
‘That is very natural, André.
Nature, and everything living in nature, has hardened.
The trees you see are firm and vigorous and already attain the level we know on earth.
The skeleton of man and animal is tremendously strong, which is also known from the first human stage on earth.
We always see these material transitions.
All those transitions of the material organism bring us to the highest degree, which is the material organism man on earth now has.
We shall now go for a walk and follow these humans.
Nature is rugged and wild, like the humans are outwardly and inwardly.
Look, André, mothers nursing their small ones the way the animal would nurse them.
At the beginning, they care for their small ones and woe to him who interferes.
Like a tigress she would pounce upon him or her, and fight until one of them is killed.
At a later stage – as I said before – they themselves kill the young life if it is not strong enough and this happens as though it is the proper thing to do.
Conscientious objections are not felt; that will come later, thousands of years later, when they live on earth.
See how their bodies are.
Now isn’t this organism a wonder, a tremendous wonder of development and strength?
If one saw such a being, which rather resembles a monkey than a human being on earth, one would be inclined to think that we descended from them.
There were scientists on earth who studied this subject and even accepted it.
This here is man in his pre-animal attunement and he resembles that animal creature.
For this planet, their organism has developed to the highest degree.
Look at this body, André, and the cruel head of these pre-animal-like monsters.
See how the upper part of the body and the muscular system have developed!
Follow the way they move; everything reflects the highest degree of organic power.
The colour of their skin is brown-black, but their entire body is covered with hair.
This human being looks like an animal, which it is in essence.
What you observe now, André, belongs to the later stage, which is the highest degree for this planet, because in the first degree these humans were not present here, and neither was life which belongs to the animal kingdom.
Consequently, if I want to show you the first stage, I have to go back millions of years.
But I’ll do that on the third degree and give you a general outline there, so that you can see how that process took place.
We, therefore, follow these humans from this moment on, and that is the highest stage they can reach on this planet.
When these adult material beings have reached that highest stage, an other transition follows which already connects them with the third degree, the earth.
There is a lot of water here too.
Thousands of animal species are living in those seas, but man freed himself from that condition thousands of centuries ago.
The being living here has passed on to the negotiable planet.
It has, therefore, reached its form of existence, it is already mature and is ready for a higher stage.
They are all giants.
These giants also lived on earth during the earliest of times.
But, slowly, the material organism passed on to an other condition, the spiritual attunement, which means the perfect body on earth as a cosmic being.
The human organism on the fourth cosmic degree is, therefore, like that of man on earth, but the material garment is then of a different substance and is more perfect and beautiful than man on earth.
But here in a lower stage – as you see–- the living being has a material garment in accordance with nature and matching with his surroundings.
The interior is coupled with the exterior, and the animal instinct is seen to pass on into the material organism.
How all this adapted itself will be clear to you.
It was the task of this planet to promote the material organism and to complete it for this planet.
The genital organs are like those of man on earth.
The head is free from the upper part of the body and the skull resembles that of man on earth, but it is more robust and the jawbone protrudes.
The eyes are deeply set and can hardly be seen through the dense growth of hair.
Therefore their nudity is not conspicuous, and they resemble animal beings.
It will be clear to you, André, that every planet has its own activity, a task they have to perform for the human organism.
In all those billions of years man has come that far, and yet these beings are still here, below the third degree and wait, unconscious of it, to go further, to be attracted by a higher being, a higher planet.
We see and find God’s wisdom in everything, we see how one stage is established by the other and how out of one being, an other but higher being appears.
There, André, you see a being of the animal kingdom.’
‘What kind of an animal is that, Alcar?’
An enormously large animal approached him.
‘Oh, stay calmly where you are, André; do not forget that we are invisible.’
‘What a monster, Alcar.’
‘This animal lived during the initial stage of the earth.
In your time, however, that animal is no longer present, it passed on into other lives and has received an other material organism.
You see that the animal has to follow thousands of different conditions, while man has to follow one condition, one route, leading to the perfect material organism man has on earth.
There is such a lot I could tell you about it, but if I did, we would end up in a complex situation and could not tell one thing from another.
Perhaps, given time, I may explain the general condition of the animal kingdom to you, so that you can clearly see how many degrees the animal kingdom has passed before it reached the third degree on earth, and attained that material organism.
Yet, the animal, like man, passes into its primal attunement and this can already be observed.
The animal in front of you will one day be born on earth to stay there for a long period of time.
It is now of incredible size and can grow to reach thirty to sixty feet.
It is the image of what was known on earth, but the animal which lived on earth has, like man here, passed on into an other stage.
This animal, therefore, lives below the other animal, which is man.
It attacks man in everything, but only when it is forced to do so: when its organism compels it.
That is the eternal struggle here: the struggle for life.
That struggle is part of this life and of life on earth; it does not end until on the fourth degree.
Then man and animal live together, and man knows that the animal originates from him, from that which came from the Divine source.
Here, however, and on earth, no pure love is known, and all who concentrate on it belong to this attunement.’
‘How amazing, Alcar.’
‘Look over there, André, another wonder.
We have met that animal in its previous stage.
It now passes on to that other attunement and is already connected with it.’
André recognized this animal.
It was like the tortoise on earth.
Here, the animal had reached a tremendous size.
The head was already visible, but its shell had not yet hardened and was still composed of a fleshy substance.
‘Will this animal become the giant tortoise which lived on earth at the beginning, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, we shall see that animal again on earth, but then nature has completed its task, which is the condensation process.
You will see that animal there again, and also that other animal, but they will be smaller than they were on this planet.
On earth, the animal kingdom has more resistance and strength, acquired in all those centuries.
Look, there are dozens of them together.
Man keeps away from them, but these beings seek out the human being, and a struggle for life and death develops.
However large they are, these animals are very vulnerable.
Man is aware of this vulnerability, and knows how to surprise and hit them.
It belongs to their lives; it is the instinct of man and animal.
But the animal, too, knows how to attack the human being, and smells where it is.
The inner organs, therefore, are highly developed, but it is not until on earth that this instinct, that pre-animal feeling, passes on to consciousness, and they act accordingly.
All of them, man and animal, adapt themselves amazingly to one another, and what the one does not possess, is not present in the other animal life, but both of them have strength in accordance with their material organism and have to follow transitions.
Nature, too, as I just said, differs from nature on earth; although at first sight, you think you are already on earth.
I could call this the era of the giants, which is actually true.
Everything belonging to the material organism awakens here and this planet has a capability which those other planets lack.
This planet builds the material organism: is it strange that the human and animal organism should have reached this size?
Trees and plants are also immensely large, although plant life dominates here.
The leaf of a plant, as you see, is as large as a roof of a house on earth, and its thickness is tremendous.
It has that primal strength here, but it dissolves in a few days during the coming change of climate, according to time on earth.
The enormous shrubs you see here everywhere, produce a kind of fruit on which the animals, that have reached the shore, feed.
There is similar food for man here, which is only present periodically, depending on the climate.
They do eat this kind of food, although they are adjusted to animal food.
In the water and on land, food is abundant.
In addition, there is the human being itself, which they eat.
The poisonous reptile lives here, too, but the material organism is immune and they can digest quantities, which would cause instant death to human beings on earth, if they were to take their fill of this.
It will be clear to you that the first degree of material organism still living on earth is composed of a different substance than man living in the highest material organism.
The pre-animal-like beings of that first degree digest raw meat without the slightest discomfort.
Look, André, another few dozen of these animal species.
The animals stay together, and they also destroy the weaker organism.
This is a natural law which is still in force in various ways on earth.
Yet they have already reached a certain consciousness there, but it still belongs to the instinct of the second degree of cosmic attunement; although they have passed on to the third degree.
Come, André, we shall move on and visit the seas.’
This land lay below him which André could still see.
‘Look, over there is a vast expanse of water.’
Several thousands of animals lay on the shore.
It was an awe-inspiring sight.
He saw small and large animal species.
‘Has all this life passed on to the earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
This animal life must pass on, because it has not yet reached the highest stage for the animal kingdom.
The animal of the third degree, however, has appeared out of all this life.
This also applies to the human organism.
What you have seen so far has been living on this planet for millions of years and is therefore an existence.
All this life goes on and on and we’ll see it on earth later.
Life has already advanced that far that these beings are attracted by the third degree through reincarnation.
Everything living here has to follow that billion-process, as the first planet and the subsequent transitions had to follow it.
However, I will now connect you with the past and you can observe how everything has happened, and that every planet, and therefore every organism, however small, had to follow the first stage.
Further, that everything has its own sphere and has to perform a task, but that only one route must be followed, which we experienced on the first degree, and is the condensation process.
Attention now, André.’
André saw the earth disappear.
The entire planet dissolved in front of him, only a light phenomenon remained.
How is it possible, he thought.
Where is all this life?
Where is man and all life that belongs to the animal kingdom?
‘Now look there, André.
Over there, high above you, is the first degree, the planet which fed all these organs.
Out of that condition, inner life came into being.
It is this first planet which completed that task.
That large body fed this planet, but this did not begin until that process of development had reached its highest level and the next stage had started.
This planet is now enveloped in a dense haze.
It has not yet condensed; but over there, all those thousands of organs are condensing; they are all those transitions adjusted to the first organism and can receive this life, which is the inner life, the soul.
You see that a further stage has already set in.
Here, too, that activity is present, but life has yet to awaken.
Only then does this planet proceed to the condensation process.
The first planet as seen from here has reached that stage; the smaller organs are ready, and yet there, too, – as I have explained to you – a similar process took place, but these organs have to perform an other task than the mother planet.
This planet has not yet advanced that far, all energy passes on to those smaller organs, and they have started their activity with the first degree, and have been incorporated by that body in this condensation process.
Here, too, we feel this awe-inspiring power which is the influencing effect.
You no doubt feel that I have connected you from this place with the condensation process and I’ll now proceed to a following stage.
This planet has condensed more and more.
Millions of years have passed.
Life has come, and this life is, as on the first planet, the first human embryo.
This first life passed away when it mated with another life.
But here this life was in an other condition than there.
This life was more powerful and - never forget this - it received that power from that first planet.
As a result of this power, and the animating life which had been living for millions of years, the condensation process took place, and accelerated on this planet.
Now it had advanced that far, that it could assist in that awe-inspiring activity and development, and begin her own task in this million-process, this condensation occurred in accordance with cosmic action, which is God’s sacred influence.
Life came to this planet; this life was born and had a strength which differed from that on the first degree.
Now that the previous planets had got that far, all that power passed on to the second degree, and the first embryo came into being.
Millions of years later, this planet had condensed to the extent that the human organism reached the shore, and this life took possession of this planet.
The first life which reached the shore was like the being we have seen there but, and that will be clear to you now, it was composed of a different and more powerful substance.
Yet it followed this route as life on all those transitions had to follow it, for there is no other route in the universe; this is preordained in the cosmic plan.
In those thousands of centuries which followed – and it also applies to the planet earth which I’ll show you there – this organism rapidly developed.
When the animal-like being, which was man, had reached the shore and had dropped its fish-like stage, all these powers passed on to the first transitions and the second planet, where, in that era, this powerful creature you saw just now developed.
You see, André, one route, one activity, one purpose, which is what man on earth has, the material organism which hides the soul, the spiritual body, which we are ourselves.
The planet earth, as you know, has experienced a similar process, which I will show you later on.
But there is still life on this planet, the animal-like life is present, and thousands, nay millions of years will pass, before this life has dissolved and has passed on to the highest stage, which is for the inner life, the planet earth.
You see, André, and that is my point, that every planet is fed by the first degree, even though the first degree has already performed its task.
That body can still be seen as a dense mass, and as long as it remains in this condition, it feeds all the other material bodies; man, animal, and also the planet on which this life exists, are spiritually and materially subjected to the influence of the mother planet.
And this influence is felt on earth and will continue to be felt on earth, because the earth is in harmony with this planet, which serves the material and spiritual life.
Now look at the earth, André.
Over there, to your right, you see the earth and you can still see the condensation process, as it were.
I show you an image from the past, when the condensation process of this planet had been going on for millions of years.
The earth, too, is going to condense and is fed by this planet.
The planet earth now receives its task; it can now commence and prepare to receive the inner life.
Once the planet earth was that far ready, the human and animal beings, which had reached their highest stage here, passed on to the planet earth and were born there.
Now I’ll pass on to this life.’
André felt himself return.
‘Oh, Alcar, how is it possible, how tremendously spectacular everything is.’
‘We are now on the shore of an ocean.
Thousands of animal species are living in this water and again this water has a different substance than the water on the previous transitions, and all this we see again on this negotiable planet.
Have you understood all this, André?’
‘If I understood you correctly, everything here and where we were has to become extinct?’
‘Indeed, so it is.
But this is not possible until the first material stage has passed on to the last and highest stage.’
‘Then everything is clear to me, Alcar.
I am very grateful to you.
Are there also transitions between the second and the third degree?’
‘Yes, André.
These are smaller and larger planets, preliminary stages, in order to pass on to the third cosmic degree.’
‘Is this planet known on earth and can it be seen from the earth, Alcar?’
‘I can answer both questions in the affirmative.
This planet is known on earth and can be seen from the earth.’
‘Does one know there, that this planet is inhabited?’
‘They don’t know, but they suppose so.
They cannot determine that with certainty.’
‘Will they come that far one day, Alcar?’
When they have these instruments on earth, which will be invented, it will be possible to observe life on this planet, and on many others, from the earth.
But it is not possible to try and establish contact with these planets in another way, because man cannot venture outside the atmosphere.’
‘Does the influence of this planet, as you say, pass on to the earth?’
‘Yes, those who have not yet reached the highest material and spiritual degree on earth, and commit deeds on an animal level for the earth, are under the direct influence of this planet.
That is the connection with the universe, with that degree still present in that life which spent many centuries here.
It will therefore be clear to you, André, that all life we have met so far is born on earth, and there, too, man and animal pass on to other conditions to prepare for the fourth cosmic degree.
That is passing on to a higher attunement for man and the animal kingdom, to acquire our own life.
A ruler on earth, who destroys others, is in connection with this world and, consequently, the material organism is in a further and more perfect stage than the spiritual body.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Man on earth should now improve his spiritual level; it has, therefore, not been possible to tell them about all this life before, because they had not yet reached that stage on earth, and had to first attain that material and mental development.
All those seeking evil are still under the influence of this planet and still have to drop their pre-animal feelings.’
‘It is believed on earth that life on various planets has further advanced than life on earth, Alcar.
So that is not possible, is it?’
‘Yes, it is possible, because those are the planets which are the transitions for the fourth cosmic degree.’
‘Can’t they establish a connection with them?’
‘No, that is impossible for the reason that all those planets are far away from the earth and cannot be observed from the earth.
What they observe from the earth belongs to the first three degrees, to which belongs the planet earth, which has the third degree as attunement.
They should not expect anything from the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh degree.
When the scientists know that the earth is the third cosmic degree, and that it is not possible to establish a connection with the fourth degree, they will change their attitude, and as a result, learn to understand the cosmic universe.
It is possible for a higher degree to seek connection with a lower one, but they can’t go any deeper, as all those cosmic laws are not understood on earth.
Man on the fourth cosmic degree is engaged in establishing a connection.
But thousands of years will pass before they can achieve it.
But then, eternal life is accepted on earth and you will, no doubt, feel that they will change their attitude, so that they will receive connection.
Scientists will then be born with the gifts of vision and disembodiment, and will pass on to the spiritual life.
However, as long as they cannot accept our life and want to explain everything scientifically, they will not advance any further.
Spiritual life has to be accepted if it is desired to be connected with the visible and invisible cosmos.
Because our life is connected with the cosmic universe.
By accepting our life, André, by passing on to it, we, on our side, bring about that cosmic connection and tell them what they should do to get an overall view of creation.
We can help them with those instruments already known on the fourth degree.
The fourth cosmic degree already has a connection with the fifth degree.
They know there that they, man and animal, have lived on the fourth degree.
Do you feel this mighty grace, André?’
‘It is wonderful, Alcar.’
‘On our third journey, I’ll connect you with the fourth cosmic degree and explain a lot about that planet.’
‘Has everything there acquired a much higher condition than on earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes, because what man possesses on the fourth degree is amazing; it is incomprehensible; man on earth cannot imagine that.
Life there cannot be compared with life on earth and man is of a wonderful substance, an angel in a material attire.
Love rules there; nothing but love, a condition of perfect happiness, man is spiritually geared.
It cannot be described; one should see and feel that life, observe man there, in order to understand it.
Man there has mental happiness, but in a material condition.
Try to imagine that, André, to have spiritual happiness on a planet where illness is unknown, and everything is in harmony with the infinite.
You cannot form an idea of that; you have to experience it first.’
‘Is it known there that they have been on earth?’
‘Yes, they know that, for it is known there what the universe is and how many degrees there are.
They know all the planets within their reach and are in contact with them.
In our life, on this side, they have come that far.
They have experienced all those spiritual spheres, discarded and acquired them, and have, like the soul for the earth, been attracted by two beings, which is the connection known on earth and which has been established from the beginning of creation.
They know that we are their sisters and brothers and still have to go that long way, but that we shall, after thousands of years, be that far to be attracted and that incarnation will occur on the fourth degree.’
‘You said before that people reach a very high age there?’
‘Yes, André.
And that is obvious.
Man there reaches an age of approximately two hundred and fifty years by earthly standards.
Do not forget, there is no illness; the material organism is of an entirely different substance, because those living there are spiritual beings.
You will be amazed when I say that people on the fifth degree reach ages of hundreds of years, in one material life.
The sixth degree cannot be compared with the fifth; people and animal reach ages of thousands of years and life seems to be endless.
But that end comes, for one has to go higher and further to reach the seventh degree and subsequently to pass into the All.
But those who have reached the seventh degree, stay there for millions of years and are also born there before entering the All.
Man on earth cannot comprehend that.
But what the universe has experienced, what all those planets had to experience, which lasted billions of years, also applies to all organism living and having lived there.
Do not forget that we originate from the All and all those planets, and that we are part of it and remain being part of it.
Nor forget that we shall return to God consciously and then inwardly own the entire universe.
That is our life then and we have mastered all those planets.
All this will be fantastic to the earth, yet they will experience it, not a single life, man, nor animal, can escape it.
We go on and on, higher and higher, and finally live on in the infinite.
On the first planet, the first human embryo passed away when it came into contact with the other life, the driving power or the female body.
The very moment that this fertilization took place, this life shed its material organism and the new life was born.
This little being lived on; it went through thousands of stages, during which it died and was born time and again, but every time its life lasted longer.
Now if that is a law, the law of the Divine plan, and applies to all plant and animal life, as well as to planets and other bodies, it will also apply as we progress and enter a higher stage.
That which lasted millions of years during the initial stage, the living organism, in its supreme stage, also receives.
This plan of evolution is seen to develop in everything, and this is to return to Divinity.
What God created, and how creation occurred, man and animal experience, and are both part of this mighty event.
Therefore, what happened during the very first moments, and what you have observed in the temple of the soul and I explained to you on the first degree, man will receive when he approaches the final stage.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘You feel then, that there is no ‘time’ in the All, but that we are bound by laws and have to experience these laws.’
‘How many times does man return here, Alcar?’
‘That cannot be determined.
We have lived in a material organism thousands of times and that is necessary, for what does man learn in one material life?
When we start our next journey, it will become clear to you, because I’ll connect you.’
‘People on earth generally say: I do not wish to come back here.’
‘They are in no position to make demands, André; they have to.
It is a law which we must experience, which is reincarnation.
It cannot be changed.
People don’t know what they say, because they don’t understand all these powers and laws.
They will return on earth thousands of times.
In one life on earth, they cannot acquire that spiritual wealth, which they must possess in this life, in order not to return there.
They go on from here, but not until they inwardly own the earth as a planet, and have spiritually experienced and acquired all those transitions.
They don’t know that, however, and say things they don’t know anything about.
They do not want all that sorrow and illness, but I’ll explain to you that God did not give them that sorrow.
Man, however, has not yet advanced that far that he can dominate and accept illness and suffering.
When man gets to understand himself, he will ask for more, because he feels what it brings him.
God foresaw everything and knew that man would forget himself.
And because they would forget themselves, sorrow, misery, and illness occurred.
Yet, all this sorrow, however terrible, is essential to pass into the All.
But man who can surrender experiences this in a way that is pre-destined in the cosmic plan, but people who do are few.
They are those who feel this tremendous process and are grateful for what they receive.
God did not bring illness to the earth, nor sorrow, but only happiness.
Why is death on earth and passing on into an other world, not accepted?
Why do people feel grief when their beloved ones depart?
I could put thousands of questions, but people on earth don’t want to listen; they wish to possess, to possess eternally, and close their beloved ones off from a higher world.
No, André, all that has to and shall dissolve.
Those who cannot surrender will have to learn it, for their beloved ones die anyway; they cannot keep them; they must go and continue their way.
All that ignorance will dissolve one day.
One day the earth will dissolve, will be uninhabited, like all those planets are dissolving.
One day that will happen, André, but then they have overcome something; they reconcile themselves with everything and surrender completely.
They know then that this sorrow is only a temporary condition.
However, people on earth have not got that far, but for those who can accept all this, and adjust their lives to pass on into our life, the sun is shining, and they are grateful for everything, whatever it may be.
They themselves have imposed all those illnesses.
I’ll show all this to you when we visit the inner life, the psychic world.’
‘If only people on earth could accept this, Alcar.’
‘It is not so simple to accept this, my boy.
They have to determine that for themselves; we do not force them.
But those who start thinking about this do not build castles in the air.
They build at something living in and near them; they pass on into it and learn to know an other life.
Let them do what they like who laugh at this.
They are the very people who will return to the earth hundreds of times, to acquire that which those others already have.
They will pass on from one condition to another.
In this life, they will be rich and have many material possessions, but in dozens of other lives they have nothing to eat and have sorrow, grief, and misery.
Then they roam about the streets like many other people and will be stabbed to the heart, and feel what that means.
No condition will be spared to them; they will experience all sorts of earthly conditions; not a single human being can evade that, for it is all this that makes them shed themselves.
All that sorrow, however, is not necessary, but in previous lives they provoked that themselves.
They do not know they go on; they do not realize that one day everything has to be made up, down to the smallest things.
That is the sorrow they experience; it is cause and effect, it is karma.
Man keeps returning to the earth until he leaves something behind for the benefit of mankind.
Not a single being who has lived there can, and will, part from the earth without having done something for the happiness of mankind.
Then they go on, and that is the gratitude for what they experienced and received.
In hundreds of lives on earth, man degrades, and then he will build up, what he has destroyed in all those lives.
When building up is ready, man gives himself entirely and only then is he a spiritual being.
Believe me, André, when I say that not hundreds, but thousands of lives are necessary to fully experience the third degree, the planet earth, at cosmic attunement, as the spirit Lantos told you in ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
Tens of thousands of lives are required for the fourth cosmic degree, and higher, we cannot even pronounce that figure.
That is the purpose of God; it is the road to return to the Divine.
All of us have to follow that road.’
‘When do you think, Alcar, that your work will be properly understood?’
‘Far in the future, André.
There are already people on earth who accept me, but those few must become millions.
A few hundred years from now we will be accepted.
At that time, a bit more will be known on earth about our lives than at present, and they will accept everything.
This work, my boy, which is assigned to me, is coming to earth a few centuries too soon.
But we do meet people who follow us.
So you won’t be understood there, either; but that is no problem when you know what I expect.
If I can reach one person, I am already satisfied, but this very moment, we have been allowed to reach thousands of people, and all of them will help us carry our work to those sensitive to it and grateful to receive this.
And in this way our work will spread, and in the centuries to come people will feel and understand us.
That is coming, André; I see it, for it is the road they have to follow and which is contained in our work.
Your books, your journeys in the hereafter, the love you told about; they want to possess all this, and that makes them sensitive.
And now we will go on.
I have to tell you a thing or two more, yet we shall go on and return to the earth.’
‘Is this planet denser and harder than the earth, Alcar?’
‘No, the earth has a different substance than this body, and is harder and more compact.
But there are planets with a consistency unknown on earth.
Nothing on earth can be compared with this consistency, so immense hard it is.
Those are the small planets which have to perform an other task.
If this planet and the earth had such a consistency, that hard condition, life could never have come there or be born.
Yet, life was born there, but no human or animal life ever lived there.
Do not forget that everything lives, that everything is energy.
Those are usually bodies which have to perform an other task in the universe and have occupied a place in it.
They are those planets, which are observed as stars, luminous globes of fire, but not destined for the human body.
I will now fully connect you with this body; you will then feel the tremendous intensity of life here.
Do you feel what I mean, André?
This is a different way of connection.
You completely pass on to this planet and feel its inner condition as a whole within you.’
André felt himself sink away.
It was remarkable.
He immediately understood what his leader meant.
This planet absorbed him and he began to feel, and see, life living on it.
This planet was densely populated.
He saw life everywhere; man and animal had accepted this possession.
How strange was this connection.
He had not experienced this before.
This planet was within him, and he read this enormous body like an open book.
Yet, he could not explain it entirely; therefore, he asked Alcar: ‘Do I feel this correctly, Alcar?’
‘Quite right’, he heard his leader say.
‘You now feel how densely populated this planet is.
I am doing this, because I want to give you a similar picture on earth so that you will feel the mighty difference of life between these two planets.
You will also feel the earth within you and be able to assess the difference.
Now you will return to yourself.’
André felt himself return, and found it very curious.
‘It is remarkable, Alcar.’
‘Yes, it is possible for us, because I know all this life and can give you a clear idea of the abundance of life here.
Look, there in front of you, a lot of human beings.
They are making raids, and do so because they don’t know any better.
They plunder and murder, and think it is the proper thing to do.
They use the human body the way they use animal life for food.’
‘They are very powerful, aren’t they, Alcar?’
‘Their strength cannot be fathomed.
Look, they are fighting.
They are attacked by an animal being.’
André saw a tremendous monster.
A greenish animal rushed at them.
He heard their awful screaming and saw that several of them were attacked.
After a short while, the animal had killed some of them with its horrible tail.
The others ran off, leaving their dead behind.
The animal made a frightening noise and trampled the human bodies until nothing was left.
‘How horrible, Alcar.’
‘A thing you can see on earth, but this belongs to this planet, for this animal has also lived on earth, and man has felt its strength there.
Now, however, it has dissolved into the eternal plan; it is still present here, but will also die out.
For the earth, this is the past, but for here this animal still belongs to the present in which it is living.
I can connect you with the past, with the present, and with future images.
What you have observed, however, belongs to the present and will dissolve, because all this life will go on.
But now we’ll go to the earth, while on our way I’ll tell you about these transitions present between the second and third degree.’
Floating through space, they left the second degree and went towards the earth.