Man, creator of light

Every good deed man did on earth and in the spheres changed his inner life, his surroundings and his own possession.
In him came light, in him inner man awakened.
They developed it.
So this light became stronger, which they observed in and around them.
Inner man began to radiate light, to awaken and to feel love for all life.
The more good deeds they did, the stronger this light became and it irradiated their surroundings.
The delightful feeling to be able to do something for others, made them happy.
Now, they were worthy of the name man.
Now, they were children of God and all felt how much they had to make up.
But they gave themselves entirely and sacrificed themselves for suffering humanity.
Man returned to the golden light and acquired that golden light, as we have seen in the temple of the soul.
You see and feel, André, that we emanated from that golden light and would return to it.
We were to acquire that light, man began to earn God’s own loving radiance.
The revelation of God now commenced in man, because these people understood they could go further and higher.
They would make every effort; they understood now how they had to live, and serving man was born.
When the first flashes of light pierced, God revealed Himself and the plan of creation, of which I told you, commenced.
For them, for all these people it meant that they had freed themselves from the darkness and had covered that long road.
When the first flashes of light appeared, the aspect of the earth changed.
They, these beings, who had lived in the darkness, now saw by their own light how far the earth had advanced.
In all those millions of years they had been spiritually blind; now they understood the process of death and birth on earth and thousands of laws of the life of the spirit.
Those who had advanced that far, taught others who had not attained that level.
They already were the spiritual sisters and brothers of the spheres.
More advanced man in life on earth who died there, could be picked up and brought to the place of his destination.
Surely you feel, André, that only those people could be picked up who had completed their cycle of life on earth.
Thus, every human being was brought to his spiritual attunement.
The greater the number of people who had reached the highest material degree and had inwardly acquired something, the more the image of the spheres changed.
For also on earth, in material life, there were people who were beginning to seek higher things.
An ever increasing number of people arrived on the side beyond who had completed their cycle of life on earth.
These beings built at the spheres, at their spiritual dwellings and yet, the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sphere had still to come into being, because they had not advanced that far.
The light they possessed, was like that in the Land of Twilight on this side, the sphere of which Gerhard told you.
(footnote in first edition: See: Those who came back from the Dead.)
The spiritual world, however, came into being.
Vegetation appeared around them, the spiritual spheres began to condense, because the spheres had to follow the same course, like everything else had experienced natural development.
Again we clearly see, André, that one thing emanated from the other and that everything in the entire creation had to follow one course which remained unchanged, also now that man is conscious.
And when I go some centuries further, we see that the first sphere has been established.
You know that this sphere is an image of the earth.
This world was created on our side by inner man and this became, as you know, the hereafter.
I’ll pass on several centuries again.
We now see a wonderful thing.
The first sphere came into being and proceeded to pass on into an other condition, which was to become the second sphere.
In the life after death, everyone who had reached this height possessed a spiritual dwelling and as they made progress, they saw that the outer appearance also started to embellish itself further at the same pace.
Thus, not only their own spiritual organism, but also everything around them became more beautiful and pure.
Everything came to life and in this way they learned to understand the spiritual laws.
They followed the development of nature and learned thereby.
Now, a feeling for art awakened and temples and buildings were built.
These highly attuned beings, who had become conscious in the spirit, became also aware of the higher powers in man, and one art after the other came into being.
In the spheres, in the various temples and buildings which still exist here, we can follow the initial stage of man, his entrance into the spiritual world and how it all happened.
Nothing has been lost; here, too, everything is fixed.
Earthly and spiritual life went on and as time went by we see everything on earth and in the life of the spirit change.
Millions of beings, all from the earth, who had laid aside their material organism there, helped and built their own dwelling and sphere by doing something for others.
I will now, before going on, tell you another wonder.
Those who were in the spheres of light and prepared to receive their sisters and brothers who were about to come, experienced an amazing development.
There was something in the spheres, they felt it clearly, which was not perfect.
Fully concentrated as they were, they had not given it much attention, but when the picture of the spheres changed, when people there also had to perform a task, though most of them worked in the sphere of the earth, they perceived a very beautiful scene, a wonder of God.
From the beginning of creation, the animals continued to follow the gifted cosmic and Divine being; both beings were always together.
Those who experienced it fell on their knees and wept for emotion.
Around them, my boy, were birds and they sang their song of joy and happiness.
The animal had passed through its thousands of stages and had, like man, reached the spiritual spheres.
What a marvellous scene!
What mighty grace for man and animal, for both had got that far.
The animal knew no hatred any more, it had experienced all those organisms and the highest animal species had reached the spiritual attunement.
They descended and perched on the hands of their higher sisters and brothers.
My God, such happiness, such a wonder and grace!
Now they really felt what had happened on earth.
A Divine problem had been solved.
The animal also progressed and would join them on the Divine road.
What was it like on earth?
Not much had changed on earth.
Fighting continued and man indulged himself.
I will go on in the spiritual domain and we see how man reached the Divine Spheres.
Once advanced that far, man continued to serve and by serving the spheres changed, and his own spiritual level.
After the first, the second sphere came into being and in these spheres trees and flowers grew and bloomed; and according as man advanced, the spheres and everything living in and around him became more beautiful.
The inner light man had acquired radiated on others, the spiritual dwellings radiated the inner possession of man and temples and buildings arose.
Many brought their knowledge and happiness on earth, and one invention after the other was made.
Life on earth had started and the intellectual world awakened.
But we’ll follow spiritual man and we see that sphere after sphere came into being and was acquired.
Millions, as I said before, helped building; all contributed to their own possession and this possession became the conditions of existence, the spheres, which belonged to all of them.
Gradually, one sphere after the other came into being.
Man progressed ever more and the picture of the spheres became higher and more beautiful.
One sphere developed from the other and in the life of the spirit, too, one thing emanated from the other.
The universe also changed, that is to say the universe of the spirit.
Whereas the spiritual sky in the first sphere was as on earth, the second sphere was far ahead of the first and the third sphere was more beautiful still; but the fourth could not be compared with the first three spheres, it was that beautiful and superior.
Those who had reached the fourth sphere, very clearly felt that they were entirely free from the earth and that nothing material remained in them.
They also felt that they lived in the All and that those Divine powers were in and around them and that they had to acquire them.
These beings no longer returned to the earth, as they could make themselves useful in the spheres.
There, too, a lot had to be done.
Meanwhile teachers arrived, who had studied earthly and spiritual life.
They instructed the others who were to return to the earth on a mission, because they knew what mankind on earth needed most of all.
Thus, one thing resulted from the other.
Millions of beings were now on earth urging mankind to seek the good.
Man also progressed in the spheres, we see the fifth, sixth and seventh sphere come into being.
In the seventh sphere the possession of man has changed into a golden light.
In this sphere we see the image of the golden Divine light and that light man had to acquire.
This spiritual and Divine light was to become as we were allowed to see at the beginning of creation, in the process of revelation.
Man was to acquire it and that happened too.
We now see a different picture in the spheres.
All spheres from the dark spheres onward were inhabited; and billions of beings lived on this side.
How tremendous the light of the seventh heaven was; for after the fourth sphere the spheres are spiritual heavens.
How great happiness was of man living there, and yet man had to acquire four more cosmic degrees, in order to enter the Divine Spheres.
The people who had arrived in the seventh sphere and had completed their task, prepared to take leave of their sisters and brothers.
Those who had performed a task there assigned this task to others.
The mentors passed on, and with them millions of others.
An other planet, an other solar system awaited them.
Coming into being of these spiritual spheres also took millions of years.
You surely feel that there was no longer darkness for them and this was only for the planet earth.
They had freed themselves of darkness and had acquired the highest spiritual attunement.
This meant the end of the third cosmic degree, and they would be attracted by the fourth.
Great happiness awaited them and they were to have that happiness in a material condition.
They also had to experience transitions, planets, which were in connection with the fourth cosmic degree.
The astral world was a world of light and these spiritual beings were attracted into this invisible world of light; they were the inspiring beings for the material organism they were to receive there.
We call this invisible world the mental regions.
In that life, as I said before, they received pure happiness, a condition man on earth cannot imagine.
However, you will see them when we begin our next journey.
When they had arrived there, these people experienced inner life, the same event they had experienced from the beginning of creation.
On the fourth cosmic degree, a planet, a material embryo was ready; the development of those planets, the activity and the experiencing inspiring life, are as we have seen in creation.
I cannot tell you how long condensation of the fourth cosmic degree took, I cannot feel all those powers.
What we know we received from the cosmic masters as was shown to you in the temple of the soul.
The process of attraction and passing on to those planets, André, you surely feel, has not changed, it could not change, because it applies to the entire universe.
Yet, everything must have been different there, as inspiring and inner life had been down that road a billion times and reached the mental condition of consciousness.
But everything belonging to the material and spiritual condition and representing a particle of creation, had to follow but one course and that course we have been able to follow in the first three degrees.
Now I will explain the ‘ulitmate’ in a few flashes, that is, when man entered ‘Divinity’.
As I explained, every cosmic degree, at any rate from the third degree onward, has its own solar system.
These solar systems are invisible from the earth, and we discussed this on our previous journey.
When people had reached the fourth cosmic degree and life had commenced there, the fifth cosmic degree condensed, and the sixth cosmic degree was also in a seminal stage.
We have been able to follow this process in the first three cosmic degrees.
And since we know that creation is as we have seen, we must accept that all those higher planets had to follow a similar development in order to receive approaching inspiring life.
It was therefore not possible, André, that the sixth cosmic degree would be ready before the fourth or third degree, as it would cause a disturbance.
For how could life commence, when we know that the wonder of creation resides in the condensation process?
It had to happen in those very first hours of condensation, when inspiring life passes on into the embryo.
I explained all that on the first cosmic degree, and this is, as I just said, the wonder of creation.
God’s infinite wisdom is in everything; it is the Divine wonder you have learned on this journey.
It happened this way with all following degrees, man entered the seventh degree, subsequently to enter the All.
As you know, we have received this from the cosmic masters of the seventh sphere.
My master Cesarino told you about it in the temple of the soul.
You see, André, man has to follow one course and everything - this applies to the entire universe - has to adapt itself to one purpose, everything is subjected to and has to follow one activity and this activity is the plan of evolution of man.
This is, as you see, the same for material and spiritual life.
We have been able to follow that on this side, for when the first spiritual sphere was ready, the second sphere followed and we see this process in the entire creation.
One thing originated from the other, out of a previous one developed an other world, an other human being, a still higher attunement.
The human being advanced ever further and entered the All.
Man, as Divine being, had now reached his ultimate end; man had returned to Divinity; had consciously acquired the universe and was like God.
From this moment on, God’s creation was accomplished, and this holy life had returned in Divinity.
Look at that long road, André.
How many billions of years have passed?
I cannot pronounce that figure.
Now the universe was inhabited; no sphere, no place, or there is life.
The lowest condition was in connection with the higher one; and in this way we subsequently see all conditions interconnect.
When this happened, man in those higher spheres or heavens knew that human beings lived in material and Divine happiness of such intensity, that they could not comprehend their happiness.
They also knew that people were living on the first three cosmic degrees, who had to cover that long road and lived in sorrow and misery, darkness and cold.
One connection was established after the other, one message came through after the other; for the masters of the highest spheres had mental contact with them, that is from feeling to feeling, like I am guiding you.
Is it so strange, that we should know all this, and that we also know that sorrow and misery are only on earth and that man has brought that about himself?
Do you feel now, André, that man is creator of darkness and light?
God gave us everything, we inspire and experience all those heavens and subsequently return to the source of all life.
Can’t you be thankful, now that you know all this and is life still that terrible?
We had to experience sorrow and misery only because we had brought it about ourselves, and had to make up for it.
God did not want that misery; but God wanted us to make up for what we did to others, for burdened with all those debts and sins we would not be able to enter spheres of light, because we would collapse there.
What more can I say?
Only this: they, who have reached the Divine Spheres, will remain there and all those millions of planets will eternally continue to occupy a place in the universe.
The animal, too, came to us and now Divine beings are living there in a Divine happiness, which I am unable to tell or describe.
One day we will come there, too; Divinity awaits us.
It was known in the Divine Spheres where sorrow and misery was suffered, and that the earth was the planet of good and evil.
They knew that something had to be done for the earth, to convince man of a God of love.
And this happened, too.
Our highest Master, Jesus Christ, was born on the planet earth, and we know His life and know how God’s perfect Child was received there.
I’ll return to the earth and we shall see what happened there.
Amazing is the picture of the earth now, in those billions of years quite a lot has changed.
But since we know how long it takes for man to free himself of his condition and desires, you will also feel they could not have advanced much further, although there were human beings in those days who had attained Divinity.
It was no longer possible to founder in the highest spheres, they progressed step by step having a set purpose in mind.
This was quite different on earth.
There were beings, who had reached the spheres of light, but there were also people who lived on the second planet and were to be born on earth.
Now still, in your time, you know it, there are still people living even at the last transitions, who must first pass over to the second grade and then be attracted by the earth.
It is not until then that they will begin to follow that long road.
We see a changed earth in that million-process.
Cities have been built; thousands of inventions have been made and all this they received on earth from astral man.
There is nothing on earth, unless we brought it, because inspiring life sees through all matter and thinks and wants to help suffering mankind.
We have given thousands of things to the earth. On our next journey you will see and experience that all art, music, painting and sculpture, has come from this side, and that beings returned to the earth with a task, were consequently born there again, to leave behind what they came to accomplish.
I will tell you about it on our next journey; for I and millions of others belonged to those chosen and blessed beings, who were allowed to bring something of beauty to the earth.
In those days ‘religion’ developed and the prophets, referred to in the bible, came on earth.
I will not follow those times; it would lead too far.
We still see only fighting on earth, though intellectual beings were also born.
Now, the earth and people had advanced far enough to receive the religion of God.
You surely know what would happen?
Christ would be born on earth.
Christ descended from Divine heaven and was born on earth.
His sacred life is known to us, God’s perfect Child was crucified.
‘My God, my Father, forgive them; they do not know what they do.’
That is what the perfect Child of God could say!
And God forgave them.
Jesus Christ knew he would be killed, yet, God’s pure and perfect Child accepted His task.
Do you understand yourself, man of the earth?
Know that Jesus Christ came to you, that His death is your salvation.
Look up to all this and accept; I come to you in His name, in His name.
Cherish love, and feel that everything is as I said.
One good deed everyday; one good thought will already help Him, our Master Jesus Christ, and also us who returned to the earth to convince you as sisters and brothers of your spiritual and cosmic life.
Discard all your mistakes and cherish love; eternity awaits you; you and your beloved ones.’
Christ, my son, returned to His own sphere.
Man, however, has come to know his Father of Love; but we know how life is lived on earth and how His sacred life is defiled.
Man wanted to forget and again plunged into a pool of mud and misery and forgot himself.
This is the picture of the earth and all this belonged to the past.
Now, I’ll continue in your own time.
Do you want to ask any questions, André?’
‘No, Alcar, I have understood everything.
How thankful we should be on earth, that we were allowed to learn all this.’
‘Indeed, my boy.
Those who feel it, will be grateful for everything given from the side beyond.
We’ll now go to the first material attunement and see how everything on earth is at present, we’ll pass on into these seven degrees of material and inner life.’