André’s mediumship

André was with his leader in the spheres again and he was very happy.
‘I felt such strange things, Alcar.’
‘Strange things you say?’
‘Yes, perhaps you could give me an explanation.
During the first few days I felt quite normal.
However, the more I pondered on everything the more an other personality manifested itself within me and I could not free myself.
Those were remarkable phenomena and I found it all very strange.
Does it mean anything?
Do you know anything about it?’
Alcar looked at his instrument and said: ‘Have you felt that thoroughly and clearly?’
‘Yes, Alcar, and it drew me towards the place where we have been on our first journey.
Were they my own thoughts?’
Alcar looked at him again and said: ‘It is remarkable indeed.’
André felt that his leader let it pass.
Would he have imagined something?
Perhaps Alcar did not know either.
Yet it was very strange because he knew exactly how it had entered him.
He could not have imagined it, because it had even taken him by surprise.
Why did Alcar let it pass, should he not have asked?
Was it so strange?
He had felt it for days on end.
A very different human being had lived within him during those days and he did not know how to cope with it.
Again he said to his leader: ‘Have I imagined something, Alcar?’
‘I don’t think so, André, and we will look into the matter on this journey.
Have a little more patience, when we have advanced that far I may be able to answer.
I am now engaged with other things and lost in thought.
Can you accept that?’
‘Of course, Alcar, thank you.’
He was not quite satisfied, though.
It was not the answer he had hoped to get, for it was no explanation.
Surely Alcar knew what he had experienced in those days?
He would wait; perhaps this problem would be solved on this side.
That’s why, he thought, I did not get an answer in my material body either.
I would certainly have received it, but it was perhaps not possible.
He had experienced that before and the problem was solved afterwards.
Perhaps that would also happen this time and he no longer thought about it.
‘Where do we go, Alcar?’
‘I am going to connect you with my own past and I’ll show you some of the lives I have lived.
Then we’ll go on.’
‘Shall I see something of myself too?’
‘That will also happen.’
He was very happy, for what was he going to see and what would he experience?
He would see his own lives, lives he had experienced.
How wonderful that would be, he would be able to understand himself completely.
How much he had already learned about himself, but only through his leader.
He would receive everything and that was a mighty grace.
He understood that everything had happened from the beginning with a fixed purpose.
His mediumship differed from that of many others on earth.
He saw because he should see.
He received because he should receive and departed from his body because he departed through his leader.
His own thoughts frightened him.
Did he possess gifts?
He only now felt that he actually possessed nothing at all.
Lately he had felt this more clearly.
There was something, which connected him with the past and he felt an unknown problem behind it.
‘Is your mediumship not clear, André?’
‘No, not really, Alcar.
I know what I am and could do on earth and yet I feel it does not belong to me like all these other mediums possess their gifts.
It frightens me, Alcar.’
‘You need not be afraid, André.
Though you have felt it clearly, very clearly.
Listen, I’ll explain that to you, that was not possible before now.
When I was on this side and acquired life in the spirit and wandered over the earth, I thought of all these things.
I had a fixed purpose in mind and made my plans for when I would work there to convince man on earth of our life.
I told you about that.
When I had completed my study on earth, I returned to the spheres.
I was connected with the masters and asked them to give me an instrument on earth through which I could pass on my experiences.
The higher masters, among whom Ubronus, gave me advice and I waited.
I knew in advance that you would become my instrument, but I had to wait until the time would come when I could influence you.
I also told you about that.
You had these powers.
There are many clairvoyants on earth, but every clairvoyance is different, and this concerns the condition of the human soul.
The more spiritually minded human being feels and sees in a different way than the material individual and he consequently has a completely different connection with this side.
A human being can have gifts of his own.
He sees whenever he wants, and their spiritual assistants help their clairvoyants.
When they see the controlling spirit passes on what he observes on this side and in this way the medium expresses on earth what the controlling spirit sees and wants to pass on.
Those are usually messages from this side, from beloved ones living in our world.
All these beings have a connection with this world and are instruments, but they remain as they are, they don’t know our life, because their connection is different.
Our spiritual life remains closed for them, although they receive messages.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘However, there are also people who think and feel that they are medium, they are sensitive, but that sensitivity is such that they cannot serve us.
Nevertheless, they open themselves for our world and then mankind sees that our life is being defiled.
Well then, I had other intentions.
I wanted to keep those gifts in my own hands; which means that my medium would only see and experience what I saw on this side and wanted to pass on.
But I went further.
I opened your mind and brought our connection about.
You know that if I do not act on you, you cannot observe, cannot see, nor paint or depart from your body, because you cannot do anything on your own.
And that was exactly what I wanted.
If I could achieve that you would have to listen to me and be unable to do anything yourself, so that you would follow me in everything and your gifts would not be squandered.
The more you exerted yourself to get to know our life, the more I could give you and the gifts you possessed as feeling would develop accordingly.
You were and remained dependent on me and will remain so.
In reality, therefore, you have no gifts, they belong to me.
What you have is feeling, is your own life, and I eagerly made use of that life and I could connect myself.
You only have gifts when I have connected myself with you.
Do you feel that, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘That is the strange feeling you have been experiencing lately, I mean that feeling of being nothing.
What did I achieve by it?
In the first place that your gifts would remain pure and in the second place that you are not only a medium but above all that you would acquire what I taught you and that it meant spiritual property for you.
I wanted you to achieve something, and that when you would depart life on earth you would own something in our life, which you would have deserved by following me and giving yourself completely.
It was not so simple, though.
You know your own struggle on earth to lose yourself as a personality and above all to earn an other personality.
To that end you had to discard yourself completely.
You should have no desires any more if I wanted to develop you in a short period of time and if you were to follow me in everything.
Several times it was so terrible that you did not know how to separate our world from your life on earth, and yet remain yourself in that.
You know how much you suffered, how terrible your struggle has been; though I also helped you in it.
All those other mediums do not feel and experience that, they remain themselves and do not know this struggle.
For you, however, it was your school, your occult school of hard knocks on earth, I may say, but it also served to enter this life consciously while you are still on earth and are used as instrument on earth.
What you now own and know of our life is your own possession, is your spiritual property, is your inner life, but not more than that.
It sounds hard, André, but I have those gifts and not you, even though you live through me and you have those powers.
For what did I do?
I made you conscious.
I wanted you to become man, to feel our life and to acquire it.
When I gave you something on earth, passed on messages from this side and told you of our life, you would have to digest all that in your material organism, which is the most difficult life we know on earth for a material human being to live in.
I also wanted you to have no earthly desires any more, I wanted to eliminate your material life and to prepare you for our life and I tried to achieve a lot.
Your fierce struggle really began when I had advanced far enough for you to depart from your body.
You know how everything happened and that I first had to convince you of all these spiritual laws and I went ever further until we could go to the third sphere.
Although all that happened on my powers, you gradually began to feel our life and to experience it in your life on earth, and that became your inner possession and your life on earth.
You would have to find yourself in it and would not have earned it until then.
I made you experience everything, gave you spiritual nourishment, but if I had continued to develop your physical gifts, in the period when you were dematerialized and everything which was brought about by me during your dark séances, you would have remained a physical instrument and you would not have seen or experienced anything of our life, of the spheres and hells, of the depth of the soul and the beauty of life on our side, as these powers belong to the mental gifts.
You know, André, that I suspended those gifts and began to develop your mental gifts.
It was not until later that you understood why I had done so, when I began to write through you.
That does not belong to you either, if I or an other intelligence of this side would not give you anything, and not act on you, you would not be able to put anything on paper related to our life.
I achieved that, André, and also that I could one day give you everything, which is the final problem on our side, which these three disembodiments confirm.
If I could continue in that way and you would listen to me and continue to follow me in everything, I could easily give you ever more, open you entirely and we could have disembodiment after disembodiment.
You acquired all that, you devoted yourself, because you wanted to serve and give yourself completely for our work.
Though you felt you were nothing, could not be anything, for you remained completely dependent on me and that was exactly what I wanted.
As a result you could not do anything on your own, you could not make things up and your gifts remained pure.
You cannot pass on spiritual messages if I do not give them to you.
You do not know anything about curing if I do not give you the diagnosis.
You would not be able to depart from your body if I did not want you to and release you from your material body.
You are nothing, you are merely what you experienced through me and what I gave you in all those years, what you received from me through all those disembodiments and what I made you experience in your life on earth.
All those conditions, such as the various problems I helped you with and the many deathbeds you were allowed to observe became your own property and developed your inner life.
Only that is your own property and neither spirit nor human being can take that away from you, you therefore discarded yourself completely.
It is your property in our life and you served me and also man on earth.
Yet, everything will soon return within you, you consciously pass on into our life and acquire that.
You consciously feel our life while you are still living on earth.
That is my intention, which is what you deserve and receive, like others have gifts.
They also acquire a lot, but they know little about laws and spiritual problems, because the connection is different.
At the beginning of your development you laid yourself, your entire being and personality in my hands, you lived through me and in return you received spiritual wisdom.
The others who serve on earth as instrument have a different experience, but I wanted you to acquire everything of our life.
That is a great difference and it happens with many mediums, but the majority has a different connection.
I want to make clear, André, that, during the first years, I took away your entire personality, that you lived through me, but that you did not remain behind.
You were always prepared to follow me, and when I have finished and explained everything from this side, you know what others do not know and can’t know, what God intended with creation and how everything happened.
What is essential for a pupil on earth - that he has to follow his teacher in everything in order to acquire his capacity to which end he has to exert himself - also applies to you and in return you receive our life.
For you it is a spiritual study and you will obtain a degree in it.
I’ll see to that, André.
The deeper I can descend in our life the deeper you can experience everything with me; so I will reach the end which end I will explain to you on this journey.
That is possible now, it wasn’t in all those years, but now we have advanced that far.
What is the end of his study for a student on earth is the end of your spiritual study for you.
This is a great wonder and has to do with what you felt on earth.
When I have reached that stage I will explain everything you have experienced and felt during the few days preceding your departure from your body.
Being an instrument on earth served to consciously pass into our life.
You also have what other mediums possess, but I kept those gifts in my own hands to keep you entirely pure.
When people on earth know this they should also accept our life and everything you received through me, because it was not you but I who told of this life.
Do you understand, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, yet there are people who say that I am a dreamer and that this emanates from my subconscious.
They cannot accept it and they think that I fool myself.
They can’t believe it, though I knew that I was allowed to experience all this through you and could not do anything myself.
But they don’t want to accept that.’
‘Leave them alone, André.
Those who cannot or do not want to accept should suit themselves.
We know that everything is pure and I took that into account from the beginning.
Everything you told through me about life after death is pure and must be true, or I would not have been able to reach you, so that you would never have known or received anything about it.
If I had not acted on you, even though you possessed feeling for these gifts like other mediums, you would never have acquired this depth, this connection.
You would have been able to see and hear, perhaps you would have been able to cure, but you would have been unaware of our and my life and all those spiritual wonders and laws, because I had not given it to you and could not have established those disembodiments.
Do you understand that this is a very different mediumship, that it relates to your inner life and that, as a result, you entirely pass into our life?’
‘If you had not been there, could an other control have given me those messages, Alcar?’
‘You mean to say, would you still have become a medium?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Yes, that would have been possible, but you would not have received what you now know of our life.
I am supervised myself, I am a member of a spiritual order and that is why I get help from a higher level.
You surely feel the great difference in connection and this also has a meaning, which I will explain to you on this journey.
As I descended deeper into your life, you not only experienced this on this side but also on earth.
It is especially on earth that you would have to learn our life, so that it would pass into your inner life.
I gradually went deeper and I could do so, because you were always prepared to give yourself completely for us.
We already advanced that far, that I was allowed to show you the beginning of creation, an event that only few mediums can experience.
It is not only a mighty grace for you, both of us are concerned, it is our work, my work and yours, which you’ll understand later on.
What I know of our life, all those gifts and wisdom I put into your hands as your development advances.
That also applies to all mediums who keep their gifts pure, the spiritual help can gradually increase in accordance with the task assigned to him or her from this side.
The greater the number of mediums, who can free themselves from earthly ties and life, attune to our life, the more nourishment for the mind we can give, and that is what the earth needs.
There is a great shortage of good instruments and those who possess gifts should know that it is sacred and require sacrifices.
Those who own these spiritual treasures must disengage themselves from all that earthly business and concentrate on us.
Those who think they can experience life on earth and also be an instrument will find that their gifts will disintegrate sooner or later, as we cannot keep them free from all those earthly influences.
We help them in everything, also in life on earth, we give them spiritual wisdom, solve their problems and misery, but we demand of them to follow us and give themselves completely for our work.
Those who are not able to do this and wish to acquire earthly happiness are irrevocably lost.
They will experience that their spiritual connection becomes weaker, their spiritual life and all messages they receive will decrease in strength and truth.
This cannot be correct, for we give ourselves entirely, we are ready day and night to help them, but in return we demand their complete submission.
You have always been able to do that, André, and I’m grateful to you for it.
It is the most difficult mediumship there is, for those serving on earth as an instrument must not only live their own life, which is difficult enough as it is in that chaos, but above all digest what is given them from this side.
This means, as I said, to sacrifice themselves.
We, on the other hand, completely give ourselves and help them in everything.
There are many mediums on earth and all those mediums who have to perform a task, who are in connection with our side, who can receive clear and true messages, are in our hands.
That is a heavy and great task they are charged with.
They hold the joys and sorrows of thousands of human beings in their hands.
God has given all this, they receive that from their Father in heaven and it is a mighty grace.
All these mediums are under one guidance and live all over the world.
It is remarkable that all of us describe one life, one in French, the other in English and someone else in an other language known on earth, because we are all members of one order, so that we can never contradict ourselves.
However, there are millions of spirits in the sphere of the earth, those who return to the earth as astral beings, but who sometimes don’t know anything about our life and are living dead as are those who attract them.
Spiritual messages are then defiled, they serve themselves and that has no meaning in the spirit.
Here in our life, André, everything is preordained.
I knew in advance what I would accomplish and could achieve.
You might ask, was it all that difficult?
Yes, you should not forget that when the soul passes on into life on earth it does not remember anything and that only inner life is awake and that man does not know anything of former incarnations.’
‘Is my mediumship connected with reincarnation, Alcar?’
‘I already explained that there is no human being on earth unless he has to do with former lives, and that all this is preordained.
I know this is not a direct reply to your question, but I cannot answer it yet, I will do that when the time has come and when I have advanced that far.
At any rate you understand that your mediumship on earth is in my hands and that I see to it, that you receive it according as your development progresses.
So you have to earn this mediumship.
But there is more.
I said already that I had made my calculations in advance and not only I, but also the masters on this side.
If we had not been able to, we could not have acted on you, as we would have done more harm than good, which would not help mankind.
I can assure you that we pondered everything before my work was to begin and had to be prepared in every respect to properly perform my task.
One single mistake from your side, and my work and that of the masters would have been destroyed, that would be no progress for mankind on earth, but would add to the misery already present and we did not fancy that.
You will realize what was expected of me and of you and that all has a deep spiritual meaning, which I cannot explain until I have reached that stage.
I want you to know, André, that not everybody will receive this, it only happens with a definite purpose like everything given to the earth from this side.
At present, I cannot go any further into this matter but you will be amazed and I tell you already now that these will be wonders for you as well, although quite different wonders than those you have received and experienced in all those years.’
‘You’re making me very curious, Alcar.’
‘I can imagine, but you’ll have to suppress your curiosity.
Your life on earth had to develop the way we wanted to.
In the first place your full submission, then all your love for our work and mankind.’
‘Did you know for certain, Alcar, that those powers were within me?’
‘Yes, I knew, but there are thousands of dangers in material life and those dangers could be your own desires to possess, like other people.
Do not forget that I could not change your own will and that I had to watch how you would do your work and live your life on earth, that it would be in harmony with our world and that I could reach you.
In life on earth I could do absolutely nothing at all and had to leave you there, entirely to your own devices.
How many mediums have perished?
How many have understood their task?
They forgot themselves for the sake of wealth, and attracted that which cut the other guides and me off, so that those mediums passed into other hands and their work was destroyed.
I had to try and avoid that and you assisted me in the process.’
‘How awfully difficult your life now appears to me, to have known this in advance and having had to watch how I would live my life.’
‘That was a very deep and great problem, André.
It is that deep that I’ll tell you about it on this journey and explain all those conditions.
This was so deep because, as I said, we weighed it up in advance, just like Gerhard experienced it when he would descend into the hell in our life and thought he would succumb.
For this work one must be able to sacrifice and that has happened.
One must be able to give oneself completely or the essence of our nourishment for the mind has no meaning.
I would not have reached the depth I wanted to reach for the nourishment for the mind you received from me and which is your development on earth.’
‘It is getting ever more complicated, Alcar.’
‘Yes indeed, and you have clearly felt that.
It is the most difficult problem there is and ever will be.
Man on earth may be an artist or qualify for some study, but living as a medium and human being on earth between two worlds is the most difficult thing there is.
I brought you reality and exactly because everything is true it is difficult and you had to overcome that.
Many people on earth qualify for a study and give out, although they have their feet firmly on the ground.
You had to take leave of the earth emotionally, during all those years you hovered between heaven and earth but you remained yourself.
Your nervous system was in no way disturbed, and it also gave you spiritual wisdom.
If I had not been the one I pretended to be, you would irrevocably have perished and would have landed in the hands of evil.
Man can feel from your own condition, your own life on earth, that this must be real and pure and the absolute truth.
However, all those laws and powers are not known there, they are unaware of them and do not feel the depth of what I want to give and have brought so far.
That was why your life was so difficult, but now you passed through all that and you are entirely open.
Being entirely open has a specific meaning, which I can also explain later when I have got that far.
That is why we made arrangements on this side.
You should not possess anything you could learn on earth.
I did not want you to qualify for a material study, that is why you were born in that small town.
Your parents were not to have material wealth, nothing, so that they would not be able to give you what is some study or other for the earth.
Your mind had to be completely vacant for me to use you as an instrument, otherwise your own acquired knowledge would have destroyed mine.
I’ll also tell you about that.’
‘So writing, Alcar, that’s what I should do and is most essential?’
‘Indeed, André, only that, just our message.
The other gifts you now have are of secondary importance.
Man needs nourishment for the mind more than treatment for his material and physical illnesses.
We have been able to help many people and alleviate suffering, but what I have to tell is most important.
If I can convince just one human being, as I told you several times, our work is rewarded, but we have already reached thousands of people.
Your books will find their own way and cannot be stopped.
In them I tell the holy truth, the truth only, I could not act differently.
Your gift of painting is also of second importance, however splendid it is.
We are not understood yet and that is indeed not possible, but we quietly continue, as do all those who work with us on earth.
This work has been going on for thousands of years and yet so little has been achieved, but you know why and how that has happened.
Thus, I had made my calculations in advance.
When you were still a young child, you were already under my guidance.
That’s when I started.
During the first years of your childhood I brought spiritual children and you played with them.
I showed you in the temple of the soul.
One day you were nearly drowned and I came to your rescue as I helped you with many other things.’
‘Did you know that I would be born in that small town?’
‘Yes, André, I knew.
The masters had shown me and I waited.’
‘It is remarkable, Alcar, and that I’m unaware of it, I mean of an other life.’
‘That is not possible either, I’ll explain that to you on this journey.
It was our intention, as I said just now, that you would not acquire any earthly knowledge.
You would, therefore, be born to parents who did not have the means to let you study, as earthly knowledge would have an adverse effect and obstruct your mediumship.
The less you knew the better for me.
You did not have to ponder anything and to wonder whether it was you yourself or I who gave you everything.
All this was to your advantage, you received it from me and you could submit yourself completely.
A learned man cannot be an instrument for this mediumship, he knows too much and that knowledge is an obstruction.’
‘Did you know that in advance too, could you assess that?
Did you have that in your hands?’
‘No, I could not assess that and I did not have it in my hands either, but God helps the soul in everything.’
‘If I understand you correctly, you can’t do anything about it?’
‘No, André, nothing.
Those are Gods sacred laws and we have to wait.’
‘So it was a grace for me to be born to poor parents, Alcar?’
‘Certainly, André, it was a mighty grace indeed.’
‘How is it possible, Alcar, and how deep this event is.’
‘The soul, my son, at any rate man returning to life on earth attracts this, in other words: he will receive what this being desires, though that is only possible if that being has to perform a task on earth.
If the soul has to return to the earth to make up for something, it will take care of itself and those are God’s laws.’
‘Did I yearn for this and did you know me before I was born in this life on earth, Alcar?’
Alcar looked at his instrument and said: ‘I’ll explain later, have a little more patience and I’ll be able to answer those questions too.’
This is also remarkable, André thought.
He asked: ‘So your powers and those of the masters cease to exist between the world of the unconscious and the earth and then you can’t do anything?’
‘Very good, André, no, nothing; Lantos told you about that.
Master Emschor explained that to him and that also applies to me and everybody living on this side.
When man descends into this world and it is preordained that this soul has to bring something on earth, these incomprehensible laws, which we don’t know nor feel, will take effect.
What we do know is that everything on earth is in harmony, nothing is wrong and the soul will receive what we or others need for our work.
What could I have done if you were born to parents who wanted you to qualify for some study?
What could I have done if your parents had wanted you to become a scientist, if your father and mother had been bad people and you had grown up a good-for-nothing?
I could have prevented that, but that environment would have defiled your inner life.
All those events would have made me and my work impossible.
So I knew beforehand, and this is a grace of God, that you would be born in that small town and we are grateful that this happened.
I’ll tell you more, which will be miracles to you.
Already when your mother carried you I knew that you would become my instrument and would be born there.’
‘I beg your pardon?
As early as that?’
‘Yes, the masters told me beforehand to whom and where you would be born and that I should prepare myself.’
‘You are ever going deeper, Alcar.’
‘Yes, I am and I have my reasons for it.’
What a problem, André thought.
Where does it all end?
‘Where it all ends, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that’s what I thought.’
‘At the plain truth, my son.
After all, you have experienced it.
Hasn’t everything happened the way I wanted it?
Isn’t God love in everything?’
‘It is amazing, Alcar.
If I understood you correctly you knew you would achieve all this and that I would acquire that level as a medium?’
‘Yes, however difficult your struggle has been, how often you may have thought that you could not go on any more, I knew we would succeed and get through all this struggle to reach our aim and accomplish my work and that of the masters.’
‘Has my dear mother something to do with that?’
‘Yes, André, you are like she is, both feelings are one.’
‘Is that a sacred law?
I mean did she attract me?’
‘Yes, that’s right, just because of that.’
My God, André thought, how amazing.
All my questions are answered and yet it is a big problem for me.
How deep everything is again.
‘Was I closely connected with her, Alcar?’
‘Very closely, my son, that connection and unity of soul was very deep.’
‘Was that why we understood each other so well?’
‘Yes, André.’
‘Mother is something special, Alcar.
Oh, she is so good, so pure and generous.
What hasn't that dear soul done for me and hundreds of people?
Oh, if she would know all this.
She has read my books; she senses me and says I receive this from our Lord.
She prayed day and night and was not afraid and yet she sometimes looked at me as if she wanted to say, what is going to happen with that boy?
I asked her about all those things in my youth, Alcar.
There were people who wanted to buy me.
They said there is something with that boy.
In my youth I saw the universe in a cabbage and whenever I asked if that was possible she shook her head and walked away.
Do you know about that?’
‘I know everything, because I put those thoughts in your mind.’
‘As early as that?’
‘Yes, André, I was always near you.’
‘Oh, you must have had a hard time with me.
Were all those inspirations yours?’
‘Everything that connected you with our world.’
‘Then you could not have thought of a better mother for me, she has really everything.’
‘I know that too.’
‘How well everything fits, Alcar, there is no flaw in it, everything is right, it is almost beyond belief and yet I have to accept it.
If people could there would be happiness on this side.
How many people want nourishment for the mind?
They think I am able to do all this and make it up, Alcar, that it all comes from within me!
I, who was unaware, and never knew what you have given me.
Oh, if that would happen one day.
If people would consider this and want to acquire it, they would no doubt change.
What a pity that they do not know anything about their other lives.
They cannot remember anything and keep asking me: Why don’t we know anything of our former lives?
But there is nothing in them, nobody who knows anything about it.
Everything is gone, there is nothing left of all those hundreds of lives.’
Alcar listened while André was speaking ardently and said: ‘Do you think that everything is gone?’
‘Yes, Alcar, because they can’t remember anything.’
‘Let me tell you that nothing at all is gone.
You should have known André.
The soul descends into life on earth and passes into an other life.
When the soul has the male organism in one life and descends into the female organism in the other, how could they accept that while they do not even understand death?
How could they understand the depth of inner life on earth when they don’t feel their own life?
Everything is present deep down within them.
You will experience that on this journey when it will become clear to you.’
‘Is it on those higher planets as it is on earth, Alcar?’
‘No, people living there know where they have lived and can experience and digest that, they know the depth of their own life.
All those people are cosmically conscious, clairvoyant and have various gifts, so everything is different there.
You just wait, André, it cannot be accepted yet on the planet earth, but one day they will.
They won’t understand that there were mediums in those days who had advanced that far and received this on earth.’
‘Will that time come, Alcar?’
‘Certainly, that time will and must come.’
‘And you have come a few hundred years too early?’
‘Yes, André, I told you already I am, and so are the others with me.
Yet, one day they will realize and accept all this.
Our work is not in vain, don’t ever forget that.
We have been able to convince many people and more will follow.
This will gradually get through to inner life and people will acquire these treasures.’
‘What do the masters say, Alcar?’
‘My masters are satisfied, quite satisfied.
Everything proceeds as desired, there is no disturbance, you are doing your best.’
‘So I have only come to earth to serve you?’
‘No, to make up as well.’
‘So I have made many mistakes and have to make up for them?
Do you know my mistakes, Alcar?’
‘Yes, at any rate one big mistake.’
André bent his head.
He thought as much, nothing for nothing.
Work and pray.
Make up and serve.
How could it be otherwise?
‘May I ask a question, Alcar?’
‘Of course, André, do.’
‘I would like to ask you whether I am making up for that big mistake, and if not, whether you would help me so that I can make up for it, while I am still on earth?’
‘A good question, André.
You have started already.’
‘Thank God, and will I accomplish it?’
‘Not only accomplish, but also overcome everything.
Everybody, whoever it is, is on earth for a purpose or he would not be there any more.
All make up, do something for others and are there for us or for themselves.
If they are there for us, that life is taken advantage of in that man serves.
At the same time something is made up and you too are making up.
You receive something and serve me and not only me but also yourself and others.’
‘It is wonderful that I may know this.
Do you know that big mistake, Alcar?’
‘Yes, I know that too.’
‘It is amazing that you should know me entirely.
I suppose you can’t tell me what it is?’
‘Yes, but I can’t explain until later, when the time has come.’
‘Then I’ll wait, Alcar, and I am very grateful to you and yet, how remarkable everything is, how can people ever accept this?
You are going ever further.
Will there be an end?’
‘Yes, that end will come, when I have given you everything from this side.
Then my task will be completed and what the masters wanted and intended to bring to earth will have been accomplished.’
‘Is your work then finished?’
‘Not quite, for there are some other things I have to do and for which I need your help.’
‘Oh, you mean just writing?’
‘Yes, that is what I mean.
What I would give; and you would receive, and belongs to my task, will then be accomplished.’
‘Do you refer to these nine books?’
‘All this work, André, is part of it.
That is what the masters intended and what I was to pass on, that is why you are my instrument and it will then be accomplished.’
‘So there remain no deeper problems on this side any more than those you are talking about?’
‘I could fill dozens of books, for there is so much to be seen and experienced here to tell about it, but this is sufficient.
In all these books man finds a clear picture of his death on earth, the return to and birth on earth and the amazing problem how God created everything, which you’ll receive now in three volumes.
That is sufficient and if I’ll tell you a bit more and record it through you, it will come, but I don’t know yet, because I, too, am only an instrument.
This, however, would and had to happen, the masters were certain about it.’
‘It is remarkable, Alcar, that you have already advanced that far and that it is invariably known on this side what must and can happen, as against the questions ‘why and what for’ on earth.
Here they know what they want and what can be done, whereas there they do not advance.’
‘No, but they do not want to as I explained to you.
People must accept and they will accept one day, we can only wait.
So do not ask anything, even our highest Master did not ask anything and He was crucified.
What then should we want?
As I said, one human being is sufficient, but we have already convinced thousands of people; aren’t you happy about that?
When you are here forever you will really feel your happiness and later we will be understood.
Then you are here with me and we’ll make long journeys again for many years to come.
Go on as you do, André, and we will both be happy, you know now why you are on earth.
Later, as I promised, I’ll show you your lives, some of them, as you would not be able to digest all of them and I can’t follow them all.
You will also get to know me and many other wonders.’