The Divine Spark

He waited for things to happen.
He already felt the first signs coming into him.
Slowly his spiritual body was lifted and he entered the spiritual world.
Alcar stood in front of him.
He approached his leader and took both his hands.
‘We are together again, André.
You have acquired everything you have experienced during our previous journey.
You will now experience new miracles.
We shall soon be on our way and you know where we shall go; back to the first planet.
While on our way, I shall explain a thing or two.’
They floated away from the earth.
André felt very happy.
‘How shall I thank you, Alcar, for what you have done for me and are still doing.’
‘It is to my own advantage, my boy, if your material body is not in good health, I cannot work.
I have to watch your health and you help me, because you follow me in everything.’
‘If people had sufficient concentration, Alcar, surely there would not be so many neurotics?’
‘Exactly, André, those who control their condition are master over their material organism, at any rate when no other ailments undermine their bodies.
One is often powerless to do anything about them, and many die from those ailments.’
‘What do you think of my patient, who has not eaten for three years now?’
‘She is a miracle, André; I mean her material organism.’
‘I don’t understand, Alcar, why doctors are not interested.’
‘There are so many things they are not interested in.
This patient is a miracle to them, but if they would examine her, it would still remain a mystery that she stays alive without eating.
If they knew the powers of man on the fourth degree, they would exclaim: My God, how is it possible that there are people who can keep alive on light, air and warmth.’
‘Is food not required there, Alcar?’
‘No, André, and that is very simple.
Isn’t it remarkable that, according as man concentrates on spiritual life, the material organism reacts immediately and does not require what it used to consume to preserve the body?
Again we see that the spiritual body dominates, even must dominate; because it is obvious that higher beings do not require food and only consume what is necessary to maintain the material organism.
On the first planets, man ate raw meat, and on earth, too, people eat meat; but on the fourth cosmic degree all are vegetarians.
The main nourishment is what nature provides and there are thousands of sorts of fruits.
All this will also change on earth.
Your patient is in an amazing condition.
You know the way her material organism feeds; I explained that to you.
She only needs small quantities of juice, that’s all.’
‘Will she die from this ailment, Alcar?’
‘She will pass away like everybody else.
It is not true that this advances her passing away, or she would have been on this side long ago.
She is alive and remains alive.
She does feel weak and tired, but still does her work; she is busy from early morning till late at night and lives like anyone else of normal health.
And yet, her condition is a great miracle.’
‘But what is it, Alcar, that keeps her alive?’
‘There is food for her in the atmosphere, André, and I am speaking the holy truth when I say that man will no longer eat in the highest attunement, and only take what is present in and around him in the atmosphere.
Do not forget that everything that grows and blooms from the earth is present in the universe as invisible energy, which can also be used as food when our inner life attracts and receives it through concentration.
Well then, that patient does not have that strength and does not know anything about it; but she obtains food unconsciously from that invisible reservoir.
That energy is present; she inhales it and her spirit, which is very strong for earthly standards, now dominates her material organism.
In essence it is very simple, but for people on earth she is a great mystery.
This, however, is her condition.’
‘It is also surprising, Alcar, that she still does her work.’
‘She has a strong will and a pure faith.
By means of her faith she absorbs that invisible energy; it is the love she possesses and we know that love is everything; it is the strength by which we adjust ourselves to the visible and invisible and pass on.
In addition, she receives your radiance.
Once again, for people on earth she is a great mystery, but I see through that mystery and know how it works, know her life, materially as well as spiritually.’
‘Do all people on the fourth planet already live as she does?’
‘No, not yet, they live there on what nature provides.
But the higher man advances towards his attunement, the purer becomes his inner life.
Once there, they live again in a material body, and are spiritual beings living in a material condition.
When we can no longer eat meat because we discarded our earthly organism many years ago, and when you know that we love everything and all life, that we pass from one condition into a higher one to acquire ever more love, you do feel that we shall experience a life quite distinct from that we had on the planet earth?
There they adjust themselves to advancing further and live on in pure love.
As I said before, there is serenity and peace and people are sisters and brothers in spirit.’
‘Do they know there what the Divine Spark is, Alcar?’
‘They all know they are children of one Father, and that they themselves are that spark which is related to God.
The more love they acquire, the greater that spark of God becomes; it strengthens their inner life and they pass to the higher spheres.
Their inner light shows us how far they have advanced.
The spark of God which is within them and constitutes their whole being, which they are themselves, radiates according to the love they acquired.’
‘On earth they cannot find out, Alcar, what exactly the spark of God is.’
‘That is obvious, my boy.
Do you know yourself what that spark of God is like and how it has come into us, now that you have experienced the plan of creation, André?’
‘No, Alcar, I must frankly admit it is still a great problem for me.
I know what it is, you explained it; but how it all happened and has come into us, is not quite clear to me.’
‘So your question was rather meant for yourself, than for man on earth?’
‘Yes, Alcar, also for myself, as I would like to know it.’
I have explained how God’s creation was accomplished.
You have observed how everything happened and that everything which lives in the universe is God’s own life.
A planet is a spark, a mighty source of energy, and that applies to all planets and stars which have taken their place in the universe, and to everything belonging to the visible energy.
I told you that.
In everything, in trees and plants, is God’s life that is why it lives or it would not exist.
It lives because it has to live, because it is God’s life; but there is something different in animal and human life.
It has been in us from the beginning of creation, because we and the animal kingdom emanated from that tremendous event.
God split, divided Himself in billions of particles and from that moment on it was preordained that man was to have a will of his own, and that will, that is that being, is a particle of God.
During the first stage man, this particle of God, possessed no consciousness.
This particle should first of all receive a splendid organism; that was the object of the entire creation and that was to become man.
The spark of God, as will be clear to you now, is fundamentally energy, and this energy originated from God, what is called God.
Our entire existence, André, as a human being, is that spark of God, as are all those planets, everything living in the universe.
But man, and this will be clear to you now, not only received God’s own life, he also passed into His sacred life.
God wanted us through His attunement to become like God, to pass consciously into the universe and to acquire that.
A spark of God is the animal on earth, a piece of stone, a fragment of iron, but we are the conscious, inspiring beings who have received this gift from God.
Therefore, André, we people represent our Holy Father; God gave us His own self; He is in and around us and remains so eternally.
Like we concentrate to pass on into something, to achieve something; like we have to think with our entire inner being in order to attain and accomplish the object of our attention, God created us and all existing life which serves us and which we need to consciously enter that Divine condition.
That Divine power is present within us; we are that power and it is up to us to go for it; to become the conscious Divine being.
Is it clear now what the Divine Spark is?’
‘Yes, Alcar, quite.
It is me.’
‘Quite so, my boy.
You are that spark of God, you are a particle of God, you emanate from that which is God, your life represents God’s own life.
Everything belonging to creation is God, or a particle thereof.
His holy life is within us, but it is up to us to acquire it.’
‘That inspiration, if I put it correctly, Alcar, has been there from the first moment, hasn’t it?’
‘When you observed the first flashes of light in the temple of the soul, it happened for a fixed purpose.
We were already represented in those flashes, by that action, or concentration, if I may put it that way, we were to receive ourselves.
We received our personality by that inspiration or concentration as we emerged from it.
It is clear that the human will, the personality, is implied therein; and that will is the relation to God, is His sacred life, which we have received.
If this had not happened, we would belong to what is the universe.
We would be invisible and belong to the invisible energy, like everything belonging to that form of life.’
‘Are you now thinking of the darkness?’
‘Yes, André, when nothing, nothing existed yet.’
‘Is this inspiration present in everything, Alcar, in all life created by God?’
‘Yes, André, but we know conscious and unconscious inspiration.
Is that clear?’
‘No, not quite.
Does a stone, a tree and all other life comprising nature belong to the unconscious energy, Alcar?’
‘Excellent, André, that is correct.
When God created the universe, there was only inspiration.
The first to appear were the stars and planets, the solar systems and thousands of other objects.
Subsequently man, and this being was to have the ability to create.
This also points to our Divine attunement.
The next process, or the life that appeared, emanated from the first; because the first already possessed that miracle and created an other form of life.
Then the animal kingdom came into being which emerged from the process of decay.
But behind this, as a further stage and development to which the entire universe was subjected, was the condensation process of the universe, and all that life belongs to the unconscious energy.
Is that also clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘It served as unconscious energy; it served the first and second being, man and animal, as a condensed mass; it became the negotiable planet.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
A question strikes me, Alcar, but I think I should not pose it.’
‘I know what you want to ask me; so speak up.’
André looked at his leader and asked once more: ‘May I ask that question; am I not ungrateful?’
‘Everybody will ask that question; so speak up, André.’
‘Well, what I thought is, Alcar, what was present when there was only darkness, before God revealed Himself?
Can you explain that?’
André looked at his leader and waited for Alcar to speak.
He felt the quietude of his leader enter him and he saw that Alcar concentrated on something.
A tremendous power passed through him.
His leader was still silent and it occurred to him that he should not have asked this question, when Alcar said: ‘No, my boy, I cannot answer that; only the cosmic masters, those who are cosmically orientated, can give you an answer; I can’t.
I feel this all-embracing conception; the answer is deep within me, but I am not yet aware of it.
I am unable to express this inconceivable, mighty and impenetrable miracle in words.
Still, the higher masters can give you an explanation, but you and I and man on earth will not be able to comprehend that process.
At this side we have great respect for God’s own life, and above all for that, which nobody knows yet.
They received it the way we received the image of creation from the highest heavens.
The masters cherish that wisdom as the most sacred possession, and bow their heads for what was present before creation.
Yes, André, God was present.
God was and is eternal and will always be.
When there was darkness, we were there too, because there was life and that life was God, were we, the animal and all those planets and stars.
And now it would be revealed.
That has happened and man and animal have advanced that far; they have returned to God.
I cannot explain the essence of this problem; we have only learned the action and revelation, because it is what we are.
I, too, bow my head for the most sacred, the moment when darkness still prevailed.
This contains what is also present in us, and which is not known on earth and will never be seen, because it is that invisible energy; it is God’s own life and that cannot be seen, it can only be felt, but not until we have entered the Divine Spheres.’
‘Still I am grateful, Alcar, that you have told me this.
That question was put to me; however, to me this question is too deep, too mighty and too sacred, but I kept thinking of it.
When everything was ready, Alcar, and the planets condensed, how did the Divine Spark awaken?’
‘The Divine Spark would awaken in us, André, and you will experience that on this journey.’