The depth of inner life

All this belonged to material life and you have some idea of the material and inner condition of all those human beings.
I’ll now follow the life of the soul about which there is a lot to tell.
What happens when inner man has experienced the seven material degrees?
I am going to explain that now.
You have clearly felt and fathomed their inner and spiritual life in the first material degree on earth.
The depth of their inner life can, however, not be fathomed, if one does not know all those degrees of material organism.
Where did that inspiration come from?
We know now that inspiring life for the first material degree has come from an other planet where it reached that particular condition and has a pre-animal-like attunement.
Now that inspiring life arrives on earth and receives an other body, which is similar as there and yet slightly different.
Do you feel what I am getting at, André?’
‘No, Alcar, I have no idea, I can’t feel it.’
‘You are honest, now listen.
That difference I told you about is caused in that the material organism has attained a higher degree.
This organism differed from the one we have learned to know on the second cosmic degree and which they have received there.
The body on earth is more delicate than that of that other planet.
And this materially increased strength, which the earthly body possesses, raises therefore the inner life.
I told you about that on our last journey, when we followed the animal kingdom.
The animal acted in accordance with that material strength and, as you know, it was dangerous.
A cat, we have made this comparison, lives in the same degree as the tiger, since this degree also has seven degrees of material strength.
It will be clear now that inspiring life born on earth will, nay, has to act in accordance with that material strength during the first stage, which is the driving power for inner life.
You see, André, that this activity is also present in the human and material organism, as we have experienced in the animal world.
Inspiring life, however, is now on earth and proceeds to extricate itself from that animal-like attunement.
Then follow the transitions and those people live spread around the first degree.
During that time inner life gradually adapts itself and adopts qualities of those other transitions and inner life awakens.
I have explained that to you.
When the soul has attained the fourth material degree, inner life has lived hundreds of lives on earth but is still living in that condition.
Again inner life is attracted, time and again to reach the seventh material degree.
When this has been achieved, as we have been able to follow, spiritual chaos sets in, of which I told you.
The planet earth has accomplished its task and inner life now commences.
Man who lives and dies in the seventh material degree returns to the earth again and begins his inner life, which means making up for what he did wrong in all those lives.
This is that awe-inspiring law which is innate in every man.
It is the Divine attunement within us, which calls us to a halt and compels us to settle and make up for what we have done wrong in all those degrees.
That experience and return to the earth is karma, cause and effect, of all those thousands of lives in which we killed one life after the other.
Inner man has to experience a tremendous mountain of sins and mistakes.
Only God, who knows all His children, knows how awful it all is.
Not any man, just follow him in all those material degrees, has made the most of his life because he does not know himself, and has therefore not acquired anything of value in life after death.
He has nothing in the way of spiritual property, does not know the pure love that we have, necessary to enter the spheres of light.
It will be clear to you, André, how mighty everything is, but man cannot fathom the profundity of this process.
The planet earth has completed its task, inner life can begin, and the law of cause and effect now comes into force.
The law of cause and effect now calls a halt and its power is tremendous.
We see all these conditions of consciousness in one organism.
Inner life, which has attained the seventh degree, now descends in the fourth degree in order to make up in that material degree.
Do you feel what this means, André?’
‘No, Alcar, I don’t feel this.’
‘Then I’ll explain, listen.
Inner life, which already belonged to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, now descends into a dark black body to experience the law of cause and effect.
This happens from the fourth degree on because inspiring life cannot enter the first three degrees.
Man who killed his brother or sister in the fourth degree is now attracted by that inspiring life, because he is connected by hatred, that terrible power.
You see: souls attract souls, one life will now meet the other and make up.
That hatred or passion, however deeply subsided in inner life, has developed and attracts that life and we see cause and effect and get to know that Divine law.
Though the cause lies thousands of centuries back, the soul returns to that state and meets that life on earth to make up.
That applies to every human being and herein resides the depth of inner life.
If this did not exist, man would not be able to reach our spheres and it would not be possible for inner life to make up and start its karma.
But it happens, just like everything happened; it is a law, it is God, it is our attunement and the connection with the All.
I have experienced all that, André.
As I said, I have seen all my own lives and everybody who has reached the fourth sphere on this side will experience it.
When I, as inner life, had discarded all those material degrees because I had to acquire that condition of existence on earth, I returned, had to return, to the fourth degree in a dark body to start working at my past and make up for everything.
I saw myself there in that brown-black organism and these are the transitions - the coloured people you meant - to make up for something.
That is the sole reason why we find intellectual people among them, gifted people like the higher race (see article ‘There are no races’ on on earth and we see that again in all those degrees.
Man who experiences this is, of course, unaware of this law; he does not even accept eternal life.
And all this lies behind death; and it is not until we accept life after death that we learn to understand all those spiritual laws.
In that life, when I began to make up for my hatred and my ruin, something of the higher race (see article ‘There are no races’ on attracted me, and I could not bear life among those black people any more.
I had accomplished my task, though, because I had that strength which detained me at the place where I lived.
Later on, however, something urged me on; I sought and was never satisfied.
I did not belong there and wanted to have what those other people on earth had.
I wondered why that great and mighty difference in the earthly and material organism I lived in existed and I looked at the white people but was at a loss to understand it.
But deep down within me there was something that urged me on, that I did not know nor understand and would never become clear to me.
In that life, I was the slave of someone else and that encompassed my entire struggle to make up.
It will be clear to you how amazing that is, now that we know all this.
Now again an other law came into force which I did not become acquainted with on this side until in the fourth sphere.
I passed away in that dark body when I was sixty-five years of age.
In that life I had made up and my life on earth came to an end.
I was, and that’s my point, to reach that age.
My birth and death on earth were therefore preordained.
I was not to die earlier or later.
I learned to know those laws in the temple of the soul, André.
Feel this depth and if you feel this, you understand that birth and death on earth are preordained, that it is nothing but karma, which dominates this law.
My death on earth meant the end of cause and effect for that life.
My death on earth was a great loss for those who loved me, they felt grief and sorrow; but for me death was a grace, as I was to pass on into an other condition.
I had made up in that life, my own karma called a halt to further life on earth.
I passed on and waited for another incarnation in which I had to make up as in that previous condition.
I will now follow my own life so that you’ll get a clear picture of some lives.
You’ll see that God does not call the human being, does not say: now it is enough, but it is our own condition that does so, which is our past.
It is a natural law, the law of cause and effect, which brings this about.
In the spheres of light I saw several of my lives and I saw that I was attracted in the North after the life I told you about.
In that life, I received the female organism.
However, five hundred years had lapsed.
During those five hundred years I lived in the world of the unconscious and when I was attracted by my parents and was born there, I experienced the fifth material degree.
I shivered and trembled and felt deep respect because of the great wonder I was allowed to experience through the cosmic masters, who connected me with many lives, which served a purpose, as I will explain to you later.
I wanted to have children in that life and those children were given to me.
But the human being living at my side cursed me and I lived a life which cannot even be lived in hell.
I passed on when I was fifty years of age, inwardly broken and torn.
And why all this?
I also had destroyed the life of the other.
I had tortured him to the extent that he could not cope with his life and crushed himself.
I was the cause of his death and had to meet him again which happened, as it was preordained.
Again I entered the world of the unconscious.
The next life I observed and into which I had passed, I lived in Egypt.
All this is so amazing, André, and mysterious for people on earth; but you can believe me, I’m telling the holy truth.
I assisted with a cosmic plan, an event related to deep human history.
I assisted with the building of the pyramid of Giza.
I saw myself, and I saw the one I destroyed.
We were employed bringing up blocks of stone one by one.
He, who I destroyed, stole my love.
I had been waiting for a long time for the right moment and that moment came.
During a struggle I pushed him over the side and he died a few days later.
In doing so I created sorrow and grief again.
That life was chaos and I entered the astral world.
I was born again and I saw that I lived in Egypt once more.
In that life I was the slave of my master.
One day my master was out hunting when we were suddenly attacked.
I jumped in front of him and the monster killed me.
A very simple event, but it had to happen.
I died at a young age.
I have lived thousands of lives in those millions of years.
In one life I had the male organism, in an other the female organism.
Every human being has to experience that, to make up and return, to be born on earth and to die.
Then, the entrance into the spiritual world; constantly into the world of the unconscious to wait for a new body in which to descend, and make up for what happened centuries and centuries ago.
In every condition I passed away at the right time.
In every life I did something to settle my sins and mistakes.
There I gave myself, I had to give myself, in another condition I was destroyed.
As a result, I evolved, if this had not been possible there would be no end to my life on earth and I would never have attained the spheres of light.
One law detained me, connected me with those beings, and sent me back to earth where I could make up.
Just imagine that condition on earth, André.
There is not one human being on earth unless he is there for a fixed purpose.
In the first place, to acquire the highest material degree, and when that is accomplished, to make up for all those mistakes and sins and to discard the past.
Not a single soul can evade this, for if this was not possible, how could people ever attain the spheres of light?
In the spheres of light there should be nothing within us, which belongs to the earth or it will stop us and block our entrance to those pure spheres.
No human being can enter the spheres of light until everything has been made up, there should be nothing that could defile those spheres.
We have experienced all those transitions for material life; would it be different in the spirit?
I explained to you that I and everyone else has helped build the hell, but when I had experienced the material organism, the seventh degree, mother earth set me free and that million process could commence.
I’ll explain some other lives on our next journey, now I will stay at this life and follow inner life of man.
If anything was ever just it is this law.
If any law calls us to a halt, it is this very law.
How deep everything is!
Human hatred brings us back to where we awakened that hatred.
A murder will connect us later again with him or her, who we have killed.
We see this happen from the fourth material degree on.
Now we are here, then again there.
One day in the West, then again in the East, the North and the South, to experience dozens of lives there.
These all are spiritual laws, André, and that is what inspiring life has to experience.
God is just; God oversaw all this, all those depths and all those possibilities for inner life.
Not only I, but all those living in the highest spheres on this side experienced these laws.
When everything had been made up, I passed on and entered an other organism and experienced my last life on earth, when I was an artist.
Now I live in the fifth sphere and you know what my life is like.
You will experience wonders on our next journey, André.
As I told you, I’m going to connect you with the life of my friend and we will follow some of his lives on earth.
This gives you an other picture again of reincarnation on earth.
Look, André, we have returned to the fourth degree and we see these black people again.
I’ll now follow their life.
What is their inner possession?
They possess nothing, nothing at all.
They desire to possess but they live their own life and will presently pass on.
Now fathom all these people.
Feel how their lives are and why they are on earth, you know all those material degrees now.
You can recognize these people, André, because these beings only follow one road, which we also followed.
It is here, where those who lived in the highest material organism, descended to make up.
In the fourth degree we see the intellect, in the fifth, sixth and seventh degree we see the arch-instinct descend.
There are people on earth living in the seventh degree who are animal-like beings.
How do they live there?
They kill thousands of people.
We also see that in the sixth degree and it is no different in the fifth degree.
All those material and spiritual degrees are spread all over the earth and live to the full.
You can’t tell them apart.
Follow and feel this and tell me whether you understand the depth of inner life.
So who understands himself?
Who knows why he is on earth?
Who sees his slave in the other?
Who recognizes his former master in the beggar he meets?
That cannot be fathomed, as it lies hidden in the depth of the soul and that constitutes the human character.
That’s why it is here that man begins to build at his character and personality and to enrich his spirit.
Could you follow me in everything, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, everything is clear to me, it is tremendous.
Is this known on earth?
Do the scientists know this depth of the soul?’
‘No, they don’t know anything about it.
They don’t know this, don’t understand themselves and won’t accept it.
Where will it lead them?
What is the purpose of all this?
It brings them on that other road, a road winding through the universe from the beginning of creation, which has now reached the earth and even entered the Divine Spheres.
Look at all those millions of beings, all those children of God.
One drags himself along and has nothing to eat, another tries to understand himself, they all do something, they are all making up and live.
One law urges them on, time and again forward and passes them from one life on to another, ever further towards Divinity.
This has been going on for billions of years and there is no end to it yet, all of those will return who have not experienced their karma and made up for it.
Black or dark in one life, so that they are despised by anywone who has a white body, in the next life a master of some art, or king or emperor.’
‘My God, how can you tell things apart’, André said when he followed all this in his mind.
‘How God tells things apart?
Is it not clear to you yet and don’t you feel, André, that this was preordained from the beginning of creation?
When the first flashes of light appeared, which you had seen in the temple of the soul, everything was already preordained and God knew what man would experience, and has to learn in order to enter the Divine Spheres.
But isn’t it as I asked you before ample compensation for what awaits us?
Is it possible to skip all those sins, to go on and simply forget them whereas all those laws are in force which have to be experienced?
Didn’t we live unconsciously in all those lives?
Had we advanced that far that we understood that life and knew ourselves?
No, a thousand times no, we had nothing and could not acquire anything, because our inner condition had not reached that stage.
I’ll explain that to you and show it, because we go on, ever further, and we’ll see what man does in all those material lives.
Come, André, we’ll leave and follow inner man to the seventh material degree.’
André was deeply lost in thought.
They did not speak for a long time.
How is it possible, he thought, who can accept this?
All this is unknown on earth, and yet, how mighty and natural everything his leader told him was.
Who was his real self and who understood creation?
How misinformed people were.
What is scholarship on earth, he thought?
How much did these people know about creation?
About all those dark souls living in the jungle?
Why did they live there?
Now he had learned all those incomprehensible things.
This was a revelation for him, he could never have imagined that it would be that magnificent.
He reeled at all those wonders he had experienced and yet his leader still continued to show him more wonders.
‘Have you ever met that man from your time in Egypt again, Alcar?’
‘Yes, though centuries later.’
‘How amazing that is, too, and how mighty, Alcar.
And all of us will experience that?’
‘Without exception, André.’
‘Do you know my lives, Alcar?’
‘Yours too, my son.’
Alcar looked at his instrument and said:
‘Are you not eager to know where you have lived and how your lives have been?’
‘Oh, if that were possible, Alcar?’
‘It is possible for us, André, and consequently for you; but we have other plans for this journey and that forms no part of it.’
‘So you could connect me with my own life on this side?’
‘You mean with your past lives?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Yes, that is possible.
At the beginning of our previous journey I connected you with my life and your own life on earth.
I showed you my life in various ways and told you about them.
I also connected you with your parents, with your youth and I showed you many other scenes.
If that is possible, I can also connect you with those other lives.’
‘I’m prepared to accept everything, Alcar.’
‘It will happen, my boy, just have patience.’
‘Shall I experience it on our next journey, Alcar?’
‘Yes, I promise.’
‘I’m grateful to you, Alcar!
I’ll see my lives?
How amazing, how wonderful!
I’m thankful to God for that!
Why is so little known about that, Alcar?’
‘I said and explained that to you.
This is quite simple.
Only sensitive people can feel something of their past, but one should be able to look into the past, be clairvoyant and have these gifts in order to observe something.
But above all there has to be someone on this side who brings that connection about.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘You mean that I cannot see by myself?’
‘Indeed, that is what I mean, it is not possible.
The past is deeply hidden in the soul.
People on earth do not even understand ‘death’, not to speak of this depth.
Look at all these human beings.
See what they do and how they live.
All of them go to ruin, they go on and on, and live their lives to the fullest.
Something raises them; in every being resides a power which is the connection with our holy Father.
But they do not know the depth of their own lives; they cannot fathom it because they are animal-like human beings.
Do you feel this, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
So it is only possible to look into the past, when one has inwardly advanced that far?’
‘Yes, it is not otherwise possible.’
‘Then this is clear to me, Alcar.
It also explains what people had told me they had experienced.’
‘Which is, André?’
‘I spoke to somebody, Alcar, who visited an other country he had never been before, yet he recognized many things and could orient himself.
He knew exactly where he was and found it very strange.
I got the feeling, he said, that I lived here before.
Does this belong to his own past?’
‘That is possible.
Some people can feel the past, but in order to look consciously into the past a connection from this side is necessary.
Life on earth occupies man completely and he cannot orient himself.
However, when he feels something, the past usually dominates and it suddenly penetrates his consciousness, though he can’t find an explanation for it.’
‘Is it also possible, Alcar, that qualities manifest themselves in this life, which we have acquired in an other life?’
‘Yes, certainly, but all those qualities passed on into our feeling, a condition of consciousness.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand.
Can these feelings be recognized?’
‘That is also possible, for instance, feeling for some kind of art.
I told you about that.
This is most clearly seen in children.
Sometimes such feelings manifest themselves at an early age, whereas these phenomena cannot be observed in other children.
On earth, these feelings are referred to as talent, intellect, but that is not the truth.
The soul has acquired these qualities in the previous life, or perhaps many lives ago.
It is at any rate a fact, when such feelings arise, that they emanate from the depth of the soul.’
‘If I understand you correctly, Alcar, I feel that those people who live in the fourth degree in their present life, will not feel anything of the past because they have not experienced anything?’
‘Very good, André, that is obvious.
Their one life is like the other.
But when they advance, you surely feel that, intellect awakens and these feelings mean talent or intuition for something they try to accomplish.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar, perfectly.
How simple it is.
You now follow inner man from the fourth degree on, Alcar, is that the reason why you do not visit the first three degrees?’
‘That is obvious, too, André.
All those lives are alike; in other words: they have not the slightest depth.
The first three material degrees only serve to pass from the pre-animal-like on to the animal-like condition.
These are conditions of consciousness in an animal-like degree, the human character is not formed until in the higher conditions of consciousness.’
‘Is the experience of these human beings of no importance?’
‘Yes, certainly, but do not forget that everything the soul experiences in life on earth will be reflected in the character, and that, if these qualities belong to the earth, they are of no value in the spirit.
Do you feel this too, André?’
‘Do you mean to say that, when I have learned something of the earth, an earthly matter, it has no meaning on this side?’
‘Yes, that is what I mean.
For this side, only feeling is of importance, and this feeling must be the pure love we have on this side, which means light in the life of the spirit.
Do you feel that too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, you made this clear to me before, I now understand what you mean.’
‘I’ll presently pass to an other condition and I’ll follow a human being who continued his way from the fourth degree and we see this soul several times again in material life on earth.
I want to give you a clear picture of what inner life has to experience before reaching the highest material degree.
I have known the soul I’ll tell you about and I have met him several times in life on earth.
Follow me, André, and listen to what I’m going to tell you.
We will move on floating.
The soul we are about to follow lived in the fifth degree and you know how far those people have advanced and what inner feelings they have.
Before the spirit I want to follow had reached that level, he had been on earth hundreds of times.
The human being was unaware of all those lives and he waited in the world of the unconscious to be born again.
He has already experienced the jungle, the first degrees, and also the fourth material degree and passed on to the fifth degree.
Every birth, as will be clear to you, gives more property to the soul as man, as inner life.
That property is the earthly property the parents have and may call their own.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is quite clear.’
‘If you understand me, it will be clear to you that inner life can receive more riches as it approaches the highest material degree.
People in the jungle have no earthly possessions as compared with the property of man in the large cities.
This is, as you feel, a mighty difference, which awakens inner life.
You’ll also feel that as inner life proceeds, this progress is reflected in material life, which is a remarkable phenomenon, though it has a natural effect.
It also shows us the human development, the development towards a higher consciousness and this consciousness requires, yes demands an other and individual condition.
This condition is life on earth, so for the child the parents where it was born.
When this soul or inner life receives rich parents and will and can experience this life, it adapts itself and we can now feel how that life will be.
Whereas inner life born to poor parents cannot experience that because these people lack the earthly means.
Surely you feel what I’m hinting at and what purpose I have in mind with this explanation?
This life, André, was born again.
What was impossible in the pre-animal-like and animal-like attunement is now possible.
The parents have earthly means and this inner life, their own child, is spoiled.
This is earthly property.
The child grows up and it adapts itself marvellously to this new life, but the inner life emanates from that animal-like life, in which it lived in its previous incarnation.
All those previous lives had been experienced unconsciously.
This is not seen nor felt on earth, as man on earth is unaware of spiritual consciousness.
I speak of animal-like consciousness, André, but inner life must proceed ever further until it has acquired spiritual consciousness.
But the soul has to acquire more.
In the first four degrees inner life experiences material life, because this life has an organism.
That is very simple and natural.
What all those people do not realize and are unaware of is, that they will have to become conscious as inner life, which means awakening.
They live, because they have to live, they act in that life, because alle these people have to act, and all this is imposed by their material organism.
Do you feel, André, how great and deep everything is?
Do you feel that when inner life advances, it has to lose itself?
That this life emanates from that animal-like and unconscious state and is going to lay all that aside?
And that hundreds of character traits, acquired in that higher life, will take that place instead; and that all these beings are unaware of reality and conditions of existence, and can’t possess anything?
I’m following that soul and we see that it is now going to lose what it has known and experienced.
All this is feeling, to pass from a condition of unconsciousness to the conscious reality.
That is the mother life, or the perfect and pure mother love, and this is the mightiest thing mankind has received from God.
In the animal-like attunements connection and bearing children happened in an unconscious life because, and that should be quite clear, they had a material organism and had to act accordingly.
They accomplished all that.
The mother organism underwent that event, both felt and experienced; yet, these beings were fully unaware of higher emotional expressions, and they were the slaves, the tools of material man.
They experienced all this in an animal-like way, and we, human beings, were to experience that all-encompassing event in a human and subsequently in a spiritual way.
Hardly anybody on earth possesses this spiritual way, because all this would then be part of spiritual consciousness.’
‘What you told just now is amazing, Alcar.’
‘I must explain this to make you feel that becoming conscious is only possible when two human beings connect, and the mother organism experiences creation.
Did you feel that clearly, André?
For if you don’t feel me, you won’t be able to follow me and the beautiful essence of what I’m going to explain will be lost.
Ask me if something is not clear.’
‘It is amazingly deep, Alcar, nevertheless I feel what you mean.’
‘Think quietly, my son, we have got plenty of time.
You must feel it or I cannot go on.’
André pondered on everything and began to feel the depth of this problem.
An amazing world opened itself.
My God, he thought, who knows these laws?
Who on earth will think of that?
‘I know now, Alcar, and I’ll try to put my question as clearly as possible.
If I understand you correctly you mean that people are living on earth, because as a spirit they have a means which is the human and material organism?’
‘Splendid, go on, André.’
‘In that means, or tool, as you put it, the spiritual human being or soul lives.
The soul experiences in all those degrees in accordance with the strength and activity of that organism.
Inner man performs all those acts and all those people do this in all these grades, because this is just the way it is, for those who possess this organism.
I now feel that all these beings live like the animal, Alcar.
I cannot express myself more clearly.’
‘It is very good, André, all these people live like the animal.
But they are human beings and because they are human beings they have to pass on to a higher life and leave the animal-like attunement.
Now what happens?
They lose themselves, but will find themselves again by experiencing all these problems of life.
Is that clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but then there are few people on earth who live like human beings.
Have those who are human beings and live like human beings attained the spiritual condition or attunement?’
‘These human beings have reached the material condition, André, the spiritual attunement lies beyond it.’
‘Then I can follow you, Alcar.’
‘Thank you, André, we’ll go on.
This soul, of which I spoke, will have to experience it.
From early youth this child is unmanageable and we wonder how it will live as it grows up.
Follow that young life now and see how it lives.
The only possibility to awaken is to experience creation, which the soul can only experience in the mother organism.
Man who has not advanced that far, must receive, experience, in order to awaken.
As a result, his love develops and the soul passes on into another and higher consciousness.
In this way, the soul experiences all social conditions.
He feels at ease in all those lives and this has been going on for millions of years.
The soul passes from one life on to an other.
From the fourth into the fifth and from the fifth into the sixth degree, in which this inner life has to awaken.
The soul will receive in life on earth, which is the birth of a child.
This is the process of revelation given to the individual human being, in which life must awaken.
Awakening time and again, André, in various conditions of consciousness, as I explained to you just now.
In all those lives one evil after the other is done, because this life is unaware of a higher love.
When the parents have the means to make life agreeable, it gives satisfaction to inner life and something awakens which will form part of the character.
Inner life, however, cannot experience much in the fifth material degree, since there are no means in all those degrees and the character cannot develop.
I will pass on and continue in the sixth degree.
The last life on earth this soul had completed was the death of this human being at an advanced age.
Hundreds of years later this life was born again.
In this life the soul had the male organism and this life also passed in passion and animalization.
Again this life returned to the world of the unconscious and waited to be born and we see this soul again in the male organism.
That life was spent in a similar way.
However, all those experiences on earth deeply wounded the human soul and left something behind which man acquired.
Again, death came and this inner life entered the astral world.
What will happen now?
This soul is again born on earth, grows up and awakens.
This life desires and this desire awakens as the material organism grows.
What kind of condition is this, André?
Can you feel what is going to happen now?
Is it clear to you how this life will be?’
‘Too deep for me, too incomprehensible, Alcar, I don’t know.’
‘Well, listen and try to follow me.
I’m speaking of the sixth degree of material life and we must go on to enter the seventh degree, which we will do presently.
An amazing event takes place in this life.
The soul now lives in the female organism.
What it has acquired in all those lives is nothing but passion and animalization.
It is in disharmony with everything, with nature and life itself.
The consciousness it has lives at the surface, we call it day-consciousness and it is nothing but violence, murder, animalization, destruction and similar devilish passions.
It has no father or mother love, it has no faith, no religion, it has nothing.
Now that life returns to earth, for God gave this soul a new organism.
God wanted that, if it would not happen, this life would never reach the Divine degree.
It must and shall receive, or it won’t advance and its development will come to a standstill, because the plan of evolution must proceed, as this life is a particle of God, and represents His own life.
What will happen now?
How will this inner life feel now?
What will it desire and what are those wishes?
To what parents will this child be born?
Questions, my son, nothing but questions, but I’ll give you all the answers.
The parents are like she is.
The soul has descended into the mother organism and, as I said, it can become a mother.
But we know the life living in that organism, though it is not ready for that body.
Yet, that mighty wonder happened which nobody understands.
An amazing event, but a very common event on earth which can be seen every day, every second.
When the creative and the serving organism connect a new life is born when this body is perfect.
We see that on earth, not only for man but also in the animal kingdom.
This has happened from the very beginning of creation.
This occurred already, as I showed you, during the first stage.
God knew and oversaw all that, for the soul would not and could not awaken if it had not experienced creation.
Now that inner life has descended.
The parents have attracted and received in accordance with their own inner attunement.
Now is that law of attraction of what we are ourselves in force.
It has one degree, one attunement, the parents and their child are one, although the parents are advanced in creative and driving capacity, because they connected, or it would not have happened.
I make this clear to you, because the strange emotional life, which is known on earth but not understood, awakens in that inner life.
It is the struggle, that awful struggle to pass from the creative on into the driving life.
The soul is neither man nor woman, it only has passion and animalization.
It has everything, which is, however, animal-like, and now it awakens.
Something in this life is now conscious and that is the previous incarnation.
Because that life was experienced very intensely, it is the only thing that is alive and awake in day-consciousness.
Life or the soul has the female body, but it feels male.
Do you understand what happens, André?
Do you feel how deep, how incomprehensible these human beings are, who are despised on earth?
I told you about them when we visited mental patients and I explained a few things.
Now you will experience it again, because we follow the development of man.
Now this life is neither man nor woman, and that in the sixth degree of material life.
It is in the last three degrees that we see these phenomena awaken.
It is a curse because this soul wants to experience, but this inner life can only experience the way it feels, which conflicts with nature.
However, there are other beings on earth who feel like they do and the instinct which is in the soul knows this intuitively, but everything is abnormal and unnatural.
This is no love, this is passion and however horrible it is, that passion passes on to a higher consciousness, but not until other lives have been lived.
This life is hell and the soul receives in this life only what it wants to have and what is pursues.
This entire life is lived in this abnormal condition.
This soul passes away at its proper age, which is preordained and it has lived like a pre-animal-like being.
This had not yet happened, but its experience produced that unnaturalness, the male feeling lived in this female organism which this life could not alter.
Feel that horrible struggle this hideous condition caused, feel how terrible this life is, how it has felt all those years, how it has struggled to quench that awful fire.
But that fire remained, that inner condition is the way it was and could not be changed, only God could.
But God knew what was necessary; God knows and feels how it has to be and what the soul will receive and experience in its next incarnation.
Feel how deep this inner life is, feel the agonies it experienced, feel how its heart broke for desire.
Whenever it met a similar being, it was attracted to it.
That being acted on it like a magnet, and its struggle to pass on into mother life started again.
Then death came and put an end to this struggle.
Death was the saviour and a grace.
Though not for those who were its parents.
Not for those who know nothing about death and regard it as something terrible.
For this being death was a grace, a saviour and a friend, but it did not feel that either, because it had wanted to live and experience, to satisfy what was deep inside.
But, it passed away, had to pass away, for God said, now it is enough.
It was not until two hundred years later that it was born in the next life and came on earth, again in a female body.
We see this life again, André.
In the previous life poverty, in this life riches.
How good is God for His own life, for now she needed riches.
In this life she was spoiled and could receive everything.
These parents, too, were as she felt, both gave themselves entirely, but in her mother lived a similar life and she too was not pure, not free and not completely a mother.
The mother lived her dual life, her child awakened and reached maturity.
However, there were no desires in her.
But as she grew older, something awakened, because when the material organism reached maturity her consciousness awakened, her inner life passed into day-consciousness and something awakened in her again.
Both sexes had now awakened in her.
Though the mother organism possessed the dominating feeling and the power for motherhood and she became a mother.
However, this life was not perfect, she was a mother and yet she wasn’t.
She had feeling, she had experienced this and yet, she did not care about that young life, which was her own child.
Soon she freed herself, left the father and child and went away.
She did not understand anything of her own inner life yet.
She was a bad woman and had none of the qualities a mother should have, for what mother can leave her own child?
Is that mother love?
Has this soul that sacred feeling?
She experienced this sacred connection, but she was not aware of anything.
But why did she act in this way, why did she go away?
She sought but did not know what, she had to go, nothing comforted her, nothing could console her.
We see and know these mothers in life on earth.
Whenever she could experience this soul felt at ease and there was no struggle any more.
But after a short while that struggle was there again and she sought once more, because she could get whatever she wanted, as she was rich in this life.
And so she went on receiving, became gradually older until she finally passed away and entered the world of the unconscious.
Death had also put an end to that struggle.
Yet she had learned in that last life.
In that animal-like life she had received something she had not known nor felt, because an other power, a passion within her dominated.
She had experienced something in an unconscious condition.
That wonderful event had happened in her.
She had experienced creation as happened in the first degree.
She had experienced that wonder present in every mother, which is creation.
In that first condition, too, we experienced it unconsciously and we would experience this mighty event unconsciously thousands of times.
Do you feel, André, what my point is, and why all this is?
Do you feel, my boy, that the soul must acquire the consciously creative feeling, and that this is only possible through the mother body?
That we, human beings, consciously pass into creation?
That the soul unconsciously experienced this mighty event in all those thousands of lives?
That it must awaken in this?
That this is God’s intention and if it would not happen, we would never be able to attain the spiritual?
Feel this mighty event and realize that it is necessary and the only way to awaken.
Nothing happened in those millions of years, which had to happen to experience this consciously.
The soul must awaken on the planet earth, as will be clear to you now.
This soul had experienced the plan of creation and this experience, that terrible struggle that was going on in her, this feeling, my boy, awakened her.
The soul had advanced that far now, it had experienced and felt it.
Just now after all those millions of years.
We know this life and where it has lived.
Is all that so incomprehensible?
Could this soul have acquired a higher consciousness on an other planet?
Was that possible?
Haven’t we become acquainted with those people and don’t we know what their inner life is like?
Again, André, was this possible in those other lives.
No, André, a thousand times no!
This soul would not awaken until now, now it is ready, now it becomes conscious, though many lives are necessary.
Three hundred years passed before a new material organism was ready for her.
You feel that to be able to accept a new life, an ever-increasing number of years is required.
Yet this life returned to earth in a transition between the sixth and seventh material degree.
I see her again as a child of farmer parents.
That’s where this life awakened.
Seven children were born with these parents and this soul was the third child.
Again she entered the female body.
And why, André?
Can you feel that?’
‘No, Alcar, it is too deep for me, I don’t know.’
‘Listen, I have explained to you in our life that when we think of something we will and have to pass on into it, or a disharmonic condition will set in to the effect that we’ll lose our balance and attain a deranged condition.
Gerhard explained that to you, I told you about it and you have experienced it in the darkness.
(footnote in first edition: See: Those who came back from the Dead.)
When we were in the darkness and you thought of something but did not consciously pay attention to what you thought, for instance, when we visited that man who had been cremated and I had told you to wait and you still followed me, you were immediately attacked, because you left your condition and attunement by thinking of it.
(footnote in first edition: See the first and second volume of ‘A View into the Hereafter’.)
That means passing on into an other condition, it is experiencing something, and that experience emanates from our deep inner self, and is therefore present in inner life.
These are spiritual laws and belong to inner life; it is the concentration and moment life experiences.
You also know that nothing can be skipped in the spirit, and that what one desires and wants to experience will happen, because man has a will of his own.
That will is deeply hidden in our inner life, and it is the soul, which has these desires.
Then it is desire, then it is experiencing that as the inner attunement is, it is a state of consciousness in which the life lives.
That’s why I ask you, is it so strange that this soul should receive the mother body again?
Isn’t it natural?
Development proceeds and does not decline, because that activity is not present in creation, we don’t know such activity or laws.
Onward, ever further to awaken.
What comes after that previous life?
How is the inner condition of this soul?
Could this life go back, does it not have to go on?
It can only receive the mother organism and this wonder happens.
This encompasses that wonder of God and various spiritual and natural laws.
It is predestined that inner life will receive this organism, the mother body, and pass on into the female body before this child awakens in the mother organism.
Do you feel now, André, what kind of wonder this is?
That it had to happen and nothing could change it?
That it is present in inner life and that science, the scholars on earth, will never be able to assess that, because it is a law of nature?
The soul therefore receives the mother organism, as this is the sole reason that this life returns to the earth now that she has inwardly advanced that far.
The soul receives the mother organism to acquire mother love, and consequently attain a higher consciousness.
Imagine that.
This is no material event, but a spiritual one.
This is not a material, but a spiritual law, André, and inspiring life dominates this law and inner life, as a human being will receive this body.
It was therefore preordained that a girl would be born to these parents.
The soul has this power and this is a law, because inspiring life lives in it at that moment, which is the plan of evolution, the continuous advance for this life.
Isn’t it a mighty wonder?
Do you feel, André, that people cannot alter this and that they do not know these laws?
That we only see and experience that in our life?’
‘I have no words for it, Alcar.’
‘I have a lot more to tell you, André.
Yes, my son, this is a wonder, but we find this wonder in all material degrees and spiritual lives, because it has been so from the beginning of creation.
It is a wonder and a grace of God of which people are completely unaware.
It is the life the inner life experiences, it is the desire to experience, but beyond that is a law and this law compels inner life to follow the road it began, or life would not proceed.
What is destined to awaken and to be born in nature will awaken and be born, it has to advance and not to go back, or God’s creation would come to a standstill and there would be injustice.
However, we have not yet experienced injustice, nor the return to an other condition of consciousness, God’s life, God's creation, everything created and activated by God, will have to return to Divinity.
The inner life again descended into the mother organism and it received one life after the other and enjoyed the bliss of heaven, which is the plan of creation.
The creative power, man, lived in her environment.
He was to become her husband, even if he lived at the other end of the world, if he were to meet her, it was bound to happen.
Then a new law comes into force and they are connected.
But I said already, he lived in her vicinity and seven children were born out of their marriage.
A very normal, earthly event experienced every second on earth, but beyond that, in this world, the deep mystery of the soul resides.
This soul became a mother, though she did not yet have that deep and pure mother love, this happened because it had to.
Millions of children are born in this way, but it is no spiritual experience, it happens through the passion of him or her and they pass on in that process.
She was therefore no spiritual mother, because she lacked feeling and inner consciousness.
It was her husband who wanted this and she surrendered willingly.
This sacred event was still not perfect nor conscious, and she was poor, very poor, because this was not accomplished out of pure inspiration.
Can you feel that too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, she died at a mature age and hundreds of years passed again, because this life was not conscious yet.
This inner life was attracted again and she descended on earth.
She was born on an other continent and again she received the mother organism.
This child grew up and when it reached the age of eighteen, it awakened.
She felt attracted to art.
Though her parents were not rich, they had the means so that she could strain herself to acquire that study.
Where did those feelings for art come from so suddenly?
You can’t feel that, therefore I will tell you.
This soul experienced creation and by that great and mighty event those feelings had passed into other feelings, which displayed in her life.
The feeling to create was in her.
Do you feel now, what awakened in her, André?
This awe-inspiring feeling, that event, the experience of creation manifested itself in her and art now appealed to her.
This feeling, that urge now lay in her, but she did not understand it, she did not know where these feelings came from.
Man does not wonder about this, because he did not understand himself and is unaware of all these laws.
She wanted to create, nothing but create, she was strongly inspired and this would happen.
She married and gave birth to a child, a boy.
This, too, is a spiritual miracle, when this miracle and activity cannot be felt.
She gave birth to one boy, André, and because of this child, this soul attained an other and higher condition of feeling, because the creative power was present in that life.
That relation between mother and child brought her, the mother, in a higher creative condition and she felt capable of achieving great things.
Consequently, her inner life was not only upgraded by her own feelings which had awakened in her by her previous life, but also by the life she had attracted and which had come to her.
The child also became an artist and even a great artist, and when this was noticed and experienced on earth the child owed it to his mother, because the mother fancied art but she would not attain that level.
It was the mother, though, who had given him that feeling, from which this was born and from which he had received the feeling.
She had the feeling to create the desire to accomplish something and this is creation.
Her child who came on earth was to become an artist, because she passed into that urge to create during pregnancy, but her inner life had already awakened in her previous life.
In the plan of creation lies activity, and that activity is feeling, and means love.
She had experienced that in that other life seven times; it was not until now that this experience made a deep impression in her inner life, and had awakened her so that she began to yearn.
But she would not awaken forever until in a later life, and that also happened.
She passed away at the age of sixty-five and it was six hundred years before she would return to earth.
When this moment came, her inner life was rested and prepared and this wonder happened.
She was born in yet an other country, but what did she possess, in which body did this soul descend this time, André?’
‘I cannot answer that, Alcar.’
‘Now she descended again in the male organism and was born in that material body.
The creative feeling she had acquired in those other lives now gave her the male organism.
She had lived in hundred other creative bodies, but in the pre-animal-like and animal-like condition of which inner life was hardly aware, it only has animal-like consciousness.
Yet those feelings became manifest in these people and there we see the creative feeling awaken.
How remarkable all that is, André.
We see that process develop in the first three material degrees.
We see man possess what God as Creator of heaven and earth established, and this Divine power lies in the creative organism, the male body.
Creation is fixed in this organism, but the mother organism experiences creation.
We on this side see and feel that activity and from where these feelings come.
It is the urge to create, and it is that what we have received from God by which we are Divine.
God, my son, created the universe, created man and animal, but man passes consciously into this feeling, acquires this feeling which is reflected in art.
In art, yes, what is art?
Where does art come from?
What is the origin of art?
Out of creation, André.
Out of that which is deep inside us, out of the All, out of God, because we represent His own life.
And this Divine gift resides in the male organism, for this organism creates an other life, it received this power from God.
The higher inner man, the soul, advances, the more beautiful art becomes.
Do you feel that as inner man grows and develops, the feeling for creation is becoming conscious?
Do you also feel that every race (see article ‘There are no races’ on can and must have its own art and that this has to do with all these material degrees?
That the feeling for art is displayed in all these degrees, and some time has to reach a level related to and inherent with the seventh material degree?
That it is no coincidence, but awakening?
We see all that and know all these conditions of consciousness, because we have experienced all this.
When I go a little further, and ask man on earth what is art?
What could he say?
He will only repeat my question, shrug his shoulders and go away when I have explained my feelings.
Art, my son, is the awakening of creative feeling, which is present in the male material organism as activity.
This also explains why the male being as creative artist can reach that level.
The man is creator; he has received this power from God as a cosmic being.
The soul who awakens in this body creates, in it resides that might and power which the mother body lacks and cannot have because this amazing organism experiences an other activity.
Only the male being creates and attains the very highest in art.
Art reflects the inner life of the artist.
To man on earth this is art, for us on this side it is consciousness in creation.
Do you feel that everything is fixed to it, André?
That this feeling is the Divine Spark and means awakening of inner man?
That this is because we belong to creation and God has put this in our hands?
We see this feeling awaken.
We have learned to understand this feeling in all those material degrees, every soul has this feeling to some extent, because we are all life and form part of creation.
The higher the soul advances, the more beautiful art becomes inner man proceeds and inspiring life awakens.
As I said, this soul had received the male organism in hundreds of lives and the female organism an equal number of times, but in all those lives it learned nothing in respect of those properties, which constitute the character and the personality, a higher level of consciousness.
In the jungle we cannot speak of a personality, nor on those other planets where the inner life and the material organism are developing.
All those lives are essential to develop and progress.
What does man learn in one life on earth?
What does man learn in those first degrees, and what does man learn, when he is ignorant.
He is unaware of human love.
What man acquires in one life is spoiled in the next, because he does not yet possess anything, no personality, no consciousness, no pure love, everything is animal-like.
Once again, André, what does man learn in a short life on earth?
Follow all those human lives and see how they get old and spoil one life after another.
See how they live and make life unbearable for others.
How they want to possess, deceive and cheat other people.
It is all passion, is rough and rude and that is no spiritual possession.
I explained many times how life on earth is and what people make of it.
They live to be seventy and eighty, and what have they achieved?
They only worked for their property, for their own life and for that of their children.
When you talk to all such people about love you will see how they shrug their shoulders; how they laugh and call you a dreamer, merely because it is too unbelievable, too unnatural for them, and because they are unaware of a God in heaven.
What they need is a lot of earthly property.
What they want is the happiness of the earth, which everybody can acquire and will experience because he has to.
However, they forget their inner life, which goes on, ever further and higher and return to God.
Follow all those people on earth and see how they curse their God.
They pass from one life to an other and they follow their own way in all those lives, because that feeling is in them which is their inner life, their spiritual attunement.
In this way they experience because it is a law, a force of nature and they will receive what they desire.
That is still possible, soon it won’t be because other laws will take effect of which I’ll tell you and which I have connected you with.
That is making up, my son, that is experiencing their sins and mistakes, that is their karma.
Man goes on and ascends on the social scale.
He ascends ever further and reaches his aim.
Then, André, they will fall and land in the depth of their own inner life.
They have no spiritual level yet, they will forget themselves and they will perish.
That is an infallible law, because they have not advanced to the extent that their own inner life calls them to a halt.
They fall; they have to fall to start all over again.
With no deeds to connect them with higher life, there is nothing to look back on.
The soul must first have this strength, we are inwardly protected against destruction against anything we may come across or experience in life on earth.
There is something within us, which says: till here and no further, because I see and feel an other life, I know I live eternally.
I love God and have understood my Father.
I do not live for myself but for all people, because all those people are out of God and are my sisters and brothers.
I feel no passion, no destruction within me, I want to live and prepare to proceed, because I am aware of eternal life and want the good.
How long will it take for people to speak and feel like that, my son?
They have nothing of all this; no spiritual property, nothing, they live and experience and have to acquire all of it.
Nevertheless they will acquire all this, because God gives them millions of opportunities.
They receive a new material organism time and again, but they defile all these organisms.
They not only annihilate themselves; they also curse Him Who has granted them this awe-inspiring gift.
They cannot act differently, because they have not advanced that far, they are people who still have to acquire all these powers.
They have not yet learned to understand their God, nature, their father and mother and they do not yet possess the faintest feeling of love for him or her who accomplished that, who gave them life.
However, all of them, including their father and mother, live an unconscious life, they don’t know themselves, they fail again, because they are unaware of spiritual love, of advance, and of a God of love.
That’s what they have to acquire; that’s why they are on earth, that’s why God gave them all this love, because God knows that they can’t acquire that in one life on earth.
If this would not be possible, André, as I explained to you many times, we would come to a standstill.
I explained to you in thousands of conditions that this is essential or we cannot advance any more.
It is the soul, which acts and asks and answers all those questions itself.
The soul can and will accomplish all those wonders, because it is inspiring life.
It is out of God, and will return to God.
It is perfection and has a Divine attunement and we shall acquire that attunement, though thousands of lives on earth and on all those planets are required in order to attain that level.
We would awaken in all those lives on earth and this awakening takes place.
We passed from one body to the next.
In the first one we learned to feel and in the next we acquired that feeling.
We learned how to speak and to speak a lot, which is possession.
We learned something related to art, which other people did not know, did not possess and we went to other countries to get acquainted with man living there.
But what we knew and possessed inwardly belonged to the earth.
All that possession was given to us, was for ourselves, to make something of ourselves and that happened.
But what was it?
Nothing but earthly personality.
There was no spiritual personality in us.
People wander over the earth and acquire things others do not have and they live to the fullest.
But why is all that?
It also serves to awaken, and belongs to life on earth.
In this way life on earth passed and there was no time for anything else.
In that life on earth all these people had acquired the wisdom of the earth.
When they passed away they entered an other life for which they had no qualities.
That life was like they were themselves; which means their personality and inner life.
That inner life was living dead for that other world and could not live there, because it still had to experience the perfect material organism on earth.
Having returned to the earth to receive an other organism, this soul passed on into other conditions and became a ruler.
This possession had been learned and acquired in all those lives and it belonged to the creative power residing in this inner life.
This also meant ruin.
This downfall is deeper as wealth becomes greater.
God gave man everything and man acquired this.
This acquiring becomes the personality; but that personality is terrestrial and of a course materiality; those living in it are the rulers of evil and they live on earth to destroy.
The more wealth, the greater the personality, the deeper the downfall, because all this has no meaning in life after death.
Nevertheless all this is necessary to become a personality.
Those powers will presently pass on to the spirit and it is not until then that man, all those souls, begin an other and higher life.
Then their inner life matures and radiates, there is something within them, which guards them against animal-like life, it is the spiritual property and the love they have acquired in that life on earth.
In this way the process continues ever more.
When the creative power awakens in inner life, life proper begins, all these urges like hatred, passion and violence awaken in a powerful and severe concentration, but merely to possess.
It is not until the soul passes on to it, as I said a while ago, that this inner life receives the greatest blessing on earth such as a lot of possessions.
Everything belonging to and present on the earth is for this soul, because it must awaken inner life.
In this creative and with this creative feeling all those terrible qualities representing the character and personality manifest themselves.
When the creative capacity approaches and becomes conscious it seethes and rages in that inner life.
Then it is a burning fire and inner life is awake and conscious.
But then that life hovers.
Many lives pass, there is no peace and they have every reason to curse their Divine attunement and it is impossible to call to a halt.
Evil in man has awakened and the arch-instinct again dominates and man lives in a way that the animal would not be able to.
Then they perish hundreds of times, they return time and again in one condition in order to leave it and start a different life.
I cannot follow all those lives now.
This is a picture of what will and must happen, which this inner life I told you about and has now descended into the male organism, will experience.
This life now passes on into creative power and the soul receives the material organism, that beautiful human body.
Now he can move, he is his own lord and master, which was not possible in that previous condition.
In the mother body the soul has to receive.
This reception is the second personality; it is passing on into that creative capacity, to accept and to serve.
In the spirit we have a sacred respect for serving love, but on earth this serving is experience.
The soul has to give itself completely through the being living in the female organism.
The creative body demands, it compels and creates, that is the first personality and it is its own lord and master.
It can do what it wants, thereby forgetting itself.
Oh, that power, that arch-being, it will awaken.
It can move mountains in that organism breaking all existing laws and cannot be reached.
The female being cannot do anything about it, cannot alter it and cannot achieve anything because it does not have that strength.
In that body resides the first moment you have observed in the temple of the soul.
That first moment is an awe-inspiring power, which cannot be assessed; and which nobody knows or feels unless he is on this side and understands all these powers, all those planets, and accepts and experiences this wonder of creation in the spirit.
Now what power is this in the male body, which can awaken the arch-instinct?
What kind of power is contained in it?
It is the all encompassing; it is what God has incorporated in all His life and which comprises His own life.
It is the attunement to God and the activity of all those planets, which created everything.
This is the miracle of creation and it is billions of years old.
This existed from the first moment, as a result of which everything emanated, the power, which interconnected stars and planets.
This is the universe, heaven and earth, it is as I said before, the all-encompassing life, it is God Himself.
Consequently, the male body is the animation, is the miracle of God, because God established that miracle, that arch-power, in a material organism.
See and feel whether this is so, whether you understand and feel those powers.
That miracle resides in this body.
My God, if that awakens!
What will happen if this has to awaken?
Where will it lead to and what will the end be like?
That end is incalculable.
Oh, my God, why did You give that being this power and this wealth?
See how it curses You!
Hear how people lament, no man on earth can stop him, because this soul does what it wants.
It rules and dominates each and everyone.
Follow that life, André, and look at its horrible life.
This must happen because this life will awaken.
Life on earth has to experience this and has to pass through that stage.
This life will attain the utmost on earth.
That is the purpose of life on earth and it is not until then that it has reached its aim.
That child will experience it, the soul we follow, and which has now descended in the male organism.
This life also passes and death follows.
It subsequently enters the spiritual world to descend on earth later on in an other organism.
The soul will again receive the male organism, because it has to proceed and the soul has this possession.
This seething and cursing life passed but it is cursed in this life and it will receive what it did to others.
Now this inner life revolts.
It does not let itself be dominated and does not allow itself to be tortured.
It does not want anything of the sort.
It is on earth and it has no earthly property because the parents are simple people.
The soul nevertheless creates a condition of its own.
It is not like the previous life, it is not aware of it anyway because it cannot know that it has already lived this life.
This life, this human being is on earth and lives among millions of others.
It seeks and finds and what is experiences and will experience proceeds to an awe-inspiring level.
Yet it can’t reach that level because it does not have that earthly property like it did in that previous life.
But it seeks and wants to achieve, this life has a power, which urges it on and cannot be stopped.
In this life on earth this soul achieves nothing, it shapes its own life, it strikes down when this life is called a halt and its way is blocked.
This soul has no spiritual quality yet, because there is nothing in this life in the way of self-control.
Where did it acquire that great power?
This life revolts, it is arrested, frustrated and then it happens that those who try to stop this life will perish.
We see these beings in all social classes, André.
You will find these people wherever you look.
We’ll follow this life.
This life cannot be arrested nor stopped.
This human soul seethes, a power has awakened, capable of moving mountains which wants to create and possess everything on earth which makes life pleasant.
This life wants earthly property, honour, fame and glorification.
It wants to be something, a personality; it wants what is felt on earth as awe, it wants to rule over thousands of people.
Yet this inner life is stopped.
On its way this inner life meets others who want the same.
It is not merely this soul; there are millions on earth who want it and that is how struggle begins.
This is the moment when this soul will destroy and it destroys, because it knows no God, no commandment or love.
The love, which cherishes all life, is not yet present in this inner life.
This life goes on and the moment when this life will perish has not yet come.
Finally the moment has come; this life is attacked and destroyed.
There is an other power on earth who decided, the way this being acted in its previous life, because it had the power then.
This life was also killed, because it once murdered, extinguished the light of others.
A bad human being perished and entered the life on this side and waited for a new birth.
And this will and shall happen.
Where does this end?
How far can these beings go?
Is nobody calling them to a halt?
Is there a God in heaven and can a God consent to it?
Will there be no interfering?
Must this life go on killing others?
These souls spread grief, sorrow and misery over the earth, they destroy everything and everybody they come across.
How can God consent?
We hear all this in the spheres of light, we receive this and we can’t do anything either, no Father, nobody can help them on earth.
God gave man a will of his own.
God does help, but in a different way, a way people on earth cannot and do not want to accept, unless they understand all this.
God helps, helps all the time, God helps all His children through the ages.
Try to follow me, André.
This life must go on, must awaken, must return to the earth to learn to love.
God is love.
Would God be a Father of Love if he did not give this human being the opportunity to make up?
Would God be a God of Justice if this were not possible?
Must this soul continue to live in this hell?
This soul received an other material organism again and once more a male body.
What will happen now?
In early childhood this being had a will of its own.
The parents could not understand this child and wondered where does this soul come from?
How can it be, how is this possible, the child is like the devil.
That’s the way parents speak.
They wonder why and what for, how is it possible.
The parents did not understand this because they were religious and prayed to God.
This child would not bring happiness to the parents, because they soon realized that this being meant evil and doom.
We know this being.
We know that soon it will seek again and will seek until it has found, when it left its last life on earth.
It will find and must find, for when this inner life grew up it looked for friends; these friends were bad and led this young life to ruin.
This had to happen and could not be avoided, however much the parents prayed and bemoaned, their child would perish, for in this life a powerful hatred fired and it would live with this hatred.
It would grow up with it that hatred and that hatred led to its cause of awakening.
It would be connected with it, because that connection, that power resided in this inner life, it lived in it.
When it had reached maturity that life wanted to possess, wanted to love and did not control itself in any way.
It sought earthly property and love and it took to drinking to stimulate that love and passion.
That force deep within the soul, which was its emotional life, urged him to drink and awaken that hatred.
But not alone now, yet also with friends who were on earth for a similar experience.
But there was more.
In the hell on this side lived thousands, nay millions of beings who had already reached their spiritual world of existence and could not be born on earth any more because all of them had completed their cycle on earth.
Yet these beings were on earth, I explained that process to you, they wanted to escape the darkness and cold of their existence, wanted to experience, sought human warmth and that happens through all those earthly people, because we know how they can achieve that.
All those monsters and devils of hell descended into inner life as a result of which all those earthly people were in the hands of evil.
Now they lived, André, they plundered and murdered for possession, to fuel that awful fire of passion deep down within them.
That animal-like being within them wanted ever more and continued until it could not be satisfied any more.
Now it had come to an end.
A terrible life and death struggle made an untimely end to this life.
It again descended into the world of the unconscious and waited to receive an other body.
Yet, God did not call a halt to this soul, this earthly being.
To the contrary, this soul was to return to the earth again.
When this soul came on earth again and grew up, evil became increasingly violent, the depth into which this life descended could no longer be fathomed.
It went from bad to worse, but that animal-like being in that depth was not yet satisfied, this soul had not yet attained the perfect material organism of the seventh degree for which it had to return.
Centuries passed before this soul descended on earth again in a different organism.
It awakened on earth in a similar condition and it sank even deeper in this life than in the previous one.
The parents who had attracted this inner life lived like animal-like beings.
They never wondered why and what for, they had no possession and neither had their children.
The soul we follow had left home early in youth and lived in an other part of the world.
This life had intellect, but that intellect was an animal-like instinct, which awakened in this human body.
This inner life now commanded others to steal and murder, so that it became a massacre.
It had reached a high social position.
It perished again in this life.
This inner life entered life after death with thousands of sins, mistakes and crimes.
Hundreds of years passed and this life had to go back to the earth again.
It now entered the seventh material degree; it had lived in the material transitions during all those previous lives.
It had not known parents, nor felt sister and brother love; this soul had descended to the deepest hell and had acquired that hell.
It had killed thousands of lives and when it had attained the cycle of the earth this inner life belonged to the masters and geniuses of evil.
This life had to go back, though; it still had to experience the highest material degree on earth.
Having spent many centuries in the world of the unconscious in a sleeping condition, this soul had come to rest.
All this resided in the depth of this inner life, all those sins and mistakes which cannot be fathomed nor felt.
Centuries passed before a material organism was ready on earth, this soul was attracted again to experience material life, to descend in the highest organism and to die.
This being had everything; it possessed art and many properties constituting the character and personality, but in an animal-like attunement.
This life had slept many centuries and a great wonder had occurred during this sleep.
It had passed into an other condition; nature had brought it there.
This inner life had come to rest, as I said, and had returned to the first stage when the cycle of the earth started.
During that pre-animal-like stage, this time as a human being in the highest organism the soul can receive on earth, this soul consciousness sank back into the deep subconscious, effected by the material organism.
It is this enhanced material strength which stops that consciousness to prevent that arch-power from destroying that fine organism.
The nervous system of the highest material organism is not designed for that arch-power in full consciousness, reasoning consciousness must live in it.
What happened with this soul was a natural law and the help of God.
This material body locked that arch-power and this life began on earth in a condition of waking and half-waking consciousness.
Full consciousness lay in the depth of the soul; it was the subconscious of this life.
This subconscious is the balance, the boundary between material and spiritual life.
Now what happened?
This inner life, was again attracted by parents and these parents were neither materially nor spiritually awake.
The soul, which descended in life on earth now received a different organism and descended in the female body.
Who understands this inner life?
During her youth she was quiet and downcast, the years of youth passed by.
In this life this female soul created a condition of her own.
However, she did not enter a relationship, she lacked the feeling, for within her there were no desires.
Sometimes, however, she yearned and was overcome by an awful feeling, which emanated from her inner depth.
It was the activity of her material organism and was connected with the monthly natural law.
Oh, how she could cry and yearn.
But when that period was over she felt relaxed and was herself again.
Her life passed that way; she did no good and no evil.
She passed away when she was seventy.
She had not experienced anything in this life, nor acquired or destroyed.
Again she entered the astral world in life after death.
She had to wait for an other organism.
This time it did not take long, because she had not experienced anything in that life, nature had soon performed its task.
How deep those laws of nature are.
God knew and oversaw everything, God already helped this soul, though people on earth are unaware of it.
If God had not interfered, if nature had not brought this about, this inner life would not have been able to cope with that horrible struggle.
The Divine attunement, my son, made her sleep so that the soul kept its balance and would begin an other process.
This inner live descended in the mother organism again, though in different surroundings.
This environment offered more activity and property, and that property incited this life to experience life on earth.
She married and gave birth to two children.
A different life was to begin.
However, this life meant her struggle against her bad inner self, she had to overcome herself.
How great God’s love is.
God knew she would not be able to bear all those sins and crimes in day-consciousness and made her inner being sleep.
Do you feel that, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but what sort of amazing event is that?’
‘That applies to any being who has exceeded the limits of nature.
These souls have to relax to prevent the material organism from collapsing through that inner urge and power.
I explained that to you on the first cosmic degree.
We see that this has not changed either.
Inner life has to adapt itself to the material organism.
Nature brings this about.
Do you feel this deep spiritual mystery, André?’
‘If I correctly understand everything, Alcar, consciousness now descends into the depth of its own life?’
‘That is correct.’
‘In that case this life as a child is not natural?’
‘That is quite obvious.
No, for it isn’t possible, isn’t it?’
‘And these souls do live on earth?
Who can feel that, Alcar?
Who understands these souls?
Since this depth cannot be fathomed?
What a mystery.’
‘I could ask many more questions, and yet this should and had to happen, or inner life could not be attracted.’
‘So, when such a soul lives on earth as a child it will be quiet, because a spiritual law brought it in that condition?’
‘Yes, André, we must accept that.’
‘But will this soul awaken?’
‘That will happen and we’ll follow it.’
‘And nobody knows anything about that, can’t feel it, because he does not understand this depth?’
‘No, André.
Man on earth does not know anything about these laws of nature, and utmost spiritual bounds.
Thousands of people living on earth have exceeded all these natural laws.
Here, in the life of the spirit, we learn to know and understand all those laws.
It is not possible in material life on earth.’
‘Does this soul not have to make up for all those mistakes and sins?’
‘Certainly, as I said, it is now going to start a different life, though many lives are required.
This inner life awakens slowly but surely.
The first thing that awakens in it is the feeling for its children.
These were the feelings rising from that depth to become conscious.
I said just now that she gave birth to two children.
She was quiet and desired.
This life passed in peace and happiness and yet we know who she is.
Death came and she entered this life.
One life now followed the other.
In all those lives her balance would be restored.
This process continued.
Gradually, she began to feel and her inner life awakened, she awoke and became conscious.
The depth of her inner life now passed on into day-consciousness.
Mother in one life, in the next she descended into the male organism to acquire this consciousness.
After awakening she forgot herself because she had not acquired spiritual level yet.
One life was even worse than the other was.
She got nothing but sorrow and misery though her misery could not be compared with what she had done to others.
Thousands of years passed and we see an other wonder.
The planet earth let her free and you surely feel what will happen now.
Now she had to experience her karma, after all the misery she had received she faced the law of cause and effect.
A mountain of misery, of sorrow and grief blocked her way, she had to make up for all this.
Her sorrow made her collapse and she died insane of grief.
But she would return.
She began to make up for every life in which she had caused misery.
Yet she sinned and made mistakes again because she did not yet have spiritual consciousness.
She passed from one life on to the next.
She was no longer open for murder and animalization.
She had learned something in all those lives, which was within her.
She now had to restore that balance; she was thousands of years behind her material organism.
In all the lives she was going to experience she wondered why and for what reason do I have to suffer that much?
My God, help me, I am crushed and defiled.
She experienced misery after misery.
This soul had lived in all countries of the earth and had caused misery everywhere.
This human being would nevertheless reach her end, but this soul had only received.
She had done nothing for all she had received from God, because this had not been possible in all those thousands of centuries.
How have all those lives been?
What does man learn in one life on earth?
Nothing, indeed.
What did this soul achieve in all those lives?
She did wrong again, within her she had the coarse-material feeling.
Although she also did good things, since good and evil are done in every life.
As I said this life awakened, it passed into other and higher feelings.
She had many qualities, but all those qualities had to change now in spiritual properties.
To this end lives were needed and in those lives this soul should achieve that.
God is a Father of Love.
How mighty is the grace man receives.
We shall receive anything the earth possesses.
We shall live in all ranks of society and all of us create a condition of our own.
All try to advance on earth to secure a condition of existence and this happens according as we awaken.
That is the way we proceed ever more.
This soul would also awaken inwardly and pass on to a final life on earth.
This soul had experienced wonders and problems and she now faced her last problem.
The soul would now pass on in full consciousness and would become aware of that terrible depth, she would now, after those many lives, awaken in the spirit.
In her final incarnation she passed into the mother organism and she was to retain this organism as her cosmic attunement.
Dozens of lives had meanwhile passed in sorrow and misery.
I do not want to follow them; I’ll now proceed to her final life.
As I said, the depth of her inner life surfaced, nature got into balance and what remained in her she would now experience, had to experience, since her inner and material organism are one.
Her spirit now consciously entered the final material organism.
When I speak of consciousness it does not mean that she was aware of all those lives, but her inner being was awake and conscious.
This child was born and in her youth her parents already felt that she had to be something extra­ordinary.
She possessed a tremendous power, the final thing she had to make up.
Now she wanted to experience.
That feeling seethed in her, it was inspiration and seemed unquenchable, that feeling was the intellect of a gifted being.
There was something in this soul which awakened her.
The Divine Spark roused her inner fire to great heights, but she had no spiritual level yet.
What she had experienced in all those thousands of centuries was making up for all her previous sins.
She had only experienced her karma and had not been able to do anything for herself.
She could, therefore, not acquire anything because her guilt exceeded anything she could receive and acquire which is spiritual possession in our life.
Do you understand why she was on earth?
Her inner life was still hundreds of years behind.
In those centuries the material organism had been far, very far ahead of inner life and now she had to make something of herself.
And she made something of herself, she created a life of her own, she created art and she became famous in that life and was worshipped; though she perished again.
Again she perisched, because she did not yet have pure love, although she had completed her material cycle.
She lost herself in that last life, she had not been able to acquire spiritual love.
She remained childless in that life and entered our side advanced in years.
When she awakened she lived in an other world and this was our hell, so she had created her own hell.
She had built at it in all those lives and broken down again.
I explained that to you.
She had not been able to free herself in that final life.
There was still darkness in her, she possessed no inner light yet.
She awakened deeply moved.
People lived beside her who were like she was.
Yet, there was something in her which made her awaken so that she began a different life.
Her mother who had passed away long ago drew her into an other condition and she saw and felt how much evil she had done.
She returned to the earth and saw where she had lived.
She did not know or understand anything of all her previous lives.
That was not possible, she did not even understand herself.
Her mother helped her and kept on praying for her.
Half a century passed before she had freed herself from the dark spheres and she entered the spheres of light.
You feel, André, how much she had to do for that.
At this side she became conscious of her own life.
Here she was shown how she had lived.
It was not until then that she felt remorse and in that condition she could be reached.
When she entered the first sphere her spiritual and higher feelings, awakened.
Now she prayed to her Father and thanked Him for everything.
However, there was something, which increased her feeling of remorse, because she had done nothing at all for all that grace.
She had left nothing on earth, she had only lived to the full and had received thousands of things from God.
She had only freed herself from darkness and had passed on to the light.
Now she prayed for many years on end, and asked God to be allowed to be born again on earth to do something for all that wealth she had received from God.
She went on praying.
Would God hear her prayer?
She could not otherwise free herself from that remorse.
Again, God comes to the aid of this soul.
Her beloved ones, who had followed her on this side, knew where she would go.
She would show her gratitude by doing something on earth and performing a task.
She would help develop the earth by bringing nourishment for the mind, for man needs this nourishment, man perished as a result of all these material things.
That’s what she brought on earth and she gave herself completely.
She laid intense joy in everything.
She knew of life hereafter, she had spiritual property.
She would awaken with it as a child.
When her life began she was already inspired by her own feelings; the remorse within her.
This life was lived spiritually.
Subsequently she returned and proceeded on this side.
I showed you flashes of a soul, André, of a human being, whom, as I told you, I have known.
These are no stories, I met this soul on earth time and again and she now lives in my own sphere.
I lived with thousands of them during my time on earth; there we met and lost each other.
She now lives in the fifth sphere and is an angel in the spirit.
God is love.
God knows everything and is just.
All sorrow, illness and misery is over and she’ll go on and on to pass on to an other planet.
We’ll meet again on the fourth degree.
We know there that we have to live so many lives, for life there would not be perfect if we did not know that and that feeling was not in us.
We all go further.
One day, God expect us and says: ‘Look, my children, Heaven awaits you.
I guard over all of you.’
The soul weeps for joy because God, our Father, is so good.
Now that we learn to understand that great problem, we fall on our knees and don’t know how grateful we’ll be.
Such is life on earth, André, and every man will experience that.
They have to experience that, or they will not return to the All.
I had to tell and explain this in order to give you an image of material and spiritual or inner life on earth.
It is only for the earth, only the earth knows struggle, sorrow and misery.
It is to pass from pre-animal-like on to spiritual life.
Is all this clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but I would like to ask you a thing or two.
Does attraction occur in all lives?’
‘Yes, from the first sins and mistakes man takes up his own karma.
That is what you meant, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
It is amazing how everything happens and is predestined
Is it fixed upon every birth when the soul will die and how man will pass away?’
‘Yes, that is a law and is fixed too, but the way in which a person passes away and the cause of his death have nothing to do with it.
Life comes and goes when it is called.’
‘How deep the human being is, Alcar, I had not expected this.
Who can follow this?’
‘We can follow that in the spheres.
Not a single thought transmitted can escape.
Every man will see his own film of life and every man who has attained the fourth sphere can observe this, as you have experienced in the temple of the soul.’
‘How many fathers and mothers have we had, Alcar?’
‘Thousands, my boy, but father- and motherhood is only of consequence for the earth.
Father- and motherhood merge on this side into universal love.
I explained that to you a long time ago and I do not have to go into that any more.’
‘This is a great problem for people on earth, Alcar.’
‘They will remain problems and wonders for them, for others it is imagination, though it belongs to our life, everything I showed and explained to you belongs to reincarnation on earth.’
‘Is it possible for people to become spiritually conscious while on earth?’
‘Oh, yes, many are.
The soul I told you about did not awaken until on this side, but others advance that far on earth and consciously enter the spheres of light.
Millions of beings live already on earth in a spiritual condition and have acquired that attunement there.’
‘Does this also happen in a normal condition, I mean not when they ask for it?’
‘Yes, André, millions of people have advanced that far on earth.’
‘If I understand you correctly, religions will dissolve one day and those religions were only given to the earth, for people to hold on to.’
‘That’s right, but haven’t you known that for a long time?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but now it is quite clear to me.
Did everything given in all those centuries from the side beyond serve a definite purpose?’
‘Yes, I will explain that to you on our next journey.
Everything and all higher thoughts emanate from this side.’
‘Your art too?’
‘My art too, I and all masters who lived on earth at the time were part of it.’
‘It is amazing, Alcar.’
‘Do not forget that the earth is the only planet where great sorrow is experienced.
We have been able to follow that development.
People do not understand their own lives and death is still a horrible monster for them.
Death spoils life on earth and disheartens them to make something of life on earth.
Death breaks all energy and they succumb to it.
This must cease, and as soon as they can accept, there will be peace and joy on earth and they will think of meeting again on this side.
Those who accept this may be quiet and happy and adjust their view even when they have lost their beloved ones.
One day they will meet again on this side.
However, one soul has to depart ahead of the other, when a mother is left behind, the father can visit her from this side and support and help her on earth.
All that is possible, if they seriously want to go into all these problems and wonders, a firm connection will develop and they learn to understand life of the spirit.
One day this will happen but not until after several centuries.’
‘Where are we at this moment, Alcar?’
‘In an other country, André.
We floated ever further and have gone from one country or continent to the next.
Though you did not notice.
I followed one road and that road brought me to the places and cities I told you about and where this soul lived.
You listened to me and could therefore not observe.’
‘I could have, Alcar?’
‘Yes, certainly, I could have connected you with all those lives but it was not necessary and would be too much for you.’
‘You mean like on our last journey, Alcar, when you connected me with your own life?’
‘Yes, that’s what I mean.’
‘How can I digest all this, Alcar?’
‘Don’t be afraid that this life will overwhelm you, I’ll help you and it will be easier than when you returned from your previous journey.
You are now conscious of our life and you can digest everything, however deep it is.’
‘Can people in general not digest this?’
‘In order to penetrate the deepest spiritual problems without spiritual help on earth, André, you first of all need a strong nervous system, and in particular feeling for these laws.
A scientist or whatever he may be on earth cannot acquire that depth without this spiritual connection.
One should feel this and be able to discard one’s own personality.’
‘I am so happy, Alcar.
Oh, if only I were allowed to tell mankind about it and that you would help me from this side.
I’ll pray that you may receive that grace.’
‘That’s very nice, André, it might happen, but first we must record all this.
That is a mighty task, you will receive it.
It is the intention of the masters that we present this to mankind.
It is possible now because many yearn for nourishment for the mind and they will receive it, we are spread all over the earth.
Many others are working with me on earth through instruments, all of them mediums who have to accomplish a task.
We are all grateful to God to be allowed to do this, for we can be grateful now, because we understand the meaning of all that sorrow, all those illnesses on earth.
We are now awake and conscious.
How thankful am I that this task was assigned to me, how have I prepared myself!
I geared up for all those conditions for two hundred years.
I’ll tell you about this on our next journey.
Now there are people on earth who belong to the sensitive persons, they want to receive, because religions do not give them what they want, do not give them what they need.’
‘You said, Alcar, that all those religions will dissolve, but what did Christ bring for mankind?’
‘Do not compare the life of Christ with religion, André.
Our great Master taught love and belief in God.
What Christ brought is for all planets up to the highest degree, which is the seventh cosmic mentality.
It cannot die, it cannot be destroyed, it inspires all of us and it is God’s sacred life.
Christ brought Himself, brought Divine life.
We can reach God only through Him, through nothing and nobody else.
All those religions will disappear because they lack the true core and the clergy put themselves on pedestals.
This remains, André, this is eternal because it is perfect, through Christ we learn to know and understand God.’
‘If I correctly understand everything, Alcar, there are no people living on earth who are free of sorrow?’
‘No, that is not possible, only those who understand themselves and have to perform a task on earth know that what they experience should not be seen as sorrow, but serves to awaken and to make up.
Everything then changes; it is no longer sorrow but a grace.
However, all those millions of people live in this condition for it is their attunement, they do not want sorrow and do not know about the past.’
‘In all those degrees up to the highest degree of material organism people live in cities and villages and all over the earth, who have sorrow and misery?’
‘That’s right, so it is.
Everybody lives in his own condition, and that condition is their cosmic attunement, that is: they have accepted an other life and make up, it is their karma and why they are on earth.
There are no people on earth who are free of sorrow; these people cannot be there.
They would not be on earth any more, but on this side or they would have already reached the mental regions to be attracted by the fourth cosmic degree.
It is not possible for people to live on earth who are free of all sorrow and you will not meet a single person who does not know sorrow.
When they know all those cosmic degrees and can accept, that sorrow is a different sorrow because it is making up for what they did wrong in the past and they know that happiness and rest will follow and remain forever.
God knows all His children.
God will not allow any of His children to receive unnecessary grief.
Yet people think and say that God has imposed all that misery, but we know better.
We have learned to know our life and know that it is not God who imposed that misery, but that it is cause and effect, making up for what we did wrong.
If people on earth could accept and understand it, if they resigned to all this and experienced it in a natural way that deep sorrow would soon dissolve.
People think God punishes, we know, however, that God cannot punish but that people have violated the laws of nature and have to get in harmony again.
Those forces and laws of nature shut them off from further advance because of the numerous passions and the misery done to others.
Man attracts the very laws in which that mental disturbance resides because they have to be made up.
Thank heaven that this happens, or we would continue to live in these depths of misery and would never advance.
Now that we know that everything is love, quiet and peace, that God does now know sorrow or misery, man will have to solve all those horrible things.
I explained to you how this happens, and not any man can free himself of it, can evade it, as it is man who attracts it.
Everything on earth seems horrible, but when we get to know life it is all different and natural.
How many people are there on earth who do not know anything about eternal life?
They are unaware of all these laws and laugh at those who tell about these wonders.
Do you feel how poor these beings are?
Thank God that the time has come now that we may come back to mankind to tell them that we are alive.
We now know what is possible and will be, we now live in that time and feel happy about it.
Oh, those poor people who do not understand themselves and do not know that everything is love and that God is a Father of Justice.
God looks on how people forget themselves, but God knows all His children.
They ask for happiness and earthly property, but they don’t know the depth of their own life.
They don’t want to have anything to do with the past; they want to live and be happy, for everybody has a right to happiness.
Every second people are born on earth, but they should awaken and be born spiritually.
Inner man is and remains missing.
The earth is a paradise, that is what God wanted, but man changed that paradise into a terrible hell.
Poor people, poor earth, but there is life in it, the life of God.
The earth gave people everything, a place to live.
But how do people act?
It will have become clear to you, André, that there is nothing on earth or on this side, unless it is brought about by man.
There is no sorrow unless man wanted it, created it.
Haven’t I shown you in dozens of conditions that what we have done in other lives is our own fault?
Haven’t I shown that there must be reincarnation or we could not progress on the eternal road?
That everything is fixed and that these activities are part of ourselves?
Is there anything incompatible in what you have seen?
Those who are honestly prepared to open their mind and to give themselves completely will feel and understand this and recognize cause and effect.
God’s simplicity lies in everything and maintains everything.
It is up to us to understand and acquire that simplicity.
One thing emanates from the other.
What man owns today he will lose tomorrow.
All this awakens him and he will feel that a law is in force to make him bend his head.
If he can, he has advanced and his life on earth was not in vain.
One day all human beings will come on this side and are confronted with all these laws.
They see that our life is true and that we spoke the truth.
It is not until then that they will be grateful for what they received on earth from this side.
Mankind now receives an image of creation; we act on them all over the earth.
People on earth must know that their beloved ones are alive and that they will meet their father and mother again.
They must know that they have their happiness on earth in their own hands, they must feel that life on earth is only temporary.
They can’t imagine greater happiness.
Wherever they are and live, in whatever condition they are, paradise as God gave it to us human beings was never understood.
One day there will be happiness and they will get to know their Father of love and that they are to blame for everything.
This is hard; nevertheless we also had to accept it.
However terrible their life on earth is, the time will come when they bend their head and thank God for everything.
It is not until then that they will understand they are to blame for their own misfortunes.
Could you follow me in everything, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I thank God for all you have told me.
Now that I know all this I understand paradise and I have also become more understanding of those two people, as Adam and Eve and everything written in the bible.’
‘Those same two people, André, still represent mankind on earth.
According to the scientists creation then began.
There had to be a beginning and two people served that purpose, and those two people were Adam and Eve.
I already told you about this.
Follow them, we still see these two beings together, they proceed from one century into the next and they do not learn to know and understand themselves.
These two souls were to represent creation.
Man would be given an example and in those days these two people served that purpose.
Then God spoke, but it was the voice of beings who lived already on this side and brought this message.
That story was given, but it is not understood yet.
There is truth in everything brought to earth in those days in the field of spirituality but the core is missing.
Adam and Eve represented the creative and driving capacity and that is still present in man, nothing has changed.
Adam and Eve still live on earth and are dispelled from paradise, because they have not yet come to themselves.
People on earth have not changed in any way and many centuries later they will speak about these two beings, not realizing that they live in the same condition as these two beings.
There are many things like this one in the bible and when one realizes the reality of them and understands the intention of those who accomplished it one feels the holy truth, but then everything is different.
Those who assisted did not understand that message.’
‘What a pity that they misunderstood everything, Alcar.’
‘Yes, André.
People on earth do not want to understand.
Christ came and this had been predicted centuries ago and when He came people regarded him as an ordinary human being and they nailed the holiest Man who ever lived to the cross.
But Christ’s life and belief remain forever, because it is Divine, Christ was like God and brought this message on earth.
I told you about it and it will be clear to you.’
‘Do you know what is right and what is wrong in the bible?’
‘Yes, but you should know it too, you can feel that, André.
Those who love life will enter the spheres of light.
Those who destroy life will descend into the darkness.
Feel what love brings, what pure love is and accept it, accept everything written in the bible.
But no passion, no destruction, no misery, no egotism and self interest, only sacrificing love which Christ teaches.
Everything else is the work of man, was produced by scientists and has no meaning.
Christ brought Himself and sacrificed Himself for mankind, He knew in advance what would happen.
Nevertheless, Christ came to the earth to tell us about our Father in heaven.
It is only by Christ that we can reach the Divine Spheres.’
‘Did the people who lived in those days already have a connection with the Side Beyond, Alcar?’
‘That spiritual connection has always existed, André.
From the moment on when astral man could not return to the earth any more.
From that time on life on earth began and astral man tried to get into contact with those who had not yet completed their material cycle.
Centuries went by, but when the spheres of light were born and it became light in and around them, when they felt and understood that they lived in the All and it was possible to advance, they quickly returned to the earth to convince their sisters and brothers in material life.
You know that this is possible and nothing has changed in this respect either.
Thousands, nay millions with me are doing just that at this moment.
They already brought the message of eternal life in those days.’
‘I heard, Alcar, that many people were killed merely because they had told of an other life or religion.
Is that true?’
‘Yes, André.
Those times were terrible.
Though it is not so long ago that all mediums were burnt alive and killed if they spoke of things which mankind did not know or understand.
Yet, there were many people who, although they knew they would be killed sooner or later, opened themselves for their invisible helpers, astral beings, who spoke through them.
They were not afraid of death, not afraid of destruction, they all knew they would die sooner or later.
Although not one of them would escape they made themselves available.
All of them were inspired, the holy fire of Christ was within them, and they had that pure sacrificing love.
When their task on earth was accomplished great happiness awaited them.
Thousands of people have been killed merely for what they told.
It was a horrible time on earth, but what happens at present?
People have now advanced to the point that they no longer destroy our mediums, although nothing has changed in some countries.
There are human beings in many countries who defile our work and of thousands of others.
Oh, when those people enter on our side!
Those people forget that millions of human beings have given their blood and lives for this work.
When there are people on earth who pose as prophets it is their own business, but if one human being suffers misery and sorrow and loses his belief in God as a result, darkness awaits them for they will have to make up for that misery.
Thousands of people left life on earth because they told of a God of love and were connected with this side.
At present, André, man has advanced a little or you would have been on this side for a long time.’
‘Would they kill me, Alcar?’
‘You and all other mediums working for us.’
‘I am prepared to give my life for all this, Alcar, they may kill me.’
‘That won’t happen any more, but I’m most grateful for these words and to all people who dare speak like that.
No, my son, those days have gone.
We have advanced a little, inner and material man has changed as has the planet earth.’
‘Knowing all this, Alcar, I must say that progress is slight, after all thousands of years have passed?’
‘Yes, that is true.
We have not made a lot of progress though much has changed.
Now, in your time, mediums are no longer killed, they are ridiculed and sneered at.
Now it is all diabolical work and they live under one roof with the devil!
Many people curse and yell, but if they had their way, I assure you, they would drag you out of your house and kill you.
Mankind has advanced to the point that they don’t allow it.’
‘Is that, Alcar, why the Side Beyond influences man and provides all that nourishment for the mind?’
‘Yes, André.
It is now possible to bring nourishment for the mind on earth.
It is the century of technical miracles and spiritual development.
We can now convince those who are open to it of eternal life.
That was not possible some centuries ago, it is not so long ago that they killed our mediums.
Look back and feel how recently that occurred.’
‘How slowly this development proceeds, Alcar.’
‘A more rapid development is not possible, my boy.
You can follow that on earth.
It took millions of years before the earth was an inhabitable planet.
Millions of years were required for the first human beings to live on earth and it took as many centuries to make something out of that life.
This is reflected in the entire creation.’
‘I don’t understand, Alcar, why so few people know something of eternal life, for there are so many millions of people on earth.
They do not understand death.
They don’t know anything about eternal progress.
They find reincarnation something horrible and having to return most terrible of all.
The clergy speak of eternal damnation and perpetual burning and they frighten people.
It is so narrow and heartless.’
‘Is it not clear to you, André?’
‘No, Alcar, I don’t understand it.’
‘You forget that inner man still has to be born.’
‘But the earth is millions of years old?’
‘When I speak of millions of years it sounds impressive, but it is only one second in eternity.
We on this side understand creation and we know how difficult it is to achieve something on earth.
Every development proceeds slowly particularly in regard to the spirit that is not so easy.
The earth is billions of years old but it is not until now, in your time, that the spiritual age begins and that it is possible to tell people of eternal progress and miracles.
Follow man on earth and you see and feel that this stage has come.’
‘It is incredible, but I must accept it.’
‘Indeed, you must accept it, mankind has not advanced any further.
How recent are the times when the masters of art lived on earth?
Sculpture came first followed by the painters.
There were three centuries of art.
The spirits brought art on earth in those centuries.’
‘Spirits, you say?’
‘Yes, André, for all those masters were born for that purpose.
That mighty event was controlled from this side.
All those artists were instruments, it was fixed in the great plan.’
‘Did these artists know that they were spiritual instruments, Alcar?’
‘No, André, they did not know or understand.
Yet, all of them once lived on this side and were born again for that purpose.
I’ll tell you more about it on our next journey.
My point is this.
I want to show you that this happened not long ago and that it was only possible in these three centuries to bring art on earth.
All the masters of music lived on this side.
I lived on this side, was born again and when I had accomplished my task I returned to the spheres, but my art was on earth.
And why was all this?
To raise mankind to a higher level, André.
Man needed something of beauty.
It was understood on this side.
The art we brought was for the eye, the heart and the mind.
Our art is tangible and can be seen, but the work of the composers can only be felt.
As a result mankind would awaken.’
‘And has mankind awakened, Alcar?’
‘Not all those millions, André, but dozens.’
‘And that’s why all that trouble was taken?’
‘We sacrifice ourselves for one single human being, my son.
We know we cannot reach millions of people.
One living being, André, the others are living dead and cannot yet be helped.
One child and it is a child of God, this child wants to awaken and that is why we come to the earth to convince this being of eternal life.
We on this side know what is possible and what is not.
You can’t understand that yet.
Neither do you understand that they do not accept reincarnation and speak of damnation and eternal fire.
We know all that, we know all these people and how far they have advanced.
Do you believe, André, that they will welcome you with open arms?
This is not understood, André.
But a few centuries from now they will idealize our work, but then you’ll have been on this side for a long time.
We go on, others will continue our work.
You’ll not understand how mighty our work is until you are on this side.
All masters of art understood this, what we are now bringing on earth serves their eternal happiness.
Whether they want to accept all this is up to them, André.
It is given to the earth and we shall reach many people.
This is strange for you, but not for us, because we know life on earth.
Now that we live on this side we see through all these phenomena.
Mankind has not advanced that far.
We know, André, how difficult it is to convince people of something higher.
Once again, we are only at the beginning of spiritual development.
Just now, in the twentieth century, it is possible to tell them of our life.
And that is comprehensible because they do not understand death yet.
Just imagine this, André.
The earth is billions of years old and yet death is not understood.
Every second people on earth pass on and enter this life.
They only see death and go on doing so, because they have not inwardly advanced any more and do not feel an other world within them.
Is all this so strange when we know that thousands of centuries are necessary?
Work that out for yourself and feel how difficult it is to correct one single mistake and discard it.
We make mistakes and commit sins hundreds of times again although we are trying to discard them.
We fail, it is nearly impossible.
With many ups and downs we reach our aim.
An entire life on earth may pass and yet we failed to discard small things.
Then death follows and we pass away.
It is not until on this side that we see how terrible our life has been.
On this side we learn to understand ourselves and we realize that we have not taken the trouble to discard all our mistakes.
Here we are also faced with the same condition.
No human being or spirit can help us; we have to do it ourselves.
God gave us everything, gave us His own life and His own Divine attunement.
It is, as I told you several times, up to us to make something of it.
We’ll advance that far by experiencing life.
That’s why all those thousands of lives are essential.
We don’t achieve anything in one life on earth; we can’t achieve anything.
We therefore receive all those lives from God and pass from the male organism onto the female organism.
Truly, my son, all this is a mighty grace.’
‘I have even spoken to scientists, Alcar, and they found reincarnation something terrible, the greatest stupidity an intellectual person could profess.
They thought the idea of having to start on earth time and again as a child and to spend all those wasted years before reaching maturity narrow minded.
What is the use they said, that short period left to live on earth?
Many people even passed away when mature.
Then what?
Back to the earth to start again as a child?
They could not imagine God to be so narrow minded.’
‘What did you reply, André?’
‘Nothing, Alcar, I said nothing, I could not answer them.
They were scientists, people who had obtained a degree.
If they don’t feel it, who does?’
‘These people have not advanced that far, André.
We find these people especially among scientists.
Simple people feel and understand more of all these laws than scientists on earth.
Theologians speak of damnation and eternal burning and they are also scholars, they made a study of it.
All those beings, André, have yet to awaken.
All that learning has no meaning on this side.
Those who speak like they do show who they are and prove that they have no feeling, no belief and no respect for everything present in creation.
They belong to the living dead.’
‘Although these people are sometimes religious, Alcar.’
‘That is quite possible, André, these people also live on earth.
Some human beings enter our side who did not believe in a God and there was light in them all the same.
They passed from the earth straight on to the second sphere and you know what that means.
Though they did not believe in a God, in their life on earth they loved nature and all other life and nature is God.
You feel how deep everything is and yet how simple.
All those other beings find it terrible; they cannot accept spiritual wonders and are spiritually blind.
All this indicates that we are only at the beginning of spiritual development.
All this is in a seminal stage, André.
Human but spiritual feeling must be born now.
It is not until then that they can accept this and yearn to be allowed to learn about all this.
So let them talk and don’t take notice.
We go on.
You can convince them on this side, it is not possible beforehand.
They will stare their eyes out and bend their head.
We cannot convince them of all those wonders until they have reached the spheres of light and they will see and experience the purpose of all this.
Man has not yet advanced that far, André.
The earth is billions of years old and yet it means nothing.
Did people, who lived before Christ, have any notion of all the technical wonders man on earth now possesses?
How many inventions have been made, though that was not possible until now.
Had scientists advanced as far as in your time?’
‘How then do you explain the Egyptian period, Alcar?
Hadn’t those people advanced very far?’
‘Thank you, André, for these words and that you know about it.
Yes, my son, those people had advanced very far, but that high civilization and knowledge had quite a different meaning, when we know what happened in that period.
I’ll also explain this to you, but on our next journey.
I’ll then explain and show why these people had advanced that far.
You will be amazed when I say that those people cannot be born any more.’
‘Did you say that they can’t be born any more?’
‘No, André, at any rate not in that condition, for that event.
Mankind must now try to advance that far by its own effort.
That is already in progress, and in several branches of study they are already ahead.
This wisdom was given them in those days from our side, as was all art on earth.
All this must seem strange and amazing to you, however, you’ll get to know these wonders too.’
‘Isn’t it difficult to achieve something on earth, Alcar?’
‘No, André, it is not difficult, especially not for those who steal it from others and enrich themselves at the expense of others.
That is quite simple.
We are concerned with the spiritual development.
We followed one man on earth, we saw how this soul lived and developed spiritually.
Now look at all those people.
Follow them and see how they create a condition of their own.
Anyone can attain that wealth when they have a feeling for it.
Do you hear what I say, André?
Feeling, for everything must be felt and one must possess that feeling inwardly in order to acquire that material level, be it wealth, a social position or thousands of other things.
That is what man created, they acquired that during all those thousands of centuries.
This, however, belongs to the material world of feeling.
All those earthly people have advanced that far in the many lives that passed and they belong to the materialistic world.
The spiritual world now follows.
They will change all those material qualities and feelings into those of the higher consciousness.
They will free themselves of the material world and will begin to enrich themselves spiritually.
Thereafter, André, follows consciousness.
As I said before, thousands of centuries were required and how long has spiritual development, craving for a higher life, been going on?
Do all these people not live like wild animals couldn’t?
Haven’t we been able to follow that and haven’t I shown that to you?
Don’t you feel that thousands will awaken in the material world and only one in the spirit?
All this work, all this nourishment for the mind, André, is for that one being.
It is for him that we come to the earth; we try to convince this man of his eternal life, because that is now possible.
The others, the materially disposed beings must awaken yet and cannot be reached.
We know this, André, we know the mentality, the material, nay the pre-animal-like attunement of all those people.
We see how far they have advanced on their cosmic way.
Do not look at those billions of years behind us, look at the ‘now’, the present and feel what life on earth means.
Now is the age of technical wonders, as I said before, and of spiritual development.
For it is remarkable that this spiritual influence is now being felt all over the earth.
Those open to higher things won’t fail to notice.
The others experience their life on earth and perish.
Those who think they should defile our work must suit themselves.
The masters who lived on earth centuries ago, look at them from this side and smile, for they know and understand why they were artists on earth.
It was not until on this side that they understood what inner and spiritual value their art had and why they attained that height.
Here, they became aware of all those spiritual laws and wonders, and understood the deeper meaning of this miracle.
It is a wonder that only we know, and that inner man experiences in material life on earth.
All this, André, was given to the earth and people must acquire it.
They are at the beginning of spiritual development.
Inner man gradually awakes.
It was not possible until now to bring nourishment for the mind in which they recognize the depth of their own inner being, and as a result of which they discard all coarseness.
When I speak of spiritual development it means that human evolution has reached that stage.
On earth one now speaks of civilization, and because there are people who speak like this, it is possible for us to get through to them.
They are awake and conscious and are open to higher life.
They free themselves from violence, passion and animalization.
Thousands of years ago we could not achieve anything, it would not even have been possible a few hundred years ago.
You were burnt alive then; nowadays you are ridiculed and laughed at.
But that does not harm you.
Within you lies the conviction of our life, the knowledge that you have conquered death and the heavenly peace of the spirit.
You depart your material body and experience all this and they will also depart, but that means that they pass away on earth.
You return to earth with a treasure of spiritual knowledge.
You experience wonders and problems they are completely unaware of and which they cannot accept because they have not advanced that far.
When a scientist on earth declared that the earth rotates around the sun and continued its orbit, and that the sun did not rotate around the earth he was also ridiculed by the entire scientific world.
They know better now, they understand these laws of nature and bend their head for this man.
Is it clear, André, why there are so few sensitive people living on earth?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is clear to me now, thank you.’
‘Any more questions?’
‘Yes, Alcar, some things are not quite clear to me.’
‘Which are, André?’
‘You spoke of good and evil and of maximum limits.
I wanted to ask you: Is it possible for material man on earth to exceed these limits?’
‘Certainly, André.’
‘Is it also possible before inner life has acquired the highest material organism?’
‘A very good question, André.
Yes, that is also possible, I explained to you that God interferes and helps the soul, which has exceeded these limits.
I explained that this soul came to rest in the world of the unconscious, in a deep sleep, because that dominating life would destroy the material strength.’
‘What is this activity like on earth, Alcar?’
‘The material organism cannot absorb those devilish powers.
All this is very deep, but I’ll try to explain it more clearly.
The soul returned to the astral world and waited to be born again.
That last life on earth of this man was terrible, he exceeded the maximum limits and enters the world of the unconscious.
If he would be born immediately and there was no period of rest, this inner life would disturb the embryo and fertilization would be interrupted.
Do you feel what this means?’
‘You mean that that inner power, the inspiring life, would destroy the embryo?’
‘Yes, my son, that would happen; you felt it correctly.
This was prevented because inner life came to rest.
Let us assume that this was not possible, that inner life remained in the same condition and was attracted in that condition by two material beings.
What would happen?
What condition would the child be in upon birth?
What phenomena would be seen in that child?’
‘Insanity perhaps?’
‘No, André, because that is spiritual consciousness and only possible in a mature material condition.
It is not possible for the child.
But listen.
The material organs cannot digest that high tension, to put it that way, and the child would die an unnatural death.
The material organism would have to accept death by suffocation and so we see the opposite of insanity.
There is no harmony, there could be no spiritual harmony, because inspiring life dominated.
It would first of all destroy the embryo and secondly these powers and activity are not present in creation, we have not experienced that activity on our long way.
Material life would not be able to attract inspiring life and inner life would not be able to descend, so that there is no question of fertilization.’
‘Is that known on earth, Alcar?’
‘No, not all this, they know, however, of disturbances of the nervous system which make fertilization impossible.’
‘In that case they should be able to accept this as well?
It is one and the same activity, I should think?’
‘Yes, André, it is one and the same activity; they do not want to have anything to do with an astral personality, they have not advanced that far yet, at any rate not the scientists.
And exactly the astral personality dominates; though, as we have been able to follow, the inspiring life came to rest through a law of nature or through God’s help.
Should this nevertheless happen, which, as I said, is not possible, we would observe quite different phenomena and we would learn different laws.
What do you think would happen?’
‘When the soul would be born again in the same condition, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, that’s what I mean.’
‘Well, I don’t know, I don’t feel it, Alcar.’
‘I’ll tell you.
If that was possible, André, every man on earth would know of his former lives; they would understand death, creation and a thousand other spiritual laws and wonders.
For the soul as inner and spiritual life would consciously descend into material life.
In this case the embryo.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I now feel this wonder and its possibility.
It is remarkable.’
‘Since inspiring life returns, as we have seen during the first stage, we must accept all this, these laws of nature.
It is one condition for man and animal.
Because inspiring life has to follow and accept that course, the entire personality descends into the depth of this inner life and only acquires consciousness as the years go by and the child grows up.
Do you feel that too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is remarkable and yet so natural.
Have you told me about this before?’
‘Yes and no, we did not yet descend to these depths, though I explained it to you before.’
‘Do you know all these activities of inner and material life, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, though there are many I did not yet discuss.’
‘Do you mean the connection with the embryo, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, that is a source of wisdom, perhaps I could explain that one day.’
‘You don’t know for certain?’
‘No, my son, we could write dozens of books and that is not the intention since people on earth have not advanced that far.
I could explain to you and the scientists on earth the origin and development of the universe through the mother organism, and not only that, I could also show the way in which they will learn to know all these wonders.’
‘That sounds wonderful, Alcar.
So you could go on endlessly?’
‘Yes, André, there is no end to this wisdom.
The embryo connects me with creation, from the beginning to the end, which is the All.
I could show you wonders and also explain them.
For example this.
In the embryo, that tiny foetus which is in the mother organism and becomes a child, the entire creation is already fixed during that stage.
Scientists on earth have already advanced to the point that they recognize the human fish-like stage.
But we see more.
We see in it all periods of the planet earth, the planetary system, the universe, and also all previous transitions the human being has lived.
That billion process, André, resides in the embryo, it is inherent to it, it is creation.’
‘How remarkable that is, Alcar.
If they can recognize the fish-like stage, can’t they accept all previous and following laws?’
‘No, my son, they have not advanced that far.
The moment that two human beings think of accomplishing the material connection inspiring life is attracted that very moment.
This attraction is the first stage, the twilight you observed in the temple of the soul, when the process of revelation began.
When God revealed Himself, a luminous condition set in, in other words: the darkness dissolved.
This phenomenon showed itself the way God revealed Himself in man, when this man wants to create.
When the creative being, man, thinks of that, performs accordingly, then he creates a condition and happens what God meant in the process of revelation, and what we have learned to know.
That very moment we see the process of revelation occur, God put this process in the hands of one being, the creating individual.
After this deed, this willpower, man created and fertilization was accomplished.
The serving and driving being accepts this action and a wonder occurs.
That wonder is the first stage of every planet, it is transparent but will condense.
You surely feel that everything whatsoever is present in the human embryo, and that we recognize God’s revelation in spiritual and material form in it and that it is not perfect until the child is born.
What happened in those nine months took billions of years in creation before the universe was ready.
That, André, is why the universe is present in the mother organism and I could go on endlessly.
What now happens every second I can find again in the universe, in the mother organism and in the embryo and I can explain and especially show the course of development.
When man thinks of this, and that’s why all this is sacred, he does nothing but what God did in infinity and which became the universe.
Man creates, because he gives life to an other human being.
Man creates in a small way what God did in the infinity.
As a result I return to the very first stage of the first planet and will be connected with this wonder.
There one life gave its own life to that other little peel or cell, now the perfect human being does so and remains alive because he possesses these forces of nature.
There, however, material life died at that first moment.
You see that when the creative individual gives of himself and the mother receives this sacred wonder, an activity is established which we have been able to follow in creation, and represents the entire creation and the universe.
God, my son, has put that mighty and Divine event in the hands of man, because we human beings are Divine and have received His own life.
We will become like God, but we must deserve it.’
‘How awe-inspiring all this is, Alcar.’
‘I could go on, my son, I could fill volumes, but that will not be understood either.
On this side, André, we see through all those wonders and laws of nature, we learn to understand those laws and feel the activity of all those laws.’
‘Did you make a study of it, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.’
‘Is that possible for everyone?’
‘Everyone who has reached the spheres of light can go in for some study or other on this side.’
‘Those living in the darkness too?’
‘No, because they do not even understand themselves, are unaware of the spheres of light and are living dead.
These beings, as you have known for a long time, do not even know that they died on earth and those who do know are spiritually poor human beings, who are at an utter loss and seek animal-like life.
They are unaware of all those laws of nature; they live in the darkness, feel no love and are obsessed by their own misery.
They must first discard that dark life.
We cannot qualify for a spiritual study until in the fourth sphere on this side, it is there that we have discarded all abnormality belonging to the earth and have consequently entered normal life.
Those living there have the feeling; they have advanced that far on the spiritual road and understand the meaning of life after death.
They know that they can and shall proceed ever further, they know they can return to the earth and, above all, they understand creation.
It is not possible to make a study of it previously.’
‘How long does that study take, Alcar?’
‘Such a study requires hundreds of years.
Don’t forget that all these beings are connected with the universe and have to acquire all those laws of nature.
It takes no less than dozens of years before they have learned and felt the true meaning of the problem of birth and death and the many laws of nature related with it.
In this spiritual life we do not learn and calculate what we are being taught, we must be able to feel and experience it, it does not otherwise get through to us and it would be useless to spend time on it.’
‘So man must have advanced that far, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, indeed.
They must have that feeling inwardly or no master can help or teach them.
Here we see who possess sufficient inner light and they can make some study.’
‘How remarkable all this is, Alcar.
I have no words for it.’
‘God’s simplicity lies in everything.
Death dissolves here and we human beings pass on into those wonders, because we are those wonders.
This, too, is a great problem for mankind on earth, but all of us here have experienced it.
If the word ‘death’ would be abolished, everything would be different.
Here, that word instantly disappears.
And that also applies to all other wonders.
When man of the earth enters here and cannot accept that he has died on earth, the sisters and brothers will convince him.
I showed you such a scene when we started our first journey.
If they still can’t believe it, they are asked if there are any relatives on this side who passed away on earth.
That is usually the case and they are brought to them.
You should see them then, André, that very moment death disappears; they don’t know that horror any more and bend their head.
They are prepared to accept everything and understand that they do not possess anything.
Many scientists have to be convinced in this way.
It is not until then that they are open to spiritual truth and yearn to know more about it.
Then they get to know all these wonders, but only, as I said before, if there is light in them.
For many of them hundreds of years go by before they can qualify on this side.
They are led to the spheres of darkness and back to the earth where they have to learn thousands of spiritual things.
First, death, the process of dying on earth, then the most important and most difficult event: birth.
When they know something about it their guides pass on into the universe and if they are ready to learn life on other planets they are brought there.
You should see them, all those learned men.
Broken, they return to the spheres of light.
Many only cry, for they have to cry and can’t help it.
Something has broken in them, earthly life and everything related is now far behind them.
They subsequently follow their own life on earth and it is not until then that they feel how horrible they were to demolish what they did not understand.
They attacked everybody on earth, their sharp tongues criticized everything and everybody who spoke of spiritual laws and felt the simplicity in everything.
That has to be made up.
They now live in the life of the spirit, form part of this mightiness and have done nothing but demolish.
And yet, they entered a sphere of light.
God saw and knew all that, and so did we who followed and watched their work on earth.
We are usually their fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers with whom they were connected on earth.
These beings will convince them and that is possible because darkness lies far behind them.
Others descend into that darkness and are lost for hundreds of years.
Many exceeded the limits of laws and cannot be helped for thousands of years.
Such is our life, André, these are spiritual laws everybody will have to learn and especially acquire.’
‘A while ago you explained those maximum limits, Alcar.
Now what happens if man cannot return to the earth?’
‘You mean those who live in the darkness and have completed their cycle of life?’
‘Yes, Alcar, those I mean.
Have those people exceeded these limits?’
‘Certainly, André.’
‘What kind of people are they usually, Alcar?’
‘They are usually rulers of evil, people who have killed thousands of beings on earth.
When we were in the darkness to learn life there I showed you the deepest spheres, the spheres of hell we have on this side.
I connected myself with one of those beings and told you what I observed.
All those people lay there like living dead, they had perished in their animal-like life.
Do you remember, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I can well remember.’
‘Well, those people have exceeded the maximum limits in nature and now live the life of the spirit, they have completed their cycle on earth and cannot return any more.’
‘Is there no end to that?
How do these people get out of that condition?’
‘I told you already, we’ll visit them on our next journey when I’ll explain all that.
Again God comes to the aid of those people and how this happens is an other great wonder we human beings and spirits know nothing about.’
‘Are those people born again, Alcar?’
‘Well felt, André, there is no other way.
Do you feel what will happen, how these beings get on earth and in what condition they will live?’
‘No, I don’t know, Alcar, I can’t imagine.’
‘As I said before this is also a mighty wonder of God given to man.
If it was not possible, André, I assure you, these souls would not advance any more and would be doomed to live there eternally.
They perished in their own animal-like life, they destroyed everything, and they have no material possibility of existence.
Yet, they are also God’s children and belong to creation, and form part of all this.
There must be a way out for all those poor people, I’ll explain that to you later when we see again that God is love and that no child is lost.’
‘So human beings can break these laws in both conditions, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, they can forget themselves in both conditions to the extent that they no longer feel life.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar, but difficult to grasp.
It is all so mighty, so wonderful and yet, so simple and natural.
So they are the rulers of evil, Alcar?’
‘Yes, all are rulers of evil, these people brought destruction and misfortune on earth.’
‘That’s exactly, Alcar, what people on earth don’t understand, that one man has the power to kill thousands of other human beings.’
‘Isn’t that clear?
Haven’t we been able to follow all this?
Haven’t I shown you that God gave us everything?
Haven’t we got that power in our own hands?
Haven’t I shown that this applies to every human being?
That people on earth will experience it when they yearn for it?
All that is possible, André.
Man creates his own condition, man is his own lord and master.
All these people perish and also those who follow them.
When a ruler has power over thousands of people and these people do not feel that they will perish, support and help him plunder and murder, these human beings are demons and darkness will await them.
Mankind does not yet understand that God does not approve of that and has not given them that power.
But this has nothing to do with God.
Those who have advanced ahead of all those people do not join them and follow their own way.
These people are different, have advanced and see through all that violence.
Those who follow these rulers will perish; those who follow their own way seek the good.
One day, all those people will awaken and see and experience their own deeds.
One day, André, there will be an end to all this violence.
It is still possible on earth; these people still live on earth.
You see again how little progress inner man has made, how far he still is from higher ideals, how long it will be before these beings also awaken.
All those rulers will perish, even though they think they are doing a lot for mankind on earth.
They who take the sword shall perish with the sword.
Christ brought this message, but people act in defiance of everything and go their own way.
They destroy mankind and believe they are helping them.
Look at those lunatics, look how they act, André.
I told you about them on several occasions.
Mankind calls and implores to be delivered from these demons.
But they live and remain alive and that, at any rate their death, is predestined.
One day, however, all that dissolves, all their ideas will be destroyed again.
What has been established through the blood of mankind; what has been brought about by hatred, passion and violence, will dissolve, believe me that is a law.
Nothing will remain, it cannot exist, because it is as they are and the feeling they have.
These people live in the darkness on this side, they lie there and are seemingly dead.
Yet, something is alive in them.
In the depth of all that misery lives the spark of God.
Once, however, this particle of God was on earth as a human being.
You will see them, André.’
‘What do you think of the rulers who still live on earth in my time, Alcar?’
‘They will also perish.
Every wrong thought must be corrected; every deed must be made up.
Now just imagine all their sins and mistakes.
They created a mountain of misery.
They have destroyed or ordered to kill not one but hundreds of people.
Nobody will stop them or can stop them; this is what they achieved on earth.
It is the highest man can attain, at any rate in material life on earth.’
‘Is that also part of creation?’
‘Part of creation, André?
How could you ask that question, though I know what you mean.
It all belongs to inner man, my son.
You see again how little progress we have made in all those billions of years.
This is still possible on earth; people still listen to these demons and follow them in their animal-like life.
This time they wonder why and what for and implore God to help them.
People do not yet pray enough, they must pray more ardently and ask God for help.
Man created this himself.
The soul we followed acted no differently.
That is how man lives on earth and attains the highest.
That is worldly possession, it is wealth and power and it is reserved for everyone.
Those who yearn for it and hold out their hands for it will perish.
Yet, all human beings will experience it as it makes life on earth more comfortable.
Is this part of creation, André?
I repeat your question and answer: no, a thousand times no, it has nothing to do with God’s creation.
This belongs to inspiring life and this life is animal-like conscious.
We have been able to follow this life and we know now how little progress all these people have made.
It is up to them to free themselves from it and seek the higher life.
Those who follow them and accept are all animal-like beings and belong to that attunement.
The planet earth is ready but mankind lags behind.
Material life is far, very far ahead of inner life.
But all these human beings do not want to realize that.
They follow those demons and disturb peace on earth.
Wherever they appear passion and violence, animalization and ruin dominate.
The earth is a paradise, could be a paradise if there were no people.
Man is like the devil of hell and has taken possession of it all, he wants to rule and destroy.
That was not God’s intention.
We now come to the earth to make clear to them what kind of beings they follow, who they are and what awaits them after death.
Inner man is millions of years behind material man.
They must try and correct this.
That happens the way each of us has to make up for his sins and mistakes.
All this is for mankind, the inspiring life on earth.
How grateful they should be to be allowed to receive this.
Now there are human beings on earth who seek higher life and all this nourishment for the mind is meant for them.
They shall and must awaken like all of us who have reached the spheres of light awakened.’
‘What do you think of the present situation on earth, Alcar?’
‘What we think of it?
On this side we see everything differently, André.
We cannot help them.
Mankind has to experience this and begin a different life.
It is chaos again and people are anxious because they realize this will come to a standstill.
Mankind has not advanced that far yet that it wants to live in quiet and peace.
Each human being must come to rest.
Everybody must begin his own life
One being hates the other and wants to possess what the other has acquired.
We see that this will cause mankind to perish on earth.
This very earthly property, André, because they don’t want to do without.
How is life on earth without wealth?
Do all these human beings not desire this happiness; don’t they yearn to possess much wealth?
We have been able to follow this.
Everybody has lived in wealth and has known poverty, grief, sorrow and misery, but they are not aware of it any more.
All this resides in the distant past, a spiritual veil keeps it concealed.
Not one single being accepts it, they want to experience, to possess and yet their lives on earth pass in poverty.’
‘If they know all that, Alcar, they are fortunate to possess little of all those treasures?’
‘Indeed, André, it could mean happiness if they understand it which means that they are living a higher life or live in some condition of consciousness.
It is also possible that all these people will receive this wealth after some centuries.
In that case they will subsequently return to material life again and who knows what they will then receive.’
‘How deep everything is, Alcar.
However, there are people on earth who are rich, and lead a good life as well, which means that they seek higher life.
These beings can’t be bad, can they?’
‘That is a different condition altogether.
There are rich people on earth who also hold a high social position and have to accomplish some task or other.’
‘Is that also possible, Alcar?’
‘Yes, certainly, all those people know no poverty, no grief, sorrow or misery, I mean not the kind of misery they have to experience as a result of their own karma.
Do you feel this difference, that this is a different condition?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that is clear to me, though it is getting ever more complicated.
I can hardly tell things apart.
When do we know on earth that we experience our karma?
Surely nobody can feel or know that?’
‘That is not necessary, André.
Life on earth is to awaken.
We have seen people living in the first material degree who are animal-like and pre-animal-like conscious, but all those souls cannot remain there and in the jungle, they will consequently pass on to a higher life.
They pass on into that other condition between the fourth and fifth degree.
That is where their struggle really begins.
If all those people could accept everything, they would not create more sorrow and misery and would not revolt.
But the first human being who can control himself in these material degrees must still be born.
Not any human being has that inner quality in all those material degrees.
From the first to the highest degree they seek earthly property.
And that’s how all those thousands of lives are spent.
How far have all those people advanced on the spiritual way?
How is their inner life?
What is their cosmic attunement?
In what condition of consciousness do they live?
Is it the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material or material attunement?
Can you answer these questions now, André?
We have experienced all those degrees.
I told you about them in various ways, I explained something of my own lives, we followed the life of all those black people and I connected you with the astral world.
We subsequently followed that one soul and now you must answer me.’
André reflected a long time on that and felt what his leader meant.
Then he said to Alcar: ‘They have no spiritual property, Alcar, they have forgotten themselves in all those lives and they seek all that material wealth.’
‘Thank you, my son, we have not been there in vain; you understood me.
No, they have no spiritual level, they seek and go on seeking and they murder, plunder and destroy if they don’t get it willingly.
These people live in all those various attunements.
All these people are animal-like beings, even though they have received the highest from the planet earth and God.
Thousands of centuries, do you hear, went by.
In all those centuries these people experienced death and birth again.
In those thousands of years they seek something, and they spare no one to achieve the object in view.
Don’t these people live on earth?
Don’t you see these beings every day?
Are there no rulers in your time who think they have a right to ill-treat their fellow-man?
Who terrorize thousands?
Are they spiritual beings?
And can these people reach Divinity in one life?
We know now that it is impossible and why these people are like that, we have been able to follow their attunement.’
‘Can’t we help those people by praying, Alcar?’
‘To pray that they will live a different life?’
‘Yes, Alcar, that’s what I mean.’
‘No, my son, unfortunately no, that is not possible.
Never before did people pray as much as in your time.
In your century people pray as fervently as never before.
Isn’t that a mystery?
Why do people pray so much nowadays?
We know all that, only we, living on this side.
We overhear nothing but prayers and they go higher and higher, from sphere to sphere, from heaven to heaven and finally reach the cosmic masters we met.
Then on to Him, to Christ and subsequently to God, our holy Father.
Now what?
Does God help all His children?
Does God allow these animal-like beings to murder all those others?
All those rulers, André, have attained the highest on earth, their development has advanced that far, but they also have a will of their own.
Nobody, do you hear, no spirit, no human being, no angel, no cosmic master has ever supported them, it is their own acquired property.
This applies to every human being, for God gave us everything.
This is no nonsense, this is reality, it is what we can achieve on earth.
God gave Himself, God’s life is within us.
People can acquire that might and power, that all-encompassing.
There is a limit, however, and this limit may not be exceeded and then those human beings, André, can do something for the bliss and well being of their fellowmen.
When they have advanced that far, you feel that they live for their fellowmen.
Their might and power are incredible and so is the task laid in their hands.
They, all these gifted people are able to make or break whatever they want.
What is their life like now?
Do they live for their fellowmen?
Do they share with others what is within their reach?
Do they contribute to the bliss of all these people?
Do they sacrifice themselves for mankind, like Christ once did?
Man prays, asks and implores; he calls to God for help, and yet, nothing, nothing happens.
To all those questions I can only say this.
Man has a will of his own; man received everything and it is up to him to seek for the good.
As I said before, we live in the century of technical wonders and of spiritual development.
People can accept the technical wonders because they can see those wonders.
But that we live in the century of spiritual development they and you too, André, cannot accept.
And yet, I’m speaking the holy truth, man now prays, begs for nourishment for the mind, asks for the help of God to deliver him from these demons.
Now we come to the earth to convince them of all this, of the origin of the universe, of man and animal, of spiritual attunements and thousands of spiritual laws.
Only this knowledge can help them and deliver them from that chaos.
Once again, God gave us everything, but God cannot help us now, because we have a will of our own and we must use it only for the good.
Man of the earth, my sisters and brothers, seek the good and try to bring quiet and peace in your own home.
Accept that you live eternally and will soon enter this world.
God guards and does not allow that any of His children receives misery.
Feel what this means.
No sorrow can and will be your share if the law of cause and effect does not apply to you.
That means that you have made up everything whatsoever in the distant past and are now on earth for some purpose.
Do not stop praying, for all of you will be helped.
God guards, although your faith is in your own hands.
You have received everything from your God, but be aware that those who departed watch you and help you from this side.
There will be an end to this chaos too.
Pray, pray and don’t lose your faith and confidence, even though mankind appears to perish.
Know that you’ll die on your fixed and cosmic time, that everything has been arranged in advance.
So go on praying, it is your only salvation, one day the good will triumph.
Show what you want, what is within you and be prepared to die, and try to seek the good in that chaos.
Begin today, it must happen now, for tomorrow you may be taken away from life on earth and live on this side.
Then, pure love is your only salvation and bliss in this life of reality.
May God give you the strength to bear your cross, may God protect you and yours.
We are essentially one, but we have completed our cycle and all misery is over.
Accept this message, it is a mighty grace to be allowed to receive all this in your material life.
A faint light wavers at your human horizon.
It is the light of spiritual awakening.
Feel, you man of the earth, how faint that light is, and yet, now that we see it, it gives us faith and confidence to continue our work and complete it.
Christ once lived on the planet earth and brought us Divine happiness.
It was not accepted, not understood and its meaning is still not felt.
Peace and quiet could have been on earth already thousands of years ago.
Mankind, however, did not accept, did not believe and perished.
From that time on, life on earth could have been a paradise, but there has been no change, nothing has changed after all those centuries.
All those spiritual laws are still there, but death still rules, it is lord and master on earth and causes fear, as well as grief and sorrow.
Look through that black mask, you don’t see castles in the air, but eternal life and us who went before you.
We who live on the side beyond have learned and understood the message of Christ and we accept that the entire cosmos is inhabited.
We have learned that we are like God and we will pass on into it consciously.
You must acquire this.
You must accept that you live eternally, it is not until then that you will awaken in the spirit and see your sister or brother in your fellowman.
Love each other like you love yourself.
Look up, Divine happiness awaits you.
It is up to you to earn it, to acquire all this.
Is everything clear also for you, André?’
‘I have no words for it, Alcar, and I thank God for everything.’
‘Any more questions?’
‘No, Alcar.’
‘Then we’ll return to your material organism and this journey is also finished.
Come, André, we’ll float on towards your material organism.
I’ll soon call for you.
We’ll again pass into the past and you get to know my own life and that of my friend.
I’ll help you in everything, so don’t worry.’
‘Shall I be able to sleep, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, you will sleep, because your mind is entirely open now and on our next journey you’ll understand and accept what that means.’
André felt happy.
How much he had received, it was incredible, and however deep it was, there was pure simplicity and reality in everything.
He had experienced wonders; he had learned spiritual problems and especially the depth of the soul, all those thousands of lives present in the human being.
Life is amazing, he thought, and mighty.
Now he would soon be in his body and live on earth.
He returned to his earthly body, feeling a different man.
Now he had to digest this.
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘Yes, my boy, this too and all that you’ll yet experience.
One day your last journey will come and then you are here with me and we’ll set out on a journey for many years, because there is no end.
Look, André, we have returned.’
André looked at his material body.
How well did he now understand his own material organism.
‘Farewell, André, we’ll soon be together again, though it will take a little longer than last time.
Be strong, may God bless you.’
André thanked his leader for everything.
He descended into his material organism and this disembodiment also belonged to the past.