Alcar answers André’s questions

André woke up.
‘How far you have advanced, Alcar, to be able to explain all that!
It is all so deep, and yet, so natural.’
‘Have you understood me, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, entirely.
It is a great wonder.’
André looked at the first planet.
‘How is it possible, Alcar, once teeming with life, life everywhere and now everything is dead, extinct.
How long will it be before this planet has dissolved?’
‘Millions of years will pass.’
‘Is this planet known on earth?’
‘Yes, it can be seen from the earth.’
‘Does this planet remain in this position?’
‘No, it moves in a rotating orbit around the sun.’
‘Has it still got an atmosphere?’
Already millions of years ago it dissolved, and this can no longer be ascertained by man on earth.
That is why life is extinct here; no living organism can exist.’
‘And is that the earth, there, above us?’
‘Yes, that is the earth.
Every planet follows a fixed orbit, which was also established from the very beginning of creation.
Whenever there are deviations, they concern cosmic disturbances, often caused by meteors.
Yet, this planet will remain in its orbit as long as man is still on earth.’
‘What are meteors, Alcar?’
‘They are stars, small objects, which, like the bigger ones, occupy a place in the universe.’
‘Sometimes a phenomenon is seen on earth, which is called falling stars.
What is that?’
‘These smaller objects or meteors pass through the atmosphere and leave a luminous trail.
They pass through the atmosphere and, so to speak, out of it again, but sometimes they, or pieces thereof, strike the earth and have occasionally been found.
When their orbit is distant from the earth, and the gravity of an other planet is greater than that of the earth, this small object is torn apart and disappears into space.’
‘Have those stars their own atmosphere, Alcar?’
‘Yes, but it also dissolves and then we see the phenomenon of falling stars.’
‘Does that also apply to this planet?
I mean, can this planet be torn apart?’
‘No, that is not possible.
It dissolves, but not until millions of years have passed.
But before that time has come, the number of people on earth will decrease, and the earth will assume a similar condition; then the first, second, and third degree will dissolve.’
‘Were these smaller objects also inhabited, like this one, Alcar?’
‘Yes, but not all of them.
On those which had their own atmosphere, life could awaken; on other planets, without an atmosphere, it was impossible.
You see what it is like here.
Now that the atmosphere has dissolved; it is no longer possible to live here.
That applies to every other globe, be it small or large.’
‘What is known on earth about this planet?’
‘Nothing, at any rate, very little.
The distance from this planet to the earth is measured and man on earth is already that far that he can approximate it.
The people who lived in those days, those who have lived here, knew nothing about advancement and intellectual life.
In those days, the earth had not yet condensed.
At present, now that the earth is inhabited and people have reached this level, they focus on the universe and they will make progress.
But they will not be able to fathom the past of this planet.’
‘On earth attempts are made to reach the moon.
Will that be possible in the future, Alcar?’
‘No, they will never reach it.
Nevertheless, if they want to accomplish this from the earth, those who volunteer will lose their lives.
There are forces in the universe unknown to man.
Now, when there are forces in the universe which hurl a small planet through space, what does man want to achieve?
Those who venture too far out of the atmosphere of the earth will perish.
They can go very high, cover a considerable distance from the earth; yet, at a certain moment, something in that space will halt them.
There are even forces in the universe which man on earth will never know, because he himself has not yet reached that level, and will not receive it until on the fourth degree.’
‘Technology goes a long way, Alcar, how much hasn't already been achieved on earth?’
‘They will advance further yet, penetrate life deeper; they will fathom and sense the past, and change their lives.
Listen, André, I will explain that to you.
Mankind is now in a condition which is one degree in this cosmic plan.
Whatever is present on that degree, and lives between heaven and earth, can be fathomed by them, and for that purpose they will invent instruments.
But all that lives outside their own atmosphere remains inscrutable to them.
Those venturing out of their own sphere at this side, immediately face death and have to undergo this.’
‘Yet, they are working on it, Alcar, one often hears about it.’
‘I know that, my boy.
I follow everything and with me all my brothers and sisters on this side, and also those who wanted to achieve this already on earth.
Those on earth who want to connect themselves with the moon, try to bring about a connection, only see and know here that it is not possible.
Yet, there are scientists on earth who try to achieve that, but they will not succeed.
Why, I ask you, are they doing that and do they wish to accomplish that?
The moon, too, will dissolve, as will many other planets which have performed their task.
But no thought is given to that.
There are even scientists who know that they will perish, and that, too, is suicide.
They will suffer at this side, and have to undergo the process of decay as a result of their vain feelings, only because they concerned themselves with things far beyond their own feeling and ability.
Should they nevertheless attempt it, then their technical wonder will melt away, and nothing will be left of themselves.
They will be destroyed because these beings do not understand themselves nor the universe.
For that is outside the atmosphere of the earth.
The human organism which man first had, like the being you saw just now, was built differently, and had other organs than the present man on earth.
The human organism must adapt itself to the sphere; for man on earth, this is the third degree of cosmic attunement.
Those venturing outside this protective atmosphere, will irrevocably destroy themselves.
The human organs are not intended for it.
The material organism is only designed for the place where it spends its life.
Thus, the first human being could not live on the second degree, the second not on the third, and the third not on the fourth degree.
God oversaw this all.
God provided the human soul with a dwelling, which is the human body.
But God also provided the planet earth with a wall of power and energy, so that man could not penetrate it with his own power.
Those who wish to do so, will perish and will have to pay with their own lives.
Only God knows why that is necessary and we on this side are in the process of understanding all these tremendous powers.
At this side, André, and that should be clear to you, we come to understand something of God’s creation.
We know that God revealed Himself and that each life is a particle of that revelation.
Because we as human beings are included in this great plan and are part of it, we feel what has been given to us.
God’s sacred life is in everything.
Every human being and animal, every material organism, however small, received its own abode, in which the soul lives.
Those who wish to free themselves from it will perish.
The animal which does not know its strength loses its balance, and will perish.
When this balance, which is the protection for the material organism, is disturbed, death of the material organism will follow.
The soul then returns to the infinite and waits there to be attracted again.
When this happens, the inner life will have to correct its mistake.
If it does not do so in the life it was born again, a second, third, and more transitions will follow, which is reincarnation.
Life will return to a material organism as many times as is needed to acquire the degree in which it lives.
Once this life gets that far, it will proceed further and higher, and we know whence it goes.
For still greater spiritual happiness awaits it in all those cosmic degrees.
He who ventures outside his own degree will have to accept what is present there, for the human organism is only designed for the degree in which it lives.
A dog, a cat, a bird, a predator and the thousands of other animal species which are on earth, would not be able to live on the planet where we are now, and where I showed everthing to you, because their organism is different.
Here, and on other planets, lived rough and brute force in unconscious condition.
What lived here, André, now lives on earth, but all organs have acquired a higher condition.
What once lived here has proceeded further and further.
They, who were here, are now one or two degrees higher, and that is man on earth in his perfect organism.’
‘If I have understood you correctly, Alcar, every planet produced its own material organism, but that organism was inspired by the inner life which was born here?’
‘Very well, André, you have understood me.
I will tell you more about that presently.’
‘Is the material organism of man on earth, perfect?’
‘Man there is perfect, André, and yet, if people on earth were allowed to see their sisters and brothers who have already reached the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh degree they would think they saw God Himself.
There, too, man is a being living in a material organism, for God did not create a second perfect condition, and this human degree is the image of the perfect child of God.
They are people in a material organism, but at a higher level and more perfect; their radiation can be seen from afar.
The material organism of the fourth degree is already a body of unknown beauty, but these beings cannot venture outside their own atmosphere either, or they will perish too.
Their bodies are transparent, like the finest material one could imagine on earth.
The face of a higher being reflects the image of the universe which is seen in all of God’s life.
When we have come that far that I can explain that to you, you will be connected with the fourth cosmic degree and you will be allowed to admire the human being living there.
We shall all go there; it is our future happiness that awaits all of us.’
‘You will connect me with them, Alcar?’
‘When the time has come, André, you will also experience that wonder.’
‘Can the number of planets be estimated, Alcar?’
‘No, that is not possible; no more than the number of souls, the living beings living in the invisible, can be determined.’
‘The stars are visible from the earth; are they those luminous globes of fire, which I was allowed to observe in the temple of the soul?’
‘Yes, a star is a luminous celestial body and also receives energy from other bodies, which is manifestated in light.
At the beginning of creation, as you have seen in the temple of the soul, the universe tore apart into millions of particles which floated on in space.
A spot of light is therefore a globular mass.
There are large and small ones, but the small ones are still that large that they span thousands of miles.
Each body, therefore, emanates from that golden light and radiates light in accordance with its power and size.
Just like all living things radiate their inner light down to the smallest insect, the inner light radiates the entirety.’
‘Is that the explanation for what is observed from earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes, that is the explanation, André.
On earth, luminous balls of fire are seen in the sky, which are observed from afar as a star.
That is why they are called stars on earth, and yet they are globes like the larger planets.
Each one has its own light, for it emanates from that mighty light.
We know this is energy and that everything is maintained by that power.
What is observed on earth is the light which these stars radiate.
A star – to adhere to this word, because that is what it is called on earth – in essence, is a powerful ball of light, and nothing else.
Yet, those small objects also condensed during those millions of centuries.
All those stars have become firm, and very solid masses.
Yet, the inner light dominates and radiates from the entire object.
Can you follow me, André?
Do you understand then, what I mean?
You could best compare it with the small, but fine, animal living on earth which is called glowworm.
This small animal radiates light, and yet it is a material organism.
The light of a small star, and this also applies to the larger ones, radiates around the entire body, and this light has such tremendous power that it can be observed at a distance of millions of miles.
But when the origin of the universe could be accepted on earth, as we have learned to know and understand that it has been created out of God’s own light, they would fathom this problem and feel and understand how simple all this is.
But the scientists on earth cannot accept this, for ‘death’ is already calling them to a halt.
They stand powerless at the grave and cry out of ignorance, because they do not understand themselves.
If they knew, they would be happy, for they would know where death would bring them and that they would be accommodated in the mighty universe.
But science on earth has not yet advanced far enough.
One day, however, they will solve this problem and then they will say: ‘My God, oh my God; is it that simple?’
Yes, it is simple, just like death which does not exist means life.
If they do not wish to accept this, André, how could they understand the universe, God’s creation?
There are scientists who exclaim: ‘Oh, how mighty everything is’ but if they would experience this tremendous phenomenon, it is simple, almost childishly simple.
However deep everything is, everything, all those wonders are simplicity, for God is simplicity and love.
When man feels that, it will move him deeply and ‘this’ is love.
Because everything vibrates for love, radiates like the sun, and this is the power of love, nothing but power of love, a power which all of us will once possess.
Then, our radiance will touch thousands of people and everything living in our surroundings.
Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings like the universe, and we shall be like God.’
‘Can the distance to the stars, and their ages, be determined on earth, Alcar?’
‘That is not possible either, André.
One counts in millions of years, and yet that figure is an estimate; to calculate it is not possible.’
‘Have all those stars their own power?’
‘Yes, as I told you a moment ago, in accordance with their luminosity, and that light is the energy they have.’
‘Will this continue, Alcar?’
‘Do you mean whether these planets continue to occupy their places?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Millions of bodies will occupy their places eternally; others, however, dissolve because these planets have performed their task in this mighty whole.
Such is the case with this planet.
Thousands, nay millions of planets will continue to occupy a place, for one day the spiritual life will have advanced that far and will inhabit these planets.
In actual fact, some are already inhabited, for there are beings in this mighty whole who have reached the Divine Spheres.
Do you feel what I mean, André?’
‘If I have understood you correctly, you mean to say that the highest cosmic degree will exist eternally and the other degrees will dissolve?’
‘Indeed, André, so it is.
Do you understand the simplicity of it all?
How simple God and His creation are?
The highest degrees are waiting for us and our Divine happiness is assured there.
It will therefore be clear to you that, when man and animal have gone on to a higher degree, the planets, man, and animal will dissolve, because these planets have completed their task.
Thus, this planet is dissolving now, because the animal and human life have reached a higher degree.
This means and is the acceptance of a higher condition at the planet which receives this life.
You see that it happens here and after millions of centuries many other planets will be that far and will dissolve in the All.
This enormous body dissolves, like the earthly and human body.
The material and human organism will be destroyed by the process of decay; this planet, however evaporates and slowly but surely, the way it came, the material and spiritual life returns to God, for nothing gets lost; everything remains; everything is God’s own life.
Is this also clear to you, André?
When you have understood me, it will be clear to you that this body, this, and other planets, will also return to the invisible energy to which they once belonged.’
‘How mighty that is, Alcar, and yet so natural.’
‘So it is, André, natural, mighty, and yet so simple.
I speak, André, of invisible energy, for only man and all life belonging to his condition, continue visibly.
This life includes animal life, flower- and plant life and the various planets which receive us and are of the highest degrees.
There is more invisible, than visible energy, which we know from phenomena in the universe.
God lives behind the visible energy; the invisible energy is that awe-inspiring power which rules everything, and which is also God and means ‘life’.
The invisible energy lives as spirit and is the soul of the human and animal organism.
We all are energy, André, for we have emanated from the invisible.
Every animal, every organism discarded, everything man possesses on earth in material condition, everything living in the universe, stars, planets, and all those millions of objects, will once return to the Almighty and Arch-Power.
That is the invisible energy, in which we recognize and accept God.
Nothing, nothing of all this mightiness, is lost.
Everything and everybody will return to this Arch-Power, for everything that lives will once have completed its task.
Whether visible or invisible, it has to perform a task.
There is nothing without a purpose, and nothing can exist unless it comes from God, and has emanated from the invisible.
We, and all those living on these planets, all that exists, André, is God, is energy, and has to perform a task.
The invisible energy is awe-inspiring in magnitude.
That is God, our Holy Father, who guards over all of His life.
Our material organism returns to God, and that material garment will have performed its task already for that tiny bit of invisible energy, which is the soul.
How beautiful is the human organism, and how deep the spiritual body.
What does one know about it and all this on earth?
There, one cannot even understand life and even less that we are eternal beings.
My friend on earth sought and felt already what lived behind the universe; that was what destroyed him on earth.
It called him to a halt; he felt there was something deep and mighty, but he cut himself off from it as well as from what he had to learn on earth.
I will show that on our next journeys; he did not understand it, could not understand it, for it belonged to the past.
But how infallible all these acts, I mean the feelings of the soul, will only become clear to you later.
There are people on earth who feel their death in advance, and perform actions which indicate this, and which are not understood until later when they have passed away and there are also people who feel capable enough to take up a study, yet fail to reach their aim and don’t understand it.
An other law is then in force causing this failure, and that belongs to the past.
For in that deep past there must be something which they have experienced, and it is only in an other life that they make it up, and then it happens, that which they have been intending to do and have been meditating for centuries.
Therefore, everything is fixed and the spent energy returns to the All.
This can be determined, since we can follow that at our side.’
‘How many questions could you answer about that subject, Alcar?’
‘Thousands, André.
I could write dozens of volumes about this planet.
We do not even need to go further, as I can connect you here with the beginning of creation, and explain all those activities which life has to follow.
But that is not our intention; we will go further and higher until we have reached the third degree, the earth.
I must connect you with the visible and the invisible life.
To this end I follow one course, André; I’ll pass into the material life and then return to the invisible life, which is the soul.
Here is everything which belongs to the universe, the visible wonder and the invisible element, both of which are Divine.
I follow one course, André, and I must follow it as I was so instructed and I’ll answer all your questions, which is still possible yet, for presently I will proceed according to plan.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘You can still ask questions about this planet; presently that will no longer be possible, for I will have to connect myself with other conditions.’
‘So you will convince me of the visible and invisible cosmos, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, that is my intention.’
‘May I ask some more questions, Alcar?’
‘Certainly, my son.’
‘Will the melting of this planet, and many others, be observed from the earth?’
‘That will be seen from the earth; the scientists living on earth millions of years from now will see wonders.
If they knew a bit more about this planet and could see all these changes, they would still not know what it meant.
This planet melts away and dissolves as many others have already, but nothing is known about that, as they are too far from earth and man still has no instruments to establish this.
But even if they could observe it, one planet covers the other; some object would bar their vision.
What they observe at present, is within their reach; they won’t be able to observe much deeper.
But what they will experience is this.
This planet dissolves eventually, to the extent, that people on earth will see that in their time.
But thousands of years after dissolving, when this planet has returned to the invisible energy, they will still be able to observe this object from the earth.
What they will observe is an image of that, which once was only a faint image.
Still, in front of their eyes is the same planet, but a curtain of mist, a veil of dense haze hangs over that heavenly body, which in reality is the first and the last stage, that you have seen in the process of revelation.
Do you understand what I mean?’
‘That they will observe a flash of reality.
Yes, Alcar, I understand you.’
That also dissolves slowly, but the dissolution of that what used to be, will take millions of years.
Then, at the very last moment, one can see through that dense veil which will also dissolve.
Subsequently, this planet will disappear before their eyes; slowly but surely it will sink back into nothing, which is the invisible energy.
Thousands of smaller and larger objects have already returned into the All.
This process goes on; it shall and must happen.
The picture of the universe visible from the earth, the stars and planets known on earth, all those objects will dissolve, because they belong to the third degree.
Only those objects, stars and planets, belonging to the highest degree, will continue to occupy their place.
But everything living below that degree will dissolve.’
‘How clever you are, Alcar.
I had not expected that.’
‘Do you think I am clever, and did you not expect that?
I am nothing yet, but I am thankful that I belong to all this.
I am only a child, a tiny being of the all-embracing whole, which is God.
I am not clever, my boy, all who are on earth and will enter here, will learn to know this mighty whole.
Never say it again; for, knowing how everything is, I could not accept it.’
‘How do you keep things apart, Alcar?’
‘That is simple, André.
Everything I tell you is my possession.
In the spheres, I studied this subject.
I have acquired all this, nay, I possess what I made clear to you.
When man enters this side, he will take possession of his sphere.
I have told you about it.
It is not only limited to the sphere in which they live, but they will also learn everything below their own sphere, including the stars and planets below the third degree of cosmic life.
We will observe all that and it will become our property.
Therefore, what I tell you belongs to my own life, but life at a higher level and above my own, as you have also seen, must be explained by a higher being, because I know nothing about it, and it is not my own.
However, when you ask me questions relative to my own condition, I can tell you enough to fill volumes, as every question concerns the universe and my own life.
I need not think nor remember anything, for it is in me.
We are constantly laying ourselves aside, and if we succeed, we receive wisdom of life instead and also a higher condition, because we have deserved that higher condition.
We try to serve, André.
We serve by transition into other lives; this transition passes back to our own lives, because we initiated it.
Therefore, everything I do for others, I do for myself, for it gives me possession, and I am telling you of that possession.
You can ask me whatever you wish; to every question, whichever it may be, I can give you an answer, provided that question concerns my property.
I can tell you right from the beginning of creation up to the third cosmic degree, because I have experienced my own cycle of life, the third degree therefore.
Do you understand, André, that we really own this and how great and mighty God is?
How tremendous that is, which we must acquire?
But isn’t it worthwhile and do you feel that it is a mighty grace to be allowed to receive all this?
That it has been and still is God’s intention that we will pass into His life consciously?
I had better say, to accept and acquire it consciously.
We shall then pass into the All consciously, and once that far, we shall be like God.
Now we are already part of that Divinity, but we must go on ever further and shall need billions of centuries to achieve this.
Only then will man be the owner of this tremendous entirety.
I have only acquired some spheres and planets, and I have yet to acquire all those millions of transitions.
To that end I must continuously lay aside myself; by serving, I will get that far.
All is love, pure love, cosmic energy, which connects man and animal.
Is it now clear to you, why I can answer all your questions?
Wherever man may be, I know the depth of the soul, the life of the soul on earth; that depth is within me.
I have experienced all those degrees of consciousness and have acquired them.
Nothing below my own sphere is strange to me, for it is my property.
Also, André, what once lived here and belonged to the plant and animal world.’
‘This planet used to be like the earth is now, Alcar?’
‘No, what is present on earth belongs to the third degree and is materially perfect.
During this stage, the plant and animal life was far ahead of the human body, so it seemed, but in actual fact this was far behind the human material being.
This is what you meant, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Trees and plants grew here, but they did not come to full bloom; the lustrous green known on earth did not develop.
Everything was different, grey and misty.
The many colours seen in nature on earth, all those magnificent shades, were not present here.
It was not possible, because this planet had in everything the first grade of life.
Everything, whatever it was, lived far below the level known on earth.
Nothing can be compared with what is present on earth.
The animals were monsters and not perfect; they were unwieldy and clumsy; everything had yet to awaken and develop.
What was present here was intended for progress and was at an initial stage of development.
Out of this, André, a being appeared which would become man.
During the initial stage of this planet, a large process of decay took place.
Everything condensed and decayed as it had come.
Nothing lived on.
Everything was doomed to decay, for by that process new life was born.
Wherever one looked, everything was in a state of decay.
This planet had no other task.
This was the work of the first planet, and here the germ was born of what would once become the perfect being.
Here, one condition of dying and being born ruled.
The earth is, however, to develop and prepare life for the fourth degree, to enable it to pass on to a higher planet.
That was impossible from this place.
That would have gone too quickly and the being which lived here would not have been able to digest it, no more than man on earth would be able to accept the higher level at which we live.
God oversaw all this and God knew how all this should proceed, what was necessary in the beginning.
What man possesses on earth germinated here.
The nucleus of what man has there emerges from the first stage, because the first planet, this one, dominated the second and the third.
Do you feel what I mean, André?
Then it will be clear to you that the shape of what God wished to create, was set here and this product was finished to the highest level on the second and third degree.
At the beginning there was nothing but water and water.
A dense quagmire, and millions of beings, man and animal, lived together in that dense mass.
Out of this process, man appeared first, then animal life.
I could tell you still more about this, but it would lead too far.
On this journey, I follow the development of the human organism; afterwards, we pass on to the inner life, the life of the soul.’
‘It is all so amazing, Alcar.
How old is this planet now?’
‘I would not be able to pronounce that number.
Do you understand what that means?
What God’s creation and the universe is, and the past of man and animal means?
This cannot be named, pronounced, or calculated.’
‘Nor how long this planet has been in the process of extinction?’
‘That is not possible either.’
‘Thus, this one does no longer radiates and has no light of its own, because it has to die and dissolve?’
‘Yes, André, so it is, but it now receives light from the sun.
‘Or else it could not be seen, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, André, but there is still life; it is still a dense mass, or else it would already have returned to the invisible.
Do you feel that, also?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is all clear.
It is amazing, Alcar, if only people on earth knew.’
‘They know, André.
There have been scientists already, but they are thought to be insane.
Many receive inspiration from our side, but they founder and do not advance any further.
They even don’t know death and if death is not understood on earth, how then could they know and accept this death, which rules here, too.
They founder on this problem and we know why they do not accept it.’
‘But suppose there was a scientist who knew of eternal life; wouldn’t he be able to accept this and reach the highest in his studies?’
‘No, my boy.
If he were to accept eternal life, this knowledge, this possession, is not sufficient.
Because even then they would still not understand our life, and they will have to learn that also, if they want to connect themselves with the deeper laws.’
‘And when they get that far, Alcar?’
‘Then there is peace on earth and only then shall we return to the earth to seek connection with them and will they accept what we have to say.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘They want to own it themselves?’
‘Indeed, that’s correct, but that is not possible.
If that were possible, the scientists would be our instruments for this world.
They cannot achieve more; that is the highest one can gain on earth.
Then a scientist is an instrument, a gifted being, and that is the object of those who bring a spiritual message on earth.
But then man no longer feels himself a scientist, for he then is a child of God.
They will follow their sisters and brothers who have advanced that far, and they surrender everything, because they know they are inspired instruments for whom the spiritual world sees and observes.
One day this will come and then, as I said before, there will be happiness on earth, and they will understand what happens to this planet and all others; why we die and are born; why we are on earth; what God is and what life means.’
‘So you still think it is possible, Alcar?’
‘That they will observe this phenomenon?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘My dear boy, for God everything is possible.’
‘Is this planet known on earth, Alcar?’
‘Yes, this planet was given a name, and on earth it is known as such.’
‘Can it also be observed with their instruments?’
‘Yes, they can.’
‘It is remarkable that they should not advance any further.
Do they also know that this planet is becoming extinct and will dissolve?’
‘They know it has no atmosphere, but they cannot know nor determine that this planet dissolves, unless they can accept everything I explained to you.’
‘It really is a pity, Alcar; it is nearly within their reach.’
‘That is a plain truth what you are saying, André.
Yes, all this is very near their reach.
I could lift you on earth to this condition, and speak through you to tell them about this life and help them.
But what do you think they would do?’
‘I don’t know, Alcar.’
‘They would declare you insane, a medium possessed, and a feeble-minded person!
That is what you are in their eyes.
But what I have to say is not meant for them.
It is only for those who are craving; it is for them that I am doing this work and have returned to the earth.
Yes, André, that’s how it is.’
‘You accept that as an established fact.
Wouldn’t it be possible for you to bring me in contact with a scientist?’
‘It would, André, but the result would be as I told you.
They cannot accept this, because they themselves have not yet advanced that far.
Just imagine their situation, they, those scientists, would be prepared to surrender to us, to you, because it is you who are my representative on earth?’
‘But that is not necessary, is it?’
‘In a way it is, or else we won’t achieve anything.
When they think about it, year after year – for they have been thinking for millions of years, since there have been scientists as long as the earth is old – we won’t gain anything.
They must act and proceed accordingly.
However, he who accomplishes it is a prophet, but those who bring the holy truth are killed, nailed to the cross, or declared insane.
No need to explain to you their degree of insanity; I have done that on our previous journey.’
‘What a pity all that is, Alcar.’
‘In this world, on this side, we do not know that word, André.
We do know what it contains, and that is weakness.
Those who pity are living dead; they do not know they are alive, and are not conscious.
We only know laws, and those laws tell us what is possible and impossible.
The scientific world baulks at mediumship.
It has the fullest right to do that; but there are people on earth who possess gifts they can learn from.
These gifts can be used, and we connect ourselves through our instruments.
You are a useful instrument.
Why you are, André, and why you possess those gifts, I shall also point out and prove to you on this side, when the time has come.
Scientists, however, are too learned to realize that.
If they could, their golden ornaments would drop from their chests and they would learn to know God and those who know their Holy Father do not put themselves on a pedestal; they bend their heads and leave what belongs to the earth, and open their minds, because they know that there is only one who knows and that is God, our Father of love.
But we are not yet that far, André, though everything is possible.
Now I will connect you again with the past.
Attention, André.
Look in front of you.’
André again saw the same scene.
On the shore were thousands of beings which had already died, but others were still alive, and he felt a power entering him by which he understood what this meant.
‘Do I feel correctly, Alcar?
At this moment I feel a tremendous power entering me.
This being wants to go on, but progress is not possible.’
‘Very good, I made you feel that.
This animal-like being, which once will become man, wants to go on.
Its instinct has awakened in the first degree, for in this are also transitions and degrees, and from this moment on life is directed at advancement.
This is the deep feeling present in every life.
The animal-like being feels it, and so does man on earth.
There, too, that tremendous driving power is in the inner life of man, which nobody understands, but which means the return to God.
This power has become active from the very first moment of life.
This is the mighty and inexplicable phenomemon man on earth experiences.
They all want to go on, always go on, and they don’t know why that urge is in them.
They are all in a hurry to experience all that can be experienced on earth, but they forget that they are living in eternity, and have to experience all that is related to God.
But that driving power to which I referred, and which I let you feel and which clearly came in you, is the Divine Spark within us, by which we are connected with God.
That power which you feel, André, is the deepest possession of man, as well as of all other life which belongs to the animal kingdom, but the animal follows its own way and is not conscious of it.
For man, however, this means the Arch-Power and the connection with the very highest.
As I said, this has been present in man from the first moment.
It is all-inclusive; it is animation, inspiration, the urge for progress; it is power and personality; it is the Divine within us, and it is the return to the All.
If we did not have that in us, creation would be at a standstill and no new life would be born out of the first stage.
This applies to man and animal, to planets and stars, all life will and must return to God.
I said just now: if this was not in us, creation would be at a standstill, but something made us awaken again, urged us, and all other life, which evolved through thousands of stages of the material organism, until we had reached that which you see in front of you.
Do you feel all that too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is amazing and natural.’
‘This is also part of the plan of evolution, and is the return to God.
But you will also feel that all life has to follow one course, one action, preordained in life.
Here in front of you are thousands of beings, and they cannot go further.
Here something calls them to halt, and this halt and power permit them to pass on to the second cosmic degree.
The animal-like being has reached its fish-like stage, and is about to lay this life aside.
If God had not come to our aid, existence would also have ended here and creation would have failed.
For this animal-like being is not perfect; you can see that clearly, can’t you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘But God, my son, oversaw everything, because there is a second degree to which man will go, and which is destined for the inner life of the animal-like being.
For life also awakened there, and gained the same level, but the organism is different.
Now you must pay attention carefully.
This planet dominates the other two which you see in the distance and which belong to the second and third degree.
That is clear to you, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, this planet fed, so to speak, the first transitory planets, those nearest to it which have already reached a state of existence.
When those planets began to condense, the inner life born on this planet was ready and awaited attraction.
Is that clear to you, too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, entirely.’
‘Thank you, my boy; I will proceed.
You will feel then, that one life was fed by the other, and that is why we call this planet the mother planet, because it fed all others.
The inner life, therefore the emotional life, is what animates the material organism on those planets.
It was not possible – and we have to accept that – to raise the human organism on this planet to a level enabling it to reach the third degree.
This planet did not possess this power, and neither do other planets, for man and animal went from one stage to the other, and that is the purpose of all those millions of planets.
God surveyed it and knew it was necessary, and that is why this planet is the dominating power which the other absorbed and, so to speak, innerly brought to life.
You must fully realize that all these planets are one, that they possess one action: to raise the earthly body to the perfect body you possess on earth as your material organism.
Is that also clear, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Well then, all those planets, therefore, had one and the same purpose, the perfection of the material organism.
Now what lived here, is also present on the first transitory planets, but in an elevated condition.
However, the stage in which you see the animal-like being before you, is its highest level.
This is for the entire universe and is a law, for hundreds of planets are in connection with each other and achieve something, the last of which is bringing it to completion and is the planet earth.
As I said before, God came to the aid of the being.
The animal-like being had to die.
When all life has reached its final stage and attained that degree, this planet has completed its million-work and returns to the All.
It will therefore be clear to you, André, that there is life on all those bodies, but that from here the nucleus of all life has been laid.
Now this animal-like being as an astral being, is attracted by those other planets, which is possible because it has connection with them.
I also told you that those smaller planets serve that purpose and, when those transitions have also been experienced, life goes on to the second degree to experience a similar condition and to prepare for the third degree.
I said that this applies to the entire universe, by which I mean that the fourth cosmic degree also has its transitory planets, or life intended to come there would not be able to cope with the tremendous transition, and the inner life would be hurled into the invisible, destroying the material organism.
But God feeds and developes what is present in nature in such a way that birth is a law and is not limited to time.
You feel, thereby, that inner life has to adapt itself to material life and reverse, or a disharmonious action starts, meaning death of the material organism and return of inner life to the astral world.
Have you understood this, too, André?’
‘You mean that a being cannot pass directly from the first to the second degree, as this progress is too much?’
‘Very good, André, so it is.
On this planet, inner life dominated, but on the second degree, the material organism dominates.
This is an amazing situation, and you see that one excites the other, and yet everything is connected and logical, if it is to be accomplished in a perfect way.
The transitory planets serve this purpose.
If you don’t understand me, then ask me again, for all this is very difficult, but you have to know it, or you will not understand creation.
So this planet achieved this, and at the same time it had connection with all those other succeeding planets, and radiated and dominated those other organs.
What happened here in all those centuries, what was achieved in that period, was the experience at full power.
This means that all those other planets, so to speak, were fed from the mother planet, and this process, which means the condensation of all those planets, kept pace with this planet.
The large planet attracted those smaller planets, and then another and a mighty wonder happened.
Around this all, André, around all those planets, a second atmosphere developed to shroud this process, which would continue for billions of years.
This second atmosphere closed off all those planets, and if this had not happened, one body would collide with an other and the universe would collapse.
When the condensation process was complete, this atmosphere dissolved again and the plan of evolution could proceed.
This phenomenon was guarded against thousands of dangers and God knew all this; it was preordained in His revelation.
It will be clear to you now, how accurately everything has been calculated, but God controls and rules over all this.
You feel there is order in this universe and that everything is bound by laws.
It will also be clear to you that it is possible for these beings to proceed to other planets, where a body was ready when life had reached this stage.
I already told you that here inner life dominated, on the other degree the material organism.
There the material body will be beautified and reach a level at which the human material organism can already be recognized.
All this, my son, I will explain to you when we pass on to it.
See and observe, André.
In this animal-like being, you can already see a skeleton.
This skeleton, as can be observed in everything, already has the shape which the perfect material body on earth possesses.
It must of course experience its working and evolving, but yet we can already perceive this here.
Here it has reached the stage at which inner life will excel material life; inner life now passes on to the other planet and raises the material organism.
Millions of years had passed before this life dropped its fish-like stage, and only then could the last being begin its transition to that higher degree.
Soon we will follow these last beings, and you will then see how these animal-like beings were attracted.
To this end I will descend into the world of the uncounscious, which is possible for me because I’ll now connect myself with the higher masters.
You will then see a great miracle, André.
But before descending, I have to explain some other things first.
This animal-like being in front of you, André, has the human condition which it had from the very beginning.
It was already present during the first stage, yet this being has no head, and it also lacks the other human organs.
It will receive them on an other planet, where the human organism appears.
I will connect you again, and you will see that the perfect human being is nevertheless present in this unnatural being which has to become man.’
André observed.
In this animal-like monster, he saw an other being.
And yet it was not the inner life, the astral spirit, this was different.
He saw the human shape which this being did not yet have, but which was present deep inside.
Now he heard his leader say: ‘You see, André, here, too, man already lives, as I made clear to you from the beginning; we saw that already in the first embryo.
This goes on and on, and wherever the inner life will pass to, deep inside, it will follow that which God intended, and it will become man.
This is the deepest condition I can show you on this planet, until these powers will manifest themselves in the material organism, which will occur on other planets.
This is the driving power, the primordial force for the construction of the material organism.
Presently, the lower part of the body of this animal-like being will split, and a head will detatch, so that an other organism comes into being.
Nature is the expressive artist achieving all this.
It takes millions of years, though slowly but surely, it will happen.
To this end other planets are needed.
It could not happen here because the climate differs and here only the substance and the awakening of the human animal took place.’