Instinct and pre-animal-like consciousness

‘Millions of years passed, as I aready told you.
Life awakened and accepted various stages.
I cannot follow all those stages, it would be going too far.
One stage followed another; before the instinct awakened and the animal-like being had acquired this, it had to experience many transitions.
Feeling has now developed, and that action is brought about by nothing else then the material organism.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘You mean that according as the material being matured, inner life developed, Alcar?’
‘Splendid, André, you grasped it.
Fundamentally, there is feeling or action but that feeling, the instinct, is still far away.
To that end man and animal must have attained their mature material degree.
I showed and explained that attunement and mature condition on our previous journey.
You have seen these beings on the shore when many had already died.
That is, as you know, the highest degree for man in the fish-like stage; but there is no instinct yet.
The animal-like being had to pass on to an other planet before it was to acquire that attunement of feeling.
Here, there was only action, it cannot be termed instinct or consciousness.
It will therefore be clear to you, that inner life could not attain the degree of consciousness one has on earth, because this is the initial stage of material and spiritual life.
Inner life is not ahead of material life, and this process or development is reflected on earth, as I will explain to you there.
If there was no reincarnation, there would be no development for animal and man either and we would have suffocated during this stage.
There was bound to be reincarnation; in this short life man and animal could not attain the Divine attunement.
Is what I explained to you on this planet so unbelievable, so improbable, so unnatural?
Did God create a perfect and mature being?
Is that possible now that we have come to understand creation?
God created the universe.
God created stars and planets; every planet has its own task, and the mother planet dominated all other organs.
Here, inner life was born for the entire universe.
If that is true, we have to accept the cycle of the soul, which is reincarnation for animal and man.
There is life here, André; but there is no question yet of instinct or animal consciousness, because they, as I already said, would receive that degree on the first transition and we have acquired that.
Here, a condition was created in an unconscious degree, which is inner life and has always been for those planets, which had to perform a task in the plan of creation.
There was action and life, but that life had not yet accepted an existence, neither materially nor spiritually.
All this was accomplished because it was implied in the great plan.
I hope you understand me, André, because I want you to understand all this, as it proves that we, man and animal, received everything from God during the first stage and that we have to acquire all other qualities, and to follow that long cosmic way through the universe from this place, this planet.
That mighty wonder started here, on this planet.
You will now understand this marvellous event.
It was our Holy Father, God, who oversaw everything.
It was this object, this planet, which had to fulfil this task and it did so infallibly.
This planet, the mother of all those other planets belonging to the third degree, gave to the life, which awoke in her lap, the first life and first material organism.
This planet was to accomplish animating life, not only for man, but also for the animal kingdom.
This tremendous event happened, because all this was controlled by one power, brought to life by the All-Soul, and therefore created by God.
God is the fountain of wisdom, the source of all love, of which we all are particles, which are the Divine Spark within us.
God, my son, is the natural law of life in billions of forms.
God, André, is perfection, as you have been able to see.
We were to experience an unchanging law, laws of life and energy, which is reincarnation.
All that, André, took millions of years; but God knows no time.
In all those years one law was revealed and that is ‘Life’, Gods own life, revealed in millions of forms.
Here, André, multiplication took place; that law became effective.
I ask you: why should all that no longer happen on earth?
Has anything changed in all those millions of years?
Are man, the activity, the Divine Spark and animation different than during the first instance?
Could God, who is the source of all life, deprive us of that activity?
Nothing has changed, André, there was only development: a perfect human and animal organism emanated.
Here, my son, death and birth originated, there is not the slightest change on the planet earth.
Is all that so incomprehensible?
So unnatural?
We all are children of God and it is up to us to acquire that Divine attunement.
God lives and works in creation.
God revealed Himself in millions of forms and all those revelations represent His own life.
It is the spark of animation, which is attuned to His Divine life.
What more can I say?
Can you accept all this?
Is everything clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar; I understand.’
‘Then we’ll go on.
All those children of God who had reached the shores on this planet, were ready to accept subsequent life.
From that time onward the instinct and a will of their own awakened.
This will that man possesses is contained in this process.
Man received a body and independence, but inner life, the animation for that organism, awakened on the first transition.
The Divine Spark, therefore, is the personal will, the animation; it is activity, feeling and thinking; it is the driving power for material life and the return to God.
Whatever form animating life has, it owns that will and that Divine Spark; it is independent and can do as it pleases.
That is why inner life will be born again, pass on into thousands of lives and awaken in those lives, in order to reach the Divine Spheres.
Thousands of transitions are required and, André, that is the purpose of the material and spiritual life; two worlds for material and spiritual man, as the visible and invisible wonder of creation.
Invisible man drives the material being, passes from one body on to the next, causing life of the soul to awaken.
At this place, when man had reached his final and highest stage on this planet he could not advance any more.
Yet, the urge was present in this being, because the Divine energy of this being drove it onward.
However, no other body was available and life was doomed to die.
Inner life, free from those material ties which kept it imprisoned, floated on and lived in the astral world; that inner life was attracted by the organism on the first transition.
When the first planet had performed its task, as I explained to you, the first transitional planet was ready and could receive that life.
I connected you with that event because you were attracted and there is no need to do that again.
We’ll go there and follow the inner life of man.
Do you have any questions, this is still possible, André.’
‘No, Alcar, everything is clear.’
‘Then we shall go on and won’t return here.’
André returned to his own life.
All that time he had observed through Alcar’s power.
Everything he had experienced this time was amazing.
‘How simple is the way all this was established, Alcar’.
‘Life had to follow but one way, to undergo but one activity, which was initially infallible.’
‘Wasn’t it in following stages?’
‘No; for man who became aware of his powers, destroyed this process.
What happened in an infallible way here, in which man had no part, life also received on the planets that followed, but there it became conscious.
When we have advanced a few more degrees I will show you, so you can see, how man forgot himself and did not understand his own creation.
Then, André, man already controlled and destroyed all this mightiness he had received from his God.’
‘I already understand what you mean, Alcar.’
‘If you understand me, you know that then instinct awakened and man had passed on to the creative and driving life, but with that his downfall was irrevocable.
Born out of pure love, this first planet had performed its task and placed that great wonder in the hands of this being.
The first planet created all that, brought it about, for God wanted man to become his own creator, and to this end he received a will of his own and all these powers; you will see how man acted.
One life was killed after the other, and though not yet aware of this terrible event, man in his highest material degree was to do this consciously.
You will understand, that when the first planet, the mother planet in the universe, had passed this on to all children of God, it was ready to return, which process has been going on for millions of years.
All this was brought about in and around this planet.
That activity, André, we see again in life on earth, in the mother organism, the soul who owns this organism, and is the same activity which took place in the first instance.
That does not only apply to the mother body on earth; it can be seen in the entire creation, because it is no different in the animal kingdom.
When the mother animal has performed its task there and the young life goes its way, this is a law, an event which we have learned to understand during the first stage.
But on earth it is full consciousness of animal and man.
We see this again in all those thousands of conditions of the animal kingdom, and man, as happened here, cannot act differently, because this mighty power was given to the smallest organism; that is a law, as created by God.
This happens every second on earth and in the water which also contains life and on thousands of planets accommodating life.
The event you have just learned to understand happens everywhere.
This is the serving power or the mother body, like the first planet has been; every organism has received this task.
All that is life, André; God’s own life; why then should all other life in other and higher conditions and forms experience this in a way different from the way envisaged in the plan of creation?
That is not possible; it cannot be possible, because it is the law of reincarnation and it is the mother organism that owns this wonder.
Look, there is the first transition we visited on our journey and that I connected you with.
There is no life here either; but I showed it to you and I’ll do so again.
In front of you, you see the human beings which lived here.’
André began to observe.
‘When man passed on, I mean inner man, animating life, a material organism was ready for animating life to descend into.
Though it was not possible on the first degree, it could happen here.
The urge the being had on the first degree, it received on this planet; instinct was born here because a different material organism was available.
Now that the lower part of the body had split and inner life had advanced that far, and as you see, always this perfect balance in everything, in every transition, the being became aware of its ability and crept on and that was the first progress of the human being on the negotiable planet.
In that step, that going forwards, the instinct awakened in that.
During the first steps it took, the being experienced such events and, after a short while, it meant the end of its material existence.
During the next stages the material organism became more perfect, it advanced to its proper attunement and the being accepted its existence for this planet.
It looked for food and in doing so it passed into a degree of feeling: the instinct.
We have now come to the phenomenon instinct.
Thus awakened what is called instinct.
The human but pre-animal-like being felt hungry, caused and evoked by its material organism.
It was to become self-supporting and with it, instinct developed.
Now man lived on the planet, which was not possible on the first degree and it will no doubt be clear to you that man had to awake here.
Now that man had accepted an existence and had advanced that far, it gave inner life experience, and this experience was an activity evoked from within, which revealed itself as feeling hungry.
You see, again this unity in everything, that one activity evokes the other, because this activity passed from the material organism on to inner life.
Thus, the material organism gave birth to the instinct, and it was on this planet that man advanced to a will of his own, which he used.
On this same planet all those experiences graded up the growth process for both organisms, the process of evolution commenced and pre-animal-like consciousness was born, which meant good and evil for man, though he was unaware of it.
Here, André, man killed for the first time and good and evil were born; man broke a law, as I told you.
Here, man forgot himself; he became ruler and destroyer of everything, of all this pure love he received from God.
Man lived here in a pre-animal-like condition and this animal-like being was to become the Divine being.
It was the beginning of that eternal road towards perfection and it would take billions of years.
Life here had only one feeling, which was hunger, activated by the material organism.
I explained what age these beings could reach and I do not need to go into that again.
What you should know is the following, then we’ll go on to see how the instinct awakens; which was already present here, though in the first degree, because it also has transitions.
Before the being attains the highest degree of instinct it passes, like we do, through seven transitions and degrees.
The instinct also has degrees, belonging to this and the next transitional planets which we got to know on our last journey.
Material life has seven degrees, as I explained to you, and this also applies to spiritual life.
For material life they serve to attain the highest organism and for inner life to enter an other and higher consciousness.
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘You will feel then that all those transitions of the material organism we saw and man received and experienced, are also for inner life because it is related to the seven cosmic degrees.
These seven cosmic degrees are, as you know, conditions of existence in the universe, of which the seventh is the highest and belongs to the Divine Spheres.
It will be clear to you now that inner and animating life is passing on to a higher stage in accordance with material growth, and that which is the pre-animal-like consciousness does not awaken until on the second cosmic degree.
Is that also clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Then I’ll go on.
Look at the astral world; I’ll connect you with it; see how much life is present here.
Nothing is known here about our astral world and the darkness or hell, although it must become our astral world, that is to say like our hell is.
Man does not have intellect yet, it must still awaken.
Again we see how all is one, how one thing emanates from the other, how the hell in our life emerged from this condition, which I will explain on this journey.
This is the astral world, André.
You only see life, but the astral world we know, which is darkness, you know the hell on this side, is different, man in the darkness has built a world of his own and how that happened you will experience when we have returned to the earth.
In this way I will show you that both worlds I discussed, change.
We see that again on the inhabitable planet.
The material being has changed and inner life has advanced to a further and higher stage which is the life of feeling.
This happened for the multiplication process, reincarnation on the inhabitable planet.
All this life is waiting in the invisible world for a new birth.
You see, André, how everything condensed.
The development of both worlds continues, necessitating all these transitional conditions, degrees of material development, which are also present in the psychic world.
Here in this astral world lives the human being, which will be attracted by the material being on the inhabitable planet.
The astral being will have to experience all those transitions, subsequently to pass on to a higher planet.
We shall now go on to the next transitions.’
André returned to his own life.
‘I’ll now go to the condition where life was still present.
You know the ensuing planets and you can imagine how far material and inner life have advanced since we see all that life again on the second last planet to the second cosmic degree.
We’ll float on through space, André.’
‘It is wonderful, Alcar; but I understand everything.’
‘You should when you can experience all these degrees and activities.
On the planet we are now going to visit, man still lacks the pre-animal-like consciousness; he will not receive that until on the second cosmic degree.’
‘If I have understood you correctly, Alcar, birth of man also gave life to good and evil.
Are they to blame?’
‘They were when they had acquired all those qualities.
Whether they were to blame does not apply to this planet here; for man was unaware of good and evil, that feeling was not awaken until on the earth, the third cosmic degree.
However, what they did become aware of, was what they felt after their deeds, and this feeling was the Divine attunement.
Man on earth began to feel remorse, and this feeling was the transition to intellect and spiritual life.
All that caused the Divine Spark and inner life to awaken.
I’ll explain that presently on the second degree.
Look, the last transition to the second cosmic degree.
As you know, material life is present here, and we see this life again on earth.’
‘We have been here before, haven’t we, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, we have.
You see that people live here and you know them from our previous journey.
Life on this planet is fairly quiet; on the second degree, however, pre-animal consciousness has awakened.
Man here lives in his normal human but animal-like condition and I explained how natural their lives are and that they live accordingly.
Good and evil are not yet known here either and man lives as he feels inwardly and in accordance with his powers.
His feeling is still unconscious.
His material organism has attained a higher condition, but inner life will reach this perfect degree on the second degree.
There inner life is in control of itself.
There manslaughter and violence dominate, here is quiet and peace.
All this indicates that this inner human being is not yet conscious.
This animal-like life only lives for the perfection of both organisms.
Here, material and inner life are one, on the second degree inner life is already lagging behind material life.
This stage we see again on earth.
There the material organism is perfect, too; but inner life stays behind all those material degrees we know.
What I am concerned with is that which you observe here.
You see that inner life follows the development of the material organism.
This means the awakening of both organisms.
The animal-like being already has a powerful and strong organism, of which the inner life makes full use.
It adapts itself and the strength the material organism now has serves the awakening of inner life.
Man is able to move, but inner life learns and acquires this.
It is really simple; we see this in the child on earth: as the child matures, inner life develops accordingly and, as you see, this also happens here, it is a law, the law of natural development for inner and material life.
Man here is in balance but he will lose that balance, and as a result Divinity in man is lost.
This phenomenon is the transition to all other conditions of consciousness, from which emanate all those passions and character traits we possess on earth.
If man could have lived on in this pre-animal-like stage, good and evil would not have emerged and we would not have known all that misery.
Man, however, had to go on; man is Divine.
He proceeded ever further and higher and after he had experienced those various transitions feeling awakened and this feeling developed and passed on into pre-animal-like consciousness.
You will come to know that degree and we’ll see how good and evil have come to life in all those centuries.
The only good thing we observe here is the care for the young life present in the mother life.
This is love and this pre-animal-like love must awaken.
This feeling will become stronger as man has a higher material attunement.
Consequently, everything is in the process of formation.
When young life has reached mature age, it will go its own way.
The mother no longer bothers about it, although it is part of her own life, but she is not aware of it.
You feel that there is no spiritual consciousness here, not any more than in the animal world.
Even on earth, but then consciously, mothers act like this pre-animal-like being.
What happens here as a natural phenomenon, the mother on earth does fully consciously, although she has the perfect material organism, and has had to follow that long road of development; she attunes to a pre-animal-like event.
That is awful, it happens more than once and man will be severely punished.
You also see how many animal-like beings are living on earth, and all of them have reached the highest material condition.
I mean the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on, as I explained to you.
Here, André, man acts in accordance with his natural attunement.
However, man and the animal kingdom cannot stay here, but must return to God.
God gave man everything, but this Divine being perished because of all this.
We will now go on to the second degree, for it was there that pre-animal-like consciousness emanated.
We’ll soon be there, André.
If you have followed me in everything, you will understand that, for the material organism, I had to dwell at length on the first degree, where I had to explain most, and that for the inner life I had to be on earth.
Because on the planet earth inner life has attained full consciousness and man will pass on to the spiritual stage.
It will also be clear that man did not yet know God nor religion, pure love or faith; things man on earth has acquired.
All that had not yet come into being.
We’ll pass on to the second degree.
Look, André.’
Alcar descended on the second cosmic degree.
They had been here where those enormous pre-animal-like beings lived.
‘There, in front of you, you see man who lives here.
He has the pre-animal-like consciousness.
In all those millions of years material organism and inner life have advanced that far.
No need to explain the material organism; you know that.
Here, André, as I said before, manslaughter and violence dominate, for pre-animal-like consciousness has awakened.
A still higher consciousness cannot develop here; that is impossible as you will understand.
It is not until on earth that man will acquire it.
It is amazing to see, André, how inner life follows material development and the inner human being acts in accordance with the strength of his material organism.
Man indulges here and still doesn’t know anything about a God of Love.
During the first stages of this planet, this life evolved from the embryonic life.
Inner life, however, was born during the first stage on the mother planet, where we have been.
When this planet was ready and life could commence, the planet earth condensed to receive inner man.
You know that too and I need not go into that.
We won’t stay here long either; we’ll return to the earth presently; for that is where human consciousness came into being.
Yet, I’ll connect you with the astral world.
Look and observe, André.’
André saw that he passed on into the invisible world.
How mighty the picture was that he now saw.
Astral life had condensed tremendously.
Wherever he looked, there was life.
‘You see, André, this is not yet the astral world we know as our hell.
Nothing has yet been built up in this world, for good and evil built a world of their own.
The higher spheres of light are for us what the dark spheres of hell are for the demons in life after material death.
You know that man who enters the side beyond from the earth, will receive his spiritual dwelling when it is present in his inner life.
The demons of hell descend into this darkness, they are those who seek evil on earth.
There are no spiritual dwellings here because man has not advanced that far, he lacks this ability, as he is unaware of God and pure love.
Inner life has to experience a law, the law of development of the material organism.
It is not until then that life accepts its final condition, that inner life has completed its cycle on the earth and prepares to enter the spheres of light.
I’ll refer to it presently.
You may already have noticed one event.
If you have followed eveything properly, André, it will be clear to you that God does not and cannot punish, that man has made himself impossible in this cosmic order.
We’ll learn more about this on earth.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
I felt it.’
‘Millions of years from now, all this will have dissolved, by which time man has passed on to the planet earth.
All those planets below the third degree must dissolve; only inner life will proceed until man has reached the highest spheres.
The material and inner world pass on to the All, dissolve and are part of the invisible energy.
You also know that only the Divine Spheres will remain and occupy a place in the universe.
You will now return to your own life.’
‘How mighty everything is that you are showing me, Alcar.’
‘Look, André, hundreds of people live together.
When an animal on earth looks for connection and it takes place, people find it a natural occurrence.
But if they would see people connecting here, although they are pre-animal-like beings, they would close their eyes and leave.
Here, however, man is like the animal on earth.
Connection can be observed with some animals, though not with others because the animal feels it and does not allow man to observe.
This, too, is part of animal instinct; but the more familiar animal, which has adapted to the human being, connects because it follows the natural course.
But these are men and they experience fertilization like the pre-historic animal.
That is quite normal, André, for they do not know any better.
We can follow this.
Look, at this moment the astral being is attracted and I will connect you with the invisible world, so that you can follow this process.’
André saw that the inspiring life was present.
How is that possible, he thought; if that world did not exist, no life, no development would be possible.
‘At this moment, my boy, connection between two material beings has been established and, as you see, the inspiring life which already has lived thousands of times, descends into the material organism of the mother.
The very moment that connection takes place, inner life is attracted, which is a new birth on the inhabitable planet.
Look, André, an other condition, a life-and-death struggle.
That happens frequently and many will die.’
These beings fought like wild animals; André saw that they were tearing each other apart.
Soon, some were left laying about to die.
Nothing but murder and violence, passion and animalization.
‘You see, André, how they are attacking each other.
That has been going on for millions of years and for the time being it will not end.
I’ll connect you with this being and will let you experience a material transition and also the way the inspiring life detaches itself, just like it happens on earth.’
André saw this wonder happen as on earth.
He had been allowed to follow the dying process of several people.
‘Will this spiritual body also be collected, as is done on the side beyond when somebody dies on earth, Alcar?’
‘I am glad you ask this question, André.
It is not possible and not necessary here, as man has not yet reached that level.
Do you feel what I mean?’
‘Have these people not yet reached that stage because they still have to receive the perfect human body and their inner life has not yet advanced that far?’
‘That is correct, they haven’t advanced that far.’
‘How natural this phenomenon is, Alcar.’
‘It shows us that the inner life has yet to awaken.
I will explain this on the planet earth.
It is only possible when inner life has attained a sphere of existence, for us the hereafter, which means a spiritual condition.
None of these beings has a spiritual attunement; this is still pre-animal-like consciousness.
One more thing.
This is an astral world, but a world of unconsciousness.
The spirit Lantos told you about that.
(footnote in first edition: See ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.)
Inner life is attracted by the material being, but when man on earth dies, the inner life returns to this world, which is the world of the unconscious.
In our life, the life of spiritual man, the hereafter is a conscious world in which people live who have achieved a spiritual world of existence.
Do you feel this too?’
‘Yes, Alcar, you live in that world, don’t you?’
‘Indeed; so I and millions of others have advanced that far, but here in this condition this world did not exist, as inner life still had to awaken.
You will learn this great wonder on earth too; you will see and observe how man has developed.
These people have no spiritual attunement, it does not exist, it is not until thousands of years later that inner life has acquired these powers.
Everything we possess and have acquired in life after material death is not present here.
All those questions, for instance, where will inner life be born; will it become a king or an emperor, a scientist or a beggar, rich or poor, will illness or misery be its share on earth, we do not know on this planet.
That belongs to the earth; inner life can only experience those laws on the planet earth.
Those laws did not come about on earth until in the third era, they emanate from man.
What is attained here is that the highest material being attracts the inner life attuned to it.
When two perfect material beings connect, these two persons will attract the highest inner being.
As you know seven degrees of material and inner life are present here.
This is a law; a natural law, which we all have to follow.’
‘Does this not apply to the earth, Alcar?’
‘You mean, whether those laws do not belong to the planet earth?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Yes and no; man has disturbed these laws of nature.
Here, equal beings attract each other and that also applies to the earth, but on earth we experience cause and effect.
Here, things have not advanced that far and nothing is known of cause and effect.
Here man experiences and will experience, connections are made and interrupted.
It will be obvious that everything man has on earth could only originate on earth.
Inner life awakened and all those spiritual laws we know an possess on our side took effect when people had advanced that far.
Here we are still in a process of development for the inner and material man.
An other wonder.
You know I can connect myself with the past; you experienced that in various conditions.
We descended into the distant past, and I can do this because I am connected with the higher masters.
We’ll follow that being in front of you, André, and to this end we’ll return to his deepest inner life and past.’
André looked at this human being; he lay down to sleep.
He was entirely naked and hairy like an animal.
His body was large and strong.
A giant on earth was a dwarf as compared with him.
You see, André, this man has the male organism, but I see more and I’ll let you see that.
I’ll connect you with his inner life.
You will see the past because I remain connected with him.’
André observed.
He saw a scene and he understood what it meant.
It was the first material degree of man on this planet.
He knew those material degrees; there were seven of them.
‘Do you see this condition, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar; is this the first material degree?’
‘Splendid, André.
Now look at this man.
Inside him resides the animating life, which has been in the first degree; he has discarded that life and organism.
The inner life returned into a material organism hundreds of times before it attained the highest material degree for this planet.
That being passed away and we see inner life again, but in a different organism.
But there is more and I’ll show you an other life.’
André observed again.
In front of him he saw a mother and child.
The mother carried this young life and nursed it.
‘What does this mean, Alcar?’
‘This means that the soul has descended into the female organism.
Look well and feel that this is correct.
On this planet we can only feel it; on earth we can observe it because inspiring life has passed into an essential being, which means that we recognize inner man.
That is not possible here, because inner life has not yet acquired the spiritual attunement.
The outward appearance of man is recognized by his inner life; but it is not until on our side that we see that animating life is the image of the material organism.
If the inner life has lived in an other life, we can see this, because the material face is related to inner life.
We therefore recognize that other personality and know it has to do with an other life.
That, as I said, cannot be seen here, it can only be felt, but what we can observe is that this being in front of you possessed the female body in its previous life.
This mother, André, is one and the same being as inner and inspiring life, what now lives there in the creating organism.
Do you feel this wonder?’
‘Yes, Alcar; I see it’.
‘That is the wonder of reincarnation.
If this were not possible, creation would come to a stand-still.
This Divine wonder is given to every life that is inner man.
This mother with her child was the second last incarnation of this life, this human being.
I won’t follow all those previous incarnations; but you’ll realize that it also applied to them, or inner as well as the material organism would have become extinct.
This animal-like being, André, has attained the perfect material degree and will presently be attracted by the planet earth to be born again.
Inspiration was born since the first planet, and we already see this inner life again in the pre-animal-like consciousness; it has covered that long road.
The reason why inner life receives the female organism is to permit the soul to experience the serving feeling or creation.
I have explained that on our previous journey, but you will experience that on our next journey; this belongs to reincarnation on earth.
This mother is a pre-animal-like being and experiences this mighty event in accordance with nature.
Man on earth is not generally different.
There, too, man experiences this event and does not feel the mightiness of this ability, which is the creative and driving power.
We see and know how people on earth live and do not understand nor see or feel anything of God’s creation because they do not realize that they emanated from this mightiness.
One man curses the other, and that in a perfect material organism!
Here, André, man, at any rate inner man, is as on earth.
And yet, there are people on earth, who attune to higher life and acquire these qualities, who feel love and know that they will advance.
However, the earth is over-populated by animal-like beings, and those animal-like beings live in a perfect organism.
Here people satisfy themselves on the life of others, but they are not aware of it.
People on earth, however, are aware of good and evil and of a Father of Love, a God who loves all His children; they have advanced on their cosmic road but they still indulge themselves.
If it was not possible to advance, André; if there were no other planets to admit higher spiritual as well as physical life, man would continue living in this stage.
That, however, is not God’s intention, for all this life has to return to God.
They have Divinity and they form part of it.
Thus, we have become acquainted with pre-animal-like consciousness.
This planet created this powerful and mature organism in a pre-animal-like attunement.
The earth embellishes this organism and inner man experiences this progress and adapts himself amazingly well to that material organism.
We have been able to follow from the very beginning how amazing this adaptation is.
It happened in all those degrees, and why should this be different on earth?
If the Creator of all this had not overseen it, there would not have been any progress; however, one stage was born out of the other.
That progressing life created its own organism, because it possessed this grace from its initial condition and will retain it eternally, until we have reached the All.
The urge to create is present in every being or life; it is at the same time the most sacred gift we received from God; God has laid this mightiness in our hands.
Do you feel the meaning of all this, this grace, this power and might, André?
That is why we are Divine; God gave us everything; it is up to us to understand this mightiness and to learn to feel why these powers have been given us.
God as the Creator of the universe, of man and animal, granted us that Divine power.
I ask you: is this understood by man?
Do they feel on earth why they are there; why they are ‘man’?
What it means to be ‘man’?
What it means to have received this?
That we will become like God and that we have to acquire those powers?
That all those thousands, nay, millions of planets serve that purpose, or we could not return to God?
What more can I say?
This should be clear and man can follow it.
Here, André, human beings live and these beings cannot stay here.
All those who live here will be born on the planet earth.
If this is so, it is also possible to advance further and higher still, and we know this is our hereafter.
But even then we proceed to acquire the highest degree, where God’s perfect Child lives who returned to the earth to announce the existence of His Almighty Father in Heaven.
Christ, the perfect and Divine Being, returned to the earth, and I’ll tell you on earth why He descended to the third degree.
That was a law, too, and it was a grace for the perfect Child of God to be allowed to represent His Holy Father, the All-Power, the All-Inspiration.
Because that is what happened, and it is a grace of God, which so many people on earth do not understand and feel yet, because they do not even understand their own life and can’t solve the problem of death which calls them to a halt.
It was not possible for Christ to bring them nourishment for the mind on this planet, because they are unconscious and have not advanced that far; they are pre-animal-like people.
This could only on earth, was only possible there.
This is the psychic attunement of this planet and all, none excluded, will come to the earth.
Man on earth will attract them.
Millions of beings are still living here, and the process of birth and death is experienced; as on earth.
You will understand, André, how many centuries will pass before the last being has passed away and has received a new body on earth.
This is fixed, it will and must happen.
Everybody, none excluded, has been here; all of us were pre-animal-like beings.
These are wonders and spiritual laws of the second cosmic degree; on earth we see and experience other wonders.
I’ll tell you about them, André, and explain everything.
We’ll now go to the earth and won’t return here either.
Have you understood everything?’
‘Yes, Alcar; it is tremendous.’
‘It is, André, but most natural.
We’ll move fast now.
Look, in front of you, André; that is the planet earth.
I have a lot to explain to you on earth, first of all the development of the planet earth, in order to give you a clear picture of inner life.
I’ll have to show you the initial stage of the earth and to this end I’ll return to the first stage of the earth.
Subsequently, I connect you with inner life, and I’ll also explain how the astral world condensed for man and the animal kingdom.’