Good and evil

Good and evil are only earthly concepts which cannot expand or affect our soul, because they do not exist at soul level.

Earthly thinking

Many people think in terms of good and evil.
Some people fear that causing much evil can affect their soul.
The books by Jozef Rulof explain why this is not possible.
The writers of these books, the masters, could look back in the evolution of the human being to the moment when the first deed was carried out which people could call evil: the murdering of a fellow human being.
The masters researched the consequences of this deed for the soul of the victim and the perpetrator.
They saw that the soul of the victim could reincarnate immediately in a following body and as a result could continue its evolution on earth.
The perpetrator had to wait longer in order to be able to reincarnate, because he had brought himself into disharmony with life.
However, that was also only a temporary phenomenon, the masters observed that his soul regained the harmony by giving love.
By becoming a mother, his soul offered another soul the possibility of being born on earth and in this way what was taken from the life was given back to it.
As a result, the disharmony disappeared and what people can refer to as evil.
This process is further described in the articles ‘harmony’ and ‘karma’.
The masters saw that all the evil that the human being causes during his cosmic evolution ultimately produces a higher becoming conscious, because the human being learns as a result how it should not be done.
By means of many experiences, the human being becomes conscious of a higher love as a result of which he can remain in harmony with all the life.
In all the development steps, the soul ensures the harmonizing driving force as a result of which the human being converts his disharmonic actions into light and happiness for his fellow being.

At soul level

The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains how the masters deployed two different explanation levels in the books by Jozef Rulof.
The term ‘good and evil’ belongs to the earthly thinking.
The masters used these words in order to make it clear to the reader which phenomena are being analyzed.
At soul level good and evil do not exist, and therefore making amends or doing good do not exist either.
The human being as personality can bring himself temporarily into disharmony with his fellow being, because he only feels a particular level of love in each grade of feeling.
However, his soul ensures that this disharmony dissolves as quickly as possible and all the people concerned evolve.
At soul level there is only evolution and becoming conscious.
Our soul has an innate harmony, and as a result of the consequences of all our actions, we become conscious of how we can interpret that harmony in all circumstances.
As a result, we ultimately achieve the universal love, as a result of which we remain in harmony with all the other souls and with all the life in the cosmos.
As soul we are not good or bad.
At soul level we can only say: we are!
The properties of our ‘are’ become visible the further we evolve and we become conscious of the basic powers which we received from the All-Soul.
Ultimately, we start to see how we can radiate the light and the harmonic love which every soul has received the potential for, with our feelings, thoughts and actions